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  1. >>11174506
  3. Sorry my man, I meant one of the SYMPTOMS CAUSED BY*. I want to say something snarky because that should have been easy to deduce, but I'm not going to make any friends by calling you stupid for not being able to recover from MY mistakes.
  5. Acetylcholine is required for the muscle control we need to generate complex sounds in speech; ie you develop a stuttering problem if you have sarin gas poisoning or if you do way too much DXM.
  7. >>11173537
  9. The bombs drop on December 1st. Lot's of 3s here. 3 is that fucked up number, isn't it? Let me explain:
  10. September = 7 (sept, latin = 7)
  11. October = 8
  12. November = 9
  13. December = 10
  15. So we're in the final 3 months. As of November 30th/Dec 1st, we've got 3 weeks. Then on December 21st, 2012 are the final 3 days of darkness... followed by December 25th. Christmas.
  17. I'm not a Christian man. I've been agnostic my whole life and I only know stuff about the bible that people have told me, or that I have learned from researching my name. This is scaring the everliving shit out of me.
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