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  1. You are GECMIS GELKTE, and you are the ONE TRUE PROPHET. Everything is revealed to you, especially when you eat CERTAIN MUSHROOMS, which you CULTIVATE in your hive. However, they also make your head spin, and you often awake in ODD POSITIONS, with no memory of what just happened. You remember once you woke up outside, with NO PANTS. That was fucking fun. You suppose you might be a bit of a STONER, but not a happy one. In fact, you are always really DEPRESSED, because you can see what’s going to happen, but never can understand it until it’s too late. Oh well. Your Strife Modus is… well, nothing because you are a STRICT PACIFIST, due to the prediction that you made when you were young. It was that whenever you first kill a living creature… you DIE. Well, except like, ants and bugs and stuff. If that was the case, you would be DEAD ALREADY. You are a have a serpent for your Lusus, which you guess is kinda cool. However, she is a TOTAL BITCH, so you hardly do anything for her. Serves her right. Your Fetch Modus is PROPHETKIND, which works really simply. All you have to do is retrieve something is have a VISION about it, which is really easy due to the aforesaid mushrooms. You are considered by others as something of a SEER, which kinda sucks, because even though you enjoy talking to other people, you don’t like being responsible for their FATE. ☽☼h, Y☼ur tr☼lltag is depressingly☼mniscient, and y☼u tend t☼ talk listlessly, full ☼f melanch☼ly.☾
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