Izora Turaya Ravenstone

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  1. Izora Turaya Ravenstone
  2. Age: 22
  3. Species: 1/4 heaven kitsune, 1/4 spirit kitsune, 1/4 time kitsune, 1/4 music kitsune
  4. Religion: Oghma
  5. Class: Bard/Sorcerer
  6. Height: 4ft 2
  7. General bio: She grew up in a kitsune village meant for the spirit kitsunes. She grew up hearing her mother tell stories of her parents adventures and their tricks. She dreamt of one day being a great bard like her mother and a sorcerer like her father. She was often teased by the spirit kitsunes for being rather watered down, and the adults sometimes told her that it was unlikely for her to get any natural abilities that came to any specific type of kitsune cuz of being watered down. The kitsune children often referred to her as the weakest link but she eventually grew up saying shed one day be a great bard and a powerful sorcerer. Whether she got the natural abilities or not but she did secretly try to awaken her abilities when she noticed other kitsunes were getting theirs. She eventually left the village, promising to her mother and father that shed keep in touch. She left full of hope that shed enjoy her own adventures and hopefully awaken some kitsune abilities. So she now travels to places she believes to be fun, interesting, and where she can possibly play small pranks for enjoyment.
  8. Appearances:
  9. A) original form: a white based fox that stands on two legs, one tail, she has black stocking markings on her legs that come to her knees, her hand-like paws are black to her wrists, she has red rune like markings on her stomach, her tails tip is black with red rune markings coming from the tip up her spine, her hairs base color is white with black rune markings and streaks, the tips of her ears are black and the rest of them are white, her left eye is violet and her right is a light grey. She has 3 markings under each eye and under the red marking surrounding her eyes. The 3 markings under her left eye is a light grey while the 3 under her right is violet
  10. B) humanoid form: Her skin is porcelien white, her red rune like markings on her stomach appears to be like body paint, the red rune like markings on her back also appear to be body paint but once it goes onto her tail it appears more like fur patterning up to her white tails black tip, her hair is based with white that has black rune patternings and streaks, the tips of her fox ears are black while the rest of them are white, her left eye is violet and her right is a light grey, there is what appears to be red eye shadow lightly applied slightly under her eyes and lightly applied to her eyelids in such a way that it looks as though they are cat like, underneath the lightly applied eyeshadow look are 3 dots under each eye all 6 appearing like face paint, the 3 dots under her left eye is a light grey coloring while the 3 under her right is violet in color
  11. Colors prefering to wear: black, lavender/violet, scarlet, and deep blues
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