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  1. Hello there! I’m Louise. Have you ever run into big trouble while chasing happiness? Well, I am definitely an expert at this. And the very first love experience of mine, which was supposed to lead to a romantic adventure, actually turned into a nightmare.
  3. You know, I’ve never been really popular among the boys. It’s not that they totally ignored me, but I really didn’t like the ones who asked me out on dates. And I was definitely too shy to ask out the ones I really liked myself, unlike my best friend Kate, by the way. She registered on one of those dating websites and was happy to choose the guy she wanted to go out with herself. And one night when she, as usual, stood me up for another date, I thought “what a heck” and registered on that same website myself.
  5. For about an hour I was just looking through different guys profiles. One of them really caught my attention. His name was Luke and it said that he was from San Francisco, which was not that far from Phoenix where I live. And he was really something, you know. So I decided to try my luck and for the first time in my whole life, I was the first to start a conversation with a guy. He answered a few minutes later and I felt my heart starting to beat really fast and my palms got a little bit sweaty. After a couple more messages, he asked me to add him as a friend on Facebook and suggested for both of us to delete our accounts from the dating site. That’s practically how I found my love.
  7. It turned out that he really was from San Francisco, but right then he was studying at a university in Europe – so, he was a little bit older than me. He turned out to not only be very handsome, but also really smart, since he was about to get his degree in accounting, and it was really interesting and fun to socialize with him. Our digital romance lasted for about 4 months, and I was ready to swear that I had deeply fallen in love with him when he finally suggested that we meet, I mean, live, face-to-face.
  9. Luke said he was about to come home to San Francisco on his spring break. I tried to convince him to drop into my city at first, so that we could finally meet each other, you know, but he said that he would be happy to do so if he hadn’t been waiting so long to see his relatives, and his granny was really old and not doing well and could die any moment, so he couldn’t go anywhere else but home. Oh, wasn’t it amazing that he cared so much about his family, I thought.
  11. But what really surprised and pleased me was that Luke suggested that I should come to his city to meet him. He promised to arrange a place for me to stay, and pay all the expenses I’d incur there. Basically, all that I needed to do was to buy a ticket to get there – the rest was on Luke, as he promised. Oh, by the way, during the time of our digital romance, I'd seen plenty of his family photos, and even his youngest brother John friended me on Facebook, so I was pretty sure that Luke wasn’t a maniac or anything, and that I could trust him.
  13. Anyway, I decided that if I wanted to be happy with this guy, I needed to come up with a plan on how to visit him there, in San Francisco. I knew my parents wouldn’t let me do it. I can clearly imagine my mom’s anxious face and my dad’s speech if they heard about me going to meet a total stranger in a totally strange city.
  15. But good Lord, I had friends! Lynnette, whose older sister was already studying at a college that was pretty close to my desired destination, suggested that I tell my parents that we were going to visit the city together with her. Apparently all I needed was some money from my folks, you know, to at least buy a ticket to visit my love. But, I also needed a strong alibi, so that even if my parents decided to call Lynnette’s parents to check everything, I would be cool. That’s why I had to promise my friend that I’d be doing her homework through the end of the year if she covered for me.
  17. My plan worked out and my mom and dad let me go to San Francisco for my spring break. They gave me money to buy tickets and to have a little spending money for when I was there. I have to say, I was more than excited on the day of departure. My Prince Charming met me at the airport. Oh, he was even more handsome than I thought he would be and he was so glad to meet me. I must admit, it was a bit strange to actually meet the person you had been chatting with for months, but it was still very exciting and pleasant.
  19. He took me to a hotel that he had already arranged for me, just as he promised, and since I was starving, we had lunch near there.
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