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  1. Mod catalogue 20130504
  3. ====================================================================
  5. Ctrl+f *** for recommended mods.
  7. If you find a mod you are confident(I stress this) is high quality, post its mod number in the thread saying it's recommended. I'd like to request you post with a name of some sort when doing this, but it's not required. Don't be hurt if your recommendation isn't included.
  8. All hairstyle mods will be recommended except for the absolute worst. Please post if you find one that isn't recommended on the list.
  10. Introduction
  11. ============
  12. This is a mod catalogue for the game 3D Custom Girl(3d??????), and is an attempt to catalogue as many mods in existence for the game as possible. It is a work in progress, and will be updated every thread or so. Please excuse the haphazardness of the beginning of some of the lists, we still need to sort through and reorganize it.
  13. Any help is greatly appreciated. Please make a quick note on any mods you install not listed here and post them! If you can take the time to write a single sentence about a mod you install and post it, it will help the production of this catalogue.
  15. Use
  16. ===
  18. For clarity, the mods are described as follows:
  19.         [Mod file name minus extension] [Mod description]
  21. Using ctrl+f to search for keywords or specific file names is advised. Please at least do this before requesting a mod somewhere to avoid thread clutter.
  23. Plugging in the file name of a mod you like into the search engine on http://3dcustom.ath.cx/rails/ is often a good way to find related mods to download.
  25. Locating Mods
  26. =============
  28. Uploader Locations
  29.         http://3dcg.wikia.com/wiki/Uploaders
  30. Torrents
  31.         http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php?t=228805
  32. Note that the tags of the uploaders(i.e. XPC/tim/mod/etc) are listed after their official name.
  33. DDL Links
  34.         http://3dcg.wikia.com/wiki/DDL_Links_to_Mods
  35. General Searching(no links)
  36.         http://3dcustom.ath.cx/rails/
  38. Keys(ctrl+f this to jump to the ascribed section):
  39. ====
  41. 1a2q    TAC/XPC
  42. 2a3w    mod
  43. 3a4e    tim
  44. 4a5r    TA3CH/3DCH
  45. 5a6t    TA/TAC
  48. ====================================================================
  50. M - O - D - S
  52. ====================================================================
  54. 3dcustom.net Uploader(XPC)
  55. 1a2q
  57. XPC00009 - nipple bandaids, regular and loli. seems like an update of TA0529, but doesn't have the underpants part. just adds loli nipple bandaids. a pussy bandaid can be found in the (was 7, now:) 8-volume mod pack, "new_tirita.tah", i think.
  58. XPC00010 - Manual for changing attributes(most likely referring to body categories?)
  59. XPC00011 - low-resolution fishnet stockings. obsoleted by TAC00097.
  60. XPC00014 - a few grav poses for guns. apparently obsoleted by TAC1790. overriden by it, anyway.
  61. XPC00016 - cigarrette and cigar
  62. XPC00017 - hair style, twin long braids
  63. XPC00020 - a single urine stream. probably a repost of a really old one, because it works with TA0520, which expands the options when used with this one. this was not available in the torrents, so here's the place to get it.
  64. XPC00021 - signs with japanese writing, hanging from the neck.
  65. XPC00022 - pink vibrator taped to pussy, strapped to leg. in the armour slot.
  66. XPC00023 - application: cgfxS_edit
  67. XPC00024 - bondage ropes, but they fit a little oddly on the model. fits somewhat better on loli. uses armour slot or tail slot.
  68. XPC00025 - torture room stage
  69. XPC00026 - torture room grav poses
  70. XPC00027 - situps grav pose
  71. XPC00028 - grav pose with the girl kneeling and hands tied above, in front of her. comes with a rope accessory to match.
  72. XPC00031 - poorly-done footjob grav pose with textureless guy
  73. XPC00041 - character-themed clothes. has a big hat.
  74. XPC00049 - "happy leap" grav pose
  75. XPC00050 - resource files, not a mod
  76. XPC00056 - Phantasy Star Online RAcl body mods
  77. XPC00057 - Phantasy Star Online RAcl boots mods
  78. XPC00058 - Phantasy Star Online RAcl eyes mods
  79. XPC00059 - Phantasy Star Online RAcl gloves mods
  80. XPC00060 - Phantasy Star Online RAcl hair mods
  81. XPC00061 - Phantasy Star Online RAcl headdress mods
  82. XPC00062 - Phantasy Star Online RAcl leotard mods
  83. XPC00063 - Phantasy Star Online RAcl ribbon mods
  84. XPC00064 - Phantasy Star Online RAcl shoulder mods
  85. XPC00065 - Phantasy Star Online RAcl skirt mods
  86. XPC00066 - "PSO item mods" - a floating thing and a gun-like thing. perhaps PSO in this case means Phantasy Star Online.
  87. XPC00073 - tiny knives held in the right hand, perhaps throwing knives? also comes with a leg strap loaded with more such knives.
  88. XPC00075 - a "backscreeneffect". the screenshot suggests that it changes the lighting or something, i can't tell, if it does. this is a copy of TAC1902.
  89. XPC00076 - marionette company eye mods
  90. XPC00077 - marionette company new body mods (android style or something)
  91. XPC00078 - marionette company old body mods
  92. XPC00081 - high heeled shoes
  93. XPC00084 - hair style, short little ponytail.
  94. XPC00085 - spanking marks on ass
  95. XPC00086 - chastity belts
  96. XPC00087 - some hat. "nazo hat".
  97. XPC00089 - the brown, squiggly antennae again and some skirts or something that probably require another mod.
  98. XPC00090 - a grav pose, sort of a victory pose.
  99. XPC00091 - unusually large, colourful trousers and belts. worn very high.
  100. XPC00095 - colourful shirts and ties/bowties in the style of TAC00091. but not ridiculously huge.
  101. XPC00097 - black fishnet stockings. added to the vanilla black stockings item. obsoletes TAC00011.
  102. XPC00098 - "advanced head skin mods"? not sure what this does.
  103. XPC00099 - "advanced socks". makes a very slightly improvement to a few types of socks.
  104. XPC00100 - peeled-back fingernails and toenails (sock slot)
  105. XPC00101 - "science special search party" set.
  106. XPC00108 - unknown. appears to be a test of some aspect of the engine. not compiled.
  107. XPC00109 - changes the voice to sound like the girl is gagged.
  108. XPC00110 - alters the voice pitch, lower or higher. use only one mod at a time.
  109. XPC00111 - ribbons, single side of head
  110. XPC00112 - the pointy hair ahoge things, single side of head
  111. XPC00121 - bondage poses for some stage... but for which stage, i have no idea.
  112. XPC00127 - eyes. don't work with default models; require "type 158" or "nomal" models.
  113. XPC00135 - umbrellas
  114. XPC00137 - turns man into a big wolf furry. weird.
  115. XPC00140 - drool/excitement selections
  116. XPC00143 - some slightly different bodies and eyes
  117. XPC00148 - eyes for the "type 158" or "nomal" models that use an optical illusion to make it look like they follow the camera at all times. most of the 158-type eyes do, though.
  118. XPC00153 - contains TAC2109, TAC2113, and TAC2177
  119. 2109 - loli body, looks nice
  120. 2113 - loli body, similar, but with the eyes slanted slightly
  121. 2177 - no idea, text files about girlnodes and stuff
  122. XPC00155 - application: TAHboin
  123. XPC00156 - application: TAHPedo-004
  124. XPC00157 - uncompressed loli xmas outfit (screenshots show the turquoise-haired girl). doesn't seem to work out of the box. possibly goes with TAC1886.
  125. XPC00158 - application: PNGPose-001
  126. XPC00159 - a penis texture. very dark. also has a futa item.
  127. XPC00160 - a flat grey skin i believe
  128. XPC00163 - some batch file for TmoEdit2.
  129. XPC00164 - application: PNGPose-002
  130. XPC00168 - changes man to a sort of unattractive, dark-skinned guy with bag over his head.
  131. XPC00169 - loli panties, including wet version. not marked with the red square.
  132. XPC00170 - loli bra, not marked with the red square.
  133. XPC00172 - application: PNGPose-003
  134. XPC00173 - application: TMOTool-001
  135. XPC00175 - An update to TAC2206's makeup .tah containing several more variations.
  136. XPC00178 - tahdecrypt patches for XP, basenames 1
  137. XPC00179 - Kotatsu. for omake mode only.
  138. XPC00181 - tahdecrypt patches for XP, basenames 2
  139. XPC00182 - tahdecrypt patches for XP, basenames 3
  140. XPC00184 - tahdecrypt patches for XP, basenames 4
  141. XPC00186 - penguin-themed clothing. probably a copy of TAC1849.
  142. XPC00189 - little hair accessories
  143. XPC00190 - marionette company body mods, version 3
  144. XPC00192 - PSP and ruler items
  145. XPC00196 - loli clothes. requires the loli body that comes in the same archive. obsoleted by XPC00292. i will refer to it as the "fairy" body type because that's what it was used for in the first screenshot of it that i saw.
  146. XPC00198 - application: TAHdecryptGUI 1.5.3 - (TAHdecGUI)
  147. XPC00199 - application: ObjEditor
  148. XPC00200 - TSO2TEX Ver 1.1.1
  149. XPC00201 - Copydat2 Ver 2.3
  150. XPC00206 - doghouse, much like the kotatsu (00179) above. for use in omake mode.
  151. XPC00207 - application: TMOView-001
  152. XPC00208 - application: PNGPose-004
  153. XPC00210 - man is given a no-shine model with that classic, dark penis
  154. XPC00211 - scarf or muffler set
  155. XPC00212 - options for the side of the hair, in the ahoge slot. a copy of TAC1781.
  156. XPC00213 - a couple of nice dresses, plus black wings
  157. XPC00215 - application: TMOTool-002
  158. XPC00218 - "type 158" body mods. there's no pussy texture on any of them. includes normal, loli, loli-futa/boy (with an excellent penis), normal-pregnant, and loli-pregnant options.
  159. XPC00221 - straight-cut-bangs hair style (front)
  160. XPC00222 - similar to 00221, a little longer on the sides
  161. XPC00223 - futa parts. looks decent, with semen-covered and dark skin options.
  162. XPC00226 - application: TDCGMan.xp
  163. XPC00227 - hair flower, green eye-staff-monster-thing accessory, and one loli robe
  164. XPC00228 - head decoration
  165. XPC00229 - pussy tape. extends across anus as well.
  166. XPC00232 - goggles
  167. XPC00233 - application: TMOAnim-001
  168. XPC00236 - hair with a peak in the middle
  169. XPC00237 - loli swimsuit. requires "fairy" body.
  170. XPC00239 - white dominatrix clothes. requires TAC1346.
  171. XPC00242 - application: CHGThumb. lets you change the thumbnails of poses, maybe.
  172. XPC00243 - 3 grav poses, spinning
  173. XPC00244 - Mahou Shoujo Ai character hardsaves (Ai, Megu, Rin)
  174. XPC00247 - VtxEpd v.0.04
  175. XPC00248 - a collection of previously posted, bondage-related items
  176. XPC00249 - some different nipples (including "extended"), in the bra slot
  177. XPC00250 - a body with a pussy texture, somewhat poor at this point in the modding scene.
  178. XPC00251 - military uniforms
  179. XPC00252 - a bunch of swimsuits or bikinis
  180. XPC00255 - military rank insignia
  181. XPC00256 - a chair for omake mode, plus a kitchen, based on the vanilla one, that has the existing chairs around the table removed.
  182. XPC00260 - a bunch of loli bikinis. fits the red-square models slightly better, but they're usable with others.
  183. XPC00261 - crazy hair... and eyeshadow... i can't even describe it.
  184. XPC00262 - application: tdcgEditZahyou
  185. XPC00263 - throwing knives, or little swords, or something.
  186. XPC00265 - teddy bears
  187. XPC00266 - EditZahyou ver.1.04test
  188. XPC00267 - shit/feces/poop, tail slot. obsoleted by XPC00318, sort of. i think this might use different textures.
  189. XPC00270 - hair with a side-part style
  190. XPC00271 - application: TAHdecryptGUI 1.6.4
  191. XPC00272 - Copydat2 Ver 2.4
  192. XPC00273 - application: TSO2TEX Ver 1.1.2
  193. XPC00276 - more weapons. a rapier, a couple of shields, some knives held between the fingers, and a garter belt with knives in it.
  194. XPC00277 - a long pole
  195. XPC00278 - more hair colours for 00270
  196. XPC00279 - briefcases
  197. XPC00281 - milk v2.5. obsoletes TAC1942.
  198. XPC00282 - white robes with orange or purple trim. apparently, a copy of TAC1828.
  199. XPC00283 - kitsune stuff, a copy of TA0669
  200. XPC00284 - copy of TA0468 (cat eyes, regular and camera-following-illusion style), plus Strike Witches Ears
  201. XPC00285 - several levels of blushing
  202. XPC00288 - application: CopyDat2
  203. XPC00289 - man becomes dark-skinned futa. a copy of TA0946. TAC1243 has the light-skinned version.
  204. XPC00290 - demonic horns and tail. a copy of TA0602.
  205. XPC00291 - adds new types of holsters, apparently for very large legs (?). requires TAC1901.
  206. XPC00292 - loli body, "fairy" type. obsoletes TAC00196.
  207. XPC00293 - techarts suit for loli (white)
  208. XPC00294 - katana and scabbard
  209. XPC00295 - a maid dress with a very large skirt.
  210. XPC00296 - sexy, lacy lingerie. plus some eyes for the "type 158" or "nomal" bodies.
  211. XPC00298 - single-leg stockings
  212. XPC00301 - eyes. realistic kind. they look "crazy" because of the small iris.
  213. XPC00302 - water droplets on the body, also soap suds on the body.
  214. XPC00303 - a reupload of a pack of various effects (theater, dark theater, gun scope, binoculars, telescope, night vision goggles, video tape, camcorder, closer camcorder)
  215. XPC00304 - some steamy effects (steam, heavy steam, wiped-away-steam like on a window)
  216. XPC00305 - "Complementary hair colour kit version 1.8". not sure what it does.
  217. XPC00307 - Rider (character from Fate/stay night) clothes
  218. XPC00308 - NO LONGER EXISTS - School Girl Uniform fighter who identified? version 1.2
  219. XPC00309 - bra tape. a copy of TAC1665.
  220. XPC00310 - leotard tape. basically pointless if you have XPC00252, except that this does include one colour that doesn't: a partly transparent white.
  221. XPC00311 - nazi armband and some kind of frilly hat thing
  222. XPC00312 - some loli skins. obsoletes TAC1577, among others.
  223. XPC00314 - some kind of gun. modern rifle or something.
  224. XPC00315 - pose: man stepping on girl's back. comes in grav version and in non-grav (regular pose) version that may require XP.
  225. XPC00316 - application: EditZahyou2 ver.2.02 "positioning tool stand"
  226. XPC00317 - phantasy star 2 set or something. arm-blades, and maybe hair.
  227. XPC00318 - shit/feces/poop. obsoletes XPC00267.
  228. XPC00321 - loli stockings, including some with garters. uses "fairy" loli body.
  229. XPC00322 - loli net stockings. uses "fairy" loli body.
  230. XPC00323 - loli full-body tights. purple only.
  231. XPC00324 - really huge penis. also has huge balls (in the panties slot).
  232. XPC00325 - heart-shaped chocolate box
  233. XPC00328 - Pink and blue aprons
  234. XPC00329 - a new position. does not require grav. it's the girl being forced into a BJ with her hands bound.
  235. XPC00331 - application: BGBone004, "Bone reconstruction tool for creating a moving background"
  236. XPC00334 - application: TMOMaker ver.0.03
  237. XPC00335 - dark version of the hotel room
  238. XPC00336 - rectangular sunglasses
  239. XPC00338 - partly disrobed techarts suit, spread across several slots.
  240. XPC00339 - text: list of "girlnodes".
  241. XPC00341 - application: mqo2tso-a0.08
  242. XPC00342 - application: TAHDom ver 0.0.1
  243. XPC00344 - RPG set. includes weaponry for girl and a stage consisting of attacking blue slimes. the "window" files also change the overlay effect, to either dragon quest style or final fantasy style.
  244. XPC00345 - fist aura thing. comes with a pose to use it. HADOKEN!
  245. XPC00346 - dark version of the hotel room, basically XPC00335 for SP2R1 instead of XP, i guess.
  246. XPC00348 - three kinds of motorcycle. obsoleted by XPC00405.
  247. XPC00349 - stethoscope. comes with a pose.
  248. XPC00350 - city street and girl's bedroom room, XP version. the city street is the "EVA" stage when in H-mode, and doesn't use the... "bridge" area.
  249. XPC00351 - remodelled hotel. duplicate of TA0255, which was NOT in the torrent. obsoleted by XPC00353.
  250. XPC00352 - spectacles of death, "Grave's Glasses"
  251. XPC00353 - pink hotel room, XP version. obsoletes TA0255 (and XPC00351).
  252. XPC00354 - hair colour pack 1 (not glossy)
  253. XPC00355 - hair colour pack 2
  254. XPC00356 - hair colour pack 3
  255. XPC00357 - hotel TV change. yaranaika
  256. XPC00358 - a dress with slits along the legs
  257. XPC00359 - application: arcustom_050. "guy in the head tracking"?
  258. XPC00360 - dark hotel room (like XPC00335) with lower-resolution textures.
  259. XPC00361 - hair colour pack 4
  260. XPC00362 - NO LONGER EXISTS - "Wave RO bangs (hair colour with GURADE No. 80-89)"
  261. XPC00363 - Sister River prism set (clothes / hats / instrument)
  262. XPC00365 - sunflower field stage. positions are poorly placed.
  263. XPC00366 - huge guns pack. obsoletes TAC1970.
  264. XPC00367 - dokuro-chan's excalibolg
  265. XPC00369 - staff with a cross on the end.
  266. XPC00370 - hair colour pack 5
  267. XPC00371 - pillory. comes with a saved character (all invisible girl, wearing it). basically for omake mode.
  268. XPC00373 - some kind of loli shirt? requires... TAC646? i don't know of any files that follow that naming scheme. i can't figure this one out.
  269. XPC00375 - dark hotel room for SP2R1 (like XPC00346) with lower-resolution textures.
  270. XPC00376 - calabash item, in the hand slot. "bottle gourd". a drink container.
  271. XPC00377 - colour umbrellas. held upside-down. not sure why.
  272. XPC00379 - elf ears colour expansion. requires TA0513.
  273. XPC00380 - NO LONGER EXISTS - "[Clothes] all of the Lady Knights who KOSUPURESETTO"
  274. XPC00381 - Onigiri item. it's a triangular rice thing. in the mouth.
  275. XPC00382 - icons for use with XPC00380 or something, which was unavailable at the time i came through.
  276. XPC00383 - adds sandals that work with socks
  277. XPC00384 - some nice bodies. pussy is a flat texture.
  278. XPC00386 - a set of character-themed clothes and hair. "Yes ERUSU wind breaks RESSURUEN set (10 people)". possibly obsoleted by XPC00408.
  279. XPC00387 - loli body. similar to those in XPC00312, with a little more detailed abdominal textures, i think. "MARON facing Ver.4.0 Realistic Texture and abdominal muscles"
  280. XPC00388 - application: TmoEdit2 ver.0.07
  281. XPC00389 - Browning M2 heavy machine gun. for use in omake mode.
  282. XPC00390 - mac laptop. obsoleted by XPC00398.
  283. XPC00391 - medical examination chair. for use in omake mode.
  284. XPC00392 - application: mqo2tso a0.09
  285. XPC00393 - some colourful motorcycle/scooter style helmets
  286. XPC00395 - "Princess Knight KOSUPURESETTO". a nice set of a dress, armour, and swords.
  287. XPC00396 - a new hair style, front and back. includes colours from the "hair colour pack" mods through volume 5.
  288. XPC00397 - something having to do with hair. i don't know what it does.
  289. XPC00398 - mac laptop. obsoletes XPC00390, with more detail.
  290. XPC00399 - application: ActiveteX ver.0.01, "easy tool to bring signs and balloons"
  291. XPC00400 - plunger item
  292. XPC00401 - adds a few hair colours for a custom hair type or something.
  293. XPC00403 - train station stage
  294. XPC00405 - motorcycles. obsoletes XPC00348.
  295. XPC00406 - application: ActiveteX ver.0.02 (MISSING EXE FILE). XPC00411 is the fixed version of this.
  296. XPC00407 - shader technique examples, i think. doesn't do anything as far as i'm aware.
  297. XPC00408 - a set of character-themed clothes and hair. "Yes RE set of wind breaks RUENJERUSU 12 people (dress and hair)". possibly obsoletes XPC00386. Includes a bunch of single-character poses.
  298. XPC00409 - prototype dick-sucking grav pose. er, not very sexy. look for future versions.
  299. XPC00411 - application: ActiveteX ver.0.02. includes the exe file.
  300. XPC00412 - a body that has been split in half vertically, and you can choose which side you get. the eyes shown in the screenshot are from XPC00301.
  301. XPC00413 - application: EditZahyou2Trim001
  302. XPC00414 - skillet and spatula item
  303. XPC00415 - "action lines" overlay effect.
  304. XPC00416 - toonshader effect
  305. XPC00417 - low camera perspective effect
  306. XPC00418 - BG outdoor train station
  307. XPC00420 - BG updated outdoor train station
  308. XPC00421 - H scene fellatio with bound arms
  309. XPC00422 - toonshader effect update, shaderchange
  310. XPC00423 - Wrestling cosplay set
  311. XPC00424 - Tool, TMO view
  312. XPC00425 - Toonshader2 effect, shaderchange
  313. XPC00426 - H scene doggystyle with bound arms
  314. XPC00427 - Bondage gear, ballgag, leashes, collars
  315. XPC00428 - Hair, rolled curls
  316. XPC00429 - Fairy wings
  317. XPC00430 - Touhou cosplay items
  318. XPC00431 - Motor scooter
  319. XPC00432 - Tool, TMOEdit
  320. XPC00433 - Ejaculation mods, spurt and spray added to item slot
  321. XPC00435 - Motorbike mod update/add on of XPC00431
  322. XPC00436 - Shader change file
  323. XPC00437 - DOA Kasumi cosplay set
  324. XPC00438 - BG updated outdoor station, morning, noon, night
  325. XPC00439 - Ragnarok pries cosplay set
  326. XPC00440 - Tool, TMOview
  327. XPC00441 - Effect, lace boarder
  328. XPC00444 - Hair, long needle, pulled back to expose forehead, red eyes
  329. XPC00445 - Hair, wavy
  330. XPC00446 - Hair, rolls
  331. XPC00447 - Tool, mqo2tso.exe
  332. XPC00448 - Motorbike update/add on of older bike mods
  333. XPC00449 - Shader change files
  334. XPC00450 - Hair, unnamed hair mod
  335. XPC00451 - Teacher's items set, rulers, protractors, attendance book, pointers, pens, erasers, chalk
  336. XPC00452 - Tool, TSObone editor
  337. XPC00453 - Assorted guns and weaponry
  338. XPC00454 - effect, "love love" shot (heart screen)
  339. XPC00455 - BG public bath
  340. XPC00456 - Tool, tsobone editor
  341. XPC00457 - Heavy save, "dokudrink" (poison drink) item
  342. XPC00458 - thickness modifier (used in conjunction with toonshader)
  343. XPC00459 - Body mods, slim, loli, normal
  344. XPC00460 - Tool, shadertest.exe
  345. XPC00461 - toonshader update, shadertest
  346. XPC00462 - toonshader update, shadertest
  347. XPC00463 - Tool, tsobody.exe
  348. XPC00464 - Glasses with nose clips
  349. XPC00466 - Updated ejaculation mod
  350. XPC00467 - Glasses, monocle, silver frame, gold frame
  351. XPC00468 - Hair, fringe colour options
  352. XPC00469 - Hair, fixes black lines on some styles
  353. XPC00470 - Motorbike update/add on includes pink, sakura print ninja style bike
  354. XPC00471 - Hair, more colour options for fringe
  355. XPC00472 - Hair, more ahoge options
  356. XPC00473 - Update wrestling cosplay set
  357. XPC00474 - Camera phone and camcorder in item slot
  358. XPC00478 - Updated camcorder and video effect
  359. XPC00479 - Angel wings
  360. XPC00480 - BG Myroomdark.tah (needs an unknown base file, doesn't work by itself)
  361. XPC00481 - Hair, more colour options for unknown style
  362. XPC00482 - Hair, more colour options for same style as XPC00481
  363. XPC00483 - Updated XPC00479
  364. XPC00484 - Samurai armour
  365. XPC00485 - Male mod, changes male into a body pillow
  366. XPC00486 - Uniform 765 cosplay, bonus headset and ribbon
  367. XPC00487 - Azusa from Idolmaster cosplay set
  368. XPC00488 - BG updated MyRoomDark.tah, still missing base file; does not work
  369. XPC00489 - Updated Camera phone and camcorder
  370. XPC00490 - Demon bane cosplay set and heavy save
  371. XPC00491 - Yamame cosplay set
  372. XPC00493 - Heavy save, long china dress
  373. XPC00494 - Updated scat mod, shares slot with ejaculation mod in item category
  374. XPC00495 - Adds tank to motorbike slot in item category
  375. XPC00496 - More variations for XPC00494 scat mod
  376. XPC00497 - Large bucket and energy blast items
  377. XPC00498 - Bananas in item category
  378. XPC00499 - Heavy save, loli in red dress and yellow shirt
  379. XPC00500 - Scat mod update/add on
  380. XPC00501 - Tophats
  381. XPC00502 - "Stick" mod, canes, straight canes, and sword canes in black, white, and brown
  382. XPC00503 - Tool, tsoview
  383. XPC00504 - "765" bodies
  384. XPC00508 - Updated guns and assorted weapon set
  385. XPC00510 - Tool, dtcg.exe
  386. XPC00512 - Tanks in item slot
  387. XPC00513 - Male mod, turns male into some guy from Touhou
  388. XPC00514 - Type moon Len and White Len cosplay set
  389. XPC00515 - "765" bodies add on/update
  390. XPC00516 - "Imouto" (little sister) loli body types
  391. XPC00517 - 3DCG default costume for XPC00516 bodies
  392. XPC00518 - Hat/Cap
  393. XPC00519 - Update of XPC00518
  394. XPC00520 - Binoculars
  395. XPC00521 - BG Adds cherry blossoms to Zinzya background (TAC2289)
  396. XPC00522 - Tool, dtcg.exe
  397. XPC00523 - Ritsuko cosplay set and bonus lawson uniform
  398. XPC00524 - Tool, tsoview
  399. XPC00526 - Banisher gun (gian crucifix used by Wolfwood in Trigun)
  400. XPC00527 - Eureka 7 Cosplay set
  401. XPC00528 - Tank add on/update
  402. XPC00529 - Updated Eureka 7 cosplay set with board
  403. XPC00531 - Tool, tsoview
  404. XPC00532 - BG updated zinzya sakura background
  405. XPC00534 - Male mod, updated XPC00513
  406. XPC00535 - BG outdoor bath
  407. XPC00536 - Updated Eureka 7 cosplay set
  408. XPC00538 - toonshader2 and shader change
  409. XPC00543 - Loli body underwear
  410. XPC00544 - Aibo robotic dog heavy save
  411. XPC00545 - Long China dress with various colours and patterns
  412. XPC00546 - Updated guns and assorted weapons set
  413. XPC00547 - "Lost Girl" body, guro, no head, limbs
  414. XPC00548 - Touhou heavy save and character cosplay set
  415. XPC00550 - Tool, mod kanri tdcg.exe
  416. XPC00551 - Labeled as "off-sigh", not sure what this mod does
  417. XPC00552 - Futon with heavy save and pose data
  418. XPC00553 - BG updated public bathhouse, more realistic looking
  419. XPC00556 - BG makes the sand on the default beach setting more realistic looking
  420. XPC00557 - "158" body
  421. XPC00558 - Heart wand
  422. XPC00559 - More "158" body variations
  423. XPC00560 - Various g string panties
  424. XPC00562 - Updated Eureka 7 cosplay set
  425. XPC00563 - Heart wand update and hammer
  426. XPC00564 - toonshader update
  427. XPC00566 - Heart wand and hammer update
  428. XPC00568 - "Extacy" eyes, hazy, rolled back
  429. XPC00569 - BG more sand textures for default beach BG
  430. XPC00572 - Heart wand and hammer update with new pointed hammer
  431. XPC00573 - "Hukkin" bodies, more muscle detail
  432. XPC00574 - Tank update, includes jeep
  433. XPC00575 - Futa mods in item slot, anime futa penis, huge futa penis, huge balls
  434. XPC00576 - Jason mask
  435. XPC00577 - Updated bikini panties
  436. XPC00578 - Gold and silver piercings for pussy and nipples
  437. XPC00579 - "Fantasy" body types, bird cage, playing card, 3 breasts
  438. XPC00580 - Guro, nails through hands and feet
  439. XPC00581 - More "158" body options
  440. XPC00582 - Futon and Kotatsu with heavy saves and pose data
  441. XPC00583 - Hair, short bangs colour options
  442. XPC00584 - Bunny girl suit with stocking seam
  443. XPC00585 - Pink leather bondage suits
  444. XPC00586 - Tool, mqo2tso
  445. XPC00587 - Knives in item slot
  446. XPC00588 - Miki set, includes accessories, belts, skirts, boots, and tops
  447. XPC00589 - BG stone pillars in the clouds
  448. XPC00590 - "Radio" Gravure motion
  449. XPC00591 - Doll joint body and bondage rope ties for body
  450. XPC00592 - More Gravure motions
  451. XPC00593 - Touhou cosplay set
  452. XPC00594 - Tool, tsoview
  453. XPC00595 - "Nakaoka" gravure motion
  454. XPC00596 - Touhou cosplay set with heavy save
  455. XPC00597 - Body with detailed abdominal muscles
  456. XPC00598 - Rider blindfolds
  457. XPC00599 - Updated heart wand, hammer, now includes candy cane wand
  458. XPC00600 - Tank mod, now includes armoured car
  459. XPC00601 - Motorbike mod, now includes dirtbike
  460. XPC00602 - Touhou cosplay set with heavy save
  461. XPC00603 - Not sure, labeled as Bali Kara clothes and cartoon-style costume drama clothes
  462. XPC00604 - Loincloth
  463. XPC00605 - Tool, tsoview
  464. XPC00606 - Micro bikini with various colour options
  465. XPC00607 - Update of XPC0603
  466. XPC00608 - Sheer Kimono
  467. XPC00609 - Tool, tsoview
  468. XPC00610 - "Teninu" gravure motion
  469. XPC00611 - Guitar v.1, couldn't get this to work, needs an unknown base file
  470. XPC00612 - Tool, viewkit
  471. XPC00613 - Tool, tsoview
  472. XPC00614 - Tool, mqo2tso
  473. XPC00615 - Len style bangs with colour options
  474. XPC00616 - Tool, mqo2tso
  475. XPC00617 - "Zombie" body
  476. XPC00618 - "Ghoul" body
  477. XPC00619 - Tool, tsoview
  478. XPC00620 - "Snow woman" body
  479. XPC00621 - Tool, mqo2tso
  480. XPC00622 - Long China dress with new patterns and Chun-Li Street Fighter 4 costume
  481. XPC00623 - Touhou cosplay sets with heavy saves
  482. XPC00624 - Male mod, changes male to white masked man
  483. XPC00625 - More Touhou cosplay sets with heavy saves
  484. XPC00626 - Updated "Snow woman" body
  485. XPC00628 - Updated "Zombie" body
  486. XPC00629 - Updated "Ghoul" body
  487. XPC00631 - Tool, tsoview
  488. XPC00632 - Updated "Snow woman" body
  489. XPC00633 - Updated "Ghoul" body
  490. XPC00634 - "Succubus" body
  491. XPC00635 - Updated "Zombie" body
  492. XPC00637 - "Youjyou" body
  493. XPC00638 - Tool, tmomotion copy
  494. XPC00639 - More colours for Rider blindfolds
  495. XPC00640 - Pink tight skirt
  496. XPC00641 - Pink bondage harness
  497. XPC00642 - Micro Bikini
  498. XPC00643 - Ragnarok priest cosplay set with heavy save
  499. XPC00650 - Updated "Imouto" (little sister) loli bodies
  500. XPC00651 - "Imouto" body stockings
  501. XPC00652 - "Imouto" body panties
  502. XPC00653 - "Imouto" body school swimsuit
  503. XPC00654 - "Imouto" body bunny suit
  504. XPC00655 - "Imouto" body fetish lingerie
  505. XPC00658 - Touhou item icon data
  506. XPC00659 - Touhou item icon data
  507. XPC00660 - Tatoos in item slot
  508. XPC00662 - Gungrave guns
  509. XPC00663 - Touhou item icon data
  510. XPC00664 - Touhou item icon data
  511. XPC00666 - Updated Gungrave guns
  512. XPC00667 - Fundoshi (Japanese underwear)
  513. XPC00669 - Nipple and clit ribbons
  514. XPC00670 - Updated tattoos
  515. XPC00671 - More tattoos
  516. XPC00672 - "Imouto" body Evangelion plug suit
  517. XPC00673 - Tool, mqo2tso
  518. XPC00674 - "Imouto" body mk.II bra
  519. XPC00679 - Touhou Eirin cosplay set and heavy save
  520. XPC00681 - Updated sheer kimono
  521. XPC00682 - Long, open slit skirt
  522. XPC00683 - Loose blazer
  523. XPC00684 - Tool, tsoview
  524. XPC00685 - "Imouto" body fundoshi
  525. XPC00686 - White, short yukata
  526. XPC00688 - Kimono style miniskirt
  527. XPC00689 - Ring
  528. XPC00690 - Touhou cosplay set
  529. XPC00691 - "Kalabari" eyes
  530. XPC00692 - Wooden poles worn on back
  531. XPC00694 - Garters worn on penis
  532. XPC00695 - School swimsuits with exposed crotch
  533. XPC00696 - Touhou cosplay set and sickle
  534. XPC00697 - Tool, tsoview
  535. XPC00698 - Long skirt
  536. XPC00699 - Larger wooden poles worn on back
  537. XPC00700 - Fairy wings
  538. XPC00702 - Ryuuzin cosplay set
  539. XPC00703 - Updated micro bikini
  540. XPC00704 - Touhou cosplay set with heavy save
  541. XPC00705 - Loli/shota body mod heavy save
  542. XPC00707 - Loli/shota body mod heavy save
  543. XPC00708 - Ghost body and giant rope ornament
  544. XPC00710 - Makes girl fall down during start up animation
  545. XPC00711 - Updated micro bikini
  546. XPC00712 - More kimono style skirt variations
  547. XPC00713 - Touhou cosplay set with heavy save
  548. XPC00714 - Voice mod, submissive sample wavs
  549. XPC00715 - Fairy wings
  550. XPC00718 - Voice mod, sample wavs
  551. XPC00719 - voice mod, sample wavs
  552. XPC00721 - Updated loose blazer set
  553. XPC00722 - Gym uniform
  554. XPC00723 - Guitar, flying v
  555. XPC00724 - Updated kimonos
  556. XPC00725 - Updated kimonos
  557. XPC00726 - Updated kimono style skirt
  558. XPC00727 - Updated kimonos, icludes ribbon belt
  559. XPC00728 - Updated kimono miniskirt
  560. XPC00729 - Updated kimonos
  561. XPC00730 - Butterfly wings
  562. XPC00731 - Hachimaki (various headbands with Japanese writing)
  563. XPC00732 - Voice mod, password protected, couldn't figure out how to get the pw
  564. XPC00733 - Touhou maid cosplay set with heavy save
  565. XPC00734 - Male mod, turns male into green skinned monster with a paper bag mask
  566. XPC00735 - More butterfly wing variations
  567. XPC00736 - Touhou cosplay set with heavy save
  568. XPC00737 - Touhou character items, umbrella, lantern, dimensional tear
  569. XPC00857 - One of those little sticks with a furry ball at the end used to tease cats.
  570. XPC00926 - Furry feet with ball padding
  571. XPC00970 - TAHBoin and TAHPedo ver 0.0.4 for XP
  572. XPC00973 - names.txt ver 0.0.5 for XP
  573. XPC01094 - "Breast variations"; looks like something with a complicated process that could easily be achieved with tmoproportion
  574. XPC01117 - Update to string bikini set
  575. XPC01118 - Update to string bikini set; either this or 1117 contains string bikinis for flat chests
  576. XPC01276 - Uniform for the Zaft military... From Gundam, I think..
  577. XPC01320 - TMOComposer ver 0.0.8
  578. XPC01326 - TMOProportion ver 0.0.4
  579. XPC01344 - Belly dancer pants. Often used in making female ninjas as well(such as ayame from tenchu).
  580. XPC01361 - mqo2tso a0.015.beta
  581. XPC01433 - Appears to be an update to tac1637. It's not marked as such on the uploader - but it contains all of the same contents in a better organized fashion along with some vaginal piercings and several more nipple and navel piercing designs and combinations.
  582. XPC01469 - Shiny normal and cat eyes; straight and follow; also has eyelashes, lipstick and a few different sparkles for eyes
  583. XPC01598 - A keyword for this is Naruga, but I'm not sure if it's from a series or if it's a character name. An outfit reminiscent of ninja or dancer clothing.
  584. XPC01673 - Murasa from Touhou set
  585. XPC01794 - Sailor shirts for flat chests. also contains some other stuff(body mod?).
  586. XPC01744 - Short jeans/pants, fairly well textured
  587. XPC01792 - Gakuran; male school outfits, one is supposed to be styled after a military uniform
  588. XPC01876 - TAHHair ver 0.0.4
  589. XPC01884 - TAHHair ver 0.0.5 rc1
  590. XPC01915 - TSOView ver 0.3.0 with TMOComposer and TMOProportion
  591. XPC01962 - Sports stuff by ocean works. Pretty much anything that has a tso prefix of N711 is by this guy, and they're all good.
  592. XPC02036 - A bunch of sports shirts and shorts by Ocean Works. They contain flat chested versions.
  593. XPC02107 - Outfit for the Major from SAC(stand alone complex)
  594. XPC02108 - More SAC(Stand Alone Complex) stuff
  595. XPC02122 - A lot of .cs files for the face; mainly designed for use in creating tmo files for MMD
  596. XPC02087 - TSOWeight ver 0.0.6
  597. XPC02239 - Gaudy china dress, designated "china bunny [girl]"
  598. XPC02288 - TAHHair ver 0.0.4
  599. XPC02334 - TAHHair ver 0.0.5
  600. XPC02371 - A fairly detailed suit of white armour with blue designs.
  601. XPC02401 - PNGFlip.bat
  602. XPC02403 - TSOView ver 0.3.2 with TMOComposer and TMOProportion
  603. XPC02419 - Update to Eas mod and another character presumably from Pretty Cure
  604. XPC02427 - Lily Rain(Lili?) set from Cosmic Break
  605. XPC02428 - contains some striped, gradient-coloured leggings.
  606. XPC02438 - Redesign of a frontal hairstyle
  607. XPC02440 - Black Magician Girl set for the imouto body mk-II
  608. XPC02445 - Some kind of strange futuristic-looking game set including bikes, discs, and typical cyberspace-looking structures
  609. XPC02453 - Real looking shoes
  610. XPC02456 - Pretty Cure Berry(?) set
  611. XPC02457 - Hard saves containing some kind of robot
  612. XPC02458 - Karaoke box BG
  613. XPC02460 - Masquerade ball mask; "heroine transformation mask"
  614. XPC02614 - Contains a version of tdcgexplorer.
  615. XPC02611 - NMN body mods. Fairly high quality. some of them are pregnant bodies, though.
  616. XPC02612 - NMN body mods. Fairly high quality. some of them are pregnant bodies, though.
  617. XPC02615 - Contains two characters from Symphonic Knights.
  618. XPC02640 - updated version of tdcg launcher
  619. XPC02641 - Jet hardsave
  620. XPC02642 - set of front hairstyles
  621. XPC02643 - Body proportions for TMOProportion
  622. XPC02645 - High school stairs scenery
  623. XPC02646 - Pockey-like hairstyle
  624. XPC02792 - from Madoka Magika. Her gun is in XPC02817
  625. XPC02793 - Onii-chan no koto nanka zenzen etc. outfit. Contains both a winter and summer version.
  626. XPC02798 - High-heeled boots in black, white, and brown, some with fur.
  627. XPC02805 - Infinite Stratos outfits and characters.
  628. XPC02815 - is Homura from Madoka Magika.
  629. XPC02817 - The gun used by the character Mami from Madoka Magika.
  630. XPC02818 - A glasses+twin braids version of Homura from Madoka Magika.
  631. XPC02872 - Ghostbusters set, pretty self explanatory
  632. XPC02873 - A hard save labelled only "sayasaya" I don't know who this is. Evidence would appear to suggest that her name is Saya.
  633. XPC02881 - An earlier version of the fast food restaurant, but also contains a kind of generic outfit(maybe good for a background character?).
  634. XPC02882 - Kamen rider outfits?
  635. XPC02887 - Fast food restaurant background. Not particularly well done.
  636. XPC02892 - Adds Ocean Works' Bondage China bunny outfit(s) to more locations.
  637. XPC02893 - Adds XPC02791.zip(futa school swimsuit) to different positions.
  638. XPC02894 - A sauna stage, also contains a towel outfit.
  639. XPC02899 - Hairstyle of a character(Meiya?) from MLA. Only one colour but obviously TAHHair fixes that. Correct me if I'm wrong on the source.
  640. XPC02908 - Saves and mods for Cure Melody and Rhythm from Sweet Pretty Cure!
  641. XPC02950 - Retexture for the base 17 front hair styles; adds hair detail and better highlights/shadows
  642. XPC02951: Default China dress (cheongsam) with added short sleeves; only in red
  643. XPC02952: Crocs (clog-style sandals) in several colours/patterns
  644. XPC02953: Background: Motor home/travel trailer; loads from eyepatch slot; adds to XPC02944
  645. XPC02954: Update of XPC02951; short-sleeved China dress in 8 colours
  646. XPC02956: Item set v5.4; many varied items: computer parts, balloons, toys, a PSP, beach chairs, pool table, etc.
  647. XPC02957: Background: Motor home/travel trailer; loads from eyepatch slot; adds to XPC02953
  648. XPC02958: Several wrenches that load from fang slot; blue toolboxes that load from eyepatch slot
  649. XPC02959: tsopsdtbncpy ver. 0.2; apparently automatically renames files while working with TAHdecGUI
  650. XPC02960: A few hair mods; also an ahoge with small braids and a forehead ribbon/band
  651. XPC02961: Howa Type 89 rifle and AT4 rocket launcher; can load from hand reserve or eyebrow
  652. XPC02963: Bottom-rim glasses, oval, with white to red frame gradient; has two positions
  653. ***XPC02964: Protruding, erect nipples; many skintones; loads from tail slot; also has milk sprays and breast pump attachments
  654. XPC02965: Several front hair styles and hair options; self-extracting archive continaing unassembled parts and a copy of MakeTAH
  655. XPC02966: Update of the "blaster" handgun from Blade Runner
  656. XPC02967: Fundoshi (traditional breechcloth type swimming/diving garment) in red and white
  657. XPC02968: ID card that hangs around neck; image on card could be altered fairly easily with the usual utilities
  658. XPC02970: Update of XPC02967; now includes many colours and loli sizes
  659. XPC02971: Bodyless heavy save of Eclair Martinozzi from Dog Days
  660. XPC02972: Outdoor gas cookstoves with butane tanks
  661. XPC02973: Item set v5.5; update of XPC02956
  662. XPC02974: "Future-Retro Hero Story" set including costumes, ship models, large version of the Fortuner with detailed bridge; heavy save of Roger's brain
  663. XPC02975: Skewered odango in several configurations
  664. XPC02976: Costume sets for Cure Peach and Cure Berry from Fresh Pretty Cure!; includes "open" version of outfits
  665. XPC02977: Background: Dojo interior, porch and archery range; includes pose files for bow-pulling
  666. XPC02978: Costume set for Honda's "Asimo" robot
  667. XPC02979: Swimsuits for Iori and Takane from Idolmaster 2
  668. ***XPC02981: Background: Hakurei Shrine from Touhou (complete interior and exterior)
  669. XPC02982: Full-length sleeveless body stockings with holes exposing the naughty bits
  670. ***XPC02983: Background: Yard with cherry trees and shade umbrella
  671. XPC02984: Flying-V guitar in pattern used by Michael Schenker; based on XPC00723
  672. XPC02986: Full-length sleeveless body stocking with entire breast exposed; also has a heavy save version
  673. XPC02987: Background: Comical devil statues whose toungues make a bridge
  674. XPC02988: Child's inflatable wading pool; loads from eyebrow slot
  675. XPC02989: Cure Dream, Cure Rouge and Cure Lemonade from Yes! Pretty Cure 5/GoGo!; includes "open" version of outfits; also has heavy save versions
  676. XPC02990: Several hairstyles with highlights and minor transparency; contained in self-extracting archive; comes with a copy of TAHHair
  677. XPC02991: The Crystal Fleuret and Black Fleuret swords from Yes! Pretty Cure 5/GoGo!
  678. XPC02993: WomanBone-Mans v1.1 - Several male mods coverted into loadable bodies; penis is mapped to a skirt pleat; self-extracting archive continaing unassembled parts and a copy of MakeTAH
  679. XPC02994: Teacup
  680. XPC02995: Cosplay set for Aquila Girl from Cosmic Break
  681. XPC02997: Allows removal of base 3 hair parts
  682. XPC02998: Square ground blanket/rug in a few colours; loads from eyepatch slot
  683. XPC02999: Item set v5.6; update of XPC02973
  684. XPC03000: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2; Identical to 3DCH0772
  685. XPC03001: Several front hair styles, slight modifications of base hairs; has hairbands and ribbons to match; ; 7-zip archive continaing unassembled parts and a copy of MakeTAH
  686. XPC03002: Cosplay set for Fujiwara no Mokou from Touhou; includes "open" version of outfit
  687. XPC03003: Background: School club room with split-level floor; also contains teapot
  688. XPC03004: TDCGExplorer-1.11.4 translated into Spanish
  689. XPC03005: Basins in a few colours with liquid to fill them in transparent or yellow
  690. XPC03007: Stained basins in a few colours with brown feces-like liquid to fill them
  691. XPC03008: The Cosmo Dragoon gun from Galaxy Express 999; update of TA3CH0526
  692. XPC03009: Cosplay set for AstroMeria and BloomMeria from Cosmic Break; includes heavy saves
  693. XPC03010: Toonshader2 - 2011-05-15 update
  694. XPC03011: Semen coating on girl; vaginal spray; breast milk spray; futa semen spray; background of large full-height window
  695. XPC03012: "G-cup" body, modified from XPC02683; contains unassembled parts and a copy of MakeTAH
  696. XPC03013: "G-cup" body; adds more skin colours to XPC03012; contains unassembled parts and a copy of MakeTAH
  697. XPC03014: Adds several colours/gradients to the glasses in XPC02963
  698. XPC03015: Back hair for Lily Rain from Cosmic Break
  699. XPC03016: Texture for refining base hair; has softer blurring on highlights and shadows
  700. XPC03017: Bamboo shoots items; update of XPC02651
  701. XPC03018: Military dog tags, loads from collar slot
  702. XPC03019: Update/repaint of the Blaster handgun from Blade Runner
  703. XPC03020: Tetris blocks; loads from hand reserve slot
  704. XPC03021: Hard save of Ume-sensei from Hidamari Sketch
  705. XPC03022: Howa Type 89 rifle and AT4 rocket launcher; update of XPC02961
  706. XPC03023: Heavy save of Pen Pen from Evangelion; seel also XPC03037
  707. XPC03025: Backgrounds of office/boardroom spaces
  708. XPC03028: Drills from Drill Girl Spiral Nami; loads from hand reserve slot
  709. XPC03029: Mach 5 from Speed Racer; includes all attachments (buzzsaws, hydraulic feet, etc.)
  710. XPC03033: Background of a boardroom; adds to XPC03025
  711. XPC03034: Adds icons to glasses in XPC03014
  712. XPC03036: Background: Bedroom with white walls
  713. XPC03037: Heavy saves of Pen Pen from Evangelion in different positions; includes drinking a Yebisu beer
  714. XPC03038: Battery packs worn by the Eva units in Evangelion
  715. XPC03039: Cosplay set for AstroMeria and BloomMeria from Cosmic Break; update of XPC03009
  716. XPC03040: Metasequoya data for the Blaster handgun from Blade Runner
  717. XPC03041: "B-cup" body, modified from XPC02374; contains unassembled parts and a copy of MakeTAH
  718. XPC03042: Light sabers; dual-bladed in red and single-bladed in a few colours
  719. XPC03043: Drool on tongue and chin; has both static and animated versions
  720. XPC03044: Blaster handgun from Blade Runner; can load from eyebrow or hand reserve; now has a holster that loads from tail slot
  721. XPC03045: Pallet rifle and large type bazooka from Evangelion
  722. XPC03046: A few slightly modified hairstyles; 7-zip archive containing unassembled parts and a copy of MakeTAH
  723. XPC03047: Cosmo Dragoon handgun from Galaxy Express 999; adds to XPC03008; has left hand version that loads from different slot
  724. XPC03048: The bandage wrapping-like outfit worn by Lii-Lu in "The Fifth Element"
  725. XPC03049: Water guns; has both small cheap types as well as large, complex "Super Soaker" types
  726. XPC03051: Cosplay set for Claudia Madobe, the OS-tan for Microsoft's Azure service
  727. XPC03052: Cosplay set for Milky Rose from Yes! Pretty Cure 5/GoGo!; also has 2 "open" versions of outfit; comes with a magic visual effect
  728. XPC03053: T-shirts and miniskirts designed for the "G-cup" body (XPC03012, XPC03013)
  729. ***XPC03054: Lingerie (bustiers and teddys with garter straps) with a satin sheen; several colours; various states of open-ness; self-extracting archive containing unassembled parts and a copy of MakeTAH
  730. XPC03055: Robots and rifle from Armoured Trooper Votoms
  731. XPC03056: Texture for refining base hair; replaces XPC03016; self-extracting archive containing unassembled parts and a copy of MakeTAH
  732. XPC03057: Cosplay set and heavy save for Mashu from [C] Control
  733. XPC03058: Rocket pack used by the Scopedog in Armoured Trooper Votoms
  734. XPC03059: Cosplay set for Udonge from Touhou; all clothing in many colours; 7-zip archive containing unassembled parts and a copy of MakeTAH
  735. XPC03060: High-heeled boots in below knee and above knee versions; in dark black, shiny black, shiny white and light brown
  736. XPC03061: Pakkun and the flying boat from Paul's Miraculous Adventure (1976-1977)
  737. XPC03062: Sleeveless turtleneck "high leg" leotard in a few colours; has a couple of transparent colours
  738. XPC03063: Nintendo Famicom and cartridge for Pretty Cure game (for those wondering, no such game exists. The first Pretty Cure series debuted in 2004)
  739. XPC03064: Blue plaid school outfit from Idolmaster
  740. XPC03065: Various Prinny heavy saves
  741. XPC03066: Heavy saves of Scope dog from Armoured Trooper Votoms; with and without rocket pack
  742. XPC03067: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2; Identical to 3DCH0773
  743. XPC03068: Background of a radio talkshow studio
  744. XPC03069: Cardboard boxes, 3 different sizes
  745. XPC03070: Donut-shaped sitting cushion
  746. XPC03071: Ahoge; 4 styles in base 19 colours
  747. XPC03074: Cosplay set for Cure Aqua from Yes! Pretty Cure 5/GoGo!; also has outfit in two different states of "open-ness"; also has 2 liter bottles of grape juice
  748. XPC03075: Cosplay set for AstroMeria and BloomMeria from Cosmic Break, ver. 1.03; also has heavy saves
  749. XPC03076: Drills from Drill Girl Spiral Nami; loads from hand reserve slot; replaces XPC03028
  750. XPC03077: Pantyhose in 4 slightly different styles and a few different colours and levels of transparency
  751. XPC03078: Heavy saves and poses for Aigis and Metis from Persona 3
  752. ***XPC03079: Tears, with and without running nose; also has animated versions
  753. XPC03080: Item set v5.6; update of XPC02999
  754. XPC03081: Scope dog from Armoured Trooper Votoms in multiple colours
  755. XPC03082: More robot parts from Armoured Trooper Votoms
  756. XPC03083: Background: Classroom from Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  757. XPC03084: Cosplay set for Cure Mint from Yes! Pretty Cure 5/GoGo!; also has outfit in two different states of "open-ness"
  758. XPC03085: Update of the rocket pack from Armoured Trooper Votoms
  759. XPC03086: White lab coat with "Tenjou Tenge" written on it
  760. XPC03087: Cosplay set, heavy save and pose for Minoriko Aki from Touhou
  761. XPC03088: Grand Archer's bow from Elsword
  762. XPC03089: tso2pmd v0.2.4
  763. ***XPC03090: Updated fishnet stockings in several colours and patterns; has pushed down versions
  764. XPC03094: Background: Madotsuki's apartment and balcony from Yume Nikki
  765. XPC03095: Crotchless pantyhose/tights in many colours and transparencies
  766. ***XPC03096: Arcade machine cabinet; displays your desktop on screen
  767. XPC03097: One - and two-piece animal fur "cavegirl" outfits
  768. XPC03098: White lace garter belt with stockings in several patterns
  769. XPC03099: Heavy saves of R2-D2 from Star Wars in 2 and 3 leg configurations; also has accessories in a .tah file
  770. XPC03100: White studio headphones
  771. XPC03102: Update of the rocket pack from Armoured Trooper Votoms
  772. XPC03103: Cosplay set for Reika from Viper F-40
  773. XPC03104: Background: Summer festival midway; Day, evening and night
  774. XPC03105: Item set v5.8; update of XPC03080
  775. XPC03106: Somewhat frightening-looking strap-on dildo
  776. XPC03107: Modern school swimsuit in navy blue with visible camel-toe; also has version with legs to mid-thigh; see also XPC03012
  777. XPC03108: Homemade Valentine's Day chocolate; in and out of box
  778. XPC03109: Whole chicken and seperate leg that are burnt black
  779. XPC03110: Nippon NLV Rocket
  780. ***XPC03112: Update to XPC03107; now has 5 colours
  781. XPC03113: 2-tonne truck; container and flatbed versions; has instructions on changing image on sides and back of container
  782. XPC03114: Aura Battler suits from Aura Battler Dunbine; also has accessories
  783. XPC03115: Standing studio/stage microphone, of the sort used by stand-up comedians
  784. XPC03116: Background: Entry hall of office building
  785. XPC03117: Set of equipment/weapons for robots from Armoured Trooper Votoms
  786. XPC03121: A few modified hairstyles
  787. XPC03122: TAHVerify, a program that checks TAH files for decoding problems, conflicts, etc.
  788. XPC03123: Mahjong arcade machine
  789. XPC03124: Modern school swimsuits in 3 styles, several colours and various states of open-ness; versions for regular, B-cup and loli bodies
  790. XPC03125: Background: Summer festival midway; Day, evening and night; replaces XPC03104
  791. XPC03126: Dance Dance Revolution machines
  792. XPC03127: Adds another machine to XPC03126
  793. XPC03130: Foxgirl set; adds orange hair colour (38) for base hairs, ahoge and eyebrows; also adds ears and tail
  794. XPC03131: "TAHHair Support" a Japanese text file with instructions on using TAHHair
  795. XPC03133: Justaway bomb from Gintama
  796. XPC03134: Update of the flat-chested robe in XPC00227; now in several colours
  797. XPC03135: Background: Entry hall of office building; replaces XPC03116
  798. XPC03137: Nipples in several skin tones and level of protrusion; for both regular and flat chests; has several piercings and expander rings
  799. XPC03138: "Dancing girl" bikini top with fine chain work and necklace
  800. XPC03139: Bettle-like giant robot in two colours; has open cockpit versions as well as isolated cockpit
  801. XPC03140: Giant compass item with floating globe
  802. XPC03141: Background: Lemon beach house cafe from Ika Musume; also contains outfit
  803. XPC03144: Tso2Pmx ver 0.3.0
  804. XPC03145: Bondage masks with nose hooks and gag balls
  805. XPC03146: Item set v5.9; update of XPC03105
  806. XPC03147: TSOView ver 0.3.6
  807. XPC03149: Traditional Japanese breast-binding wrappings; for both regular and flat chests
  808. XPC03151: Tso2Pmx ver 0.3.1
  809. XPC03152: Nipples and accessories; replaces XPC03137
  810. XPC03153: Tso2Pmx ver 0.3.2 rc1
  811. XPC03155: Ahoge; 3 pieces of hair curving out and forward
  812. XPC03156: Driving simulator machine in two colours
  813. XPC03158: Tso2Pmx ver 0.3.2
  814. XPC03159: Cosplay set for Kasen Ibaraki from Touhou
  815. XPC03160: Item set v6.0; update of XPC03146
  816. XPC03162: Cosplay set for Lenalee Lee from D. Gray-man
  817. XPC03163: Background: Lemon beach house cafe from Ika Musume; replaces XPC03141
  818. XPC03164: Background: Entry hall of office building; replaces XPC03135
  819. XPC03165: Djibril water set" - Heavy saves of outfits with 8 wings, in 4 colours
  820. XPC03166: Thin black suspenders
  821. XPC03167: Backgrounds of office/boardroom spaces; replaces XPC3033
  822. XPC03169: Update of hair colours E0-EX for Tahhair
  823. XPC03170: Sleeveless blouses, normal and flat versions in a few colours; miniskirts in a few colours; neckties and bowties in several colours and plaids
  824. XPC03171: Bowl of sesame noodles / ramen and a drinking glass
  825. XPC03172: Background: Iron truss bridge; replaces TA3CH0695
  826. XPC03174: School swimsuits for NJXA body in several bright colours
  827. XPC03175: Hand pillory in four metallic colours
  828. XPC03176: Refinement of default body
  829. XPC03177: Drums from Taiko Drum Master(Taiko no Tatsujin); both colours, several faces
  830. ***XPC03179: Pushed-up school blouse with red tie; black or white; long - or short-sleeved; based on TA0676
  831. XPC03180: Background: Highway outside town with and without telephone/power poles; cartoonish textures; replaces 3DCH0744; see also XPC03181
  832. XPC03181: Part 2 of XPC03180
  833. XPC03182: Cat's eyes (narrow pupils) in 14 colours; update to TA0981
  834. XPC03185: Cosplay set for Alias from Valkyria Chronicles 2
  835. ***XPC03186: School swimsuits for NJXA body in bright colours, now including white; replaces XPC03174
  836. XPC03187: Gundam Girl cosplay set from Gundam Z-Plus (Zeta Plus)
  837. XPC03190: "Sharp Eyes," refinement of default eyes with better textured border on iris and pupil; has follow versions
  838. XPC03191: Refinement of default body; replaces XPC03176
  839. XPC03192: More accessories and parts for Gundam Z-Plus (XPC03187)
  840. XPC03193: Cosplay set for Himari in princess form from Mawaru Penguindrum
  841. XPC03195: Trencker (stirrup) pantyhose in several colours and styles; requires XPC02198
  842. XPC03196: Spray cans (like pesticide) with and without spray, for either hand
  843. XPC03197: Food, drink and cutlery set; replaces XPC03171
  844. XPC03198: School outfits for NJXA bodies; includes pushed up blouses and pulled down panties
  845. XPC03200: Delivery box from Noodle Fighter Miki; also has 3 sandwiches
  846. XPC03201: Leather bondage suit for flat-chested bodies in black, red or white; a few configurations
  847. XPC03203: Claims to be TSO2PMD, but has same content as XPC03201 (accidental overwrite?)
  848. XPC03204: White short-sleeved sailor blouse with neckerchief in red, green or blue; has monogrammed neckerchief slide with files for editing
  849. XPC03205: Item set v6.1; update of XPC03160
  850. ***XPC03206: Pubic hair for NJXA bodies in base 19 colours; loads from hand reserve slot
  851. ***XPC03207: Background: Field of sunflowers, very colourful
  852. XPC03208: Background: Large room with wooden floor and long tables with folding chairs
  853. XPC03209: Small front braid for either or both sides in extended colours; can load from hair border or hair extension
  854. XPC03210: Replaces default background sound files with "cleaned up" versions
  855. XPC03211: TsoTbnMaker ver.0.1; Drag & drop an icon/.tso, and it creates a .tbn file
  856. XPC03212: Clappers (hand-held noisemakers) for either hand
  857. XPC03213: Cat ear-shaped hair extensions
  858. ***XPC03214: School outfits for NJXA bodies; replaces XPC03198; also contains blouse and skirt combo in several plaids and sandals in a few colours
  859. XPC03215: Cosplay set for Xiaohei from the Playstation game Kowloon's Gate
  860. XPC03216: The Love Guitar Rod used by Cure Beat in Suite Pretty Cure; also has a gatling gun attachment
  861. XPC03217: Bugfix for a .tso in Blender 3DCG Script Ver.0.21 (XPC01974)
  862. XPC03218: Claims to be weapons for Scanty And Kneesocks; file is password protected
  863. XPC03219: TmoEdit2 ver. 006
  864. XPC03220: Cosplay set for Ukano from the MMORPG Fantasy Earth Zero (FEZ)
  865. XPC03221: Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka, the "kamikaze" aircraft used at the end of WWII
  866. XPC03222: Item set v6.2; update of XPC03205
  867. XPC03224: Several hairstyles; front, back and extensions
  868. XPC03225: Additional clothing pieces for the Ukano set (XPC03220)
  869. XPC03226: Allows you to rotate the camera 10, 20, 30, 45, 53 or 60 degrees in either direction; needs latest toonshader2
  870. XPC03227: .tso importer fixes for Blender 3DCG Script Ver.0.21 (XPC01974)
  871. XPC03228: Reworkings of a few hair types
  872. XPC03229: Patch 2 for Blender 3DCG Script Ver.0.21 (XPC01974)
  873. XPC03230: "TAHHair Support" a Japanese text file with instructions on using TAHHair; update of XPC03131
  874. XPC03232: Background: Cluttered office space with several workstations; also has chair and ballpoint pen as separate objects
  875. XPC03233: Soprano recorder (small wooden flute) item; comes with pose file
  876. XPC03234: "BLHair" several colours for TAHHair
  877. XPC03235: Empty file for adding your own gravure motions; requires TAC1574 and TAC1657
  878. XPC03236: Blue-black bike shorts for NJXA bodies (doesn't show up in menu - no icon?)
  879. XPC03237: Background: Liquor (sake) store on a narrow street
  880. XPC03238: Bondage face gear; has versions with gags and nose hooks
  881. XPC03239: "BLHair" several colours for TAHHair; replaces XPC03234
  882. XPC03240: Modified outfits from Dream C Club
  883. XPC03243: NNTM Hair Set; has a long, semi-thin braid and a relaxed pullback
  884. XPC03244: NMT Hair Set 4; 3 front hairs with slightly different poofy bangs
  885. XPC03245: Fender Stratocaster in blonde, dark brown or black
  886. XPC03246: Claims to be hard saves for Hinata and Sonic; file is password protected
  887. XPC03249: Cosplay set for Ouka from Cosmic Break
  888. XPC03251: Update of the R2-D2 heavy saves and accessories from XPC03099; fixes some graphical errors
  889. XPC03252: Texture files for the R2-D2 from XPC03251; could be used to make a custom-coloured R2 unit
  890. XPC03253: Enlarged clitoris and optional clitoral cap device for NJXA bodies; can load from 3 different slots
  891. XPC03255: Boys middle school uniform in black
  892. XPC03256: Hybrid body: NJXA body with N256 face; identical content to mod0726
  893. XPC03257: Boys middle school uniform in black; texture fix for XPC03255
  894. XPC03258: Ridiculously scant string swimwear for NJXA bodies; several styles, colours and transparencies; identical content to mod0727
  895. XPC03259: Motorcycle jumpsuit in white (requires TA3CH0522); missile with face painted on it; school backpacks in a few colours; open-chested leather halter top
  896. XPC03260: Modified outfits from Dream C Club; update to XPC03240
  897. XPC03261: Single bullet from a danmaku (bullet hell) shooter in 8 colours; comes with a scene save of the default girl folded up into a jet fighter shape
  898. XPC03262: Cosplay set for Desert Punk
  899. XPC03264: Red body grafitti for stomach area; identical content to mod0730
  900. XPC03265: Heavy saves for R5-D4 from Star Wars; also includes the R2-D2 heavy saves from XPC03251
  901. XPC03266: Heavy saves for R4-M9 from Star Wars
  902. XPC03267: Haniwa holding pitchforks in blue, red or green; also has a sonar pulse effect
  903. XPC03268: Texture files for the R5 and R4 units from XPC03265 and XPC03266
  904. XPC03269: Patch 3 for Blender 3DCG Script Ver.0.21 (XPC01974)
  905. XPC03270: Cosplay set for the Mecha Jetter Girl from Cosmic Break
  906. XPC03271: Boy's swimsuits derived from XPC03107
  907. XPC03272: Lace bra and panties in 10 colours
  908. XPC03273: 3 different bodies with wide open vaginas; also has over a dozen sex/bondage/rape poses
  909. ***XPC03274: Animated tears for several body types, including NMM and NJXA
  910. XPC03276: Various drool and sweat for NJXA bodies
  911. XPC03277: Heavy saves of the Monolith and HAL 9000's eye from 2001: A Space Odyssey
  912. XPC03278: Background: Entry hall of office building; replaces XPC03164
  913. XPC03281: Matching bi-colour striped bras, panties and thigh-high stockings in several colours
  914. XPC03282: Old two-story house with a vegetable shop in front
  915. XPC03283: Pink stimulator-style vibrators that strap to leg; several different vaginal and anal insertions
  916. XPC03284: Heavy save of the SEELE monolith from Evangelion
  917. XPC03285: Cosplay set for Chizuru Sakaki from MuvLuv; includes braids, eyebrows and glasses (uniform in TA3CH0317)
  918. XPC03286: Mecha and Mecha Musume from one of the Gundam games
  919. XPC03288: Phaser and battery pack from original Star Trek series
  920. XPC03289: Tso2Mqo ver 0.33
  921. XPC03290: "Muscle Girl" body; has normal and "oiled" versions
  922. XPC03291: Update of the NMT hair set
  923. XPC03292: "Me ga Au Toki" outfits from Idolmaster
  924. XPC03293: Nipples and accessories; replaces XPC03152
  925. XPC03294: Reworks of a few hairstyles
  926. XPC03295: Item set v6.3; update of XPC03222
  927. XPC03296: The "USB Onacon" as advertised on TechArts' webpage
  928. XPC03297: Boy body; several skin tones; update of XPC00993
  929. ***XPC03298: Nipples and accessories; replaces XPC03293
  930. XPC03300: BDSM items: Strap-on dildo, arm-binding sleeve, riding crop, breast vise
  931. XPC03301: Panel truck derived from XPC03113; has 3DCG images on sides
  932. XPC03302: Fencing set; re-upload of 3DCH0741
  933. XPC03303: American football outfit; re-upload of TA3CH0629
  934. XPC03304: Gatlantis, the city planet from season 2 of Yamato/Star Blazers
  935. XPC03306: Male mod: Turns male into Rinnosuke Morichika (Kourin) from Touhou
  936. XPC03307: Background: School library; also has food service cart, a chair and some food items
  937. XPC03308: Heavy saves of Storm Troopers and the MSE-6 "mouse" droid from Star Wars
  938. XPC03309: The ice ghost sword "Cold Drop Shabu"
  939. XPC03310: N400+ body; flat and normal chest; pale, tan and tanline; comes with some fetishwear
  940. XPC03311: Slightly inaccurate version of Cure Black's outfit from Pretty Cure
  941. XPC03312: Martial arts uniform in 4 colours; short or long sleeved; belt in several colours
  942. XPC03313: Large monkey wrench for hand; larger version for back
  943. XPC03314: The ice ghost sword "Cold Drop Shabu"; replaces XPC03309
  944. XPC03315: Claims to be a figure box; file is password protected
  945. XPC03316: Skimpy lingerie set for NJXA bodies; white or black with several colours of ribbons
  946. XPC03317: Pregnant belly attachments; has versions for NMM and NJXA bodies; can load from coat or apron slots
  947. XPC03320: Sword and shield for the Tamaki Kousaka "fighter" set from ToHeart2 (XPC01616)
  948. XPC03321: NMM6 body with slightly modified head; comes with eyes
  949. XPC03322: AA size batteries
  950. XPC03323: "Worksafe mod" covers up the H-scene icons, making them inaccessible (pose mode and camera mode still available)
  951. XPC03325: "N-400 body 3" slight modification of the n-400 loli body
  952. XPC03326: The Baikin UFO from Anpanman
  953. XPC03327: Adds a shiny version of the leotard to the Tamaki Kousaka "fighter" set from ToHeart2 (XPC01616)
  954. XPC03328: Heavy saves of C3PO from Star Wars; gold and silver versions
  955. XPC03329: Modification of a body from XPC03273; extremely detailed open vagina and internal uterus
  956. XPC03331: Heavy save of NJXA body with larger breasts; obsoleted by XPC03345/mod0752
  957. XPC03332: Vampire Girl outfit from Idolmaster 2
  958. XPC03333: A few Gundam girl/mecha musume parts
  959. XPC03334: Sheer stockings in black or white for NJXA bodies
  960. XPC03335: Clothing for the muscle girl body (XPC03290); tank top, P.E. shirt, P.E. bloomer and jean shorts; tops have pushed-up versions; bloomers have pushed-aside and pulled-down versions
  961. XPC03336: Proportion files for making chubby, huge-breasted girl
  962. XPC03337: NBR eyes; normal and follow versions
  963. XPC03338: High poly default body with slightly altered nose line
  964. XPC03339: The Muramasa Blaster sword from Crossbone Gundam
  965. XPC03340: Unzipped sports jersey jacket; also has DBZ scouter in red and green, an old-style cap and a miko dress with a pink top
  966. XPC03341: XPNGProportion 0.3.0; "extended version of PNGProportion in XPC03147 TSOView-036 tools"
  967. XPC03342: Carrera's collar and halter top from Viper GTS
  968. XPC03343: Short-barrel double-barrel shotgun for either hand; also has open for relaoding versions
  969. XPC03344: Moldiver cosplay set
  970. XPC03345: NJXA bodies with breasts; comes with bras to fit; identical content to mod0752
  971. XPC03346: Baltan seijin monster from Ultraman
  972. XPC03347: Shiny blue body
  973. XPC03348: Tso2Mqo ver 0.34 rc1
  974. XPC03349: Item set v6.4; update of XPC03295
  975. XPC03351: Martial arts uniform in 4 colours; update of XPC03312
  976. XPC03356: Inverted triangle for center of forehead; red, blue or green
  977. XPC03359: Bondage wear set; replaces XPC03145
  978. XPC03360: Cosplay set for the OS-tans from Macintosh OS9 & OSX
  979. XPC03361: Crossplay outfits for Card Captor Sakura: Dream C Club, Makai Tenshi Djibril, a few others
  980. XPC03362: Hair for Raspberyl from Disgaea 3
  981. XPC03364: NBRx high-poly body; normal and loli; also has an enlarged anal opening that can load from 3 different slots
  982. XPC03365: Race queen outfit from the doujinshi "Supersonic Roar"
  983. ***XPC03366: Background: Outdoor hot springs bath under moon and red-leafed maples
  984. XPC03367: Pink stimulator-style vibrators; update of XPC03283
  985. XPC03368: Mari from Dream C Club
  986. XPC03370: More parts from Gundam Cross (G-Cross)
  987. XPC03372: Miku Hatsune outfit; loads as a single piece from skirt slot
  988. XPC03373: Nissan R35 GT-R; several colours; with and without spoiler; also has heavy saves
  989. XPC03374: Zone Fighter's Meteor Missile Mite wristbands
  990. XPC03377: Adds a few colours to the bondage suits in XPC03359
  991. XPC03378: Adds a few colours to the bondage accessories in XPC03359
  992. XPC03379: King Joe from Ultraseven; heavy saves with full form as well as component ships
  993. XPC03381: Background: City park at day, sunset and night
  994. XPC03382: Modified Dream C Club outfit
  995. XPC03384: More parts from Gundam Cross (G-Cross)
  996. XPC03386: XPNGProportion 0.4.0; replaces XPC03341
  997. XPC03387: NJXA bodies with breasts; replaces XPC03345
  998. XPC03388: Mian from Dream C Club
  999. XPC03389: Bullworker; a type of handheld exercise equipment
  1000. XPC03390: School uniforms from the dating sim Amagami; replaces TA3CH0387
  1001. XPC03391: Setsu from Dream C Club
  1002. XPC03392: Armour boots and gauntlets for the muscle body; derived from XPC00395
  1003. XPC03393: Backgrounds of office/boardroom spaces; replaces XPC03025
  1004. XPC03394: Amane from Dream C Club
  1005. XPC03395: Cosplay set for Dark Dream from "Yes! Pretty Cure 5: Kagami no Kuni no Miracle
  1006. Daibouken!"; includes both costume and school outfit
  1007. XPC03396: Meiya Mitsurugi and Yuuhi Mitsurugi from Muv-Luv Altered Fable
  1008. XPC03397: Hybrid loli bodies; one is partially based on NJXA
  1009. XPC03398: Airi and Neko-Amane from Dream C Club
  1010. ***XPC03399: Background: Added outdoor bath scene; requires XPC03366
  1011. XPC03340: Dolly/hand truck/automotive creeper
  1012. XPC03341: Background: Laundromats in two different styles; comes with laundry baskets and carts
  1013. XPC03342: "Muscle Girl" body ver 1.5; replaces XPC3290; now has a loli version
  1014. ***XPC03403: Causes the icons for pose files to be created using an actual image of the default girl rather than the normal stick-figure (does not change already existing pose files); also has a dark-skinned/haired version
  1015. XPC03404: Background: Rocky area with gold monolith and round pools/portals
  1016. XPC03405: Version of default body with hi-res textures
  1017. XPC03406: NBRx high-poly bodies; replaces XPC03364
  1018. XPC03408: Sheer stockings and garters for NJXA bodies; replaces XPC03334 with more colours
  1019. XPC03409: Black traffic cones; plain, knobbed or spiked; meant to be used in BDSM scenes
  1020. XPC03410: Elf ears for the NBRx bodies; extend out rather than up; shorter than most other elf ear mods
  1021. ***XPC03411: Pregnant belly attachments; has versions for different bodies including NJXA; replaces XPC03317
  1022. XPC03414: Cosplay set for Cure Bloom and Cure Egret from Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star; also has "open" versions of outfits
  1023. XPC03415: Sailor-themed swimsuit from Idolmaster 2
  1024. XPC03416: Background: City park at day, sunset and night; replaces XPC03381
  1025. XPC03417: Takara's "Dynovisor" head-mounted 3-D display in a few colours
  1026. XPC03418: TSOClvrMk utility; claims to allow easy altering of colours within tso files
  1027. XPC03419: Long, thick pink vibrato
  1028. XPC03421: Cosplay set for Rouche from Cosmic Break
  1029. XPC03423: Bandage for covering vagina
  1030. ***XPC03424: NJXA hi-poly body version 2 with breasts; comes with matching blouse for outfit in mod0771
  1031. XPC03425: 5 1/4" floppy disks
  1032. XPC03426: TAHHair colours for several unique-body mods
  1033. XPC03427: More parts from Gundam Cross (G-Cross)
  1034. XPC03429: Wooden restraining/torture table with shackles in several positions
  1035. XPC03430: NJXA-AK body; modification of NJXA body which has arms permanently behind back (for bondage scenes
  1036. XPC03431: Hi-poly loli body made by combining the Imouto Mk. 3 body (XPC01654) and the textured regular body (XPC00807); comes with bras and panties to fit
  1037. XPC03432: Sausage cut in octopus shape; single, group or person-sized
  1038. XPC03433: Heavy saves of speeder bike, Imperial bike rider and a background from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
  1039. XPC03434: NJXA-AK body; improvement on XPC03430
  1040. ***XPC03435: Adds skin tones and tanlines to NJXAv2 body (XPC03424)
  1041. XPC03436: Panties from mod0753 (Alisa from God Hunter) rendered in many colours
  1042. XPC03437: Swirly, "vacant" eyes for NJXA bodies
  1043. XPC03438: Lop elf ears for NJXA bodies
  1044. XPC03439: Cosplay set for Jane Royal from Cobra: The Animation
  1045. XPC03440: Cosplay set for Sylvia Nimrod from Melty Lancer
  1046. XPC03441: Outfit and accessories from K51's blog altered for use with NJXA bodies
  1047. XPC03442: Heavy save of another version of the speeder bike from XPC03433
  1048. XPC03443: Claims to be an anniversary release; file is password protected
  1049. XPC03444: Replaces XPC03431 with fixed waist
  1050. XPC03445: Bondage wear set 2.0; replaces XPC03359
  1051. XPC03446: School uniform from the 4-koma comic, "Star Mine"
  1052. XPC03447: Cosplay set for Silvia Nimrod from Melty Lancer; replaces XPC03440
  1053. XPC03448: Single car carrier truck; ramps up or down
  1054. ***XPC03449: Clothing from XPC03441 with clipping corrected
  1055. XPC03450: Background: Outdoor sports arena; also has Roman colliseum version; also comes with gladiator/peasant girl outfit
  1056. XPC03452: Cosplay set for Shizuru Fuimura from Godannar
  1057. XPC03453: Lipstick for ver5 and Sakura bodies; works with the hybrid NJXA bodies from mod0760
  1058. XPC03455: Background: Wrestling/fighting ring
  1059. XPC03456: Update of the NJXAv2 outfit from XPC03424 with more colours
  1060. XPC03457: Slave girl outift worn by Princess Leia in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi; also has the halberd used during rescue/escape
  1061. XPC03458: Bondage wear set 2.5; updates XPC03445
  1062. XPC03459: Color variations of the arm binder and size variations of the breast vise from XPC03300
  1063. XPC03460: Rui from Dream C Club; has texture error around nose
  1064. XPC03461: Cosplay set for Lisa Sakakino from eX-Driver
  1065. XPC03462: Yuuko Koudzuki from Muv-Luv Altered Fable
  1066. XPC03463: Meiya Mitsurugi and Yuuhi Mitsurugi from Muv-Luv Altered Fable; replaces XPC03396
  1067. XPC03464: Background: The cursed springs/training grounds at Jusenkyo from Ranma 1/2
  1068. XPC03466: Radio Flyer red wagon; with and without wooden sideboards
  1069. XPC03467: Original character in a Dream C Club outfit
  1070. XPC03468: Women's outfits for NERGAL from Space Successor Nadesico
  1071. XPC03469: Update of the NJXAv2 body with more skintones/tanlines; also has breasted version
  1072. XPC03470: Reika from Dream C Club
  1073. XPC03471: Glossy bondage wear 1.0; based on XPC03458
  1074. XPC03472: Item set 6.5; update of XPC03349
  1075. XPC03473: Riho from Dream C Club
  1076. XPC03474: Vietnamese-style dress + legging outfit
  1077. XPC03476: Background: Japanese mansion reception area
  1078. ***XPC03478: Lipstick and eyelashes for NJXA and NJXAv2 bodies; also has an outfit for NJXA bodies, normal and breasted versions
  1079. XPC03479: One-piece swimsuits in many plaids and patterns for flat-chested bodies
  1080. XPC03480: Hair set for Kana@Tsuko, a kana-learning web app
  1081. XPC03481: Adds colours to the bondage wear set in XPC03458
  1082. XPC03482: Bondage wear set 2.5 compatible with several body types such as boy, N400 and muscle girl
  1083. XPC03483: One-piece swimsuits in many plaids and patterns for flat-chested bodies; replaces XPC03479
  1084. XPC03484: Remote control for a RC helicopter
  1085. XPC03485: Handheld black and white LCD Tetris game
  1086. XPC03486: Background: Launching tube for space fighters
  1087. XPC03487: VF-1 Valkyrie from Macross; reupload of TA3CH0567
  1088. XPC03488: Another reupload of a Valkyrie from Macross
  1089. XPC03489: Extremely dark skin tone for default body
  1090. XPC03490: 8GB "MemoryChipDUAL" (based on SONY's Memory Stick PRO Duo)
  1091. XPC03491: 3 styles of short "twintail" backhair; Reupload of 3DCH0752
  1092. XPC03492: "Chotto Pururin C-Cup" high poly body; has four eye and nose shapes; comes with striped underwear set
  1093. XPC03493: Miku Hatsune costume for the Chotto Pururin body; also has short Miku twintail back hair in base 19 colours
  1094. XPC03495: Bondage mask set 2.0; update of XPC03145
  1095. XPC03496: Background: 2 decks on a luxury cruiseliner
  1096. XPC03497: Slightly modified NJXA bodies; comes with eyelashes, fingernails, toenails, tails, and collars, wristcuffs and anklecuffs with and without chains. Also includes a face from the Cusjiru bodies.
  1097. XPC03499: The "Tower of Sun" statue from the Osaka 1970 expo; small and large sizes; has laserbeams for eyes
  1098. XPC03500: Background: Wrestling mat in school, dojo and cage match settings; comes with a white rabbit wrestling mask
  1099. XPC03501: Sheer pantyhose for NJXA bodies in several colours; in normal and sheer-to-waist styles
  1100. XPC03502: Yellow arrow item, like the one that floats over the model's head in pose mode
  1101. XPC03503: Mio from Dream C Club
  1102. XPC03504: Honda TN360 Vamos in 2 colours and configurations; comes with pose file for driver
  1103. XPC03505: Floating kanji item "katsu"; used as a shouted scolding
  1104. XPC03506: Bodies with detailed internal vagina and uterus (update of XPC03329?)
  1105. ***XPC03507: Flandre Scarlet from Touhou
  1106. XPC03509: Blue and white striped panties; has a semen-stained version; also has panties wrapped around futa penis
  1107. XPC03510: Background: Large (church?) hall with black and white marble floor
  1108. XPC03511: Four different "floating" blush marks
  1109. XPC03512: Heavy save of the girl's uniform from To Heart2, on a n256mod body with cat ears
  1110. XPC03513: "NMT Hair set 5"; a front hair with a part at the side
  1111. XPC03514: Lightsabres from the original Star Wars movies; also has heavy saves of the blinder helmet and training orb used in the original movie
  1112. XPC03515: Claims to be Azusa's Fender Mustang from K-On!; file is password protected
  1113. XPC03516: Stanchions and velvet rope arranged in a square or rectangle
  1114. XPC03517: Elf ears for the NJXA + Sakura body (mod0807)
  1115. XPC03518: Adds a gravure motion; needs other gravure mods installed
  1116. XPC03519: Adds a gravure motion; needs other gravure mods installed
  1117. XPC03520: Adds a gravure motion; needs other gravure mods installed
  1118. XPC03521: Adds a gravure motion; needs other gravure mods installed
  1119. XPC03522: MG2 Body; skin texture is splotchy when viewed close up
  1120. XPC03527: TDCG Transverser 1.01; allows scrollwheel tilt or side buttons to scroll palette items horizontally; put files in smae folder as TDCG and exectute ObsTR.exe; it launches TDCG for you
  1121. XPC03529: TDCG Launcher 1.02; replaces XPC02640
  1122. XPC03530: TSOClvrMk 1.01; claims to allow easy altering of colours within tso files; replaces XPC03418
  1123. XPC03531: Miniskirt with sheer lace outer layer in 2 styles and several colours
  1124. XPC03532: Background: Urban building rooftop
  1125. XPC03533: Skimpy string bikinis in many colours and patterns; has pushed-aside versions
  1126. XPC03534: Complicated gravure motion that requires entering and exiting pose mode (semen oozing from vagina? semen shooting into uterus?)
  1127. ***XPC03535: Collection of almost all Pretty Cure 3DCG models released to date; source files with MakeTAH; also has assembled saves
  1128. XPC03536: Another complicated gravure motion; comes with pose files
  1129. XPC03538: Behoimi from Pani Poni Dash!; both forms; also has heavy saves
  1130. XPC03539: TDCG-IU Utils Alpha - adds a drag-and-drop interface to PNGpose and TSOdeform
  1131. XPC03541: Adds a gravure motion (wind blowing skirt up?)
  1132. XPC03542: Male mod: changes male to disembodied hand and upper arm with two fingers extended in place of penis; male or female hands; also has several sets of male hands as objects which grip girl in various places
  1133. XPC03543: Adds a gravure motion of girl flying toward camera in a fighting charge
  1134. XPC03544: Heavy saves of Kamen Rider; 2 different colour variations
  1135. XPC03545: Hsien-ko/Lei-Lei/Rei Rei from Darkstalkers
  1136. XPC03547: Complicated gravure motion for tentacle rape; comes with pose files
  1137. XPC03548: Gravure motions of girl pulling skirt up
  1138. XPC03550: Heavy save of a TIE fighter shooting at a X-Wing fighter over a scrolling background; author claims future versions will allow customization options
  1139. XPC03551: XPNGProportion 0.4.1; replaces XPC03386
  1140. XPC03552: NJXAv2 body with more skintones/tanlines; replaces XPC03469
  1141. XPC03553: Background: Dungeon/torture chamber with cells, chains, stocks, pillories, tables, horses; come with pose files for each location
  1142. XPC03555: Extra front and back hairs; messy bangs and ponytails
  1143. XPC03556: Another complicated gravure motion; comes with pose files; looks similar to XPC03536
  1144. XPC03557: names.txt for base_xp ver 0.0.6
  1145. XPC03558: Heavy save of two bamboo mats; requires model to be kneeling on first mat so that second mat is wrapped around shoulders
  1146. XPC03559: Claims to be "Mikue Hatzombie"; file is password protected
  1147. XPC03560: Cosplay set for doujin game "Lethal Crisis"; comes with soft saves
  1148. XPC03561: X-wing fighter from XPC03550; several customization options; has heavy saves of backgrounds and Bespin Cloud City
  1149. XPC03562: Heavy save of a TIE fighter from Star Wars
  1150. XPC03563: A few different front and back hairs; comes with ties and ribbons
  1151. XPC03566: Fix of the fetish lingerie/swimwear for breasted NJXA bodies
  1152. XPC03568: Breasted NJXAv2 body with slightly yellower, more reflective skin tone
  1153. XPC03569: Hi-poly pregnant body; has a couple of small graphical glitches
  1154. XPC03570: Heavy save of background meant to resemble Death Star trench from Star Wars
  1155. XPC03571: Item set 6.5; update of XPC03472
  1156. XPC03572: Cosplay set for Sanae Kochiya from Touhou for NJXAv2 body; also has heavy save
  1157. XPC03573: Claims to be "TDCG Tools GUI"; file is password protected
  1158. XPC03574: Skin-tight dragon girl outfit in 6 colours; has a few horn choices
  1159. XPC03575: Sound files to change the startup sound for XPr5; silence or the PC98 startup sound
  1160. XPC03576: Heavy saves of hat for Suwako Moriya from Touhou with a few different eye positions
  1161. XPC03577: Background: Stage with 8-meter Chinese lion used by Sachiko Kobayashi at the 62nd NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen
  1162. XPC03578: Korejanai Robo, a.k.a "Not This Robot"; has small version as well as large head for model
  1163. XPC03579: Skin-tight dragon girl outfit in 6 colours; has a few horn choices; update of XPC03574
  1164. XPC03581: Modification of base body with slightly different eyes
  1165. XPC03582: Changes the icons in game and adds some overlays; in Japanese; meant for use with XPr5 with USB onacon
  1166. XPC03583: Identical content to XPC03582, but in unassembled format
  1167. XPC03585: Heavy save of a stylized golden oriental dragon
  1168. XPC03586: A few hair styles
  1169. XPC03587: Heavy save of a gloden 3-headed dragon monster; 3 heads from XPC03585 mounted on the body of King Joe from XPC03379
  1170. XPC03588: PNGPose ver 0.0.5 rc1
  1171. XPC03589: Girly-looking pink and black sneakers with hearts
  1172. XPC03590: Candles and wax set; lit and unlit, inserted and free; also has wax spatters for body
  1173. XPC03591: Classic "roadster" car in silver or gold
  1174. XPC03592: Red turtleneck tank top
  1175. ***XPC03593: Girly-looking sneakers with hearts; 3 colour options; 3 sizes to fit different models; replaces XPC03589
  1176. XPC03594: "Techingles" potato chip cans; parody of Pringles; can load from several slots
  1177. XPC03595: Modifications of some older clothing sets; checkered skirts, swimwear, sweater tops; some may fit NJXA bodies
  1178. XPC03596: "Crazy Gon" the car stealing giant robot from Ultraseven
  1179. XPC03597: Open CD case and conical Asian hat
  1180. XPC03598: TsoTbnMaker ver.0.2 "When you load a file icon or TSO, is a tool that automatically creates a corresponding tbn"
  1181. XPC03599: Dog tail in a few colours; also has buttplug version
  1182. XPC03600: Adds NJXAv2 versions (including breasted) to the one-piece swimsuits in mod0685
  1183. XPC03602: Bunnygirl-style leotard for N-400 bodies in pink or black
  1184. XPC03603: Text file containing hash collisions of hair mods; identical content to mod0865
  1185. XPC03604: Cosplay set of Rain Mikamura's fighting suit from Mobile Fighter G Gundam; includes heavy saves of the mobile trace system platforms
  1186. ***XPC03605: NJXAv2 body with more skintones/tanlines; replaces XPC03552; now includes breasted versions
  1187. XPC03606: Six-sided gambling die/dice for left or right hand
  1188. XPC03608: Background: Large classroom with art supplies; also has easels, canvases, brushes, palettes, tables and stools
  1189. XPC03610: Blue-black tentacles that extend from offscreen and touch the vagina and/or breasts; loads from tail slot
  1190. XPC03611: Cosplay set for Kyouko Kasodani, Yoshika Miyako and Mamizou Futatsuiwa from the Touhou game "Ten Desires"
  1191. ***XPC03612: Pushed-up gym shirts and pushed-up sailor blouses in black and white in 3 sleeve lengths
  1192. XPC03613: Midriff-exposing sailor tops with open long-sleeved jackets and sleeveless blouses; many colours
  1193. XPC03614: Yellowish semen spray and spatter
  1194. XPC03615: "The Decimal Test"; apparently for determining what symbol your system uses for the decimal point
  1195. XPC03616: White ring with the words "How Deep Is Your Love" on the outside and "From Stanly" on the inside; words could be changed by editing texture files
  1196. XPC03617: Swirly, "vacant" eyes for NJXA bodies; replaces XPC03437
  1197. XPC03618: Back hairs with many small braids/cornrows; comes with beads in many colours/patterns
  1198. XPC03619: Latest (2012/01/29) version of HAIR_KIT for TAHHair ver3
  1199. XPC03620: Update of the tentacles from XPC03610
  1200. XPC03621: Cosplay set for the RVR-14 Fei-yen Kn from Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram; both normal and tiger form
  1201. XPC03623: 2012/01/31 version of HAIR_KIT for TAHHair ver3.1
  1202. XPC03624: French-cut leotard with Japanese flag pattern; also has sharpened green bamboo pole/spear
  1203. XPC03625: Update of the tentacles from XPC03620
  1204. XPC03626: NRxx eye; has single right eye version to allow for heterochromia; also has some eyebrows
  1205. XPC03627: Pink catgirl with animal features
  1206. XPC03628: Cosplay set for "gray" aliens
  1207. XPC03629: Cosplay set for Sumika Kagami from MuvLuv, as she appears in Drill Milky Punch
  1208. XPC03630: Background: Pink area with 3 large red hearts on all 4 walls, floor and ceiling
  1209. XPC03632: Cosplay set for the Esquire/knight outfit from Koikishi Purely Kiss; also has heavy save
  1210. XPC03633: Collection of several eyebrows from other files
  1211. XPC03636: Large princess curl/drill curl hairstyle
  1212. XPC03637: Glock 26 9mm handgun for either hand
  1213. XPC03638: Magpul FPG (folding pistol gun) airgun for either hand; also has folded versions
  1214. XPC03639: Bondage wooden yoke/pillory for head and hands; comes with pose file
  1215. XPC03640: Cosplay set for the RVR-14 Fei-yen Kn from Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram; replaces XPC03621; now has pink bunnygirl and Miku Hatsune versions
  1216. XPC03641: Cosplay set for Falna from Guren no Shugo Tenshi Falna ~Injuu no Kokuin~
  1217. XPC03643: Heart-shaped box and Valentine's chocolates
  1218. XPC03645: Black shorts/bike shorts which clip less on some bodies than default shorts; has unzipped version; also has socks in 3 colours
  1219. XPC03649: Road signs: Red circle, inverted red triangle and yellow diamond
  1220. XPC03650: Cosplay set for Hildegard from Beelzebub; has umbrella in closed, open and sword configurations
  1221. XPC03651: Haruhi Suzumiya's megaphone and armband
  1222. XPC03652: Background: Pink area with 3 large red hearts on all 4 walls, floor and ceiling; replaces XPC03630
  1223. XPC03653: Fetish swimwear designed to expose the nipples from XPC03298
  1224. XPC03654: S&M/torture device for hanging girl up by her arms; comes with pose file
  1225. ***XPC03655: Some hairstyles; mostly long hair and long braids
  1226. XPC03657: Semi-transparent version of the NJXA Rabi-en-Rose dress from XPC03662
  1227. XPC03658: Colorful dresses with ruffles; resembles idol singer outfits
  1228. XPC03659: NMx4~5 series eyes; large oval iris in several styles
  1229. XPC03660: Heavy saves for recreating the opening sequence from Star Wars episode 4; includes Imperial Star Destroyer, Rebel Blockade Runner, Tatooine and its moon, corridors and space shots
  1230. XPC03662: Cosplay set for Rabi-en-Rose from Digi Charat for breasted NJXA in pink or red; also has pulled-down version of blouse; identical content to mod0899
  1231. XPC03665: Update/fix for the swimwear skirts in XPC03995
  1232. ***XPC03666: Longline bras and high-cut panties in several colours
  1233. XPC03667: 3 different styles of bus stop signs
  1234. XPC03668: Adds icons to XPC03568; unnecessary if you have XPC03605
  1235. XPC03670: Green plastic butter knife
  1236. XPC03671: Light blue plastic disposable razor
  1237. XPC03672: Sig Sauer P228 pistol; also has holsters; modification of TAC2341
  1238. ***XPC03673: Glasses/spectacles set; replaces XPC01409
  1239. XPC03674: Cosplay set for Saber EX (red outfit/sword) from Fate/Stay Night; has short and long versions of skirt
  1240. XPC03676: Cosplay set for the female warrior from Disgaea in several colours; based on tim1849
  1241. XPC03677: Cosplay set for Shiny Luminous from Pretty Cure Max Heart
  1242. XPC03678: Heavy saves of an effect from Matrix Evolution; file is password protected
  1243. XPC03679: Graphig (boxy paper doll); comes with images to make your own; more content than mod0909
  1244. XPC03680: Picture frames in 4 different sizes; white or beige
  1245. XPC03681: Astral Riser rifle from Phantasy Star Portable 2; update of mod0910
  1246. XPC03682: Katana in and out of sheath
  1247. XPC03683: NMx4~5 series eyes; adds to XPC03659
  1248. XPC03684: TsoTbnMaker v0.3; update of XPC03598
  1249. ***XPC03685: Racequeen Miku set; includes a nice pose for her
  1250. XPC03686: Penis-headed tentacles in 4 colours; several configurations for wrapping around model
  1251. XPC03687: Picture frames in 4 different sizes; white or beige; replaces XPC03680
  1252. XPC03688: Nurses uniforms in a few colours including a transparent white; has open versions; also has 2 styles of nametags
  1253. XPC03689: Traditional caramel festival candy (caramelo); includes copper ladle used for baking
  1254. XPC03690: Heavy save of Luke's landspeeder from Star Wars
  1255. XPC03693: TsoTbnMaker v0.3; update of XPC03684
  1256. XPC03694: Semi-transparent umbrella in a few colours; open and closed versions
  1257. XPC03695: Plastic stools in a few colours; have hollowed spaces for easy access to vagina; meant for H-scenes
  1258. XPC03697: Heavy save of outfit for Polno/Porno Dianno from Bastard!
  1259. XPC03698: Korejanai Robo, a.k.a "Not This Robot"; replaces XPC03578
  1260. ***XPC03700: Panties from mod0753 (Alisa from God Hunter) rendered in many colours; replaces XPC03436
  1261. XPC03701: Microskirts, some low rise; also has skimpy Santa suits and snowflake earrings
  1262. XPC03702: Beach umbrella in 8 colours/designs; comes with template texture file
  1263. XPC03703: Race queen umbrellas/parasols in 6 designs
  1264. XPC03704: Korean hanbok dress in pink; designed for NJXA, may work with other bodies; also has heavy save
  1265. XPC03705: Mqo2TsoGUI; needs Mqo2Tso from XPC01361; "Mainly to easily create colour variations"
  1266. XPC03706: Maid outfit with dog ears and tails; has heavy saves of whips and collars
  1267. XPC03707: Cosplay set for Lily from Mahou Senshi Symphonic Knights; both outfits; identical content to mod0943
  1268. XPC03708: Beer set ver2: Bottles, cans, mugs and glasses
  1269. XPC03712: Cosplay set for Yuzuki Yukari from Vocaloid3
  1270. XPC03713: Reupload of toonshader2 2011-08-06 version; identical content to mod0950
  1271. XPC03714: Bikini armour based on Lenneth from Valkyrie Profile; comes with 2 poses
  1272. XPC03715: Background: Small courtroom
  1273. XPC03716: TSOWeight ver 0.0.8
  1274. XPC03717: 8 front hairs and 3 back hairs
  1275. XPC03718: Heavy saves of some of the outfits from the Strike Witches movie
  1276. XPC03719: Chukaman / nikuman / pork buns
  1277. XPC03720: Text file containing descriptions in Japanese of all the .ogg sound files
  1278. XPC03721: Sidewalk ramen/oden cart; better textures and modeling than XPC02408
  1279. XPC03722: Colorful beach blanket; comes with texture file
  1280. XPC03723: School blouses designed for Cusjiru bodies
  1281. XPC03724: TSOView ver 0.3.7
  1282. XPC03725: TSOWeight ver 0.0.9
  1283. XPC03726: Tso2Pmx ver 0.3.3
  1284. XPC03727: Collection of images displaying all the recognized hair colours on the default model
  1285. XPC03728: Chukaman / nikuman / pork buns; replaces XPC03719
  1286. ***XPC03729: Large collection of gag and old-style manga art eyes; also has some gag glasses
  1287. XPC03730: "Line" nose in a few colours; can load from different slots
  1288. ***XPC03731: Toonshader2; 2012-04-07 ver.
  1289. XPC03732: Cosplay set for Mighty Byne Girl from Cosmic Break
  1290. XPC03733: Bikini armour based on Lenneth from Valkyrie Profile; replaces XPC03714
  1291. XPC03734: Loli body based on the N400 body, but with standard head attached; a few different eye shapes, tanlines, nipples and pregnant versions; also has a white slip with pregnant and pushed-up versions (part 1)
  1292. XPC03736: Part 2 of XPC03734
  1293. XPC03737: Eyes for NJXA2; password is "custom"
  1294. XPC03738: Eyes based on Misaka Mikoto from Index/Railgun
  1295. XPC03740: Replaces XPC03723; now has skirts and pushed-up blouses; should also fit breasted NJXA1 and 2 bodies
  1296. XPC03741: In-table grill with a few food items
  1297. XPC03743: Skimpy togas/wraps in a few colours and transparencies for N400 bodies
  1298. XPC03744: Toonshader2; release candidate (2012-04-17)
  1299. XPC03745: Condoms tied to bikini strings; designed for XPC03533
  1300. XPC03746: Replaces 2 of the ero motions; needs XPr5
  1301. XPC03747: Item set 6.7; update of XPC03571
  1302. XPC03749: Octopus; press F12 in pose mode to correct proportions
  1303. XPC03750: Heavy save of a Doraemon cosplay set (with ears); password is "custom"
  1304. XPC03751: TSOMaterial ver 0.0.1; claims to allow easy texture replacement and shader settings in .tso files
  1305. XPC03753: 9 short gravure motions; running, cat pawing, licking, akanbe, crying, and more
  1306. XPC03754: 8 hair sets from different modfile sources in base brown; has ribbons for ponytail; also has heavy saves of bike shorts with rips showing shimapan
  1307. XPC03755: Heavy saves of cosplay outfits for Lynette and Wilma Bishop from Strike Witches; does not include bodies, ears or tails
  1308. XPC03756: NJXA2 "Sexy"; breasted version of NJXA2 with and without puffy nipples; comes with slingshot monokini in several colours
  1309. XPC03757: TSODeform2 ver 0.0.1; drag and drop a heavy save and a pose file and it outputs .tso files
  1310. XPC03758: Ring with engraving in a few colours; replaces XPC03616
  1311. XPC03759: Toonshader2; release candidate 2 (2012-04-28)
  1312. XPC03760: Snake hanging around neck; also has posable snake for wrapping around body; also has an iPhone item
  1313. XPC03761: Fixes part of the snake from XPC03760
  1314. XPC03762: Update of XPC00285; adds more blushes
  1315. XPC03764: Update of a Flandre Scarlet model that uses new shaders; also has updated imps and torture table
  1316. XPC03765: Background: Circus tent interior; also has a few objects and outfits for a kuroko and a pierrot
  1317. XPC03767: Dress and belt for Morrighan from Mabinogi/Vindictus; has dress in white and black; also transparent skirt and open top versions
  1318. XPC03769: Toonshader2; 2012-05-05 ver.
  1319. XPC03770: Cosplay set for Nyaruko from Haiyore! Nyaruko-san
  1320. XPC03771: Cosplay set for Hasaha from Summon Night; body has flat, normal and huge breasted and pregnant versions
  1321. XPC03772: Engraved ring set 3, now with more colours; update of XPC03758
  1322. XPC03776: Engraved ring set 2a; replaces XPC03758
  1323. XPC03777: Toonshader2; release candidate 2 (2012-05-09)
  1324. XPC03778: Concert ticket-like item; says "Nipple Ticket"
  1325. XPC03779: Heavy save of Viras from "Gamera Versus Viras" ("Destroy All Planets"); identical content to mod1028
  1326. XPC03780: Flimsy, scarf-like tops and wraps; has versions for normal and for N400 bodies
  1327. XPC03781: Cosplay set for Shermie from King of Fighters
  1328. XPC03782: Reupload of XPC03273: 3 different bodies with wide open vaginas; also has over a dozen sex/bondage/rape poses
  1329. XPC03783: Cosplay sets for several Muv-Luv characters; may be a collection of earlier sets
  1330. XPC03784: Heavy save of Anpanman
  1331. XPC03786: Replacement icons for TAHHair that have the colour numbers on them
  1332. ***XPC03788: Toonshader2; 2012-05-17 ver.
  1333. XPC03789: Noble eyebrows; watermelon seed-shaped eyebrows over the top of the eye; only in black
  1334. XPC03790: Large Daruma that covers torso
  1335. XPC03791: Background: Launch elevator/platform; similar to the one in Macross
  1336. XPC03792: Update of a Flandre Scarlet model that uses new shaders; also has other updated items; replaces XPC03764
  1337. XPC03793: Wet/transparent slip for 3 loli body types; also has version for standard body
  1338. XPC03794: Cosplay set for Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier; comes with pose file
  1339. XPC03796: Slightly collapsed/inverted nipples with large areola; requires/adds to XPC03298
  1340. XPC03797: Heavy saves of cosplay for Minnie Mouse, Dokinchan from Anpanman and Dorami from Doraemon
  1341. XPC03798: Heavy save of Robot Detective Keiji in detective clothing
  1342. XPC03799: Heavy saves of Robot Detective Keiji in fighting/robot outfit
  1343. XPC03800: 5 different types of brooms
  1344. XPC03801: Background: Empty warehouse; also has warehouse worker's uniform
  1345. XPC03802: Heavy saves of the Rangers from GoRanger
  1346. XPC03803: Beer set ver3: Bottles, cans, mugs and glasses; replaces XPC03708
  1347. XPC03805: Male mod: realistic (but very red) penis texture for transparent male
  1348. XPC03806: Jan Ken Pon sticks; also has a heavy save of Big One from the sentai show J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai
  1349. XPC03807: Modern-styled toilets in several metallic colours; also has colour matched bathroom areas as items
  1350. XPC03809: Heavy saves of things from a few shows; welder's mask, Anpanman mask, 2 tokusatsu suits, others
  1351. XPC03810: Cosplay set for the second dragon sorceress class from Trickster Online
  1352. XPC03811: Skimpy string bathing suits for NJXA Sexy version (XPC03756); many colours; also has transparent versions
  1353. XPC03813: Modifications of Kasuko's suit in a few colours; also: cryogenic/stasis bed and vertical tube; also: red school uniform
  1354. XPC03814: Fishbowl containing a goldfish; also has fish food; also has heavy saves
  1355. XPC03815: School uniforms for Highschool of the Dead; includes Saeko's skirt, elbow pads and boots/shinguards
  1356. XPC03816: Small vise clamps for nipples; breasted and flat-chested versions
  1357. XPC03819: Update to boys middle school uniform in XPC03255 and XPC03257; adds 3 lengths of shorts
  1358. XPC03820: Heavy saves of Darth Vader, an Imperial Soldier and Vader's rejuvenation pod with helmet remover; includes pose files
  1359. XPC03821: Crab fork item
  1360. XPC03822: Small-breasted body; has panties, thighhigh socks, plaid dress, cat-ear headphones and shark-shaped parka all in several colours
  1361. XPC03825: Mikoto Urabe's scissors from Mysterious Girlfriend X; several locations/positions; also has pose file for raised skirt
  1362. XPC03826: Transparent gloves, hose and blouse in several colours; also has collars, wrist and ankle belts, dogtags, nipple and clitoris rings
  1363. XPC03827: Cosplay set for Olbern Lunaria from Busou Shinki
  1364. XPC03829: Body in a few skintones with many eye shapes
  1365. XPC03830: Small diesel locomotive with 3 different cars and a track piece
  1366. XPC03831: 2 styles of wooden crosses for crucifixion scenes
  1367. XPC03832: NJXAv2-AK body; improvement on XPC03430 and XPC03434
  1368. XPC03833: Neko Dango, round cat-shaped items in several colours; has several cartoon faces; password is "custom"
  1369. XPC03834: Gondolas from Aria; all 3 company colours
  1370. XPC03835: Heavy save of Ultraman 7; has tah file containing beam effects; also has poses
  1371. XPC03836: Kneesocks in 2 patterns and several colours
  1372. XPC03837: Small purse in a few colours
  1373. XPC03838: String bikini in several colours with lipstick kiss mark
  1374. XPC03839: Heavy save of Baikinman from Anpanman
  1375. XPC03840: Heavy saves of the UG uniform from Ultraseven
  1376. XPC03841: School uniforms from 2 old H-games; one is Mashou no Kao
  1377. XPC03842: NBRx high-poly bodies v1.02; replaces XPC03406
  1378. XPC03843: NBR eyes v2; replaces XPC03337
  1379. XPC03844: Kamen Rider X transformation pieces: belt, helmet in 2 sections, etc.
  1380. XPC03845: Item set 6.7; update of XPC03747
  1381. XPC03846: LiLu's bandage outfit from The Fifth Element
  1382. XPC03847: Background: Outside of City Hall-like building with wide stairs
  1383. XPC03848: Seburo M5 handgun as used by Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell
  1384. XPC03849: Update of the Sakurambo D body to work with new shaders; replaces mod0590, mod0594 and parts of mod0607; also has prop hands and tentacles as items
  1385. XPC03850: Large, green balls/pods/eggs with slick, veined appearance; includes room and body with same texture
  1386. XPC03851: S&M/bondage items; structure for hanging by arms; table with holes; floor device for forcing into doggie position with head up
  1387. XPC03852: Teto Kasane's headphones
  1388. XPC03853: NBRx body with eyebrow
  1389. XPC03854: CS file for the TSOView utilities; apparently for scaling hips accurately on NJXA bodies
  1390. XPC03855: Gondolas from Aria; replaces XPC03834; also has uniform in heavy save
  1391. XPC03856: Cosplay set for a few Touhou characters including Letty, Wriggle and Yamame; also has parts for others including Chen and Shizuha
  1392. XPC03857: Fork, spoon and table knife
  1393. XPC03859: Background: Bar/pub interior; also has room, stool and table as individual items
  1394. XPC03860: Seburo M5 handgun as used by Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell; replaces XPC03848
  1395. XPC03861: The Ultra Gun from Ultraseven; also has pack of cigarettes and a pose file for the gun
  1396. XPC03862: Various items: Low round table, large metal basin, boomerang, oni mask, baton and 2001-style monolith
  1397. XPC03863: Etopen, the stuffed penguin from Saki
  1398. XPC03865: Straw broom and push broom; both have katana swords in their handles
  1399. XPC03866: Heavy save of cosplay for Winnie the Pooh
  1400. XPC03867: One-piece swimsuits for NJXA Sexy; 25 colours, each with a transparent version
  1401. XPC03868: Traditional outdoor stages for Noh theater; includes some costume and prop items
  1402. XPC03869: Item set 6.9; update of XPC03845
  1403. XPC03871: Several new hairstyles; also has ribbons
  1404. XPC03872: Background: Bar/pub interior; also has room, stool and table as individual items; replaces XPC03859
  1405. XPC03873: S&M/bondage items; replaces XPC03851; adds a chain item
  1406. XPC03875: Heavy saves of priest outfit from Ragnarok Online in 4 colours; update of TAC2348
  1407. XPC03876: Inflatable doll body in 3 colours; cheap and comical looking
  1408. XPC03877: Diving set for breasted NJXAv2; fins, beach shoes, masks, snorkels and wet suits in several colours; wetsuits come in full, legless and sleeveless versions and also have open versions
  1409. XPC03879: UN Forces uniform from Muv-Luv Alternative
  1410. XPC03880: Set of dumbbells/barbells
  1411. XPC03881: The taiyaki from TA3CH0347, modified to load from hand slot rather than eyebrow slot
  1412. XPC03882: Variation of the NJXA-AK body (arms behind back) with no head; also has breasted version
  1413. XPC03883: Cosplay set for Cooking Idol Ai! Mai! Main!
  1414. XPC03884: Lacy bustiers, panties, garterbelts and stockings in several colours
  1415. XPC03885: Another variant of the headless NJXA-AK from XPC03882
  1416. XPC03886: Geta with the thongs in a few colours
  1417. XPC03887: Gondolas from Aria; all 3 company colours as well as undecorated practice gondola; replaces XPC03834
  1418. XPC03888: Set of winning mahjong hands using the Cthulu mahjong tiles
  1419. XPC03889: Music files with some truly horrible singing (the instrumental file is nice)
  1420. XPC03890: Update of the Sakurambo D body to work with new shaders; replaces XPC03849; also has prop hands and tentacles as items
  1421. XPC03891: Heavy saves containing backgrounds: solid black with grid; solid white with grid; blurry newsprint
  1422. XPC03892: NBKx B-Cup body ver1; comes with spread vaginal opening versions
  1423. XPC03893: Outfit set: microdress, school swimsuit, jacket, armband, leg ribbon, socks, tennis shoes; several colours
  1424. XPC03894: Gothic Lolita outfit in a few colours and patterns; reupload of TA3CH0190
  1425. XPC03895: NBRx eyes type II; adds to XPC03843
  1426. XPC03896: Item set 7.0; update of XPC03869
  1427. XPC03897: Background that resembles Bomberman's maze; also has pink Bomberman cosplay outfit; also has some bomb and block items
  1428. XPC03899: NBRx eyes v2.01; replaces XPC03843
  1429. XPC03900: Tank tops in 11 solid colours and 5 camouflage colours
  1430. XPC03901: Long-billed ball cap in black, white and pink; says "Custom"
  1431. XPC03902: Cosplay set for Zilvern Amethyst from Busou Shinki
  1432. XPC03903: 4 different sets of bikini armour
  1433. XPC03905: Crime-prevention buzzer/personal alarm device in pink or blue
  1434. XPC03906: Unknown - Download key is incorrect
  1435. XPC03907: Flat-chested shirts, white or black with coloured ruffle fringe
  1436. XPC03908: Chukaman / nikuman / pork buns; replaces XPC03728
  1437. XPC03909: T-Shirt for flat chests in yellow, pink or blue; says "TechArts3D"
  1438. XPC03910: Heavy save of a countryside railroad platform
  1439. XPC03911: Seburo M5 handgun and C26a assault rifle from Ghost in the Shell; replaces XPC03860
  1440. XPC03912: Male mod: realistic (but very red) penis texture for transparent male; replaces XPC03805
  1441. XPC03913: NX32 loli body
  1442. XPC03914: Sleeveless shirt for flat chests in 4 patterns
  1443. XPC03915: Adds 2 colours to the cap in XPC03901
  1444. XPC03916: Fixes one of the bikini armour sets in XPC03903
  1445. XPC03917: GN Drive from Gundam; also has thrust particle effects
  1446. XPC03918: NJXAbo93 body v1; 3 breast sizes and clothes to fit; 4 different heads which are separate from body (load from hair border slot)
  1447. XPC03919: Unknown - Download key is incorrect
  1448. XPC03920: Boxing set; includes gear in 4 colours, ring background, bell and hammer, title belt, exercise equipment, a few other accessories
  1449. XPC03922: Cockpit seat, spacesuit and giant robot head; possibly based (loosely) on Shin Mazinger Z
  1450. XPC03923: Duplicate upload of XPC03922
  1451. XPC03924: GN Drive from Gundam in 4 colours
  1452. XPC03925: Cat ear set that flutters in time with eyelids
  1453. XPC03926: Update for the NMT hair set
  1454. XPC03927: Unknown - Download key is incorrect
  1455. XPC03928: Fuzzy tails for NJXA; several colours
  1456. XPC03929: Eye set in many colours; replaces XPC02291; now fits more body types
  1457. XPC03930: Glue, glue stick, pencil, marker, brush and eraser; reupload of XPC01550
  1458. XPC03931: Cosplay for 2 characters from Live-A-Live; also has T-shirt with Live-A-Live logo
  1459. XPC03932: Zip-up diving top with pink, cyan or black sleeves; also brown twintails hair with diving cap in navy, pink or white
  1460. XPC03933: Background: Small walled town
  1461. XPC03934: Tank tops in several colours and patterns; replaces XPC03900
  1462. XPC03935: Animated tears for NBRx bodies; based on XPC03274
  1463. XPC03937: Plain thighhigh socks for NJXA in several colours
  1464. XPC03938: Scalp hair for NBRx bodies
  1465. XPC03939: Gondolas from Aria; replaces XPC03887
  1466. XPC03940: Summer uniforms from Aria, all companies
  1467. XPC03941: Twintail hairstyle
  1468. XPC03942: Anal beads in a few colours, shapes and lengths
  1469. XPC03944: Boxing set; replaces XPC03920
  1470. XPC03949: Racequeen Miku set for NJXA2; based on XPC03685
  1471. XPC03950: Hi-poly pregnant body; replaces XPC03569
  1472. XPC03951: Pair of futuristic-looking guns in different configurations
  1473. XPC03952: Heavy saves of the second dragon class from Trickster Online
  1474. XPC03954: Brown school/book bag; carried or worn on back; also has school uniform in heavy save
  1475. XPC03955: Cosplay set for Baseball Mask from Goranger
  1476. XPC03956: Loli body with openings showing robotic parts
  1477. XPC03958: Heavy saves of torso-only mannequins
  1478. XPC03959: Loli body based on a member of the "We Can" girls; nice vaginal detailing; also has pubic hair in 2 colours and 3 thicknesses
  1479. XPC03962: Cosplay set for Nadia from Nadia and the Secret of the Blue Water
  1480. XPC03963: Spaghetti-strap tops in a few colours for loli and flat-chested bodies
  1481. XPC03964: Heavy saves of sleeveless dress in black or white for MK3 imouto body; also has open versions
  1482. XPC03965: Cosplay set for Magical Girl Pretty Sammy
  1483. XPC03966: Cosplay set for Baseball Mask from Goranger; adds more parts to XPC03955
  1484. XPC03968: TIE Fighters from Star Wars; includes heavy saves
  1485. XPC03970: Bondage/fetish wear in several glossy colours; includes vibrator attachments
  1486. XPC03971: Collars, bracelets, anklets, etc. for XPC03970
  1487. XPC03972: Dominatrix/bondage queen wear for XPC03970
  1488. XPC03973: Nipple/clitoris clamp set with weights and vibrators
  1489. XPC03975: Floral Mint style outfit from Welcome to Pia Carrot 3
  1490. XPC03976: Mechanic-style work clothes: baggy pants and jacket tied around waist in a couple of colours, and a black sleeveless tank top
  1491. XPC03977: Bondage/fetish wear from XPC03970 for flat chests
  1492. XPC03978: A few nipple rings
  1493. XPC03979: Penis in 2 sizes; circumcised or uncircumcised; maps to a finger bone for posing
  1494. XPC03980: Nipple/clitoris clamp set with weights and vibrators; now has small chest version; replaces XPC03973
  1495. XPC03981: Unknown - Download key is incorrect
  1496. XPC03983: Some loli clothing: layered shirts, miniskirts with bloomers, jean shorts and cotton calf-length pants
  1497. XPC03984: Adds scalp and eyebrow categories to TAHhair
  1498. XPC03987: Fall 2012 Softbank campaign girl (booth babe) outfits
  1499. XPC03988: Cosplay set for Dr. Ciel from Megaman Zero
  1500. XPC04034: Down jacket for flat chests in a few colours; reupload of TAC2115
  1501. XPC04035: Even more colour variations for the NJXA3 default outfit
  1502. XPC04036: Mikan/oranges; single, group, peeled and individual section
  1503. XPC04037: Cosplay set for Falna from Guren no Shugo Tenshi Falna ~Injuu no Kokuin~; replaces XPC03641
  1504. XPC04038: Red sailor blouse in long - and short-sleeves; replaces part of XPC03813
  1505. XPC04039: Large, green balls/pods/eggs with slick, veined appearance; includes room and body with same texture; replaces XPC03850
  1506. XPC04040: Modifications of Kasuko's suit in a few colours; replaces part of XPC03813
  1507. XPC04041: 2 styles of wooden crosses for crucifixion scenes; replaces XPC03831
  1508. XPC04042: Cryogenic/stasis bed and vertical tube; replaces part of XPC03813
  1509. XPC04043: Inflatable doll body in 3 colours; cheap and comical looking; replaces XPC03876
  1510. XPC04044: "Brainwashing capsule"; comes with pose file
  1511. XPC04045: "Spooky" masks in a few colours
  1512. XPC04046: "CPU Girl" set; has headpieces, tail and accessories for forehead and pubic area
  1513. XPC04049: Background: Gymnasium with mat on floor for rhythmic gymnastics competition
  1514. XPC04050: Python scripts for GIMP to perform batch transparency and text input effects; adds to XPC04021
  1515. XPC04051: Cross gravestones/headstones in 2 styles; light or dark stone
  1516. XPC04052: Heavy saves of the NMMA bodies with integrated eyeliner
  1517. XPC04053: Cosplay for a few characters from Live-A-Live; adds to XPC03931
  1518. XPC04054: Update of the loli robot body from XPC03956; adds 2 different eyes, additional silver/grey body and a few panties
  1519. XPC04055: Background: Classroom set up for use as a brothel (money-raising booth for school festival?)
  1520. XPC04056: Zip-up short-sleeved bodysuit/riding suit in red, black or white; also with open versions; has matching coat and boots
  1521. XPC04057: Skimpy ninja outfits in a few colours
  1522. XPC04058: 3-wheeled truck in white, pale blue or white with rust
  1523. XPC04060: NMO4 & NMO5 bodies; also has flat-chested and open vagina versions
  1524. XPC04061: Cosplay set for the Reitsukai ("Charmers") from Yu-Gi-Oh
  1525. XPC04062: Update of the NJXA-AK body from XPC04022
  1526. XPC04063: Blue bike shorts for loli bodies; also has open crotch version
  1527. XPC04064: Crocs shoes in 8 colours
  1528. XPC04066: Remake of the default skirt to add pleats
  1529. XPC04067: NJXA3 head on a high-poly breasted body
  1530. XPC04068: TDCG Launcher v1.03 (2012-11-30)
  1531. XPC04070: Blouse/jacket for Luna Shirogane/Luna Platz from the Rockman/Megaman anime
  1532. XPC04072: HTML file with Japanese instructions on working with Metasequoia files in Blender; comes with sample files from NJXA
  1533. XPC04073: Policewoman skirt and blouse; also has slightly open version of blouse
  1534. XPC04074: NJXA3 head on a high-poly breasted body; replaces XPC04067; now includes pregnant bodies
  1535. XPC04075: Cusjiru face on loli body with detailed vagina
  1536. XPC04076: N400/N402 loli body v121205
  1537. XPC04080: Tachi and Wakazashi katana set; sheathed or drawn in several configurations; can load from back or reserve slot
  1538. XPC04081: Nuclear symbol t-shirt worn by Tosaka-senpai in The Ultimate Superman R
  1539. XPC04082: Reupload of the manga markings sets; replaces TA3CH0513 and TA3CH0548
  1540. XPC04083: Boxing set; replaces XPC03944
  1541. XPC04084: School backpack in maroon
  1542. XPC04085: Update of the "Kireime" (refined default) body
  1543. XPC04086: Naginata (Japanese halberd) for either hand; can load from back or hand reserve slot
  1544. XPC04087: Elf ear versions of the Kireime body
  1545. XPC04088: Heavy save of a S&M/bondage item based on one of the items from XPC03873
  1546. XPC04090: Camel-toed panties and striped thighhigh stockings for loli bodies in a few colours
  1547. XPC04091: Set of about 10 front and 10 back hairs
  1548. XPC04092: 'Sweet Home 3D', an efficiency apartment; loads from reserve slot
  1549. XPC04093: School backpack from XPC04084; now also in brown and teal
  1550. XPC04094: 'HAmine', a program made with GameMaker; hangs on execution even with apploc
  1551. XPC04095: 'HAmine' part2; executable is not even recognized by windows
  1552. XPC04096: Update of the loli robot body from XPC04054
  1553. XPC04097: NJXA hair colours for TAHHair
  1554. XPC04098: 'Hummingbird', a mini car/city car in a few colours
  1555. XPC04099: TDCG Launcher v1.04 (2012-12-16)
  1556. XPC04100: Rather large assortment of school uniforms: Blazers, jackets, skirts, boleros, etc. in various colours and plaids, skirt lengths and sleeve lengths
  1557. XPC04101: 5 different magical girl wands
  1558. XPC04102: XPNGPoseCopy 0.2.0, a utility that allows you to selectively save portions of an existing pose (for example, you could extract just a facial expression or hand gesture to its own pose file)
  1559. XPC04104: Asics sneakers in a few colour combinations
  1560. XPC04105: XPNGPoseCopy 0.2.1; replaces XPC04102
  1561. XPC04106: 2 Male mods; one is Reimu from Touhou
  1562. XPC04107: Full-face motorcycle helmet in white
  1563. XPC04108: Helmet from XPC04107 with 3 different transparency effects on visor
  1564. XPC04109: Slightly collapsed/inverted nipples with large areola; requires/adds to XPC03298; replaces XPC03796
  1565. XPC04110: TAH file preview shell extension; modifies explorer windows to display info and graphic previews on TAH files
  1566. XPC04111: Uncircumcised penises with scrotums; 3 skintones; limp or erect; clean or oozing
  1567. XPC04112: Cosplay set for Naga the White Serpent from Slayers
  1568. XPC04113: BMPSaveDataCopy, a command line utility that replaces the icon image in heavy saves
  1569. XPC04114: Sleeveless, open-chested cheongsam blouse in 6 colours; also has transparent versions
  1570. XPC04115: HAIRPACK-1, large collection of hairs with 44 colour variations each
  1571. XPC04116: HAIRPACK-2, continuation of XPC04115
  1572. XPC04117: HAIRPACK-3, continuation of XPC04115
  1573. XPC04119: Cosplay set for Dr. Ciel from Megaman Zero; replaces XPC03988
  1574. XPC04120: Alouette's cat doll from Megaman Zero
  1575. XPC04121: TSOBoneEd v0.0.5; tool for editing bones; can also work from heavy saves and preserve pose data
  1576. XPC04122: Item assortment including old shack, London Bridge, candy, fishing rods, magical girl accessories, many others
  1577. XPC04123: TSONodeCopy v0.0.1; tool to copy nodes from L to R or vice versa in order produce symmetry
  1578. XPC04124: Unknown - Download key is incorrect
  1579. XPC04125: TSODeform v0.0.2; replaces XPC03757
  1580. XPC04126: Background: Park bench facing a shade tree at different times of day
  1581. XPC04127: TSO2Vidro v001, utility to convert .tso files into .vdr files for rendering in Vidro
  1582. XPC04128: Unknown - Download key is incorrect
  1583. XPC04130: Costumes for Bad End Pretty Cure from Smile Pretty Cure!
  1584. XPC04131: Background: Makes a background from whatever you had displayed on your desktop when the program was started; one mode renders the left half of the screen as a dome and the right half as a circular floor; other mode renders entire screen as a wrap-around; 3 different aspect modes
  1585. XPC04132: Panties for loli bodies in white, pink, pale green and blue stripes
  1586. XPC04133: Sandworm and Gesho from Space Family Carlvinson; manipulated by hand bones
  1587. XPC04134: XPNGPoseCopy 0.3.2; replaces XPC04105
  1588. XPC04136: Scene save of Akane Isshiki and her flying bike from Vividred Operation; identical content to mod1299
  1589. XPC04137: TSOBoneEd v0.0.7; tool for editing bones; can also work from heavy saves and preserve pose data; replaces XPC04121
  1590. XPC04138: Color variations for the Ragnarok priest cosplay set from XPC00643
  1591. XPC04139: TSODeform v0.0.3; replaces XPC04125
  1592. XPC04140: Update of the fetish wear in XPC04000 with a few more colours
  1593. XPC04141: Replaces some of the new spoken lines in XPr5 with silence
  1594. XPC04142: Unknown - Download key is incorrect
  1595. XPC04143: Males from TA3CH0363 and XPC01163 converted to regular bodies
  1596. XPC04145: Uniforms from Ben-To
  1597. XPC04146: Adds glossy versions to XPC04140
  1598. XPC04147: Maid outfit (non-fetish) for NJXA3
  1599. XPC04148: Heavy save of Crystal Boy from Space Adventure Cobra; identical content to mod1311
  1600. XPC04149: Microsoft DirectX 9.0 web setup
  1601. XPC04150: Cosplay set for Rinne Inaba from Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter
  1602. XPC04151: Scene saves of cosplay sets (suits and school uniforms) for the cast of Vivdred Operation; identical content to mod1316
  1603. XPC04152: 5 bodies containing only wings, allowing them to be fully posable; white and black feather, large dragon and bat, or small succubus; press F12 in pose mode to snap them to proper dimensions
  1604. XPC04153: Cosplay sets for the suits from Vividred Operation; has both flat and breasted versions; identical content to mod1318
  1605. XPC04154: XPNGPoseCopy 0.4.0; replaces XPC04134
  1606. XPC04155: School auditorium with school chairs; loads as item; also has white flag item
  1607. XPC04156: Blindfolds and arm binders for the fetish wear in XPC04140 and XPC04146
  1608. XPC04157: "Pachekoa" (Patchouli/Koakuma) bodies; made from pieces of NJXA 1 & 2, NJXA Sexy and G-cup bodies
  1609. XPC04158: Summer dress in 6 colours with detached short sleeves and white frills; breasted and flat versions
  1610. XPC04159: Adds a few colours to the fetish wear in XPC03970
  1611. XPC04160: Adds a few colours to the fetish wear in XPC03971 and XPC04156
  1612. XPC04161: Adds a few colours to the fetish wear in XPC03972, XPC04000, XPC04140 and XPC04146
  1613. XPC04162: NJXA3 version of the summer dress from XPC04158
  1614. XPC04163: XPNGPoseCopy 0.4.1; replaces XPC04154
  1615. XPC04165: Fire and rescue truck that sprays flame-retardant chemical foam
  1616. XPC04166: Weapons from Vividred Operation; identical content to mod1331
  1617. XPC04167: Update to the Cusjiru-faced loli body from XPC04075; also has school swimsuits and pudgy belly attachment
  1618. XPC04168: Cosplay set for Megaman Zero
  1619. XPC04171: 3DCustomGirlLauncher, an alternative to TDCGLauncher with more options; also has a 'lite' version which only changes resolution
  1620. XPC04172: 'Creeparka', a green, unzipped parka with a Minecraft Creeper's face on the hood; regular and flat-chested versions
  1621. XPC04174: Kumadori-style facepaint for eyes for NJXA bodies in black or red
  1622. XPC04175: Heavy save of the 2012 figma Racequeen Miku outfit; identical content to mod1339
  1623. XPC04176: Update of the summer dress from XPC04158 with new pieces
  1624. XPC04177: Maid outfit with large ribbon at chest; regular and flat-chested versions
  1625. XPC04178: 'Pachekoa' bodies; replaces XPC04157; also has a few glass-topped coffee tables
  1626. XPC04179: Stilts made from green bamboo
  1627. XPC04180: Tso2Mqo v0.35
  1628. XPC04182: Adds flat-chested versions to the heart-shaped fetishwear bikinis in XPC01118
  1629. XPC04183: Cosplay set for Gekko Kamen ("Moonlight Mask")
  1630. XPC01484: Heavy save of Char Aznable from Gundam; identical content to mod1347
  1631. XPC01485: T-shirts in a few colours and pastels; also has sleeveless and tank-top versions
  1632. XPC04186: Update of the summer dress from XPC04176 with new pieces
  1633. XPC04188: slingshot monokini and panties worn as a mask
  1634. XPC04189: Cosplay set for Choi from Tamako Market
  1635. XPC04190: Update of the 'large ribbon' maid outfit in XPC04177
  1636. XPC04191: Slingshot monokini and panties worn as a mask; replaces XPC04188
  1637. XPC04192: NR Series Body Mods 5.2 (25 gigs unpacked); includes boy bodies and boy clothing; also has a version of Drossel von Flugel from Fireball
  1638. XPC04193: NRB (Boy) Series clothing
  1639. XPC04194: Duplicate of XPC04193
  1640. XPC04195: Long-sleeved T-shirt in several colours; normal, wide or mock turtle neckline; also has fishnet version of shirt
  1641. XPC04196: Heavy saves, poses and accessories for Ultraman Jack; identical content to mod1360
  1642. XPC04197: Cosplay set for Nitroplus music mascot Super Sonico; includes a small background
  1643. XPC04198: NGF small-breasted body and clothing set
  1644. XPC04199: NGFE (normal-breasted version of NGF) body and clothing set
  1645. XPC04200: Heavy save of 70's tokusatsu hero Mirrorman; identical content to mod1361
  1646. XPC04201: Adds to the Cusjiru-faced loli bodies from XPC04167
  1647. XPC04202: Update of the NJXA Bind body (NJXA-AK)
  1648. XPC04203: Heavy saves, poses and accessories for Ultraman and Ultraman Zoffy; identical content to mod1362
  1649. XPC04206: Asics sneakers in a few colour combinations; replaces XPC04104
  1650. XPC04207: Mizuno sneakers in a few colour combinations
  1651. XPC04208: Tso2Pmx ver 0.3.4 (2013-03-12)
  1652. XPC04211: Adds more to the Cusjiru-faced loli bodies from XPC04167 and XPC04201
  1653. XPC04212: Long shirt (both sleeve lengths) and camisoles in same colours as XPC04195; also has fishnet versions
  1654. XPC04213: N717 body set; has versions without naughty bits meant for MMD conversions
  1655. XPC04214: Heavy saves, poses and accessories for Ultraman Ace; identical content to mod1366
  1656. XPC04215: XPNGPoseCopy 0.4.2; replaces XPC04163
  1657. XPC04216: Black tattoo designs for either breast or buttock
  1658. XPC04217: Heavy save of Ace Killer from Ultraman Ace; identical content to mod1369
  1659. XPC04218: Tah_ON_OFF, a utility that allows you to toggle loading of .tah files- Run from arcs folder, click on items to disable/re-enable, then start TDCG
  1660. XPC04220: Heavy saves of 13 different blocks from Minecraft
  1661. XPC04221: Heavy save of cosplay outfit for Sakura Miku; identical content to mod1372
  1662. XPC04222: Additions to the NJXA Bind body; also has torn hose and pantyhose for NJXA bodies
  1663. XPC04223: Super Sonico cosplay set v3; replaces XPC04197; now also has nurse uniform
  1664. XPC04224: Heavy save of Father of Ultra; identical content to mod1374
  1665. XPC04225: 3DCustomGirlLauncher v1.0.3.0; replaces XPC04171
  1666. XPC04228: Heavy save of cosplay outfit for Yuki Miku; identical content to mod1379
  1667. XPC04229: Blouse, skirt and stockings from Kampfer
  1668. XPC04230: Set of niis from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
  1669. XPC04232: Sakura and Yuki Miku heavy saves from mod1372/XPC04221 and mod1379/XPC04228 with transparency issues fixed; identical content to mod1383
  1670. XPC04233: FloatBytes.exe, a command line utility that takes a floating point value and outputs the little endian equivalent
  1671. XPC04234: Guide (in Japanese) for fixing a 100% CPU utilization bug that occurs with certain backgrounds
  1672. XPC04235: Heavy save of cosplay outfit for (normal) Hatsune Miku; identical content to mod1387
  1673. XPC04236: Heavy save of Ultraman Taro; identical content to mod1388
  1674. XPC04237: Caps with animal faces/ears
  1675. XPC04238: Heavy save of cosplay outfit for Senbonzakura Miku; identical content to mod1389
  1676. XPC04239: Remake of the default body with skin texture designed for the newest shader effects
  1677. XPC04240: Extremely curvy body with TDA face; has many separate facial parts so that different facial expressions can be easily constructed
  1678. XPC04241: Another update of the NJXA Bind body (NJXA-AK)
  1679. XPC04242: White dress and accessories (commonly seen on DT Miku models) for NJXA3
  1680. XPC04243: Remake of the default body with skin texture designed for the newest shader effects; replaces XPC04239
  1681. XPC04244: .cs file that gives NJXA bodies exaggerated (Elin-like?) proportions; comes with pose files
  1682. XPC04246: School swimsuit with ruffle skirt; designed for Cusjiru bodies, may fit others
  1683. XPC04247: XPNGPoseCopy 0.5.0; replaces XPC04215
  1684. XPC04248: Adds skin colours to the expression construction body in XPC04240
  1685. XPC04249: Heavy save of cosplay set for Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi from 'The "Hentai" Prince and the Stony Cat.'; identical content to mod1398
  1686. XPC04250: Heavy save of the MSM-10 Zock from Gundam; identical content to mod1400
  1687. XPC04251: Thick eyebrows in black, brown or white; somewhat theatrical or comical styles; float in front of hair
  1688. XPC04252: Adds smaller, more conventional size to the default cat ears
  1689. XPC04253: Update to the 'expression' body from XPC04240
  1690. XPC04254: TSOWeitEd; apparently adds a slider to TSOWeight
  1691. XPC04256: Modification of the 2012-05-17 ver. of Toonshader2 (XPC03788) which allows for applying shader effects to both sides of an object
  1692. XPC04257: Auxilliary eye set; allows eyes to be loaded separately; can use eye, glasses and/or eyepatch slots
  1693. XPC04258: Unknown - Download key is incorrect
  1694. XPC04259: Long-sleeved tops and fashionable shorts in several colours; also has NJXA versions
  1695. XPC04260: White dress and accessories for NJXA3; replaces XPC04242
  1696. XPC04261: Shrine gate background item
  1697. XPC04262: Update of swimsuit from XPC04246; also has bodies with variable eyelines
  1698. XPC04263: Update of the NJXA Bind body; includes restraint items and ripped clothing items that fit all NJXA
  1699. XPC04265: Maid-themed waitress uniform
  1700. XPC04267: Background: Large empty storeroom with a few items
  1701. XPC04268: Heavy saves of Ultraman Belial; also has small, large and double penis attachment; identical content to mod1415
  1702. XPC04269: Strapped and strapless women's shoes in several colours, and low boots in a few colours
  1703. XPC04270: DT Miku Swimwear for NJXA3; also has hair
  1704. XPC04271: Update to XPC04248; Adds skin colours to the 'expression' body in XPC04253
  1705. XPC04272: Item set 7.2; update of XPC03991
  1706. XPC04274: Cosplay set for Rorschach from Watchmen
  1707. XPC04275: Flip-flop sandals
  1708. XPC04276: Update of the NJXA Bind body; includes restraint items and ripped clothing items that fit all NJXA
  1709. XPC04277: Penises for Ultraman bodies; identical content to mod1420
  1710. XPC04278: A few eyes for the default body; includes animated swirl eyes
  1711. XPC04279: Skimpy lace bra and panties for default body in black or white
  1714. ====================================================================
  1717. Futaba Custom Uploader(mod)
  1718. 2a3w
  1720. mod0028 - glasses
  1721. mod0029 - snack set added to eyepatch category
  1722. mod0030 - T-shirts
  1723. mod0031 - not sure...labeled as "beat" and geggeggegge
  1724. mod0032 - "Jersey 2" track jacket
  1725. mod0033 - more jersey parts, track suit
  1726. mod0034 - not sure.."doara" doller maybe?
  1727. mod0035 - drill
  1728. mod0037 - cat whiskers
  1729. mod0038 - palewing boosters and helmets
  1730. mod0039 - more T-shirts
  1731. mod0040 - not sure...possibly another T-shirt (labeled "must item")
  1732. mod0041 - wine glass
  1733. mod0043 - Custom shojo Mod memo (no mods, seems to be instructions for modding)
  1734. mod0047 - not sure...labeled "Aizen Platoon" description says something about angels
  1735. mod0049 - not sure...labeled "Strong Robot"
  1736. mod0050 - heart eyes
  1737. mod0052 - no label, possibly more eye types/colours
  1738. mod0055 - no label, possibly more eye types/colours
  1739. mod0058 - superwing
  1740. mod0059 - more t-shirts "Ore no" logo
  1741. mod0060 - KosMos guns, white and black
  1742. mod0061 - "circle penalty" game show sign with "X" on it
  1743. mod0062 - video camera effect
  1744. mod0063 - "circle penalty" game show sign with red circle mark on it, in shoes category for some reason
  1745. mod0065 - Background "Soapland"
  1746. mod0066 - Background "Soapland" updated
  1747. mod0068 - eye censor "Privacy"
  1748. mod0069 - no mods, just a bunch of pictures of default girl facial expressions labeled june and may
  1749. mod0070 - pokeball, gloves category
  1750. mod0072 - Background interview room
  1751. mod0073 - Background interview room updated
  1752. mod0083 - Akira Osamu fans
  1753. mod0084 - School Bags in wing category
  1754. mod0085 - flashlight
  1755. mod0089 - Background Shower Room
  1756. mod0090 - Strings tied to nipples and clit in bra/panties category
  1757. mod0092 - Male mods, changes male to goblin
  1758. mod0095 - Nose hook, in glasses category
  1759. mod0097 - Hanging enema bag in tails category
  1760. mod0098 - Oversized, comical Hatsune Miku heads in hats category
  1761. mod0099 - Chopstick squeezing tongue gag
  1762. mod0100 - "Myra" cosplay set
  1763. mod0102 - Large pumpkin around waist in dress category
  1764. mod0104 - Pumpkin head found in hats category
  1765. mod0106 - Spriggan MKII cosplay set
  1766. mod0107 - Spriggan MKII item in moles category
  1767. mod0108 - more facial expression jpegs and new opening screens
  1768. mod0110 - sailor suit
  1769. mod0111 - "Filthy Girl" clothes
  1770. mod0112 - Male Mod "creature", changes male to some sort of grotesque creature
  1771. mod0115 - Large nipple body type with bonus condom in mouth in eye patch category
  1772. mod0114 - Background Cartoony sky backgrounds with clouds, cherry blossoms, and stars
  1773. mod0116 - Gravure mode logo change from 3DCG logo to Futaba Channel logo
  1774. mod0119 - Updated Gravure logo change
  1775. mod0120 - Windows 2kTan virus buster sword
  1776. mod0121 - Black tentacle monster and speech bubble
  1777. mod0123 - Upgraded oversized breast and nipples body type
  1778. mod0124 - Purse and "Treasure Seal"
  1779. mod0125 - Yen Bills in various wads, stuffed into stockings and underwear, scattered on the ground, and airborn in eyebrow, mole, and fang categories
  1780. mod0130 - RPG speech and stat windows
  1781. mod0131 - Dragonball Saiyajin armour
  1782. mod0132 - Male Mods turns male into clothed, textured anime male
  1783. mod0133 - Dragonball Saiyajin armour, boots, and gloves
  1784. mod0134 - Background giant penis
  1785. mod0135 - Background giant penis penetration and body mod
  1786. mod0136 - Large nipple mod updated
  1787. mod0138 - MHP Weapon set
  1788. mod0139 - Handcuffs in wrist category
  1789. mod0140 - imps
  1790. mod0142 - XP Tan cosplay set updated
  1791. mod0143 - ME Tan set
  1792. mod0145 - Male Mod turns male into a naked guy with a paper bag mask on his head
  1793. mod0150 - Cowgirl costume and bonus "Kagamimochi"
  1794. mod0152 - Slim body, panties, spats, and stockings
  1795. mod0153 - Background stage
  1796. mod0154 - Slim school swimsuit
  1797. mod0156 - Mahou Shoujo Ai cosplay set
  1798. mod0157 - Tenaka cosplay set
  1799. mod0158 - updated leg holsters
  1800. mod0159 - another slim body type
  1801. mod0160 - slim body default suit, tights, and panties
  1802. mod0162 - updated leg holsters (update of mod0158)
  1803. mod0163 - Background stage with crowd, bonus feet shadows
  1804. mod0164 - updated leg holsters, includes knives (update of mod0162)
  1805. mod0167 - "Clarette" cosplay set and bonus areola
  1806. mod0168 - Male mod, turns male into an old man, possibly from some anime
  1807. mod0169 - boxing gloves and rifles
  1808. mod0170 - microphones
  1809. mod0171 - heavy artillery and belt feed
  1810. mod0172 - Male Mods, beastiality and tentacle monster
  1811. mod0173 - Vibrating dildo held in by panties
  1812. mod0175 - Turns male into some bigheaded guy with glasses and a gun
  1813. mod0176 - giant pen worn on girl's back
  1814. mod0178 - Traffic cones in 3 sizes
  1815. mod0180 - Playground climbing and pullup bar set
  1816. mod0181 - High jump bar
  1817. mod0182 - vaulting horse
  1818. mod0184 - treasure box icons for weapon sets
  1819. mod0185 - garter holster with bonus derringer and rouge bullet
  1820. mod0186 - Tamaki temptation set
  1821. mod0187 - Updated lacy bra and panties
  1822. mod0188 - Tiaras
  1823. mod0189 - School desks and chairs with rope bindings
  1824. mod0190 - Physical examination set
  1825. mod0191 - Infirmiry/physcial examination item set (includes bed)
  1826. mod0192 - Spandex gym shorts "spats"
  1827. mod0197 - Bamboo stilts
  1828. mod0203 - Remote vibrator controller
  1829. mod0204 - Male mod, turns male into a cartoony superhero with orange suit and green trunks, cape and mask
  1830. mod0205 - Custom girl assault armour set with gas mask, knee pads, and elbow pads
  1831. mod0206 - 2 piece spandex track uniforms with paper numbers
  1832. mod0207 - Updated version of mod0206
  1833. mod0211 - Various face paint patterns resembling the seals from "Ah! Megami Sama"
  1834. mod0212 - Unicycles, regular and one with a dildo seat
  1835. mod0214 - Heavy pubic hair
  1836. mod0215 - Cross bows
  1837. mod0216 - Pro wrestling ring
  1838. mod0217 - BG adds to default classroom background, classroom with arranged desks
  1839. mod0218 - Leotard with sheer sash worn around waist
  1840. mod0221 - Item set DX_B1 changed icon and arranges weapons from the time of the lightsaber mod release better
  1841. mod0222 - Custom body "E-Low" with heavy save and gravure motion
  1842. mod0223 - BG Tennis court
  1843. mod0224 - BG Dance studio with mirrors and ballet rail
  1844. mod0225 - Kanako San cosplay set, has a nosebleed
  1845. mod0226 - Dango (sweet dumplings) item
  1846. mod0230 - BG TV studio set
  1847. mod0231 - Tenga onahoru item
  1848. mod0232 - Heavy saves, "Kufu", "Saku", "Saku Canon", and "Shaasaku", robotic looking characters with capsule like bodies and 4 segmented limbs
  1849. mod0233 - Heavy saves, box versions of the characters in mod0232
  1850. mod0235 - Dragon quest 3 cosplay set
  1851. mod0236 - Updated "Punisher" weapon, giant crucifix gun
  1852. mod0237 - "Animal Tights" animal fur body suits
  1853. mod0238 - Leaf worn on head
  1854. mod0239 - Heart shaped nipple pasties in various patterns and colours
  1855. mod0240 - Helmet with long straps and pointy cat-like ears
  1856. mod0241 - Custom body "E-low" with h scene
  1857. mod0243 - "High Leg" High cut one piece swimsuit
  1858. mod0244 - not sure what this one does, labeled as "level horse", requires toonshader2.tah
  1859. mod0245 - V cut bangs
  1860. mod0246 - Soul Calibur 3 Ivy armour
  1861. mod0247 - 2chan gravure logos and help screens
  1862. mod0249 - Legendary armour set
  1863. mod0250: Female bodies for aliens from Ultraseven; Model of Ultrahawk 001; Model of the Exelion from Gunbuster; some long-sleeved school blouses
  1864. mod0254: Shrine interior background; also has several objects from shrine
  1865. ***mod0255: Thick (gothic) eyelashes in three eye shapes; can load from glasses, eyepatch or hand reserve
  1866. mod0258: Red star on cheek
  1867. ***mod0260: Bikinis, 90 different prints
  1868. mod0266: Public park/playground background
  1869. mod0270: 2-wheeled scooters in a few colours
  1870. mod0273: Leotard armour meant to resemble Golden Knight Garo
  1871. mod0276: Shiny metallic leotards with matching shoes, hose and gloves; several colours
  1872. mod0277: School nurse's room background; also as an object
  1873. mod0279: K-On! school uniform: Skirt, blazer, sweater and short-sleeve
  1874. mod0280: Penises in several colours
  1875. mod0281: Head cannon used by Haigure in the first Crayon Shin-chan movie; with and without energy flare effect
  1876. mod0282: Japanese gothic lolita dress, in 11 colours
  1877. mod0283: Two styles of masks: Papillion and V-shape sunglasses; Also: scrotums
  1878. mod0285: Spaghetti strap minidress, 60 colours/patterns
  1879. mod0286: Spaghetti strap tops, exact same colours/patterns as mod0285
  1880. mod0287: Hachigane (ninja headband with metal plate) in several colours
  1881. mod0289: Armour pieces to change girl into the "HIGH-MACS" mech from Gungriffon; comes with small tanks to pose with
  1882. mod0290: Long-sleeved miko blouse and miko skirts with white underskirt in three lengths; several colours
  1883. mod0291: Flaming sword and armour made of nude figures
  1884. ***mod0293: Leotard in charcoal, pink and blue; has heart-shaped opening over buttocks
  1885. mod0294: Bananas for different slots, and a sci-fi helmet with large antennae
  1886. mod0296: Shopping mall background; includes 2-D crowd silhouettes that can be used in other backgrounds
  1887. mod0297: "May 2" small (icon?) images of default girl, no mod
  1888. mod0302: Objects for top of head: small triangular flags and stylized cellphone antennae; in various colours
  1889. mod0306: "Japanese-style knife" (box cutter?)
  1890. mod0309: Noodle restaurant food, ramen bowl, chopsticks with noodles, tea cups
  1891. mod0312: Knee-length skirt in white and black; with and without short pink underskirt
  1892. mod0313: 55 one piece swimsuits; many colours and patterns
  1893. mod0314: Adds 36 more swimsuits to mod0313, including some see-through
  1894. mod0317: Additional hairstyles/fringes/colours for mod0207
  1895. mod0318: Mawashi (sumo wear) in thick, thin and strapless versions
  1896. mod0319: Beach umbrellas, beach balls, poolside chairs, pool rafts, suntan oil bottles, various colours
  1897. mod0323: K-2 armour set from Appleseed Ex Machina
  1898. mod0324: Leotards, both strapped and strapless, in many textures and patterns
  1899. mod0327: Futa mod: Penises of varying shades and rigidity (hand reserve slot), and matching scrotums (tail slot)
  1900. mod0328: One-piece swimsuits, in many colours and patterns
  1901. mod0329: School swimsuits, in many colours and patterns
  1902. mod0334: Tona's "Whitesquall-Armour" from the HGEC Oblivion mod
  1903. ***mod0335: Adds wooden platforms to deserted island background
  1904. mod0336: Large drop of white stuff for front of clothes; also contains reference markers for XPC0670
  1905. mod0339: Duck style Japanese toilet, with handles on head and optional laser in mouth; also has duck head with handles as hat
  1906. mod0340: Gold nose ring (for pierced septum, not sides)
  1907. mod0341: Wooden horse with dildo in saddle, also has 3 handheld dildos
  1908. mod0342: Exhaust pipe and muffler
  1909. mod0349: Several elemental magic effects
  1910. mod0350: Several GirlNodes files for TmoEdit2; makes various little girl and doll bodies
  1911. mod0351: Masks for the Dada monsters from Ultraman, and for the mecha Higyopam
  1912. mod0354: Heavy saves containing the metal whip used by the Dark Hunter in Etrian Odyssey II
  1913. mod0356: Sweater and coat, organic skinsuit, summer dress and retextures for apron, gym
  1914. shirt and school swimsuit
  1915. mod0358: Long-sleeved jacket option that ends just under bust; meant to be combined with shirts
  1916. mod0360: Changes male to scorpion tentacle monster
  1917. mod0370: Several magical effects that surround girl: Lightning, ice, etc.
  1918. mod0372: Sign post wielded by Dio Brando in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
  1919. mod0373: 53 different hosiery; must be used with "high-leg" bunny girl outfits
  1920. mod0374: 2 "pornographic" magazines, open and closed
  1921. mod0375: Colored condoms on body: Closed in mouth, open in mouth, hanging on body, tied to body, etc.
  1922. mod0377: Long-sleeved rhythymic gymnastics leotards, in many colours and patterns
  1923. mod0378: 5 athletic field backgrounds: Tennis court, oval track, straight tracks, grass field, dirt field
  1924. mod0380: Brass knuckles (actually steel) in 3 sizes
  1925. mod0382: Block of tofu body with floating hands and a knife
  1926. mod0383 - Cook/chef set; described as "cock"
  1927. mod0384: Sci-Fi battle armour
  1928. mod0385: Open condoms in three colours: pink, blue and green
  1929. mod0386: Game of Twister; mat in two sizes plus spinner
  1930. mod0387: "May ID" small (icon?) images of default girl, no mod
  1931. mod0388: Hooded jacket and triple-tiered skirt
  1932. mod0389: Rude body graffiti, three sets (garter/hosiery slot)
  1933. mod0390: Elaborate body painting/tattoos (garter/hosiery slot)
  1934. mod0391: Changes male to tentacle monster
  1935. ***mod0392: Pushed-up sailor suit tops, 214 variations
  1936. mod0394: Sci-Fi skinsuit
  1937. mod0395: Animated tentacle monster background; related to mod0391
  1938. mod0396: Penis and scrotum with black belt around base of penis; can load from several slots
  1939. mod0397: Training pants with bear logo
  1940. mod0398: Instructions (in Japanese) for making mods
  1941. mod0399: Demo-kun from Shadow Lady; loads in hand reserve slot
  1942. mod0401: Some sort of mod-making tool? Contains a metasequoia file
  1943. mod0402: Part 2 of mod0398
  1944. mod0403: Training pants with several designs
  1945. mod0404: Changes male to pig-man
  1946. mod0406: Robot mecha with weapons and shields
  1947. mod0407: Bondage chain - Loads as a body, has to be posed
  1948. mod0408: Changes male to pig - Also contains pig as a wearable object, and pig ears and tail for girl body
  1949. mod0409: Clothing set for Rizna Lanfebit from the Rance games
  1950. mod0410: Facehugger from Alien, some coloured coats and a robot body
  1951. mod0411: Changes male to Yuuhi from Neo Ranga, in shaman body paint
  1952. mod0420: Small paper airplane
  1953. ***mod0421: Several highly-detailed lace and print panties; regular and loli sizes
  1954. mod0424: School uniform from Bakemonogatari
  1955. mod0425: Invisible body mod with lips and tongue, meant to make kissing scenes easier in pose mode
  1956. mod0426: Pro wrestling mask and leotard
  1957. mod0427: Rectangular wooden table with four chairs
  1958. mod0429: Suit of red bikini armour
  1959. mod0430: Horse, with and without saddle
  1960. mod0432: Update of mod0430; many different horses
  1961. mod0433: Outfits for Battle Girl and Shadow Girl from Gotcha Force
  1962. mod0434: 4 magic staffs and a quarterstaff
  1963. mod0435: Bunny suits with satin appearance
  1964. mod0439: Body with 3 face shapes with 11 eye shapes each; also has lipstick and eyeshadow
  1965. mod0440: Body with 2 eye shapes, several skin shades, school swimsuit tan; regular and loli sizes
  1966. mod0441 - NMMA Bodies and Eyes
  1967. mod0443 - normal breast edition of NMMA bodies
  1968. mod0445 - NJX1 body +hair/etc.
  1969. mod0447 - NJX1 body, NMMA eyes
  1970. mod0448 - claims to be update to 0445, but has different content?
  1971. mod0449 - update to mod0448
  1972. mod0451: Changes male to Cthulu, deep one, or black demon
  1973. mod0452: Changes male to green orc
  1974. ***mod0453: Large variety of two-piece bathing suits; regular and loli sizes
  1975. ***mod0454: Loli body with detailed China dress and lacy lingerie
  1976. mod0456: Sunglasses, on face and folded versions
  1977. mod0457: Reinforced briefcases, both standard size and rifle-length
  1978. mod0458: Shiny leotards, gloves and leggings
  1979. mod0459: "Vasteel" mecha (for mecha musume)
  1980. mod0462: Cattleya from Queen's Blade - has additional pregnant body
  1981. mod0465: Menace from Queen's Blade
  1982. mod0466: "Guardian Knight" mecha (for mecha musume)
  1983. mod0467: Several tentacle and other monsters
  1984. mod0472: Round-faced wristwatches, several colours, for both wrists
  1985. mod0473: One-piece bathing suits, many prints and styles
  1986. mod0474: Wrestling outfits in 3 colours: kneepads, boots, wristbands and leotards in various states of openness
  1987. mod0478: 3 male mods: Penis-headed tentacle monster, brown pig-man, and pink pig-man whose head is the torso of a red-haired woman
  1988. mod0479: 2 male mods: More penis-headed tentacle monsters
  1989. mod0480: Japanese split-toed socks
  1990. mod0481: Vash's sunglasses from Trigun
  1991. mod0483: Cattle King's daughter (ChiChi) from Dragonball, in original armour
  1992. mod0484: White cotton bra and panties with several colourful designs
  1993. mod0485: Twintail hairstyle and mini-China dress like mod0454
  1994. mod0493: Machine guns: MG34 and 1941 Simonov, with belt clip
  1995. mod0494: Changes male to "tired self portrait," a ghostly man with glasses and beard (possibly a futaba meme?)
  1996. mod0495: Artillery rocket launcher, with and without tripod
  1997. mod0496: Jellyfish tentacle monsters placed on nipples and futa penis, with and without fluids; also contains other futa items: disembodied arm for jerking futa penis, semen spray, purple masturbation sleeve and sticks for inserting into penis urether; Also contains several pose files
  1998. mod0498: Eyes with squiggly pattern in iris, 25 colours
  1999. mod0500: Witch Neuroi set from Strike Witches
  2000. mod0501: Rythymic gymnastics leotards, many colours and patterns
  2001. mod0502: Changes male to Yuuhi from Neo Ranga (like mod0411); also contains Joel's face paint and source data
  2002. mod0503: Weapon set from God Eater for PSP; shotblade, longblade and bracelet
  2003. mod0504: Another penis-headed tentacle monster male mod
  2004. mod0505: Contains instructional images for using TSOWeight
  2005. mod0510: Parts to turn girl into Drider (centauroid with spider body)
  2006. mod0511: Whistles and hand-held taiko drums
  2007. mod0512: Bondage ropes in a few colours
  2008. mod0513: MakeTah version 1.0, PNGPose version 0.0.4, and an application called "Ayame" which claims to convert saves to .tah files
  2009. mod0515: Chopsticks, bowl of noodles, bowl of oden stew
  2010. mod0516: MakeTah version 1.0 and "Rin" version 1.2 - claims to make .tbn files
  2011. mod0517: Image2PSD - Converts 128x128 .bmp, .png or .jpg files in .psd
  2012. mod0518: long-sleeved rhythymic gymnastics leotards in a few colours; also small ball, club, hula hoop and ribbon in blue, gold and purple
  2013. mod0519: Masks: Butterfly, regular and long-nose; many colours/patterns
  2014. mod0521: Heavy save containing marble-topped round table and chairs
  2015. mod0523: Armour from an Oblivion mod; Black with gold work
  2016. mod0524: Cream puffs for mouth, hand and a stack for top of head
  2017. mod0527: Apple pies, whole and sliced for mouth, hand and giant models for wearing
  2018. mod0528: White goo that wraps around girl, bondage ropes and a platform; also has a scene save of girls stuck with goo to platform
  2019. ***mod0529: "Urushihara's Halloween Girl" Purple-haired and -eyed witch girl with body and eyes done in the style of Satoshi Urushihara; comes with jack-o-lantern items, additional pregnant body and a few poses
  2020. ***mod0530: Tiaras in gold and silver; several gem colours
  2021. mod0531: NJXHair: Hair colours taken from njx1 bodies, to be used with TAHHair
  2022. mod0532: Monster Rancher characters as items: Motchi, Hengar, Gali, Monolith
  2023. mod0533: Long-sleeved leotards in a few colours/patterns
  2024. mod0535: Heavy save containing the computer terminal machine from God Eater
  2025. mod0536: Contains a large number of mods including:
  2026.         1. Changes male to fuzzy purple wolf with and without wings and mane
  2027.         2. Backgrounds of dark forest clearing, church interior with several figures standing in circle, village street with figures in circle, deserted grass and dirt field in mountain setting, blood and guts room with noose hanging from ceiling, same room with tentacle monster stage, standing on glowing platform in darkness with many different doorways floating about, organic room with tentacle pillars, in public cage with figures in circle
  2028.         3. Backgrounds of grassy yard with figures standing in a circle (with and without cage), organic looking room with fluid filled floor (possibly monster's digestive system), outer Earth orbit with laser blasts and explosions
  2029.         4. Changes male to obese transparent with and without many tentacles running through
  2030.         5. Backgrounds of desktop with figures, dark organic room with multi-headed tentacle monster in center, sealed in glassy, amber-like substance
  2031.         6. Changes male to semi-transparent penis-headed tentacle monster
  2032.         7. Gaudy hotel room background (doesn't seem to load?)
  2033. mod0537 - Hengar girl from Monster Rancher. Romanized Hengaa.
  2034. mod0538: Wooden furniture: Square writing table, long side table, chair with pink cushions and square bed with pink and black checkered cushion
  2035. mod0539 Tatoos for the back; dragons and other things
  2036. mod0540: Milk cartons, closed and open; normal, strawberry, coffee, banana and melon milk
  2037. mod0541 Some strange looking, small cats. Chibi/SD
  2038. mod0542: Additional hair colours for use with TAHHair; specifically mentions 56 is Konata from Lucky Star
  2039. mod0543: Cellphone, digicam and VHS tape
  2040. mod0544: Heavy save containing an ocean-front cottage on stilts with stairs
  2041. mod0545: Jets from Ace Combat
  2042. mod0546: Several backgrounds as items: Castle dungeon, sacrificial altar, schooner (with and without skull-and-crossbones on sails), white passenger van (outside and interior)
  2043. mod0548: Screenshot collection of Futaba characters; no mod
  2044. mod0549: Changes startup screen to group screenshot from mod0548
  2045. mod0550: Blood spatters for various slots; also spike-surrounded wrestling ring background, with and without blood
  2046. mod0551: Shrine grounds background
  2047. mod0552: Pikmin
  2048. mod0553: Sound barrier shockwave and contrails for jets
  2049. ***mod0554: High-heeled lace-up boots in 5 colours; stiletto-heeled thigh-high boots in 3 colours
  2050. mod0556: Armpit hair
  2051. mod0557: Adds weapon to God Eater set; must have mod0503 installed
  2052. mod0561: Futuristic white bondage table/machine, with and without dildo; has heavy saves in addition to .tah
  2053. mod0562: Large bird feet/claws in several colours; also contains heavy save of bird beak and red wings/tail
  2054. mod0563: Anal beads in various states of insertion; in matte pink and glossy pink
  2055. mod0564: Weapons from Deus Machina Demonbane; also includes the game logo in a heavy save
  2056. mod0565: Back hair with long braided twintails, with and without "odango"
  2057. mod0566: Japanese kitchen aprons, in heavy saves
  2058. mod0567: Same table as mod0427, metal office desk in two lengths, tan sofa, pink loveseat; can load as body or as hand reserve item
  2059. mod0568: Ice cream freezer, ice cream containers, frozen treats, toy capsule dispenser
  2060. mod0569: Windsynth item (synthesizer wind instrument)
  2061. mod0571: Windsynth item (synthesizer wind instrument), replaces mod0569
  2062. mod0572: Kyubey from Madoka Magica, 2 sizes, in heavy saves
  2063. mod0573: GiriGiri Pudding (pro-wrestler who loses her clothes a lot) cosplay set; various states of uniform damage; replaces mod0426
  2064. mod0575: Reupload of a Halloween costume; contains witch hat, pumpkin skirt, bat bra and cape
  2065. mod0578: "muchimuchi" body; based on the Urushihara-style body; has 3 skin tones, pregnant belly, elf ears, small breast, large breast, puffy nipple and puffy labia options
  2066. mod0579: Spaceships from Legend of Galatic heroes: GE Highspeed Battleship and Konigs Tiger; has large versions that can be ridden like bikes and a group of 7 smaller ships that surround girl; all load from tail slot
  2067. mod0580: Heavy saves: AA-12 automatic shotgun with drum cartridge and small pile of spent 12-gauge shells
  2068. mod0582: Heart-shaped Valentine's chocolates, box and gift wrapping
  2069. mod0583: Male mod: changes man to a "devil" boy (dark clothing, pointy ears)
  2070. mod0584: Male mod: changes man to a black U.S. Army soldier
  2071. mod0585: Metal folding chairs with green cushions; single, row of 5 or 4 rows of 5
  2072. mod0586: Small festival performance stage; with steps at front or side; loads from hand reserve slot
  2073. mod0587: Festival/street vendor tents and folding tables; all load from hand reserve slot
  2074. mod0589: Modified cosplay set for Hengar from Monster Rancher
  2075. mod0590: "Sakurambo D" ("Cherry D") body, many skin tones; also has flat-chested versions; also notable for having separate thin eyebrows in all base colours with two angles available
  2076. mod0591: Eyes for the "Sakurambo D" body; six styles (lots of highlights); also has a "brightener" for eyes that loads from eyepatch slot
  2077. mod0592: Male mod; changes male to an anthropomorphic version of Kyubey from Madoka Magica
  2078. mod0593: Version of "Sakurambo D" body with slight alteration of head
  2079. mod0594: Tanline versions of the "Sakurambo D" body
  2080. mod0595: Green T-shirt featuring the face of the Creeper from Minecraft; also in flat-chested version; file also contains heavy save of the actual Creeper
  2081. mod0596: Drum kit with separate stool, large taiko drum and matching sticks for both
  2082. mod0597: Long-sleeved gymnastics leotards with V-necks in several colours, adds to mod0501; also includes gymnastics slippers in several colours
  2083. mod0598: Update to mod0584; now has barefoot and nude versions
  2084. mod0599: Bass guitar in wood tone; several colours
  2085. mod0600: Strike Witches Striker Unit based on Messerschmitt Bf-109K-4
  2086. mod0601: Outfits from Infinite Stratos
  2087. mod0602: "Bottomless" minidress; many colours including metallics
  2088. mod0604: Wrinkled cotton hot pants/short shorts in several colours
  2089. mod0605: Mixed armour from an Oblivion mod in six colours, all with gold trim; self-extracting archive which contains .tso files and a copy of MakeTah
  2090. mod0606: Heavy pubic hair that runs up to navel
  2091. mod0607: Prototype of new "Sakurambo D" body; self-extracting archive which contains .tso files and a copy of MakeTah
  2092. mod0608: Swimsuit-like maid cafe outfit in 11 colours with several garters and ruffles; has regular, loli, flat-chested and huge-chested versions; also contains a back hair with bangs hairstyle in one colour; self-extracting archive which contains .tso files and a copy of MakeTah
  2093. mod0611: Adds shoulder guards (spaulders) to the "Mixed Armour" set (mod0605)
  2094. mod0613: Private indoor swimming pool background; loads from hand reserve slot
  2095. mod0614: Update of mod0580: Now has the AA-12 in a .tah file, and heavy saves of shells in four different jacket colours
  2096. mod0615: "Digital SLR" professional photography camera with flash attachment
  2097. mod0616: Long-sleeved turtleneck sweater dresses in many colours and two lengths; self-extracting archive which contains .tso files and a copy of MakeTah
  2098. mod0617: Hair option from fashion magazine: hair is sculpted in tall vertical cone; has flowers for hair that load from ribbon slot
  2099. mod0619: Glasses that have one or both lenses opaque
  2100. mod0620: Turns male into Shigeru Akagi from Akagi
  2101. mod0621: Low poly male mods, 12 similar businessmen; comes with pose files
  2102. mod0622: Ubusunagami Okinokai, the final boss of Ikaruga; 3 forms; loads from tail slot
  2103. mod0623: Layered tops in 9 colours; 2 different sets of English words (one rude); normal-, flat - and huge-chested versions
  2104. mod0626: Long hair with sides that flare into large wings in the base 19 colours; modified from XPC1092; 7-zip archive containing unassembled parts, needs makeTah or 3DCGutils to put together
  2105. mod0627: Sweater dresses in 33 colours and two neck styles; knit sweater versions of halter tops, shorts, tap pants and sleeveless tops in 13 colours; self-extracting archive containing unassembled parts and a copy of MakeTah
  2106. mod0628: Fantasy Man v1.01; 5 males in chainmail and chestplates; also has a scene save
  2107. mod0630: Kickboard for swimming lessons in a few colours
  2108. mod0631: Update of the Sakurambo body; self-extracting archive containing unassembled parts and a copy of MakeTah
  2109. mod0632: A-Line dresses for flat chests; also has blouses and jackets in several pastels; also has cowboy boots in several colours
  2110. mod0633: Calf-high lace-up boots in brown, black and white
  2111. mod0635: High-leg tights in bright colours
  2112. mod0636: Bikini armour in red; has piece for flat chest in dark blue
  2113. mod0637: NJXA high poly loli body; comes with matching hair, underwear and accessories; also contains a scene save of a grinning Cirno using the model
  2114. mod0639: Round promotional buttons/badges featuring SD art of 70 different Futaba mascot girls
  2115. mod0640: Round promotional buttons/badges; replaces mod0639
  2116. mod0642: Collects together 4 styles of gymnastics leotards; many colours and designs
  2117. mod0644: Updated hair colours for TAHHair
  2118. ***mod0645: Background: Classroom with animated nude girl and accompanying H scene animation; select "3P" background, then select "3P" under the "H" background; contains heavy save of Mk3 body for those who want to replace girl in scene; requires TAC1574
  2119. mod0646: Galactic Empire military uniforms from Legend of the Galactic Heroes; also contains a heavy save of a fighter jet (not related to LoGH)
  2120. mod0647: Latest version of the Sakurambo ("cherry") high-poly body
  2121. mod0648: Round promotional buttons/badges; replaces mod0640
  2122. ***mod0650: Loli panties with ties at sides; many colours and patterns; also has pushed-aside versions
  2123. mod0651: Hard saves of bodies made by combining the Imouto Mk. 3 body (XPC01654) and the textured regular body (XPC00807) with the face from the N-400 body (XPC02147) and the eyelashes from XPC01469
  2124. mod0652: Re-upload of the N460 one-piece swimsuits; many colours/patterns/designs/ruffles (obsoleted by mod0653)
  2125. ***mod0653: Replaces mod0652; fixes some clipping on some suits
  2126. mod0654: Soap bubble foam and animated sweat and water drops for the NJXA body; can load from hand reserve or fang slots
  2127. mod0655: Updated hair colours for TAHHair; replaces mod0644
  2128. mod0656: Update of the N699 gymnastics leotard; 100 patterns/colours; includes reference images
  2129. mod0657: Bunny suits for the NJXA body
  2130. mod0658: Dancing girl outfit
  2131. ***mod0659: NJXA high poly loli body; replaces mod0637
  2132. mod0660: String bras and thong panties for NJXA body
  2133. mod0662: Heavy saves of tropical drinks in highball glasses
  2134. mod0663: Festival parade float; also has traditional Japanese instruments (taiko drums, shamisen, wood flute)
  2135. mod0664: Festival stages; updates mod0586
  2136. mod0665: Round promotional buttons/badges; replaces mod0648
  2137. mod0667: Heavy save of the red sofa from Dream Club
  2138. mod0669: "Nikoichi" body; uses NJXA head on standard body
  2139. mod0670: The Graf Zeppelin seen in Kiki's Delivery Service
  2140. mod0671: Gundam Victory cosplay set; includes pose files
  2141. mod0672: Macross Destroid Monster HWR-00-Mk II mecha
  2142. mod0674: Green bikini top; also has stringless clamshell bikini tops in a few colours
  2143. mod0675: Cosplay set for Kamitsure/Elesa from Pokemon; has dress in a few colours, but lacks heels and headphone cords
  2144. mod0676: Floating analyzer screen that removes all clothing behind it; both single screen over crotch and several screens surrounding body; loads from scalp hair slot
  2145. mod0676: YF-19 Valkyrie from Macross Plus in both fighter and soldier mode; also has black cap with bunny logo
  2146. mod0678: Cosplay set for Blue Rose from Tiger & Bunny; with and without Pepsi branding
  2147. ***mod0679: NJXA bodies with spread vaginal openings; requires mod0659
  2148. mod0681: VF-19 Kai Fire Valkyrie
  2149. mod0682: Gundam Victory cosplay set; includes pose files; replaces mod0671
  2150. mod0683: Panasonic "Let's Note" notebook computer in two colours; also has discs
  2151. mod0684: Festival stages; updates mod0664
  2152. mod0685: High-leg one-piece swimsuits for NJXA bodies; based on XPC03174; adds several shiny metallic colours
  2153. mod0686: Adds a back hair and two front hairs for NJXA; comes with TahHair files for adding base colours
  2154. mod0687: Adds a hashmark blush to NJXA
  2155. mod0688: School uniforms from Yuruyuri; dress (2 sleeves), overblouse, socks (4 lengths), shoes (2 styles)
  2156. mod0689: TahHair files to adjust colours in NJXA
  2157. mod0690: Hammock; also has round watermelon in net sling
  2158. mod0691: Weapons set for Gundam Victory (mod0682)
  2159. mod0693: School uniforms from Yuru Yuri; replaces mod0688
  2160. mod0694: Elixir Lime and Elixir Rose from the Elixir Knights/Sweet Knights series; has instructions for posing Rose's whip sword
  2161. ***mod0695: Maid-themed erotic (fully open) lingerie set for NJXA bodies in 8 colours; also has puffy nipples for NJXA bodies
  2162. mod0696: Long, thin, showy hair ribbons in several bright colours
  2163. mod0697: Adds 2 styles with several colours to the stockings in mod0695
  2164. ***mod0698: Old-style school swimsuit for NJXA bodies in several colours; has separate sign for front; comes with heavy save of NJXA body with tanlines
  2165. mod0700: School uniforms from Yuru Yuri; replaces mod0693; adds indoor shoes
  2166. mod0701: Heavy saves of metal buckets
  2167. mod0703: Hairstyles for Mato and Yomi from Black Rock Shooter
  2168. mod0704: YF-21 Omega One fighter from Macross
  2169. mod0706: Gundam Victory cosplay set; includes pose files; replaces mod0682
  2170. mod0707: Update of mod0651; hard saves of bodies made by combining the Imouto Mk. 3 body (XPC01654) and the textured regular body (XPC00807) with the face from the N400 body (XPC02147), the eyelashes from XPC01469 and the texture shadows from NJXA (mod0659); also has panties to fit body
  2171. mod0708: Rude body graffiti for NJXA bodies
  2172. ***mod0709: Monokini swimsuits for NJXA bodies; several colours/patterns and optional skirt fringe; has transparent versions; also has a killer whale pool float
  2173. mod0710: Lace string panties for NJXA bodies; also has a pair of black thigh-high socks; requires mod0659
  2174. mod0711: Dark eyes in 21 colours
  2175. mod0712: "Office of the Imperial City's Detective Agency" - background that loads in pieces from different slots; has day and night versions
  2176. mod0713: Set of pose files for rope bondage; also has heavy saves of hybrid bodies made from other bodies
  2177. mod0715: School uniforms from Yuru Yuri; replaces mod0700; adds shorter-length dress and jacket; may also fit NJXA bodies
  2178. mod0719: School uniforms from Yuru Yuri; replaces mod0715; may also fit NJXA bodies
  2179. mod0722: Cosplay set for Alisa from God Eater; includes heavy save
  2180. mod0723: Round promotional buttons/badges; replaces mod0665
  2181. mod0724: 1/4 scale figures of magical girls from the various "Magical Kinghts" series of hentai games; also has small glass case
  2182. ***mod0726: Hybrid body: NJXA body with N256 face; identical content to XPC03256
  2183. mod0727: Ridiculously scant string swimwear for NJXA bodies; several styles, colours and transparencies; identical content to XPC03258
  2184. mod0728: Shamu Meruruusa from the Kaiten Muten-Maru trading card game; comes with heavy saves
  2185. mod0729: Glasses in 9 different colour gradients including rainbow
  2186. mod0730: Red body grafitti for stomach area; identical content to XPC03264
  2187. mod0731: The Cthugha and Ithaqua handguns from Demonbane
  2188. mod0733: Suzume from Sengoku Rance; comes with assembled soft save
  2189. mod0734: Hybrid body: NJXA body with head from Sakura body
  2190. mod0735: Round promotional buttons/badges; replaces mod0723
  2191. mod0737: Elf ears for NJXA bodies; 3 lengths, many colours
  2192. mod0738: No mod file; illustrated instructions on 3D modeling in Japanese
  2193. mod0740: Mecha parts for Sierra from Vanguard Princess
  2194. ***mod0741: Background: Huge (120 MB!) castle; replaces mod0739
  2195. mod0742: F4-J Type 77 mech from MuvLuv Alternative; comes with pose files to stretch mech into proper shape
  2196. mod0743: Heavy save of Toyosatomimi no Miko from the Touhou game "Ten Desires"; body is NJXA
  2197. mod0744: Lingerie set for NJXA bodies
  2198. mod0745: Heavy saves of Toyosatomimi no Miko and Mononobe no Futo from the Touhou game "Ten Desires"; different model than mod0743
  2199. mod0746: Heavy save and pose file for F-4JXXX mech from MuvLuv Alternative
  2200. mod0747: King Sccasher mech from NG Knight Lamune & 40; comes with pose files for both robot and lion form
  2201. mod0748: School uniforms from Yuru Yuri; replaces mod0719; adds school slippers
  2202. mod0749: Male mod: Turns male into a translucent realistic male
  2203. mod0750: Transparent geometric shapes for making shade/shadow in scenes
  2204. mod0751: Groups of up to 15 low-poly faceless fantasy warriors for making background crowds
  2205. mod0752: NJXA bodies with breasts; comes with bras to fit; identical content to XPC03345
  2206. mod0753: Cosplay set for Alisa from God Eater; replaces mod0722
  2207. mod0759: Adds versions of the defualt black and white socks and gloves that lack the thick, noticable "countour lines" that show up on the body when equipped
  2208. mod0760: Hybrid body: NJXA body with head from Sakura body; now with large-breasted version; replaces mod0734
  2209. mod0762: Cosplay set for Yamamoto Isoroku (56) from Sengoku Rance
  2210. mod0764: Male mod: Two of the characters from Shinsei Motemote Oukoku
  2211. mod0765: Set pieces for making tentacle/insertion/absorption scenes
  2212. mod0766: Model posing stand from electronics company Sofmap
  2213. mod0767: Swords from the game Guardian Heroes
  2214. mod0769: Heavy save of the Hubble Space Telescope satellite
  2215. mod0770: XM404 "Grand Slam" sword for Strike Gundam (did not appear in the anime, only in a model kit); also has a smaller combat knife
  2216. ***mod0771: NJXA hi-poly loli body version 2; comes with Halloween-themed hair and costume set; see also XPC03424
  2217. mod0773: Devil Girl costume for NJXA bodies
  2218. mod0774: Male mod: Turns male into Accelerator from Toaru Majutsu no Index; comes with bonus futa penises and the cap from mod0676
  2219. mod0775: Adds scalp categories to TAHHair-005-rc1
  2220. mod0776: Traditional Geisha chignon (hairstyle)
  2221. ***mod0777: Skimpy fur suits with kitty accessories in a few colours
  2222. mod0778: Heavy saves of the flying patrol car from 1973's "Robot Detective"
  2223. mod0779: Update of mod0744 for the NJXAv2 body
  2224. mod0780: Space Marine Thunder Hammer weapon from Warhammer 40k
  2225. mod0781: Four poster canopy bed with red heart-shaped cushions and children's toys on floor
  2226. mod0782: Male mod: changes male to frog-headed tentacle demon; comes with a background of a hellish/nightmarish scene
  2227. mod0783: Male mod: changes male to masked tentacle demon; comes with a background of a water-logged nightmare scene
  2228. mod0784: Male mod: changes male to purple-black tentacle demon; comes with a background of a ruined town
  2229. mod0785: Male mod: changes male to hornet-like tentacle demon; comes with a background of a octopus/Cthulu platform floating in space
  2230. mod0786: Male mod: changes male to transparent eyeball-filled tentacle demon; comes with a version of the platform from mod0785, but floating over clouds
  2231. mod0787: Male mod: changes male to middle-aged busninessman with two penises and tentacled hands; comes with a background of a large, empty bedroom
  2232. mod0788: Male mod: changes male to purple newt-like tentacle demon; comes with a background of a caged sports ring overgrown with brown tentacles
  2233. mod0789: Male mod: changes male to slender, black tentacle demon; comes with a background of a field
  2234. mod0790: Male mod: changes male to futa woman with tentacle limbs and second head; comes with background of a platform made of tentacles and eyeballs
  2235. mod0791: Male mod: changes male to an insect-like tentacle demon; comes with a background of a nightmarish prison room with a swamp-like floor
  2236. mod0792: Cosplay set for Uesugi Kenshin from Sengoku Rance
  2237. mod0793: Extra hairs (2 back, 3 front) for NJXA bodies
  2238. mod0795: Update of the NJXAv2 Halloween outfit from mod0771 with more colours
  2239. ***mod0796: Stockings for NJXAv2; replaces mod0779
  2240. mod0798: Heavy saves of the ships from Ultraseven in various forms; also has a heavy save of the Chiburu alien
  2241. mod0799: Horseback riding machine; both as item and as male mod
  2242. mod0800: Cosplay set for Saya from BLOOD-C
  2243. mod0801: Eye and mouth parts for chibi models; comes with some heavy saves
  2244. mod0802: BRSxNikoichi body; hi-poly body with slighlty differing jawlines
  2245. mod0803: Hair and ribbons for characters from Sengoku Rance (mod0733, mod0762, mod0792); also has nekomimi ahoge
  2246. mod0804: Additional chibi mouth; adds to mod0801
  2247. mod0805: Glasses for chibi models in several colours
  2248. mod0806: Item: "ANO" (clone of UNO) playing cards
  2249. mod0807: Update of NJXA + Sakura body; replaces mod0760
  2250. mod0808: Waist-length twintail back hair
  2251. mod0809: Background: Kindergarten classroom
  2252. mod0810: Set of chibis including Saya from Blood-C; also has some face parts, items and a bathroom/bedroom set
  2253. mod0811: Set of comical eyes for chibis
  2254. ***mod0812: Blush, tears and erect nipples for NJXAv2
  2255. mod0813: Tentacle monster items with old men's faces
  2256. mod0814: "World Champion" gold title belt
  2257. mod0815: Shamu Meruruusa from the Kaiten Muten-Maru trading card game; replaces mod0728; comes with heavy saves, now including chibi
  2258. mod0816: One-piece swimsuits in a few colours; also has a bikini with red, white and blue stripes
  2259. ***mod0817: Shiny leotards for loli bodies with nice texturing; several colours and duo-colours
  2260. mod0818: Queen Sideron mech from NG Knight Lamune & 40; comes with pose files for both robot and panther form
  2261. mod0819: Chibis of a blond princess and a pink-haired succubus (similar to the one in the presets) as items;also has heavy saves
  2262. mod0820: Denim jeans and shorts for NJXA bodies
  2263. mod0821: Heavy saves of bodies clothed in metallic cheerleader outfits with poms
  2264. mod0822: Death Note notebook, open or closed, for either hand; also has pencil for either hand
  2265. mod0823: Adds a green colour to TAHHair (Tateha from Espgaluda?)
  2266. mod0824: Rhythmic gymnastics set; leotard in many colours and styles, sheer hose and skirts in a few colours; legwarmers in a several colours; equipment (ribbons, hoops, etc.) in a few colours; set of toe-shoes in pink
  2267. mod0825: Organic tentacle demon objects
  2268. mod0827: Large glob of red slime that wraps around model's body
  2269. ***mod0829: Heavy saves of a destroyed city background
  2270. ***mod0830: Modification of breasted NJXA body with head that resembles artwork by Oyari Ashito ("NOCCHI"); comes with an eye shadow attachment to further resemble the artwork
  2271. ***mod0831: Adds a few skin colours and textures to mod0830
  2272. mod0832: 3 different pikes/straight-bladed spears
  2273. mod0833: 3 different medieval helmets
  2274. mod0835: Kawasaki Z2 motorcycle, red, has a few turn positions; loads from eyepatch slot
  2275. mod0836: Heavy saves of a few items: wrapped presents in red and black, a window dressing, a black room and a full garbage bag
  2276. mod0837: Argyle-pattern sweaters in 10 different colours for NJXA bodies; normal and full-length
  2277. mod0838: Dress and sleeves in 4 colours for NJXA bodies; based on the Elin outfit from the TERA MMORPG
  2278. mod0840: Round promotional buttons/badges; replaces mod0735
  2279. mod0841: Sash with writing worn across body; writing can be changed by editing a texture file
  2280. ***mod0842: Satin bra and panties in several colours for several body types including NJXA
  2281. mod0843: Fashionable boots with checkered tops in tan, brown or white
  2282. mod0844: Heavy save of Nenji (the little red blob) from "Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere"
  2283. mod0845: Heavy save of a mini-tank
  2284. mod0846: Round pink bento box and matching chopsticks (reupload)
  2285. mod0847: Chibi kittens (reupload)
  2286. mod0848: Heavy saves of muzzle flash for an automatic weapon
  2287. mod0849: Closed eyes; either or both; loads from eyepatch slot
  2288. mod0850: FN SCAR-H assault rifle, camoflauge version
  2289. mod0851: Anime Body v2; various states of vaginal opening; has larger breasts, pubic hair and extended tongue as attachments; replaces TAC2218
  2290. mod0852: Fashionable eyeglasses
  2291. ***mod0853: 3 different outfits in 4 colours for NJXA bodies; based on the Elin outfits from the TERA MMORPG; replaces mod0838. Also contains Elin-like proportions for the NJXA body.
  2292. mod0854: Fashionable boots with checkered tops in tan, brown or white; replaces mod0843
  2293. ***mod0855: Extras for the Anime Body in mod0851; includes some hair, underwear, nipples, stockings and hairbands
  2294. mod0856: Macchi M.C.72 racing seaplane
  2295. mod0857: Reupload of the eye styles N740, N741, N742, N743, N744, N745, N746 and N747
  2296. mod0858: Panasonic "Let's Note" notebook computer in two colours; also has discs; replaces mod0683
  2297. mod0859: Cosplay set for Homura from Senran Kagura
  2298. mod0860: Male mod: Changes male to young yakuza/street boss in white suit and sunglasses; with and without katana in hand
  2299. mod0863: Chie Satonaka's jacket from Persona 4 for NJXA body; many colour variations; also has her badges
  2300. mod0864: HUGE collection of hairs (1.1 GB when assembled); includes NJXA hairs and colours
  2301. mod0865: Text file containing hash collisions of hair mods; identical content to XPC03603
  2302. mod0866: Upright piano; also has chair
  2303. ***mod0867: Sailor suit for the Anime body (mod0851); also has see-through versions of blouses
  2304. mod0869: Metal face guard in a few colours in raised and lowered postitions
  2305. mod0870: Chie Satonaka's jacket from Persona 4 for NJXA breasted body; many colour variations; also has her badges; also has open version of jacket
  2306. mod0871: Cosplay outfits for the baseball mascots Buffalo Bell and Raina/Liona
  2307. mod0872: Pubic hair collection for the N400+BL body
  2308. mod0874: The Fortress of Barad-dur, including the Eye of Sauron, from The Lord of the Rings; also has heavy save
  2309. mod0875: A Fell Beast, the winged mount of the Nazgul from The Lord of the Rings; also has heavy save
  2310. mod0876: Cosplay set for Katsuragi from Senran Kagura
  2311. mod0877: Heavy saves of a composite body made from XPC02780, XPC01654, XPC00807 and custom_Body.Ver2
  2312. ***mod0878: Satin lingerie items in several colours for several body types including NJXA; adds to mod0842
  2313. mod0879: Pieces of cake, square or triangular, with or without white plates
  2314. mod0880: Gundam AGE-2 set
  2315. mod0881: Western-style bathtub; white or pink; opaque or transparent; blue, clear or plum-coloured liquid
  2316. mod0882: Heavy saves of "nii" versions of "gray" aliens
  2317. mod0883: Heavy save of a "nii" of Utsuho Reiuji (Okuu) from Touhou; comes with attachments in a .tah file
  2318. mod0884: School uniform and hair for Konata from Lucky Star
  2319. mod0885: "Nii" character with light blue twintails; realted to mod0819
  2320. mod0886: Set of images with Japanese text describing how to make pictures using a transparent texture
  2321. mod0887: Heavy saves of transparent textures for sword wounds; related to mod0886
  2322. mod0888: Heavy saves of another hybrid body using N400 head
  2323. mod0889: Wolverine's adamantium claws (extended only)
  2324. mod0890: Ernula's transparent blue rubber suit from Senko no Ronde; designed for breasted NJXAv2; comes with heavy saves of "nii" versions of the black rabbits and other figures
  2325. mod0891: Bunny suit leotard with ties at the sides and back; red black or white; copper-coloured leggings attached
  2326. mod0892: Gundam AGE-2 set; replaces mod0880; now includes Zedas-R
  2327. mod0893: Heavy save of a "nii" of Cirno from Touhou
  2328. mod0894: Western-style bathtub; replaces mod0881; now has bubble bath
  2329. mod0896: Christmas and Valentines-themed fetish wear (ribbons, pasties, g-string)
  2330. mod0897: Reupload of Gundam 00 set
  2331. mod0899: Cosplay set for Rabi-en-Rose from Digi Charat for breasted NJXA in pink or red; also has pulled-down version of blouse; identical content to XPC03662
  2332. mod0900: Ice/glass swords for either hand
  2333. mod0901: Toyokura Town, a small seaside city
  2334. mod0902: Plastic shopping baskets in a few colours
  2335. mod0903: "Nii" versions of Hibari and Yagyuu from Senran Kagura
  2336. mod0904: JPEG files with detailed instructions in Japanese on how to add images to the textures of 3D objects
  2337. mod0905: Kupaa body - loli body based on cusjiru
  2338. mod0906: Wicker satchels/purses/shopping bags in a few colours
  2339. mod0907: Cosplay set for Coquelicot from Sakura Taisen (2 outfits)
  2340. mod0909: Heavy save of a Graphig (a boxy paper doll) along with an image on how to map your own
  2341. mod0910: Astral Riser rifle from Phantasy Star Portable 2
  2342. mod0911: "Arms" shotgun from Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst
  2343. mod0912: "Nii" versions of Taiga Fujimura from Fate/Stay Night in training clothes and of Sagat from Street Fighter
  2344. ***(ONLY FOR NIIs, WHICH ARE SUPER DEFORMED MODELS; DO NOT DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL BLINDLY) mod0913: Makes "niis" look correct in save thumbnails, but mangles regular models; move out of arcs folder when not saving niis
  2345. mod0914: Cosplay set for Leviathan from Megaman Zero
  2346. mod0915: Heavy saves of the powersuits from Starship Troopers in a few colours
  2347. mod0916: Several single-colour tattoos, mostly around the pelvic region
  2348. mod0919: Heavy saves of a robot made from a cassette player
  2349. mod0920: Some of the sweater dresses from mod0627 altered for flat chests; also has some semi-transparent minidresses for flat chests
  2350. mod0921: Cosplay set for Leviathan from Megaman Zero; replaces mod0914
  2351. mod0922: Numbers from 00 to 15 for applying to the powersuits from mod0915
  2352. mod0923: Bondage/torture items: Water wheel meant to be used as a rack, and a small set of wheels with beaded rope meant to be run through crotch
  2353. mod0924: Heavy save of a nii of Homura from Senran Kagura
  2354. mod0925: F-4JXXX mech from Muv-Luv Alternative; comes with weapons; replaces mod0746
  2355. mod0927: Three weapons from Phantasy Star Online
  2356. mod0928: Heavy saves of a robot made from a cassette player; replaces mod0919
  2357. mod0929: The positron sniper rifle and shield used in episode 6 of Neon Genesis Evangelion; includes pose for rifle
  2358. mod0930: Heavy saves of go-carts sized for niis
  2359. mod0932: Large hammers with various weights/slogans
  2360. mod0933: Wicker satchels/purses/shopping bags in a few colours; replaces mod0906
  2361. mod0934: Collection of pose files that claim to be town data; doesn't seem to load in pose mode
  2362. mod0935: Fedora-style hats in several colours/designs
  2363. mod0936: Heavy saves of nii versions of Tewi and Reisen Udonge from Touhou
  2364. mod0937: Cosplay set for Warsman from Kinnikuman/M.U.S.C.L.E; also has heavy saves
  2365. mod0938: Male mod: changes male to the armour of Myst-Vearn (Mistburn) from the Dragon Quest: Dai's Big Adventure manga; also has heavy save of Myst-Vearn's horned headpiece
  2366. mod0939: Cosplay set for Gran-chan, a fan Touhou originating from Futaba based on Flandre Scarlet; may need XPC03507 for the body
  2367. mod0940: Collection of 16 (mostly cartoonish) mouths for niis
  2368. mod0941: Heavy saves of nii versions of Tewi and Reisen Udonge from Touhou; replaces mod0936
  2369. mod0942: 2 different styles of peace/victory signs for nii hands
  2370. mod0943: Cosplay set for Lily from Mahou Senshi Symphonic Knights; both outfits; identical content to XPC03707
  2371. mod0946: Heavy saves of props for a quiz/game show
  2372. mod0947: Cosplay set for Lemmtear Theta from the Sweet Knights series
  2373. mod0948: Jar of instant coffee, spoon and coffee cup
  2374. mod0950: Reupload of toonshader2 2011-08-06 version; identical content to XPC03713
  2375. mod0951: Adds 6 short gravure motions, including a handjob
  2376. mod0952: Heavy saves of sci-fi/fantasy armour
  2377. mod0953: Male mods: Lupin III (red jacket) and Jigen
  2378. ***mod0954: Several colours for the panties and hair ribbons from mod0947; also has the hair in the base colour
  2379. mod0955: Long-sleeved jacket for NJXA bodies in several colours
  2380. mod0957: Fried shrimp, fried dumpling and plate; also has heavy saves of the items at human size
  2381. mod0960: Bunny suit leotard with copper-coloured leggings; replaces mod0891; also has a collection of spears and halberds
  2382. mod0961: Cosplay set for the Prismriver sisters from Touhou
  2383. mod0962: Background of a rooftop with a giant nii head; also has roof raised to reveal launch pad
  2384. mod0963: Swords from Golden Knight Garo; also has some scenes of Toyokura Town from mod0901
  2385. mod0964: Images and a text file describing how to do wide-angle telephoto images
  2386. mod0965: Cockpit assemblies and giant food items (and a penis) to fit them in
  2387. mod0966: Metatron's helmet from DemonBane
  2388. mod0967: Adds black colour to the Metatron helmet in mod0966
  2389. mod0968: Adds a fish sausage to mod0965
  2390. mod0969: heavy save and .tso file of a wireframe model composed of TDCG bones; might be useful for posing
  2391. mod0970: 2 different styles of peace/victory signs for nii hands; replaces mod0942
  2392. mod0971: Remote control car
  2393. mod0972: Remake of Kasuko's (defualt girl's) gloves (reupload); also adds 2 colour variations for entire outfit
  2394. mod0973: Heavy saves of Bonus-kun from Galaxy Fight/Waku Waku 7 and a nii of Chample from Samurai Shodown
  2395. mod0974: Adds 2 more colours to the Metatron helmet in mod0966
  2396. mod0975: Heavy save of a bipedal tentacle beast
  2397. mod0976: Nintendo 3DS in several colours; also has person-sized versions
  2398. mod0982: A nii of the "curry-coloured" Kasuko; comes with a stewpot to cook her in; also has some more cockpit items for mod0965
  2399. mod0983: Bugfix for background with giant nii head in mod0962
  2400. mod0984: Niis for Kasuko in 4 colours
  2401. mod0985: Crane game machines; also has heavy saves
  2402. mod0986: Cosplay set for Metatron from Demonbane; comes with heavy save of wings and a pose file
  2403. mod0987: More colour varieties for Kasuko's outfit
  2404. mod0988: Sword that appears in the Muv-Luv TCG
  2405. mod0989: Long Cheongsam dress and back hair of enormous princess curls/drill curls; see also mod0992
  2406. mod0990: Background: Transparent subway car
  2407. mod0992: Adds some extra configurations to the backhair in mod0989
  2408. mod0993: Versions of the high-poly default and NJXA1 bodies with built-in eyeliner; comes with eyes
  2409. mod0994: Heavy saves of the giant robot Daitetsujin 17 from the 1977 series of the same name
  2410. mod0995: Steam / fog effect
  2411. mod0996: Heavy save of a mushroom-shaped giant robot, similar to the alien tripods from War of the Worlds; probably from some '70s Japanese show I can't identify
  2412. ***mod0997: Backgrounds of falling items: Sakura petals, snowflakes, hearts or sparkles; also has suspended snowflakes as an item
  2413. mod0998: Giant robot with steamroller; possibly an enemy from Daitetsujin 17
  2414. mod0999: Adds rain item to mod0997; also has remake of night forest background that allows items to animate properly
  2415. mod1000: Hair clips for front side in a few colours
  2416. mod1001: Male mod: changes male to repltilian enemy from Lemmtear Knights series; has versions with short, long or no penis
  2417. mod1005: Mimicutie from Kid Icarus/Palutena no Kagami; has heavy save of a nii version
  2418. mod1006: Heavy saves of niis for Flandre Scarlet from Touhou and Gran-chan (Futaba's fan Touhou); also has clothing options for Gran-chan
  2419. mod1007: Background: rocky cave interior; also has scaled down versions as items
  2420. mod1009: Background: bare room with split-level wooden floor
  2421. mod1010: Heavy saves of 2 different riding dragons; one requires the included pose file
  2422. mod1011: Fixed hair for the curry-coloured Kasuko nii from mod0982
  2423. mod1012: Heavy save containing a remake of the defualt bathroom background as a body; has a posable showerhead and movable bath stool
  2424. mod1013: 4 styles of pantyhose in a few colours from black to skintone
  2425. mod1014: Heavy save of the "One Eight" giant robot from Daitetsujin 17
  2426. mod1015: Handheld signs and sign boards used by highway workers
  2427. mod1016: Shirt from XPC01741 in a couple of colours/patterns; 2-tiered skirt in 2 colours and a pattern; striped stockings in 2 colours
  2428. mod1017: NMN6 & NMN7 body, flat-chested version; also has pregnant versions
  2429. mod1018: Gundam AGE-2 set; replaces mod0892
  2430. mod1019: Widely opened vagina attachment for NMN6 & NMN7 body
  2431. mod1020: Modification of NJXA body with head that resembles artwork by Oyari Ashito ("NOCCHI"); comes with 2 sets of eyes as well as eyeshadow and blush to further resemble the artwork; see also mod0830 and mod0831
  2432. mod1022: Background: Radio broadcasting booth / studio
  2433. mod1024: Images and a text file describing how to do wide-angle telephoto images; update of mod0964
  2434. mod1025: Niis of 2 characters from the Senran Kagura series
  2435. mod1026: More cockpits on items like mod0965
  2436. mod1027: UFO from "Gamera Versus Viras" ("Destroy All Planets")
  2437. mod1028: Heavy save of Viras from "Gamera Versus Viras" ("Destroy All Planets"); identical content to XPC03779
  2438. mod1029: Update of mod0982 / mod0984; multicoloured Kasuko niis
  2439. mod1030: Pizza as single slice or whole pies in normal and deep-dish varieties, on or off dish; multiple sizes
  2440. mod1031: Male mod: Changes male to elongated spider-bodied tentacle demon with human face
  2441. mod1033: Scene save of a multi-limbed robotic rape chair
  2442. mod1034: Heavy saves of round robots that are Kasuko's enemies, according to Futaba
  2443. mod1035: Dolly/trolley/hand truck items in several colours; comes with a uniform resembling a moving company
  2444. mod1036: Robot vacuum cleaner (like iRobot Roomba); also has "attack mode" configuration
  2445. mod1037: Heavy saves of floating attack platforms
  2446. mod1038: Curry-coloured Kasuko set
  2447. mod1039: Heavy save of a submarine from the original Blue Submarine 006 manga (1967)
  2448. mod1040: Collection of heavy saves of objects and rooms apparently related to '70s tokusatsu shows
  2449. mod1041: Nii of a character from Monster Hunter
  2450. mod1042: Kamen Rider's motorcycle
  2451. mod1043: Additional gloves and socks for the curry-coloured Kasuko in mod1038
  2452. mod1044: Background: Room, porch and yard of Japanese house
  2453. mod1045: Update of the shopping baskets and bags from mod0933; now has posable handles
  2454. mod1046: Nii of Tenshi from Touhou with accessories; also has heavy saves
  2455. mod1047: Black powder cannons, large and small; some comical
  2456. mod1048: Launch pad with giant nii head; replaces mod0983
  2457. mod1049: Weird conglomeration of train car, cockpit, giant nii head
  2458. mod1050: Wagan from the Wagan Land series; also has heavy save of Wagan's head as a cosplay helmet
  2459. mod1051: Sleeveless blouses for NJXA in 2 styles and several colours/patterns; also has heavy save of Endless race queen outfit for NJXA
  2460. mod1052: Body with no eyeline; requires XPC02296, which is no longer available
  2461. mod1053: GN Sword from Gundam
  2462. ***mod1054: Satin lingerie items in several colours for Cusjiru bodies; adds to mod0842 and mod0878
  2463. mod1055: Pair of cartoonish ducks (one has an eyepatch), apparently from a video game
  2464. mod1056: Reupload of Demonbane mecha; also has heavy save
  2465. mod1058: Closed eyes with eyelashes for default body
  2466. mod1059: Background: Forest clearing with optional sakura trees, lake and island; also has decorative boulders and park benches
  2467. mod1060: Bonaparte, the mini-tank from Dominion Tank Police
  2468. mod1061: The Clanche and Clanche Custom mechs from Gundam AGE; includes heavy saves and pose files
  2469. mod1063: Rectangular shadows meant to be placed under automobile items
  2470. mod1064: Large remote control item
  2471. mod1065: Cartoonish alpaca; also has version with nii face
  2472. ***mod1066: Lacy panties, sleeves and stockings for Cusjiru bodies in black or white; stockings also have open-toed versions
  2473. mod1067: Simple animal traps made of baskets propped up by sticks; has human-sized versions
  2474. mod1068: School uniform from the survival horror H-game and anime Isaku
  2475. mod1069: Update of curry-coloured Kasuko set; replaces mod1038 and mod1043
  2476. mod1070: More colour varieties for Kasuko's outfit; replaces mod0987
  2477. mod1072: Corrective update of mod0972
  2478. mod1073: Background: Pink area with signs of Japanese text relating to the Japanese TDCG community
  2479. mod1074: Rotating red light for Bonaparte from mod1060
  2480. mod1075: Egyptian Pharaoh (Tutankhamun) headdress and burial mask; also has mummy wrappings for default body
  2481. mod1076: Black Rock Shooter Beast set (use mod1087 instead)
  2482. mod1080: High-leg leotards, upper-arm length gloves, thighhighs and heels in many shiny colours for NJXA2 Sexy (XPC03756)
  2483. mod1082: VF-19S Excalibur from Macross in jet form
  2484. mod1083: High-leg leotards in many shiny colours for the flat-chested Sakurambo D body (mod0593); also has penises and scrotums in the same colours to make ladyboy/trap bulges
  2485. mod1084: Transparent raincoats in several colours; hood up or down; breasted and flat-chested versions
  2486. mod1085: Cushions/pillows that have the face of Katsuragi from Senran Kagura
  2487. mod1086: The MSZ-006 from Zeta Gundam in Waverider mode
  2488. mod1087: Black Rock Shooter Beast set from mod1076 with clipping issues fixed
  2489. mod1088: A few rolled condoms; also condoms on a penis with varied amounts in reservoir tip; requires mod0375
  2490. mod1089: Kamen Rider v3's "Hurricane" motorcycle
  2491. mod1090: Large pierrot-style neck ruffle
  2492. mod1092: Niis of two video game characters (one is Mirai from Senran Kagura)
  2493. mod1094: Cosplay set for Hajime Kunihiro from Saki
  2494. mod1095: s2tk body - modified NJXAv2 body with narrow eyeline; includes breasted version
  2495. mod1096: Heavy saves of Doc Brown's rifle from Back to the Future Part III and Kamen Rider Amazon's "Jungler" motorcycle
  2496. mod1097: Adds colour variations to military clothing in mod0444
  2497. mod1098: The Landmaster vehicle from the 1977 film Damnation Alley
  2498. mod1099: open front sweater designed to fit with sailor uniforms
  2499. mod1100: Hoverboard from Back to the Future
  2500. mod1102: Heavy save of a nii in a baseball uniform; comes with a tah file that has a bat in a few colours
  2501. mod1103: Full head masks/hoods; pigeon and rooster
  2502. mod1104: Cosplay set for Anvaru from Busou Shinki based on NJXA2; also has heavy saves
  2503. mod1105: Clock face from Town Hall in Back to the Future; also has Doc Brown's 2015 sunglasses; also has a gray tablet which displays the center of your desktop vertically
  2504. mod1106: Giant (about half human height) car key prop
  2505. mod1107: "Death Metal" body; pale standard body with eye paint and a kanji on forehead
  2506. mod1108: The giant robot Raideen/Raydeen from the '75-'76 series; has heavy save of a squid-like enemy
  2507. mod1109: Grilled steak items; served on iron plates atop wooden trays
  2508. mod1110: Ukulele in woodtone or white with floral pattern
  2509. mod1112: Shader updates for the Appleseed outfits from mod0323 and mod0384
  2510. mod1114: Adds colour variations to military clothing in mod0444; replaces mod1097
  2511. mod1115: Rollerskates
  2512. mod1116: Heavy saves of various objects; includes chair, tables, teacup and teapot, toothbrush, eggplant, wooden raft, castle wall area
  2513. mod1117: Bear suit in several colours
  2514. mod1118: Heavy saves of a nii of an unknown chracter
  2515. mod1119: "Pashina" style steam locomotive from the Manchurian Railway in black or cyan
  2516. mod1120: Heavy save of Getter Robo with cape and axes
  2517. mod1121: Heavy save of Black Getter Robo with cape and clubs
  2518. mod1122: Nii of Homika/Roxie from Pokemon Black 2/White 2
  2519. mod1123: San Francisco Police Department uniform
  2520. mod1124: Killer Whale
  2521. mod1127: Type 82-F robot from Muv-Luv
  2522. mod1128: Doberman body; press F12 in pose mode for correct proportions
  2523. mod1129: Ponytail back hair for NJXA in NJXA and base colours; also has ribbons
  2524. mod1130: Round promotional buttons/badges; replaces mod0840
  2525. mod1131: Skeleton body; has a few different configurations to match different body types
  2526. mod1132: Large remote control device
  2527. mod1133: Full-head pig masks in pink, black, white or gold
  2528. mod1134: Heavy saves of handheld fans in red, white or black
  2529. mod1135: Niis of 2 characters from the Senran Kagura series; replaces mod1025
  2530. mod1136: Large flesh-coloured bump/knot for top of head
  2531. mod1137: Batch file that renames your pose files by their creation date (better for sorting than the default randomized names); place the .bat in the TechArts3D folder above the pose folder
  2532. mod1138: Background: Adds a few extra solid colours to the default background
  2533. mod1139: The Ideon from Space Runaway Ideon/Densetsu Kyojin Ideon; also has a character nii and some enemy ships in heavy saves
  2534. mod1140: Humvee in a few configurations with accessories
  2535. mod1141: NJXA + Sakura body v2.1; replaces mod0807
  2536. mod1143: Tester-1 ship from Zero Tester
  2537. mod1145: NJXAbo93 body v1.2; replaces XPC03918
  2538. mod1146: Instructional images on manually creating shadow and highlight textures
  2539. mod1151: Background: Strip club with bar, dancing pole and peep rooms; name on walls is "Caos Bar"
  2540. mod1152: Item version of strip club in mod1151
  2541. mod1153: Humvee in a few configurations with accessories; replaces mod1140
  2542. mod1154: Background: Moon Parlor v.3; dark traditional Japanese house with the moon visible through windows
  2543. mod1155: Heavy saves of some tentacle monster parts
  2544. mod1156: Heavy save of a nii of Suika Ibuki from Touhou
  2545. mod1157: Long, spiky eyelashes; adds to TA3CH0415
  2546. mod1160: Unknown tokusatsu hero with sword
  2547. mod1161: Heavy saves of niis of the swimmer and ballerina enemies from Quinty/Mendel Palace
  2548. mod1162: Cosplay set for Olive Oyl from Popeye; includes mask for head
  2549. mod1164: Heavy save of Nintendo's Kirby
  2550. mod1165: Costumes from Shadow Lady, Tiger & Bunny, Wingman, Kamen Rider
  2551. mod1166: Alien robots/monsters that are Kasuko's enemies, similar to mod1034
  2552. mod1167: The Gunbuster giant robot; replaces mod1125
  2553. mod1169: Background: Strip club with bar, dancing pole and peep rooms; name on walls is "Caos Bar"; replaces mod1151
  2554. mod1170: Heavy saves of niis of Reimu, Marisa, Tenshi and Mamizou-Reimu from Touhou; also has yukkuris of Reimu and Marisa
  2555. mod1171: Cat head masks in several colours; also has large gold coins, apparently for maneki neko cosplay
  2556. mod1172: Male mod: Uncircumcised male in school gym uniform
  2557. mod1173: The flying kayak from Howl's Moving Castle
  2558. mod1174: Heavy save of a nii, apparently of the Ragia from Monster Hunter
  2559. mod1176: Background: another update to the bar from mod1169
  2560. mod1177: Background: another version of mod1176 with different lighting
  2561. mod1178: Background: adds to mod1176
  2562. mod1179: Background: backstage/dressing room areas
  2563. mod1180: Cosplay set for Altlene from Busou Shinki
  2564. mod1181: Cores from Monsuno in 3 colours, apparently sized to hold niis
  2565. mod1182: Giant plastic bottles filled with pale lavender liquid
  2566. mod1212: Round pink pig nii; large red cheeks like Anpanman
  2567. mod1213: Booster rocket packs for the Variable Fighters from Macross
  2568. mod1214: Japanese construction helmet; yellow with green cross
  2569. mod1215: USB thumbdrive on a cord, worn as a necklace
  2570. mod1216: Iron mask from "The Man in the Iron Mask"
  2571. mod1217: Spear used by Tiamo in Fire Emblem: Awakening
  2572. mod1218: Stylized robotic arm telephone poles
  2573. mod1219: Chibi giant robot
  2574. mod1220: Stylized Moai (Easter Island) heads with black eyes
  2575. mod1221: Valkyrie/Variable Fighter set from Macross; several configurations, accessories and poses; replaces mod1211
  2576. mod1223: "BLHair" colours for TAHhair; replaces XPC03239 and XPC03426
  2577. mod1224: Update of one of the niis from mod0810
  2578. mod1225: Nii of a mushroom creature
  2579. mod1227: Update of the Type F mech from Muv-Luv Alternative
  2580. mod1228: Pointed frame ("cateye") glasses
  2581. mod1229: Full container of pachinko balls
  2582. mod1230: Reupload of the Destroid Defender from Macross
  2583. mod1231: Gig bag, a soft guitar case with a carrying strap
  2584. mod1232: Nii of Kiruko Otonashi from Rookie Policewoman Kiruko
  2585. mod1233: More Variable Fighter models/colours from Macross; comes with pose files
  2586. mod1234: Corkboard with pushpins in several colours; also has sample photo items with a separate .tso for making your own
  2587. mod1237: Nii of Asuka from Senran Kagura; nude with reindeer horns
  2588. mod1238: Azure Town, a city background that loads from the mole slot; also has heavy saves
  2589. mod1239: Drum set / trap set in a few colours
  2590. mod1240: Melonpan/melon bread unwrapped/half-wrapped/fully wrapped, with and without printing
  2591. mod1241: Cosplay set for 3 characters from Kinnikuman/M.U.S.C.L.E; also has heavy saves; replaces mod0937
  2592. mod1242: Nii of a character in a NWO shirt
  2593. mod1243: Nii of a moth-winged fairy
  2594. mod1244: Saki's yo-yo from Sukeban Deka
  2595. mod1245: Sailor cardigan & mniskirt combo in a few darker colours
  2596. mod1246: Kotatsu with green blanket; also has bowls of rice porridge with and without roast chicken
  2597. mod1247: Extra eye colours for the s2tk body; requires mod1095
  2598. mod1250: NKK body 5, hi-poly body based partly on NJXA and Cusjiru; also has "blackline" (thicker line) versions for comic art
  2599. mod1251: Cosplay set for several of the characters from Muv-Luv
  2600. mod1252: Car driven by Kaiketsu Zubat (Extraordinary Zvatt), a tokusatsu hero from the '70s
  2601. mod1253: 2 different synthesizers; also has stands to hold them
  2602. mod1254: Nii of Yuki Izumi from Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus
  2603. mod1255: Christmas cake
  2604. mod1256: Basic pantyhose; 4 styles; 3 levels of transparency; black, brown or white
  2605. mod1257: Similar to mod1256, but requires latest toonshader2
  2606. mod1258: Heavy saves of a few clothing and accessories for NJXA3 bodies; also has a few new hair colours for TahHair
  2607. mod1260: Muffler scarf in 6 colours
  2608. mod1261: 2 hair additions that resemble catgirl ears
  2609. mod1262: Elucidator and Dark Repulser swords from Sword Art Online
  2610. mod1263: Yokan with chestnuts; both light and dark varieties
  2611. mod1264: Blazer and pleated miniskirt for the Anime Body (mod0851)
  2612. mod1265: Adds a few colours and several accessories to the NJXA Yuzuki Yukari set from XPC03712
  2613. mod1266: Eyebrows in several colours for the NJXA NOCCHI body
  2614. mod1267: Nii of a video game character with a space helmet and giant shuriken
  2615. mod1268: Picking tool, a metal pole with a handle and trigger on one end and a grabbing claw on the other; comes with a pose file
  2616. mod1269: Panda backpack
  2617. mod1270: Cosplay set for Tsugaru from Bousu Shinki; includes heavy save of the outfit in vehicle configuration
  2618. mod1271: Background: Outdoor music festival stage
  2619. mod1272: Naga bodies in a few colour combinations; has snake-scale gloves in matching colours
  2620. mod1273: More mecha from Macross with weapons and pose files
  2621. mod1274: Koto, a Japanese stringed instrument
  2622. mod1275: Heavy saves of floor pillows and magazines with TDCG images
  2623. mod1276: Heavy save of a silver version of Getter Robo with metallic penis
  2624. mod1277: Transparent/slime body in a 6 bright colours; based on the Sakura body
  2625. mod1278: Dirt in 4 thicknesses for soles of feet
  2626. mod1279: Fender Stratocaster guitar in 5 colours
  2627. mod1280: More mechs, pieces and poses from Macross
  2628. mod1282: Heavy saves of the N400 body with eyes/eyelines from the Imouto Mk3 body
  2629. mod1283: Adds to the gig bags in mod1231; now has bags for bass guitars
  2630. mod1284: Nii of Ryobi from Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus
  2631. mod1285: Exosuit-style work robot
  2632. mod1286: Fender bass guitar with wood-tone texture in a few colours
  2633. mod1287: Giant chessboard and chess pieces; also has transparent versions of white pieces
  2634. mod1288: 2 different poseable microphone stands, with microphones
  2635. mod1289: Wooden 2-wheeled carts and large wooden tub/vat
  2636. mod1290: Sawed-off double-barreled shotgun used by Mel Gibson in Mad Max and The Road Warrior
  2637. mod1291: Natural spring/pool for bathing scenes; loads from reserve slot
  2638. mod1293: Black case containing guitar effects pedals; loads from reserve slot; waist bone is used to open and close lid
  2639. mod1294: Nii of a cat character; possibly a melynx/felyne from a Monster Hunter game
  2640. mod1295: Heavy save of a NJXA3 body wearing the Mikoto-Cluster outfit from Phantasy Star Online 2; also has some pose files
  2641. mod1297: Collection of most of the Macross/Robotech mechs; replaces mod1280 among others
  2642. mod1298: Tall poles containing large arrays of paper lanterns; used for festivals
  2643. mod1299: Scene save of Akane Isshiki and her flying bike from Vividred Operation; identical content to XPC04136
  2644. mod1300: Masks, capes and badges from Perman
  2645. mod1301: 2 niis of Asuka from Senran Kagura; regular uniform and slightly longer dress
  2646. mod1303: Full size straw dummy body
  2647. mod1304: Elf ears for NJXA3 and NJXA NOCCHI
  2648. mod1305: Athletic wristbands in several colours for NJXA bodies
  2649. mod1306: NJXA3 Refine - has 'slim', 'bust up' and 'F-cup' bodies; has add-on breasts for other NJXA variants; also has miniskirts and tube tops
  2650. mod1307: tso file containing a variation of the Anime body from mod0851; reduces the thickness of some lines
  2651. mod1308: Photorealistic emperor penguin; normal and human-sized
  2652. mod1309: Melee weapons used by the Codarl mechs in Full Metal Panic!
  2653. mod1310: Heavy saves of the outfit from mod1295 in 3 colour variations for NJXA3
  2654. mod1311: Heavy save of Crystal Boy from Space Adventure Cobra; identical content to XPC04148
  2655. mod1312: Seras Victoria's 30mm 'Harkonnen' cannon from Hellsing
  2656. mod1313: Banpei-kun from Ah! My Goddess
  2657. mod1314: Nii of Homura from Senran Kagura; 2 outfits
  2658. mod1315: Semi-transparent organic pods for tentacle scenes
  2659. mod1316: Scene saves of cosplay sets (suits and school uniforms) for the cast of Vivdred Operation; identical content to XPC04151
  2660. mod1317: More Macross pieces, poses and parts; features 2-seater variable fighter
  2661. mod1318: Cosplay sets for the suits from Vividred Operation; has both flat and breasted versions; identical content to XPC04153
  2662. mod1320: Gymnastics bloomers for NJXA in maroon, navy or dark green; with and without white striping; with and without sweat stains
  2663. mod1322: Shinto shrine offering box; 2 different inscriptions; normal and doll-sized
  2664. mod1323: NMxA & NMx5 high poly bodies
  2665. mod1324: Around 3 gigs of hair mods (needs about twice that when unpacking) in NJXA colours
  2666. mod1326: Eyes for NMx8 & NMx9
  2667. mod1327: Handmade chocolate set with boxes and cards
  2668. mod1328: Metal whiskey/booze flask
  2669. mod1329: Chocolate cupcake; single or on a plate of 3
  2670. mod1330: More cosplay parts for the Muv-Luv set from mod1251
  2671. mod1331: Weapons from Vividred Operation; identical content to XPC04166
  2672. mod1332: Cartoonish tsuchinoko
  2673. mod1333: Cosplay set for Zengar/Sanger from Super Robot Wars; includes sword and pose files
  2674. mod1334: Chocolate torte/cake; regular or dark chocolate icing; whole, cut or single piece
  2675. mod1335: Wrapped scrolls in a few colours
  2676. mod1336: Cosplay sets for Roze and Rurun from Madouhei Kleinhasa; includes weapons with animated firing
  2677. mod1338: Niis of 3 characters, including Klan Klein from Macross Frontier; eyes and hair are actually posable
  2678. mod1339: Heavy save of the 2012 figma Racequeen Miku outfit; identical content to XPC04175
  2679. mod1340: Cosplay set for Zengar/Sanger from Super Robot Wars; replaces mod1333; now has second character and more weapons/poses
  2680. mod1342: Pregnant belly attachment for NJXA bodies; includes animated sweat
  2681. mod1343: Niis of Jinguuji Marimo and Kouzuki Yuuko from Muv-Luv Alternative
  2682. mod1344: Small collection of .cs files for TMOProportion
  2683. mod1345: Hair and hair ribbons for Roza and Rurun from Madouhei Kleinhasa in several colours
  2684. mod1346: Niis of a 3-legged crow and an orange cat
  2685. mod1347: Heavy save of Char Aznable from Gundam; identical content to XPC01484
  2686. mod1348: Roland electric drum set
  2687. mod1350: Update of the Fantasy Man heavy saves from mod0628; also has a .tah file with weapons and shields
  2688. mod1351: "Meo-Geo" (Neo Geo) console; includes controller and choice of 3 cartridges
  2689. mod1353: Futuristic bondage chair with mechanical tentacles topped with various sexual devices; also has version of the dress from the 2012 figma Racequeen Miku outfit (mod 1339) with transparent or open breasts
  2690. mod1354: Adds dark skin tones for NJXA2 Sexy and NJXA3 F-Cup
  2691. mod1356: MN5 / MNA bodies with extra upper eyeline
  2692. mod1357: Fantasy Man v1.1; replaces mod1350
  2693. mod1358: Satin lingerie items in several colours for NJXA3; adds to mod0842, mod0878 and mod1054
  2694. mod1359: Snug bodysuit versions of maid and nun outfits
  2695. mod1360: Heavy saves, poses and accessories for Ultraman Jack; identical content to XPC04196
  2696. mod1361: Heavy save of 70's tokusatsu hero Mirrorman; identical content to XPC04200
  2697. mod1362: Heavy saves, poses and accessories for Ultraman and Ultraman Zoffy; identical content to XPC04203
  2698. mod1363: Heterochromatic eyes for Kogasa Tatara from Touhou for 4 different body styles
  2699. mod1364: Balance ball in 4 bright pastels
  2700. mod1365: Dark-skinned nii with white hair and outfit
  2701. mod1366: Heavy saves, poses and accessories for Ultraman Ace; identical content to XPC04214
  2702. mod1367: Moog 'Taurus 3' foot-operated synthesizer/keyboard
  2703. mod1368: Fernandes 'ZO-3' (a.k.a. 'elephant') guitar in 9 colours
  2704. mod1369: Heavy save of Ace Killer from Ultraman Ace; identical content to XPC04217
  2705. mod1370: High-wheeled ("Penny-Farthing") bicycles
  2706. mod1371: Satin lingerie items in several colours for NJXA3 Slim; adds to mod0842, mod0878, mod1054 and mod1358
  2707. mod1372: Heavy save of cosplay outfit for Sakura Miku; identical content to XPC04221
  2708. mod1373: Diglett from Pokemon
  2709. mod1374: Heavy save of Father of Ultra; identical content to XPC04224
  2710. mod1377: NJXA 3.1 'Bust-Up' breasted bodies; has 2 nipple sizes
  2711. mod1378: Nii of Murakumo from Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus; includes mask and weapons
  2712. mod1379: Heavy save of cosplay outfit for Yuki Miku; identical content to XPC04228
  2713. mod1380: Florsheim combatant from Tentai Senshi Sun Red
  2714. mod1381: Satin lingerie items in several colours for NJXA3 F-cup and refine; adds to mod0842, mod0878, mod1054, mod1358 and mod1371
  2715. mod1382: Japanese passport in blue or red
  2716. mod1383: Sakura and Yuki Miku heavy saves from mod1372/XPC04221 and mod1379/XPC04228 with transparency issues fixed; identical content to XPC04232
  2717. mod1384: Heavy saves of 4 versions of Kasuko made with Cusjiru's Custom Body v4.1 and NJXA eyes
  2718. mod1385: Engine parts- crankshaft, pistons, etc.
  2719. mod1386: Satin lingerie items in several colours for breasted NJXA3; adds to mod0842, mod0878, mod1054, mod1358, mod1371 and mod1381
  2720. mod1387: Heavy save of cosplay outfit for (normal) Hatsune Miku; identical content to XPC04235
  2721. mod1388: Heavy save of Ultraman Taro; identical content to XPC04236
  2722. mod1389: Heavy save of cosplay outfit for Senbonzakura Miku; identical content to XPC04238
  2723. mod1390: Gundam from G Gundam; includes SD version
  2724. mod1392: NJXA 3.1 bodies; replaces mod1377; now has extra body type and pregnant attachments
  2725. mod1393: Red and blue figures that resemble the male and female markings on public bathroom doors
  2726. mod1394: NJXZ Eye set; 3 styles; many colours
  2727. mod1395: SD MSM-04 Acguy from Mobile Suit Gundam; also has a few toy colours/styles (TMNT, Char, teddy bear)
  2728. mod1396: Bottle resembling Pietro soy sauce dressing
  2729. mod1397: Azaka and Kamidake (Ayeka's guardians) from Tenchi Muyo!
  2730. mod1398: Heavy save of cosplay set for Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi from 'The "Hentai" Prince and the Stony Cat.'; identical content to XPC04249
  2731. mod1399: Solid colour backgrounds with day, evening and night lighting
  2732. mod1400: Heavy save of the MSM-10 Zock from Gundam; identical content to XPC04250
  2733. mod1402: Ladies' bicycles with baskets in several pastel colours; also has older-style riding helmets
  2734. mod1403: SD version of the 'Black Dog' RGM-79 (G) from Gundam
  2735. mod1405: Heavy save of the father from Gegege no Kitaro; also has the cracked bowl he bathes in, and a large-size eyeball as mask
  2736. mod1406: Matte lipstick in 36 shades
  2737. mod1407: Large hanging gong and mallets
  2738. mod1408: Nii-sized weapons- sword, assault rifle and vulcan cannon; guns have animated versions
  2739. mod1409: Hair for the 'expression' body (XPC04240+XPC04248) coloured to resemble Keine Kamishirasawa from Touhou (both forms)
  2740. mod1410: Japanese futon bed; also has versions to allow occupation in lying down and sitting up positions
  2741. mod1411: Briefcase-style school backpacks
  2742. mod1412: Triangle bondage set v1.5; bondage outfits and string bikinis; replaces XPC04000
  2743. mod1413: Pesticide spray can
  2744. mod1414: Heavy saves of an entry hall and wooden-floored room in a European-style mansion
  2745. mod1415: Heavy saves of Ultraman Belial; also has small, large and double penis attachment; identical content to XPC04268
  2746. mod1416: Nii of Hibari from Senran Kagura in rabbit-themed armour; also has niis of 2 ninja rabbits
  2747. mod1417: Humpback whales in black, 2 shades of blue and pink
  2748. mod1418: Barrel, swords and pirate head from the 'Pop Up Pirate' children's game
  2749. mod1419: Nii of Cordelia/Tiamo from Fire Emblem Awakening
  2750. mod1420: Penises for Ultraman bodies; identical content to XPC04277
  2751. mod1421: Solid colour backgrounds; replaces mod1399
  2752. mod1422: NJXA2 eyes updated for use with NJXA3 & NJXA 3.1; has regular and follow-eyes
  2753. mod1423: Japanese white-spotted deer
  2754. mod1424: NZNH high-poly small-chested body; fairly cute face; comes with eyes, blushes, 2 hairstyles and larger breast attachments
  2755. mod1425: NMQA eyes for NJXA 3.1
  2756. mod1426: Concert tickets; single or multiple
  2759. ====================================================================
  2762. Futaba Temporary Uploader(tim)
  2763. 3a4e
  2765. tim0001-5 - Heavy saves or images
  2766. tim0006 - A(camera?) effect somehow having to do with peeping? Untested
  2767. tim0007 Effect - - Video camera(switch to it with e?)
  2768. tim0008 Arin from Pangya
  2769. tim0009 Update to Arin from Pangya? Made a few hours later
  2770. tim0010-17 Heavy saves or other images
  2771. tim0018 Update to camera effect from tim0007
  2772. tim0020 .tso model containing a bridal hood
  2773. tim0021 .tso model containing a.... bridal kerchief?
  2774. tim0022 Hard save or other image file
  2775. tim0023 Save of a normal-looking short-haired girl with short jeans
  2776. tim0025 Alters pose mode bgm
  2777. tim0026 - A pair of baggy military camo pants.
  2778. tim0030 - 7 poses(male-only poses included), intended to be grouped together for a 7-some.
  2779. tim0031 - pulled-back hair(flat texture), with a bonus hair band.
  2780. tim0032 - Nanoha weapons/items: a large broadsword, some rollerskates, and armoured gloves/knuckles.
  2781. tim0033 Front hair. Pullback hair with small bobs of hair in the front
  2782. tim0035 School chairs. Ropes attached on two
  2783. tim0036 - Guro set, contains models with their limbs cut off at varying points
  2784. tim0037 Sushi; a male mod that replaces the male with a stick of sushi included
  2785. tim0038 - Several sailor shirts with matching long and short skirts
  2786. tim0039 - Turns male to skeleton
  2787. tim0040 - A rocking horse
  2788. tim0041 - The stand with a hole through the middle that's often seen in Japanese bathrooms
  2789. tim0042 - Minotaur male mod
  2790. tim0043 - Traffic cones
  2791. tim0045 - Male mod, changes male to marlin fish
  2792. tim0046 - Male mod, changes male to demon
  2793. tim0047 - Male mod, changes male to bear
  2794. tim0048 - Male mod, changes male to strange looking hamster
  2795. tim0049 - Seems to be a bunch of cards or effect-like items?
  2796. tim0050 - Test tiara/crown
  2797. tim0051 - Glossy hair for Tamaki from TH2, untested
  2798. tim0052 - Three hard saves; can't identify characters
  2799. tim0053 - "Pachiten"/patiten; some kind of sailor-ish long shirt with two cherry objects in front. Apparently from a series called "Twin Angel"
  2800. tim0054 - Fight ring
  2801. tim0055 - Male mod; turns male into pike fish
  2802. tim0056 - Male mod; turns male into Special Ops agent
  2803. tim0057 - Male mod; turns male into Special Ops agent, tailored for/with Kazan
  2804. tim0058 - Male mod; turns male into minotaur skeleton
  2805. tim0060 - Iron maiden
  2806. tim0061 - Male mod pack containing both skeleton and minotaur skeleton
  2807. tim0062 - "n568 school"; normal looking school map? looks like the default one, chairs arranged
  2808. tim0063 - Hard save with a blonde haired girl with an "Antec" headband and computer fans for hairpins, some kind of strange picture of a guy, and a computer tower.
  2809. tim0064 - Long muffler(scarf)
  2810. tim0065 - Male mod, turns male into astronaut
  2811. tim0067 - Hard save, Zange from Kannagi
  2812. tim0068 - Scene save; skunk boy fucking a blonde haired girl?
  2813. tim0069 - Male mod, changes male to scorpion
  2814. tim0070 - Mithra ears from FF11
  2815. tim0071 - Female police officer outfit; old-style police?
  2816. tim0072 - Heavy saves with maids, one with blue skin; entitled "doragon"
  2817. tim0073 - "iretaisougi"; physical education shirts(bloomer shirts), but not sure what's different about them from normal ones. untested
  2818. tim0074 - Male mod, see-thru man
  2819. tim0075 - Custom Girl tank
  2820. tim0077 - Custom Girl tanks again
  2821. tim0078 - Update to tim0053? "Patiten" mod, contains magical girl-like outfits for "Aoi" and "Haruka". Apparently from a series called "Twin Angel"
  2822. tim0079 - Contains a hardsave for a special ops girl much like the special ops man in an earlier tim zip file
  2823. tim0080 - Contains a hardsave; Saku-test, some kind of robot looking thing I should probably know about
  2824. tim0081 - Custom Girl tanks again; looks a little better this time
  2825. tim0082 "Aozai"; white chinese dress. Chinese(female?) Doctor's garb?
  2826. tim0083 Custom Girl tanks again... set D
  2827. tim0084 - Robot dog girl with a pose that has it assembled; works with poses since every body part of the dog is a different joint of the girl
  2828. tim0085 - Bamboo balance-pipe fountain
  2829. tim0086 - Dragon Quest outfit with a male mod of a guy with a cape+attached full head hood with only eyes revealed, wearing nothing else but boots and a near-speedo
  2830. tim0087 Wedding ring; "helps with that mourning look"
  2831. tim0088 Custom Girl tanks set E
  2832. tim0090 - Changes TDCG loading screen to another picture, and contains omake placard items with the TDCG logo. Untested
  2833. tim0091 Seems to have been made to test fur... also contains really thick pubic hair
  2834. tim0093 Crossbow, one for each hand?
  2835. tim0095 Hard saves... seem to be staves. Untested.
  2836. tim0096 A grav mode of some sort with a hard save of a body that looks like the Monolith body
  2837. tim0097 tso2toy alpha r5
  2838. tim0098 Hard saves of the cardboard box character
  2839. tim0099 More Saku robot hardsaves; two colours this time
  2840. tim0101 Passworded files, but they appear to be gun hard saves; it appears that "custom" is not the password
  2841. tim0102 Gun saves, this time not passworded
  2842. tim0103 Male mod; replaces male with torpedo? untested
  2843. tim0110 - Replaces male with vibrator
  2844. tim0112 - Yami from TLR, a short, curved ponytail hairstyle, and a hard save of a girl I don't recognize(folder name is Shadowlady_mod)
  2845. tim0122 - Fancy underwear; from AG3?
  2846. tim0129 - 10 or so different hairband
  2847. tim0130 - Reup of Yami from TLR/Shadowlady_mod? Can't see any changes, file sizes and dates are the same
  2848. tim0131 - Ninja weapons. Shuriken, for one
  2849. tim0132 - Unique hair bands, includes a pineapple and demon hair band amongst other variations
  2850. tim0133 - More hair bands
  2851. tim0136 - Assault set A
  2852. tim0137 - Assault set B
  2853. tim0138 - Assault set C
  2854. tim0138 - Assault set D
  2855. tim0140 - Assault set E
  2856. tim0140 - BG Shinto Alter
  2857. tim0168 - BG Pro Wrestling ring, Pro Wrestling ring item, ring mats
  2858. tim0186 - Male mod; turns male into marlin fish
  2859. tim0243 - Gymnastics top
  2860. tim0309 - Pills
  2861. tim0316 - Body wrapping? Paint? Color that wraps around the body in a somewhat unordered fashion.
  2862. tim0322 A hammer-type weapon. More like a morning star, really.
  2863. tim0323 TDCG manga/SS collection.
  2864. tim0325 TDCG manga/SS collection.
  2865. tim0327 A shower hat.
  2866. tim0329 BG; School music room ala K-on!. Appears to be the same music room as tim0734. Same file, size, and creation date.
  2867. tim0332 Same file as tim0329. Reup?
  2868. tim0336 TDCG manga/SS collection.
  2869. tim0351 Item; appears to be one of those futuristic anti-gravity flying skateboards. There's a pose to go along with it.
  2870. tim0360 A bunch of different hard saves. Nothing particularly bad and it contains some things like a gundam helmet, but overall the girls just look outdated at this point.
  2871. tim0361 Chains designed to suspend a character's arms to a wall.
  2872. tim0362 BG; Shopping mall.
  2873. tim0366 TDCG manga/SS collection. Contains two pose files as well.
  2874. tim0368 "White fairy" Two scene saves of a girl getting raped(?) by fairies.
  2875. tim0372 Hard save of a mecha-suit girl and a few gif animations to go along with her.
  2876. tim0379 TDCG manga/SS collection. Continuation of tim0366, and also contains pose files.
  2877. tim0380 A few SSes and a hard save(demon girl). The guy apparently saw fit to name his hard save "system.tdcgsav", so I suggest renaming it.
  2878. tim0384 D-category hair that's intended to mimic Saya from Saya no Uta's ear-like hair tufts.
  2879. tim0387 A flaccid penis intended for futa, dubbed the N403 penis.
  2880. tim0389 A skintight suit. Appears to have some kind of relation to Gundam; physalis?
  2881. tim0391 An update to the N403 penis including more colours.
  2882. tim0392 Another update to the N403 penis.
  2883. tim0395 A bunch of hard saves of demon eyes.
  2884. tim0399 A toolset with a screwdriver. Comes with an omake that seems to be some kind of weird gadget belt, a sword, gun, and what looks like a card reader.
  2885. tim0401 Same as tim0399.
  2886. tim0549 - Room with a walkway on an upper level with chairs and a stage. - Meeting hall?
  2887. tim0550 "Magical cane with evil properties" A cane that has a skeleton hand at the end grasping an orb. Looks like it may be a reference to something.
  2888. tim0551 The Japanese type of loincloth strip called a "fundoshi"
  2889. tim0552 Some kind of Japanese cylindrical doll that looks like a Matryoshka called "Mingei Kokeshi" for the hand-held items slot and/or as a male mod.
  2890. tim0553 A bunch of different types of food and utensils.
  2891. tim0554 Eggplants as an item and male mod
  2892. tim0556 A space shuttle launcher platform and a figure stand. The space shuttle/platform appears to be movable using the girl's bones. Also contains a pose.
  2893. tim0557 Three heavy saves; a girl and(seemingly) "super futa" forms of the girl and her sister. The super ones are old versions(see tim0605).
  2894. tim0558 "Chapa's weapon set" Contains a bunch of weapons as tso files, some medieval-ish and some modern guns. They look pretty good.
  2895. tim0559 Papers for a paper delivery girl as hard saves.
  2896. tim0560 TDCG manga/SS collections.
  2897. tim0561 Hard saves of a brawler type girl. Old versions.
  2898. tim0562 A rerelease of the figure stand in tim0556 along with some interesting wings.
  2899. tim0565 Multiple hard saves of some plain looking girls and what appears to be their super sentai forms.
  2900. tim0567 Color variations of the fundoshi, presumably from the same modeller of the one in tim0551.
  2901. tim0568 Color variations of for the upper wear for the fundoshi in tim0551. According to the note, these fundoshi-related mods(this and tim0567) are alterations of the mod XPC00667.
  2902. tim0571 A number of different colours for a pumpkin head mod for category P.
  2903. tim0572 A number of hard saves for seemingly random characters. Mostly old versions, I believe there are some unique to this pack, however(at least they've got different file names).
  2904. tim0574 About 6 hard saves, mostly of girls in high leg swimsuits.
  2905. tim0575 More random-seeming hard saves.
  2906. tim0576 Two random hard saves and an accompanying ss.
  2907. tim0579 Lots of poses. They all appear to be based off that Futaba high-leg swimsuit meme where the girl takes a stiff squat-like pose with her hands pointing below her crotch. Can't say I understand the meme.
  2908. tim0580 TDCG manga/SS collections.
  2909. tim0581 Several pose files. Seems like they need to be renamed to be used as they don't end with .tdcgpose.png.
  2910. tim0584 More of the girls in tim0572. Still old versions. Once again, there are some that have different file names, I haven't checked to see if they are actually new or not.
  2911. tim0586 A red(fighting?) robot. Looks pretty well done.
  2912. tim0587 These appear to be window frame items which cause clothing viewed through them to become transparent. There's no readme file, so I'm not sure if it works with all clothing or not. Different frames may work for different types of clothing(they appear on multiple item categories) or have different transparency levels; I've tested and at least one only seems to work with full body garments and another works with both full body and upper body garments.
  2913. tim0591 An acoustic guitar, apparently designed after the Yamaha brand.
  2914. tim0596 High heel shoes.
  2915. tim0597 Four hard saves of someone's seemingly OC character(Filis Eizel?). Possibly old versions.
  2916. tim0599 Test curse-marks. Some are just dirty markings, it seems(such as "pig")
  2917. tim0602 "Lady"(Ojou) set. Three hard saves of random-looking characters.
  2918. tim0603 Two hard saves and some accompanying sses. One has a cape.
  2919. tim0604 Seems like penis mods which are coloured to match the shiny highleg swimsuit set.
  2920. tim0605 "Metallic mask sisters"; these are two hard saves, same as the ones in tim0557.
  2921. tim0607 Shiny full body jumpsuits. These match with tim0604. These appear to be old versions.
  2922. tim0609 Semen splatterings which match the colour of the suits in tim0607.
  2923. tim0610 TDCG manga/SS collections. There are two videos which are essentially gifs. Appears to show the past few tim mods(0604-0609) put to use.
  2924. tim0611. More highleg swimsuit stuff. Appears to be a modification of mod0276; the author says that mod0276 is required and to install it before installing this.
  2925. tim0612 Flintlock model handgun. Looks pretty good. If this is an actual model maybe somebody can ID it.
  2926. tim0615 Two hard saves of girls from one of the SS collections. Pretty plain.
  2927. tim0619 TDCG manga/SS collections. Titled "Fox Bullying"
  2928. tim0620 TDCG manga/SS collections.
  2929. tim0625 A modified version of the coat in TAC2236, which it requires according to the modder. Very shiny, looks metallic, and has a metallic blue glow to the back. I don't think the effects that were added look very good, but the coat itself looks nice.
  2930. tim0629 A transparent shield and blade made for custom girl(they have TDCG logos on them).
  2931. tim0630 "Jien Driver," or "samefag driver,"(joke name) a futuristic looking pistol.
  2932. tim0631 Some kind of red warlord helmet. Looks like a reference to something, but I'm not sure.
  2933. tim0635 Yakunaka Fusuko, seems like an OC. Two hard saves; one has star nipple pasties.
  2934. tim0637 An update to the Jien Driver weapon in tim0630.
  2935. tim0640 Another update to the Jien Driver weapon in tim0630.
  2936. tim0641 TDCG manga/ss collection and hard saves of the brawler-looking girl mentioned in other files. I believe her name is Ayo. There's also another girl who's wearing a trenchcoat whose design(not sure about the texture) doesn't look bad.
  2937. tim0642 Seems to be a complete collection of the shiny highleg swimsuit mods starting with
  2938. tim0604. Includes a full body jumpsuit, mask, penis, and... dick nipples? All shiny with the same colours as the swimsuits.
  2939. tim0643 A retexture of the default full-body nurse outfit.
  2940. tim0644 BG; A stage with a rainbow-coloured grid and moving illumination.
  2941. tim0646 Hand-held school swimsuit
  2942. tim0649 Two hard saves, one of a normal blonde schoolgirl and the other of her in an Ultraman-like suit.
  2943. tim0650 Two hard saves, described only "Shin TS Red and Black"
  2944. tim0653 Looks like an old version of the ZSS characters in tim0972.
  2945. tim0654 BG; appears to be a weapons storage room. The readme warns that if you use this mod, it will override(not overwrite) the gym stage.
  2946. tim0655 A fix for the BG storage room stage. You should be able to fix it by opening up the stage tah(BG.tah by default) in TDCGExplorer, renaming all files that start with sc45500 to sc45510, writing out the entire tah, and then pasting the icon and tbn in tim0655 into the appropriate folders(you'd might as well delete the ones that were there originally as well).
  2947. tim0656 BG; weapon storage room 2
  2948. tim0658 Retexture for the school swimsuit.
  2949. tim0659 Two hard saves of someone's OC.
  2950. tim0660 Two hard saves fo dick nipples.
  2951. tim0661 More hard saves and SS collections of Ayo , the brawler-looking girl in tim0641, along with the trenchcoat girl.
  2952. tim0662 Repost of the futa in tim0557(and later ones).
  2953. tim0664 Two hard saves of a white-haired girl in black/red clothing.
  2954. tim0667 Four hard saves, two are the character from tim0659.
  2955. tim0669 Two more hard saves of the girls in tim0662, this time pregnant.
  2956. tim0670 Tights with a bit of a grainy texture that sort of resembles netting(but isn't netting). Various colours.
  2957. tim0671 Pulled-up default sailor sweaters.
  2958. tim0673 TDCG manga/ss collection.
  2959. tim0675 Two hard saves of a white-haired girl in black/red clothing. Same as tim0664.
  2960. tim0677 TDCG manga/ss collection featuring the futanari from tim0662.
  2961. tim0678 Update to the hard saves from tim0667.
  2962. tim0679 A lot of tights meant for use with highleg swimsuits.
  2963. tim0681 More hard saves of the futanari from tim0662.
  2964. tim0682 tso2toy r3 and r5. I highly suspect there are more recent versions.
  2965. tim0683 Two hard saves of a Mecha-girl and one pose save. He names this girl Ji-kurinde(Jiikurinde) in later files.
  2966. tim0684 Five or so hard saves of various random girls. One looks like Ayo from previous files?
  2967. tim0686 TDCG manga/SS collections.
  2968. tim0687 Hard saves featuring the girl(s) in tim0686.
  2969. tim0688 Four screenshots.
  2970. tim0689 Versions of the shiny highleg swimsuits with holes in convenient places(such as the nipples and crotch). Produced an error in my TDCGExplorer for whatever reason, but it worked in-game(although the ones with heart-shaped holes seemed to have broken icons.
  2971. tim0692 TDCG manga/SS collections. Seems like shota rape.
  2972. tim0695 Two hard saves of a blonde haired girl. Fairly good-looking character, has a frilly skirt some may not have. Her name appears to translate to Knight of the Lakeshore, Merial(or some permutation of that)[??Ì??ÁÊaË, kohan no kishi meriaru)
  2973. tim0698 Two hard saves of a futa demon, and a new colour for a penis mod as an omake.
  2974. tim0699 Four hard saves of the girl from tim0662.
  2975. tim0702 Some cash cases(like the ones you see used to exchange goods/cash in crime movies).
  2976. tim0703 Six hard saves; three girls and versions of them with dicks. One has a back garment with the head of that one male wolf mod, fairly interesting characters overall.
  2977. tim0706 Two hard saves+pose file of the girl from tim0683.
  2978. tim0707 Hard save of a demon girl, the one from tim0698 but without a penis.
  2979. tim0709 Animation for the high leg swimsuit Futaba meme.
  2980. tim0710 TDCG manga/ss collection.
  2981. tim0712 Several pose files and a movie showing what it looks like when you animate them together using TMOComposer(or a similar program). It's for a girl holding out her sword and then sheathing it. Doesn't look half bad, but you'd have to put them together yourself.
  2982. tim0713 Three more poses which look suitable for animating.
  2983. tim0715 Three hard saves of the girls from tim0703.
  2984. tim0717 TDCG manga/SS collection. Contains... uh... dick scat.
  2985. tim0720 TDCG manga/SS collection of two lesbians in a nurse room.
  2986. tim0721 The same six hard saves as tim0703; three girls and versions of them with dicks.
  2987. tim0722 Hard save of a blonde girl. Looks pretty good from the thumbnail, reminds me a lot of the character in tim0695.
  2988. tim0724 Scene save collection of copyrighted characters.
  2989. tim0730 TDCG manga/SS collection.
  2990. tim0732 Back hairstyle; short side ponytail, like Misty from Pokemon. Also contains a hard save of her.
  2991. tim0734 Appears to be the a music room in a school. From "K-on!"? I know the person who made a K-on mode for sale used this room to take his screenshots.
  2992. tim0739 Hard save of a blonde girl in armour with a lance.
  2993. tim0741 Two hard saves of a girl, one with white hair and a magical girl cane. Also a good frilly upper garment.
  2994. tim0743 Retexture of the gym shirt.
  2995. tim0744 Hard save of a girl; "gedolf"(????)
  2996. tim0748 A nurse uniform with the front lifted up; apparently designed for futanari, but could be used for more general purposes.
  2997. tim0749 Magic effects as items; old version.
  2998. tim0750 TDCG manga/SS collection.
  2999. tim0754 Retexture of the China suit.
  3000. tim0755 A set of high-leg swimsuits. Shiny.
  3001. tim0761 Three hard saves of futanari characters. Blond. One is a demon.
  3002. tim0769 Appears to be an mqo file for somebody's first attempt at a mod. I don't know what they are for sure, but oneis titled "can" The other is titled "kongou"
  3003. tim0770 TDCG manga/SS collection. Textless. Slightly torture related.
  3004. tim0772 More textless TDCG manga. Has about 6 hard saves of the characters in the manga as well, but they are fairly basic except for one. Titled "Maidley(meidorei)".
  3005. tim0773 Contains three hards saves. The characters appear to have cat ears or hair that is designed to appear like cat ears.
  3006. tim0776 Textless tdcg manga entitled "Hennou cable" "Hennou" is short for hentai sennou, I believe, or loosely translated "brainwashing someone to be perverted"
  3007. tim0778 More textless tdcg manga, this time with some pose saves attached of a brawler-looking brown-skinned girl. Titled "Ayorisu"
  3008. tim0779 More textless hennou manga.
  3009. tim0788 Contains some coloured penises and semen used in the hennou manga in tim0776 as tah files.
  3010. tim0789 Contains a mod file of full-body jumpsuits that are shiny. Various colours.
  3011. tim0792 Two tah files containing many sound files. I'm not sure what all they contain for sure(difficult to test at best), but they do contain alternative music to TDCG's normal music. The voice of the girl is also replaced. I suspect this has something to do with Card Captor Sakura, but I'm not sure.
  3012. tim0797 Lesbian TDCG manga/SS collection, textless.
  3013. tim0801 TDCG manga/SS collections.
  3014. tim0803 According to the readme, it appears to be some kind of flash file in an EXE. Seems like it's a movie. I'm not testing it. Untested
  3015. tim0804 Contains a body mod with a gigantic stomach and a huge, gaping, open vagina. Judging by the background folder inside of it, it's intended for use for a pixie fucking fetish(the ones where a normal-sized man fucks a tiny girl when his penis is about the size of her entire body).
  3016. tim0806 TDCG manga/SS collections.
  3017. tim0808 TDCG manga/SS collections.
  3018. tim0815 TDCG manga/SS collections.
  3019. tim0816 Scene save collection of copyrighted characters.
  3020. tim0817 Metallic(I.e. shiny) full body jumpsuits. Appears to be an updated version of tim0789.
  3021. tim0818 A bunch of scene saves involving wrestling scenes. I don't see anything rare(or anything even uncommon) in any of them.
  3022. tim0825 TDCG manga/SS collections.
  3023. tim0834 TDCG manga/SS collections. Very guro and torture-oriented(probably the most I have scene so far).
  3024. tim0835 Code Geass set. Contains C.C. in her original costume(the white one), Kallen in her fighting outfit(the brown and red one), and Shirley in a school swimsuit. Also contains a starting attempt at Zero's outfit. The mods are fairly well done and unique, I believe they are Ocean Works' stuff.
  3025. tim0838 TDCG manga/SS collections of a weird, creepy looking loli. I had to actually look at all of these, they look so weird/poorly done that they're funny. Some torture is involved.
  3026. tim0845 Color variations of leotards.
  3027. tim0847 Bodies with perfectly round, distinctly solid-coloured nipples like you might see in some hentai(as in, the nipples do not blend in with the surrounding skin at all). They do not come as tah files, you have to pack them yourself.
  3028. tim0849 TDCG manga/SS collections.
  3029. tim0851 TDCG manga/SS collections.
  3030. tim0855 A fuzzy leotard as a tah. Kind of weird looking(at least in the preview SS), but well done I suspose.
  3031. tim0862 TDCG manga/SS collections. 300 pages or so.
  3032. tim0863 About 6 character hard saves of characters, some of which are used in TDCG manga which I have seen in other tim files. The hard saves themselves are also located in other tim files, and I believe they are older versions.
  3033. tim0869 Contains a scene save of a girl who is apparently from Touhou. Toramaru Sei? Planet Toramaru? Has a tiger tail and skirt, floating shawl, lance, pot. I think her mods are all unique.
  3034. tim0873 "Murasaki" Contains about 5 hard saves of a black-haired girl in various outfits. One has a gothic lolita dress I don't think I've seen before.
  3035. tim0883 TDCG manga/SS collections.
  3036. tim0885 Two vaguely android-looking hard saves. They just have robot parts equipped, but seem normal other wise.
  3037. tim0888 TDCG game entitled "Suimin Kaizou Shoujo", or "Hypnotic Reconstruction Girl"
  3038. tim0903 TDCG game entitled "Ane to Otouto", or "Big Sis and Little Brother". Newer version in tim0926? Untested.
  3039. tim0905 Contains hard saves of a lot of things I'm not sure I recognize but I am fairly sure are from Final Fantasy. Mog, dragons, etc. The folder is "Areku san da," and obvious pun on "Alexander"
  3040. tim0906 TDCG manga/SS collections. Guro.
  3041. tim0907 TDCG manga/SS collections.
  3042. tim0908 Scene save collection of copyrighted characters.
  3043. tim0915 "Ji-kurinde" Three hard saves of a Mecha-girl. Fairly well done, although I don't like the body mod.
  3044. tim0917 TDCG manga/SS collections. Uses the character in tim0915.
  3045. tim0926 Appears to be a newer version/redistribution of the game in tim0903.
  3046. tim0930 TDCG game entitled "Z-queen(test product)".
  3047. tim0931 TDCG manga/SS collections.
  3048. tim0932 Somebody's collection of various hardsaves. No copyrighted characters. Includes a(possibly updated?) hard save of the girl in tim0915.
  3049. tim0933 Two hard saves of seemingly random girls.
  3050. tim0940 Male mod; changes male into DQN Nii-san(blonde haired, brown-skinned guy). Faceless.
  3051. tim0951 Screenshots with some text. Appears to have no purpose.
  3052. tim0952 Two hard saves of seemingly random girls. One is wearing spats.
  3053. tim0953 Apparently an expansion to the retextured school swimsuits in tim0658 to include see-thru versions. The readme says that if you have tim0658, don't install the TAH with gl? in its name.
  3054. tim0957 Male mod; contains another DQN Nii-san from tim0940, this time with a face.
  3055. tim0961 A TDCG game entitled "Nijiura Gakuen 1".
  3056. tim0968 TDCG manga/SS collections.
  3057. tim0972 Scene save collection of copyrighted characters. Seems like it's probably from a different guy than the usual one. Appears to be an attempt at creating a bunch of ZSS characters.
  3058. tim0973 "Mahora-zu" Scene save collection of copyrighted characters. Same notes as tim0972, but this time from the Negima series.
  3059. tim0974 A TDCG game entitled "Nijiura Gakuen 2".
  3060. tim0975 A well-textured, white school swimsuit with varying levels of transparency.
  3061. tim0986 Male mod; another update to the DQN Nii-san in tim0940.
  3062. tim1005 Seems like a game featuring some snapshots from TDCG
  3063. tim1008 TSO containing a background file of some guarded entrance to a room
  3064. tim1010 Huge breasts(down to waist or more?) that go in the bra slot, don't seem well designed(they attach at a seemingly small point); untested
  3065. tim1011 Futanari School, short TDCG manga. You can probably imagine.
  3066. tim1012 Chitsujyo Mama Sentouin, some kind of futanari manga.
  3067. tim1013 Contains a skeleton. "deadfighter"
  3068. tim1014 Another manga, this time about a pair of maids. One sexually abusing the other.
  3069. tim1016 Manga, seems to be about a futanari school again
  3070. tim1017 Yet another futanari manga
  3071. tim1021 Foldable chairs used at beaches/pools
  3072. tim1023 Two movie files; couldn't open, but description is "Vid of me using MMD"
  3073. tim1024 Transparent glass?
  3074. tim1030 OP pics for Touhou TDCG threads
  3075. tim1033 A save of a girl I don't recognize and a hard save to go with her; hard save supposedly contains male mod? untested
  3076. tim1034 Venus fly traps
  3077. tim1035 Another game like tim1005
  3078. tim1036 Contains a manga about a perverted newscaster
  3079. tim1041 Contains a collection of Touhou characters in a hard pose save
  3080. tim1042 Contains a collection of Touhou characters in soft character saves
  3081. tim1045 - Heart-shaped nipple covers
  3082. tim1047 - Dirty(words) writing on body
  3083. tim1049 Bunch of different Touhou characters in one pose save
  3084. tim1050 Contains a fish-girl; not sure of the typical fantasy lore name
  3085. tim1052 Bondage ropes. They go around the crotch and breasts, but don't actually seem to restrict anything.
  3086. tim1054 Zero mask from Code Geass
  3087. tim1056 Contains some character saves, possibly from something I don't recognize. One's wearing a frilled dress coat, one's wearing a chinese dress.
  3088. tim1057 Testicles designed for the tail slot
  3089. tim1059 Two characters with a bunch of dirty writing over them; "bitch" 1 and 2
  3090. tim1062 Male mod; turns male into some kind of black demon
  3091. tim1063 Male mod; turns male into weird guy(probably not intended to be human) with a somewhat deformed head; may be from a series
  3092. tim1064 Another Touhou character collection as a scene save
  3093. tim1065 Set of items for manga facial expressions, such as facial shadow and anger marks
  3094. tim1066 High heels, the same male mod as tim1063, two hard saves with a girl in different outfits, and some pictures of her. Supposed to be some kind of witch/light dominatrix?
  3095. tim1067 Two hard saves with leopard bikinis
  3096. tim1068 Male mod; turns male into a more human, muscled version of Sakura from Card Captor Sakura's familiar thing(kerochan?)
  3097. tim1072 Two lines that move in circles around a center like you might see on a typical video game boss
  3098. tim1073 Vid of a girl dressed in a samurai outfit dancing to some manly Japanese song
  3099. tim1074 Strange bathroom stall BG; looks similar to the other stall bg
  3100. tim1075 Bunch of insect stuff
  3101. tim1077 Contains a save of some blonde girl with a black cat-ear hoodie and a shirt that says "Bariundo"
  3102. tim1079 Another(?) game like in tim1005; untested, may be an update or a new part in the series
  3103. tim1084 Some manga about a girl getting tortured by other girls with insects
  3104. tim1086 More insect shit
  3105. tim1087 Some sort of device for forcibly leaving the nose open with an omake that has cloth for all four limbs, one with a chain attached to it
  3106. tim1088 Eyebrows
  3107. tim1090 Shota hard saves
  3108. tim1091 Diaper
  3109. tim1094 Body that is meant to be shaped like an onahole(masturbation tool) with a face attached to it
  3110. tim1097 Hard save with a bunch of copyrighted characters
  3111. tim1098 - Komori Aimi(?) hard saves
  3112. tim1100 Two hard saves containing schoolgirls
  3113. tim1101 Micro bikini
  3114. tim1102 Short action manga; "kakobana"
  3115. tim1104 Bunch of futanari hard saves
  3116. tim1105 A vertical strip of a shirt which has a tie and doesn't cover the breasts
  3117. tim1106 Bunch of hard saves of two action-series looking girls
  3118. tim1107 Manga featuring the same girl from tim1066
  3119. tim1108 Hard save of a moving golem)
  3120. tim1109 Male mod; turns male into a demon of some sort with wings and a cartoony head. Shadore? Seems like I see the character a lot on Futaba-related things
  3121. tim1111 Hard save of some crazy looking cyborg maid with a Shiva(?) statue behind her
  3122. tim1112 Body that looks like a robot; "WAW"
  3123. tim1114 A settings file with a lot of different options, such as motion blur, bloom, etc.
  3124. tim1128 Futanari sex(enslavement?) short image manga. "ChitsujyoxShota"(no text)
  3125. tim1129 Bunch of hard saves of a school girl, teacher/professor/doctor, and a demon with a few images to go with it
  3126. tim1133 Continuation(?) of the tim1128 futanari manga(no text)
  3127. tim1136 Image set/manga with two school girls who were in tim1129
  3128. tim1138 New version of the huge breasts mod in tim1010
  3129. tim1139 Two poses; untested
  3130. tim1140 Two blue twin-tail haired girls that look like they came out of a fantasy RPG
  3131. tim1142 Manga of the girls in tim1106
  3132. tim1144 Lesbian(?) SM manga
  3133. tim1145 Shota hard saves; used in the tim1133 manga
  3134. tim1147 Bunch of hard saves of fairly interesting characters; I think they're original characters(not copyrighted)
  3135. tim1150 Pose save containing Sakura from CCS in a bunch of different outfits
  3136. tim1151 More manga from the guy making the series in tim1133 Manga again
  3137. tim1154 Same as tim1151
  3138. tim1157 Heavy saves of body graffiti with semen
  3139. tim1158 Same as tim1157
  3140. tim1161 Soft saves seemingly intended for a chess game--not exactly sure what test.css does
  3141. tim1164 Ocean Works 505's heavy save of a girl I think is from SRW Sha**muu
  3142. tim1165 Seems to give an explanation on TDCG's bone system
  3143. tim1166 Little bat character; "Demota"
  3144. tim1168 Ant-hat with heavy save
  3145. tim1169 Bunch of character hard saves, mostly with frilly short dresses; also contains an omake with... mahou shoujo shoes? untested
  3146. tim1172 Fish-girl related heavy saves; animated(poorly textured) water?
  3147. tim1173 Heavy save of hall with pillars on both sides
  3148. tim1174 Heavy save of a cottage
  3149. tim1175 Heavy save of someone's OC(?) Hina. Has a nice dress with a kimono-style top and Western bottom
  3150. tim1178 Heavy save of a slightly strange looking veranda
  3151. tim1179 BG; Hard saves of things intended for use as backgrounds. The rainbow one and the fire one are pretty good looking.
  3152. tim1180 Nose hooks for use in bondage.
  3153. tim1188 Textless TDCG manga/snapshot collection involving two loli Touhou characters.
  3154. tim1192 Three hard saves of a girl outfitted with a a bunch of robot equipment.
  3155. tim1198 8 or so hard saves of seemingly random characters. At the very least, looking up their names on Wikipedia gives nothing.
  3156. tim1199 Another big scene save character collection.
  3157. tim1206 More heavy saves of girls like/including the ones in tim1140
  3158. tim1207 BG; A pretty cool, well-done gothic mansion hall BG as a hard save
  3159. tim1210 "Brain Washing Capsule" Reminiscent of life support capsules you see in sci-fi.
  3160. tim1211 "Ruiida's Sake House" Some kind of game. Untested.
  3161. tim1216 Some bug/insect mods of some sort. Untested.
  3162. tim1225 BG; A castle as a hard save. "Be warned; it's huge"
  3163. tim1228 Some male mods a guy made using girl2man. See tim1230, it has the same stuff and more.
  3164. tim1229 "3d Custom Girl's Body Measuring [Session]" I'm really not sure what this is for, but it appears to be a method of measuring the girl's proportions using Metasequoia as a reference for size. Contains a few hard saves of the default girl at various breast sizes.
  3165. tim1230 Some male mods a guy made using girl2man. Also contains heavy saves of: Kagamine Rin, Sanzenin Nagi, Marisa, Reimu, and about four other characters I don't recognize(one seemingly from Touhou).
  3166. tim1231 Long, oblong eyes for use with NMM bodies.
  3167. tim1232 Some eyelashes. Made by Ocean Works?
  3168. tim1233 BG; Wooden platform object/stage, kind of like the ones stereotypically used in depictions of pre-industrial slave trade.
  3169. tim1234 Older version of the Deep One male mod.
  3170. tim1235 A TDCG manga/snapshot collection involving a futa.
  3171. tim1236 Male mod; turns male into a wolf with its mouth constantly frozen open. "Wolf man" Pretty much a classic, a lot of Futaba images seem to use it.
  3172. tim1240 A textless TDCG manga/snapshot collection involving some shota and a girl wearing elementary school clothing(although she looks of age).
  3173. tim1241 Large amount of manga/anime characters in one pose save
  3174. tim1248 An MMD video using TDCG girls entitled "Ri-ze L&J". Not sure what Ri-ze is referring to(probably the name of the character) but L&J refers to Love and Joy.
  3175. tim1252 Color variations of a frontal hairstyle from XPC1354.
  3176. tim1255 Some gang rape scene saves and SSes(three each) from the ichinichi ichiero guy.
  3177. tim1259 Hard saves of two seemingly random girls. A little plain.
  3178. tim1260 Four hard saves, two of which appear to be the same ones from tim1259. They don't look particularly special.
  3179. tim1261 Voodoo set involving a doll of a Touhou(I think) character. Has Marisa's hat, but I don't think it's Marisa.
  3180. tim1262 An update to the N460 one-piece swimsuit set. Current?
  3181. tim1263 A bunch of hard saves of relatively plain looking girls(for TDCG) with alternative superhero-looking outfits.
  3182. tim1265 A textless TDCG manga about a girl who encounters a monster. Very similar(as in at a glance it seems to be a character switch) to the manga in tim1274.
  3183. tim1266 A nearly 300 page TDCG image collection/textless manga. Involves futa. Titled "Shame on Houtou [Island]"(Houtou Ryoujoku), may be slightly inaccurate.
  3184. tim1267 Rather buff futanari girl, named "Chinmusu" This is an old version.
  3185. tim1268 Two hard saves of a(two?) grey haired girl(s). One is in a maid outfit, the other looks sort of like a Touhou outfit. Should be ID'd if it is a copyrighted character.
  3186. tim1269 More TDCG manga. Involves futa.
  3187. tim1273 An update to the N460 one-piece swimsuit set. Appears to be outdated.
  3188. tim1274 Textless TDCG manga about a cat girl who encounters a tentacle monster. Seemingly Continued in tim1275.
  3189. tim1275 A TDCG manga about a catgirl(huntress?) who becomes the unfortunate prey of a tentacle-looking monster. Contains guro.
  3190. tim1276 Appears to be a re-up(perhaps an update?) of tim1266.
  3191. tim1277 Three hard saves of fairly well done girls. A girl with butterfly wings, a country girl(summer dress, sun hat, etc.), and a dark-looking "I made myself as a 2d girl" girl.
  3192. tim1278 A rather muscular futanari. I believe it's a male mod?
  3193. tim1279 A few game consoles. Famicom, I think.
  3194. tim1280 Scene save character collection
  3195. tim1281 Two blank hard saves...? I have no idea what these are. Maybe I'm missing a shader? It just says "Use as you please" in the readme.
  3196. tim1282 Three hard saves of seemingly random(but well done) girls. The dresses on two of them are nice and I'm not sure if I've seen them before.
  3197. tim1283 Scissors
  3198. tim1284 Male mod; changes male into Deep One(merman with more fish; think sahagin or murloc?).
  3199. tim1285 Looks like pottery, but fleshy. Ridged base ending in a either concave or convex cone. But it looks kind of fleshy? I actually have no idea what they are at all.
  3200. tim1288 Zaru soba? Monkey soba? Appears to be a soba noodle set, but I'm not powerful enough to know exactly what "zaru" soba is supposed to be.
  3201. tim1289 An update to the frilled one-piece swimsuit collection.
  3202. tim1290 "Telescopic Distance" and "Wide-lens" toonshader filters. I believe they're camera effects usable with the "e" key, but I can't tell from the readme. Related to
  3203. tim1320. Untested.
  3204. tim1291 Clothes from "Working!!" Newer versions are available.
  3205. tim1292 "SS collection of scene save character collections to date" Documents which characters have been in the scene save collections up until the point it was released.
  3206. tim1293 "Mokona" Little rabbit creatures. Cute, I suspect they're from a series.
  3207. tim1295 Male mod; turns male into a cheerleading baton with a hand attached.
  3208. tim1296 Two hard saves of seemingly random characters. One has a kind of unique, odd looking ninja outfit.
  3209. tim1299 Hard save of a "Working!!" outfit. There are newer versions(in mod form).
  3210. tim1301 Some kind of game entitled "Yuyu-sama"
  3211. tim1302 A two-lensed camera. No one will be suspicious of a bright pink plate.
  3212. tim1303 Clothes and the yellow caution sign with forks from "Working!!" There are newer versions.
  3213. tim1304 The red warning tape from "Working!!"
  3214. tim1305 "Bug room" Presumably an older version of tim1315.
  3215. tim1308 Two hard saves involving a Touhou character, titled "You suck it, bitch!" and "I'll suck it!"
  3216. tim1312 Hard saves of Cusjiru bodies. One is a pregnant body.
  3217. tim1313 More "Working!!" stuff. Clothes and the trademark red tape. There are newer versions.
  3218. tim1315 "Bug room" Doesn't actually seem to have much to do with insects, it's a fleshy circular room with a tentacle-like pillar in the middle.
  3219. tim1316 Explanation of how to superimpose a girl onto a background. Not really needed if you've got much experience with photoshop.
  3220. tim1319 Blood attached to various positions.
  3221. tim1320 Seems to be a perspective/unzooming mod of some sort, probably one of those effects that you activate with E. May have been outdated by a more recent toonshader that allows you to zoom out as far as you want, because it was apparently made to attempt to get around the camera zoom-out limit(no longer a problem due to a toonshader update). Derived from tim1290.
  3222. tim1321 They appear to be wrist blades of some sort for the wrist slot, one for each hand(or both as one item).
  3223. tim1322 BG Village stage. Presumably an old version of tim1344.
  3224. tim1323 BG Item version of the village stage. Presumably an old version of tim1344.
  3225. tim1325 Waitress clothes(and more) of the Wagneria(sp?) cafe from the manga Working!!
  3226. tim1327 Short TDCG manga about titled "Fallen(falling? the kanji seem odd) Knight" or ???.
  3227. tim1328 A bunch of characters in hard saves. Some of the same characters as tim1346.
  3228. tim1330 Files for TAHHair. If you have the one from /jp/, I don't think this is needed as it only contains the same files(albeit named differently, which is bad).
  3229. tim1331 An older version of tim1334.
  3230. tim1334 BG A lot of stages as hard saves. The ones I tested seemed to look pretty nice, such as an outer space/starry sky scene, and an indoor wheat farm(from what I could tell).
  3231. tim1335 A TDCG short eromanga with futa, huge breasts, and pregnancy(I think).
  3232. tim1338 Scenes saves of an aircraft carrier stage.
  3233. tim1340 Appears to be a camera effect(activated with e?) of a camera view at different angles(30, 20, 10).
  3234. tim1341 Appears to be a camera effect(activated with e?) of a camera view at different angles.
  3235. tim1342 Three Touhou characters as lolis in a scene save. I'm not sure who they are(someone identify?).
  3236. tim1344 BG A very good looking village stage. Contains an item version as well. Unfortunately, the stage itself bugs for me.
  3237. tim1346 Some character hard saves. One has a pretty nice star-patterned China dress and one looks like Barasuishou(I think) from Rozen Maiden, but it's found in many other tim files as well.
  3238. tim1347 Ball gags for the mouth(untested, but it seems undoubtable).
  3239. tim1402 Tips on metaseqouia in Japanese
  3240. tim1403 Spandex gymnastics top
  3241. tim1405 Panties with heart patterns and Sailor Moon's face on the back.
  3242. tim1406 TSOBoneEditor. Seems to be a test/preliminary/beta version, so look for a newer one.
  3243. tim1408 Segways and a pose file to go along with them.
  3244. tim1409 Hard saves of life preservation capsules like you see in sci-fi.
  3245. tim1410 "Shin girigiri purin costume" Looks like a female wrestler outfit with exposed cleavage. Blue, green, and white.
  3246. tim1452 A bunch of images involve TDCG Touhou girls which the Futaba guys use to start their threads.
  3247. tim1454 Some seemingly blank t-shirts, apparently for the second-year anniversary of TDCG. For flat chests. Perhaps they're blank for easy texture editing?
  3248. tim1455 Canned meat or something.
  3249. tim1456 One of those mousepads with attached breast bumps, featuring a Touhou character(Kochiya Sanae?)
  3250. tim1458 "Vulgar panties test" A bunch of thongs with beads running along the bottom where cloth would normally be.
  3251. tim1459 Pose heavy save of some kind of crystal fighting robot. "Bonyou madou shouhei," "general-purpose magic crystal warrior?"
  3252. tim1460 Weird, kind of cute little bean creature. Looks a lot like the animal things the Futaba guys put with their girls all the time.
  3253. tim1462 Bolero for flat chests. They're furred. They're like mini-vests and expose the lower part of the upper body.
  3254. tim1465 - Male mod that looks like a Mexican wrestler.
  3255. tim1466 - A bunch of poses. Well done.
  3256. tim1468 Mod that apparently gives the UI a new look. I haven't tested it, but that's the description.
  3257. tim1504 Wrist watch with a rounded face.
  3258. tim1505 Another edit to the N460 one-piece/frill swimsuit set.
  3259. tim1506 Weekly Futaba magazine volume 7
  3260. tim1534 Old version of the NJX bikini set.
  3261. tim1535 A bunch of Futaba-meme and general joke themed t-shirts.
  3262. tim1536 - A lot of screenshots of some sex scene between an orc and a fairy(Cirno?).
  3263. tim1540 - T-shirts with a bunch of(futaba meme-related?) logos.
  3264. tim1542 Collection of characters in a scene save.
  3265. tim1543 Somebody's model of themselves as a girl from the "nijigen jyotaika" randomizer thing. Contains a body mod and hard saves.
  3266. tim1619 - Body with big eyes, cute? Updated version of mod0446 body or related to it?
  3267. tim1620 - Body with big eyes. "Eyeline body" Similar to 1619.
  3268. tim1622 Four hard saves of NMM/NMN eyeline bodies. Some of them are pregnant models with pretty excessively large stomachs.
  3269. tim1623 "Test public restroom" Pretty much what you'd expect, and similar to other restroom maps except this one has versions with dirtied toilets and stall writing.
  3270. tim1625 4 hard saves of characters/items used in someone's manga. One in a futa encased in stone, another looks like a chess piece, etc.
  3271. tim1884 - Images of an NTR sex scene involving a girl named Ai(?)
  3272. tim1885 - Black Magician Girl(Yugio) outfit
  3273. tim1886 - Seem to be some heavy saves of some guy's old Touhou mods; one looks like a pregnant miko outfit
  3274. tim1889 - Bicycle racing sports shirts with logos?
  3275. tim1898 Contains the NMM body. Looks high quality, seems to be the body used by the poser of a certain drill-haired princess(I think?) on futaba.
  3276. tim1919 Some poses plus a short image manga
  3277. tim1920 Some poses
  3278. tim1921 Monthly futaba magazine
  3279. tim1922 Monthly(really?)(8) Futaba TDCG "magazine"; contains some shirts with logos
  3280. tim1923 More monthly Futaba(9)
  3281. tim1925 Hard saves of a bunch of manga sound effects
  3282. tim1927 Hard save of a twin tailed girl made by a Futaba poster
  3283. tim1928 Texture files, purpose unknown
  3284. tim1929 Some poses
  3285. tim1930 Bunch of hard saves of random(?) girls
  3286. tim1931 Colorful sunglasses
  3287. tim1932 Bunch of hard saves of random(?) girls; may be from a series, probably not
  3288. tim1933 Hard saves of a random(?) girls
  3289. tim1934 Texture files, purpose unknown
  3290. tim2023:A set of hardsaves of touhou tops
  3291. tim2024:one pose made for that smiley thingie
  3292. tim2025: a set of poses made for that sminey thingie
  3293. tim2026:Looks like a yellow dress i saw worn on a character of a ps2 rpg,cannot remember the name
  3294. tim2027:Metal gear rexupper torso and head hardsave
  3295. tim2028:A face model, probably to be merged with a body model
  3296. tim2029:Ice cream Boxes and a market fridge
  3297. tim2030: A model named N331ICEI_Z05.tso
  3298. tim2031:Empty pose files ?
  3299. tim2032:Maribel hardsave
  3300. tim2033:Lots of Leotards
  3301. tim2170 An armour set. There's also a version with a lot of colour variations, but I'm going to have to look for it. It's still up on the tim uploader so grab it now if you want it.
  3304. ====================================================================
  3307. Tech Arts Uploader 1(TA3CH and 3DCH)
  3308. 4a5r
  3310. TA3CH0002 - Guilty Gear cosplay set, Zato1 and Millia Rage
  3311. TA3CH0006 - Eyes, "NUV Eyes" not exactly sure what they do, requires toonshader2.tah
  3312. TA3CH0007 - Heavy save "Anabura" red dress version and white dress version
  3313. TA3CH0008 - Hair, twintail: short, jagged variation
  3314. TA3CH0009 - Hair, twintail: angled downwards
  3315. TA3CH0010 - Body, "PUNIBODY" set
  3316. TA3CH0011 - Body, "PUNIBODY" set version O
  3317. TA3CH0012 - Dirty Pair cosplay set and heavy character save
  3318. TA3CH0013 - Dragonball cosplay set
  3319. TA3CH0015 - Heavy character save, not sure who this character is, silver haired loli with a purple ribbon and lavender dress
  3320. TA3CH0016 - Sweater worn under camisole
  3321. TA3CH0019 - Not sure, folder is labeled as "MATERIA"
  3322. TA3CH0020 - Dragonquest cosplay set with mallet
  3323. TA3CH0021 - Eyes, "NUV Eyes" update
  3324. TA3CH0023 - Dragonquest cosplay set
  3325. TA3CH0024 - Body, "NO77Body" V2R2 with earrings
  3326. TA3CH0025 - Black and gray striped bra and panties
  3327. TA3CH0026 - Body, "NO77Body" V2R3
  3328. TA3CH0027 - School uniform with ribbon tie for loli bodies
  3329. TA3CH0030 - Heavy character save, golf girl
  3330. TA3CH0031 - Eyes, "N745" and "N746" eyes
  3331. TA3CH0032 - Bath towel
  3332. TA3CH0034 - Gundam cosplay items
  3333. TA3CH0035 - shadertechnique.tah and toonshader2.tah update
  3334. TA3CH0038 - "Customgirlroid" superdeformed figure of the character described in TA3CH0015
  3335. TA3CH0039 - "China Leggings"
  3336. TA3CH0040 - Giant mecha battle suits, comes with pose data for pilot placement
  3337. TA3CH0041 - Long China dresses with various patterns and colours
  3338. TA3CH0042 - Strapless bra
  3339. TA3CH0044 - Akira motorbike heavy character save
  3340. TA3CH0045 - Zero cosplay set
  3341. TA3CH0048 - toonshader2.tah and shadertechnique.tah update
  3342. TA3CH0050 - Hair, long, straight bangs that cover the eyes with various colours
  3343. TA3CH0051 - Skateboard
  3344. TA3CH0052 - Magic runes "sign"
  3345. TA3CH0054 - Sailor dress with short and long variations and different colours
  3346. TA3CH0055 - Spiked track shoes
  3347. TA3CH0058 - "Kumomimi" furry, cat like ears
  3348. TA3CH0059 - Body, "N77" body update
  3349. TA3CH0061 - Red slime monster
  3350. TA3CH0062 - Traditional Japanese long tobacco pipe
  3351. TA3CH0066 - "Peniband" single and double strapon dildo at various angles added to default panty slot
  3352. TA3CH0067 - Untucked sailor uniform blouse and blazer with exposed breasts
  3353. TA3CH0068 - Various high tech body suits
  3354. TA3CH0069 - Cross earrings
  3355. TA3CH0070 - Police bike modding textures and psd files
  3356. TA3CH0073 - Hair mod table spreadsheet
  3357. TA3CH0075 - Maka Alburn scythe from Soul Eater
  3358. TA3CH0076 - Yukari heads
  3359. TA3CH0077 - various dildos and anal toys
  3360. TA3CH0078 - Kagome cosplay set, includes dresses with a single flower on the neckline and black and white bird cages
  3361. TA3CH0079 - More high tech, skin tight body suits
  3362. TA3CH0080 - Traditional Japanese archery gear
  3363. TA3CH0082 - Body, "Absolute Bound" body update
  3364. TA3CH0083 - Body, Heavy shading body type
  3365. TA3CH0084 - Male mod, textured anime boy with same shading as TA3CH0083
  3366. TA3CH0085 - More traditional Japanese archery gear
  3367. TA3CH0087 - Wooden block with wrist and ankle bonds
  3368. TA3CH0088 - Yoko skull hair clip from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
  3369. TA3CH0089 - Hair, short, spikey hair
  3370. TA3CH0090 - Medy cosplay set and heavy character save
  3371. TA3CH0091 - Bondage table with leather straps and motorized dildo attachment
  3372. TA3CH0092 - Wooden bondage horse with motorized dildo attachments
  3373. TA3CH0093 - Hair, "Pineapple" tie
  3374. TA3CH0094 - Body, "M Body" flat shading technique
  3375. TA3CH0095 - More high tech, skin tight body suits
  3376. TA3CH0096 - Gears of War chainsaw gun
  3377. TA3CH0097 - Cinderblocks tied to legs to be used in conjunction with wooden bondage horse, includes pose data
  3378. TA3CH0099 - Halo Masterchief cosplay set
  3379. TA3CH0100 - Card Captor Sakura mascot
  3380. TA3CH0101 - Thin, coloured eyebrows
  3381. TA3CH0102 - Body, "Mukimaron" loli body type
  3382. TA3CH0103 - Touhou cosplay set
  3383. TA3CH0106 - Body, no eyebrows
  3384. TA3CH0107 - Body, update of TA3DC0106
  3385. TA3CH0109 - shaderchange.tah and toonshader2.tah update
  3386. TA3CH0111 - Police bike riding set with pose data
  3387. TA3CH0112 - Idol Master cosplay set
  3388. TA3CH0114 - Giant club item
  3389. TA3CH0116 - Zaku sniper character heavy saves
  3390. TA3CH0118 - Thick, oval eyebrows
  3391. TA3CH0119 - Angry looking eyebrows
  3392. TA3CH0122 - shaderchange.tah and toonshader2.tah update
  3393. TA3CH0124 - Hair, "Daisy-like" hair
  3394. TA3CH0125 - Hair, a lot of various new hairstyles including a short ponytail and a semilong cut
  3395. TA3CH0126 - Elbow length lace gloves in various colours
  3396. TA3CH0127 - Zaku girl cosplay set
  3397. TA3CH0129 - Checkered, pleated skirt
  3398. TA3CH0133 - Body, "77" body, no nipples for some reason
  3399. TA3CH0136 - Hair, many more assorted hairstyles including a "crown" tie and long ponytail
  3400. TA3CH0137 - Body, "FukkinBody" with accented lips and elf ear variation, bonus camera eyes and ornate black and white dresses
  3401. TA3CH0138 - Body, "FukkinBody" update
  3402. TA3CH0139 - Striped, shoulder length gloves in various colours
  3403. TA3CH0140 - BG Roadside over an embankment
  3404. TA3CH0142 - Body, "Normal" loli body
  3405. TA3CH0143 - Various T-Shirts
  3406. TA3CH0144 - "Bolero" sweater
  3407. TA3CH0146 - Body, "B Body" body with veiny, old woman tits
  3408. TA3CH0147 - Body, "M Body" flat shading, swimsuit tan lines
  3409. TA3CH0148 - Drink set
  3410. TA3CH0149 - "Kumomimi" furry ears with more animal variations
  3411. TA3CH0153 - Glass panels used in conjunction with the nippleless bodies to create the illusion of being pushed against glass
  3412. TA3CH0154 - Striped bra and panties for loli body types
  3413. TA3CH0155 - Sweaters
  3414. TA3CH0156 - Long, v-neck sweater
  3415. TA3CH0158 - Tanak Bunie cosplay set and heavy character save
  3416. TA3CH0159 - See through mini dress
  3417. TA3CH0160 - Hair, ponytail variations
  3418. TA3CH0161 - Sheer "baby-doll" dresses and lingerie
  3419. TA3CH0162 - One piece swimsuit with spleated skirt
  3420. TA3CH0164 - Zeon cosplay set
  3421. TA3CH0165 - Zaku cosplay set and heavy character saves
  3422. TA3CH0166 - Saya cosplay set
  3423. TA3CH0168 - Double sided dildo
  3424. TA3CH0169 - Camisoles
  3425. TA3CH0170 - Male mod, "The World" from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
  3426. TA3CH0171 - Rozen Maiden dresses
  3427. TA3CH0172 - More "baby-doll" sheer dresses and lingerie, side cut and bonus slim body type dress
  3428. TA3CH0173 - Valkyria cosplay set
  3429. TA3CH0174 - Shadow heavy character saves
  3430. TA3CH0175 - BG Roadside embankment with more variations
  3431. TA3CH0180 - Body, "M body" update
  3432. TA3CH0181 - Blue suit from Rozen Maiden
  3433. TA3CH0182 - Mahjong table
  3434. TA3CH0183 - Paper bag masks
  3435. TA3CH0184 - Valkyria rifle
  3436. TA3CH0185 - Hair, many hairstyles and assorted head and hairbands
  3437. TA3CH0186 - Hair, update of TA3CH0185
  3438. TA3CH0187 - Hair, update of TA3DH0185 and TA3CH0186
  3439. TA3CH0188 - Hair, update of TA3CH0187
  3440. TA3CH0189 - Body, "M body" update
  3441. TA3CH0190 - Gothic lolita clothes
  3442. TA3CH0191 - Small, red ball of light
  3443. TA3CH0192 - Segway in various colours with pose data
  3444. TA3CH0193 - Greendress from Rozen Maiden
  3445. TA3CH0194 - "Baby doll" side slit camisole
  3446. TA3CH0195 - Body, "M body" update
  3447. TA3CH0196 - Body, "M body" update
  3448. TA3CH0197 - Hair, Rozen Maiden hair
  3449. TA3CH0201: Background of highway outside of town near river
  3450. TA3CH0202: Thin eyebrows in the basic 19 colours; "floats" off of face in front of hair
  3451. TA3CH0203: Thick eyebrows in the basic 19 colours; "floats" off of face in front of hair
  3452. TA3CH0204: Rounded orange and transparent giant robot parts that surround girl
  3453. TA3CH0206: A pair of toy boat dolls from an expo in Yokohama
  3454. TA3CH0208: Microphone stand and Fender bass guitar, right - and left-handed
  3455. TA3CH0209: Lacy transparent bra in 5 colours; adds to same series as TA0666, TA0959 and mod0199
  3456. ***TA3CH0210: High contrast icons (makes female in icon red) for H-scenes updated for XP version; replaces TA0731
  3457. TA3CH0211: Pink vibrator with white handle; both held and inserted
  3458. TA3CH0215: Heavy save of girl's red bicycle with basket; scene save of bicycle with girl riding
  3459. TA3CH0216: Complete outfit for Shinku from Rozen Maiden; includes teacup, saucer and pink cane as items
  3460. TA3CH0219: Stun baton; both held and inserted
  3461. TA3CH0221: Adds crotchless versions to both the standard and lace panties
  3462. TA3CH0222: Alice and Maria Kousaka from Suigetsu set; comes with heavy saves
  3463. TA3CH0223: Hair for Alice and Maria Kousaka from Suigetsu; includes base 19 colours; also adds colour 74 to existing base hair sets
  3464. TA3CH0224: Shower of rose petals that surrounds girl (like Shinku from Rozen Maiden)
  3465. TA3CH0225: Update of TA3CH0224: Has additional effect of shower of crow feathers (like Suigintou from Rozen Maiden)
  3466. TA3CH0228: Urine streams in various thicknesses and lengths, for both vagina and futa penis
  3467. TA3CH0229: Large ribbons for sides of head
  3468. TA3CH0231: Women's bicycles as items: Red with wooden basket; black and white with metal baskets
  3469. TA3CH0233: Sleeveless top for flat-chested bodies in a few colours
  3470. TA3CH0235: Claims to be corrections for Kagome from "Peony 9" (TA3CH0078); only contains some screenshots and a front hair mod
  3471. TA3CH0238: Riding crop
  3472. TA3CH0239: Background of a platform and stairs leading to a tunnel on a mountainside
  3473. TA3CH0240: Clitoris cap style vibrator
  3474. TA3CH0245: Background of a burned-out Japanese house
  3475. TA3CH0246: Tight skirts in a few colours; modeled after Alice and Maria Kousaka from Suigetsu
  3476. TA3CH0248: Maid aprons in black with white ruffle; full and skirt only
  3477. TA3CH0249: 2009/03/21 version of an Excel spreadsheet identifying hair colours in mods
  3478. TA3CH0250: Metasequoia file of man with shoes off, for making male mod
  3479. TA3CH0251: Model for creating eyebrows, includes several comical-shaped eyebrow mods
  3480. TA3CH0253: Long-tailed black dragon that attaches to girl's back, effectively giving girl dragon wings, tail and horns
  3481. TA3CH0255: Animated urine streams
  3482. TA3CH0256: Crescent moon earrings in pastel colours; also contains some "chastity" piercings
  3483. TA3CH0257: Sailor suit blouses that end below bust with long dresses that are worn underneath
  3484. TA3CH0259: Needles to be stuck in breasts (regular and loli version), stuck in vagina and held in hand
  3485. TA3CH0261: Back hair with low, short twintails in many colours; back hair with short, high side ponytail in many colours; bands for twintails and beads for ponytail in several colours
  3486. TA3CH0262: Lacy demibra that leaves top half of nipple exposed; 5 colours and 2 lace patterns
  3487. TA3CH0263: Plain kitchen apron in 8 colours
  3488. TA3CH0265: Vertical flags/signs carried on the back; also has sound files
  3489. TA3CH0268: Hair mods for Marisa from Touhou
  3490. TA3CH0269: Front hair for Vocaloid Miku Hatsune
  3491. TA3CH0270: Racing bicycle in black or white; must be "assembled" in pose mode
  3492. TA3CH0272: Black leather bands with silver rings attached; collar, wristbands, armbands, upper legs and ankles; some in loli size
  3493. TA3CH0277: Badminton set: Racquet (version for either hand), shuttlecock and Japanese women's badminton minidress outfit with name "T.KASUKO" on back; also in a pushed-down version
  3494. TA3CH0278: Cardcaptor Sakura hair border in base 19 colours
  3495. TA3CH0280: Sailor top and matching skirt for Maejima Saika from the "Pantsano-to" light novel series
  3496. TA3CH0281: Revised hair mods for Yami from To Love Ru
  3497. TA3CH0282: Heavy save containing military field communications radio
  3498. TA3CH0285: NCB1 loli body models; also comes with eyebrowless version (NCB2)
  3499. TA3CH0289: 2 eyebrow styles; in base colours plus a few extra
  3500. TA3CH0290: Beach sandals (flip-flops) in many colours and patterns; also in single foot versions
  3501. TA3CH0291: Eyebrow type with lines through it in the base 19 colours
  3502. TA3CH0294: Large areola body type with several long ears (elf in different lengths, lop ear, etc.) in matching skin tones; also contains back hair and hair extensions for Alice and Maria Kousaka from Suigetsu; also contains long flimsy dresses with sides slit all the way up
  3503. TA3CH0295: Claims to be "type 2" of TA3CH0294; same body and ears (even readme doesn't list differences?)
  3504. TA3CH0296: Hi-res version of body from XPC00783
  3505. TA3CH0297: Same as TA3CH0296 - different eye shapes?
  3506. TA3CH0298: Catheter stick for inserting into urethera
  3507. TA3CH0300: Same vibrator as TA3CH0211; has vaginal, anal and double penetration
  3508. TA3CH0301: Adds a "boxing" action as a subcategory in the actions; needs TAC1574
  3509. TA3CH0303: Short-sleeved sailor suit in 5 colours as full-body garments
  3510. TA3CH0304: Adds an "interrupted while on cellphone" action as a subcategory in the actions; needs TAC1574
  3511. TA3CH0305: NCB1 loli bodies; updates/replaces TA3CH0142 and TA3CH0285
  3512. TA3CH0306: "Sakura" body for use with follow eyes; includes one-piece and two-pice tan lines; also includes vaginal blood drips
  3513. TA3CH0307: Additional "Sakura" bodies: Pregnant, loli and pregnant loli; requires TA3CH0306
  3514. TA3CH0310: Modification of the "EX07" front hair style to prevent clipping; many colours
  3515. TA3CH0311: Long front side hair options in many colours
  3516. TA3CH0314: Black mid-length shorts with ruffled leg
  3517. TA3CH0315: Modification of the "N002" front hair style to prevent clipping; many colours
  3518. TA3CH0317: Sailor suits from Hakuryou, the school in MuvLuv
  3519. TA3CH0327: 1, 2 or 3 laundry clips on vagina
  3520. TA3CH0329: Shirts in solid colours; short-sleeved, long-sleeved and long-sleeved turtleneck
  3521. TA3CH0330: Long-sleeved sweaters in solid colours; V-neck and turtleneck
  3522. TA3CH0331: Long-sleeved sweater dress in solid colours; V-neck and turtleneck
  3523. TA3CH0335: Background of room in mansion with fireplace and bay windows; with and without long dining table
  3524. TA3CH0338: Black leotard with open sides and back
  3525. TA3CH0342: 3 heavy saves featuring "curse masks"
  3526. TA3CH0344: Blue school bag/satchel, carried at the side
  3527. TA3CH0345: Champagne bottle; champagne glass; Strawberry white cake with "Merry Christmas" sign
  3528. TA3CH0347: Small taiyaki (fish-shaped pastry); loads from eyebrow slot
  3529. TA3CH0349: Dog bowl in several colours, with and without food; Some have name "Kasuko" printed on them
  3530. TA3CH0350: School bag/briefcase in several colours
  3531. TA3CH0351: Update to TA3CH0344; adds a slimmer version of bag
  3532. TA3CH0352: Eyebrows in the style of Tsumugi Kotobuki from K-On! in many colours
  3533. TA3CH0353: "Paroparo" style uniform from Pia Carrot 3; includes pushed-up version of blouse
  3534. TA3CH0356: Pantyhose/leggings that end at mid-calf in many colours; also includes torn crotch versions
  3535. TA3CH0357: Goth style blouse and short skirt in 4 colours
  3536. TA3CH0359: School swimsuit with large pink ribbon on back and hole cut in crotch; blue version with holes cut to expose nipples and pink version with top pushed down
  3537. TA3CH0360: Alternate version of dirty restroom background; apparently for urination fetish
  3538. TA3CH0361: Background of the dueling ground from Utena, complete with floating inverted castle
  3539. TA3CH0362: Tennis racket and ball
  3540. TA3CH0363: Changes male to long-headed bald man; business suit, track suit or nude
  3541. TA3CH0364: Faceguards for MS (Gundam) girls
  3542. TA3CH0365: Black digital camera
  3543. TA3CH0367: Lacy bra and panties in 9 colours and 2 sizes: flat-chested and slim loli
  3544. TA3CH0368: School uniforms from the game "Happiness!"
  3545. TA3CH0370: Heavy saves of devil girls with body tattoos
  3546. TA3CH0371: Female Ranma, Shampoo and Akane from Ranma 1/2; Natsumi and Momoka from Sgt. Frog; and a Masakazu Katsura style body
  3547. TA3CH0372: School uniform from Kashimashi ~ Girl Meets Girl
  3548. TA3CH0375: Medium-length summer dress with roses print
  3549. TA3CH0376: Bikini in a few colours with straps attaching top to bottom
  3550. TA3CH0380: Contains a script for VKey (Visual Keyboard). Install VKey (link is in the readme), drop the script on it, and you should be able to click tabs/buttons in the floating VKey window to control 3DCG without a keyboard.
  3551. TA3CH0381: 4 characters from the DS game 7th Dragon; includes saves
  3552. TA3CH0382: Alternate pink hair style for a character in TA3CH0381
  3553. TA3CH0384: Pink outfits for Yukiho Hagiwara and Iori Minase from Idolmaster
  3554. TA3CH0386: Weapons from Armoured Core: MARVE assault rifle, PITONE Railgun, KRSW Laser Rifle and the Moonlight Sword
  3555. TA3CH0387: School uniforms from the dating sim Amagami
  3556. TA3CH0389: 3 styles of minidress: black shoulder-strap dress with frontpiece ina few colours; backless dress in several colours and exotic patterns with matching gloves and thigh-high stockings; towel wrapped around body
  3557. TA3CH0390: Arrow throught the heart earrings; also has nipple ornaments in same style and with crosses
  3558. TA3CH0393: Outfits from Valkyria Chronicles; includes weapons
  3559. TA3CH0394: Parts to turn girl into the "White-Glint" mecha from Armoured Core
  3560. TA3CH0396: Outfit for Noel Vermillion from BlazBlue
  3561. TA3CH0399: "Simibody" body type with taut muscle textures; 3 skin colours + school swimsuit tanline
  3562. TA3CH0400: Upgrade of vibrator from TA3CH0211 and TA3CH0300; now also has spiky version
  3563. TA3CH0401: Parts to turn girl into the "Stasis" mecha from Armoured Core
  3564. TA3CH0402: Checkered short skirt in a few colours/patterns
  3565. TA3CH0404: Adds an Azumanga Daioh OP animation as a subcategory in the actions; needs TAC1574
  3566. TA3CH0405: Update of TAC1658; Icons for undressing
  3567. TA3CH0409: Pink outfit for Haruka Amami from Idolmaster
  3568. TA3CH0410: Outfit for Melody from Rune Factory; includes teacup and saucer
  3569. TA3CH0417: Reupload of the N74x eye series, part 1
  3570. TA3CH0418: Reupload of the N74x eye series, part 2
  3571. TA3CH0419: Hair for Yami from To Love Ru; in light and dark blonde
  3572. TA3CH0423: Standard wheelchair with cushions in a few plaid colours; has footrests up or down
  3573. TA3CH0425: Earrings with shooting star design in a few colours; also contains a large wooden pull-cart
  3574. TA3CH0426: Some sort of monochrome shader
  3575. TA3CH0427: Head for Opoona; loads from glasses slot
  3576. TA3CH0429: Outfit and weapons for the VF-25 Messiah mech from Macross
  3577. TA3CH0430: Outfit and accessories for Reiko Holinger from Sega's Gundam Card Builder games
  3578. TA3CH0433: Weapons for the MS-14 Gelgoog mechs from Gundam
  3579. TA3CH0434: Outfit for the MS-14 Gelgoog mechs from Gundam
  3580. TA3CH0436: Appears to be instructions for extracting a texture from a skirt and putting it into a hairband; no actual mod
  3581. TA3CH0437: Continuation of TA3CH0436; contains no mod
  3582. TA3CH0438: Yet another upgrade of vibrator from TA3CH0211, TA3CH0300 and TA3CH0400; now also has warty version and adds double-ended dildo versions
  3583. TA3CH0440: Cross earrings; also contains oil lighter (like Zippo)
  3584. TA3CH0441: Arch bridge background; contains one version leading to castle gates and another on country road with car; also has car as object
  3585. TA3CH0443: Outfit for MSA-0011 S Gundam, 3 variations
  3586. TA3CH0445: EC-O307AB laser cannons from Armoured Core in up and down positions
  3587. TA3CH0448: Adds to TA3CH0429; Contains the VF-25 Ozma and adds Gerwalk mode for the Messiah; also has 2 poses
  3588. ***TA3CH0450: Bra and panty sets, 33 designs/textures
  3589. TA3CH0451: Outfit for Kogasa Tatara from Touhou; includes her karakasa (umbrella ghost)
  3590. TA3CH0452: Adds to TA3CH0393: Additional outfit for Alicia Melchiott from Valkyria Chronicles; includes pushed-up version of blouse; also includes spear/shield weapon
  3591. TA3CH0456: GirlNodes.txt file for TmoEdit2 for young girl with slender legs
  3592. TA3CH0457: GirlNodes.txt file for TmoEdit2 for young girl with thicker legs
  3593. TA3CH0458: Parts for MSA-0011 S Gundam "Deep Striker"
  3594. TA3CH0459: Adds to TA3CH0458; Additional parts for MSA-0011 S Gundam "Deep Striker"
  3595. TA3CH0460: Long front side (sideburn) hair additions in many colours
  3596. TA3CH0463: Short "sticking out" side hair additions; vaguely resembles kemonomimi
  3597. TA3CH0466: Several GirlNodes.txt files for young girls with small differences in each
  3598. TA3CH0467: Waitress outfits for family restaurants (like Anna Miller's) in 8 colours
  3599. TA3CH0470: Several GirlNodes.txt files for young girls at various ages
  3600. TA3CH0473: Strapless minidress in plaids, florals and paw prints; several colours
  3601. TA3CH0474: Neon Genesis Evengelion set: Contains Rei, Asuka and Hikari (the class representative); has plugsuits and school uniform; also turns male into Shinji
  3602. TA3CH0475: Contains no mod; appears to be a description/explanation for the GirlNodes.txt files in TA3CH0470, et al.
  3603. TA3CH0478: Another set for the MSA-0011 S Gundam "Deep Striker"
  3604. TA3CH0479: High-heeled shoes in black and white (soles and heels on both are light gray); comes with a pose file to elevate girl's heels to proper height
  3605. TA3CH0480: Barettes for front of hair; also contains some hair additions; also contains extra colours for some existing hair
  3606. TA3CH0481: Outfit worn by NTT docomo booth models at the 2009 Tokyo Game Show; includes open version of blouse.
  3607. TA3CH0483: Long front side (at sideburn) hair additions that flare slightly at ends; many colours
  3608. TA3CH0484: Outfit for Denjin Zaborger (Electroid Zaborger), a tokusatsu show from the mid 70s; also contains Yutaka Daimon's helmet and motorcycle form of Zaborger
  3609. TA3CH0485: GirlNodes.txt file for TmoEdit2 for doll-proportioned girl
  3610. TA3CH0488: Background of a coastal road with ocean visible
  3611. TA3CH0490: Outfit for Kanonno Earheart from Tales of the World/Radiant Mythology; includes hair and sword
  3612. TA3CH0493: Wedding gowns in white and black; includes dress, veil, gloves, hose, shoes and tiara
  3613. TA3CH0494: Body type with 3 different jaw lines; has light and tan versions
  3614. TA3CH0498: Outfits for Makai Tenshi Jibril (Devil Angel Djibril); includes Jibril, Zero, Aries and Aries Black
  3615. TA3CH0499: Several GirlNodes.txt files for young girls with "smiling eyes"
  3616. TA3CH0501: Eyes from Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari in many colours
  3617. TA3CH0502: Outfit and modifications for Noel Vermillion from BlazBlue
  3618. TA3CH0503: Pantyhose in a few standard colours; waist to top of thigh is darker than leg
  3619. TA3CH0506: Icons for body stockings; no actual mod
  3620. TA3CH0509: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2 for young girls to allow eyes that can be closed
  3621. TA3CH0510: Fingernail "nail art" in 7 colours
  3622. TA3CH0511: Messy bangs that load from hair addition slot (many colours); back hair with long, thin twintails from bottom of hair (many colours); slightly larger version of the eyes from TA3CH0501
  3623. ***TA3CH0513: Manga markings: anger mark, sweat drops, sleep bubble, word balloons, etc.; loads from mole slot
  3624. TA3CH0514: Remodel of the "Simibody" body type from TA3CH0399 that allows for follow eyes
  3625. TA3CH0516: Gothic Lolita style long-sleeved top in a few colours; loads from jacket slot
  3626. TA3CH0517: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2 for "precocious" young girls
  3627. TA3CH0519: Outfits for Maetel from Galaxy Express 999; includes luggage
  3628. TA3CH0520: Several bangs that load from hair addition slot (many colours)
  3629. TA3CH0521: Icons for use with TA3CH0520; possibly for TA3CH0511 as well
  3630. TA3CH0522 - Bike rider jumpsuits, reminiscent of Fujiko Mine from Lupin III
  3631. TA3CH0524: Thick, slightly uneven twintails that extend from bottom back of head over shoulders to front; base colours
  3632. TA3CH0526: The Cosmo Dragoon gun from Galaxy Express 999
  3633. TA3CH0527: Blaster gun used by Harrison Ford in Blade Runner
  3634. ***TA3CH0528: 2 complete gothic lolita outfits in several plaids and prints; also has bonnets, parasols and platform shoes
  3635. TA3CH0529: Update of the hairstyle in TA3CH0524
  3636. TA3CH0531: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2 for young girls with "balanced" proportions
  3637. TA3CH0532: "Kimono Miniskirt" set; has detached sleeves
  3638. TA3CH0533: 2 pose files designed for upskirt shots
  3639. TA3CH0534: Tactical arms for the Gundam Astray Blue Frame
  3640. TA3CH0535: 2 back hairstyles: A stiff short braid that extends from back of head upward, straight out or downward; Twin braids that extend from middle back; also contains hairbands for bottom of braids
  3641. TA3CH0536: Comlink watch used in the original "Knight Rider" series
  3642. TA3CH0537: Overalls and jumper dresses
  3643. TA3CH0539: Update of the twin braids back hairstyle from TA3CH0535; includes hairbands
  3644. TA3CH0540: Still more GirlNodes.txt files for young girls; this includes one with a mouth modified for tongue-out pose
  3645. TA3CH0541: Scarf tied at neck in a few colours and patterns; extends out backward for wind-blown look
  3646. TA3CH0542: Outfit for Kaiketsu Zubat (Extraordinary Zvatt), a tokusatsu hero from the '70s; includes mask closed and open, cards and whip
  3647. TA3CH0545: 2-piece race queen outfits for "Mario" and "Endless" models; includes parasols, low heels and high heels
  3648. TA3CH0546: Even more GirlNodes.txt files for young girls; additional "tongue-out" file(s)
  3649. TA3CH0547: Long beige sweater that falls over most of girl's hands and extends past waist; contains version with and without shirt collar; also comes with short skirt in black and white that fits under sweater
  3650. ***TA3CH0548: Adds more manga markings to TA3CH0513; various sweat drops, sparkles, music note, etc.
  3651. TA3CH0549: Yet more GirlNodes.txt files for young girls; has files for slightly plumper girls
  3652. TA3CH0550: Backgrounds for older-style passenger train cars; resembles Galaxy Express 999
  3653. TA3CH0552: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2 for slightly older young girls
  3654. ***TA3CH0553: Same plaids and prints as TA3CH0528; this time on vests and shorts/culottes; also has matching neck bows, short-sleeved shirts and boots in black and white
  3655. TA3CH0558: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2, apparently for a few copyrighted characters
  3656. TA3CH0561: Valkyrie missile from Macross with contrail; you can adjust the contrail in pose mode to make the signature Macross "missile ribbon"
  3657. TA3CH0563: See-through skirt with open front and red sash; has version with flat-chested black minidress underneath
  3658. TA3CH0567: VF-1 Valkyrie in jet mode from Macross; can be assembled in different configurations (cockpit open/closed, type of payload, landing gear, etc.)
  3659. TA3CH0569: Background: Update of small apartment
  3660. TA3CH0570: Background: Update of elevated highway at night
  3661. ***TA3CH0574: Background: Update of resort hotel; comes with Xmas tree as object
  3662. TA3CH0575: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2 for young girls; designed for smiling
  3663. TA3CH0576: Night filter; makes it appear that light source is toggled on/off when 'T' key is pressed
  3664. TA3CH0577: Hand-held doll that resembles a one man "lion dance" costume; loads from mouth slot
  3665. TA3CH0579: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2, apparently for a few copyrighted characters; claims to fix smiles
  3666. TA3CH0580: Torture: Fishhooks (with line) through nipples and clitoris; also has flat-chested version
  3667. TA3CH0583: Background: Airport (military?) runway
  3668. ***TA3CH0584: Update of background from TA3CH0569; adds times and computer monitor effects
  3669. TA3CH0586: Parts to turn girl into MSM-07 Z'Gok mech from Gundam
  3670. TA3CH0589: The HMD (display headset) from Idolmaster
  3671. TA3CH0590: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2 for young girls; sad/partially-closed eyes
  3672. TA3CH0594: Addition to TA3CH0590; for more body proportions
  3673. TA3CH0595: Outfit for Crimrose from Cosmic Break
  3674. TA3CH0597: Addition to TA3CH0590; more eye variations
  3675. TA3CH0599: Outfit for Millenia from Kagero: Deception 2, includes back tattoo; also contains trap objects that load from several slots
  3676. TA3CH0600: Outfit for Cosette Coalhearth from Valkyria Chronicles II; includes hair addition and medical equipment
  3677. TA3CH0601: Parts to turn girl into Gundam Mk-V
  3678. TA3CH0603: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2 for young girls; adds hand corrections
  3679. TA3CH0604: Scene save of Fate Testarossa from Lyrical Nanoha
  3680. TA3CH0607: Outfit for Lily Rain from Cosmic Break
  3681. ***TA3CH0608: Same plaids and prints as TA3CH0528 and TA3CH0553; adds necktie and skirt with triple layer white petticoat
  3682. TA3CH0609: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2 for young girls; adds rounder eyes
  3683. TA3CH0611: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2 for young girls; nearly same description as
  3684. TA3CH0609
  3685. TA3CH0612: Update of TA3CH0595; also contains purple version of Crimrose with mask
  3686. TA3CH0613: "Octopus Boy Test" - Scene save containing mechanical tentacle creature
  3687. TA3CH0614: F86 Sabre, a.k.a. Sabrejet, as used by the JASDF; flying and landed configuration; also has small version to represent viewing from distance
  3688. TA3CH0615: Outfit for Kaguya Nanbu from Super Robot Wars; includes sword and correctly coloured hair
  3689. TA3CH0618: Helmet for Celty Sturluson from Durarara!
  3690. TA3CH0619: Background: "Express Sleeper" passenger train
  3691. ***TA3CH0620: Manga markings: Speed lines and word balloons
  3692. TA3CH0622: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2 for girls with balanced bodies
  3693. TA3CH0624: Sports duffel bags worn on back
  3694. TA3CH0625: Gothic skirt in a few colours with raised front hem; Gothic skirt in a few colours and lace variations with multiple layers, also with bodice; same multi-layer skirt in several plaids
  3695. TA3CH0626: Outfit for Chloe Valens from Tales of Legendia; includes hair mod
  3696. TA3CH0627: Heavy saves containing reptilian wings in black and white
  3697. TA3CH0628: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2 for young girls with balanced bodies
  3698. TA3CH0629: American football outfit (not flattering)
  3699. TA3CH0631: Tentacle monster body in several colours; resembles a Roper from Dungeons and Dragons
  3700. ***TA3CH0635: Large white wings in two styles: Attached at shoulders or middle of back
  3701. TA3CH0636: Additional changes for TA3CH0628
  3702. TA3CH0638: Coat worn off with sleeves tied around waist
  3703. TA3CH0640: tso2toy application: converts .tso files for use with ToyStudio, a Japanese 3D model editor
  3704. TA3CH0641: Adds some height changes to TA3CH0628
  3705. TA3CH0642: Jet fighter from a story that ran in Weekly Shonen in 1982; four configurations
  3706. TA3CH0643: Outfit for Exelica from Triggerheart Exelica; includes hair mod and weapon
  3707. TA3CH0645: Outfit for Lazflamme from Cosmic Break in both blue and red; includes hind legs in a few different configurations
  3708. TA3CH0647: Mig-31 Firefox jet in black with Soviet stars on wings; flying, landed and distant (small) versions
  3709. TA3CH0650: Replaces/repairs the headsets for the Cosmic Break characters in TA3CH0607,
  3710. TA3CH0612 and TA3CH0645
  3711. TA3CH0651: Back hair for Astromeria from Cosmic Break
  3712. TA3CH0652: Outfit for Astromeria from Cosmic Break
  3713. TA3CH0653: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2 for young girls with very slender limbs
  3714. TA3CH0657: Background: Between the school building and gymnasium
  3715. TA3CH0658: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2 for "elfin" girls (slender and long-limbed)
  3716. TA3CH0659: Background: Public restroom that contains Sanistand toilets (female urinals)
  3717. TA3CH0660: Marine hat (fashion cap based on old Japanese naval cap), many colours
  3718. TA3CH0662: The all black Protect-Gear of the Kerberos units as it appeared in Mamoru Oshii's "The Red Spectacles"
  3719. TA3CH0663: Apparently an update for TA3CH0658 to allow for using "elfin" bodies with Girl2Man
  3720. TA3CH0664: Three styles of twintails that emerge from base of head and extend over shoulders; includes coloured bands for thinnest style
  3721. TA3CH0667: Adds three colours/patterns to the mermaid dresses in TA3CH0666 (which is no longer on the uploader)
  3722. TA3CH0668: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2 for young "elfin" girls
  3723. TA3CH0669: School badge attached to chest in green, red or blue; loads from eyebrow, mole or mouth slot
  3724. ***TA3CH0670: A gothic lolita dress with detached sleeves in plaids and prints; also has matching panties and hose with garterbelt
  3725. TA3CH0671: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2 for young "sylph-like" girls
  3726. TA3CH0672: Background: School cooking classroom
  3727. TA3CH0673: Bandana worn on head kitchen style (like Cooking Mama); several colours
  3728. TA3CH0674: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2 for young "nymph-like" girls
  3729. TA3CH0675: Heavy save of Tenshi from Angel Beats!
  3730. ***TA3CH0688
  3731. ***TA3CH0709
  3732. TA3CH0723: KITT from Knight Rider; loads from eyepatch slot
  3733. TA3CH0729: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2 for long-legged, slender girls (like Sailormoon)
  3734. TA3CH0731: Background: Front room of a spa resort lodge
  3735. ***TA3CH0732: Slips for flat chested bodies in white, black, pale pink, pale blue or pale green; has long, short and pushed-down short versions in 0%, 10% and 30% transparency
  3736. TA3CH0733: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2 to adjust some bodies for H-scenes
  3737. TA3CH0734: Same as TA3CH0733, but for smaller bodies
  3738. TA3CH0735: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2 for young "magical princess" girls
  3739. 3DCH0736: Scene save of 22 (!) characters from Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei
  3740. 3DCH0737: Scene save of 34 (!) characters from Negima! Magister Negi Magi
  3741. 3DCH0738: Background: Shoe locker area at front of Japanese school
  3742. 3DCH0739: Background: Area between school and gymnasium; update of TA3CH0657
  3743. 3DCH0740: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2, mentions Akazukin Cha Cha
  3744. 3DCH0741: Fencing set; includes masks in various transparencies, outfit in gray/white or pale blue/white, gloves with wristguards, foil in 4 different colours
  3745. 3DCH0742: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2, mentions Hime-chan no Ribbon
  3746. 3DCH0743: Adds a white lace collar to the second standard collar
  3747. 3DCH0744: Background: Highway outside town; cartoonish textures
  3748. 3DCH0746: Eyes with realistic stippling through iris
  3749. 3DCH0748: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2, mentions Minky Momo
  3750. 3DCH0749: Suit with oversize head resembling the Yanqingquan ("blue swallow fist") soldier from Sangokushi Taisen 3
  3751. 3DCH0750: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2, mentions Boa Hancock from One Piece
  3752. 3DCH0751: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2, mentions Super Doll Licca-chan
  3753. 3DCH0752: Short "twintail" backhair. Update for TA3CH0684: Changes N086BHEA to N087BHEA to avoid conflict with tim0732
  3754. 3DCH0753: White safety helmet with chinstrap and coloured stripe
  3755. 3DCH0754: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2, mentions Ojamajo DoReMi
  3756. 3DCH0755: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2, mentions Lum from Urusei Yatsura
  3757. 3DCH0756: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2, mentions Little Red Riding Hood
  3758. 3DCH0757: Scene save of 21 (!) chracters from Hayate the Combat Butler
  3759. 3DCH0758: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2, mentions Cardcaptor Sakura
  3760. 3DCH0759: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2, mentions Lyrical Nanoha
  3761. 3DCH0760: "Ruby Slime" girl body with matching hair, 3 stages of transparency
  3762. 3DCH0761: VF-1 Valkyrie from Macross; requires TA3CH0567; adds colours/payloads/configurations
  3763. 3DCH0762: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2, mentions Rin Kokonoe from Kodomo no Jikan
  3764. 3DCH0763: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2, mentions Strike Witches
  3765. 3DCH0765: VF-1 Valkyrie from Macross; requires TA3CH0567 and 3DCH0761; adds more armaments and attachments
  3766. 3DCH0766: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2, mentions Rozen Maiden
  3767. 3DCH0767: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2, mentions My Otome
  3768. 3DCH0768: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2, "Yamato Nadeshiko" type
  3769. 3DCH0769: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2, mentions Madoka Magica
  3770. 3DCH0770: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2, mentions Sayla Mass from Mobile Suit Gundam
  3771. 3DCH0771: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2, "Yamato Nadeshiko" type and "moe" type
  3772. 3DCH0773: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2, has images from Pretty Cure 5, Ika Musume, Touhou, many others
  3773. 3DCH0775: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2, "third anniversary" update
  3774. 3DCH0776: GirlNodes.txt files for TmoEdit2
  3775. 3DCH0777: .png image (no 3D data) of a red and yellow starburst design
  3778. ====================================================================
  3781. Tech Arts Uploader 2(TA/TAC)
  3782. 5a6t
  3784. TA0009 - Don't Know (Adds to Base items?)
  3785. TA0011 - Don't Know (Adds to Base items?)
  3786. TA0014 - Animal Ear Band
  3787. TA0019 - Skin Tatoo
  3788. TA0021 - Don't Know (Adds to Base items?)
  3789. TA0023 -
  3790. TA0026 - Adds Base Stuff to Different Slot
  3791. TA0031 - Don't Know
  3792. TA0032 -
  3793. TA0033 -
  3794. TA0034 - Freckles
  3795. TA0038 -
  3796. TA0039 -
  3797. TA0040 - Don't Know
  3798. TA0041 -
  3799. TA0042 -
  3800. TA0043 -
  3801. TA0045 - Cursor Change?
  3802. TA0048 - Black Tights?
  3803. TA0049 - Add Semen
  3804. TA0050 - Don't Know
  3805. TA0051 - Adds to Base Skins
  3806. TA0052 - Skin 3 Skin Colours
  3807. TA0058 - Don't Know
  3808. TA0060 - More Semen
  3809. TA0061 - Don't Know
  3810. TA0062 - Tube Top
  3811. TA0063 - Skin Yellow
  3812. TA0064 - Don't Know
  3813. TA0065 - Adds to Base Swimsuit
  3814. TA0066 -
  3815. TA0067 -
  3816. TA0068 - Don't Know Tube Top?
  3817. TA0069 -
  3818. TA0070 -
  3819. TA0077 - bright red hair colour
  3820. TA0078 -
  3821. TA0080 -
  3822. TA0081 - Plaid Dress
  3823. TA0083 - Don't Know
  3824. TA0084 -
  3825. TA0087 -
  3826. TA0088 - coloured shirt w/ tie
  3827. TA0089 - Don't Know
  3828. TA0090 -
  3829. TA0091 -
  3830. TA0092 - tatoo skin (to default skins)
  3831. TA0093 - tatoo skins (to default skins)
  3832. TA0094 - body-paint leotard
  3833. TA0096 - torn crotch stockings
  3834. TA0098 - brown sailor* jacket
  3835. TA0099 - blue sailor shirt w/ yellow tie (under shirtless sailor*)
  3836. TA0100 - broken spats
  3837. TA0102 - blue sailor shirt w/ yellow ribbon
  3838. TA0104 -
  3839. TA0106 - green sailor shirt, brown skirt
  3840. TA0107 - texture update of TA0081
  3841. TA0108 - plaid textures for breastless maid dress
  3842. TA0115 - adds to base skins
  3843. TA0116 - lighter gradients to TA0115
  3844. TA0117 - adds to base leotard
  3845. TA0118 - mesh undershirt (to bras?)
  3846. TA0119 -
  3847. TA0120 - blue uniform, skirt
  3848. TA0124 - denim hot pants
  3849. TA0126 - Skin Adds to Base Skin (unConfirmed)
  3850. TA0129 - retexture (?) of TA0120, replaces
  3851. TA0130 - Open Shirt Sweater
  3852. TA0131 - Plaid Maid Dress
  3853. TA0134 - Brasil Swimsuit
  3854. TA0138 - School Uniform (Unconfirmed)
  3855. TA0140 - Shirt With Logo
  3856. TA0141 - White Swimsuit (Unconfirmed)
  3857. TA0143 - adds to tights
  3858. TA0144 - black wristband
  3859. TA0149 - default costume w/o skirt
  3860. TA0152 - Skin Added to Base (Unconfirmed)
  3861. TA0158 - Skins of Various Colours
  3862. TA0159 -
  3863. TA0162 - Shirt
  3864. TA0163 - Clannad uniform
  3865. TA0164 -
  3866. TA0168 - Skirts (Sailormoon Colours) (Unconfirmed)
  3867. TA0169 - Clannad blazer
  3868. TA0171 - bear-print panties
  3869. TA0172 - two back hairstyles
  3870. TA0173 - T-Shirt
  3871. TA0174 - fox tail
  3872. TA0178 - Wrist Bands (Unconfirmed)
  3873. TA0182 - replaces TA0172, includes more colours
  3874. TA0188 - Panties With Desgin
  3875. TA0189 - blindfolds
  3876. TA0190 - long skirt
  3877. TA0193 -
  3878. TA0196 - Skin Various Colours
  3879. TA0197 - Colour Set For Various Base Cloths
  3880. TA0198 - adds different "TVshow" to bedroom background
  3881. TA0202 - Sucubus Eyes
  3882. TA0204 - two front hairstyles
  3883. TA0207 - front hairstyle
  3884. TA0209 - modifies TA0182 (couldn't get it to work)
  3885. TA0211 - Marmite summer, winter uniforms (shirt and skirts, I think)
  3886. TA0213 - Tears
  3887. TA0214 - Adds to Base Garter Belt Set
  3888. TA0216 - Adds to Base Garter Belt Set
  3889. TA0218 - Adds to Base Garter Belt Set
  3890. TA0220 - modifies TA0204 (couldn't get to work)
  3891. TA0228 - Tape Mouth, Cute Blush, Flop Down Bunny Band
  3892. TA0229 - Adds to Base Garter Belt Set
  3893. TA0231 - T-Shirt With Logos
  3894. TA0233 - Pink Colour for Base Head Accessory Set
  3895. TA0234 - Add Semen
  3896. TA0237 - Don't Know (Plugin)
  3897. TA0238 - Don't Know (Plugin)
  3898. TA0239 - Long Curve Down Elf Ears
  3899. TA0240 - Yellow Sweater With Pink Shirt
  3900. TA0241 - White Scarf Neck Cover
  3901. TA0242 - Skin Adds to Base Skin
  3902. TA0243 - Stage Adds to Base Bedroom
  3903. TA0246 - blond hair colour (gradient?)
  3904. TA0247 - Skin Sailormoon Tiria
  3905. TA0250 - To Heart 2 uniform
  3906. TA0252 - Skin Adds to Base Skin
  3907. TA0253 - hair colour (red?)
  3908. TA0254 - SailorMoon Skin, Skirt,Collar
  3909. TA0257 - Editting App
  3910. TA0258 - Stage Old School
  3911. TA0259 - alternate male model
  3912. TA0260 - Sailor Moon Boots
  3913. TA0261 - Sailor Moon back ribbon, green boots
  3914. TA0266 - adds skins
  3915. TA0273 - Stage Added to Base Bedroom
  3916. TA0274 - Don't Know (Blue Hair?)
  3917. TA0275 - Cardigan (Open Shirt Sweater)
  3918. TA0279 - Maid Set, Long Skirt
  3919. TA0281 - adds a pose
  3920. TA0284 - Back Ribbon
  3921. TA0286 - More Semen
  3922. TA0288 - Transparent Bra, Panties
  3923. TA0292 - purple hair colour
  3924. TA0295 - Red Back Pack
  3925. TA0297 - Nipple piercings, included in 3D Custom Shoujo packs
  3926. TA0299 - Flushed Face
  3927. TA0300 - Don't know
  3928. TA0301 - Red Pleated Skirt, Short Skirt
  3929. TA0306 - cat lips (:3)
  3930. TA0309 - Eyes Up (Awesome Eyes)
  3931. TA0310 - Blazer
  3932. TA0311 - adds a background
  3933. TA0313 - Bandaid Pussy
  3934. TA0314 - Ribbon Collar
  3935. TA0316 - Chest Rip T-Shirt
  3936. TA0317 - Back Pack
  3937. TA0318 - Pirate Eye Patch
  3938. TA0319 - Aquamarine Hair Colour For Base
  3939. TA0320 - Don't Know Skin Mod?
  3940. TA0322 - Don't Know Hair Mod?
  3941. TA0323 - Don't Know Hair Mod?
  3942. TA0326 - Back Pack
  3943. TA0327 - Pussy Hole Stocking
  3944. TA0328 - Don't Know
  3945. TA0330 - badge, shirt
  3946. TA0331 - Don't Know (Plugin)
  3947. TA0335 - Don't Know App
  3948. TA0338 - Add Futa to Girl
  3949. TA0343 - Semen Doesn't Stay on Body
  3950. TA0344 - Tear on Eyes
  3951. TA0345 - modifies TA0274
  3952. TA0350 - Colour Set for TAC182?
  3953. TA0351 - Colour Set for TAC204?
  3954. TA0352 - Hair Style Front Split
  3955. TA0353 - Transparent Shirt of Various Degrees
  3956. TA0357 - Colour Set for Hair Mod?
  3957. TA0358 - Red Tears
  3958. TA0361 - Hair Colour Sailor Mars, Mercury Sailer Scout Necklace
  3959. TA0362 - Frill Apron
  3960. TA0367 - lace panties
  3961. TA0369 - Neck Cloth
  3962. TA0376 - Nia Hair Colour (Gurren Laggan)
  3963. TA0377 - CC Hair Colour (Code Geass)
  3964. TA0378 - Kagimi Hair Colour (Lucky Star)
  3965. TA0379 - fixes issues with TA0376,377,378
  3966. TA0380 - Undressing Icons in Mid
  3967. TA0381 - denim skirt, legwarmer
  3968. TA0382 - white/gray twin-braid back hair
  3969. TA0386 - Puts Texture on Penis (Unconfirmed)
  3970. TA0388 - Adds Hair Colour to a Mod (Unconfirmed)
  3971. TA0389 - Sports bra, appears in shirt slot. Some are transparent.
  3972. TA0393 - Hair Style Adds Front Style as Ahoge
  3973. TA0394 - Plugin App
  3974. TA0396 - Don't Know
  3975. TA0397 - X Hair Pin
  3976. TA0398 - Painted Nails
  3977. TA0400 - Hair Colour Peach
  3978. TA0402 - Hair Colour Purple
  3979. TA0403 - Side Tied Ribbons
  3980. TA0405 - Cat Hands
  3981. TA0411 - Leg CrossBar
  3982. TA0412 - Plaid Trim School Uniform
  3983. TA0416 - Laced Top
  3984. TA0418 - Swimsuit With Name Tag
  3985. TA0419 - Space Officer Uniform
  3986. TA0420 - Hair Style, Sucubus Horns, Devil Tail
  3987. TA0421 - Elf Ears
  3988. TA0423 - Fox Tail, Ears
  3989. TA0424 - Devil Tail
  3990. TA0425 - Bloody Bandages
  3991. TA0426 - Adds to TAC423 (Needs TAC423)
  3992. TA0427 - SkirtCatalogue 435-512
  3993. TA0435 - School Uniform Light Blue, Red Ribbon
  3994. TA0438 - Cloth Pin on Nipples
  3995. TA0439 - Editting App
  3996. TA0441 - Bridget's (GGX) Veil, Top
  3997. TA0442 - Bra Lift
  3998. TA0447 - Polka Dot Apron,Straps,Backbow
  3999. TA0449 - Don't Know
  4000. TA0450 - Bright Eyes
  4001. TA0452 - Bare Back Dress
  4002. TA0453 - tso2mqo 0.32
  4003. TA0455 - Don't Know
  4004. TA0459 - School Uniform?
  4005. TA0460 - Brown Glossy Hair
  4006. TA0461 - Gold Glossy Hair
  4007. TA0462 - Green Glossy Hair
  4008. TA0463 - Long Bug/Fariy Wings
  4009. TA0465 - Bra Lift
  4010. TA0467 - Skin No Body (Like the blue guy)
  4011. TA0468 - Cat Eyes
  4012. TA0470 - Eyes Looking Slighty Up
  4013. TA0471 - Long Nails
  4014. TA0480 - Vibartors Taped to Nipples
  4015. TA0481 - Leg Garter
  4016. TA0482 - Scarf Cape
  4017. TA0484 - Child's Backpack
  4018. TA0488 - Claws
  4019. TA0489 - Fairy Wings 2 Pairs
  4020. TA0490 - Magic Swords Floating
  4021. TA0494 - Don't Know (Adds to 455?)
  4022. TA0495 - Bluster Sword (FF7)
  4023. TA0497 - Adds to Base Hair Colour
  4024. TA0499 - Don't Know
  4025. TA0501 - Bloody Face,Body Knife
  4026. TA0506 - Adds to/Replaces TAC435
  4027. TA0510 - Hair Colour (Adds to TAC372,292,219,77)?
  4028. TA0512 - Stage Near Shirne
  4029. TA0513 - Elf Ears
  4030. TA0514 - Animal Skin Pattern Panty and Bra, Shiny Panty, Bra, Thighhighs, Top with Skirt
  4031. TA0515 - Editting App?
  4032. TA0516 - Skin Pussy Texture for Base Skins
  4033. TA0518 - Don't Know (Skin Mod?)
  4034. TA0520 - Girl Pissing
  4035. TA0521 - Various Thighhigh Patterns
  4036. TA0522 - Stage Squat Toilet Stall
  4037. TA0523 - Eyes Various Light Reflections
  4038. TA0524 - Grey Hair Colour for Base Hairs
  4039. TA0526 - Cherry Pink Hair Colour for Base Hairs
  4040. TA0529 - Bandaid Nipples
  4041. TA0531 - Scaling Height?
  4042. TA0532 - Lemon Yellow Hair Colour for Base Hairs
  4043. TA0533 - Yuiko Set
  4044. TA0535 - Giant Screw Hat
  4045. TA0542 - Hair Style Short
  4046. TA0543 - Don't Know
  4047. TA0545 - Texture on Penis
  4048. TA0549 - Editting App?
  4049. TA0551 - Cat Eyes ,Shiny grey,light Grey Hair Colour for Base
  4050. TA0556 - Hair Style Back Lenght Hair
  4051. TA0565 - Skin Set
  4052. TA0566 - Hair Colour Set for 207,343,322? (Unconfirmed)
  4053. TA0570 - Big Dress
  4054. TA0574 - Cirno Wings (Touhou)
  4055. TA0576 - School Jersey
  4056. TA0580 - X Hair Pins
  4057. TA0582 - Race girl Top and Skirt
  4058. TA0585 - Hair Style Mod?
  4059. TA0586 - Editting App
  4060. TA0587 - Tewi Carrot Necklace (Touhou)
  4061. TA0590 - Stage Greek Ruins
  4062. TA0596 - Angel Halo
  4063. TA0598 - Genie Costume?
  4064. TA0599 - Don't Know
  4065. TA0602 - Sucubus Tail, Horns
  4066. TA0606 - Adds to TAC420 (Sucubus Horns) (Unconfirmed)
  4067. TA0608 - Bra 2 Small Sets
  4068. TA0609 - Pink Dress, Gym Shirt With Text, Jean Hot Pants
  4069. TA0610 - Suika Horns (Touhou)
  4070. TA0612 - Bat wings
  4071. TA0613 - WW2 Army Hat, SlingBack Gun, Knife
  4072. TA0615 - Tears, Panty Gag
  4073. TA0622 - Wide Angel Wings
  4074. TA0624 - Keine Hat, Horns
  4075. TA0628 - Skin Pussy Gape, Eye Shadows
  4076. TA0638 - Stage Mods Base Room Stage
  4077. TA0639 - EDF Palewing Boosters, Helmet
  4078. TA0640 - Long Drill Hand
  4079. TA0643 - Skin Eye Shadow
  4080. TA0646 - Jogging Jersey,Pants
  4081. TA0647 - Stage Throne Room
  4082. TA0648 - Priestess Sleeves,Skirt (Ranarok?)
  4083. TA0649 - Suika Set, Horns,Skirt,Belt,Socks,Wrist Bands,Shirt (Touhou)
  4084. TA0652 - Whiskers, Slime Mask
  4085. TA0653 - Bloody Piece of Wood
  4086. TA0662 - Editting App
  4087. TA0664 - Pirate Hat
  4088. TA0666 - Bra Set
  4089. TA0667 - Nipple Accessories (Cloths Pin,Peircings, Vibrator)
  4090. TA0668 - Frill Trimmed Dress Black/White
  4091. TA0669 - Fox Tail, Squirrel Tail
  4092. TA0671 - Futa Penis Ring (Adds to TAC338)
  4093. TA0676 - School Uniform Shirt Lift
  4094. TA0678 - BaseBall Cap
  4095. TA0680 - Don't Know (Base for a Mod?)
  4096. TA0681 - DOn't Know
  4097. TA0684 - Stage Overgrown Lot
  4098. TA0685 - Pin Pierce Nipples
  4099. TA0689 - Sailor Collar (Reimu Colours?)
  4100. TA0690 - Bunny Suit Torso Piece
  4101. TA0692 - Skin Pregnet Loli Body
  4102. TA0693 - Don't Know
  4103. TA0696 - Holds a Ladel
  4104. TA0697 - Micky Mouse Ears, Nose
  4105. TA0699 - Marisa Witch Hat (Touhou)
  4106. TA0702 - Don't Know
  4107. TA0705 - Meiling Hat (Touhou)
  4108. TA0706 - Momizi/Aya Hat (Touhou)
  4109. TA0707 - Panties (Adds to another Mod?)
  4110. TA0708 - Safety Pin Pierce Nipples
  4111. TA0710 - Momizi/Aya Hat (Touhou)
  4112. TA0714 - Side Tied Beach Cloth
  4113. TA0716 - CardBroad Box Suit
  4114. TA0720 - T-Shirt With Logos
  4115. TA0722 - Goth Set, Belts,Coat,Hair Tie, Arm Blades
  4116. TA0724 - Dual Wield Pistols
  4117. TA0731 - Change Sex Icons
  4118. TA0733 - Stage Bamboo
  4119. TA0734 - Eva Set, Plug Suit, School Uniform, Hair Accessories
  4120. TA0735 - Skin Adds to Base Pussy Spread
  4121. TA0736 - Eyes Slightly Up
  4122. TA0737 - Don't Know (Adds to TAC396?)
  4123. TA0738 - Hoodie With String, Super Black Jack Suit
  4124. TA0739 - Dokuro Spike Club
  4125. TA0740 - SunFlower Hair Tie
  4126. TA0741 - Kos-Mos Guns (Xenosaga)
  4127. TA0742 - School Swimsuit
  4128. TA0743 - Adds More Patterns to Base Bikini Set
  4129. TA0744 - Holds Street Signs
  4130. TA0746 - Goth Dress
  4131. TA0747 - Eirin Dress, Hat (Touhou)
  4132. TA0750 - Glasses Set (Differnt Postions)
  4133. TA0754 - Long Priestess Coat
  4134. TA0758 - Suwako Dress,Hat (Touhou)
  4135. TA0759 - Monocle
  4136. TA0760 - Sailor Mars Hair Colour For Base
  4137. TA0762 - Large Summer Dress
  4138. TA0764 - CyberGirl Set
  4139. TA0766 - Sandals Ankle Lace
  4140. TA0770 - Hair Style "Bob Cut" (Like Tsukasa from Lucky Star)
  4141. TA0771 - Floating Ghosts (Yuyuko) (Touhou)
  4142. TA0775 - Don't Know (Jersey?) (Adds to a Mod?)
  4143. TA0778 - Sailor Mercury Hair Colour For Base
  4144. TA0780 - Hair Style Shoulder Length Straight Hair
  4145. TA0781 - Headphones
  4146. TA0783 - Yukkuri Head
  4147. TA0784 - Camo T-Shirt
  4148. TA0786 - Stage School Equipment Room
  4149. TA0787 - Colour Set for TAC770 (Hair Style "Bob Cut")
  4150. TA0788 - Colour Set for TAC780 (Shoulder Length Straight Hair)
  4151. TA0789 - Wii Remote
  4152. TA0790 - Plaid Skirt, Transparent Skirt
  4153. TA0793 - Blank Speech Bubble
  4154. TA0794 - ArmBand
  4155. TA0796 - Hair Style "Hime Cut"
  4156. TA0797 - Maid Set Dress,Apron
  4157. TA0798 - Don't Know Excel File
  4158. TA0799 - Camo Back Pack
  4159. TA0801 - Sunglasses, Glasses Set
  4160. TA0805 - Chen Twin Cat Tail (Touhou)
  4161. TA0807 - Trimmed Pubic Hair
  4162. TA0808 - Badminton Outfit?
  4163. TA0810 - Yuuka Vest, Skirt
  4164. TA0811 - Don't Know Colour for Hair?
  4165. TA0812 - Editting App?
  4166. TA0815 - Don't Know (Colour Set for Hair Mod)
  4167. TA0816 - Colour Set for TAC796 (Hair Style "Hime Cut")
  4168. TA0817 - Don't Know
  4169. TA0818 - Bunny Suit
  4170. TA0824 - Mesh Stocking
  4171. TA0825 - Don't Know
  4172. TA0827 - Stage Rain?
  4173. TA0828 - Trench Coat
  4174. TA0830 - Hoodie with Strings, Super Black Jack Uniform
  4175. TA0834 - Stage Bed Room
  4176. TA0835 - Skin Metal, Third Eye
  4177. TA0837 - Skin Various Colours
  4178. TA0839 - Skin Loli Body
  4179. TA0842 - Don't Know
  4180. TA0847 - Jeans
  4181. TA0848 - Hair Style Straight
  4182. TA0850 - Hair Style Long Side Bangs
  4183. TA0852 - Shoes Sandels With Flower
  4184. TA0854 - Don't Know
  4185. TA0855 - Miko Dress, Kimono
  4186. TA0857 - Guns, P90, Violin Case
  4187. TA0858 - Bra
  4188. TA0859 - Small Oni Horn, Ghost Bandana
  4189. TA0862 - Don't Know Mods a Mod?
  4190. TA0863 - Shrimp Tempura Mouth
  4191. TA0865 - Soldier Camo
  4192. TA0867 - Flushed Face, Freckles, Eyelashes
  4193. TA0868 - BDSM Belts
  4194. TA0869 - Large Angel Wings Black/White
  4195. TA0872 - Hair Style "Hime Cut"
  4196. TA0873 - Crown
  4197. TA0874 - Large Cap, Camo patterns
  4198. TA0875 - Sweater
  4199. TA0876 - Turban?
  4200. TA0881 - 2 Small Flower Hair Clips
  4201. TA0882 - Large Glass Earring
  4202. TA0883 - Don't Know
  4203. TA0884 - Skin Pussy Spread
  4204. TA0887 - Large Skirt Grid Pattern, Leaf Censor
  4205. TA0890 - Umbrella
  4206. TA0891 - Sandals With Design
  4207. TA0894 - Colour Set for TAC872 (Hime Cut) (Needs TAC872)
  4208. TA0897 - Inner Tube
  4209. TA0899 - Sweater with button shirt under
  4210. TA0900 - Hair colour (Berry)
  4211. TA0901 - Small Red Neak Ribbon
  4212. TA0902 - Don't know (Body?)
  4213. TA0903 - Big Top Hat
  4214. TA0904 - Don't Know
  4215. TA0906 - Pubic Hair
  4216. TA0907 - Don't Know
  4217. TA0908 - Armour
  4218. TA0909 - All the base body colours/Type in Pregnet form
  4219. TA0910 - Small bare shoulder top, poka dot pattern
  4220. TA0911 - Blue Striped Dress Shirt With Buttons
  4221. TA0914 - Saliormoon gloves,neck,skirt,top
  4222. TA0915 - Gold Hair Gloss
  4223. TA0917 - Pajamas
  4224. TA0921 - camo jacket,pants,hat
  4225. TA0922 - Hold some black stick
  4226. TA0923 - Gold Skin
  4227. TA0924 - Tranparent body
  4228. TA0925 - Sun Glasses
  4229. TA0933 - Masked Rider Belt, Red Backpack with icon as X
  4230. TA0936 - photoshop imgs no TAH
  4231. TA0938 - New Hair Colour?
  4232. TA0940 - Small bare shoulder top, poka dot pattern
  4233. TA0942 - Anal Thermometer
  4234. TA0943 - Set side icons
  4235. TA0946 - Man to Silver Hair Brown Skin Futa
  4236. TA0950 - Shrimp Sushi in Mouth
  4237. TA0953 - Grilled Squid in Mouth
  4238. TA0956 - Yogurt Tube in Mouth
  4239. TA0957 - Dress with Tie on Shoulder, Short and Long
  4240. TA0959 - Bras, with lace (4 types)
  4241. TA0967 - Gundam Crown
  4242. TA0971 - Don't Know
  4243. TA0973 - Komachi Hair
  4244. TA0974 - Komachi hair beads (Touhou)
  4245. TA0975 - Stage bed room
  4246. TA0976 - Hair Stlye Back (Komachi)
  4247. TA0978 - Big Spike Maul
  4248. TA0979 - Lazer gun
  4249. TA0981 - Cat Eyes
  4250. TA0982 - Small top hat
  4251. TA0988 - Dress, straps on and off
  4252. TA0990 - Silk Panties
  4253. TA0992 - Iku hat (Touhou)
  4254. TA0993 - Webbed Hands, Fin Ears
  4255. TA0997 - Panties on Leg
  4256. TA1000 - Dual Guns
  4257. TA1001 - Coat
  4258. TA1006 - Kinda Lacey Dress
  4259. TA1008 - Popcicle in Mouth
  4260. TA1018 - Baseball Bat
  4261. TA1020 - Bushy Tail, Floopy Ears
  4262. TA1021 - White Stage With Text
  4263. TA1023 - Small Brown Bottle in Mouth and Hand
  4264. TA1025 - Wrist Watch
  4265. TA1026 - Strike Witches Ear Set (Good Animal Ear set)
  4266. TA1027 - Flan Wings (Touhou)
  4267. TA1030 - Stage Soaproom
  4268. TA1031 - Flan wings (Touhou)
  4269. TA1032 - Tank Top Bra, Open Short Sweater
  4270. TA1033 - Zaku Antenna
  4271. TA1034 - Toast
  4272. TA1039 - Don't know (Nothing added)
  4273. TA1042 - New Hair Style
  4274. TA1044 - Bloomers
  4275. TA1045 - Origiri in Mouth
  4276. TAC1052 - Dress
  4277. TAC1051 - Pacifier
  4278. TAC1136 -
  4279. TAC1137 -
  4280. TAC1138 -
  4281. TAC1139 -
  4282. TAC1140 -
  4283. TAC1141 -
  4284. TAC1142 -
  4285. TAC1143 -
  4286. TAC1144 -
  4287. TAC1145 -
  4288. TAC1146 -
  4289. TAC1147 -
  4290. TAC1148 -
  4291. TAC1149 -
  4292. TAC1150 -
  4293. TAC1151 -
  4294. TAC1152 -
  4295. TAC1153 -
  4296. TAC1154 -
  4297. TAC1155 -
  4298. TAC1156 -
  4299. TAC1157 -
  4300. TAC1158 -
  4301. TAC1059 - Ring
  4302. TAC1060 - Some Tentecal Monster on Girl's Back
  4303. TAC1063 - Black/Red Police Stick
  4304. TAC1065 - Man to finger
  4305. TAC1073 - Yuyuko Headband, Dress, Remilia FLan Hat, Youmu Ribbon
  4306. TAC1078 - No glossy skin body
  4307. TAC1079 - Sac Bag
  4308. TAC1080 - Dog Keg
  4309. TAC1085 - Brown Gloss Hair Colour
  4310. TAC1086 - Pylon Hat
  4311. TAC1095 - Stuff on Mouth, bubblegum, Tongue Out, Platic Moustache glasses
  4312. TAC1099 - Skin Set
  4313. TAC1102 - grass green Hair Colour
  4314. TAC1103 - Police uniform, Shirt, Skirt, Hat, Arm Band
  4315. TAC1104 - Neon Green Hair Colour
  4316. TAC1105 - New Hair Colours?
  4317. TAC1106 - New Hair Colours?
  4318. TAC1107 - SkyPilot Uniform, Hat,Shirt,Coat,Belt,Gun,Ankle Belts
  4319. TAC1108 - Space Reporter, Top,Skirt,Boots,Gloves,Back Pack, Mic
  4320. TAC1109 - Bondage Harness
  4321. TAC1110 - Don't Know
  4322. TAC1113 - Tank Head
  4323. TAC1118 - Sleek Grey Swimsuit
  4324. TAC1119 - Bongage Harness
  4325. TAC1122 - Hair Colours See Note
  4326. TAC1123 - Hair Colours See Note
  4327. TAC1125 - Ring
  4328. TAC1126 - Ponytail With Ribbon
  4329. TAC1127 - Braided PonyTail Lots of Different Colours See Note
  4330. TAC1128 - Hair stuff See Note
  4331. TAC1131 - New Hair Style Left Hair Tie
  4332. TAC1133 - Panites Various lace patterns
  4333. TAC1135 - Video Effect
  4334. TAC1136 - One Piece Dress, Various Flower Patterns
  4335. TAC1137 - Optional Hands
  4336. TAC1138 - Man to Hand
  4337. TAC1139 - Camcorder Effect
  4338. TAC1141 - Pig Tails
  4339. TAC1145 - Binocular, Scope Effects
  4340. TAC1148 - Armpit Hair
  4341. TAC1149 - Skin Texture
  4342. TAC1150 - Skin Texture
  4343. TAC1151 - Race Start Girl Uniform, Gloves,Stocking,shoes,glasses,shirt
  4344. TAC1154 - Long Apron
  4345. TAC1156 - Doll Body (Rozen Maiden)
  4346. TAC1161 - Souseiseki, Hat,Shirt,Pants
  4347. TAC1162 - Right Ponytail Tie
  4348. TAC1164 - Geta shoes
  4349. TAC1167 - Itou Noemi Dress,Necklace,School Uniform
  4350. TAC1170 - Stage, Classroom with guys
  4351. TAC1171 - Sarashi
  4352. TAC1172 - Forehead Symbols
  4353. TAC1173 - Short Hair Bangs, Left,Right,Both
  4354. TAC1174 - Back Length Wide Hair Tied at the End (Suika Style)
  4355. TAC1175 - "Hime cut" Hair Style
  4356. TAC1181 - Budweiser/Coke Dress
  4357. TAC1182 - H-Scene Ass up, arms back
  4358. TAC1183 - Icon for 1182
  4359. TAC1184 - Anal Cat Tail
  4360. TAC1185 - Gundam00 GN Drive Back
  4361. TAC1186 - Drums
  4362. TAC1188 - Lucky Star Body/Face, Eyes, School Uniform?
  4363. TAC1194 - Leather Clad Fighter Uniform
  4364. TAC1195 - Strawberry Pattern Bra and Panty
  4365. TAC1200 - Brown Thigh-High Pirate Boots
  4366. TAC1201 - loader.exe - - mostly outdated resolution+screenshot tool(OLD DESCRIPTION: Stage Parking Garage)
  4367. TAC1202 - White Wide PonyTail (buggy)
  4368. TAC1204 - New Hair Style
  4369. TAC1205 - New Hair Style
  4370. TAC1207 - Hair Style Low Tie
  4371. TAC1208 - Hair Style Left Tie
  4372. TAC1214 - Jungle Set, Bone necklace,arm,leg bands, leopard skin top, Meat hold
  4373. TAC1215 - Hair Style Right Tie
  4374. TAC1216 - Hair Style Left Right Tie
  4375. TAC1217 - Eyelashes, Bonnet
  4376. TAC1224 - Hair Style Front
  4377. TAC1225 - Hair Style Back Fan Spread
  4378. TAC1232 - Various Skin Types
  4379. TAC1233 - Mods a Base Skin Type?
  4380. TAC1235 - Don't Know
  4381. TAC1236 - Makes cock Look Real
  4382. TAC1239 - Don't Know
  4383. TAC1240 - Tank Top
  4384. TAC1243 - Man to Futa Black Hair, Pink Skin
  4385. TAC1244 - Stage Fire Stairs
  4386. TAC1245 - Bousou Renkin, Butterfly Guy's Suit,Mask,Wings, Tokiko's School Socks, Scar, The Disk thing
  4387. TAC1246 - Frilly Top, Skirt, Cat Bell Necklace
  4388. TAC1248 - Hair Style Small Side Tied
  4389. TAC1249 - Skirt with Belt Various Patterns
  4390. TAC1252 - Maid Dress, connected with an anime?
  4391. TAC1253 - Elevator Stage
  4392. TAC1256 - Transparent Swimsuit
  4393. TAC1257 - School Uniform with Straps
  4394. TAC1258 - Hair Style PonyTail
  4395. TAC1260 - Marker Icons in Dress Panel
  4396. TAC1261 - School Equipment room?
  4397. TAC1263 - Cartoon Rabbit Ears,Shoes,Gloves,Tail
  4398. TAC1265 - Round Hat, Blazer, Skirt
  4399. TAC1267 - Hair Bangs (Reimu, Patchouli)
  4400. TAC1268 - Loose Dress Shirt
  4401. TAC1270 - Very Short Skirt
  4402. TAC1272 - Man to Student
  4403. TAC1275 - Maid Uniform
  4404. TAC1278 - Hold Book
  4405. TAC1279 - Itou Moemi School Uniform
  4406. Catalogue 1281-1339
  4407. TAC1281 - Twin Ahoge (TAC1469 Icon and Colour Set)
  4408. TAC1291 - Marching Band Uniform, Hat,Dress,Stick
  4409. TAC1292 - Idol Suit
  4410. TAC1292 - Sign necklace
  4411. TAC1295 - Itou Noemi Dress
  4412. TAC1296 - Japanese Umbrela and Smoking Pipe
  4413. TAC1297 - Hatsune Miku's hair ties.
  4414. TAC1298 - Hair Style Front, Straight Bottom
  4415. TAC1299 - Icon for 1297
  4416. TAC1304 - Stage White Space Pod
  4417. TAC1305 - Hair Style Twin Side Ahoge (Nanoha)
  4418. TAC1308 - See Note
  4419. TAC1309 - See Note
  4420. TAC1310 - See Note
  4421. TAC1311 - See Note
  4422. TAC1312 - See Note
  4423. TAC1313 - See Note
  4424. TAC1314 - See Note
  4425. TAC1315 - See Note
  4426. TAC1316 - See Note
  4427. TAC1317 - See Note
  4428. TAC1318 - See Note
  4429. TAC1319 - See Note
  4430. TAC1320 - See Note
  4431. TAC1321 - See Note
  4432. TAC1322 - See Note
  4433. TAC1323 - Don't Know (Skin?)
  4434. TAC1329 - White, Transparent School Swimsuit
  4435. TAC1330 - Badminton Racket
  4436. TAC1332 - H Scene Kneeing Hands on Back
  4437. TAC1334 - Ghost in the Shell Laughing Man Pussy Censor
  4438. TAC1335 - Left,Right,Mouth Knife, DogTags
  4439. TAC1336 - Hair Style Short PonyTail
  4440. TAC1337 - Hair Style Long PonyTail
  4441. TAC1338 - Holds Various Brass Instraments
  4442. TAC1339 - Back of Hand Symbols
  4443. TAC1343 - Small Bikini
  4444. TAC1344 - Stage Toilte, Swamp
  4445. TAC1345 - Hair Style Long Twin Tail Side
  4446. TAC1346 - Domimatrix Set, Gloves, Boot, Waist, Bra,
  4447. TAC1347 - Short White Socks, Toes showing
  4448. TAC1349 - Army Officer Uniform
  4449. TAC1350 - Hayate Set (Nanoha)
  4450. TAC1352 - Megaman, Legs,Top,Back,Hands,Panties
  4451. TAC1354 - Viberators on Body
  4452. TAC1355 - Miku Head Set, Dual Wield Leek, Stick, Kitchen Knife
  4453. TAC1356 - Leaf Bra, Panties
  4454. TAC1357 - Zippered Suit With Breast Holes
  4455. TAC1359 - Pleated Skirt
  4456. TAC1360 - Hair Style Wide Twin Tail Tied at End Short and Long
  4457. TAC1361 - Hair Style PonyTail Draped Over Shoulder Left and Right
  4458. TAC1364 - Skin Various Nipples
  4459. TAC1366 - Large Nipples
  4460. TAC1368 - Grid Body
  4461. TAC1370 - Large Nipples
  4462. TAC1372 - Dizzy Glasses
  4463. TAC1373 - Guns M11
  4464. TAC1376 - School Uniform Plaid Trim
  4465. TAC1377 - Vibrators, Pussy, Anal, Both
  4466. TAC1378 - Stage Shirne Night (Bugs)
  4467. TAC1380 - H Scene Paizuri (Titty Fuck)
  4468. TAC1381 - Angel Wings White and Black, Loose Dress Shirt
  4469. TAC1382 - Stage Eva Size Girl
  4470. TAC1383 - Acguy Suit (Gundam)
  4471. TAC1385 - Sweater, Hoodie
  4472. TAC1388 - Striped Bra, Bra Lift
  4473. TAC1389 - Striped Bikini, Normal, Faded, Small
  4474. TAC1391 - Speculum
  4475. TAC1393 - Stage eva Sized Girl Police Cars
  4476. TAC1395 - Panties Half Off
  4477. TAC1396 - Large Plaid Skirt
  4478. TAC1397 - New Hair Colour
  4479. TAC1399 - Tape Pussy Spread
  4480. TAC1402 - Skin Real Skin Textures, abs
  4481. TAC1403 - Hair Style Cover One Eye
  4482. TAC1408 - Colour Pack for 1403
  4483. TAC1409 - Colour Pack for 1403
  4484. TAC1411 - Stage in Shirne
  4485. TAC1416 - Stage Small Girl
  4486. TAC1418 - Eyes Rectangle Pupils
  4487. TAC1419 - Hair Style Twist PonyTail
  4488. TAC1421 - Ninja Suit Pants, Knives, Sheaths
  4489. TAC1424 - Short/Long Sleeve Shirt, Open Vest
  4490. TAC1425 - Hair Style Cover One Eye
  4491. TAC1426 - Colours for 1425
  4492. TAC1427 - Colours for 1425
  4493. TAC1429 - "Clover" School Uniform, Shirt,Skirt,Back Bow
  4494. TAC1431 - "Twinkle" School Uniform, Shirt,Skirt,Arm Band
  4495. TAC1432 - White Swimsuit, Purple Trim Shoes, Small White Hat (A character?)
  4496. TAC1433 - School Swimsuit mod Straps down, Pussy Uncovered, Both
  4497. TAC1435 - Don't Know, Mods a Mod?
  4498. TAC1436 - Colour Pack for a Hair Mod?
  4499. TAC1437 - Samaus Tight Suit
  4500. TAC1438 - Sleevless Zipper Dress
  4501. TAC1439 - Don't Know
  4502. TAC1440 - Changes the Texture of the Penis
  4503. TAC1441 - Hair Style Various Forehead cover Styles
  4504. TAC1442 - Fox Ears and Tail Black and White
  4505. TAC1443 - Stage Pink Haired Girl Spinning on Table
  4506. TAC1444 - Ear Mod?
  4507. TAC1445 - camisole
  4508. TAC1446 - Eyebrow Set
  4509. TAC1447 - Mods and Base Item? (Bra?)
  4510. TAC1448 - Syringes 3 Placements
  4511. TAC1449 - Tube Top
  4512. TAC1451 - BodySuit With Breast Holes
  4513. TAC1452 - Corest+Skirt, HeadPhones, Ripped Pantyhose, WindBlown Scarf
  4514. TAC1454 - Hair Colour mod for a mod
  4515. TAC1457 - Illya Dress, Shoes (Fate/Stay Night)
  4516. TAC1460 - Hair Style Short, Side Ball, Side Tube
  4517. TAC1461 - Pussy Water Injector
  4518. TAC1462 - Dress With various Transparencies
  4519. TAC1464 - Hair Style Long Wavey Side Bangs
  4520. TAC1465 - Pubic Hair
  4521. TAC1466 - Don't know
  4522. TAC1467 - Black Plastic Spatula; supposedly a whip
  4523. TAC1468 - Colour Set and Icons for TAC1267 (Reimu Pachouli Bangs)
  4524. TAC1469 - Colour Set for TAC1281 (Twin Ahoge)
  4525. TAC1471 - Theater Effect
  4526. TAC1474 - Devil Tail
  4527. TAC1475 - Don't Know (Mods a Mod?)
  4528. TAC1476 - Monokini
  4529. TAC1478 - Wings (Bat)
  4530. TAC1480 - Adds to TAC1188
  4531. TAC1481 - Theater Effect (More Effects?)
  4532. TAC1483 - YMS-15 Gyan Uniform,Sword Shield,Suit,Legs,Face
  4533. TAC1484 - Stage Park in Fall
  4534. TAC1486 - Colour Set for TAC1460
  4535. TAC1490 - Side Tied Hair Ribbons
  4536. TAC1491 - Colour Set and Icons for TAC1173 TAC850
  4537. TAC1493 - Turn Girl to Futa
  4538. TAC1496 - Colour Set and Icons for TAC1173 TAC850
  4539. TAC1498 - Stage Phone Booth
  4540. TAC1499 - Colour Set and Icons for TAC393 (Uncomfirmed)
  4541. TAC1500 - Stage Girl as - Figure
  4542. TAC1502 - Colour Set for TAC90? (Unconfirmed)
  4543. TAC1503 - Striped Long Socks (Mods Base)
  4544. TAC1504 - Alice in Wonderland Set Socks,Dress
  4545. TAC1506 - Hand cuffed Hands and Neck Bars
  4546. TAC1507 - Frilly Trimmed Cleavage Dress
  4547. TAC1511 - Colour Set for TAC91? (Uncomfirmed)
  4548. TAC1512 - T-Shirt Over Long Sleeve
  4549. TAC1514 - Short Tank Top (Adds to Other Packs? Look at text File in mod Folder)
  4550. TAC1515 - Skin Mod Less Shiny Skin (Adds to 1232,1233?) (Stand Alone)
  4551. TAC1516 - Scurf, Plaid, Rabbit
  4552. TAC1520 - Colour Mod for TAC1371?
  4553. TAC1524 - Don't Know
  4554. TAC1527 - Stage Room With Tables and a Piano
  4555. TAC1529 - Screen Visor
  4556. TAC1532 - Uniform Set of a Character? Jean Overalls, Hat, Dress
  4557. TAC1534 - Miko Cloths (Adds to TAC855) (Stand Alone)
  4558. TAC1536 - Don't Know
  4559. TAC1538 - Len Dress (Tsukihime)
  4560. TAC1539 - Man to Middle Aged Man with Face
  4561. TAC1541 - Skin Pussy Gape (Adds to TAC884?) (Stand Alone)
  4562. TAC1543 - Man to Fat Bald Guy (MAKE HUMAN MAN)
  4563. TAC1545 - RX Gundam Girl
  4564. TAC1547 - Man to Gumdan With Beam Cock (lol)
  4565. TAC1549 - Kos-Mos Set, Visor,Boots,Gloves,Top,Skirt, Hair
  4566. TAC1550 - LipStick
  4567. TAC1551 - Sweater
  4568. TAC1553 - Eyebrow mod
  4569. TAC1554 - H Scene Poses, Gun point, panty Pull
  4570. TAC1556 - Large purse
  4571. TAC1557 - Don't Know
  4572. TAC1562 - Cosplay outfit for Aty from Summon Night(3?)
  4573. TAC1565 - Thick Wrist Rings --Marionette Company, Phantasy Star or something?
  4574. TAC1566 - Butler Vest, Bowties
  4575. TAC1567 - Some Red,Blue,Black Suit, Yellow Boots, and Sword (Character?)
  4576. TAC1572 - Eye Mod
  4577. TAC1574 - H Scene Various Still poses
  4578. TAC1577 - Skin Loli Body (Mods 1374?) (Stand Alone)
  4579. TAC1582 - Girl to Futa (Mod TAC1449) (Needs TAC1449)
  4580. TAC1585 - Stage Hotel Room
  4581. TAC1586 - Stage "Soapland"
  4582. TAC1588 - Aykuu Kimono (Touhou)
  4583. TAC1593 - Sweater, Sweater with Turtle Neck
  4584. TAC1596 - Stage Full Moon
  4585. TAC1597 - Don't Know
  4586. TAC1598 - Pointing Pose (Adds to TAC1554,TAC1574) (Needs TAC1554,TAC1574)
  4587. TAC1604 - Sleep Mask
  4588. TAC1606 - Some Character Set
  4589. TAC1607 - Skin Loli Body
  4590. TAC1608 - Skin Loli Body With Eye Shadows
  4591. TAC1610 - Floopy Elf Ears
  4592. TAC1611 - Don't Know (Mods 1594,1555, A Pose?)
  4593. TAC1612 - Brown Kyuubi Tails (Ran Tails?)
  4594. TAC1613 - Changes the Girl's Voice
  4595. TAC1615 - Panites Pulled at Various Levels on Leg
  4596. TAC1616 - Long Tights
  4597. TAC1617 - Kamae.toy; a model of some sort
  4598. TAC1622 - Jack-o-Lantern Hat
  4599. TAC1623 - H Scene Crying Pose
  4600. TAC1625 - H Scene Hands on Back (Adds to TAC1554,TAC1574) (Needs TAC1554,TAC1574)
  4601. TAC1627 - Adds to TAC1606?
  4602. TAC1630 - Adds to TAC1606 (Need TAC1606)
  4603. TAC1637 - Nipple Piercings
  4604. TAC1639 - Lion Suit
  4605. TAC1640 - Don't Know a Base for a Set?
  4606. TAC1642 - Editing App
  4607. TAC1644 - Very Short Socks
  4608. TAC1646 - Sake Bottle
  4609. TAC1647 - School Uniform, Shirt,Shirt Lift,Skirt (From anime?)
  4610. TAC1650 - H Scene Crying Pose, Laying Down
  4611. TAC1651 - Mystia Set, Hat,Wings,Top,Skirt,Ears
  4612. TAC1652 - Nitori Set Shirt,Skirt,Boots
  4613. TAC1657 - Don't Know
  4614. TAC1658 - Undress icons
  4615. TAC1659 - Stage Text "Dododo"
  4616. TAC1662 - Stage Black White Fade
  4617. TAC1663 - Bloody Bandages
  4618. TAC1664 - ard Captors Costume (Blue Twin Tail Jester Hat)
  4619. TAC1665 - Tape Bra
  4620. TAC1666 - H Scene Drinking Pose (Needs TAC1554,TAC1574)
  4621. TAC1667 - Eggs, Cucumbers inserts
  4622. TAC1668 - Stage Full Moon
  4623. TAC1670 - Adds Brown Uniform to TAC1647, Adds Python Gun to TAC1063
  4624. TAC1672 - Editting App
  4625. TAC1673 - Geass Eyes, CellPhone
  4626. TAC1674 - Red Spike Wings, Red Spike Wings With Black/White Angel Wings
  4627. TAC1675 - Tenish Dress,Hat,Boots - Youmu,Shirt,Skirt,Myon - Utsuho Wings,Shirt, Alice HeadBand, Remi Wings(Touhou)
  4628. TAC1681 - Edtting App?
  4629. TAC1682 - H Scene Fingering Self (Needs TAC1554 Motion Base Pack)
  4630. TAC1683 - Broom, 100t Mallet
  4631. TAC1684 - Gun Set
  4632. TAC1685 - H Scene Poses for Weapons (Needs TAC1554,1574)
  4633. TAC1687 - Straps
  4634. TAC1688 - Renko Hat (Touhou)
  4635. TAC1689 - ERROR
  4636. TAC1690 - Don't Know
  4637. TAC1691 - Cow Bell, Animal Horns, Cow Ears
  4638. TAC1693 - Raising Heart (Nanoha)
  4639. TAC1694 - H Scene Fingering Self, Dymanic if used with provided Skin (Needs TAC1554,1574) (Possibaly Mods others)
  4640. TAC1697 - Different Colours for TAC1647 (Needs TAC1647) (Unconfirmed)
  4641. TAC1699 - Card Captor Costume (Yellow Fairy)
  4642. TAC1700 - H Scene Hangs UpsideDown, Bondage Bound (Needs TAC1554,1574)
  4643. TAC1701 - Baseball Cap Mod? (Needs TAC678?)
  4644. TAC1703 - Paki Dot
  4645. TAC1706 - Oragne Uniform (From an anime?)
  4646. TAC1707 - Puffy Toque with Lazer Eye Bear
  4647. TAC1708 - T-Shirt
  4648. TAC1709 - H Scene Fightng Animation (Needs TAC1554,1574)
  4649. TAC1710 - Spear, Walrus Hat, Brown Poach, Wolf Paw Feet, Plaid Skirt, Drool
  4650. TAC1711 - LipStick
  4651. TAC1713 - Minky Momo Set
  4652. TAC1714 - Tennis/Cheerleader Unifrom, Shirt,Skirt,Shoes,Wrist Bands, Racket, PomPoms
  4653. TAC1716 - Skin Cuts and Scars
  4654. TAC1717 - Pokemon Girl Hats
  4655. TAC1718 - H Scene Girl Fists self Still Pose (Needs TAC1554,1574)
  4656. TAC1719 - Striped Sweater
  4657. TAC1720 - Dress Over T-Shirt
  4658. TAC1721 - Dress Over T-Shirt
  4659. TAC1722 - Vita Shirt,Belt,Shoes,ArmBands (Nanoha)
  4660. TAC1723 - H Scene Cigarette Hold, Pose (Needs TAC1554,TAC1574)
  4661. TAC1724 - H Scene Self Fist (Needs TAC1554,TAC1574)
  4662. TAC1727 - Animal Feet and Paws
  4663. TAC1728 - Stage inside Shrine (Needs TAC1554,TAC1574)
  4664. TAC1729 - Black Bird Tail
  4665. TAC1730 - Editting App?
  4666. TAC1731 - H Scene Bento Box, Feed (Needs TAC1554,TAC1574)
  4667. TAC1732 - Star Nipples
  4668. TAC1733 - Reimu Uniform,Hair Bow,Sleeves,Stick (Touhou)
  4669. TAC1734 - H Scene 3 Poses (Needs TAC1554,TAC1574)
  4670. TAC1735 - Stage
  4671. TAC1736 - Stage Diner
  4672. TAC1737 - H Scene More Poses(Needs TAC1554,TAC1574)
  4673. TAC1739 - Dolphin Earrings, Left,Right Gloves
  4674. TAC1740 - Boring Drill
  4675. TAC1741 - Icons for 1728
  4676. TAC1742 - H Scene Wedding Ring Receive (Needs TAC1554,TAC1574)
  4677. TAC1743 - Stage Back Alley
  4678. TAC1746 - H Scene Running (Needs TAC1554,TAC1574)
  4679. TAC1747 - Miku Set (Adds to Base)
  4680. TAC1748 - H Scene Butt up Pose (As if Pushed down) (Needs TAC1554,TAC1574)
  4681. TAC1749 - Editting App
  4682. TAC1750 - LipStick, MiniSkirt with Belt
  4683. TAC1751 - Momizi Sword,Shield,Shirt,Skirt,Belt (Touhou)
  4684. TAC1752 - Flat Skirt, (Adds to TAC1551 (Sweater))?
  4685. TAC1753 - Hair Style Wide Side
  4686. TAC1754 - H Scene Uppercut (Needs TAC1554,TAC1574)
  4687. TAC1755 - Skin Amputed Legs and Arms
  4688. TAC1756 - Colour Set for TAC1753 (Hair Style Wide Side) (Needs 1753)
  4689. TAC1757 - Colour Set for TAC1441 (Various Forehead Hair Cover) (Needs 1441)
  4690. TAC1758 - Don't Know
  4691. TAC1759 - Stage Adds to TAC1527 (Cafe with Piano) (Needs TAC1527)
  4692. TAC1760 - Short Sleeve Shirt Buttoned at Neck with Short/Long Sleeve under Shirt
  4693. TAC1761 - T-Shirt Over Long Sleeve
  4694. TAC1763 - Ahoge Hair Bangs
  4695. TAC1764 - tight skirt, stockings, pink cardigan
  4696. TAC1765 - yugi cosplay set
  4697. TAC1766 - tool, edit zahyou
  4698. TAC1768 - sakura cosplay set
  4699. TAC1769 - scat mod
  4700. TAC1770 - hair mods and colours
  4701. TAC1771 - shirt mod
  4702. TAC1772 - touhou stuff
  4703. TAC1774 - coloured tape where pubic hair is suppose to be
  4704. TAC1775 - black staff
  4705. TAC1776 - dunno some mod, bunny outfit?
  4706. TAC1777 - lipstick and eyeshadow mod
  4707. TAC1779 - dunno, flower hair piece? some outfit?
  4708. TAC1780 - fairy wings
  4709. TAC1781 - hair mod (ahoge)
  4710. TAC1782 - hair mod colours (TAC1764?, TAC1781?)
  4711. TAC1784 - loli shirt
  4712. TAC1785 - loli hat and shirt
  4713. TAC1787 - some head icon and enema instrument jammed into ass
  4714. TAC1790 - redo of some grav poses (Needs TAC1554,TAC1574)
  4715. TAC1793 - loli clothes
  4716. TAC1794 - BG shrine house with touhou character
  4717. TAC1796 - eye mod white eyes, scared eyes, bloody eyes, 1 eye stabbed
  4718. TAC1799 - dunno bandaid over nose? some cap?
  4719. TAC1802 - character outfit
  4720. TAC1804 - Kos Mos outfit and custom body
  4721. TAC1805 - some staff
  4722. TAC1806 - hair mod (back)
  4723. TAC1808 - shirt over long sleeve shirt
  4724. TAC1811 - outfit (tunic?)
  4725. TAC1815 - grav mods (Needs TAC1554,TAC1574)
  4726. TAC1817 - bondage leg gear (used with TAC1332)
  4727. TAC1818 - touhou hair (needs to be changed into .tah files)
  4728. TAC1819 - hair mod colours (TAC1806)
  4729. TAC1823 - improvement of cut/scar body, bloody body, amputee body (no head amputee removed?)
  4730. TAC1825 - 2 card captor outfit (loli body needed)
  4731. TAC1827 - macross frontier outfit (i think its macross)
  4732. TAC1828 - anime ninja outfit (dunno anime name)
  4733. TAC1829 - katana
  4734. TAC1830 - some character outfit and ahoge hair mod
  4735. TAC1831 - hair mod colours (TAC1757)
  4736. TAC1834 - scat mod, girl has feces coming from her ass
  4737. TAC1837 - anal toy mod set
  4738. TAC1840 - girl getting stabbed, 2 different places
  4739. TAC1841 - hat and necklace, goes with loli?
  4740. TAC1846 - BG
  4741. TAC1847 - BG
  4742. TAC1848 - BG
  4743. TAC1849 - character set (loli body needed)
  4744. TAC1850 - sword swing motion (Needs TAC1554,TAC1574)
  4745. TAC1853 - fullmoon BG
  4746. TAC1855 - dunno some cloth mod?
  4747. TAC1856 - transparent man replace by minotaur
  4748. TAC1858 - 3 hair mods, 1 front, 2 back
  4749. TAC1859 - character outfit
  4750. TAC1867 - BG diner 3 kinds, with transparent people, with metal people, no people
  4751. TAC1871 - pantyhose, used with leotard
  4752. TAC1873 - character outfit
  4753. TAC1875 - 3 front hair mods, head accessory
  4754. TAC1877 - XP girl outfit, food mods
  4755. TAC1878 - tentacle mod 4 colours
  4756. TAC1883 - grav mod, shooting (Needs TAC1554, TAC1574)
  4757. TAC1884 - touhou outfit
  4758. TAC1886 - hatsune miku outfit (dunno where outfit stuff are placed)
  4759. TAC1891 - special bra and panty mods (WARNING: replaces the first slot bra and panty)
  4760. TAC1892 - kannagi character wig mods
  4761. TAC1893 - BG pool with custom motions (Needs TAC1554?, TAC1574?)
  4762. TAC1894 - bull mod with 2 custom motions (Needs TAC1554, TAC1574)
  4763. TAC1895 - card captor outfit
  4764. TAC1896 - girl impaled by minotaur holding stick
  4765. TAC1900 - ninja outfit, pulled down pants, ripped outfit, lifted outfit
  4766. TAC1904 - BG amadeus with custom motions (Needs TAC1554?, TAC1574?)
  4767. TAC1905 - 7 front hair mods
  4768. TAC1907 - wrestling breaking girls arm (Needs TAC1554, TAC1574)
  4769. TAC1910 - Kos Mos outfit with custom motion (Needs TAC1554, TAC1574)
  4770. TAC1912 - special school shirt and shirt
  4771. TAC1913 - character outfit
  4772. TAC1914 - BG dark room with spotlights
  4773. TAC1915 - hair mod colours for TAC1858
  4774. TAC1916 - hair mod colours for TAC1875
  4775. TAC1918 - BG stone room with hanging rope, custom motion (Needs TAC1554?, TAC1574?)
  4776. TAC1920 - character outfit, Shugo Chara Amu
  4777. TAC1921 - coloured custom panties
  4778. TAC1922 - character outfit for loli body
  4779. TAC1923 - custom grav mods and open clothes pajama mod (Needs TAC1554, TAC1574, TAC0917)
  4780. TAC1924 - refer to 1930
  4781. TAC1927 - special eye expression mod (like in anime)
  4782. TAC1928 - special eye mod (WARNING: replaces first slot of eyes)
  4783. TAC1930 - tentacle restraint, trasnparent man replaced by tentacle
  4784. TAC1936 - character outfit
  4785. TAC1939 - hair mod colours for TAC1905
  4786. TAC1942 - breast lacation mod
  4787. TAC1944 - custom motion sleeping on the ground (Needs TAC1554, TAC1574)
  4788. TAC1946 - hair mod colours for TAC1706
  4789. TAC1947 - grav mod (Needs TAC1554, TAC1574)
  4790. TAC1952 - very short panty mod
  4791. TAC1954 - refer to 1958
  4792. TAC1955 - BG girl in a test tube pod
  4793. TAC1958 - custom motion, girl on wooden horse, writhing works well with TAC1735 (Needs TAC1554, TAC1574)
  4794. TAC1959 - refer to 1967
  4795. TAC1960 - 4 front hair mods
  4796. TAC1962 - pocky sticks in vagina
  4797. TAC1963 - Wriggle Nightbug's antennae, which are brown, fuzzy and coiled at the end.
  4798. TAC1966 - revolver knuckle, something else
  4799. TAC1967 - character outfit
  4800. TAC1968 - character outfit for loli body, giant hammer, 2 custom motions (Needs TAC1554, TAC1574)
  4801. TAC1969 - adds to BG 1918
  4802. TAC1970 - Various guns and weapons
  4803. TAC1971 - Textures and .toy files for modding
  4804. TAC1972 - Body mod with 3d pussy
  4805. TAC1973 - Mystia cosplay set
  4806. TAC1974 - Touhou cosplay set
  4807. TAC1975 - Touhou cosplay set
  4808. TAC1976 - Flame pattern skirt and ribbon
  4809. TAC1977 - Touhou cosplay set
  4810. TAC1978 - Gym uniform buruma with various stages of undressing
  4811. TAC1979 - Gravure motion, changing
  4812. TAC1980 - Lum flying gravure motions
  4813. TAC1981 - Touhou cosplay set with character save
  4814. TAC1982 - Subaru cosplay set
  4815. TAC1983 - Dai cosplay set with character save
  4816. TAC1985 - Bloomer "toilet" pack, buruma pulled aside to show pussy
  4817. TAC1988 - dirty, damaged sailor uniform
  4818. TAC1989 - "Hachimaki" headbands with Japanese writing
  4819. TAC1992 - Updated Bloomer "toilet" pack with more colours
  4820. TAC1993 - Skin tight jumpsuit in various colours
  4821. TAC1994 - Ryuuzin cosplay set
  4822. TAC1995 - Triangular gravure motion
  4823. TAC1997 - Updated bloomer "toilet" pack with diaper variation
  4824. TAC1999 - Updated dirty, damaged sailor uniform
  4825. TAC2000 - Miko outfit with short skirt
  4826. TAC2005 - Updated bloomer "toilet" pack
  4827. TAC2006 - Updated gym uniform and buruma in various stages of undress
  4829. This was started as a list for personal reference halfway through the torrent. I've done my best to fill it out, cross-referencing the different versions of mods and stuff. The writing style may not always be consistent.
  4830. TAC1767 - application: EditZahyou092
  4831. TAC1768 - i think it's invisible clothing.
  4832. TAC1771 - partly open sweaters or something
  4833. TAC1772 - some character-themed clothes and items, probably. i believe this is touhou-themed, but my lack of familiarity with the series keeps me from being sure.
  4834. TAC1774 - pussy tape. it's a little small. basically obsoleted by XPC00309.
  4835. TAC1775 - robe, pointy hat, and staff i think.
  4836. TAC1776 - clothes, red eyes, and a tail. probably character-themed.
  4837. TAC1777 - applicable lipstick, maybe other makeup too. obsoleted by TAC2206, although that's not in this torrent. it's available on hongfire.
  4838. TAC1779 - flower-themed clothing, hair accessory, and "censor" object. obsoleted by TAC1976.
  4839. TAC1780 - an expansion of the fairy wing options. requires TA0489.
  4840. TAC1781 - options for the side of the hair, in the ahoge slot.
  4841. TAC1782 - some hair colours or something, another one of those unexplained groups
  4842. TAC1784 - loli clothes
  4843. TAC1785 - more loli clothes like TAC1784's style.
  4844. TAC1787 - orange-head and huge butt insertion thing
  4845. TAC1788 - puddles (semen, at least)
  4846. TAC1790 - a big collection of grav poses
  4847. TAC1793 - more loli clothes like TAC1784's style.
  4848. TAC1794 - poses added to the stage in TAC1411. consists of a fancily-dressed loli doing naughty things in various positions. also a couple of fighting poses.
  4849. TAC1796 - terrified eyes, white eyes, eye stabbed with knife
  4850. TAC1797 - application: toy2tmo
  4851. TAC1799 - black baseball cap and bandaid across nose
  4852. TAC1802 - character-themed clothes. orange hat and stuff.
  4853. TAC1804 - MOS-KOS - high quality clothes and body for some character. apparently not KOS-MOS, because that's TAC1910. i don't know the characters, so i'd just be guessing beyond this point.
  4854. TAC1805 - a big, colourful staff thing
  4855. TAC1806 - short hair style (back)
  4856. TAC1808 - short-sleeved sweater over a shirt
  4857. TAC1810 - a shirt with a big, red eye thing on it (wtf?), and a few fancy loli and non-loli shirts, skirts, and dresses, plus leg chains (tail slot), hand chains (wrist slot), wings, and more. seems to expect another mod, TAC1601, which is - not available in the torrent.
  4858. TAC1811 - a variety of coloured tunics / dresses. they're so big, they almost make the girl look pregnant.
  4859. TAC1812 - strange clothes with a ... thing, twisting around them. probably character-themed.
  4860. TAC1815 - shooting and smoking grav poses. in the style of TAC1666, which has another two shooting poses that work alongside these.
  4861. TAC1817 - bondage item: straps on the ankles and upper leg with a bar between the upper straps and other bars coming up from the ankle straps. they could be considered to be connceting the straps, but only in certain positions.
  4862. TAC1818 - touhou(?)-themed hair, clothes, and stuff. not compiled into .tah files.
  4863. TAC1819 - another custom hair style colour expansion or something, for TAC1806 i think.
  4864. TAC1820 - sweaters on dress shirts with loose necks and loose ties. comes in pullover sweater and unbuttoned, long sweater version. DO NOT choose the last style of the open-sweater shirt (yellow sweater, black undershirt, striped blue tie). the game will crash.
  4865. TAC1821 - vests in the same style as TAC1820. comes in two versions: the dress shirt underneath has long sleeves in one and short sleeves in the other. didn't run into any crashes here.
  4866. TAC1822 - dress shirts/ties in the same loose-top style as TAC1820/TAC1821. no sweater/vest on top this time. comes in short-sleeved and long-sleeved versions.
  4867. TAC1823 - some bodies that are abused, amputated, decapitated, or otherwise gory
  4868. TAC1825 - character-themed clothes, maybe items too. some magical girl thing.
  4869. TAC1827 - some sailor-uniform style clothes, i think
  4870. TAC1828 - white... um, half-robe clothing. comes in purple/brown trim or red/orange trim.
  4871. TAC1829 - a katana, eyebrows slot
  4872. TAC1830 - a character-themed pack. a long string of hair tied with a white/blue thing in the ahoge slot, a stick with a white thing on the end for the hands (eyebrows slot), big sleeves, a little white snake coiled around the ahoge item (earring slot), a little frog-face icon in the upper hair (head/hat slot), a blue dress, and white shirt with blue trim
  4873. TAC1831 - hair stuff. seems to be related to TAC1757.
  4874. TAC1832 - turns the man into a paddle, cane, or umbrella (to look like the girl's being spanked). not compiled into .tah files.
  4875. TAC1833 - blue loli dress (from cimo, from touhou), seems to require another mod. i think the readme mentions TA0587, but that's a gun mod.
  4876. TAC1834 - poop/shit/feces, however you want to say it. obsoleted by XPC00318.
  4877. TAC1835 - adds unconventional body colours to the elf ears mod, TA0513. XPC00379 adds more colours/textures.
  4878. TAC1837 - anal toys
  4879. TAC1839 - a voice mod in a subfolder (omg, low quality audio!), which possibly only affects the greeting.
  4880. TAC1840 - a bloody knife stuck into the girl. two styles: one straight into her lower belly from the front, the other up into her pussy.
  4881. TAC1841 - more loli clothes like TAC1784's style (hats and necklaces, i think).
  4882. TAC1846 - some crazy stages. have to be seen to be believed.
  4883. TAC1847 - more stages to go with TAC1846.
  4884. TAC1848 - more stages to go with TAC1846.
  4885. TAC1849 - character-themed set. very blue dress, looks like it has a penguin-themed hat or something.
  4886. TAC1850 - a sword-swinging grav pose / animation
  4887. TAC1853 - full moon stage. obsoletes TAC1668.
  4888. TAC1854 - gradient light stage. obsoletes TAC1662.
  4889. TAC1855 - character-themed set. orange dress, white dress, and some weird hat things.
  4890. TAC1856 - turns the man into this... minotaur thing.
  4891. TAC1858 - some cool hair styles (back)
  4892. TAC1859 - possibly a character-themed set. bright green armour. also, some weapons. obsoleted by the much larger weapon groups later. like TAC1860.
  4893. TAC1860 - weapons pack
  4894. TAC1863 - three styles of eyes: small pupil, diamond pupil, and... large reflection i guess.
  4895. TAC1867 - voyeur cafe stage. includes three styles. the first two i can't tell the difference between; the watching men are silver models. the third changes them to transparent blue ones like the game's default male model.
  4896. TAC1868 - runway walk grav pose / animation
  4897. TAC1869 - an item that consists of a male model attached somewhere to the girl. usable to make 3-some scenes.
  4898. TAC1871 - some stockings
  4899. TAC1872 - guns pack, obsoleted by TAC1970 and then by XPC00366 (most recent).
  4900. TAC1873 - character-themed clothing set
  4901. TAC1874 - a coloured shirt or something. i think it adds to TAC1810.
  4902. TAC1875 - two very short front hair styles, plus headbands to accomodate the smaller model.
  4903. TAC1876 - big, colourful boots
  4904. TAC1877 - xp-tan themed clothing
  4905. TAC1878 - a single item of a bunch of tentacles
  4906. TAC1882 - character-themed set. includes big, colourful, floaty things.
  4907. TAC1883 - more shooting grav poses, like TAC1666 and TAC1815
  4908. TAC1884 - character-themed set, including big, orange wings.
  4909. TAC1886 - character-themed set. the loli girl with long, turquoise hair, a tie... and leeks, i think.
  4910. TAC1887 - a shader_change. didn't have any effect that i noticed.
  4911. TAC1889 - application: TmoEdit2002
  4912. TAC1890 - the runway walk grav animations from TAC1868, but with her walking in place instead of moving
  4913. TAC1891 - cloth-textured bras and panties
  4914. TAC1892 - three hair styles... as wigs... in the eyepatch slot.
  4915. TAC1893 - a pool stage, with various animation poses such as swimming in the pool. unfortunately, they seem to be buggy, as the locations of the poses are completely off.
  4916. TAC1894 - an attachable bull and some grav poses that... don't really seem to match up perfectly.
  4917. TAC1895 - character-themed set. card captor sakura, i think.
  4918. TAC1896 - this is an attachable item that looks like a minotaur holding a bloody stick that is shoved through the length of the girl's body, through her pussy. the screenshots make use of the body in TAC1823.
  4919. TAC1897 - some cloth-textured, baggy socks.
  4920. TAC1899 - togtags and a variety of knives
  4921. TAC1900 - ninja clothes and weapons
  4922. TAC1901 - gun/knife holsters strapped to the thighs, and some grav poses related to them
  4923. TAC1902 - a "backscreeneffect". the screenshot suggests that it changes the lighting or something, i can't tell, if it does.
  4924. TAC1903 - a bat with nails in it
  4925. TAC1904 - amadeus stage, like a cathedral or something, has some poses with it
  4926. TAC1905 - a variety of short front hair styles
  4927. TAC1907 - a wrestling grav pose with the guy wrestling the girl
  4928. TAC1910 - KOSMOS set with grav poses. includes hair, weapon, etc.
  4929. TAC1912 - white and black sailor suits
  4930. TAC1913 - more clothes with a weird thing twisting around them. might be character-themed.
  4931. TAC1914 - spotlights stage
  4932. TAC1915 - unknown, hair expansion maybe
  4933. TAC1916 - more like 1915
  4934. TAC1918 - "hanging" stage with poses
  4935. TAC1920 - clothes. i think this has an open shirt in it.
  4936. TAC1921 - coloured panties (requires TA0188)
  4937. TAC1922 - loli shirt and dress, boots, etc. (not marked as loli with the red square, but loli nonetheless)
  4938. TAC1923 - "sleeping" and "big gun action" grav poses (what a strange and arbitrary combination), plus half-off pajamas (these require TA0917)
  4939. TAC1924 - a bunch of tentacles in different parts. obsoleted by TAC1930.
  4940. TAC1926 - a body with a gaping pussy and what i subjectively deem a creepy-looking face. creepily bad, that is. obsoleted by TAC1972.
  4941. TAC1927 - some silly eye shapes. requires use of included body and eye types.
  4942. TAC1928 - minor eye variation
  4943. TAC1930 - a bunch of tentacles in different parts. obsoletes TAC1924.
  4944. TAC1935 - horns for the side of the head
  4945. TAC1936 - grey sailor suit
  4946. TAC1939 - unknown, hair expansion maybe
  4947. TAC1940 - unknown, excel spreadsheet
  4948. TAC1942 - milk coming out of nipples. screenshot includes hands, mod does not. uses mouth or bra slot. obsoleted by XPC00281.
  4949. TAC1944 - short-skirt miko outfit, regular and partially transparent. obsoleted by TAC2000.
  4950. TAC1945 - gym briefs (burumix) for tail slot, including one loli. obsoleted by TAC1957.
  4951. TAC1946 - unknown, hair expansion maybe
  4952. TAC1947 - fatima grav pose
  4953. TAC1948 - some long coats
  4954. TAC1952 - short skirts that are worn high, exposing stuff
  4955. TAC1953 - pleated skirt without stripe
  4956. TAC1954 - wooden horse grav poses, obsoleted by TAC1958.
  4957. TAC1955 - "blue pods" stage
  4958. TAC1956 - some kind of hammer
  4959. TAC1957 - gym briefs (burumix) for tail slot, obsoletetes TAC1945 with more loli options. obsoleted by TAC1978.
  4960. TAC1958 - wooden horse grav poses, obsoletes TAC1954. obsoleted by TAC1995.
  4961. TAC1959 - character-themed set of frilly clothes. obsoleted by TAC1967.
  4962. TAC1960 - two front hair styles, one covering left eye. two more hair styles, covering both eyes, in subfolder. compatible but not redundant with TAC1403 and TAC1425, which are a similar hair style covering the RIGHT eye.
  4963. TAC1961 - weird birdcage, triboob, and, uh, "card" bodies.
  4964. TAC1962 - pocky sticks in pussy (panties slot) and pocky for mouth (head bandage slot)
  4965. TAC1963 - scraggly brown antennae, and some kind of skirt, i think, which i couldn't find in-game
  4966. TAC1965 - alters the poses in the "hanging" background to swing slightly. (requires TAC1918. REPLACE the files, don't just add these in another folder)
  4967. TAC1966 - revolver knuckle. whatever that is.
  4968. TAC1967 - character-themed set of frilly clothes. obsoletes TAC1959.
  4969. TAC1968 - white and red loli clothes and grav poses for Vita (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's)
  4970. TAC1969 - puddles (blood, semen, poo). requires TAC1788.
  4971. TAC1970 - obsoletes TAC1872: a variety of guns. obsoleted by various others in the future, including XPC00366.
  4972. TAC1971 - unknown, possibly modding resources.
  4973. TAC1972 - obsoletes TAC1926. a body with a gaping pussy. the face is no longer creepy-bad.
  4974. TAC1973 - not sure, some kind of hair change, but not a new style
  4975. TAC1974 - clothing set, with thing twisting around it.
  4976. TAC1975 - another set of clothes with things twisting around it.
  4977. TAC1976 - obsoletes TAC1779, flower-themed clothing, hair accessory, and "censor" object.
  4978. TAC1977 - some kind of hat
  4979. TAC1978 - gym briefs (burumix), obsoletes TAC1957. adds a shirt, plus "briefs half-off" options. obsoleted by TAC2006.
  4980. TAC1979 - grav pose: sitting with arms crossed
  4981. TAC1980 - a variety of grav poses
  4982. TAC1981 - black wings and a skirt or something
  4983. TAC1982 - some kind of outfits, plus two grav poses
  4984. TAC1983 - character wings and body and stuff
  4985. TAC1985 - gym briefs and a diaper, in the tail slot. NOT in the "burumix" series. obsoleted by TAC1997 and TAC2005.
  4986. TAC1988 - dirty sailor suit. obsoleted by TAC1999.
  4987. TAC1989 - japanese bandanas
  4988. TAC1992 - not sure. error while trying to expand .tah's to check. probably an obsolete gym briefs mod.
  4989. TAC1993 - yellow body suit with black stripes. requires TAC1437.
  4990. TAC1994 - pink loli dress
  4991. TAC1995 - wooden horse grav poses. obsoletes TAC1958.
  4992. TAC1997 - gym briefs with the crotch pulled aside. in the tail slot. use with TAC2005.
  4993. TAC1999 - dirty clothes, obsoletes TAC1988.
  4994. TAC2000 - short-skirt miko outfit, regular and partially transparent. obsoletes TAC1944.
  4995. TAC2005 - blue and pink gym briefs with crotch pulled aside, plus a diaper. use with TAC1997.
  4996. TAC2006 - gym briefs (burumix) in the tail slot. obsoletes TAC1978.
  4997. TACnote: to have all of the gym briefs options, you use TAC1997, TAC2005, and TAC2006.
  4998. TACNew Mods
  4999. TAC001 - Heavy Save, Phillips CDI, Mic, Sake Bottles
  5000. TAC0002 - Swinging Ver1 Motion
  5001. TAC0003 - Body with outdated pussy texture
  5002. TAC0004 - Vocaloid Cosplay set
  5003. TAC2013 - Shorts, long, medium, and short length
  5004. TAC2014 - BG Room with giant, moving bone hand
  5005. TAC2015 - Heavy Saves, Touhou Characters
  5006. TAC2016 - Male mod, (guro) turns male into skinless man
  5007. TAC2018 - PE Buruma
  5008. TAC2020 - PE Buruma with diaper add on
  5009. TAC2025 - Guro mods, bloody bandages, "human toilet" writing on body, limbless body type
  5010. TAC2031 - Update of TAC2014
  5011. TAC2037 - "Vita" weapons (hammers, etc.)
  5012. TAC2038 - Subaru cosplay set
  5013. TAC2039 - Male mod, "Mephisto" winged goat demon
  5014. TAC2040 - Gravure poses, shooting. - Muzzle flash (use nobody mod in pose mode)
  5015. TAC2046 - Subaru knuckle and boots
  5016. TAC2049 - Manga emotes, sweat, anger, doom, etc.
  5017. TAC2051 - Hair, ponytail
  5018. TAC2054 - Gravure pose, changing
  5019. TAC2058 - Cold mask
  5020. TAC2060 - Kai Doll cosplay set
  5021. TAC2061 - Gravure motion, masturbation Kit 2
  5022. TAC2064 - Broken glasses
  5023. TAC2071 - Weapons, raising heart set
  5024. TAC2074 - Demon girl cosplay set
  5025. TAC2080 - BG Chapel
  5026. TAC2085 - Teana cosplay set
  5027. TAC2085 - TMOEdit tool
  5028. TAC2088 - Card Captor Sakura cosplay set with wings
  5029. TAC2090 - Many pins in breasts
  5030. TAC2095 - Gravure motion, Masturbation kit 3
  5031. TAC2099 - Hair, braided loops
  5032. TAC2100 - Update/Add on of TAC2099
  5033. TAC2101 - Hair, dreadlock loops (may need TAC20099/2100)
  5034. TAC2105 - Guro items, cut marks, nails through hands and feet, blood on legs
  5035. TAC2106 - Fate cosplay set
  5036. TAC2108 - Unnamed body and eye mods
  5037. TAC2115 - Jacket
  5038. TAC2118 - Hanyu cosplay set
  5039. TAC2121 - "Simple" body mod, Gravure motion masturbation kit 5 with dildo
  5040. TAC2122 - "New" wigset, hair covering eyes
  5041. TAC2133 - Loli clothes, school uniform, skirt, sweater
  5042. TAC2136 - Camera-tracking eyes.
  5043. TAC2139 - Update/add on of TAC2136
  5044. TAC2142 - Mahoro cosplay set (maid) from Mahoromatic.
  5045. TAC2148 - More camera eyes, body mod that works with camera eyes (some bodies do not support camera eyes)
  5046. TAC2150 - BG "Space"
  5047. TAC2151 - Purple maid set, frill apron
  5048. TAC2152 - Male mod, fat, balding old man
  5049. TAC2154 - Amulet Heart wand
  5050. TAC2159 - Tool, batch2 (don't know what it does)
  5051. TAC2160 - Nanoha cosplay set and gravure pose
  5052. TAC2162 - Body mods with various, unusual nipple types
  5053. TAC2168 - Update/Add on of TAC2162
  5054. TAC2175 - Tool, TGSave viewer or TDCG???????????
  5055. TAC2176 - Touhou, Yuyuko cosplay set
  5056. TAC2184 - "Real Custom Girl" body, looks awkward imo (smaller pupils and 3d pussy texture)
  5057. TAC2188 - Swimsuit suntan bodies
  5058. TAC2189 - Dog tail
  5059. TAC2190 - Fenrir Knight cosplay set, includes tail and wolf familiar
  5060. TAC2191 - Stuffed animals
  5061. TAC2192 - BG Torture grounds
  5062. TAC2194 - Male mod, turns male into a naked man with a paper bag mask
  5063. TAC2195 - Fox tail, ears, and paws
  5064. TAC2205 - Mecha musume parts, includes legless bodies
  5065. TAC2206 - "K" Body type detailed shading 3d pussy, cat ears, makeup (lipstick and eyeshadow) very nice mod pack imo. Strike Witches ears, animal ears and makeup.
  5066. TAC2211 - BG Resort hotel, Xmas setting
  5067. TAC2212 - Male mod, turns male into textured, anime style boy
  5068. TAC2215 - More colour options for TAC2099 and TAC2100
  5069. TAC2216 - HMX cosplay set
  5070. TAC2217 - Hair, dreadlocks with more colour options
  5071. TAC2218 - "Anime" body, very nice 3d pussy texture
  5072. TAC2219 - Loli bodies with camera eye support
  5073. TAC2222 - BG old fashioned train
  5074. TAC2223 - "New" wigset update/add on
  5075. TAC2227 - Touhou cosplay set and heavy saves, includes many characters
  5076. TAC2228 - More Mecha musume parts
  5077. TAC2232 - One piece swimsuits
  5078. TAC2233 - Male mod, updated paper bag mask man
  5079. TAC2234 - Loli panties, includes diapers and urine stained panties
  5080. TAC2235 - Loli bra
  5081. TAC2236 - Winter coat
  5082. TAC2238 - Pose data, kneeling; also includes futon pose heavy save
  5083. TAC2242 - Large wings in various colours
  5084. TAC2243 - "No Body" mod very useful for pose mod. - I highly recommend this mod for creating more intricate poses.
  5085. TAC2244 - Kitchen knives with and without blood
  5086. TAC2248 - Rythmic gymnastics items including ball, ribbon, and clubs
  5087. TAC2249 - Animal paw set and walrus headress
  5088. TAC2252 - Hair, "Deko" pulled back to show forehead
  5089. TAC2253 - More large wing variations
  5090. TAC2254 - "Real" eyes, smaller pupils, looks awkward. - Could be used as shock or fear expression.
  5091. TAC2255 - Tool, EditZahyou
  5092. TAC2256 - BG Torture Chamber
  5093. TAC2257 - BG Back of the school stairs
  5094. TAC2258 - Updated Makeup mod, lipstick and eyeshadow, very good mod imo
  5095. TAC2259 - Scat mod
  5096. TAC2260 - some kind of demon girl cosplay set, includes wands
  5097. TAC2261 - Heavy save sample of some school girl character
  5098. TAC2263 - Red leash and collar
  5099. TAC2267 - Male mod, updated anime boy
  5100. TAC2268 - Pubic hair mod, adds a new hair slot, very good mod imo
  5101. TAC2269 - BG "Zinzya" shrine/temple
  5102. TAC2270 - Male mod, updated anime boy
  5103. TAC2271 - "Erotic" gravure poses
  5104. TAC2272 - "Otoshidama" card item
  5105. TAC2274 - Custom clothes, school wear
  5106. TAC2275 - Hair, more colour options, updates many styles
  5107. TAC2282 - Hair, more "ahoge" slot options and colours
  5108. TAC2285 - Possible update/add on of TAC2274
  5109. TAC2286 - Hair colour chart spreadsheet
  5110. TAC2287 - Maid uniform with more frills
  5111. TAC2288 - Updated custom jacket
  5112. TAC2289 - BG Cafe
  5113. TAC2291 - Seems to be a duplicate of TAC001
  5114. TAC2292 - Duplicate of TAC0002
  5115. TAC2293 - Duplicate of TAC0003
  5116. TAC2294 - Strike witches leg fliers
  5117. TAC2295 - Duplicate of TAC0004
  5118. TAC2297 - "Slim" body type, panties, stockings, and spandex shorts
  5119. TAC2298 - Adds more gravure poses and motions
  5120. TAC2302 - Body, update of TAC2274 loli body, no more breast shaking
  5121. TAC2303 - Kimonos in various colours
  5122. TAC2304 - Loose cardigan and sweater
  5123. TAC2305 - Various bladed martial arts weapons
  5124. TAC2306 - More Kimonos
  5125. TAC2308 - Tube tops in various colours, includes pulled down tube tops with nipples exposed
  5126. TAC2310 - Fate cosplay set
  5127. TAC2311 - Plastic bath stool item
  5128. TAC2313 - Zaft uniforms
  5129. TAC2315 - Magic staff with various colours
  5130. TAC2316 - Umbrella and mochi pounding set
  5131. TAC2317 - Not sure, labeled as "Porin"
  5132. TAC2318 - BG "MyRoom" small bedroom with PC, desk, bed, and widescreen tv
  5133. TAC2319 - Tank tops with various patterns and colours
  5134. TAC2320 - Suits and goggles
  5135. TAC2321 - Cello, violin, and drum items
  5136. TAC2322 - Mecha musume parts
  5137. TAC2323 - Strike witches leg fliers and legless body to accommodate them
  5138. TAC2325 - Updated Pee mod, may not be usable with XP
  5139. TAC2327 - Rocking horse, includes variation with shackles and dildo installed in the seat
  5140. TAC2328 - Witch Princess swimwear
  5141. TAC2329 - "Laputa" heavy character save
  5142. TAC2331 - "Parasui" cosplay set
  5143. TAC2332 - Metal lantern item
  5144. TAC2334 - Twin tail hair
  5145. TAC2340 - Grenade launcher and knives
  5146. TAC2341 - Leg holsters for knives and guns
  5147. TAC2343 - Pose data for the 3DCG hatchback
  5148. TAC2344 - BG Cafe and Famiresu
  5149. TAC2345 - BG Resort hotel
  5150. TAC2346 - BG Church
  5151. TAC2347 - BG Aquarium tunnel
  5152. TAC2348 - RO priest heavy save
  5153. TAC2351 - Tool, wimocus.exe
  5154. TAC2352 - Basic equipment sword and shield items
  5155. TAC2355 - Hair, more jagged twintail variation
  5156. TAC2356 - Light saber and ball of light item
  5157. TAC2357 - Priest character heavy save
  5158. TAC2358 - YMS-05 character heavy save
  5159. TAC2359 - Body, "NO77" body update and shadow base
  5160. TAC2363 - BG back staircase roof access and pose data
  5161. TAC2365 - Light powder and light ball items
  5162. TAC2366 - Pill bottle and cardboard box armour
  5163. TAC2367 - Complimentary hair colour kit v2.1 (modeling base)
  5164. TAC2369 - BG snow fantasy
  5165. TAC2373 - Police light item
  5166. TAC2374 - Samurai armour
  5167. TAC2376 - Body, "Absolute bound" body, may contain bamboo stick with bondage ties
  5168. TAC2377 - Magic rune "Ab sign" item
  5169. TAC2378 - Heavy character save teardrop man and some maid character
  5170. TAC2379 - Male mod, massive bag man
  5171. TAC2380 - Cat tails, metal camisole, metal cat tail
  5172. TAC2381 - Final Fantasy XI Paladin armour
  5173. TAC2383 - Ornate wedding dresses
  5174. TAC2384 - Body, updated "Absolute bound" body
  5176. ====================================================================
  5179. DL Site mods:
  5181. This is by no means a complete set of these mods, but hopefully, they will serve as a starting point for someone. Note that unless otherwise specified, these mods in this section are untested. Not all of these are still available at the DL site. Also note that the site sells other things besides 3DCG stuff; that's why the numbers skip around a bunch. Also note that I have included the mangas just so you won't pay good money to download them just to find out it's not what you wanted. Also note that in some of these mods, the screenshots have a character with different eye, hair or skin colours at times. Also note that a lot of these files are in the 50 MB + range. Don't download them if you're not willing to spend a lot of time downloading or don't have a very fast accelerator.
  5182. Products available, numbers unknown: Aloe, Arle, Malarya, Remelia, Sharon and Rukia, Riesz's Fenrir costume,
  5185. RJ019621 - Tool: allows one to modify heavy saves. Note: it states it is compatible with windows 98, so it may not work on anything after XP.
  5186. RJ053635 - "Inherent girls;" an NC-17 manga; they appear to be underaged.
  5187. RJ056460 - Yorozuya from Gintama cosplay set.
  5188. RJ056469 - A set of Queen's Blade inspired poses, part 1
  5189. RJ057338 - "The Secret of Satomi;" an NC-17 manga of a girl named Satomi having sex with men.
  5190. RJ058919 - A set of Queen's Blade inspired poses, part 2
  5191. RJ0611649 A hand only (possibly turns male into a hand.)
  5192. RJ061232 - Escalayer from Beat Angel Escalayer; comes with 11 poses, 3 heavy saves and 3 background heavy saves. File size is large (61.85 MB) Also comes with heavy saves of something called "Hani" in blue, green and red. (B.A.E. is a hentai game.) Tested.
  5193. RJ063439 - Baseball inspired pose set #1
  5194. RJ065454 - K-ON! cosplay set; comes with heavy saves, poses and the K-ON! school club room where they practiced as a background in different versions. Tested.
  5195. RJ065501 - Sports pose set #2: "Stretch that"
  5196. RJ065586 - C.C. from Code Geass; comes with black outfit and white bunny outfit and poses. Tested.
  5197. RJ065877 - Cammy White from Street Fighter set; comes with heavy saves of her in different coloured costumes.
  5198. RJ066693 - 12 different backgrounds: Wind temple, dungeon, room, morning temple, evening temple, night temple and more.
  5199. RJ068262 - "01 Peach Heaven;" an NC-17 manga featuring Touhou Project characters.
  5200. RJ068651 - Yoga pose set #3
  5201. RJ067276 - LunaLuna from Queen's Blade: Rebellion cosplay set and body mod
  5202. RJ068262 - A .mpg file of Touhou characters at the Hakei Shrine
  5203. RJ069850 - Sports and martial arts pose set volume 1 #4
  5204. RJ069349 - Miranda Maverick from Soltei Rei cosplay set; when I attempted to purchase this, it said "not available" Screenshot has Miranda as a blonde.
  5205. RJ069696 - Momiji Endo from Shaman Sanctuary cosplay set; comes with poses and heavy saves.
  5206. RJ070055 - Schoolgirl listed as "three" (san.) Readme talks about "Yorozuya"
  5207. RJ070462 - "Kapurasu"; Really Lena from Shamanic Princess cosplay set. Also may contain sets for Sera and Tiara, the screenshot shows them as well.
  5208. RJ070712 - Schoolgirl listed as "four" (shi.) From same anime/game as RJ07055. Comes with a soft save
  5209. RJ071506 - Sports and martial arts pose set volume 2 #5
  5210. RJ072222 - Hentai poses and situations
  5211. RJ072728 - Lala Satalin Deviluke from To-Love-Ru cosplay set; comes with heavy saves and poses, and dark Lala .Also comes with a brown haired Lala in a bikini heavy save.
  5212. RJ072796 - Valkyrie and Black Valkyrie; comes with regular versions and versions where their top has been torn open. Also comes with poses and heavy saves. They are from a Japanese game series called The Glory of Walk?re.(Valkyrie is in the first one, Black Valkyrie is a boss in the third one.)
  5213. RJ073458 - Correction to Azusa from the K-ON! set
  5214. RJ074140 - A heavy save of Allyene from Queen's Blade; identical content to other mods. Screen shots show her with different hair colours
  5215. RJ074200 - Sports and martial arts pose set volume 2 #6
  5216. RJ074763 - Astrea from Sora no Otoshimono (Heaven's Lost Property) set.(version #2) Comes with a heavy save, screenshots, screenshots of Ikaros and a bonus heavy save of Mitsuki Sohara in a nurse's outfit (It doesn't really look like her though.)d
  5217. RJ075022 - Ikaros from Sora no Otoshimono set; comes with poses and a heavy save.
  5218. RJ075558 - Nymph from Sora no Otoshimono (Heaven's Lost Property) set; comes with heavy saves as well. Also comes with screenshots from the Ikaros and Astrea sets.
  5219. RJ075735 - Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII cosplay set
  5220. RJ075965 - "Eroero Fantasy 7;" an erotic manga with tentacles and Tifa Lockhart
  5221. RJ076315 - Cosplay set for some woman that goes around with her boobs hanging out (possibly); don't recognize her, search came up with nothing.
  5222. RJ076322 - Yuffie Kisaragi from Final Fantasy cosplay set; comes with top where it has the breast area cut out. Also comes with heavy saves and MMD versions.
  5223. RJ077056 - Mai Shurenai cosplay set
  5224. RJ077775 - A heavy save of Airi from Queen's Blade
  5225. RJ078666 - Morrigan and Lilith from Darkstalkers cosplay sets; comes with heavy saves and poses. Tested.
  5226. **RJ078685 - A school chair and desk, a blow-up mattress, and shadows; comes with heavy saves of each. Also includes some backgrounds as well. These are: schoolroom with desks lined up, a landing on a set of stairs, outdoor school pool, tested.
  5227. RJ078851 - Hazuki from Moon Phase set; comes with several outfits, the Kyosuke room, heavy saves and poses. Also comes with a male mod; don't know what this turns the male into. Male untested, rest was.
  5228. RJ079227 - A cosplay set of someone I don't recognize; the name given is "ƒXƒC[œƒvƒŠœƒ…ƒAEœƒ…ƒAƒ~ƒ…[ (Suiœpuriœyua œyuamyu.) Comes with heavy saves of her in various stages of undress as well. She is a woman clad in black with a mask and pink highlights. Some of the files start with "mus"
  5229. RJ079311 - "Adult" an eroge manga starring Chun-Li and Mai Shurani.
  5230. RJ079938 - Sports and dance poses #1
  5231. RJ080022 - Another of the numbers girls, this one is "Six" Comes with a light save.
  5232. RJ080041 - "Devil Cry;" an NC-17 manga showing Morrigan and Lilith having sex with guys. One of the preview pictures shows Morrigan in a catgirl form.
  5233. RJ080478 - A huge (91 MB) file. Aertih Gainsborough cosplay set;. Comes with a lot of screenshots, MMD version, and a male mod. Name listed is "Eri0su" Male mod not tested, rest was.
  5234. RJ080478 - A very large (120 MB) file. Final Fantasy heavy save set; Comes with Tifa Lockhart, Yuna, Aerith Gainsboro and someone else I don't recognize. It lists her name as Me œti. Files come unassembled, you have to run an ,exe file to assemble things. Tested. When I tested it though, Yuuna was under Meœti.and vice versa.
  5235. RJ080479 - "Fantasy 7;" an NC-17 manga that involves tentacles and Tifa Lockhart. Possibly a sequel to RJ075965.
  5236. RJ080145 - Yui from Angel Beats cosplay set; comes with several outfits, her in a soccer (European football) outfit; also has poses and toonshader.tah and related files. Tested
  5237. RJ080779 - cosplay set for three blue-haired, winged girls. Readme says they are "A › nbi" Also comes with heavy saves and a pose. tested
  5238. RJ081369 - A large (90 MB) file. "Hunter Girl" (really Kirin from Monster Hunter) cosplay set; comes with poses and two heavy saves (one with her as Caucasian, one with her as Black.)
  5239. RJ081719 - Pretty Fighting Girl Peach Cosplay set; comes with bases, poses and heavy saves. Costume seems to fit only the base provided; even NJXA bodies don't work with this. Tested
  5240. RJ082544 - Motion mod; named "gogobar"
  5241. RJ08315: Yoshika Miyafuji from Strike Witches set; the screenshots show another Strike Witches girl that I did not recognize.
  5242. RJ083047 - A manga entitled "CPU Unexpectedly profound"
  5243. RJ083309 - Pose set verson 2.5D
  5244. RJ083538 - Cosplay set for unknown character, name censored; also comes with male mod to turn male into another character.
  5245. RJ083624 - A hentai manga.
  5246. RJ084886:A body mod
  5247. RJ085560 - Cosplay set for someone named "seven" There are ten of these girls; this one comes with soft saves only. Tested.
  5248. RJ086153 - A series of screen shots; possibly a manga
  5249. RJ086400 - A set of poses, looks like they're BDSM related.
  5250. RJ086557 - A body mod
  5251. RJ086785 - Unknown; file I downloaded was corrupted.
  5252. RJ086943 - A body mod
  5253. RJ086985 - A manga titled "Madou Contest Orgy"
  5254. RJ087896:An evil-looking brunette girl wielding a trident that has UFOs in various colours buzzing about her. Some of the outfit copies have her top open. I do not recognize her.
  5255. **RJ087917 - Ryuquir from Kouryuu Densetsu Villgust cosplay set; comes with heavy saves and poses; some heavy saves have her top torn open. Tested.
  5256. RJ088903 - Backgrounds: A Japanese convenience store, a bunch of cubicles with laptops, hospital. beds, board room, city street and a hot springs bath. Comes with it as heavy saves as well. Tested.
  5257. RJ088486 - Gives them very large breasts
  5258. RJ088894 - Unknown.
  5259. RJ089619 - Update of RJ088486
  5260. RJ089962 - "Takeji Value Pack #2;" two NC-17 mangas, one involves rape, the other involves a female wrestling match.
  5261. RJ090026 - Sena Kashiwazaki from I Don't Have Many Friends cosplay set. Comes with heavy saves, bodies and poses. Beware: poses have freakish mouths when used on any other body than the one included. Also If you want her tongue to stick out, you'll have to fiddle with things for a while. Tested
  5262. RJ090443 - Pose set 2.5D vol. 2
  5263. RJ091060 - Another Touhou character; don't recognize her.
  5264. **RJ091103 - Riesz from Sekien Densetsu 3 set; comes with soft saves, background heavy saves, and poses. Backgrounds not tested, the rest was.
  5265. RJ091213 - Gives them boobs that are as big as their torsos
  5266. RJ091304 - A game which adds torture effects.
  5267. RJ091369 - A guitar and bass in several body styles and colours; site mentions "Karabari (Kalabari?")
  5268. RJ091873 - Backgrounds: old-looking brick wall with archways in it, an RPG-ish garden scene, and the third one is labeled "Turret habitat"
  5269. **RJ092653 - Update to RJ090026. This one comes with more poses, a PSP game, a big screen TV, and more screenshots.
  5270. RJ093266 - Changes the voice of the character to a "little sister" voice.
  5271. RJ093299 - Motion mods. Tested.
  5272. RJ093309 - Update to RJ091213
  5273. RJ093380 - Philotes cosplay set. Comes with heavy saves. Your guess is as good as mine as to where she's from. Tested.
  5274. RJ094068 - Hoshizora Miyukio and Kyondi from Smile Precure cosplay sets. Also comes with male mod that turns the male into a kawaii critter with a dildo, probably from the same anime.(it vaguely resembles Mugimaru from Nurse Witch Komugi though.) Tested.
  5275. **RJ094189 - "3D Custom Soldier Girl" Really Stella from Dragon's Quest III and Queen's Blade; comes with poses, a heavy save of her sword, heavy saves, some of which are topless, and background heavy saves. Also comes with blue and metal slime heavy saves from Dragon Quest.
  5276. RJ094279 - Uncertain. There are two files here, one named "docile sister" and the other named "aggressive sister"
  5277. RJ094358 - A pose set
  5278. RJ094630 - Riel from Quiz Magical Academy set. Comes with heavy saves, some of which are with her top down. Tested.
  5279. **RJ094942 - Cure Lemonade (Urara Kasugano) from Pretty Cure 5 set; the light saves have her with different sized breasts. Tested.
  5280. RJ095265 - Flandre Scarlet from Touhou Project set; The soft saves have her without a body.
  5281. RJ095469 - A set of poses
  5282. RJ095470 - Racing Miku cosplay set; comes with poses and soft saves. Some of the soft saves have her top down.
  5283. **RJ096639 - Louise Francoise Le Blanc de la Valliere from The Familiar of Zero cosplay set  Comes with heavy saves. Tested.
  5284. RJ097426 - Cosplay of some blue haired girl. I don't recognize her, and she has her name censored.
  5285. RJ097455 - Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown cosplay set. Comes with poses and heavy saves. Some of the heavy saves are a background marked "Haikei" Others have her top pulled aside.
  5286. RJ097728 - Alleyne from Queen's Blade; comes with several hair colours.
  5287. RJ097783 - A large (89 MB) pose file set
  5288. RJ098572 - Hentai pose set
  5289. RJ098743 - Yozora Mikazuki from I Don't Have Many Friends cosplay set; same body as RJ090026, see note on that. In fact, except for the heavy saves and hair, everything else is identical to RJ090026.
  5290. RJ098184 - Dorako cosplay set; Possibly from same anime/game as RJ094942.
  5291. RJ098395 - Yuyuko Saigyouji cosplay set (Touhou); comes with hard saves and poses. Tested.
  5292. RJ098404 - A set of hairstyles (#1)
  5293. RJ098779 - A manga about a town that gets overrun with horny demons
  5294. **RJ098919 - Zessica Wong from Aquarion Evol cosplay set; comes with heavy saves and poses as well. It lists her name as "Zeshi0" Tested
  5295. RJ098990 - T-elos from Xenosaga cosplay set. Comes with heavy saves and poses, Also comes in open top version. Lists her name as Tel-0s.
  5296. RJ099243 - A manga named "She's just my slave"
  5297. RJ099285 - "Bondage voices"; changes voices
  5298. RJ099326 - A game called "Wasting time"
  5299. RJ099448 - A manga called "Hypnosis school"
  5300. RJ099469 - A movie in windows media format about a schoolgirl
  5301. RJ099497 - Tool labeled "Situation maker"
  5302. RJ099512 - update to RJ093309
  5303. RJ099574 - An older man from some anime that I don't recognize; it says it's for XP updates only.
  5304. RJ099648 - A set of hairstyles (#2)
  5305. RJ099720 - A movie where she wears a bikini in windows media format.
  5306. **RJ099917 - Sophitia Alexandra from Soul Calibur II cosplay set; comes with poses and heavy saves. Some of the heavy saves have her top torn open.
  5307. RJ099929 - A movie about a maid in windows media format
  5308. RJ099964 - Super EroEro Fighter game; basically a Street Fighter clone.
  5309. RJ100010 - A set of hairstyles (#3)
  5310. RJ100187 - Background: The living from from Minami-ke!
  5311. RJ100612 - A set of Hairstyles (#4)
  5312. RJ100623 - "B4 Bunny Girl" a movie in windows media format according to the description.
  5313. RJ100931 - It's titled "Chinese clothing Custom Girl movie #5" it's a .wmv file.
  5314. RJ101173 - A bunch of heavy saves of a background labeled "Haikei" May be a partial update to RJ097455.
  5315. RJ101341 - A set of hairstyles (#5)
  5316. RJ101713 - Changes the voice to that of a boy
  5317. **RJ101961 - Mami Futami from Idolmaster performance cosplay set; outfit comes in several colours. Also comes with poses and heavy saves. It lists her name as M@mi.
  5318. RJ102045 - Yang Yang from Quiz Magic Academy cosplay set. Comes with heavy saves.
  5319. RJ102110 - A set of dildos
  5320. RJ102311 - Komechi sisters cosplay set
  5321. RJ102332 - A set of various weapons
  5322. RJ102568 - A witch costume. The screenshot shows a jack-o-lantern purse that comes with it.
  5323. RJ102790 - Update to RJ095265; comes with hard saves and poses and a background hard save.
  5324. RJ103118 - Sex pose set
  5325. RJ103394 - Momo Belle Deviluke cosplay set
  5326. RJ103426 - Update to an earlier game
  5327. RJ103624 - Another sex pose set
  5328. RJ103680 - Reads "Futatsu me no kuma-you" Not sure if this is a background or an umbrella mod
  5329. RJ103685 - Standing pose set #3
  5330. RJ104011 - Huge file size (103 MB) Chisato Sumiyoshi from Love, Election and Chocolate cosplay set; the site calls her "Chisato Suridi" Also comes with some poses, heavy saves, and heavy save backgrounds as well. The backgrounds were not tested, the rest was.
  5331. RJ104333 - Set of armaments #2
  5332. RJ104036 - Another sex pose set titled "Woman is fucked in Oak" File is 133MB.
  5333. RJ104781 - A game called "Attacked by the pretty sister"
  5334. RJ104799 - Lenneth from Valkyrie Profile cosplay set; comes with a pose, heavy saves, some of which have the top torn open, a background, and screenshots for all the other Angel Cure
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