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#stormbit channel rules

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  1. >--~--=[ Channel Rules ]=--~--<
  2. -- Last Updated:  11-05-2013 --
  4. tl;dr Be sensible.
  6. Preface:
  7. In order to ensure the quality of conversation in #stormbit, there are a few rules that we'd like you to abide by, although they're phrased more as guidelines than formal rules as it is expected that we shouldn't need to enforce them.
  8. Of course, where the channel is referenced, we are of course talking about #stormbit, and similarly where the channel staff or operators are mentioned, we are referring to all those with a prefix of a ~, &, @ or % before their username (users are listed in descending order of authority).
  9. Voice, or the + prefix, is attained by all users whom are registered with services. (Further information regarding this can be found with NickServ, /msg NickServ help, or by asking around in the channel).
  11. Rules:
  12. 1). Please leave channel moderation to the _staff_ of the channel.
  13.     If you believe that a user should be removed, banned, or otherwise sanctioned for offending you, please query a channel operator with your concerns and they will take appropriate action.
  14.     Stirring up trouble by calling users out in the channel only makes problems worse, and will most likely involve equal disciplinary action being taken against you too, so please don't do it.
  16. 2). If you're going to argue, or debate, please keep it civil. Resorting to insults, known in debating circles as 'personal attack' is not only impolite and offensive in regular discourse, but is also a sign of known weakness in your argument.
  17.     Playful mockery is fine, but remember that there's a clear line between that and flat-out insults designed to offend and upset.
  19. 3). Don't act like a moron. By that we mean typing like an idiot, flooding, spamming or generally not contributing to conversation.
  20.     General silliness is tolerated, and even at times encouraged, but please remember the difference between sensible behavior and that which is not conductive to the channel environment.
  22. 4). If a channel operator is found breaking or knowingly not enforcing the rules, they will be demoted without question. Do your job.
  23.     As a caveat, power-abuse will not be tolerated, and if it occurs you will likely be faced with action beyond a demotion. Additionally, it's expected that if a user approaches you questioning your judgement or seeking help (in private - abiding by the first guideline, of course), you will respond appropriately.
  25. 5). If you're asked to stop talking about something, there's probably a reason for it. Please stop - you might be making someone feel offended or uncomfortable.
  26.     In particular, please avoid discussing topics associated with controversy, for example recent massacres or issues of the LGBT spectrum, as it is very easy to offend people with views concerning these.
  28. 6). When posting a NSFW link, please let people know by tagging it as such. Nobody wishes to open furry-scat-porn (or similar aberrations) at their place of work, or in a family environment.
  29.     There is no such restriction on discussing NSFW topics, although it would be appreciated if they could be conducted in accordance with rules #2 and #5.
  31. If you're kicked from the channel, provided that it wasn't a joke-kick, that's a sign that you should probably desist with your conduct. If you continue upon rejoining the channel, you will likely be banned. Evasion of this ban will only serve to increase length of your ban - if you should continue evading, the ban will be made permanent.
  33. Credits:
  34. MikotoHE2 - Original draft of channel rules.
  35. FlandreScarlet - Rewriting and extending as guidelines.
  36. Amethyst - Being unfathomably cute and helping out with the above.
  37. kori - Showing us all what _not_ to do.
  38. Reisen_Udongein - Pointing out the missing bracket on line 6. Also bunny-ears.
  39. Everyone else - Being awesome and making #stormbit a fun place to be.
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