taz44 Feb 18th, 2020 84 Never
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  1. Actually not a wall of text for once.
  3. Summary and final notes on the totally-not-a-wall-of-text-that-actually-is-a-wall-of-text-but-don't-tell-anyone-that:
  5. There isn't a scar, and there are no wounds to heal. I use those words because I'm being dramatic. It's a paper cut in the big picture of my life. It did hurt, but it's over.
  7. He's a liar who has a warped reality of what friends and loyalty means, and now ErrUmm (a current friend that I had to block) is on his side because he was contacted by him after years of not talking (quote: "deadx and I started talking again"). For some reason, which I can only be confused at, he started attacking me and telling me that I made a mistake and that we should be friends again. My response to that is to block him, and it seems like I'll have to keep it that way.
  9. That's about it. I don't even play RotMG anymore, so I don't care about any of the drama related to that game. I just wanted to make some friends and keep them after my journey with Realm ended.
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