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  1. Perks
  2. 3 homes set via /sethome [name].
  3. Ability to join the server when its full.
  4. Disguise & Pets /disguise & /pets
  6. Chicken
  7. Cow
  8. Pig
  9. Commands
  11. /back - No 15 second cooldown.
  12. /sell all - Sell all the items in your inventory to the store.
  13. /sell handall - Sell all of the item in your inventory that is identical the item you hold.
  14. /me - Create a fun interactive chat message.
  15. /tpahere - Ask a player to teleport to you
  16. /bannermaker - Create unique multi-layered banners. You can create an infinite amount of layers!
  18. Miscellaneous
  19. Access donor forums.
  20. White Supporter Tag In-Game and on the forums.
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