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  1. Wow, talk about irony. I would repeat the first post, but you’d miss the point even more.
  3. Fuck off troll. You probably think you’re such a genius who knows what’s good and what’s not. You and you alone decide what’s quality when it comes to the quality of anything on the site. We would be hopelessly lost without your gracious input. Keep trolling if it’s a suspension you want.
  5. I would not call someone else pathetic if I was unhealthily obsessed with a female fictional character like you are. Get a life you fucking degenerate weeaboo and at least try and be more useful on this site than trying to be the greatest shitposter on riff-raff. That’s like being the smartest kid in the class with down syndrome.
  7. You are the last person on this site to be calling people autistic you brain-dead fuck. You are literally the biggest piece of shit on this site. So please do us all a favor and stop posting, or better yet, just deactivate.
  9. Not to be rude, but please deactivate. Please straighten your life and leave us out of it. Capisce?
  11. Dude OP I think you need to go and get some help. You seem to have had a steady decline for several months now. We can’t help you here, there are a lot of resources in real life that could help you feel a bit better. Like don’t take this the wrong way or anything but ever since you had those suicidal issues back a few months ago you’ve seem to be taking life pretty poorly. If you wanna talk about it I’m all ears.
  13. You are the embodiment of circlejerking. I do not agree with your logical fallacy.
  15. I'm shaking. I'm fucking shaking.
  17. Complete unjerk you’ve been a pain in the ass to deal with for months and that’s probably why you think we’re insufferable, we’re just sick of dealing with your shit.
  19. I have never seen a Discord post so painfully unfunny, so blatantly uninspiring, so goddamn terrible, so ungodly lazy ever before.
  21. I'm gonna kick your fucking ass you disrespectful cunt, Jesus Christ I loathe you
  23. Oh he has spoken.How should i respect a guy who is an asshole to many people and trys to be superior.You have to earn respect from me and for your information i’m 19,Black,play several sports,have a girlfriend while you are debating and obsessing over 14 year old Anime characters.
  25. This is just one of many examples of incompetence & lack of logic you guys have displayed against me, and I’m fucking sick of it.
  27. I think you are on drugs… you are such a stupid ugly weeaboo crackhead….you do spams etc and i hate stupid new age anime fanboys such as you….and you are so ugly….
  29. You’ve done some negative or annoying things in the past. A lot of negative and annoying things. And to some, that image of you will stay for a very long time, even if you improve yourself. It sucks. I know. But that’s just the way it is. I suggest getting a clean start -- deactivating and trying again, or just not posting for a while and come back to a fresh set of users. Maybe you think that the community is toxic, or just full of assholes, and you’d be right. All online forums are. There will almost always be a mob mentality to any online community you visit. Sorry you’ve met this fate. You’re not dead in the water, but your options now are limited. Good luck.
  31. Stop posting. Just stop. Do yourself a favor and think about your life. Stop spreading this disease.
  33. The people I knew are gone and I refuse to settle with you as their replacements
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