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Dr. Jackie

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  1. It was a late night, but Cory was used to them. No. More than that, late nights had been his life for as long as he could remember. Starting from the moments before the sun breached the horizon to far past what would be considered by most to be an uhgodly hour he spent toiling in the lab. Sometimes not even bothering for sleep at all the allure of losing himself to his work enticing; however that was something his partner protested against firmly. Citing a healthy period of rest each day, and the dangers of over working. She was right of corse.
  3. However, tonight was different. Putting the finishing touches on the rig for the night's special "data collection" Cory turned just for a moment to look at his assistant and roommate Dr.Jackie Elle; sitting nervously off to the side, her shy and timid demeanor shining though clearly as she twiddled her thumbs and repositioning her glasses moderately. Occasionally pulling but not plucking a strand of her medium length blonde hair. Cory could tell that Jackie had been sending him glances on and off over the past hour or so, and was sure to turn his head away before she looked at him again. He did not mind working alone, actually he enjoyed it; however tonight Jackie's non-participance was more than excusable. She was the test subject. The events that lead up to this moment swirled around Cory's head as he tightened the last bolt...
  5. Dr. Jackie Elle was an up and coming Bio-Chemist of notable prominence in the academic world. They had been drawn together as a result of past work experience at the university and the necessity and convenience of renting an apartment plus lab space with "dual ownership".
  7. Dr. Jackie was an interesting person, one would have to be in order to catch the interest as someone aloof as Cory knew himself to be. She was short, same hight as Cory himself if not perhaps slightly shorter. Always a pair of glasses on her nose she seldom allowed herself to be seen without them; a trait which prompted Cory to coin the affectionate nickname "Velma". Whenever he said it a light blush gautenteed to appear on her cheeks. Her hair blonde, wavy and medium length; she parted it off to the side as best she could but sometimes high humidity would cause it to frizz, much to her embarrassment. Her build was lean with modest B-cup breasts and pleasant hips, but no means eye catching. Her legs, which she usually kept hidden behind a closed labcoat were less of note, being rather short with no thighs or hips to enhance them.
  9. In personality Jackie was a visibly shy and timid girl; from what Cory could tell was an attempt to control her emotions from whatever they could be...but he had theories. One thing he was sure of however was Dr.Jackie's steadfast devotion to what she set herself to do. A work ethic equal to his own if perhaps not greater...
  11. Then there was the incident that started it all...
  13. A week ago, in an usual turn of events Dr.Jackie had been working alone in the lab after Cory himself had gone to bed. Jackie was working on what she could only describe as an attempt to create a syrum capable of calling fourth accurate repressed memories...with drastically unexpected mutagenic effects.
  15. By accident a flame beneath the beaker was lit, and in an instant its vaporous form shot out around Dr.Jackie's head in a green cloud....
  17. The next morning he had woken up surprised not to see Jackie in the opposite bed. But when he ventured downstairs he found the lab in shambles and Jackie asleep on the floor in the nude.
  19. The next few hours could only be described as a panicked mess. Jackie wrapped in a blanket having an account of a "nightmare" and being completely without memory of the night before. Cory himself in an unusual spurn of emotion, checking ever corner of the facility and apartment armed with a bat searching for the assailants.
  21. Then they checked the security feed. Never really intended to be used and simply set up by Jackie herself for the sake of being cautious it was grainy, black and white and was more a series of still shots than actual video. But it told them all they needed to see. Capturing the accident and then while only capturing the Initial stages before Jackie moved out of frame undeniable proof that Jackie had undergone a transformation.
  23. The next several days had Jackie under a mutually agreed quarantine, until they both agreed that there was no need for one. Both of them worked feverishly to uncover exactly what had happened. While devoting himself to work Cory had made some observations on the state of Jackie herself. Obviously she was shocked and clearly unnerved by the idea. But there was something else, clearly stirring beneath the surface, conflicting thoughts that clearly bounced around in her head.
  25. Then. Just today Jackie dropped the bombshell.
  27. "I want to recreate the event...study what happens to me."
  29. Her reasoning sound and scientific Cory went to work on what he had just finished. A chamber set up with all the monitoring equipment they would need. Equipment that Jackie surveyed from inside the chamber.
  31. "That's a thermal gauge right? And an um...real time X-Ray?"
  33. Jackie asked as she went past two of the larger devices on the outside.
  35. "Yes and yes."
  37. Cory replied as he flicked on the machines, and the monitors facing Jackie's transparent chamber flicked on. Giving her a detailed view of her body's heat and a skeletal version of herself on the screen.
  39. "Umm...Shouldn't those be facing you?"
  41. "I have dual screens, I thought you'd want to understand this better than anyone else...that doesn't bother you does it?"
  43. "N-no! Not at all! That's...very thoughtful...thank you."
  45. Jackie meekly finished as she blushed lightly, sitting down on the bed that had been set up in the chamber for her. Even the bed was comfy...he had gone all out on her request. As distant he appeared to be his kindness towards her in the most benign of ways that seemed to move her the most.
  47. Deep inside Jackie's longing flared up from the bottom of her chest...she wanted him. No. She had to have him. She wasn't brave enough to do it...but she was...
  49. Pangs of guilt mixed in with need washed over her in a tidal wave as she nervously adjusted her glasses. It was now or never.
  51. "Do you have the syrum Cory?"
  53. "Hold on just a moment Jackie...there we are."
  55. Cory replied, removing a single green vial from the securely locked case that had stored the large remaining quantities of Jackie's formula then walking into the chamber with it in hand.
  57. "Aren't you going to strip?"
  59. "W-what?!"
  61. Jackie stammered out in surprise, face flush.
  63. "For the procedure Jackie. I think that wearing your labcoat, button up, pantyhose, pencil skirt, and slips on's would be most cumbersome.
  65. "Umm...uhh..."
  67. Jackie stalled to think. The idea mortified her despite how hypocritical she knew it to be. If she were to strip now and Cory saw what she wore beneath, then he would surely know that she was a coward, or perhaps a perverted coward. Let alone the idea of being naked in front of the man she so desperately craved...yet keeping her clothes on would mean...
  69. "No. I'm fine thank you."
  71. Jackie said to shut down the spiraling thoughts in her head around the question. She needed to shut out her thoughts for the time being. It was do or die time.
  73. "Very well th-"
  75. Cory continued before Jackie suddenly rise from her seat on the bed and shut the door behind him with a click. And in the same breath turned to face Cory.
  77. "I'm sorry..."
  79. Jackie said plucking the vial from his hand, Cory still to caught off guard to react, and downing the contents in a single swig.
  81. Time seemed to slow down over the next several moments as Cory's stunned silence filled the chamber, and the intense warmth and electric tingles flushed through Jackie's body.
  83. "Ahh! Hah! Hah! Hah! I'm..sorry Corry...this is the only way I knew..."
  85. Jackie moaned aloud as she nearly doubled over, arms wrapped around he stomach. Making her way to Cory with shaky step after step.
  87. "Jackie...I don't understand."
  89. Cory replied, still keeping his cool but nonetheless shocked at the turn of events...could his suspicions have been true.
  91. "Cory...I...I love you. I always have, but I could never bring myself to say it."
  93. Jackie said as she reached Cory, pinning him to the wall just beside the bed.
  95. "I don't remember everything...but the night of the accident I do remember some of it...Ahh!"
  97. Jackie continued as she fumbled around with the zipper of Cory's pants, already it was becoming difficult to gain motor control of her body.
  99. "And I knew...Ahh! that only with it could I tell you...Ohh! that I could gautentee that you'd love me...and...ah! only...me! Oh god!"
  101. Jackie shivered and moaned as her legs finally gave way falling directly onto Cory clinging to his shoulders for support as she buried her face in the crook of his neck.
  103. Cory's cock was completely out and resting inbetween Jackie's thighs, Jackie not in enough control of her body yet to take it and push it past her pencil skirt and panties into her moistening slit.
  105. Looking over her shoulder to observe the thermal readings Jackie's crotch was getting even hotter.
  107. "Ohh! This feeling! I-I remember it! I-it's coming! I'm! I'm! Changing! Ahhh!"
  109. Jackie cried aloud as her whole body tensed and trembled against Cory's, the heat from her body radiating off hers onto him.
  111. Instantly Cory began to feel Jackie's body rise, slowly ever so slowly. She was beginning to grow bigger. Taking advantage Jackie regained her motor control and slid Cory's cock deep inside in a single motion.
  113. It was warm, wet, and tight, if not getting tighter. Jackie relished in the bliss of finally feeling the man she had dreamed about for the last few years of her life inside of her.
  115. "Ahh...m-my body doesn't just g-get taller! Ahh! Feel...it!"
  117. Jackie moaned out as she looked at Cory directly, her shaky hands holding his and bringing them to her sides. Guiding his hands up and down her waistline.
  119. Underneath the fabric of her button-up Cory could feel Jackie's sides transform reshaping into an hourglass figure.
  121. Jackie's torso suddenly jerked forwards causing her to groan loudly as she tilted her head back; her chest pushed up against yours.
  123. "Ohh! Y-you'll just love this! Ahh!"
  125. Suddenly cracks rang out and Jackie cried out again pressed up against Cory he could feel Jackie's ribs begin to crack causing her visible discomfort. But then, pressure her chest began to press against him, her tits were swelling.
  127. "My...boobs get..big! No! H-Ahh! Huge! Ahh...you like huge tits don't you? You love them right"
  129. Already Jackie was getting tighter as she gyrated against Cory as he stood pinned to the wall. Her tits swelling bringing immense pleasure to Jackie in spite of the condition of her ribs.
  131. More and more her breasts swelled as they squished against you. B's had now become C's and showed no signs of stopping. Seeming to swell with every breath Jackie took, jiggling with every move.
  133. Steadily gaining height Jackie leaned in close bringing her face even closer to Cory's and further squishing her chest.
  135. "Ahh...you love it don't you darling Cory...you want more? More of my sexy body?"
  137. Jackie cooed as she lightly traced the sides of Cory's face with her hands.
  139. C's were continuing to slowly bound out, Jackie's button up was becoming strained the pressure to contain her growing breasts starting to take its toll.
  141. Still mildly upset that Jackie had manipulated him...but not nearly to the degree that he wanted her to stop
  142. Cory "fought back" the only way he could.
  144. "We should really start taking notes Jackie. This is science. And your breasts are nothing special. So let's please get back to work."
  146. Cory responded in the most mater of fact voice he could possibly muster. Desperately trying to make direct eye contact with her growing breasts, who had now finally sent a button or two flying off into the distance. Exposing D-cup and her sweaty bountiful cleavage that heaved with every breath.
  148. At that exact time incidentally Jackie's breasts paused their swelling.
  150. Jackie had had the wind taken out of her sails; for an instant in time the whole world froze. It wasn't working, he wasn't noticing her, this was all for nothing. No. No it wouldn't be for nothing. She would make him her's, now and forever.
  152. "Oh Darling Cory...hah..hah..my breasts aren't done yet, just resting. But surely you would love to see more of my...new body won't you?"
  154. Jackie said as she forced her D-cups a much into the face of her lover as she possibly could. The large sweaty mounds smushed and jiggled with every word she spoke.
  156. "Ohh!"
  158. Jackie cried out as her whole body stiffened and shook.
  160. "Let's take this to the bed Darling Cory...Ahh! I'll show you what true perfection looks like! Ahh!"
  162. Jackie said as she threw Cory and herself to the soft bed below, Cory on bottom, Jackie on top, riding cowgirl. By now Jackie had become noticeably taller than Cory.
  164. Jackie's hips were beginning to buck uncontrollably as she continued to gyrate back and fourth. Rubbing Cory's cock against her tight inner walls under the increasing weight of her growing body. Her breasts swaying with the movement, sweat accumulating in her cleavage giving them a glistening shine.
  166. Then without warning a loud crack rang out, and Jackie's hips suddenly jerked giving you both a rush of pleasure. Quivering Jackie raised her head to look at you.
  168. "Ohh! Darling Cory...Do you like hips? Do you love the idea of me filling up your entire lap?"
  170. Jackie said breathlessly as she leaned back and tilted her head to the sky. Teeth braced as she clearly felt strain in her body.
  172. Just then the cracks resumed and Jackie's hips slowly began to widen. Her pencil
  173. skirt giving a perfect outline of their thickness. At the same time Jackie began to slowly bounce up and down on Cory's crotch, flicking her hips with every movement.
  175. Widening hips meant that every thrust and flick had more power behind it, and pulled your dick with more force with each pump.
  177. Jackie's ass began to swell as well, pressing against the black lacy panties she had secretly worn from the start of the day. Panties that could clearly be seen as Jackie's widening hips shortened the pencil skirt by the second and swelling ass accentuated them.
  179. Bouncing harder now Jackie's "incomplete" D-cups bounded along heartily sending another button off into the distance and revealing a black semi-transparent lacy bra, an exact match to her panties below.
  181. "Ahh! Oh god...you see them now..."
  183. Jackie said aloud, a spot of shame shining through her lusty exterior. Seeing the opportunity to tease her more Cory went for the kill.
  185. "Did you wear those thinking that you'd try and seduce me without taking the syrum?"
  187. "Y-yes..."
  189. Jackie responded shyly and slowly began to cover her blushing face in shame with her hands. Even as small tears began to open along the seam of her pencil skirt; the girth of her amazing hips becoming too much for the garment.
  191. "So that's what you couldn't go through with on your own, isn't it?"
  193. Cory finished, desperately trying to keep his voice as monotone as he could make it amidst the unbelievable pleasure Jackie's widening hips and swelling ass provided.
  195. All Jackie could do momentarily was hide her face in shame and shake her brain warred with itself in a tornado of thoughts.
  196. Until finally Jackie snapped back.
  198. "Oh yes darling Cory! Ahh! I was too scared to tell you how I felt before but now! Ahh! But now! AHHH!"
  200. As Jackie spoke loud tears were heard as the pencil skirt completely tore at the seam and fell from her body; her luscious hips too much to be contained anymore. Panties soon followed after being made pathetically small and tight by the size of her new ass.
  202. "I can love you and make sure you can never get away! I'm not close yet darling! I still have so much Ohh! more to show you!"
  204. With renewed vigor Jackie's body continued to transform. Her hair had begun to lengthen, it's color and texture changing as well.
  206. "Ohh! Do you like long shapely legs Darling Cory? Ones that could Ahh! Wrap around you and never let go? Thighs thick and Ahh! Soft enough that you could go to sleep on them and never want to get up!? Ohh!"
  208. As she spoke Jackie's legs began to convulse and twitch as her feet shook in all directions and toes clenched tight.
  210. You could feel Jackie's legs lengthen at the sides of you hips as you stretched out your arms to feel them elongate directly.
  212. The tearing of pantyhose filled the room as Jackie's legs grew longer and longer, becoming elegant, defined, and shapely.
  214. Thighs thickened as well, against your lap you could feel them swell in girth. Becoming softer, heavenly, as if they were meant to rest on your lap or for you to rest your head on them.
  216. It was impossible not to lose himself in the hailstorm of pleasure Cory was feeling in this moment. And so he let himself bask in it. If just for this moment. Of corse Cory did not let his expression show this. Toying with Jackie was simply too much fun.
  218. At this time Jackie's torso had grown in size alongside her height and it clearly showed. Her button up was strained to its limits sleeves skintight and front perfectly contouring her D-cup chest that bounced heartily. And her open labcoat was equally as strained, the back and sleeves looking ready to burst any moment.
  220. By now Jackie was getting desperate; Cory seemingly still did not care no matter what she threw at him. Paranoia kicked in and it could be seen plain as day on her face.
  222. "Darling! W-what's wrong?! AH! Don't you love me?! Is there someone else?! Tell me!"
  224. Jackie nearly screamed as she bounded up and down on top of Cory, her elongating legs and thickening thighs finishing off her pantyhose and shoes completely.
  226. The pleasure so great Cory could now only keep up the facade of the "straight man" if he didn't speak a word. And that's exactly what he did. Silence.
  228. With a grunt Jackie bent over herself and the fabric of her labcoat split loudly up and down her back. Jackie's upper body had resumed transforming.
  230. With hair now long, straightening, and growing darker and darker with each passing second Jackie took as much advantage as she possibly could to flaunt her body.
  232. "Ahh! Oh Cory my chest is going again! Ohh! It's so heavy! But it feels so good!"
  234. Jackie swooned as she wrapped her arms underneath her breasts propping them up to show off. Her sleeves beginning to split as well, showing off the smooth pale skin underneath.
  236. Indeed Jackie's breasts were swelling again; gone past D-cup the soft cracking continued as they bounced harder and heavier, button after button flying off into the distance until the only thing restraining them was the black lacy bra she wore, the rest of her shirt completely open. The lower buttons popped off by the thickening of her waist to accommodate her large frame.
  238. "Ohh! Cory Darling! It's so tight! Ahh! I just want it to come off!"
  240. Silence.
  242. Desperation like no other build up inside of Jackie, she felt like crying. She needed to make him her's and she wanted to feel every part of him as well. She needed more...
  244. "More!"
  246. Jackie said in sob of frustration out loud as her body still changed. Her hair was now long, straight and completely black; her tiny glasses barely clung to her nose ready to tumble off. Her bra incredibly tight, and squishing her huge breasts it threatened to snap any moment...but she needed more than that.
  248. "More! I need him! I need him to love me! I need it!"
  250. Jackie screamed to the heavens, tears running down her cheeks, she was pleading now, begging with her whole heart and every ounce of willpower she had bounding on top of the man she now towered over.
  252. Then. Something clicked inside of Jackie that made her whole body freeze. The only thing that she could possibly describe it to would be the sensation of a slow climb up to the first drop on a roller coaster. A building power that struck her dumb.
  254. Slowly thought came back to her. But the only thing she could think about wax the object of her complete desire.
  256. "Cory"
  258. Jackie breathed out breathlessly as her own breathing began to heave. It was coming.
  260. "Cory! Ahh!"
  262. Again but with a yell as Jackie's  black lacy bra snapped, causing her enormous E-cup breasts to come bounding out, free from constraint and dripping in sweat like the rest of her body. It was closer.
  264. "Cory Cory Cory Cory corycorycory."
  266. Jackie went on almost like a chant. Until finally it hit.
  268. "Cory! Ahhhh!"
  270. Jackie's entire body exploded in one last huge spurt of growth that send her body over the edge of reason.
  272. "CorycorycoryCum! Cum!"
  274.  Jackie screamed as she fell on top of her loved jumping as fast and hard as she could. Her hips cracked and widened to keep up as her height shot up to an imposing 6"8, her enormous E-cup breasts swelled outwards to a gigantic F-cup.
  276. It was simply too much. Cory came as hard as he possibly could deep into Jackie's body. The act was the entire world to Jackie who's entire mind at the moment was completely consumed by her need for him.
  278. "Yes! Yes! All of it! ALL OF IT! AHHHHH!"
  280. Jackie screamed in complete bliss as she came, her body finishing its transformation completely....
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