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  3. Ectoplasm And Erogegeneisis
  5. by Crassivius The Gelded
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  8. The road has been arduous, and with many a false turning, but at last I approach the end of a lifetime's travel.
  10. The secret lies with the dead! To enable the act that brings forth life, we must resort to necromancy! Who would have thought such a thing?
  12. And yet it works. Any ghost can, under the right conditions, manifest an ectoplasmic duplicate of the body it wore in life. By permitting the benign possession of the living by the spirit of a dead male, the ghost's phallus can be induced to manifest where that organ is lacking in the host.
  14. Better yet, the terms of the possession allow both parties (living and dead) full access to the sensations arising from use of this organ.
  16. In practical terms, this means that very soon now, a certain saucy serving maid is going to get the comeuppance she so richly deserves. First though, I should record the working in detail, while the details are still fresh.
  18. To begin, then: the arcane formulae underlying this incantation, while superficially complex, can be greatly simplified using Erodech's Equivalence, as follows ...
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  22. The rest is a discussion of the underlying magical theory. A mage could, were she so minded, learn the spell by reading onward.
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