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Mar 18th, 2012
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  1. #OpBartleby
  3. regarding the Hermann Melville novel's "Bartleby the Scrivener, A Wall Street History" (1853)
  4. « I would prefer not to » are the words used by Bartleby to not do what his boss asks him to do ...
  5. This is resistance - this is insurrection - this is revolutionary : "I would prefer not to"
  6. You can also use those words to avoid to do what you don't wanna do :
  8. they ask you to cut those trees to build a prison : "I would prefer not to"
  9. they ask you to forget your family to work : "I would prefer not to"
  10. they ask you to consume silly stuff : "I would prefer not to"
  11. They ask you to give them your life-time :"I would prefer not to"
  12. They ask you to shut your eyes, your ears, your mouth :"I would prefer not to"
  13. They ask you to kill your colleague to keep your job :"I would prefer not to"
  14. They ask you to sign your slave-contract : "I would prefer not to"
  15. ...
  17. the corrupt fear us
  18. the honest support us
  19. the heroic join us
  21. we are anonymous
  22. we do not forgive
  23. we do not forget
  24. expect us
  27. Feel free to make this #OP yours : translate, share, illustrate with art-work, day-by-day step-by-step create your life, create your own reality conected whith local community & connected with global community --- instead of being a slave ...
  31. BARTLEBY -,_the_Scrivener
  32. MUSIC -
  33. DISOBEY -
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