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  1. Hi
  3. I saw your post from a couple of months ago:
  5. > Let's assume for a moment that valve won't be providing a full dataset for us; would anyone else be up for joining together to divide and conquer? Doing all games for a specific region and difficulty 1 month at a time would be somewhat manageable and even with only ~10 people it would "only" take us a month to get everything completely downloaded. Splitting the data up sensibly to avoid repitition is the key concern. I'm lurking on freenode IRC in ##dota2webapi if people would be interested in sharing data and splitting the workload.
  6. > I'd be interested in collaborating in gathering and sharing data if you are still interested. I made a script to get match id's and to get the match details for those matches. I've only been able to test the script on the test server since the main API hasn't been up but I believe it will do the trick.
  8. Please let me know if you're interested and maybe we can discuss the next steps.
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