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  1. sScarletRibbonSs: /me Sky had been anxious since the two had woken up, knowing that the tattoos had worked, and well now she wanted to get a tattoo, this one showing more about how she really felt. Pulling out a sketch pad, she would be drawing sitting by the window in the front, her wolf laying at her feet making her grin. She had enjoyed running with Tres and Ceal in wolf form the other night, her violet eyes focused as she gnawed on her lower lip excited as she waited for Ezekiel to finish his business and Jacob to come around so she could talk to him. PLus well, her mate had been occuppied as had she, and she was a Daeva, so yes, she had every intention of making blatant seduction. This wasn't dancing, but to feel the needle on her skin, and not use magic to keep the marks in place, she was too excited as she would continue to work on the design.
  2. EzekielHarbinger: He had been busy with planning the purchase of the structure Sky had picked out for the new tattoo palor, phoning those he knew he could trust on the matter, the very few kine he kept close enough for business purposes, his gaze danced from the sceen of the laptop he had barrowed from Sky to the papers he had printed off, "That's fine Maria, just as long as it is the price agreed upon, but you do not walk out of there until you have the papers signed and noterized. Alright, text me when it's over." Once the call was finally finished he would practically toss the phone onto the desk with a heavy sigh, the bright green orbs of his gaze shifting to Jacob who had been sitting there the whole time going through a catalog of palor items, using the page Sky had set up as a refrence to ensure they had the best quality of items for the shop, "You know mate, you get more flies with sugar and honey." His blue hues rising from the page before him to look over at Ez as he stretched back leaning deep into the chair. "You castch even more with a pile of shit, but you don't see me squatting for their pleasure do you?" they both would chuckle at eachother before Jacob rose from the seat, he needed to double check some things with Sky as she was the one planning the decor of the place. Finding her near the window with the overly large wolf he would almost stop in his tracks, he was never really fond of dogs of any kind. "Lady Sky, are you busy?" Ez had began to collect the papers that were strewn across the top of the desk in efforts to organize his thoughts on the matter a little better.
  3. sScarletRibbonSs: /me she had been working on the part that would be on her side when she would hear someone, her head snapping up, Tres staying laying down, bright blues watching the human. Blushing at the title she would shake her head. "Sky please, and no, how can I help?" She would ask, her sketch pad resting on her knees as she was curled up on the day bed. Letting a leg extend, she would run her toes over her wolf's fur keeping him calm and steady. She could tell Jacob was uneasy, her sending a sharp command for Tres to go hunt for a bit. "If he made you that uncomfortable all you need to do is say something, I promise Im not cruel." She would whisper looking down as a hand went to her ear rubbing it out of habit.
  4. EzekielHarbinger: "Eh, a lot of olks have dogs these days, as companions or other wise, so I tend to keep it to myself. But Iwanted to go over a few things with you as to the lay out you chose for the palor." his gaze danced over the sketch pad as Jacob aproached her, "May I ask what you're drawing?" Jacob had always had the eye of an artist, and always enjoyed the human flesh as it were, he could always see how the tattoo would sit on the skin and where it would fit best, how it would heal and everything along those lines, it was why Ez had hired him in the first place. Ez had finished cleaning up the papers and moved from the office to join the two, when his gaze landed on them he chose to stay back and watch the interaction between them, he wasn't exactly the best at dealing with kine on his own, Jacob was different in many ways to most of the kine had deals with, but he also knew Sky dealt with them extremely well, maybe his beautiful mate could teach him a thing or two, just to make her life a bit easier as she had made his.
  5. sScarletRibbonSs: /me she tilted her head before sitting forward, she had pretty much memorized the idea sheet she had for the parlor, then she wasn't a tattoo artist and didn't know if she had gone about it the right way. "The layout was a suggestion, I only try to help, this I don't know as much. Now clubs and venues, well that is my strong suit." She would blush her eyes faltering for a moment when he asked about the sketch, rolling her neck before her violet eyes would land on her Mate, pulling in a deep breath, she would be fine. "Tattoo idea, mine are held in place by other means, where the ink I would like to try it personally since it didn't kill or harm my mate." She whispered before she would show him the full drawing from ear to hip, and quite a bit in between. "Its an idea I have had for a while, and with everything going on, I haven't had time to get to New Orleans to have this done. But with the ink, I wanna try it, I guess." She would blush hard at the rambling, laughing nervously. "Apologies,I can talk business and about other's issues, but mine.. Im a bumbling rambling mess Jacob."
  6. EzekielHarbinger: Jacob's bright blue hues scanned over the sketch in full as she explained the idea, a bright smile crossing his lips as he rose his gaze to hers, "You've nothing to appologize for dear, this is absolutely beautiful, please tell me you will let me do this for you?" he almost pratically begged her for the chance. Ez grinned darkly as he would listen in to their conversation before moving into the room, "Sky my dear, you understand you have just set a case of diamonds down in front of a jewel thief and said don't touch right?" he'd chuckle lightly as he would lean over the back on the chair, leaning down to kiss her gently before his gaze would move over the sketch on the page. "You sure you're up for something so exstensive?"
  7. sScarletRibbonSs: /me she would blush nodding at the request before her eyes would shift to her mate, and his dark grin making her squirm slightly. Laughing at his words, she returned the soft kiss. "Im not saying no my Sweet." She gnawed on her lip before thinking it over, she missed the feel of the tattoo gun, and plus well her Mate would get a good eye full. Raising her darken violet gaze to meet his emeralds. "I'm up for it, if Jacob is of course." She whispered, baring her neck slightly befroe looking over at the kine. "You up for putting in the time, I know it will take some time. And I know you two have been busy with the business and such."
  8. EzekielHarbinger: Ez would grin at her darkly still, knowing she had alterior motives for wanting to do something so extensive as this, the fact he would have to sit and endure watching his beautiful mates body endure the lengthly tattoo would drive him nuts. Lifting his gaze he practically see the vibration of excitement over take Jacob's frame as his eyes brightened, a chuckle passing over his lips as he stood upright once again Jacob's eyes meeting Ez's as he was about to ask if they could be done with business, Ez knowing all too well the call of the gun was indeed Jacobs true passion. "By all means Jacob go get your equipment." Like abolt and no words Jacob set the pages in his hands down and quickly made his way to the room he had been staying into to retrieve his equipment, returning back into the pack room he would begin setting up, the small end table pulled across the floor to be placed next to the bench as it this session of ink would include Sky laying stretched out, stopping a moment as he peered back over at Ez and Sky, "Ezekiel dude, are you alright with me doing this? I mean like she is going to be practically naked for this..." his concern was justified but nevertheless Ez nodded his head, "It's not other men looking at her I have issues with man, it's them trying to go further than simply looking." Jacob would nod and go back to work setting up, having already been given access to the numerous inks available he had taken the oppurtunity to include them into his kit.
  9. sScarletRibbonSs: /me she would giggle seeing how excited Jacob was when he went to get his equipment, before watching her Mate set up the pack room. Standing up she would stretch her limbs, rolling her neck as she grabbed her book walking into the room. Blushing at the concern question from Jacob she would chuckle, knowing her Mate never had the problem of people looking at her. Moving to her bedroom, she would change into some panties and grabbing a blanket, luckily she owned some underwear that wasnt a thong. Sitting on the bench she had the blanket about her frame for now, as she would add small details to the drawing, starting with snowflakes behind her ear, moving down her neck before looping about two wolves, violet and emerald eyes. Finnish words for the Packmates, tribal designs movoing to her side where there was wolves about  old oak tree, finally leading to her hip where more intricate tribal designs for along to hip bone, and lower back, she knew that part would hurt like hell. "Are we ready?"
  10. EzekielHarbinger: Once everything was finally set up Jacob had taken a seat on the rolling chair he had placed near by, and waited for Sky to finish with her sketch, he would gently taken the sketch book from her and set it down next to him for refrence, he'd wait for her to stretch out across the bench before he would begin the art work, the buzz of the tattoo gun filling the air. Ez's gaze were glued on his beautiful mate's body since she returned to the room, he would keep a short distance away as the whole situation as it was would play into his mind in ways many wouldn't think of while watching some one get a tattoo. Keeping his arms crossed over his chest as he leaned against the door frame to the room, the bright green orbs of his gaze watching Sky's face carefully.
  11. Horosha: /me was focusing in on the shadows. He saw the manor and than the door way opened. Stepping through he than looked back as it closed. He was getting better it as the third attempt finaly opened up. His brow perked as he saw Kiel leaning in the door way. Tilting his head he looked and saw Sky laying on a bench and a guy on stool. He heard the buzz of the tattoo gun. Silent as a ghost he moved forward. Hidden ice blue orbs watched from behind Kiel as he said not a word nor did he breath.
  12. sScarletRibbonSs: /me she would shiver hearing the buzz, as she shifted letting the blanket cover her front, before laying out on her side, her hair already pulled in a high ponytail. Closing her eyes, she would relax after a moment, listening to the fire popping in the hearth, and the gun, she would shiver slightly. She felt exposed but once the tattoo began she would calm quickly, her violet eyes moving to her Mate, smirking softly since her body was pretty much exposed.
  13. EzekielHarbinger: He'd been so focused on his mate he didn't even notice his Sir stepping through the shadows as he did, normally speaking he would have seen the portal open before he would have stepped through, but right now his mind was completely taken in by his mate's exposed frame. It wasn't until his Sir had come right up behind him that he noticed the presence and stood up right, droippin ghis arms from his chest slowly as he would clench his fist and turned swiftly all in asplit moment, Horo would have had more than enough speed behind him to stop the strike but nevertheless as Ez turned around he would aim a strike straight to the head, stopping just moments before striking his Sir, his eyes widened as he looked into the shades covering the bright blue pools behind them, "Sir.... bloody hell.... you gotta stop doing that." Jacob paused what he was doing only long enough to see another man had joined them, the blonde mohawk pinned back into a slender pontail along his head was always kept neat, as Jacob's bright blue hues gazed at the large man who stood behind Ez, hearing him speak the term of Sir, he wasn't entirely sure in what context he was refering to, and would turn back to the work at hand.
  14. Horosha: /me smirks at Kiel. He looks at the first as it was stopped rigtht before his head. Not moving at all he looks over his shades at his boy. "You need to stop letting your guard down. Well at least stop paying attention to the bond." He than ever so slightly leans forward and just pecks a kiss on the hand and smirks. He again looks at Sky and smirks at her with a obvious wink. No she would not see his eye but the movement of his brow made it obvious that he winked at her.
  15. sScarletRibbonSs: /me she would shiver as the needle would start on her next behind her ear before she would hear her Mate, her hand moving up almost making a fist to bring anyone to there knees in pain. She would stop hearing Ezekiel say Sir, making her roll her eyes. "Damn Malkie." She would mutter before hissing as the tattoo gun moved over her neck, shaking slightly, she never did well when someone she didn't know well touched it. Whimpering, her eyes moving to Z and to Horo, breathing deeply, she would force her body to remain calm. Hoping Jacob would finish with her neck quickly she obviously didn't think this all the way through.
  16. EzekielHarbinger: "Just adjusting to being comfortable I guess." after the light kiss to his hand he would drop it back to his side and grin up at his Sir, turning back around he could see the uneasiness in Sky, the neck being the one spot not many were allowed to touch on her, he'd grin lightly at her as he would lean back against Horo's frame, hoping for it to bring some calm to his system. Jacob continued to work on the tattoo that would run along her neck, he was skilled enough in the art that he knew when some one wasn't comfortable with being touched, regardless where it was, his voice was soft and charming as he would try to remove such a thought in her mind in an attempt to calm her, "Seeing as Ezekiel has forgotten his manners, Sky my dear who is th eoverly large fella standing behind Ezekiel?" he would dab the gun into the ink occassionally as required to keep going on the tattoo, trying to get thi spart of it done as quickly and effectively as possible.
  17. Horosha: /me moves his arms and holds Kiel when he leans against him with a soft chuckle in his ear. "Well I am glad your adjusting. Though it does seam like it is time for you to drink again from me soon."  He rests his chin on Kiel's shoulder as he watches while Sky gets her tattoo. When he hears the tattoo artist speak he smirks at the two of them. He dosent even give Sky a chance to introduce him. He speaks. "I am Horo. And I must say you do very good work. Perhaps if there is time I shall show you the work I had done on me." Of course he knew no one alive could match the talent of the work he had done on him when he was a kine.
  18. sScarletRibbonSs: /me she knew Jacob was moving quickly and effiently over her neck, before she smirked when Horo jumped to answer the question. "The damn crazy Malkie." She would mutter under her breath before closing her eyes as she breathed finally relaxing again when the tattoo would move onto her upper shoulder and arm. Leaning back slightly she would let the blanket slip over her breast, as she propped her head up on her hand. "Just smile and nod so he thinks he is always right." She would grin over at the elder, winking at him.
  19. EzekielHarbinger: Jacob would chuckle at Sky comment before peering back over to the one named Horo breifly, taking note of how the man held onto Ezekiel, turning his attention back to the sketch Sky had done as refrence he would work his way over her shoulder, allowing her the few moments to adjust herself as he dabbed the fine points of the needles in the ink, "Well Sir, this is the first of many sessions I'm sure for this young ladies design, but I am always up for seeing beautiful work nevertheless." Ez would grin and relax into his Sir frame further, the thought of taking Sir's blood washed over his mind like a drug induced wave, taking in a light shaken breathe as the bright orbs within the inkly pools flashed blood red for a split moment. "You two are gonna be the death of me at this rate." he'd chuckle at the desires that grew within him, taking that moment to calm himself before speaking once again, "Sir, Jacob here has been in my employment since before I left Canada with Micheal, this man has done just about mastered every sort of tattoo style there is." He'd perk a brow up at Horo with a devilish grin dancing across lips.
  20. Horosha: /me chuckles as he heard what Sky said. He shook his head at her. He than speaks to Kiel in his mind. "Kindered than?" Oh yes he wanted to know before he did what he wanted to do with Kiel while Sky got her work done. He than said a loud. "Every sort you say? That is to be seen I say." He chuckles as he nips Kiel's ear waiting for a response from him.
  21. sScarletRibbonSs: /me she would shake as she could feel Jacob lay the line work on the wolves. "Color later, but the eyes please, do those now." She would ask softly, blushing hard as she would hide her face from her mate even though she knew Horo had something planned for him and Z while she was being worked on. Gulping slightly, she would lay back down, the needle hitting bone more and more, had her gnawing on her lip. "Just line work today I think." She would whisper keeping her face hidden from others, she knew the hip part was going to be torture in itself. Loving pain was one thing... this... fucking hell, good going Jesliskyya.
  22. EzekielHarbinger: "Kine Sir." he would respond through his mind, the nip to his ear caused a shiver to wash down his spine, as his gaze was watching Sky's, he could see every shiver that washed over his flesh, the flinches from the needles hitting bone. Jacob would nod as he continued to work at the outline of the tattoo, "That was the plan dear." he'd say with a chuckle to his words, "No one ever goes past that on one this big."
  23. Horosha: /me chuckles as he than says to Kiel in his head. "Thats a shame....I would feed you right here if he was kindred. But now you have to wait." His eyes where on Sky as she flinched and shivered. He chuckles so she could hear him. Oh yes he was enjoying this very much. The two of them where both being fucked with and neither could do a thng.
  24. sScarletRibbonSs: /me SKy would arch a brow at her Mate, before blushing hard slightly at Jacob. "Just do the eyes of the wolves for me please...." She would trail off as he reached her lower side, not the hip just yet making her eyes darken looking over at Z. Well hell, this was new, and damn it. Rubbing her thighs slightly, she would put her face in the crook of her elbow trying to hide the fact she was in pleasure filled heaven. "At least its good before it get's evil." She would whisper, she knew her mate would hear her.  Hearing Horo, she would grumble. 'Just bite him already you damn Malkie. He is Ez's employee.'
  25. EzekielHarbinger: He'd grin with a chuckle at Sir's comment about having to wait, shakin ghis head before looking back to his Sir with a raised brow, "Jacob knows all about the kindred and our world Sir." he'd turn to look back to Jacob and nod his head towards him as a sign of respect, his gaze dancing back over Sky's frame taking in every detail of her shape, his gaze lightly up slightly as he heard her words, taking note of the pleasure that would wash over her frame in that moment as well. He would keep his frame leaned into his Sir's as he reached up to take hold of Sir's hand gently, raising it to his lips he would press them to the palm of his hand softly than bring it back to his chest. His fingers wrapped gently around Sir's hand. Jacob's gaze danced from the sketch along the page to the ink, to the lines along Sky's frame, he was almost completely enthralled with the work, but still paid enough attention to the conversations, peering up from Sky's flesh to look at Ez with a light grin, nodding his head back towards him in the same manner before dropping the blue hues back to the work, "Aye Sir, Ezekiel had indulged me with knowledge of the world of darkness, and he has warned me of what would happen had I tried to rally against it or even speak of it around those who knew of it. I assure you, I have no intentions of loosing this man's respect, he pays too damn well."
  26. Horosha: /me grins watching Sky squirm from the pleasue she was getting. He than looks at Keil as he listens to his words. When he hears Jacob and feels what Kiel is doing with his hand he than after a few moments pulls from him only to remove his tie and jacket. Setting them aside on a chair he untucks his shirt and unbuttons it so it too can be placed with the jacket. Hair still up he pulls Kiel to him and kisses him deeply than pulls his boy to his chest. Looking down at him he grins as he runs a nail across his chest cutting himself just so a few droplest fall. Oh yes it was a tease and he knew Kiel would bite him where the blood dripped.
  27. sScarletRibbonSs: /me Sky would groan, her eyes almost darkening instantly when she watched Z and Horo. Growling when she could smell the blood dropping from the chest, her attention being snapped easily as the needle would bare down on her hip, making her bite down on her arm. Fuck fuck fuck that hurts like a hell.
  28. EzekielHarbinger: Ez had turned his attention towards his Sir as he puilled his jacket and tie from his frame before returning the deep kiss with a soft growl, the moment the scent of his Sir's blood crossed his senses his eyes shifted instantly to the blood red, his fingers sfotly crossing over the tattooed flesh of his Sir's frame, following the lines of the ink from pure memory, as he leaned in towards Horo's chest. He almost feared he was becoming addicted to his Sir's blood, stopping himself for a brief moment at the thought, before peering over at Sky trying to draw his attention from the blood but as he did he would watch as she bit down on her own arm, that didn't help his case any. Turning back he would sink his fang deep into his Sir's chest, right over the small cut, slowly drawing the crimson vitae into his mouth, a soft moan carressing the flesh as he did. Jacob's attention never waivered as he had learn in past experiences never to interfere with kindred business, regardless what business that would have been. Dabbing the tip of the gun into the ink his gaze shifted to the sketch before turning back to Sky's hip, "Almost done for the night darlin." Jacob would say with a soft chuckle just to lighten her mood a touch.
  29. Horosha: /me growls deeply when Kiel sunk his fangs in. He runs his fingers through his boys hair as he drank. Eyes moved as he looked at Jacob and the work he was doing. He even looked at Sky as well. If she looked at him he would blow her a kiss. He could smell her sweetness that was hidden between her legs as he was sure Kiel could as well. Oh the lovliness of being a kindered. He let Kiel drink a just enough before he would gently pull him off. With such a grin he would than pull his boy into such a deep kiss as he felt the link strengthen even more between them/
  30. sScarletRibbonSs: /me Sky would peer over at the two, flipping off Horo, she remembered why she hated hip tattoos last time. Nodding to Jacob, she would remember to breathe, as she would force her body to not shake or tremble. Humming softly as she would stare into the fire, the flames were still burning brightly, her eyes shifting to her Mate and Horo. "Get a room." She would whisper even though she was still all squirmy from the pleasure surprise on the side, her eyes drifting down to watch Jacob move about her hip microdermals that had runics etched into them so the skin wouldn't heal over the piercings.
  31. EzekielHarbinger: Taking a breath as he would release his bite being pulled back from it by Sir, peering up at him before filling the deep kiss with another growl, the bond between tham as strong as ever he would feel that calm overtake him once again, a hieight to his own pleasures as he could feel the pleasure that washed over Sky as well. "Holy hell, I almost forgot what that felt like." he'd grin lightly with a soft chuckle. Jacob would conitnue to drag the needles along Sky's flesh, working around the microdermals with care, though he knew she was kindred and could take a great deal of what ever would come with tattoos, but it was not his way to torment the flesh, he was in it for the beauty of the art the flesh could hold when done propperly, and he had spent too many years perfecting the technique he wasn't about to set that aside now.
  32. Horosha: /me smiles and caresses his cheek. "Indeed. I know you did. It was time to strengthen it thats for sure." He looks at Sky and shakes her head. "Jealous?" He would ask with a chuckle. Yes he was just messing with her. He than leans against the door frame and pulls Kiel back against him as they go back to watching her get her tattoo again. It was such a beautiful thing to watch. Specaly when being done on one so beautiful as Sky was.
  33. sScarletRibbonSs: /me a soft whimper escaped her lips, but thankful Jacob had whispered he was done. Letting loose a deep breath, she would let him clean her up before she looking over at her mate and Horo. Moving slowly she would get up holding the blanket to her chest as she moved to see the mirrior over her flesh. Smiling with slight gasp, it was beautiful in just lines alone, color would make it exquesite. "Jacob you are amazing." She whispered before spinning in a circle excitedly.
  34. EzekielHarbinger: He would feel almost as though he had finished smoking a joint at the high of his senses in that moment, leaning back into his Sir with his embrace around him as it was before. His gaze flowing over the fresh ink along Sky's flesh and the way she lit up. He'd grin with a soft chuckle at her before peering up at his Sir, "Told yah." he'd move from his Sir's frame to go over to his mate to take a closer look at the work, "You've about out done yourself on the outline alone my friend." he'd speak to Jacob breifly. Jacob how ever held that cocky, 'I know' look about him as he watched Sky with a crooked grin across his lips. He was about to start the clean u pof his stuff before the bright blue hues moved over the art work displayed across Horo's frame. "Whoa." was about all that could be said form him, rising to his feet a eh slowly grew closer to Horo, his eyes taking in every detail of the artwork, his mind already going through it's lists of artists, but also understood that this man could very well be far beyond the years he would even comprhend, "Traditional life story, I'm using same technique too if it even as close to the age I'm think it is, the color just as vibrant as the day it was created. Man, the hours for this must have been near intolerable." As Jacob spoke he would practically circle Horo, speaking of the man's own tattoos as his eyes danced over every available inch of the artwork.
  35. sScarletRibbonSs: /me she had felt the urge to hunt, though exhaustion was beating at her. Seeing Jacob distracted with Horo, she would kiss her Mate softly before slipping off to thier bed falling onto the thing. She passed out with a smile on her face, soon her tattoo would be complete.
  36. Horosha: /me chuckles as he stands there listening to Jacob. He nods his head. "It took many weeks to complet this. Indeed." He looked at Sky and smiled at her excitment as well. "You do very good work yourself. But I must say...I have yet to find any who matches the work that was done on me."  He looks at Jacob with a grin. "I do very much like the work you did on Kiel. Very detailed. Very nice." He than lifts his hands for Jacob to see.  "His inspriation for his hands...."
  37. EzekielHarbinger: He'd kiss his mate back softly befor ehis gaze would follow Sky as she retreated to their room for the night before turning back towards Jacob and Horo, hearing the words spoken about Horo's tattoos he would take the few steps back over to them. Grinning as Sir lifted his hands to show Jacob the artwork displayed across them, Jacob hardly resisting the urge to take one of the hands in his and began to examine every detail. "Jacob, do you think you can replicate this sort of work?" Ez asked as he nodded towards his Sir's tattoos, crossing his arms over his chest as he still fought against himself to regain his composure. Jacob's bright blues dancing over the detail as he listened to both the men speak of the tattoos before lifting his gaze with a perk brow to look back to Ez, "Ezekiel, dude, do you remember who you're talking to? You give me four days, I'll have that technique broken down and mastered, especially if this giant mother .... cool guy .... lets me study his." he had to catch himself as he wasn't entirely sure the full extent of how he should be speaking around him, Ez practically bursting out laughing.
  38. Horosha: /me chuckles at the two. He than winks his eye at Kiel. "If this one is not to careful how he studies it he may be in trouble....." He turns his head and looks at Jacob. "Now tell me...why are you not one of us...such a waste of talent..." He looks at Kiel after his words. "Did you thrall him?"
  39. EzekielHarbinger: He'd chuckle light at the wink from his and shakes his head, "No Sir, he is neither thralled nor ghouled." Jacob's gaze lifted from Horo's artwork to peer at him than Ezekiel, a little touch of concern crossing his eyes, "I rather enjoy my natural life as it is Mr. Horo, I have a wife and child and couldn't bare the thought of a life with out them." he'd chuckle lightly as he would move away from the teo to begin his clean up. "I have offered to embrace him a few times, but he has chosen the life of a kine." Ez would turn to his Sir and speak softly as he would place his hand against his chest. "He doesn't really like talking about it either Sir." he would keep his words soft for Horo's ears alone.
  40. Horosha: /me nods his head. "Your wife and child are very lucky." He looks at Kiel as he places his hand on his chest. Leaning in he kisses him deeply again. After pulling from the kiss he grins at his boy.
  41. EzekielHarbinger: "I consider myself the lucky one." Jacob would nod his head towards the two of them before cleaning up his kit and retreating back to his own once again. Ez returning the deep kiss to his Sir, "You certainly have a unique way of scarying people off Sir."
  42. Horosha: /me looks at Jacob than at Kiel. " I didnt meant to...." He turns and grabs his shirt and puts it on covering his markings. Slowly he buttons his shirt up with a sigh. He was old and his words with kine did scare them. It was why he didnt mess with them offten unless he truly had to. Stepping into the next room he leaves Kiel with Jacob so they may tend to buisness.
  43. EzekielHarbinger: He would follow his Sir into the next room, raising a brow at him curiously, "Sir, are you alright? You seem a bit off tonight." he'd reach out to grip his Sir's arm gently to turn him back to look at him.
  44. Horosha: /me turns and looks at Kiel and nods his head. "Yes. I am fine why?" He than sits down as he looks at his boy. He glances at the door to where Jacob was. "Go tend to Jacob I am fine.
  45. EzekielHarbinger: He'd peer back to Jacob as the man collected the remaining the items from his kit, "Well I'm going to clean these up and find bed, ya'lls schedules are not meshing that well with my day to day." he'd nod respectfully to the two of them before making his way down the hall to his room, closing the door behind him. Ez looked back to his Sir before making his way over to him, "Jacob won't be coming out of his room for the rest of the night Sir." The bright green orbs of his gaze looking over Sir's facial features. "Tell me whats on your mind Sir?"
  46. Horosha: /me pulls Kiel close and yawns. "Nothing really. Just been a while since I have delt with kine who wherent thralled or ghouled is all."  He looks at Kiel closely and smiles sofly. He lfts his hand and strokes his cheek as he moves and lays down on the couch with Kiel. He grabs the blanket that was on the couch and covers them with it. "Its also been to long since we feel asleep in each others arms." Holding Kiel close he kisses his neck softly as he gets comfertable. His eyes slowly drift close as he was comfertable.
  47. EzekielHarbinger: HE'd smile at his Sir as he would lay down along the couch with him, curling into his frame as he shivered lightly against the kiss to his neck, "It certainly has been awhile since we've spent any amount of time together, aside form hunting and killing these days Sir." he's yawn deeply with a growl to follow it as he relaxed in his Sir's arms, slowly drifting off with his Sir. "Rest well Sir."
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