GoT Wildling cards

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  1. Crow Killers
  2. Wildling Victory
  3. - Lowest Bidder: Replaces all of their available Knights with available Footmen. Any Knight unable to be replaced is destroyed.
  4. - Everyone Else: Replaces 2 of their Knights with available Footmen. Any Knight unable to be replaced is destroyed.
  5. Night's Watch Victory
  6. - Highest Bidder: May immediately replace up to 2 Footmen, anywhere, with available Knights.
  8. The Horde Descends
  9. Wildling Victory
  10. - Lowest Bidder: Destroys 2 of his units at one of his Castles or Strongholds. If unable, destroys 2 of his units anywhere.
  11. - Everyone Else: Destroys 1 of their units anywhere.
  12. Night's Watch Victory
  13. - Highest Bidder: May muster forces (following normal mustering rules) in any one Castle or Stronghold area you control.
  15. A King Beyond the Wall
  16. Wildling Victory
  17. - Lowest Bidder: Moves his token to the lowest position on every Influence track.
  18. - Everyone Else: In Iron Throne turn order, each player chooses either the Fiefdoms or the King's Court Influence track, and moves their token to the lowest position on that track.
  19. Night's Watch Victory
  20. - Highest Bidder: Moves their token to the top of the Influence track of their choice, then takes the appropriate Dominance token.
  22. Mammoth Riders
  23. Wildling Victory
  24. - Lowest Bidder: Destroys 3 of their units anywhere.
  25. - Everyone Else: Destroys 2 of their units anywhere.
  26. Night's Watch Victory
  27. - Highest Bidder: May retrieve 1 House card of their choice from their discard pile.
  29. Massing on the Milkwater
  30. Wildling Victory
  31. - Lowest Bidder: If you have more than one House card in your hand, discard all cards with the highest combat strength.
  32. - Everyone Else: If they have more than one House card in their hand, they must choose and discard one of those cards.
  33. Night's Watch Victory
  34. - Highest Bidder: Returns their entire House card discard pile to their hand.
  36. Preemptive Raid
  37. Wildling Victory
  38. - Lowest Bidder: Chooses one of the following: (A) Destroys 2 of their units anywhere; or, (B) Is reduced 2 positions on their highest Influence track.
  39. - Everyone Else: Nothing happens.
  40. Night's Watch Victory
  41. - Highest Bidder: The wildlings immediately attack again with a strength of 6. You do not participate in this attack (no reward nor penalties).
  43. Rattleshirt's Raiders
  44. Wildling Victory
  45. - Lowest Bidder: Is reduced 2 positions on the Supply track (to no lower than 0)
  46. - Everyone Else: Is reduced 1 position on the Supply track (to no lower than 0)
  47. Night's Watch Victory
  48. - Highest Bidder: Is increased 1 position on the Supply track (to no higher than 6)
  50. Silence at the Wall
  51. Wildling Victory
  52. - Lowest Bidder: Nothing happens.
  53. - Everyone Else: Nothing happens.
  54. Night's Watch Victory
  55. - Highest Bidder: Nothing happens.
  57. Skinchanger Scout
  58. Wildling Victory
  59. - Lowest Bidder: Discards all available Power tokens.
  60. - Everyone Else: Discards 2 available Power tokens, or as many as they are able.
  61. Night's Watch Victory
  62. - Highest Bidder: All Power tokens bid on this attack are immediately returned to his available Power
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