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  1. Shane Hudson says
  2. do you have any suggestions for DIC? If so.. now is the time to speak up lol
  4. Harry Gibson says
  5. Suggestions as to what
  7. Shane Hudson says
  8. anything  
  10. Harry Gibson says
  11. mmmmm
  12. Not sure  
  13. Status on Tutorials + Snippets
  14. [PM Like system, showing last time Person N read it]
  15. and a spring clean of pages
  17. Shane Hudson says
  18. heh ok
  20. Harry Gibson says
  21. and the side bar
  22. No more login with facebook rubbish too  
  23. Allow people to opt out of twitter feed, can sometimes mess up and affect loading times
  24. Active IRC would be nice too
  26. Shane Hudson says
  27. I mentioned active IRC yesterday haha
  28. he doesn't seem to like irc
  30. Harry Gibson says
  31. Some form of instant messenger
  32. Also
  33. Revise tutorial submission
  34. So if you post a tutorial a week before its approved
  35. it isn't pushed to the bottom
  36. thats about it
  38. Oh wait one more
  39. Define rules on signatures
  40. their undefined at the moment
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