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  1. I want to have sex with my mother ever since the first time i saw her naked she had nice tits and a pussy with no hair and you could see it was all wet it was like she wanted me to see her like that so the next night instead of jurking off in the bathroom i was doing in my bed room on my bed knowing my mother would check on me before she went to bed like she did ever night since i was little when she walk in and saw me playing with my cock she yell at me to stop doing that and go to sleep and she left the room when she left i finished jurking off she came in the next night and yell at me again to stop playing with my self when she left i finished when she came in the next night i had a pair of her panties on my head that i found in the bathroom she said what are you doing with a pair of my panties on your head i said smell the crotch and licking it she took her panties of my head got naked and said sat on my face and said you do not have to smell mt panties any more you can lick and smell my pussy from now on boy did it smell and taste good after a few min. she got of my face and sat on my cock well we fucked and sucked all night into the morning when we got up we took a shower went down stairs and i made bacon eggs and coffee and we talk about last night and how much i satisfy her and if i did not say any thing to any body we can have sex every day or night and we wont even have to get dress we can walk around naked all day but i hope you will not have a hard on all the time like you have now it gets me horny seeing your big cock hard i said that good because you can suck it or fuck it till it get soft well it been going on for a few years now and my mother at 58 she is one of the horniest women i ever new she wants to fuck day and night thank god i am young that i can keep up with her none of my three wifes were as horny or as good as her in bed i was lucky if we fuck a couple of times a week and they were all young and here my mother is 58 and that is all she wants to do is fuck day and night and were i am well off and do not have to work and i am there to satisfy her when she gets horny and that is quite often do not get me wrong i love it and i hope it never stops
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