Pokémon Sword randomizer nuzlocke FAQ and rules

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  1. Pokemon Sword Randomizer Nuzlocke FAQ and Rules
  3. Q: How do you randomize Pokemon Sword?
  5. A: You need to have a switch manufactured mid 2018 or earlier and be able to install custom firmware on it. Then you can dump the game files from the pokemon cart and load them up using a tool called PKNX to randomize the contents of the game.
  7. Q: What is randomized?
  9. A: All wild pokemon, including static (pokemon that are always on a certain route/forced battles), and gift (starter pokemon, daycare toxel, etc) pokemon.
  10. Legendary encounters are not randomized to avoid game crashes.
  11. All trainer pokemon, movesets, and abilities.
  12. Increased shiny rate for TRAINER pokemon (25%).
  13. Custom clothes, models, and pokemon skins.
  15. Q: Is there any difficulty increase in the randomizer?
  17. A: Yes, all trainer pokemon will have perfect 31 IV's in all stats.
  18. All trainers will have a minimum of 2 pokemon.
  19. All trainers pokemon levels are increased by 10%.
  20. All trainers will have fully evolved pokemon starting at level 36.
  21. All trainers will have improved and maxed out AI.
  22. Gym leaders and Rival battles (besides the first one) will all have 6 pokemon.
  25. Nuzlocke rules I will be using:
  27. 1. Any pokemon that faints can no longer be used.
  29. 2. I can only catch the first pokemon encounter on each route, this includes each named area in the Wild Area. This rule won’t apply until after the catching tutorial on Route 2 and we can buy pokeballs.
  31. Note: In the wild area, if the first encounter is too high of a level to catch, I can keep getting encounters until I can catch one.
  33. 3. I can use gift pokemon such as daycare Toxel and either the Gigantamax Pikachu OR Eevee.
  35. 4. I must nickname all caught pokemon.
  37. 5. Dupe clause: Can only catch one of a specific pokemon.
  39. 6. Shiny clause: If I encounter a shiny, I am allowed to capture and use it, even if it wasn't the first encounter of the route.
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