Fuascailt agus Maithiúnas part 4

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  1. Chapter 36
  3. March 22nd, 2017, SAMBEL Clubhouse, 8:00 A.M., The Rec Room
  5. (Normal POV)
  7. "Just get here as quick as you can, Jax!" said Tonks as she talked with the Redwood Original's president through the clubhouse's fireplace.
  9. "Alright, Tonks. Calm down. Me, Chibs, Juice and Phil will be there in a couple of minutes. With any luck, the Kings won't suspect a thing." Replied Jax as he left the fireplace.
  11. The previous night, after overhearing the plot from the 3 Irish Kings and Percy Weasley, Tonks immediately told the SAMBEL Elder, Keith McGee, who advised her to tell Jax right away. After speaking with him, Jax assured her they would get it all settled. The reason that Juice and Filthy Phil were coming over to Belfast was because the two Intelligence Officers had been ordered to set up clandestine communications between SAMBEL & the Mother Charter. If they had time, they would do the same with SAMDON.
  13. Having finished her discussion with the National President, Tonks went over to get Morgana out of bed so she could hide her. She arrived just in time to see Morgana and Seamus walked out of the dorm room, fully clothed.
  15. Just as she was about to approach them, Morgana asked Seamus, "Seamus Ryan, I have not known the touch of a lover for so long. You have just helped relieve me of a millennium of tension that I never thought I would able to get rid of. If you would have me, could you I see each other again?"
  17. Tonks watched the scene unfold before her eyes, curious to how Seamus would respond to Morgana's request to hook up with him. "I'm willin' to take the chance with you, Morgana, if you can do the same with me."
  19. At that moment, before Morgana could respond, Tonks walked over to them. "Morgana, Seamus, I hate to interrupt this really touching moment between the two of you, but I need to take Morgana into hiding. The Kings know about her and are coming here today."
  21. Seamus then pulled out a key and handed it to her. "It's the key to the cellar. Tim had it built as a safe room. Anyone who did not have this key could not get into it. The entrance is in me room. I'll knock three times when the coast is clear."
  23. As Tonks and Morgana went into Seamus's room and went into the cellar through the trap door, they saw what the SAMBEL Safe room was. It was a room that had several beds, shelves of food, and weapons in it. It was the perfect place to lay low incase of a fire, invasion, or bombing for a few days.
  25. As they got settled into the room, Tonks asked, "So, Morgana, are you're going out with Seamus?"
  27. "Is that what people call it these days?" Morgana asked.
  29. Tonks replied, "It is. If last night was any indication, I take it that you are really good in bed."
  31. "Why's that?"
  33. "Seamus has never had an Ol' Lady before. If this thing between you and Seamus lasts, it will be a miracle." replied Tonks.
  35. "I know I'm old, but how dare you say that!" Morgana said, clearly upset at being called an 'old lady'.
  37. "No, No, No! it's not an insult. It's a compliment. It means that you're either his lover, girlfriend or wife. It is a term used by members of motorcycle clubs."
  39. As Morgana began questioning Tonks about various things about the MC culture and such, Tonks knew that it was going to be a long wait for Seamus.
  41. SAMBEL Clubhouse, 8:10 A.M., The Lot
  43. (Bellatrix's POV)
  45. Me, Bill Sr., Jack, Keith, and Seamus walked up and greeted the National President, his VP, and the Redwood Intelligence Officers. I know they were here on business, but it was great to see them again.
  47. "Glad ye made it, boys." said Keith as he greeted Jax with a friendly man hug while Seamus greeted Chibs.
  49. "Same here, Keith. I just wish it was under different circumstances. When are they set to arrive?" asked Jax, getting straight down to business. He really has matured over the years that I've known him. When I first met him, I wanted to slap him silly for being so whiney, but I guess that his Son, Abel, nearly getting kidnapped helped mature him a lot. So far, from what Tig tells me, he's been doing a good job.
  51. As Juice came over to give me a hug, I heard a small voice say, "Da'!"
  53. We turned around and saw Chibs' daughter, Kerrianne, standing behind us. Though I knew Fiona had been granted custody following her divorcing Chibs, the National VP still maintained contact with Kerrianne and still loved her to death.
  55. Upon seeing his daughter running towards him, Chibs pulled her into a big hug. Though I personally can't stand Chibs' ex-wife, I still liked Kerrianne. She is a sweet, little girl who didn't have anything to do with Chibs being cast out of the IRA and being scarred for life.
  57. When Chibs released her from his bear hug, Kerrianne then walked to Juice, giving him a big hug, which seemed to make both of them smile like bright-eyed children. The two of them seem to enjoy each other's company. He makes her laugh. She makes him stumble over his own tongue. I'd say that if there was something between them, they both would be perfect for one another.
  59. Whether they took a liking to each other because of natural attraction or out of a desire to lash out at Fiona, I'd support the relationship either way. Though I would love to see the look on Fiona's face to see her daughter fall for a Son like she did. Come to think of it, I'd love to rip her a new one just because she betrayed Chibs to side with that prat, Jimmy O.
  61. Hopefully, Chibs finds himself a woman that treats him better than Fiona.
  63. Just as the two 'kids' had broken the hug and started talking, two SUV's pulled up into the Lot. Juice and Kerrianne had just ducked out of sight as the Irish Kings and their bodyguards stepped out of the vehicles. I guess it's time for the men to get down to business.
  65. SAMBEL Clubhouse, Chapel, 8:20 A.M.
  67. (Quinn's POV)
  69. In the many times I was deployed as a US Navy SEAL in Team 6, I gathered a healthy level of paranoia and a fairly good reflex when it comes to placing my guard up. I never really like to have my back to the door or go anywhere without a gun on me.
  71. One of the many things guaranteed to make me put my guard up at a moment's notice is being stuck up in a room and forced to discuss business with people I don't know.
  73. That is exactly what was happening right now.
  75. Currently, I was facing the Three 'Irish Kings' in the SAMBEL Chapel, with my back to the wall. The Sons of SAMBEL, SAMDON, SAMCRO and myself are on one side of the SAMBEL table with our backs to the wall while these 'red haired Godfathers' and their personal bodyguards on the other side. So these Irish fossils were the ones supplying us with guns. I personally don't know what to think of them, but I do know that every one of these guys are packing. If the old men aren't, their bodyguards are. Judging by the big lumps in the left sides of their overcoats, I'd venture to guess that they're either packing some sort of SMG or a sawed off pump gun.
  77. Whether it was the survival instincts that had been drilled into my head by Hell Week or the ones I inherited from being the son of an Eskimo, I had my hand on the Glock 31 hidden underneath the table in my lap with a round already chambered.
  79. Seamus finally broke the ice by asking, "What on ye minds? I'm sure that you guys didn't wake us all up just to see our smilin' faces and I know that you are not known for making social calls."
  81. The one in the middle, whom I've been told is named Dooley, answered. "We came here for an inquiry. There have been rumors along the way of Morgana Le Fay living out in the countryside between Northern Ireland and Ireland. Have ye ever heard of such talk during your club runs?"
  83. They're trying to strong arm us. They must have known about her coming to the clubhouse, even if he didn't say it outright. Smart bastard. He probably knows how to play poker.
  85. "Why would the Real IRA be interested in Morgana Le Fay?" Jax asked.
  87. The one on Dooley's right, Brogan, replied, "Ye all know that we don't put stock into the hocus pocus nonsense known as witchcraft, but we do put stock into fighting for a unified Ireland. If such a witch existed, her abilities could help us achieve that cause."
  89. Listening to these old men, I could tell that they were using love for country and national pride to cover up the seeds of greed sown into their hearts. I knew that they wanted Morgana to eradicate their enemies for them. In a way, I could understand why they would want her. If what Bellatrix and the others told me about her is correct, she could easily do that.
  91. While these thoughts were going through my head, Seamus addressed the old Irishmen. "We have never heard any of those rumors nor had we seen anyone who would pass as this Morgana Le Fay. I once saw a drunken pillock stumble out of a bar holding a wooden spoon proclaiming that he was Lancelot one time. Does that count?"
  93. I had to fight back a laugh when I heard that. Clearly, the Irish fossils didn't think it was so funny.
  95. The final one, who was Roarke, said, "Well, if ye hear anything about her whereabouts of if she should ever cross your path, please let us know."
  97. I finally spoke while keeping my hand on my gun just like I knew that Seamus and Jax were more than likely doing throughout the entire conversation. "If we should happen to find her or if she were to stumble onto us and we delivered her to you, what would the Sons of Anarchy receive for such services rendered?"
  99. A part of me knew that Jax and Seamus were thinking the same thing. How desperate were these guys to get Morgana on their side? If the offer involved fortunes big enough to retire on and arsenals that could suppress an entire country, then they have lost sight of their cause.
  101. Brogan answered our speculations. "If you should happen to locate Morgana Le Fay and bring her to us, we will open the doors to our entire arsenal. As you know, we have kept the selection of weapons offered to the Sons at a minimum. Bring us Ms. Le Fay and we will give you access to every weapon at our disposal. We will import every weapon attainable from the Kremlin and all of our other sources across the globe, which you can then sell in the States at your discretion."
  103. Pouring himself a shot of Bushmill's whiskey, Keith downed it with a hearty gulp. "If we should hear or see this Morgana person, we'll contact ye straight 'way. If there's not anything else to discuss, me club has a run to take care of down in Moira. The bar is running dry. We need some good Irish whiskey to keep us all afloat."
  105. After Brogan, Dooley and Roarke were escorted out of the clubhouse to their cars by their fleet of bodyguards , I looked to Jax and Seamus. "It's not just about national pride and love of country anymore. If they get their hands on Morgana and harness her powers to their will, the Real IRA is looking to attack the UK. If those three Irish stooges got any bosses, call them up."
  107. As Jax got on the horn with their bosses, I looked to Seamus and said, "You need to go and get the girls out of the cellar."
  109. As he went to do that, I put my gun back into it's shoulder holster before going over to the bar and pouring myself a shot of whiskey. It's times like this that made me wish I was in Anchorage but there's a job to do and we're going to do it. I miss Daisy and Becky. Though I wish they were here with me, I'm constantly reminding myself of the risk involved. If they came with me, there was a chance they might get killed. I'll be damned if that happens.
  111. As I downed my shot, I began wondering how Danny and Mike were doing. I hope they ain't bored out of there minds or causing a mess while I'm up here in Belfast.
  113. As I was thinking this, Harry asked me, "What do you think's gonna happen now?"
  115. I looked to the younger man and said, "Those old men are more than likely going to be executed for treason against Ireland or for using the cause to meet their own ends. Other than that, I don't know."
  117. "This still doesn't change the fact that Grindelwald is out there. If he plans to make a run against Hogwarts, he's going to do it with an army."
  119. "We got an army too. Don't forget that. Between those three jokers and this Grindelwald character, we have our work cut out for us."
  121. As we continued to talk, Harry and I saw several men walk into the Chapel with Seamus, Jack, Jax and Chibs. One of them was wearing a white collar that was about an inch tall. He was obviously the Catholic Priest Jax told me about. Father Kellan Ashby, the consigliore of the IRA. Judging by his snow white hair that was paler than my own and the look on his face, I could tell that he didn't have many years left.
  123. As they sat down where the Kings had once sat down, I took my seat as well as Jax, Seamus and Jack. This time, however, we didn't have guns beneath the table. I felt more at ease with dealing with the priest and his guards.
  125. Father Ashby extended his hand in greeting. "I don't believe we've met. I'm Father Ashby."
  127. I extended my hand and said, "Name's Quinn and you're right, Father Ashby. We haven't met each other. We have a lot to discuss."
  129. As we all got settled, Seamus did not waste time with small talk and went straight to the matter at hand. "We have a problem with the Irish Kings. It would seem that Brogan, Dooley, and Roarke have lost sight of your cause. Irish Independence is not enough for them anymore."
  131. One of the other men asked, "What do you mean?"
  133. I replied, "They offered to open the doors to every weapon attainable by the Real IRA from Russia and every other source across the globe. In exchange for access to their full arsenal, they want the whereabouts of Morgana Le Fay."
  135. "Morgana Le Fay? The malevolent witch of the King Arthur legends? Why would they believe that such a witch or person exists?"
  137. "Ashby, I haven't the foggiest but I would dare to guess that if they know about Morgana, it's not by any coincidence at all. Someone from the wizarding world would have had to clue them in or Brogan, Dooley and Roarke are somehow wizards themselves." Harry responded. "This is a very delicate matter. Treason against their very homeland and the people they claim to fight for is a very serious transgression."
  139. "What do you plan on doing about it?" Jax asked.
  141. I watched as the good Father seemed to be in deep thought before responding to the National President. "They will be dealt with. You won't have to worry about any trouble from them. As for Morgana, I do not know if she exists or not, but we have no interest in her. Thank you, Jackson, for bringing this to our attention."
  143. As we stood up and gave them a handshake prior to parting ways, I saw Father Ashby stop at Chibs. "I'm sorry to hear about your Great Grandfather, 'Filip. He was a good Minister. Though we had our differences, I was proud to have known him."
  145. Chibs replied, "Thank ye, Father."
  147. I knew immediately what he was talking about. Chibs' grandfather, Robert McGonagall, a Presbyterian Minster, had recently passed away at the grand old age of 108. Died in his sleep from what I heard in the reports. At least he lived a long life. Hopefully, it was a happy one as well.
  149. While they exited the Chapel, I began thinking about my own life and what I would do with it after stepping down as Nomad President. For me, it has always been clear in my own head what I'll do. When I turn 75, I'll let Mike become President before transferring back to the Anchorage Charter to serve as their elder. When I do, I'm going to spend as much time as I can with my wife and daughter. If Becky has any kids by then, I'll do my best to be as good a grandfather to them as I can.
  151. Whatever happens between now and then, I can only hope and pray that nothing happens to me or Mike. When the Nomad President patch goes to Mike, he's more than likely going to pass the VP patch over to a man I personally believe will make a great Nomad President one day. Jacob 'Sharky the 2nd' Voorhees. Even though he's a skirt chaser with a sense of humor, the kid's got a good heart and a great brain to match. His dad and mom convinced him to join the Marines for 4 years when he turned 18 before joining the SoA when he turned 23. After 2 years of serving with the SAMHASE Charter, he went Nomad just like his old man, in 2014 at the age of 25.
  153. Suddenly, a thought came to mind that I had not even thought about. What would happen if Danny and that O'Neal woman hooked up and had kids together? Would his son grow up to follow his father's footsteps right into the club? If so, he has some big shoes to fill and the shadow of his father's reputation hanging over his head.
  155. The Burrow, The Old Barn, 8:40 A.M.
  157. (Normal POV)
  159. "It's coming along great, Arthur. It's beautiful." said Danny as they finished putting the engine in correctly. Arthur's Road King was slowly but surely turning into a true piece of art.
  161. While the Prospects were making Breakfast for everyone, Fred, George, Ron and Danny had decided to continue helping Arthur with his Harley. As they started putting the finishing touches on the engine, Ron asked, "Dad, I got to ask, why did ya get into motorcycles all of a sudden?"
  163. Arthur looked up from the engine and replied, "I guess Quinn and Mike telling me about the lifestyle and the freedom of riding a Harley appealed to me. Plus, I guess I've always been curious as to what riding one would be like."
  165. Just as he spoke the words, Fred asked, "You ever thought about Prospectin' for SAMDON?"
  167. George replied, "Naw. He's too old. No offense, Da'."
  169. Arthur replied, "None taken."
  171. "Wouldn't feel right about hazing you either." Ron chimed in.
  173. As they continued discussing why it probably wasn't a good idea for Arthur to prospect for the club, Danny asked, "How do you boys think Harry and Jack are holding up in Belfast?"
  175. Ron said, "I got a call from Harry this morning. So far, everyone's holding up good."
  177. That seemed to end the conversation until Danny asked, "I heard that one of the Prospects, Longbottom, has been visiting his Father-in-law. What's the story there?"
  179. Ron looked at the older man and asked, "Your Ol' Lady ever tell you much about our world?"
  181. Danny said, "Told me the basics. Why?"
  183. "Did she ever tell you about the Cruciatus Curse?" Ron asked.
  185. Danny smiled. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure I've see her, Bellatrix and Andromeda use it. That's the torture curse, right?"
  187. Ron replied, "One and the same, Psycho. Neville's father-in-law was tortured into insanity by an overuse of that curse on him. It's the same thing that happened to his parents."
  189. Danny replied, "Damn. That sucks. What's keeping him from going out and finding who did it?"
  191. "It had a combination of Luna talking to him as only she can along with a lot of calming droughts, several bottles of Irish whiskey and the threat of not ever being patched in as a Son."
  193. Danny smirked. "Yup. That'll do it."
  195. The Burrow, The Parlor Room, 8:50 A.M.
  197. (Emily's POV)
  199. "Show us another one, Em!"
  201. Fleur, Daphne and Ginny looked at me as I showed them me many tattoos. Over the years, starting when I first got me Missy tattoo, I've been 'ooked. Aside from it, the full sleeve tattoo on me left arm and the tattoo on me back, I had a lot of tattoos on me chest. For example, I had a portrait of me Mum underneath me heart, and the one I was about to show them.
  203. I took off me shirt, while keeping me bra on, and showed them it. It was 'Rebel gan Cause' in black, old English script, above me waist line. I said, "It means rebel without a cause. Got that tattoo purely to piss off me Da'."
  205. We had been here since 5 in the morning because we all couldn't go back to sleep. Several bowls of ice cream later, we were discussing tattoos, our Ol' Men and various other topics. As we laughed at me last comment, Ginny asked, "What do the tattoos on your right arm mean?"
  207. She was referring to the full sleeve tattoo I had on me right arm. On the top half, covering me bicep, was a scarecrow with an evil smile, surrounded by fading flames on it's perch with a reaper's scythe in hand, looking menacing in a graveyard that stretched onward down to me forearm. In the background of it was several dead trees partially blocking the crescent moon. On me lower forearm, wrapping around it in Black script, was 'Ní bheidh mé Bow le haon fhear. Ní bheidh mé tamed. Tá mé Banshee. Tá mé de mheon saor in aisce. Long Live in Éirinn!'.
  209. "The script means 'I will not bow to any man. I will not be tamed. I am a Banshee. I am a free spirit. Long Live Ireland!'. As for the Scarecrow and graveyard, I got them to represent me dead emotions with the Scarecrow serving as the Reaper who guards their graves. This one, aside from the reason I just told ye, was also to piss me Da' off."
  211. As they laughed at me statement, I turned to Daphne and asked, "What ink have ye got?"
  213. Daphne blushed slightly before lifting up the back end of her shirt slightly, revealing on her lower back a Roaring Lion with a Green snake wrapped around it's stomach, with a banner underneath them that read, 'Ron'.
  215. "Not bad, Daphne."
  217. SAMBEL Clubhouse, Rec Room, 9:00 A.M.
  219. (Normal POV)
  221. As everyone gathered inside the room, Jax and Chibs walked up to the raven haired woman. With extended hands, they introduced themselves. "You must be Morgana. I'm Jax. Pleasure to meet ya."
  223. "I'm Chibs, the National Vice President." Chibs as they introduced themselves to the old witch, though it was hard to stay focused on her face. Morgana let out a smile as she cupped the sides of their faces with her hands. "The pleasure is all mine, Jackson and Filip."
  225. When she started looking them up and down, as if sizing them up, Seamus walked up and asked, "Jax, Chibs, ye're not trying to 'it on me Ol' Lady, are ye?"
  227. Jax and Chibs looked at each other, surprised at hearing what they heard. Jax finally said, "Damn, brother. I'm sorry. We had no idea."
  229. "No harm done, brothers." Seamus said before letting out an ear deafening whistle and yelled out, "A'ight, ye all! Listen up! I got something to say!"
  231. As everyone turned their attention to Seamus, he suddenly grabbed Morgana and pulled her into a long and passionate kiss. He then yelled out, "It's happened! I never thought it would happen but it happened! I found me self an Ol' Lady!"
  233. After a moment or so of pure shock, everyone started cheering the newly christened couple. In between the applause and wolf whistles, a large Barn Owl swooped into the clubhouse, causing the applause and noise to die down. Having dropped a letter into Natalie's hands, the owl flew back out the way it came in.
  235. "What's it say, Natalie?" asked Harry, immediately recognizing the Owl as being one of Hogwarts' owls. Natalie scanned it over and smiled. "Everyone listen up, especially Harry. Hermione Potter has been promoted to Head of Gryffindor!"
  237. The celebration got better and the congratulatory back slaps were in abundance as drinks were dispensed to toast both Harry's Ol' Lady's promotion and Seamus finally finding an Ol' Lady.
  239. After everyone had congratulated both Seamus and Morgana and Harry, Harry suddenly felt himself being pulled aside. It wasn't long before he found himself in an empty room. As soon as he realized what was going on, Harry found himself in between both Bellatrix and Tonks.
  241. "Harry, we couldn't help but notice that you're not so stressed or tense now as you were yesterday." Tonks said as she and Bellatrix looked at Harry, who looked like he was staring down a firing squad.
  243. "Yeah. I guess a good night's rest can do that." Harry said, hoping to fool himself into thinking that they would buy that line.
  245. "Harry, I know how to throw lines and you have a bad throwing arm." Bellatrix said, making him almost duck his head in shame.
  247. "Come on, Harry. From what Morgana put you through along with being surrounded by all those sweet butts eager to show you a time and being away from Hermione for as long as you have without having shagged her in what must have seemed like an eternity, it would have taken more than just a good forty winks to shake that tension. Besides, I talked with Natalie before she led you away from the party last night. I know full well what kind of tension you had bottled up in ya."
  249. "Why don't you just ask me the question and save me from the suspense?" Harry said, knowing that they were going to ask it sooner or later.
  251. "Did you shag Natalie Largen?" Bellatrix asked.
  253. "No." He said. That answer did nothing to sate them. "So what happened?" Tonks asked.
  255. "Natalie told me that she respected my marriage to Hermione before mentioning how my 'tension' distracting me from my duties as SAMDON's Vice President. She pushed me onto the bed and started taking her clothes off in front of me."
  257. "She gave you a striptease? OK. That's alright. You don't get your fidelity challenged by getting an eyeful." Tonks said. "What happened next?"
  259. "Natalie straddled my lap while I still had my pants on, pressing her, uhm, lower regions against me."
  261. "You got a lap dance. Nice." Bellatrix said, amused at Harry's modesty. "Go on. This is getting really good."
  263. "While I got harder, she rubbed up against me more enthusiastically."
  265. "That'll do the trick every time." Bellatrix said with a sly grin to her face.
  267. "Tig?" Tonks asked. Bellatrix nodded. "Wedding night?"
  269. "Johnson's Pub and Grill. The first night we met." Bellatrix replied.
  271. "Ah. OK. I'm going to need to be plastered to get that image out of my head, Aunt Bella." Turning to Harry, Tonks said, "Please go on, Harry. I'd like to a different another image in my head to replace the one of my aunt grinding up against Tig."
  273. "Natalie stuck my face between her breasts. I started touching her and kissing them. I guess it was some kind of foreplay that turns her on. I figured that out when she started growing bigger while on my lap."
  275. "Wait. She started growing into a giant while on top of you?" Tonks said, surprised that Harry was not confined to a wheelchair.
  277. "Natalie grew to 7 feet tall. Looking down at me, she asked if I had any other trousers. When I said no, she quickly pulled my pants off and got a full view of all of me."
  279. "Ah." Both women said, knowing what he meant by that.
  281. "Natalie took off my shirt and cut, leaving me completely naked before she lifted me up, stuck my erection between her breasts and started thrusting it in and out of her breasts." Harry said, taking a moment to gather his thoughts before continuing. "Her breasts had grown so huge and I got more and more aroused every time I thrust myself in between them. Natalie spurred me on the whole way, telling me how she wanted me to release into her cleavage. One final thrust and I shot my load in between her cleavage. It was bloody intense."
  283. Tonks and Bellatrix looked frozen with their eyes staring right at him. At first, Harry thought he had shocked them to the point of unconsciousness. Then Tonks said, "Go on. What happened after that?"
  285. "Natalie patted me gently on the back before she tucked me into bed. Natalie walked into the loo to take a shower. That was it." Harry said, not ready to tell anyone of Natalie's request for a three way with him and Hermione. Nonetheless, he still found it in him to convince them and himself of one certain fact.
  287. "I did not shag Natalie but she did help me to let out that sexual tension I've had since we left England."
  289. "Harry, no one will ever say you had a boring life. Just for the record, let's recap: Natalie gave you a striptease, a lapdance and then let you release your load in between her huge breasts as she had grown 7ft tall. She did all these things and never tried to have a time with you. Is that about it?"
  291. "Yes. That's about it." Harry replied.
  293. "Don't worry about a thing, Harry. We're not going to spread the story out to SAMDON, SAMBEL, SAMCRO or any of the other charters. Your secret is safe with us." Bellatrix said, patting Harry on his head.
  295. "Since you didn't shag her and Natalie didn't try to take advantage of the situation, you have nothing wrong. You are still a loyal and faithful husband to Hermione, Harry."
  297. As Harry became relieved at their statement that they were going to keep it a secret, they heard a Scottish voice yell, "What the Bloody 'Ell are ye doing?"
  299. They exited the room to see Chibs pull a Glock 23 from his Cut and aim it directly at Juice. As Tonks, Bellatrix and Harry rushed over, Bill Sr. and Jack had quickly disarmed him and as they held him down, they turned their attention to Juice. As they looked at his face, it was clear that he had been snogging with someone.
  301. They then heard Kerrianne say, "Da'! It's ok. We're both of age, and he's really sweet!"
  303. Bellatrix then asked, "How long has this relationship been going on, Juice?"
  305. Juice replied, "Since she came to Charming to celebrate her 21st birthday. I've never done anything more than kiss her, I swear!"
  307. "Ye laid yer lips on me Baby Girl?" demanded Chibs as he struggled to get out of Jack and Bill's grip, as well as Quinn and Jax's grip, who had joined in after hearing the yelling. Filthy Phil was in between both men, ready to intervene if Chibs somehow managed to break free of the four men's grips.
  309. "V.P., you're pissed off about Juice keeping this secret from ya. I get that." Phil said. "At the same time, you can't really forbid her from dating her. She's over 18. Besides, they both seem to love each other."
  311. Bellatrix spoke up. "Chibs, Phil is right. She's an adult. In your eyes, Kerrianne's always going to be your little girl, but she's a grown woman now. She is old enough to make her own decisions."
  313. Kerrianne said, "Da', I love him. He's been nothing but a gentleman to me the entire time we've been together. I swear!"
  315. Chibs seemed to calm down at his daughter's words. "Is he really what ye want, Kerri? He's a social retard and a 20% owner of a weed shop. Do ye really want to be in a relationship with 'im?"
  317. Kerrianne replied, "Yes, Da'. He's awkward, crazy, funny, adorable and I love 'im even more for it."
  319. Chibs then said, "Can ye boys let me go? I won't kill 'im or injure 'im."
  321. As they let him go, Bellatrix brought out her wand, ready to stun Chibs in the event he was lying. Chibs looked Juice in the eye. "Do ye really love 'er, kid?"
  323. Juice nodded up and down, unable to find words. Chibs then said, "Alright then. If ye want to date my daughter, I give ye me blessing and my permission. I will also say this; if ye do anything to hurt her or if anything happens to her because of you, your new nickname will be 'No-Sack'. Ye understand?"
  325. Juice replied, "Yes, Chibs. I do. I would never hurt her. I swear!"
  327. Chibs looked him up and down and said, "Good."
  329. With the assurance that no one was going to die, everyone calmed down and went back to their own business. Sitting next to Phil at the bar, Juice pulled out his iPhone and proceeded to get on Facebook. He had hacked into the social network and made it so only members of the Sons of Anarchy were able to view what he posted. In fact, he had done that to every member that had profiles on Facebook. As he started editing his profile, a voice asked, "What are you boys up to?"
  331. Both Juice and Phil turned around and saw Morgana placing her head on top of Juice's shoulder.
  333. "Just updating my Facebook profile to show that I'm in a relationship." Juice replied as if it were the most natural thing in the world.
  335. Morgana then asked with a confused look on her face, "What's Facebook?"
  337. The two intelligence officers looked at one another and then at Morgana. Phil was the one who finally asked, "You don't know what Facebook is?"
  339. Morgana replied, "No. I don't. I'm not even sure what that thing is that you're using. What is it?"
  341. (Bellatrix's POV)
  343. I watched in amusement with Natalie as Juice and Phil attempted to explain Facebook to Morgana. As amusing as it was, I can only hope she somehow manages to get it. I mean, everyone has Facebook these days. Hell, even I have a Facebook profile.
  345. While Morgana kept asking questions about the iPhone and Facebook, the door of the clubhouse opened, causing me and Natalie to turn our attention away from the Facebook tutorial. Just as we thought the worst had been averted, the bitch I had been hoping we wouldn't run into today decides to walk in through the door of SAMBEL's clubhouse.
  347. Fiona Larkin.
  349. Natalie whispered, "Is that the bitch you warned me about?"
  351. I replied, "That's right. Why the Bloody Hell is she here?"
  353. Before Natalie could answer my question, Chibs walked into the room and asked, "What are ye doing 'ere, Fi'?"
  355. As I discreetly pulled out my wand in case she decided to pull something, Fiona asked, "Where the Bloody 'Ell is she?"
  357. I knew then that she had came here looking for Kerrianne. Well she isn't going home to that bitch, I know that for a fact. Not if Juice, Chibs and I have anything to say about the matter.
  359. Juice stood up from talking with Morgana and said, "She ain't going back to your home, Fiona. That's for damn certain."
  361. Fiona stared Juice in the eye. "And just who do ye think ye are? She's me daughter and she will do as I say."
  363. Juice replied, "I'm her Old' Man and she's of age. You can't tell Kerri what she can or can't do."
  365. Just before Fiona could try to punch Juice, I grabbed her shoulder, effectively restraining her. "Don't you dare try it. Besides, I need to ask ya a question that's been on my mind for quite some time now. Why the bloody hell would you divorce the man who freed you from Jimmy O'?"
  367. Natalie then came up on her other side and asked, "Better yet, I've been wondering if ye ever felt obligated to Jimmy. Or maybe you sided with that gangster by your own free will?"
  369. "Come to think of it, Fiona, Natalie here has a point. I think you hated Chibs choosing the Club over the Army. Maybe breaking his heart was your way of getting back at him. Keeping him away from Kerrianne so she wouldn't do the same thing must have been the salt you hoped to pour into his wounds." I said.
  371. As I spoke the words, Fiona whipped out of my grip and attempted to throw a punch at me, but before it could hit me, Natalie caught her hand. As she did, I saw Natalie grow to 9ft tall, her muscles growing stronger at the same time. While Chibs gaped in shock, Natalie proceeded to effortlessly restrain Fiona by holding her up above the floor. As she did, I thoroughly frisked Fiona and disarmed her of any weapons she might have been carrying.
  373. As she stared into my insane eyes, I told her, "I may not be a patch holder or a shot caller, but I would suggest you never come back here, anywhere near Filip or any member of the Sons of Anarchy. If you had more faith and confidence in Filip, we could have been friends. Alas, you did not have any then. You don't have any now. While you still have the legs to carry you, get out of the alley and out of Belfast."
  375. She then asked, "And if I don't?"
  377. I grinned a feral smile that I had not used since my time as a Death Eater. "The lady who's about to turn your fist into rubble was born in Donegal, Ireland. If you don't get the hell out of Belfast within 2 days, either she will crush you under her heel or I will personally make the rest of your life a living Hell. Do you understand?"
  379. As she nodded, Natalie let her go. Once Fiona hit the floor, she took off like a wild bat out of Hell.
  381. "Chibs, from what I just saw from your ex-wife, the only good thing that came out of her was Kerrianne. That's the only reason I didn't drop that old gash on her head." Natalie said, walking over to Chibs, who was shocked to see a 9ft tall woman in front of him. "I guess Headmistress McGonagall didn't tell you about me or what I could do."
  383. Chibs could only shake his head in response. Then Natalie picked him up and kissed the side of his face before setting him back down. Setting Chibs back down, Natalie shrunk back down to 5'11" tall.
  385. The Burrow, The Backyard, 10:00 A.M.
  387. (Emily's POV)
  389. "No. You're doing it all wrong, Dean. You never hold a pistol like that!" Danny said. I watched in amusement as he tried to straighten Dean's stance in holding a Glock 23 properly. Apparently, Dean had been holding it sideways and wasn't hitting anything.
  391. In the meantime, I was getting ready to go back to Hogwarts. With me new FN-57 tucked away in me shoulder holster, I felt more secure in knowing that Danny was looking after me. In fact, I had even engraved 'With Love, Danny' onto the slide of it.
  393. On my way out the door, I went to Danny Boy. "I've got to get going, Danny. I'll talk with ye later. Love ye."
  395. He replied, "Ditto. Safe travels."
  397. Having done that, I apparated to Hogsmeade. Walking down the streets, it wasn't long before I got parched. I needed a drink. Yes, I knew it was a bit early, but I hadn't been to the Hogs Head Inn in a while. Besides, it gave me a chance to speak with Aberforth. I hadn't spoken to him in a while and I felt that it gave me a chance to speak with him.
  399. As I entered into the Old Pub, Aberforth greeted me warmly with a cup of hot cocoa. With my thirst happily sated, I started chatting with him. "How have thing been lately?"
  401. "I've been doing well, Emily. And you?"
  403. "Aye. Same."
  405. As we continued the amicable small talk, Aberforth then said something that caught my attention. "I've heard the strangest thing today, Emily. A bunch of Aurors came into my pub today, talking about going to Belfast tonight. I could only wonder what in Belfast is of such importance to the Ministry of Magic that it requires the attention of the Aurors or why they would need 8 or more?"
  407. I began wondering that me self before I suddenly realized why they would be going over there. Morgana was in Belfast. They must be going there to arrest her.
  409. Without any thinking on me own part, I asked, "May I use your Floo?"
  411. After he nodded yes, I flooed me face into the Fireplace of SAMBEL's clubhouse. "Anyone around?"
  413. As Bellatrix came over to the fireplace, I said, "Ye guys have to get out of Belfast now! Aurors are on their way to arrest Morgana!"
  415. Bellatrix asked, "How do you know this?"
  417. I replied, "Aberforth informed me that Aurors were heading over to Belfast in mass under the cover of night. Please trust me on this!"
  419. Bellatrix then said, "Calm down, Emily. I'll take care of it. Thanks for the heads up."
  421. As I exited the Fireplace, I could not help but feel warmth in me heart, though I couldn't feel it physically. I knew then and there that I had done the right thing.
  423. I then looked to Aberforth. "Thank ye."
  425. He replied, "No problem. Now I'd suggest getting back to your office. I'm getting tired of your cats trying to attack me when I'm trying to feed them."
  427. I replied, "Thanks for doing that."
  429. As the words left me mouth, I exited the pub. After making me way up the pathway and through the castle, I finally came into me office. As I opened the door, all of me cats ran up to me and started rubbing me legs. "Me Babies! Did ye miss your Mummy?"
  431. After I had fed them, I sat back down behind me desk and started getting some paperwork done. It wasn't going to get it's self done.
  433. SAMDON Clubhouse, The Lot, 10:30 A.M.
  435. (Tig's POV)
  437. I stood by Danny, Mike, and the rest of the members of SAMDON as Harry, Jack, Bill Sr., Quinn, Tonks, Natalie, Seamus, Tim, and my wife appeared into the Lot. With all of the shit going on in Belfast to this day, I'm just glad that they're a'right.
  439. As we welcomed them home and to London, I walked up to Bellatrix and pulled her into a bear hug. Yeah, I know that I don't hug, kiss or hold hands with her in public, but I figured I'd make this an exception since we're in a secure place and nobody we don't know is here.
  441. As she hugged me back, I kissed her lips fervently. Breaking off the kiss, I said, "I missed ya."
  443. "It's only been a weekend, Tig. Besides, I know that there are plenty of Sweetbutts here who could have kept you company if you were really horny."
  445. I guess this was her way of busting my chops in a way. She and I both know that I, more than likely, won't stay faithful to her while I'm on a run or when she's out of town, but I also know that those don't mean anything. If she is town, or with me, I won't cheat on her. Plus, I guess she spoils me a lot to make sure I don't that much. When it comes to sex, she really is up for practically anything and everything.
  447. The only thing that she has refused to do for me is a three-way with an equally hot woman. It has always been my fantasy ever since I met her. In fact, whenever I see a potential candidate, it always comes to mind.
  449. I replied with a sly grin, "You spoil me rotten, woman. 'Sides, none of them have anything on you."
  451. As we broke the hug long enough to see Harry take his Ol' Lady into the Clubhouse, Bella said, "I have someone I'd like you to meet."
  453. A dark haired woman about 4 inches taller than Bella walked up and greeted me. She was smokin' hot.
  455. "Tig, this is Morgana Le Fay, the woman we went to Belfast to look for."
  457. While listening to her the whole time, I looked both of them up and down. A thousand visions of what could be flew through my head. "Bella, is this my dream come true?"
  459. Is it? Am I really finally going to have a 3 way with my wife and an equally hot woman?
  461. Both of them looked at each other and smiled before walking up to me and headslapping me. Damn! I guess not. As I rubbed my head, Bellatrix came up and planted a kiss on my lips.
  463. "Between Bellatrix and I, it would be a miracle if you left the bedroom alive." Morgana said, smiling with a rather sexy pout to her lips.
  465. "Nice try, Tig, but it's not going to happen. Aside from her being very much older than I, she's already taken by Seamus."
  467. I laughed at that. It wasn't at a manwhore like Seamus finally finding an Ol' Lady. It was at her being older than Bellatrix. "You're kidding right? Bella, look at her. She can't be older than 35 for crying out loud."
  469. "Well, aren't you the charmer?" Morgana smiled as she looked me eye to eye. "I've been alive since the year of 982 A.D. I was the first student Salazar Slytherin ever taught. I am currently 1035 years of age. So trust Bellatrix when she says that I'm really older that both of you."
  471. As I stood there in shock, Bellatrix then led me to the dorm room where we had been sleeping since we got here. As she took off my Reaper cut and shirt, she took off her leather vest and top, leaving her bra on. She said, "Tig, I've been thinking lately."
  473. I asked, "Do you want more kids? If so, I'm up for it."
  475. "Not really." Bellatrix replied. "I'm thinking about getting some more tattoos come summer time. I really want something to cover up my scar and something to represent our children, my niece and Andromeda."
  477. I replied, "Now that ya mention it, I'd also like to get something for Alex and Isabelle, maybe Andromeda too."
  479. We both knew what I meant by that. The recent tattoos that I've gotten, aside from the one on my collarbone that I got in prison, were the portrait of Bellatrix below my heart, and the Reaper, in all it's glory, on my back.
  481. As we continued to make out, I kissed the left part of her neck, with my lips brushing over her prison tattoo number, 93, causing her to moan. Since taking up with her, I learned that kissing her tattoos brings her pleasure and I've always been happy to take full advantage of that.
  483. As I moved my way to her stomach region, where the name of her father, Cygnus Black, rested below her right breast, along with Sirius' name below her heart, I asked, "You think your dad would approve of our marriage?"
  485. It was a question that I had been thinking about for a while, and I just wanted to fulfill my own curiosity. Bellatrix answered, "My Dad would rolling over in his grave right now, laughing his arse off. He may have been a Pureblood supremacist but I also know that he was my father and loved all of us in his own way. If he met you and saw that you made me happy, he would approve. Perhaps not right away but he would have eventually approved."
  487. Hearing that answer, followed by 2 hours of making passionate love, I was happier than at any other moment in my life prior to walking into Johnson's Pub & Grill that day back in '98.
  489. Chapter 37
  491. Monday, March 23rd, 2017, SAMDON Clubhouse, Empty Dorm room, 5:00 A.M.
  493. Harry lay on his back in bed with Hermione on top of his chest, they both panted heavily. After Harry and the gang had returned from Belfast the previous day, the only thing Harry had done since then was shag his wife over and over again, going well into the morning. If they didn't have the silencing charms in place, everyone in the clubhouse and everyone down the block would have heard them. Harry and Hermione had finally stopped about 30 minutes ago and both of them enjoyed every moment.
  495. As Harry ran his fingers through his wife's hair, Hermione rolled over onto her side so she could look him in the eye. "What is it, 'Mione?" Harry asked.
  497. Hermione asked him softly, "With the ferocity you just had while we were shagging, you must have had a lot of pent up tension inside you after this weekend. I can't help but wonder how you survived the entire weekend without shagging me on a daily basis?"
  499. Though she couldn't see it, as soon as the words left her mouth, Harry had internally turned as red as a cherry. He had really hoped that his wife would never find out about his escapade with Natalie. While he and Hermione were very outgoing and outspoken when it came to sex, Harry still had trouble talking about the subject in a conversation.
  501. "Natalie helped me by keeping the SAMBEL girls and Morgana away from me." Harry replied. "That's how I survived. If you want the whole story, you'll need to ask her."
  503. Hermione leaned in and kissed Harry passionately. "I will. In the meantime, we need to get dressed and ready for Breakfast at Hogwarts."
  505. When they finally got out of bed and started getting dressed, Harry hugged Hermione from behind, kissing her neck lovingly. "Congratulations on becoming the new Head of Gryffindor, 'Mione. If anyone deserves that title, it's you."
  507. Hermione smiled happily in her husband's embrace. "Thank you, Harry. That means a lot to me."
  509. SAMDON Lot, 5:20 A.M.
  511. "Alright, Morgana. I'll bite. Why did you leave Seamus' side and wake me up to bring me out here?" asked Natalie as they came into the old parking lot of the London Charters clubhouse. Morgana had apparently gotten up really early, and after badgering Natalie for a full 10 minutes, had finally gotten up and went with her to see what she wanted.
  513. Morgana smiled slyly. "Yesterday, when you strong armed that bitch, ye grew up to 9ft tall. Care to explain that?"
  515. "That was what you wanted to talk about?" Natalie asked. "I guess to put it simply, I'm Half-Giant and Half-Amazon. It makes for a very interesting combination. Because of their combined magics, I'm able to change my size and strength at will."
  517. Morgana smiled at that. "Prove it, Natalie. Grow as big as you can and show me what you got."
  519. Natalie smiled at Morgana's challenge, and before the older witches eyes, had grown to 20ft tall, transforming into a true bodybuilder and giant.
  521. After showing off for a good 5 minutes, Natalie shrunk back down to 5'11" in front of a stoic Morgana. "Impressed?"
  523. Morgana said nothing as she laid a chaste kiss on Natalie's cheek.
  525. "I'll treat you and the girls out for breakfast for waking you up early." Morgana said, leading Natalie back inside. As they went further into the Clubhouse, they heard a voice cry out, "Get a room, you two! It's too early for me to see that and I haven't had any coffee yet!"
  527. Walking into the Rec Room, Morgana and Natalie saw that Tonks had just walked in on her aunt snogging with Tig while straddling his lap on one of the couches. Tonks was trying to shield her face and her eyes from the scene, wondering how much Irish whiskey will erase the image of her aunt and Tig from her memory.
  529. Morgana said, "Nonsense, Tonks. It's never too early to have a good snog. If your husband were here, you would not fault your aunt for one moment. Nonetheless, I'm glad you two are awake."
  531. As Bellatrix got off of Tig, Morgana took a seat on Tig's right side while Bellatrix sat on his left, and as they put their arms around him, Morgana looked up to Tig. "Just so you know, you're not dreaming. You are surrounded by four attractive women. Unfortunately, you are dreaming if you think you're going to get a kinky morning orgy with myself, your wife, her niece and the half giant. Why don't you go to the kitchen and fix us some breakfast, Tig? We're famished."
  533. All four women had to fight back a laugh when they heard Tig whimper in disappointment before walking away, muttering something like 'It's not fair.'
  535. Turning their attention away from the sulking Sergeant at Arms, Morgana spoke to Tonks, Bellatrix and Natalie, "When the three of you and Harry came to my cottage last Saturday, it was not the first time you have seen me."
  537. Bellatrix laughed at that before Tonks retorted, "That's a good one, Morgana. I'm fairly certain we would have remembered meeting you before."
  539. Morgana smiled. "Remember the old lady that you helped get to Moira?"
  541. Realization struck them all hard. "If that was you, why the hell did you give us such a hard time when we came to get you?"
  543. Morgana replied, "I was bored. After so many years, I needed something to break the somnolence of my dreary life. Besides, I wanted to know why you needed me so much or why you would bother at all to look for me in the first place."
  545. Looking at the young Auror, Morgana decided to clear the air on another issue. "I may have overstepped the mark with you, Tonks, when I called you by your first name. Though you did not challenge me verbally, I could tell that you don't like being called by the name your mother gave you at birth and it upsets you. Can you accept my sincerest apology?"
  547. "Of course, Morgana. No worries. Just as long as you make sure not to call me 'you know what', we'll get along fine." Tonks said, causing Bellatrix and Natalie to laugh.
  549. "No problem, Tonks. I won't ever call you by that name again." replied Morgana as the two shook hands on the agreement. The handshake then turned into a hug as Morgana pulled Tonks into a warm embrace. As she did, they all heard a voice say, "Nice."
  551. They turned around to see Tig holding several plates of food with a devilish grin on his face. "Don't even think about it, Tig. That's my niece."
  553. Tig proceeded to say, "Damn. Too bad."
  555. Just as he had handed them their breakfast, Harry and Hermione came into the room.
  557. "Natalie, after you finish breakfast, we need to get back to Hogwarts." Harry said to the half-giant who nodded in silent agreement. "Morgana, we need you to meet with the Headmistress to discuss the looming threat against Hogwarts and the measures necessary to defend the school."
  559. Morgana smiled at Hermione, knowing what the glow on the younger woman's face was from. "While all that sounds good and well, how do you propose I go about that? I can't exactly walk into the Great Hall in the middle of Breakfast, now can I?"
  561. Harry replied, "We'll hide you in Hermione's office. During the day, while the students are in class, we can take you to see her."
  563. Hagrid's Hut, 7:30 A.M.
  565. "Are ye 4 the ones Ron said were going 'elp us?" asked Hagrid as Dean, Neville, Charlie, and Bill gathered in front of Hagrid's hut with Natalie standing next to Hagrid. Fred and George had accompanied the Prospects to Hogwarts to talk with Minerva about some new security measures, as well as to make sure Hagrid knew that their Prospects would be helping him for free.
  567. "We are, Hagrid. Is there anything you need done before Breakfast?" asked Charlie as they saw Fred and George going up to the Castle.
  569. Hagrid thought for a moment. "I need ye to go feed the Red Caps. They're getting hungry."
  571. Without another word, the Prospects, along with Natalie, started walking over to the Red Caps pins.
  573. "I'm sure most of you know this by now, but be careful of these little guys." Natalie said, warning the Prospects. "Don't think that just because they are about 3 to 4 feet tall that they can't hurt you. When they see the opportunity to bludgeon you, they will. All your yelling and screaming, it will only encourage them to hit harder."
  575. Approaching the pens, Natalie dispensed onto each of the Prospects a bag of food and a bell.
  577. "The bell draws them out and towards the food so make sure to ring them as loud as you can." Natalie said.
  579. Heading the advice from the half-giant witch, Neville, Dean, Charlie and Bill walked in, ringing their bells over and over until the herd of Red Caps came out with their bludgeoning clubs in hand.
  581. Before they could make a move for their wands, the Red Caps attacked, breaking their wrists so they couldn't use their wands and then started pounding them with the clubs until a whistle made them stop, followed by laughter from Natalie.
  583. "Even when you graduate from school, you never stop learning. Strangers are met with caution and hostility. Then again, I told them you were Prospects. Prospects get hazed so they don't forget anything they learn. I got my share of beatings from these guys the first time I stepped in to feed them. Only after I got to know them that they became friends. It's only right that you learn the same thing I did and in the same way." Natalie said before feeding the Red Caps.
  585. Lining the pummeled Prospects up in front of her, Natalie took her wand, pointed it at their wrists and said, "Episki."
  587. Instantly and painfully, eight wrists were reset and repaired.
  589. "Now go wash up, boys. You don't want to be late for breakfast." Natalie said with a kind smile as the Prospects walked away.
  591. The Great Hall, 7:35 A.M.
  593. (Emily's POV)
  595. Just as all of the students had gotten settled in, and as I was about to start tucking in with them, I heard the familiar chime of Minerva using her fork on her glass.
  597. 'I wonder what she has to say?' asked me Inner Banshee as we all turned our attention to the Headmistress.
  599. Almost as if she were reading me mind, Minerva said, "I have an announcement to make. Gryffindor has recently been appointed a new Head of House. Professor Hermione Potter shall now, until the day of her retirement or death, serve as the Head of the house of Godric Gryffindor. Good luck Professor."
  601. As the table of her house started applauding, the rest of the staff did as well. It was then that I decided to do something that, while considered to be something only a Gryffindor would do, was never done by any of my predecessors. While it may seem to be brash to me self, I also knew that if my House, as well as hers, were ever going to come together in friendship and end this long-standing rivalry, I needed to take the first step forward.
  603. I did something that probably made Salazar Slytherin himself roll over in his grave, laughing his arse off. I rose from the table and, as I did, Hermione did as well. We stared each other in the eyes and nodded silently to one another.
  605. We then walked around the table and in front of it before we approached one another. Then we did something that made history. We hugged as true friends.
  607. That act alone brought the entire school up on their feet for a standing ovation.
  609. After breaking our embrace, I looked the newly christened Head of Gryffindor and made a solemn oath. "Hermione Potter, I wish you a long and blessed reign as the Head of Gryffindor. Speaking as the Head of Slytherin, I pledge before you and everyone gathered here today that I will work to restore the honor and dignity that the late Severus Snape and the late Tom Riddle robbed my house of."
  611. Hermione replied to me, "I can only hope that now our two houses can finally lay to rest their foolish rivalry."
  613. We both shook hands in agreement before returning to our seats, knowing in our hearts that we had made history.
  615. Hallway, near the room of requirement, 8:30 A.M.
  617. "Fred, are you sure we can do this?" asked George as they leaned against the wall, contemplating whether or not they could successfully pull off a prank while they were there.
  619. "George, when have we ever passed up a perfectly good opportunity to pull one?" asked Fred as they looked at each other with the devilish grin they were known for on their faces. "As owners and founders of the most successful joke shop in Diagon Alley, we have a reputation to uphold."
  621. "Whatcha guys doing?" asked a voice from the corner.
  623. They both turned around to see Scorpius Malfoy standing there before them, dressed in uniform and ready for class. The two mischievous twins smiled as Fred asked, "Hello, Scorpy! How are…"
  625. "You today?" finished George.
  627. "I'm doing fairly well. Is it alright if I ask you two a question?" asked Scorpius, smiling at the twins' new nickname for him.
  629. "You can ask, but…" started Fred.
  631. "We can't guarantee an answer, Scorpy." finished George.
  633. "Did you guys know my dad when he went to Hogwarts? What was he like?" asked Scorpius.
  635. This surprised both of them since they had thought Malfoy would have told his what he was like back in the day. Fred was the one who asked, "Why do you want to know?"
  637. Scorpius took a deep breath and replied, "I've heard about my psycho of a Grand Mum and about the Death Eaters, but it was kind of foggy. I feel like there's a lot of things that a lot of people are not telling me. I want to know why my Dad kept the family history secret from me. Not even my Mum will tell me anything. What's so bad that Dad won't tell me?"
  639. Fred and George looked directly into each others eyes, and Fred began, "We'll tell ya, but…"
  641. "You have to promise that you won't hold any resentment towards him for what he did as a kid." finished George.
  643. As Scorpius nodded in agreement, Fred said, "When your Pop first came to Hogwarts, he was an insufferable brat. He was spoiled rotten and brought up to look down on anyone who wasn't pureblood, or magical as well as anyone who wasn't in the same 'upper class' as…"
  645. "His family. Your dad was happy to humiliate first years and anyone outside of Slytherin. He was the type of guy that you could…" said George.
  647. "Punch a hundred times and not feel a bit of remorse about it. In fact, the harder you hit him, the better. When he grew up, he wasn't any better. We began wanting to…"
  649. "Kick him as well. The only redemption that he ever achieved, and the reason he and your mother were able to have you, is that he finally had the nerve to stop following his family's prejudices. Listen, Scorpy…"
  651. "We're not exactly friends with your dad, but he's not as bad as he used to be. He's grown out of whatever kind of git he once was." finished Fred.
  653. "Does that answer your question, Scorpy?" asked George as they looked at the young marauder.
  655. Scorpius replied, "Thanks. That actually explains why Dad taught me manners. See ya."
  657. After Scorpius walked off, Fred and George looked at each other and said in chorus, "Time to cause some mayhem." as they discreetly slipped out some fireworks from their cloaks. Having set them just right, they were ready to light the fuses when a voice said, "Even though ye aren't students anymore, ye still love to cause mayhem, don't 'cha?"
  659. They turned around to see Emily standing right next to them. Before they could do anything, Emily had already lit the fireworks. As they took off, she said, "Might as well 'ave some fun before I go to teaching. Always a blast ta see ye both again."
  661. Walking towards her classroom, Emily walked through the hallways just in time to see Harry and Hermione walking together towards McGonagall's office.
  663. Usually, she would have suspected something but thought nothing of it.
  665. Walking further down the hallway, Emily passed a mirror and stopped in her tracks when she saw her reflection in it. There she stood with her mother, Mary McKenzie-O'Neal, standing to her right and Christine 'Missy' Callahan, her best friend, standing on her left. Standing behind her, looking menacing as ever, was Danny, with his calloused hands laid upon her swollen abdomen. Blinking her eyes twice, the reflections were gone and there she was, back to normal, by herself.
  667. "I guess I was seeing things. Oh well. It wouldn't be the first time." Said Emily as she continued walking to her office. Fred and George walked off the grounds as the fireworks caused their chaos.
  669. Minerva's office, 8:40 A.M.
  671. "Harry? Hermione? How can I help you?" asked Minerva as the couple walked into her office. As she watched them come in, she couldn't help but notice that they were standing apart, as if an invisible person was between them.
  673. "Minerva, we believe that we have found someone who can help us defend Hogwarts when Grindelwald eventually attacks."
  675. Minerva looked at them patiently. "I assume this has something to do with your trip to Belfast this previous weekend. Am I right?"
  677. Hermione replied, "Absolutely."
  679. Without another word, Harry pulled off his Invisibility Cloak that had been concealing Morgana. Hermione said, "Minerva McGonagall, meet Morgana Le Fay, the first student sorted into Slytherin. Morgana Le Fay, meet Minerva McGonagall, Headmistress of Hogwarts and former Head of Gryffindor."
  681. As Minerva stared in shock at the revelation, Morgana stepped forward and extended her hand. "It is rather interesting that a former Head of my Old House's rival has the run of Hogwarts. I mean that with all due respect, Headmistress McGonagall. It is a pleasure to meet ye."
  683. Minerva replied, "It's an honor to meet one of the first students of Hogwarts. I assure you, the pleasure is mine."
  685. As they shook their hands, Morgana said, "Until today, I never expected that a Lion would ever form an alliance with a Snake. Godric and Salazar were not exactly the best of friends before they each believed their respective houses were better than the others. I remember seeing Rowena and Helga having to play peacekeeper between those two. Ye have my word that when this Bastard attacks Hogwarts, I will defend it with everything I have in me."
  687. After 30 minutes of discussing the details of how that would work out, Morgana said, "Now, if it isn't a problem, I'd like to meet the current Head of my old house. Who is it?"
  689. Minerva replied, "Her name is Emily O'Neal. She is quite the character. Tonight, I shall introduce you to her. You can see for yourself."
  691. Chapter 38
  693. Room of Requirement, March 23rd, 2017, 11:00 A.M.
  695. Hermione, Harry, and Natalie entered into the Room of Requirement. As they did, the door behind them shut. Hermione looked towards both of them and spoke towards Natalie Largen. "Natalie, I know full well what happens at MC parties and I know that you helped Harry with his tension. How exactly did you help him with his problem?"
  697. Natalie smiled at her question while Harry seemed to look like he was in front of a firing squad.
  699. "Tonks told me that Harry was getting very wound up after Morgana flirted with him. She had gone a thousand plus years without sex, so I can't really blame her. It didn't help that some of SAMBEL's Sweetbutts didn't care if the Son they were pressing up on was married or not. He did not give in to any temptation, but we noticed right away how his pent up sexual tension was clouding his judgment as SAMDON's Vice President. So I took Harry upstairs to a vacant dorm room, just the two of us." said Natalie, making her breasts grow as she spoke.
  701. "He tried to resist me by reminding me that he was married to you. I did my best to reassure him that I was only there to help. I started by giving him a striptease. He didn't complain about it. He couldn't anyway. Harry was speechless until I straddled his lap and started rubbing myself against him."
  703. As Hermione stared at Natalie, Harry said, "I still had my trousers on, Hermione. I didn't shag her."
  705. Hearing Hermione sigh in relief, Natalie continued. "Yes, he did have his pants on and I still felt him getting turned on underneath the fabric of them. I stuck his face between my breasts. It seemed to help him push though his hesitations and I really got turned on when he started touching me with his hands and his mouth."
  707. As Natalie continued talking, her body began to grow bigger and stronger, causing her to tear out of her clothes. When she reached 7ft tall, Natalie looked down on them with a grin. "I was restricted as far as using my growing abilities because the room was only 9ft tall. I asked him if he had another pair of pants with him. When he said no, I pulled his pants off since he would need them later. I'm sure he didn't want to have to explain why his trousers were sent out for cleaning. Once I saw how he had truly become a man, I was glad that I could grow so tall."
  709. While Natalie described what happened, Hermione was getting really heated. She wasn't so much angry at them as she was getting horny. Hermione almost imagined herself doing that for Harry.
  711. "I stuck his erection between my breasts and started thrusting him in and out." said Natalie, her breathing becoming labored and her voice coming out in moans. "With a few more thrusts, he shot his load into my cleavage. Hermione, he was so big that I had to make my breasts grow bigger so that the cleavage would be deep enough to contain it. After I patted him on his back, I tucked him in bed for the night before going to shower."
  713. "I must say, that's very hot, Natalie." said Hermione as Natalie finished the story. "Thank you for helping Harry vent that frustration and keeping the other girls off of him for me."
  715. "You're welcome, Hermione. You know, what really got me turned on was the idea of a three-way with you two and me." replied Natalie, catching Hermione by surprise.
  717. Hermione replied, "Natalie, I'm flattered. Really, I am. As well, I'm fairly certain you wouldn't tell anyone. But right now, you're with Hagrid. Perhaps, one day, we will. In the meantime, let's go to lunch. I'm starving."
  719. "Alright then. Perhaps one day we will." said Natalie as she returned back to normal size and repaired her clothing. As she got dressed, Hermione said, "Just to let the both of you know, I'm not angry at either of you."
  721. Without another word spoken between the trio, they left the Room.
  723. Emily's Office, 9:00 P.M.
  725. (Emily's POV)
  727. As I continued to work on some long over due paper work that I had postponed for long enough, a knock came to me door. With one hand on me wand, I called out, "Aye, I'm 'ere. Come on in."
  729. Upon those spoken words, Minerva walked into me office. As she entered, I saw another woman was following 'er. She was 6" taller than me, had long, raven hair and was very beautiful.
  731. "Who's ye lady friend, Minerva?" I asked while I began looking her over, examining her and wondering how good she'd be in me bed. As I was thinking very perverted thoughts or, as Danny Boy would say, 'thinkin' like a Son', Minerva said, "Emily, this is Morgana Le Fay, the first student of Slytherin, trained and schooled by Salazar Slytherin himself. Morgana Le Fay, this is Emily O'Neal, the current DADA professor, Half-Banshee and Head of Slytherin. I'll leave you two to it."
  733. As she left the room with the new knowledge in me head, me jaw dropped. This was feckin' Morgana Le Fay, the most feared and infamous of dark witches both in legend and history. Oh, I hope she doesn't read minds.
  735. Gathering what I had left of me senses, I spoke carefully so as not to babble. "Please, take a seat, Ms. Le Fay. Would you care for a shot of good Irish whiskey or do you lean more towards Guinness?"
  737. The pouty smile she gave only gave me more fantasies to think of later.
  739. "I would very much enjoy a shot of Irish whiskey with a fellow Slytherin like myself, Emily." Morgana said, her voice getting me hot and bothered effortlessly. Making a tactical retreat for the moment, I reach the bar I keep in my office and poured three shots of Jameson's and drank one in the hopes that it would quell my nerves.
  741. Taking a deep breath, I brought the two glasses of whiskey in hand to Morgana Le Fay, who had taken a seat on a nearby couch. As she accepted her drink, it did not go unnoticed by me when she ran her fingers across mine.
  743. "One reads many things about the new teachers in Hogwarts, especially the one wrongfully referred to as a 'Mad Dog Mick'. A Half-Banshee is a rarity indeed." Morgana said before wrapping her lips around the edge of the glass and delicately savored the drink as it passed her full lips. It felt like time slowed down as I watched her drink.
  745. 'I bet you'll never look at whiskey the same way again, Em.' Missy said in me mind.
  747. "Thank you, Emily. I always loved a good shot of whiskey. I had my first shot of whiskey when I was in Belfast just before arriving back here in Hogwarts. A young lad named Seamus Ryan gave it to me after a night of long overdue attention."
  749. "If you would not mind me asking, how long is 'long overdue'?" I asked.
  751. "A bit over a millennium without having felt the touch of a lover."
  753. I was taken aback. How did this woman get through those cold nights without having known such pleasure and delight?
  755. "I guess the SAMBEL President gave you quite the time, didn't he?" I said, hoping that I didn't sound disappointed that a Son beat me to her.
  757. "That he did. Now that I mention it after meeting you, it seems that you and I have more in common than I thought we would."
  759. "We do?" I asked with surprise evident in my tone.
  761. "We both seem smitten with Sons, were sorted into the same house while attending Hogwarts as students and we both played a part in the fall of the one person we cared for most in our lives."
  763. Morgana might as well have been reading my mind. It is true. Through bringing Mordred into the world, Morgana had set the stage for her half-brother's demise. Through my own love of chaos and mayhem, I killed my best friend.
  765. There was one more thing that she didn't mention. She didn't have to. The one thing that we both share.
  767. The hopes of Forgiveness and Redemption.
  769. As these thoughts were in me mind, Morgana then asked, "Tell me something. What's it like to have an Omen of Death, knowing exactly when someone will die? It's not everyone who can say they have a reach into Death's plan."
  771. I replied, "They are incredible, however, they can be bitter, especially if the Omen of Death is for a friend or a loved one. Ye understand?"
  773. She replied, "Aye. I do."
  775. As we continued to have our drinks in silence, while I was admiring her figure, I finally asked the inevitable question. "Morgana, I mean no offense to ye, but how have ye stayed alive all of these years? Furthermore, how have ye maintained your youth? I know for a fact ye ain't a Banshee. How'd ye do it?"
  777. She replied, "None taken. I'm a bit curious about that myself. In some ways, when ye have unfinished business, ye tend to live a little bit longer to see it through."
  779. I asked, "What is it that ye still have to do?"
  781. "Find redemption and forgiveness for the things that I have done. If fortune smiles upon me, I might even get the chance to truly live again." she replied.
  783. We continued sipping our drinks in silence for a little while more. 30 more minutes and several glasses of Irish Whiskey later, I asked with the nerve provided by Jameson whiskey, "Ye were taught by Ol' Man Slytherin himself, right? What was he like?"
  785. She looked at me with a slightly tipsy stare. "What do ye mean by 'hat?"
  787. "What was he like as a Head of House, a wizard and a man." I paused momentarily before grinning. "What was it like being taught by the man who built the Snake House. What was he like?"
  789. She seemed to think deeply for a few more moments before she replied, "He was very wise, calculating, cunning, ambitious, daring though not in the same way as Godric Gryffindor. That's not to say he was a coward. He was brave, only he was smart about it. As for how I thought of him, I guess ye could say I had a school girl crush on 'im."
  791. We both laughed at it. It was good to kick back and just joke around, especially under the influence of good Irish Whiskey. I don't know when it happened or how but I soon found myself sat next to Morgana.
  793. "I had my share of admirers and love interests." Morgana said, topping off both our glasses with Jameson whiskey. Only when she got to mine, the bottle had gone empty.
  795. Then she did something that warmed me heart. She poured a portion of her glass into mine so we both would have an equal share of whiskey. "What of you, Emily? Were there any young lads looking to proposition you?"
  797. "Not enough to count on one hand. Wasn't for lack of trying." I slurred, kicking back a gulp of whiskey. "I did have one. Missy."
  799. "Did you love her?"
  801. "Aye. Though I gave me heart to ol' Danny Boy, a part of it still belongs to Missy. She was beautiful. Taller than me. Long, dark hair. A heavenly pair of legs. Skin like silk. A brilliant smile. Breasts magnificent enough to turn me on any day of the week. Lips that I dream about to this day. Oh, yes, she was a beautiful woman, Morgana."
  803. With arms around each other, we continued drinking to loved ones and happier times.
  805. She then asked, "Who is the Lass in those pictures?"
  807. I saw that she was pointing to the pictures of me Mum that were on me desk. I replied, "'hat's me Mum. I lost her at a really young age. She was one of the few people I ever cared about."
  809. I then asked, "I 'ave a question for ye. Do ye still have an axe to grind against Merlin for how he turned down your propositions?"
  811. "Believe it or not, I do. That bastard humiliated me in front of the entire school." Morgana replied rather bitterly. "I have yet to get over that. Even after all this time, I wish I could do something that could stick it to him, so to speak. An act that would show him what he would never experience in his life."
  813. I moved in closer so that her face was only a few inches away from me own and said, "He 'as no idea what he missed out on. Anyone would be lucky to 'ave ye as a lover. 'ell, ye are making me really hot right now."
  815. The words came out of me before I could think of them. With a seductive smile, Morgana replied, "Thank ye, Emily. That means a lot to me."
  817. Leaning down towards me, Morgana pressed her lips up against me own. The feel of her full lips and the taste of whiskey on them and on her tongue was enough to get me from tipsy to hammered and seeing stars. It didn't take long for us to start snogging as our tongues were battling each other for dominance.
  819. When I felt her hands on me breasts, I did the same to 'er, relishing the moans coming from her throat as I squeezed her soft, supple breasts. In the middle of this frisky whiskey-fueled cocktail of ecstasy, me mind somehow reminded me of an indisputable fact: while Seamus and Danny would more than likely enjoy the show, it felt as if we were cheating on them. Summoning all the willpower that was left in me, I broke the kiss much to both our chagrins.
  821. "Morgana, as hot as that was and as sexy as you are, we need to stop now. If we go any further, I will lose control and, without meaning to, we'll end up hurting our fellas. I love Danny Boy just as I know you love Seamus."
  823. With a sigh usually heard after a wild shag, Morgana replied, "You're right, Emily. We do need to stop. Perhaps one day, if we do receive our men's blessings, we can pick off were we left off. Agreed?"
  825. "Aye. One day, if they give us permission, we will."
  827. Breaking off our embrace, we disappointingly placed several inches of space and distance between us on the couch so we wouldn't be tempted. Once we got our Ol' Men's approval to do so, the adventure I would have with Morgana in me bed would be a great one.
  829. God, I wanted her so badly. I wanted to make her cry out my name over and over again. I would make her so worn out that she wouldn't be able to walk upright for a week. The things I wanted to do with her and to her would be so erotic that even Tig himself would blush in embarrassment. Though me panties are completely soaked, I must bide my time.
  831. Good things come to those who wait.
  833. Somewhere in Germany, Grindelwald's Hideout, 10:00 P.M.
  835. "My Lord, you know I will do anything to rid this world of those who are of impure blood, but when will I use my skills in combat against Hogwarts? I am anxious to spill the blood of those traitors." asked Victor Korbut as he struggled to keep himself from pacing back and forth across the room. It had been a month since he had been allowed to go and terrorize people. Victor Korbut never sat on his hands once in his life and he was getting really antsy really fast.
  837. "All in good time, my faithful servant. Though I admire your eagerness and ambition, you must learn the value of patience. Haste actions will lead a man to his demise. Once we have gathered a proper army, we will attack. The 25th of May will be a day that will live in infamy." replied Grindelwald to his over-anxious servant. Korbut's impatience was no secret to the old Dark Wizard. If the Russian wizard had his way, he would rape, torture and kill 5 people a day. However irritating the lack of action may be for Korbut, Grindelwald had to keep his right hand man from acting out and drawing unnecessary attention to their schemes. Grindelwald also knew that, in order to launch an assault on Hogwarts, he needed more than the 80 soldiers already at his beckon call.
  839. "Well what the Hell am I supposed to do until then? Killing Mudbloods will only satisfy me for so long, my master." said Korbut.
  841. With a smile on his face and a wave of his wand, Grindelwald revealed a terrified 21 year old girl standing in the corner of the room while chained to the wall. "Do what you wish with her."
  843. As Korbut looked at the young woman with a predator's gaze, he said, "Thank you, milord. You are most gracious."
  845. New York City, 4:00 P.M., Katz's Delicatessen
  847. Wiley walked into the dinner, another man walked up to him and gave him a manly hug. Breaking away from each other, the man said, "Welcome to The City That Never Sleeps, Wiley. It's good to see ya!"
  849. "Good to see you too, Regulus. How's your percentage in life?" asked Wiley as the two sat down and ordered some sandwiches.
  851. "Healthy at the moment and subject to change."
  853. Ever since Regulus had learned that Voldemort had made Horcruxes and having attempted to destroy the Locket, he had went into hiding, faking his own death in the process. Wiley discovered him one day after he quit his job as a Prosecuting Attorney. With Wiley's help, Regulus had been given a new life in New York City.
  855. "I don't if you've heard, but your brother was killed last year. You have my condolences." said Wiley as they waited on their food.
  857. "Aye. I've heard. He was a good man." replied Regulus. "Had more heart than most of us and more guts too."
  859. "I wondered if you were ever going to show up for your brother's funeral."
  861. "It's not like I can just show up, alive and well, to pay respects to Sirius without a bunch of wand-happy Aurors eager to drag my arse before the Ministry and straight to the gates of Azkaban. I'm not even sure about how his godson would take to seeing me alive."
  863. "Bellatrix did. Only she never got to Azkaban and the charges were abolished by a suave, dashing and astute attorney if I do say so myself. Besides, Harry Potter is not the kind to just hex someone on sight, unless it's Voldemort or a Death Eater."
  865. "Wiley, humility must be a rarity for you. I guess that's one of the reasons why I'm glad you found me than some Auror" Regulus said, squirting hot mustard onto his corn beef sandwich on rye toast before taking a bite. "Try the pastrami. It's the best in the world."
  867. Reaching for the hot mustard, Wiley poured some onto his pastrami sandwich on rye bread and took a big bite before following it up with a bit from a sour dill and a fistful of fries.
  869. "I love this town." Wiley chimed.
  871. "Yeah, too bad I can't say the same for my former hometown anymore. If I set one foot there, I'm running the risk of spending my final days in a dark, dingy cell while miles away from the nearest cornbeef sandwich."
  873. "Oh, the horror. The horror." Wiley cried out theatrically, almost reminiscent of the American actor Marlon Brando from Apocalypse Now. "It won't be that bad. You didn't kill anyone or use the Unforgivables, did ya?"
  875. "Only time I ever used an Unforgivable was in self defense. Used the AK on the damn Inferi. God save me, I hate those things." Regulus replied.
  877. "You ain't the only one, Reg. Since you were never convicted for being a Death Eater in the first war, if you pled your case, I figure we stand a good chance at getting you acquitted. I figure you could get acquitted."
  879. "And if I get convicted, there's always your backup plan of obliviating the entire room and apparating me to the Caribbean islands."
  881. "Hey, I've never had to resort to that." replied Wiley. As they both laughed, Regulus asked, "How is Bellatrix these days anyway?"
  883. "She's doing great. Better than ever now that she's a free woman." Replied Wiley. "Tell me something, when you first heard that she had taken up with a Muggle, how did you react?"
  885. Regulus looked him right in the eye. "I was so shocked, surprised and taken back that you could have knocked me over with a feather. I considered canceling me subscription to the Prophet on pure principle alone. I thought that there was no way that my Psychopathic cousin would ever marry a Muggle, much less have his children willingly."
  887. "Quite frankly, Reg, I'm sure that everyone was. But it's fact and it ain't changing."
  889. Regulus sighed. "Well, I guess I can't really hate her for it, considering I married a Muggle just 15 years ago. Still, if I get acquitted, I have a lot o' making up to do to them. Hell, I'd love to meet my second cousins if they would let me."
  891. Wiley replied, "I could probably arrange that this summer. Bellatrix, and Tig have made an appointment with me in July to get tattoos. I'm sure that she would be happy to see you."
  893. Without another word between the two, they continued their meal in silence. After they finished, Regulus replied, "Just let me know when you want to try and get me acquitted, Wiley."
  895. Wiley replied, "No problem. Tell your wife I said hi."
  897. As Regulus left, Wiley went up to the counter and, after paying for the meal, he said, "I'd like to order two pastrami sandwiches on rye with hot mustard, a side of pickles and another side of your famous fries please."
  899. Having paid for his order and receiving the sandwiches and side orders in a big bag, he walked out of the door. Wiley was not a foot from the door when he noticed a woman sitting on the bench at the front of the restaurant, shivering from the cold of the afternoon.
  901. Approaching the woman, who looked up to him when he was right next to her, Wiley asked, "You want a sandwich, ma'am? You seem hungry and I happen to have an extra one, hot and fresh from Katz's."
  903. The woman replied, "Sure. I'm starving."
  905. As Wiley handed her his second sandwich, he said, "Oswald Wiley Linwood."
  907. She replied, "Call me Sandy. Everyone seems to call me that. Thanks, Wiley."
  909. As Wiley sat down with her as she ate the sandwich, Sandy asked, "Where are you heading?"
  911. He replied, "SAMYORK clubhouse."
  913. She looked at him and smiled. "I was just heading there myself. I can give you a lift in my panel truck if you want."
  915. Wiley replied, "Sure. I've never been one to turn down a ride."
  917. After Sandy finished eating her sandwich, they headed over to her panel truck and got in. As they drove off, Sandy turned up the radio after they had heard AC/DC's 'Hells Bells' playing on the radio.
  919. As they listened to the old song, Wiley finally broke the ice by asking, "So, Sandy, where did you come from? Better yet, where have you been in this country?"
  921. She turned down the radio before answering, "I've been pretty much everywhere in this country, except for Alaska and Hawaii. For as long as I could drive, I loved living out of my suitcase and truck. I have always felt like there's no set place for me to call home. Yeah, I'm SAMYORK's usual tattoo artist, but I don't live at the Clubhouse. Right now, I'm a nomad tattoo artist."
  923. Wiley's ears perked when she mentioned that she was a tattoo artist. "I imagine your parents don't really approve of your lifestyle."
  925. Sandy smirked at that. "My mom only cares about when I'll get married and give her grandchildren. As for my Pop, I have no idea what he's up to nowadays. He used to be the Road Captain for Athenry Hooligans in Chicago before they were patched over."
  927. Wiley asked, "What happened?"
  929. "He didn't have anything against the Sons. He just couldn't bear to see someone else's banner hanging instead of the Hooligans. He didn't accept it very well and rode off with his old cut on his back. A few months later, he restarted them in Kansas City, Missouri, serving as their Pres."
  931. "Not everyone can accept a patch over well. Guess that's why I'll never try and join the SoA." Wiley said, catching her attention immediately.
  933. "How do you know the Sons?" Sandy asked.
  935. "I'm good friends with the London Charter." Wiley nonchalantly replied. "Alan and Jack have repeatedly told me time and time again that if I wanted to join, all they would need was me telling them and a vote. No prospecting year or anything. Said something about me having already proven my loyalty to them time and time again. While I love the lifestyle, I don't really like being attached to any particular group. I'm very accustomed to being an independent operator."
  937. As they continued to the trip in silence, Wiley asked, "You said you do tattoos, right?"
  939. She replied, "Yeah. Why?"
  941. "I've been thinking about getting another one lately. You think you're up for it?"
  943. She replied, "Absolutely."
  945. "I'm also looking for an assistant for my Tattoo shop in England. Would you be interested in it?"
  947. "I'm game. It will be hard to say goodbye to SAMYORK. A shame for them as well, considering how they will lose one of it's best tattoo artists to a tattoo shop across the pond." Sandy said with a quirky smile.
  949. Without another word between them, they pulled into the SAMYORK Lot, where they were greeted by Albino, Hep Cat, Flynn, and Coyote.
  951. "Welcome to New York, Wiley! Welcome back, Sandy!" said Albino as they all gave them both a bear hug. Just before anyone could say anything further, they heard the unmistakable roar of a Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide with a special V-Twin engine.
  953. The New York Crew saw the Desert Camouflage painted Monster of a Machine with a Batwing Fairing pull into the old lot. As the rider dismounted, he took off his helmet just in time to be met with a bear hug from Coyote.
  955. "Alright, Coyote. You can get off. I know you're glad to see me." said Akim Belkin as Coyote broke off the hug and his brothers gave him each a firm handshake. He hadn't been in New York since the previous year, and it was a rare sight to see him at the clubhouse.
  957. After they had gone into the clubhouse and had been greeted by the rest of the members, he realized that something wasn't right.
  959. "Where's Ginger at? I'd figure he'd be here on the prowl for passarounds and sweet butts." said Akim, looking for his former Prospect.
  961. Hep Cat said, "Dylan is on a date right now, or as he calls it, 'Death Row.'"
  963. Wiley asked, "He found an Ol' Lady?"
  965. "Yep. Her name's Roxie. She's probably the first woman ever to talk him into bed instead of the other way around." replied Coyote.
  967. "The first time they met was in a bar fight. Dylan said that the moment he tasted the back of her palm, he fell hard. Literally. He fell backwards right into someone and the fight escalated." Hep Cat said, remembering the SAMYORK club medic having to patch up both of them.
  969. "Dylan got Roxie and they high tailed it before the cops showed up. That's why we didn't have to post any bail money for them." Flynn said, amused at how Roxie dragged Dylan up to a nearby vacant dorm room and had a time with the former Air Force pilot.
  971. "What makes Roxie so amusing to us is that she has two daughters, Claire and Clarissa. Both of them are just as fight happy and athletic as their mother." Frank said, looking over to Hep Cat and Flynn.
  973. "They both also tried to snag the Morris brothers. The only thing they accomplished was getting into three ways."
  975. Akim looked to the Secretary and Intelligence Officer as both men smiled gleefully.
  977. "Good times." They chimed together.
  979. Akim turned to his former Prospect and asked, "Coyote, I've been meaning to ask ya this for a while now. When the hell did you learn how to dance?"
  981. Coyote looked to his wife, then to his former mentor. "When I was old enough to appreciate how much fun it is. It keeps me in shape, light on my feet and it was something I excelled at. Turns out Angela loves Salsa Dancing as well."
  983. As they continued to converse about various topics, Akim then asked, "Tell me something Coyote. I understand that you hated that cave-dwelling cretin as much I did for being responsible for the death of many people, including the only woman I ever loved, but did you jump for joy when Bin Laden was killed?"
  985. Coyote replied, "I didn't jump for joy, but I wasn't mourning either."
  987. Akim smiled. "Then I taught you well. Even if that Bastard had it coming, we do not take pleasure from another human being's death. You can believe me when I say that I would have gladly put the bullet in his head myself and slept like baby afterwards."
  989. While the rest of the crew started talking about various other topics, Wiley had gone with Sandy to get a new tattoo. As he sat down on one of the many chairs, Sandy brought out her kit and after prepping everything, she asked, "Whatcha looking to get, Wiley?"
  991. Wiley then held up a stencil of the tattoo that he wanted. It was a tattoo of Rorschach from the Watchmen. Sandy looked it over and asked, "Where do you want it?"
  993. Wiley then took off his Black leather jacket, revealing a form fitting black t-shirt that had the sleeves ripped off. On his right arm, covering his bicep was an Owl resting on a gavel, as well as a pinup girl in the style of Lady Justice covering his inner forearm and an old school pocket watch wrapped with a rose around it with 13 hours in the watch instead of 12 covering his outer forearm.
  995. On his left outer bicep was a giant hour glass with two crossed claymore swords. On the inner bicep was a sundial over a book of law. Covering his inner forearm was a time turner.
  997. Wiley said, "I'd like it on my outer left forearm please."
  999. After placing the stencil on the outer forearm, she got to work on outlining it. An hour later, she was finished. As he checked it out in the mirror, Wiley said, "If you don't mind my saying, you seem like a modern day gypsy to me. By the way, this is great work. My shop will be honored to have you."
  1001. "Thanks Wiley. In many ways, you're right. I am a modern day gypsy. The weird thing that happens with me is when I go back to any place I've been to before. When I do, no one recognizes me." Sandy said as she wrapped up Wiley's left forearm. Meanwhile, Wiley realized exactly why no one recognized her.
  1003. "I think I have a good idea as to why that happens, Sandy. It's most likely a gift your mother gave you when you were too young to understand it." Wiley said as if it were the most natural thing in the world.
  1005. "What is it?" asked Sandy.
  1007. "Sandy, I believe that your mother cast a chameleon glamour charm on you. That's why no one recognizes you. If that's correct, then my suspicions are correct. Sandy, I believe that you are a witch." said Wiley, nonchalantly.
  1009. Sandy stared at Wiley before bursting out in laughter. She said, "That's a good one, Wiley. You almost had me there! I bet you're going to tell me that you flew here on a broomstick wearing a conical hat with a black cat riding shotgun."
  1011. Wiley took his wand from his coat holster and said, "Finite."
  1013. As he spoke the words, Sandy was transformed completely and her true being was revealed. She stood 5'5" tall, had long black hair, white skin, brown eyes and a slim, curvy figure .
  1015. "It takes a wizard to spot a witch. In your case, I guess it seems that this life was kept secret from you." Wiley said as he watched Sandy look at her true self in the full length mirror. "Do you believe me now?"
  1017. Sandy nodded frantically. To say that she was scared would be an understatement.
  1019. "Tomorrow, when we go to England, we're going to go get you a wand and I'm going to start teaching ye basic spells, along with several others that will be useful for tattooing."
  1021. The Three Broomsticks, Hogsmeade, 10:30 P.M.
  1023. (Emily's POV)
  1025. After I had ordered me drink, I sat back on me stool and waited for it to show up. I currently had a lot on me mind. It seems that, even though I love Danny Boy and I am attracted to 'im, I still am attracted to lovely females as well.
  1027. 'Ye know, Em., I don't blame ye for being attracted to Morgana at all. Ye do take after me. In me own hayday, I was just as feisty and rambunctious.' said me Mum as I waited. From what me Da' told me, Me Mum was a wild child.
  1029. 'Thanks, Mum.' I replied.
  1031. 'Emily, I don't blame you for being attracted to her either. In fact, I'm proud that you are waiting for Danny's permission to shag 'er. That way, when the final showdown with Grindelwald happens, ye will know that, if you lose, you went out happy.' said Missy as she joined me Mum and me at the bar.
  1033. 'Nice to know ye approve, Missy. Mum, what do ye think o' Morgana?' I asked.
  1035. 'She's very attractive. If you weren't with Danny, I'd say that she'd be a good match for you.' replied Mum.
  1037. Missy then changed gears, taking my mind off the upcoming war with Grindelwald, by asking, ' Easter is coming up on April 16th. 'Ave ye called Sam yet?'
  1039. 'I was just about to. Are ye absolutely sure that me meeting with Sam will get me Redemption and Forgiveness?'
  1041. Missy and Mum looked to each other, looked to me and replied, 'Absolutely.'
  1043. I then pulled out me cell phone that Danny gave me for Christmas. After enchanting it so that it would be able to work, I dialed Sam's number. After 2 rings, someone picked up. "This is Sharky. Waz up?"
  1045. "Sam? It's Emily. I've decided that I'd like to speak with you in person soon."
  1047. Sam replied, "Absolutely. When and where?"
  1049. I replied, "On Easter Sunday, in the Afternoon, in the Church near Fleet Street in London. Can ye come?"
  1051. "Sure. See ya then."
  1053. As he hung up, I then heard a song on the radio that started driving me more insane than I already was. It was Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance.' "Bartender, I'll give an extra tip if you can change the music."
  1055. The bartender changed it to 'Tessie' by the Dropkick Murphys, an Irish punk rock band.
  1057. "Much better." I said just as my drink was served to me.
  1059. Chapter 39
  1061. April 6th, 2017, Thursday, The Library, 3:00 P.M.
  1063. "Hey, Isabelle!" said Amos as he and Isabelle took a seat at their usual spot in the Library. With the upcoming exams looming over them, they didn't really had time to meet up and hang out like they used to. Even though they were in the same House, Isabelle was usually on her bed or in the common room with her head in a book.
  1065. "Hey, Amos! How are you doing?" asked Isabelle in a quite voice. One time they had accidentally yelled in the Library and it had cost them losing their Library privileges for two weeks.
  1067. "I'm doing as well as I can for myself, Isabelle." replied Amos. As they began talking about the various things that they had been up to, Isabelle finally asked, "Amos, how's your Grandfather doing?"
  1069. "He's not getting better, but he isn't getting worse either. I'm hoping that he won't meet the same outcome that my Dad's parents met." replied Amos. "My dad lost a lot of time with them when they were in St Mungo's. I'm glad that my Mum was there to keep my Dad from going off the rails. Only now, her Dad is going through that same ordeal."
  1071. "With a bit of faith and a lot of hope, I'm sure Xenophilius will pull through." Isabelle said, hugging Amos. Because she wasn't looking at his face, Isabelle would have never known Amos was blushing.
  1073. As she broke off the hug, Amos then said, "By the way, Isabelle, I got you something."
  1075. "What is it?"
  1077. Amos reached into his school bag and pulled out a gift wrapped package that was easily concealed. Giving it to Isabelle, Amos said, "Go on. Open it."
  1079. Isabelle proceeded to carefully unwrap it and gasped at what was inside. It was a 4 inch tall action figure of international Quidditch seeker Victor Krum posed on his Firebolt.
  1081. "It's great Amos! But how? Only third years and above are allowed to go to Hogsmeade." stammered Isabelle in her quietest voice that she could manage.
  1083. Amos replied, "I overheard that you liked Quidditch, so I bribed one of the 4th years to go and buy it last Hogsmeade weekend. I thought that you'd like it."
  1085. She looked at him and said, "I love it! Thanks!" She leaned in and gave Amos a peck on his cheek. As she did, Amos started blushing like crazy.
  1087. "What are you two up to?" asked Alex as he, and the rest of the Marauders came over and sat down next to them. Isabelle replied, "Amos just gave me the coolest Quidditch action figure ever. Why?"
  1089. Alex replied, "Good for you Amos. So, what's on the agenda for today, my fellow Marauders?"
  1091. Amos replied, "Guys, I've loved having adventures with you guys, but exams are coming up soon."
  1093. Scorpius said, "You think we ought to hold off on the adventures and pranks until they're over?"
  1095. James proceeded to say, "That's a good idea Amos. We do need to get in as much time studying as we can. These bloody things determined whether or not we go into 2nd year."
  1097. Bill then said, "Another thing I think we ought to do is get some new nicknames. But we ought to wait until next year to do that. Agreed?"
  1099. They nodded their heads in agreement and as they sat down, they got to work together in studying for the exams.
  1101. Emily's Office, 9:00 P.M.
  1103. (Emily's POV)
  1105. As I cracked open a fresh can o' Guinness, I began thinking about Morgana again. Just the thought of that beauty is making me panties wet. Good lord, I need to ask Danny soon, so I can find out whether or not I can shag the shite out of Morgana and 'ave her do the same to me.
  1107. Come to think of it, there is no time like the present. I immediately picked up the two way notebook I had with Danny and wrote, 'Danny Boy, are ye around?'
  1109. After a few minutes, he wrote, 'I'm around, Em. What's up?'
  1111. 'What? I can't ask how ye are doing?'
  1113. 'Right now, I'm alright. Actually, I need to talk to ya about something. This upcoming fight with that Grindelwald guy. Am I going to get to see any involvement in this fight?'
  1115. 'No, Danny. I don't want ye to get into this fight. I know ye are good, but ye can't stop a killing curse. Harry and Ron might be there but only because they are both wizards and can deflect spells that most of the other Sons can't.'
  1117. 'Come on, Em. I'm sure I'm quick enough to dodge them.'
  1119. 'No, Danny. I am not going to let ye be a part of that fight only to lose you on the battlefield.'
  1121. 'Em., you need someone to have your back. I'm that someone.'
  1123. 'Danny, I'm not going to be fighting alone. I'll be fine.'
  1125. 'If you say so. Is there anything else you'd like to talk about with me about?'
  1127. 'Actually, Danny Boy, there is another reason I wrote to ye. Ye know Seamus' Ol' Lady?'
  1129. "Hell yeah, I do! How could I not notice? Why?'
  1131. I took a deep breath and said, 'I'd like your permission to shag her. She already knows and she is asking Seamus the same thing.'
  1133. After a few minutes of nothing showing up, I was beginning to think I had shocked him into a coma. Finally, he wrote, 'Emily, I have no doubts that you having sex with Seamus' Ol' Lady would be extremely hot but why the hell would you want to sleep with her when you have me?'
  1135. 'Danny, I love ye and I'm attracted to ye, make no mistake o' that. But I'm also attracted to beautiful women just like you are. I promise me shagging her won't affect our own relationship. I know that another member sleeping with another member's Ol' Lady is against ye rules, but surely ye don't have a rule against an Ol' Lady wanting to sleep with another Ol' Lady?'
  1137. After a few more minutes, he wrote, 'Well, Em., I have no problem with you sleeping with Morgana. You're right. There is no rule against it. However, usually, there are two ways that us Sons can allow it. Either we get to be there in person to watch it or you two have to film it and give us the film.'
  1139. I replied, 'How would ye like a memory of the event that ye can watch over and over again in your mind for the rest of your life?'
  1141. He replied, 'Deal. Oh, by the way, Jack says Hi.'
  1143. 'The SAMDON Pres?' I asked.
  1145. 'No. Jack, my cat. Actually, he just said 'Meow'. Either that or 'grab me a cold one from the fridge, Psycho.'.'
  1147. I laughed at his humor. Who knew that one of the most fearsome Sons could be so funny?
  1149. April 7th, 2017, SAMDON Clubhouse, The Rec Room
  1151. As Seamus and Morgana made out on the couch, no one thought or dared to try and stop them, considering that pretty much everyone else who had someone was doing the same thing. Tig was making out with Bellatrix in a corner and Chibs was drinking at the bar.
  1153. Seamus had started to take Morgana's shirt off when she suddenly stopped him without warning. "Seamus, Love, I'd like to ask ye a question."
  1155. As she spoke the words, Morgana proceeded to climb off of him. Seamus looked to his Ol' Lady and asked, "What is it, Morgana?"
  1157. Morgana took a deep breath and said, "I'm going to be direct with you, Seamus. I want permission from you so that I can shag Emily O'Neal."
  1159. That managed to drop Seamus' jaw right to the ground when he heard the words. The SAMBEL President quickly regained his composure and said, "Morgana, I had no idea that ye batted for both teams. I got to say, that would really be hot. What brought this about?"
  1161. Morgana looked Seamus right in the eye and said, "I've recently discovered that I am attracted to beautiful women just as you are. However, I wanted to make sure you would ok with it before I shagged her."
  1163. Seamus looked at his Ol' Lady and replied, "Morgana Le Fay, ye have me permission to shag Emily O'Neal."
  1165. Morgana then asked, "Tell me something, Seamus, is there a rule or something in the Club about an Ol' Lady bedding another Ol' Lady?"
  1167. Seamus thought about it for a few moments before replying, "Well, Morgana, the rule states that no member can lay down with another members Ol' Lady. Only exception to that rule is if her Ol' Man is in prison. However, there is no set rules as to the question you just asked. The unspoken rule has always been that the men either get to watch the act itself or get a recorded film of the entire thing. Which do ye want to do?"
  1169. Morgana smiled seductively at him. With her hand on his thigh, she looked him right in the eye and said, "I'll give ye a memory of the whole thing for you to replay over and over again in your filthy mind. Deal?"
  1171. Seamus smiled and said, "Deal."
  1173. Morgana's hand moved closer to his groin as she said, "Ye know, the first thing we're going to do to each other is eat out each other's pussy. I can practically taste her already. Then, I'm going to make sure that she gives me the biggest orgasm of my entire life so that I'll always remember the night we shagged."
  1175. As Morgana continued talking, she proceeded to climb on top of Seamus. Pressing her lips to his ear, she finished by saying, "After we has fun with each other's tits, if she has a strap-on, I'm going to pound the shite out of her young pussy. If she is into that kind o' shite like ye are, I'm going to do the same to her tight arse."
  1177. It was obvious to her that she was really turning Seamus on. She then added as her breath started to turn heavy, "If she has anything left in her, I'll let her do the same to me. To remind us each day of that night whenever we look in the mirror, we're going to give each other a love bite that will never come off."
  1179. She then proceeded to attack Seamus' lips with a passion. As she broke off the kiss, he said, "I hope you have the greatest night of your life, because I know that you mean every word of what you just said."
  1181. Morgana grinned seductively as she then pulled Seamus up and led him to their room. Tig was walking towards the bar to get him and Bellatrix some drinks and had watched every moment of Morgana's seduction of Seamus.
  1183. "What the hell did he do to get so lucky?" Tig asked Chibs, who clearly heard everything.
  1185. Chibs replied, "I 'ave no idea, brother. I wish we could be that lucky."
  1187. SAMDON Clubhouse, Rec Room, April 8th, Saturday, 8:00 A.M.
  1189. As Seamus came into the Rec Room, Chibs said, "Ye 'ave one 'ell o' an Ol' Lady, Seamus. I 'ave ne'er seen a woman who could turn a man on like yours did, aside from what Bellatrix does to Tig."
  1191. Seamus replied, "I guess I've been blessed by God in that aspect. And ye are right. I think Bellatrix is probably the only one who rivals Morgana in the bedroom."
  1193. Tig replied, "Hey! You better not be trying to hit on my Ol' Lady, Seamus."
  1195. Seamus replied, "I ain't. Just stating a fact, Tig. Speaking of which, I still can't believe that ye, being the playboy and ladies man 'hat you are, actually got married and it 'as lasted longer than your marriage to Colleen."
  1197. Though it didn't show on Tig's face, Chibs knew that Seamus might have unknowingly struck a cord in him. Though he had forgiven Colleen for cheating on him, Tig still hated his marriage with Bella being compared to his previous marriage with Colleen. The one thing he had never really forgiven her for, or the legal system for, was the fact they granted custody of Dawn and Fawn to Colleen when they were going through the divorce.
  1199. He played it off and said, "Yep. It's true. It has lasted longer than my other marriage to that gash. It could be because I love Bellatrix or because it wasn't a shotgun wedding. I'm personally going for the first option."
  1201. Seamus replied, "Fair enough."
  1203. Chibs then piped in by saying, "Aye, even if 'is marriage has lasted this long because of that love, he'll still shag anything with a set of breasts and legs. Bloody Hell! He'll even shag US Marshalls if 'e's shite faced enough!"
  1205. Tig looked at him and asked, "Really? You're going to bring that up while my Wife is in the building?"
  1207. Seamus said, "No, no. I'd like to hear this. Did he really shag a US Marshall? I don't believe it."
  1209. Tig replied, "I was pretty hammered at the time, and I didn't just sleep with her, I also slept with her witness, her sister and some woman called Sandy, all at the same time, in the same place."
  1211. Seamus then said, "Tell me about this tale, you two. What exactly happened?"
  1213. Chibs replied, "Me and Tig were on a gun run to New Mexico. We were also visiting the local charter down there. We decided that we needed to test out the local watering hole."
  1215. Tig replied, "Next thing we knew, a woman named Mary Shannon walks in. She has a great rack and a pretty fine set of legs. She takes a seat next to us. After ordering some Jack, she starts talking to us."
  1217. "Apparently she was depressed that her boyfriend, Raphael I think his name was, had left her. She was also full of pent up tension and frustration. Then she looked at us. Before long, she started hitting on Tiggy here."
  1219. "That led to a really hot five some in a hotel room with her, the woman she was apparently protecting, Sandy, and her equally hot sister. We were all so hammered that the only ones who were sane enough to tell us what happened were Sandy and Chibs. Imagine my surprise when I found out I shagged a US Marshall."
  1221. "Tig and her left on fairly decent terms after they managed to figure out what the hell happened. Though somebody slipped Tig some Mr. Happy pills while he was at the bar." Chibs said.
  1223. "No one else except those who were there and experienced it know about it, Seamus. And now you do as well." Finished Tig.
  1225. After the duo had finished their tale, Seamus burst out laughing, and after he had managed to regain his composure, he said, "Tig, ye ought to get a sign around your neck that reads 'Ride at your own risk.' Not bad. Not bad at all."
  1227. Angel Ink Tattoo Shop, Tallahassee, Florida, April 13th, 2017, Thursday, 10:00 A.M.
  1229. "So, Pres, how's SAMHASE been running since T.K. retired?" asked Sam as he continued to tattoo the newly Patched President of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club's Tallahassee, Florida Charter, Gerald 'Jerry' Richardson. The SAMHASE President, who had been voted in 2 weeks ago, was a former Alligator hunter for the State of Florida.
  1231. "SAMHASE is doing good, Sharky. We've been cutting back on the gunrunning for the Cubans to try and go legit. Been pretty quiet so far." replied Jerry as Sam's needle went over his right forearm on the new tattoo.
  1233. It was an Alligator with the Crystal Ball containing the Anarchist 'A' in it's jaws, with a frog on it's head, holding the M-16 scythe with 'SAMHASE' written in Black script on the scythe's blade, representing his former career and his love of the club.
  1235. "Well, I guess that's always a good thing. Less violence, less attention from the ATF." replied Sam.
  1237. "You know Sam, if you ever want to come back, all you got to do is say so. We miss ya at SAMHASE." said Jerry.
  1239. "Jerry, I'll tell you what. When I turn 75, and you turn 60, I'll come back. Deal?" asked Sam as he made the finishing touches to the ink.
  1241. "Deal." replied Jerry as Sam finished and started wrapping the ink up. As he got up and paid for the tattoo, Jerry walked out.
  1243. As the new SAMHASE President walked out of the shop, Sam took off the gloves and placed them, along with the other disposable equipment into the biohazard disposal can. He then looked to Vince and said, "Hey Vince."
  1245. Vince looked up from the book he was reading and replied, "Yeah?"
  1247. "I'm going to England on Sunday to talk with someone. I need someone to go over to the Hogsmeade Shop to see how it's fairing. Want to tag along?"
  1249. Vince replied, "I've never been to England, so Hell Yeah!"
  1251. As Sam smiled at his old friend eagerness to go to a foreign country, he then turned to Aaron Stevens, the resident snake expert, and former member of the SAMHAR charter. He said, "Hey Snake Doctor!"
  1253. Aaron looked up from the tattoo he was designing. "Yo!"
  1255. "We need a third member to go with us to London. Swampman and Ghost are back in New Orleans. You interested, or do I need to call Caveman?"
  1257. Snake Doctor thought about it for a few minutes and replied, "Absolutely. They got any hot babes over there?"
  1259. Sam grinned at Aaron's usual one track mind of having only beautiful women on it and replied, "I'm sure that they do. Who knows? Maybe you'll meet a SAMDON lady who'd want you."
  1261. As he spoke the words, Vince said, "Now that you mention it, I think it's time I find me a new Ol' Lady."
  1263. "Maybe you'll find one in England then." Sam replied.
  1265. Chapter 40
  1267. Redemption
  1269. April 16th, 2017, Easter Sunday, London, St. Matthew's Church near Fleet Street, 2:00 P.M.
  1271. (Emily's POV)
  1273. I walked up to the old Church and stood outside of it for a few minutes. It was St. Mathew's Catholic Church and it had been around since the 1830s. It's gothic style was and is very beautiful to me.
  1275. Before I entered into the old building, I pulled from me robes pockets a set of Rosary Beads that I had to look through all of me personal possessions to find and after taking a deep breath, made the sign of the cross and entered into the Church.
  1277. As I entered into the sanctuary, I noticed it was actually fairly empty inside save for a few people at the very front. Ironic, considering that this was Easter Day. I looked around and decided to take a seat at the second row to the back. As I sat down, I felt a sting of guilt for making the sign of the cross outside. I haven't been inside of a church since the summer before I turned 18. Maybe that is the reason it feels awkward.
  1279. I then began thinking about why I was there. If Missy and me Mum were right, I was going to find Redemption and Forgiveness in this church today.
  1281. Before I could get too lost in me own thoughts, I heard the doors open behind me. I turned around to see Sam enter the church. He wore a plaid hoodie underneath his Reaper Cut and seemed to have let his hair grow out more since when I last saw him. Although it was still black with some salt and pepper mixed into it, it had become very curly.
  1283. As he took a seat next to me, I began, "Bless me Father, for I have…"
  1285. Sam then said to me, "Emily, please don't. I'm not Catholic, I'm Methodist."
  1287. "Where are ye buddies?" I asked, curious as to why he came alone. "I know that you always travel with two other Nomads."
  1289. He replied, "They're visiting Wiley. Why did you ask me to come here?"
  1291. I replied, "I'd like to talk with ye about something important."
  1293. Sam gazed at me up and down before saying, "Talk then. I'm here to listen."
  1295. I took another breath and started talking. "I assume ye know I killed Missy. Ever since then, I've been haunted by her. When ye slipped me that Mickey, that was the best night o' sleep I 'ad in weeks. On New Year's Eve, I realized that I felt remorse and like shite for doing what I did. Right now, I need redemption and forgiveness for what I've did to her and for all of the shite I've done. I feel hopeless, and alone, all of the time. What do I do?"
  1297. Before I could allow him to answer that question, I also asked, "Why the bloody hell did me Mother have to be taken away from me when I was only 5 years old? Why did I never get the chance to have a real relationship with her? Why is it that the only connection I have to her is in spirit and in the part of her inside of me?"
  1299. If me harsh words offended or hurt him in anyway, it didn't show. I guess that he's used to having an enigma of a face in situations like this. He then reached into his cut's inner pocket and pulled out a small burlap bag of sunflower seeds. As he popped 4 into his mouth, he asked, "Tell me something, Emily. Did you tell the Bastard who killed your mother to do it? Did you tell Voldemort where she was?"
  1301. I was angered at his questions and demanded, "Hell No! I would never do that!"
  1303. He replied, "Then it's not your fault that your mother died. It's obvious that you feel guilt for what happened to her because you served the man who killed her. So you listen to me, Emily O'Neal, and never think otherwise; you are not responsible for your mother's death. There was no way that you could have known that your boss was the one who killed her."
  1305. As he spoke the words, me Mum, having made herself visible, sat down next to me, placing me in the middle of the two people. "Emily, it's alright. Though I was young for a Banshee, I had lived a long time. It was me time to go."
  1307. Sam looked over to me Mum. For a moment, his face seemed to lose all color in it, but the shock quickly disappeared and asked, "Are you Emily's Mum?"
  1309. Me Mum replied, "Aye, Sam. That I am. I wish things did not happen as they did but they did."
  1311. He nodded at that. "You know what, Em.? I think I understand you a little better now. You aren't the cold blooded psychopath that I once thought you were."
  1313. Before I could respond to that, a voice sent chills down me spine that said, "Honestly, Sam, I don't think she was ever truly a psychopath. She is more than capable of love. I know that very well myself."
  1315. We turned around to see Missy behind us, standing over us. It was enough to put me heart in a vice. Sam looked at her, taking in the sight of the woman who won me heart. "You fell for her when she was alive."
  1317. It was more of a statement than a question. I replied, "Aye. From the first moment I met her."
  1319. "She is right about that. In many ways, I was in love with her. We each had a piece of each other's heart. I haven't forgotten that midnight bath we shared together, Emily."
  1321. Trying to not show any reaction to the suggested romantic interlude between the two women, Sam got them right back on track. "What caused the falling out? What ruined your friendship?"
  1323. I replied, "Me joining the Death Eaters."
  1325. Missy nodded. "When she held me up by my ankles and tortured me along with countless others, that was the end of our friendship at the time. From that point on, the line in the sand was drawn and we were on opposite sides of it."
  1327. "Is it true, Missy? When Emily killed you, were you pregnant with Kozik's child?"
  1329. As he asked the question, I nearly broke down in tears as Missy replied, "Aye. That I was, Sam. Some part of me knew that if Emily had known I was, she wouldn't have killed me. She probably would have stunned me though."
  1331. Sam nodded at that before he turned to me. "Well, Em., it would appear she has confirmed something. You do seem to have a conscience of sorts. That's always a good thing to have. Now as to your question 'what do you do?', I'd like to ask you a question."
  1333. I replied, "Aye. Go right ahead."
  1335. I watched Sam clear his throat. He seemed to take a deep breath before asking, "Emily O'Neal, in your own personal opinion, what do you think it takes for a person to go to Heaven?"
  1337. The question stunned me. I realized that I didn't really know what it took. It had never really occurred to me. I came up with the best answer that I could. "Only good people can go to Heaven, Sam. Good people like you, Missy, and me Mum. If God knew half of the shite I've done, he'll send me to 'ell for sure."
  1339. He seemed to look at me for a few moments without saying a word. After taking a breath, he said, "Well, Emily, I will say that a lot of good people are in Heaven today. However, they didn't get there because of their good works or anything they did while they were here on Earth."
  1341. Once I heard those words, I was truly scared. If no one could go to Heaven because of anything they did here on Earth, then how?
  1343. "Alright. If no one can go to Heaven because of anything they've done on Earth, then how?" I asked.
  1345. Sam then looked at me and said, "Emily, the only way that a person can go to Heaven is to accept Jesus Christ into their heart as their personal Savoir and Lord."
  1347. That slightly confused me and I asked, "What do you mean, Sam?"
  1349. Sam smiled and explained it to me. "Back in the day, over 2000 years ago, God sent his only Son down to Earth so that he could die on a cross for all of our sins. That's why no one can get to Heaven on their good works. There's nothing we can do that can top the ultimate sacrifice God made so that we could be with him in Heaven one day."
  1351. Right there and then, I realized that what he had said started to make sense to me yet I still had one last question. With tears coming to me eyes, I asked, "Why would he send his only son to die for us then?"
  1353. He replied, "The reason he sent Jesus to die for our sins is because he loves us, unconditionally. The best part is that 3 days after he was killed, Jesus rose from the dead, conquering Death."
  1355. He then put his arm around me shoulder and asked, "Emily, knowing all of this and because you'd like redemption and forgiveness for you've done, would you like to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord?"
  1357. I replied, "Aye. How could he really forgive me for everything I've ever done and for all of the stuff I might do in the future?"
  1359. He smiled again. "God's forgiveness is absolute, Emily. Anyone can do it."
  1361. I then asked, "How do I do it then?"
  1363. He thought about it for a few moments before saying, "First, you must admit that you are a sinner to God. Everyone is one. Me, you, we're all sinners and we have all fallen short of his glory. Second, you need to believe that God sent his Son, Jesus, to die on the Cross for our sins and he rose again on the third day. Third, you need to commit your life to him and then invite him into your heart to rule and reign in your heart from now until the day you die. When you've done so, thank him for doing this. After you have prayed this, if you have truly done this with sincerity and you truly want this, you will be saved and redeemed."
  1365. I replied, "Alright."
  1367. I then bowed my head. After clearing me mind of all other things, and for the first time since I was 17 years old, started to pray. "Dear Father, I admit that I've sinned against ye and have fallen short of your glory. For all the things that I've done, which are more than I can count, I'm truly sorry. Lord, I believe that you sent your Son, Jesus, to die on a cross for all our sins and rise again 3 days later. God, from this moment forward, I commit me life to ye. Please Lord, come into me heart, become my Savior and Lord. Forgive me of all the things that I've done. Thank you, God, for saving me. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen."
  1369. As I prayed this, I meant it with all of me heart. After I had finished, I felt warmth, and unknown feelings sweep over me body. It was as if I was truly happy. Have I regained the emotions that Voldemort stole from me? I then looked up and saw Missy and Mary standing over me.
  1371. "Emily, I'm so proud of you." Mary said as Missy laid her hands over me head.
  1373. "In spite of what happened, I love you, Emily. What I said before, I'll say it again: I will be there to greet you on the other side come the day."
  1375. Appreciating the sentiments given to me by Mary and Missy, Sam then looked at me. "My sister in Christ, you've just made the most important decision of your entire life. Now that you are my sister in him, I love you as such."
  1377. He then reached over and pulled me into a brotherly hug. As he did, I did the same thing. After breaking from it, I said, "Sam, thank you so much. I do have one question though."
  1379. "Yes?"
  1381. I wiped away me tears and asked, "Can I still fight and use guns? I'm not called 'Fighting Irish' because it's some catchy nickname. Just because I'm saved doesn't mean I'm a toothless tiger."
  1383. Sam laughed warmly. "Emily, from what I've been told about you, you never were one and I would never ask you to become one."
  1385. As he laughed, I felt me self laughing as well and genuinely smiling. It wasn't until Sam got up and started to leave did I decide I needed to ask him something else. "Do ye know where Kozik lives? I'd like to speak with 'im."
  1387. "Last I heard, Kozik moved back to Charming. He's staying at the SAMCRO Clubhouse now. Also, I'd recommend being careful."
  1389. I replied, "If he tries to shoot me, it won't do 'im any good."
  1391. He replied, "I wasn't talking about him. You need to be careful around his Ol' Lady and her sister. They didn't get their 'Head Hunter' patches in their MC for nothing."
  1393. I replied, "Thanks for the advice."
  1395. Without another word spoken to him, I gave him another hug just for the 'ell of it and apparated to the SAMCRO Clubhouse.
  1397. As I appeared in front of the Teller-Morrow Garage, I walked into it and immediately saw two men who seemed to be two of the newest Prospects for the Mother Charter. I walked up to them and asked, "Do you two know where I can find Kozik?"
  1399. They both replied, "We don't know."
  1401. As I started walking towards the clubhouse, determined to find Kozik, a voice asked, "What the Hell are you doing here?"
  1403. I turned around to see a woman in her late 30s walking up to me. I guess this must be Tara Teller. As I looked around, I saw that her two boys, Abel and Thomas were on the Lot's Playground. I smiled and said, "I wanted to see Kozik."
  1405. As she seemed to look me up and down, as if trying to size me up, she asked, "Are you here to have a time with him? Because if you are, leave now. He already has an Ol' Lady."
  1407. I laughed at that. "I wouldn't dream of sleeping with 'im. Only reason I'm 'ere is to talk with him. Besides, he's not me type. I will tell ye this though; the only reason you're not six feet under is because your children are nearby. If ye continue to think I'm nothing more than some home wrecking whore, the next time we meet will be when your kids aren't around. Now where is Kozik?"
  1409. Tara seemed to smile wistfully at me forwardness. "I'd check in the clubhouse if I were you."
  1411. After thanking her, I walked up to the Clubhouse and entered into it. As I did, I noticed a rather butch woman lifting weights nearby the boxing ring for a moment before setting them down and eating a fistful of chocolate covered, deep fried crickets.
  1413. Weirdo.
  1415. As I entered into the clubhouse, I immediately heard someone yell, "Shit!"
  1417. Looking around to find the source of the slur, I saw Opie, two dark haired women, Happy and Bobby standing by the pool table. It beame obvious that Opie had just lost big time to the woman holding the other pool cue as he was handing her what appeared to be an inch stack of 20 dollar bills from his wallet to her, who in turn, was putting it in her own wallet. Glancing at what the women were wearing, I instantly noticed the Leather Cuts with Patches on them, along with the baggy blue jeans and black tank tops. I wonder if they're a part of an MC?
  1419. I walked over to the bar seemingly unnoticed as the game continued. As Opie handed Happy one of the pool cues, Happy walked over to the woman with the other and gave her a kiss. I guess that's his Ol' Lady.
  1421. Once she, Opie and the other woman turned away from the pool table to walk over to the bar, that was when they saw me. As they were only about a foot away from me, I could clearly read the patches on the ladies' Cuts. On the first one, they read 'Sgt. At Arms' 'Head Hunter' 'Bakersfield' and 'Black Hawk'.
  1423. On the second one, they read 'Head Hunter' 'BTRH' 'Bakersfield' and 'HCFFHC'.
  1425. Opie finally broke the awkward silence by asking, "What the Hell do you want?"
  1427. As his voice spoke, I noticed a subtle twitch in the Sgt. At Arms eyes, as if she was wondering how she could kill me. I guess that she is like how I was stone cold and emotionally hardened.
  1429. I also noticed Happy and Bobby had stopped their game and brought out their guns. Through the corner of my eye, I saw Half-Sack and two other members walk out of the Chapel. Once they saw me, I saw Half-Sack reach from the small of his back and pull out his own gun.
  1431. "I'd like to speak with Kozik. How's 'e doin' now a days?"
  1433. Opie replied, "Better since his latest stay at rehab. Had a relapse."
  1435. Me heart gave a lurch. I knew from me time with the ATF that Kozik had served 3 years in prison for Heroin possession. He was an ex-junkie. I really hope he was staying clean.
  1437. "He clean now?" I asked.
  1439. Opie replied, "Yep. Tig and I made sure of that. We've been his sponsors at N.A. Now what the Hell do you want to talk with him about?"
  1441. I then asked, "I don't believe I've met your two lady friends. Care to make introductions?"
  1443. The S.A.A. said, "Sonora. This is my sister, Spirit, Kozik's Ol' Lady. Now why the hell do you want to see my Brother-in-law? Are you trying to mess up what he has and break my little sister's heart along the way?"
  1445. I looked at 'er strangely and replied, "No. I'm not a Home wrecking 'hore and I'm not here to shag 'im. Aside from Lemon headed surfers not being me type, I doubt he'd do the deed."
  1447. I then said to Spirit, who looked as if she was about to murder me, "No offense."
  1449. Spirit then asked, "How the Hell do you know my Husband?"
  1451. "I killed his former Ol' Lady during a fight. I wanted to make amends with 'im."
  1453. "It's true." Opie said with a death stare pointed right at me. "Why the Hell would you want to make amends with him now? From they told me, you're a freaking psycho."
  1455. "Talked with your Chaplin, Sam earlier today. I must say that 'e is probably the best Preacher that I've ever met in me life."
  1457. That managed to silently answer his question. "I guess Sharky is now a freelance Preacher."
  1459. Sonora then asked, "You carrying?"
  1461. I then opened the left part of me robe, revealing me FN-57. I said, "I don't intend to use it on Kozik. I swear."
  1463. Opie then asked, "You carrying Dope?"
  1465. "I hate Drugs almost as much as I hate Child Abusers. Do I pass the MC Inquisition?"
  1467. They seemed satisfied with me answers. "In that case, ye can tell Happy, Half-Sack, Bobby, and those two other men to stop pointing their guns at me. It wouldn't do them any good if they tried anything."
  1469. Opie's eyes seemed to bore right into me before saying, "It's alright. She isn't here to stir up a shit storm."
  1471. Though most of the others put their guns away, I saw that Happy had lowered his, but still kept it out. I guess that's the part of his training that most others don't seem to get. But I know from his file that he has been stone cold after his sister's death on 9/11.
  1473. I then asked, "Now that I've passed your tests, can I go speak with Kozik now?"
  1475. Sonora and Spirit then walked up to me so that they were standing on both sides o' me and placed their arms around me shoulders before saying in chorus, "We're coming with you. We insist."
  1477. Happy then said, "I'm coming too."
  1479. As he spoke in that smoker's voice o' his, we started walking towards Kozik's room. I can only hope that he doesn't shoot me on sight. But then again, if he tries, I can always go transparent and let the bullets pass through me. Just as we came up to the door, my hand barely grazed the door when a voice said, "I'm coming with you as well, Emily."
  1481. We all looked behind us, and I saw Sonora and Spirit's faces go pale at the sight of Missy standing in her angel form behind us. As for Happy, if his expressionless face seemed to be scared, he didn't show it.
  1483. Sonora was the one who finally asked, "What the Hell, is going on here?"
  1485. Missy replied, "I'm Kozik's former Ol' Lady. I'm here to make sure that Kozik doesn't try to kill Emily when she talks with him. You must be Sonora."
  1487. As she spoke the words, I saw Spirit realizing who exactly Missy was. I guess that Kozik talked about Missy a lot. She finally spoke, "You must be Missy. I've heard a lot about you from Kozik."
  1489. "Aye. I am. Now, I believe that my friend here wants to speak with Kozik. Happy, you can leave now. I won't let anything happen."
  1491. Happy seemed to be in shock that a ghost had just talked to him, but without a word from him, he left. Taking a deep breath, I walked up to the door and knocked on it. Spirit said, "Kozik, some people want to talk to you."
  1493. After a few minutes of us hearing Kozik getting out of his bed, he finally opened up the door. Seeing his face turn pale, I imagine that seeing his deceased girlfriend and the one responsible for her dying so young was not what he expected. I could hear him whisper out a familiar prayer to himself and, clearly, to God. "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I can't change, the courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference."
  1495. That prayer was taught to members of Narcotics Anonymous. Whenever they were getting stressed or getting the urge to use again, they would recite that prayer. Once Kozik finally managed to find himself, he looked at me with a look that could kill a corpse ten times over before pulling a Glock 17 from his side. "What the hell do you want?"
  1497. Sonora said, "Kozik, she wants to talk with you. Apparently, this is the Missy that you've been telling my sister about. Kozik, please tell me what the hell is going on?"
  1499. "Wish I knew." said Kozik, as he aimed his Glock right at me head. As he did, I knew that if he tried to shoot me, he wouldn't succeed. Before he could speak, I saw that he had a crazed look in his eyes, as if he didn't care if he lived or died anymore. He said, "What? It wasn't enough to take my Ol' Lady and kid from me? Now you're here to finish the job? Why not? Go right ahead! You'd be doing me a favor."
  1501. As he spoke the words, I saw Missy hug him from behind and say, "Kozik, don't say such things. I know you miss me and I always think of the child we would have raised together. Emily has also felt that pain as well through me. Listen to what she has to say. I know what she did to us and that's why I'll be right here with you the whole way through as Emily says her peace."
  1503. As she spoke the calming words into his ears, I could see his grip on his gun lessen. Before it could fall to the ground, Spirit caught it and tucked it into the small of her back. Spirit said to her sister, "Sonora, go entertain Happy. I can handle this."
  1505. Sonora glanced at me, Missy, her sister, and Kozik before leaving, never taking her eyes out of me own. I guess she doesn't trust that many people. Then again, I had a feeling that she was probably more extreme than Danny, Tig, or Happy when it came down to her Club matters.
  1507. Without another word between us, we walked into Kozik's room.
  1509. Kozik took a seat on his bed with Missy next to him and I took a seat on a near by chair while Spirit leaned against the closed door, looking content to observe the entire thing.
  1511. The two of us stared at each other for the longest time before Kozik asked me, "Do you have something to say or did you come here hoping to push me off the wagon and onto a syringe?"
  1513. "If you will let me, I would like to tell you about Missy, what she meant to me, what I did to you and that I truly am sorry for what I've done and for what I took away from you, Kozik."
  1515. Kozik seemed to take this in before saying, "Go on then. I'm waiting."
  1517. I took a deep breath and looked him right in the eyes before I started talking, "Missy was my best friend and greatest rival when we went to school together. We were like two half's to a whole. Hell, we did everything together. She was probably the only one in school that I ever cared about. When I lost my mother, I lost any feeling or emotion I had in me. It was not until I met Missy did I feel any love or care for another human being."
  1519. Kozik seemed to harden himself as I started talking about Missy. I told him everything about her and what I felt about her. I did not fool myself for one moment. Every time I reminisced about Missy hurt Kozik emotionally. "Kozik, I truly am sorry. I 'ad no idea she was with child when I killed her. If I had known, I would've banished her back to Charming. I swear."
  1521. "You feel nothing. Your words exactly." Kozik then asked, "How the hell do you feel sorry? You're an emotionless, life-suckin', psychopathic gash who deserves every live round from my Glock in your head!"
  1523. That statement alone nearly brought tears to me eyes. In the corner of me eye, I saw Spirit, ever the Stoic, taking all of this in. My best guess is that while she knew that Kozik had lost Missy, she never knew just how hard he had taken it, or how badly it broke him afterwards.
  1525. "Today, because of your Club Chaplin, Sam Voorhees, I've become a Christian. I feel true emotions now. I can not undo what I have done. I killed Missy. I robbed you of a child and a woman who would have made a fine Ol' Lady. Kozik, I don't know if it means anything at all, I'm so sorry for what I did to you."
  1527. Kozik seemed to take the sincerity in me voice and the fact me eyes were now soaking wet into account. He sighed, walking over to a nearby desk, where he pulled out something from his desk drawer. Walking back to me, he showed what was inside it. It was a golden female biker ring in the shape of a Devil Dog, obviously showing his love for the Marines, with rubies for eyes.
  1529. "Look at the Wedding Band on Spirit's ring finger." Kozik instructed.
  1531. I looked over and saw it was an exact copy of the one in his hand.
  1533. "This was the ring I was going to ask Missy to marry me with." Kozik said, his vision distorted slightly from the tears building up in his eyes. "She and I would have raised a family together."
  1535. "Kozik, I love you. I know that we would have had a wonderful family and I know you still miss me but you can not live in the past or for what could have been." Let the past go. I'm in a truly better place now. I promise you that."
  1537. "Better place? What was so bad about being here with me?" Kozik yelled before grabbing me and delivering a right hook so devastating that I flew across the room into the wall. Though I couldn't physically feel the pain, I knew that I deserved this, and a lot more.
  1539. "Kozik, what are you doing?" Spirit said, taken aback from his going berserk.
  1541. "What Psycho wouldn't do." Kozik cried out, pistol whipping me so hard me jaw was instantly dislocated before pressing the barrel of the gun at my head.
  1543. "Kozik." Missy whispered. "Killing her will not bring me or our child back to you. Kozik, I know that you don't hold any love for Emily, but I never saw you as an 'Unholy One' even if you were a Man of Mayhem. Please, Kozik, don't turn into what she was. I love you too much to see you lose yourself."
  1545. "I lost you." Kozik cried as the barrel was pressed against my forehead. Never had I been so close to death than now nor have I ever been so scared in my whole life. Was this the end of me?
  1547. "I've always been in your heart. Even when you couldn't see me or hear my voice, I was there with you."
  1549. The gun fell from his trembling hands, which held his face as he cried. I guess it isn't.
  1551. Quickly getting on the horn after finding me bleeding and bruised and getting me out to the Rec Room, Happy called Bill Sr. to get Ian McGee there ASAP. While the Scottish Necromancer and SAMDON's club medic got me patched up outside in the Rec Room, Sonora and Spirit were astonished at the beating Kozik dealt out to me. Though they were aware of the 'no hitting women' rule, neither one of them could blame Kozik for striking his late girlfriend's killer. Though I couldn't feel the pain, I knew that I was badly hurt. And ye know what? I don't care. I deserved it.
  1553. "Forgive her, Kozik. Please show her that you are not merciless. Show her the man I fell in love with."
  1555. Kozik wiped what tears he had on his face and all those left in his eyes before walking out to the Rec Room to square things off with me.
  1557. After he had left his Ol' Lady, I saw Missy go over to Spirit. "Tell me something, Spirit. Are ye a loving and faithful Ol' Lady to Kozik? Or are you too much of a hardened killer to be a wife or a mother?"
  1559. "I've never cheated on my husband and I love him with all of my heart, Missy." Spirit replied. "I am sorry we never met in life. I'm sure that you and I would have been good friends."
  1561. Missy then said, "Watch over him then, Spirit. If your love to Kozik is genuine and from your heart, love him." Missy said before disappearing from sight.
  1563. With numerous stitches and bandages on my face, I watched as Kozik approached me. But before he could do anything more, I heard Happy say in that raspy voice o' his, "Koz, back off. Ya dealt this bitch enough as it is. If you did anything worse, I don't think even I could hold back Psycho from ripping your head off and mounting it on the front of his Harley."
  1565. Kozik looked at me battered face before he saw Missy standing over me.
  1567. "I have carried the pain of losing my Ol' Lady for too long. That pain you feel is only a fraction of it. Telling me she's in a better place does nothing to make me feel better over the fact that you killed her and she's not here anymore. Today, I have my retribution. I don't feel one bit better about it or myself but I will not carry this hate in my heart anymore. Missy would not have wanted that for me. I forgive you sincerely but that does not mean I have to like you at all. I do not want to see your scrawny, blonde, bashed up, Irish ass anywhere around me again."
  1569. Without another word, he left the Clubhouse.
  1571. As I lay there on the pool table, Missy leaned over and kissed me on the head. "Go home, Emily and know that you have what you were looking for."
  1573. Instantly, the wounds and sores were gone as if they never happened. Looking up to her, I walked outside to find Kozik sitting in the playground near the garage. Apparating across the lot from the clubhouse to the swing next to him, I looked at him for a moment. Neither one of us said a word to each other for a moment. Reaching into my robe pocket, I pulled out an old photo of Missy that I had and handed it to him without hesitation.
  1575. "I loved her too, Kozik."
  1577. Without another word, I apparated out of the SAMCRO Clubhouse and back to Hogsmeade. As I did, I began thinking about what I would do with me self if I didn't have Missy and me Mum watching over me.
  1579. As I entered into me office and got into me bed, I thanked God for giving me the courage to talk with Kozik and for the salvation he had given me today.
  1581. Hogsmeade, 2:30 P.M., Angel Ink Tattoo Parlor, Hogsmeade Shop
  1583. "Hey Wiley!" yelled Snake Doctor as he and Vince walked into the old tattoo shop. Aside from the traditional placement of the tables and the desks, a large Fireplace was set at the very back of the shop. Various decorations lined the walls, including several sheets that contains thousands of tattoo designs on it.
  1585. "Aaron!" replied Wiley as he and Sandy walked up to Vince and Aaron and gave them each a handshake. As Sandy shook Vince's hand, he asked, "Wiley, you got to tell me where you found this beauty. She is smoking hot."
  1587. Aaron then said, "Wow, Vince. I've seen you go after all types of women, but I never thought you had a thing for witches."
  1589. Vince proceeded to say, "Snake Doctor, I'll chase after any woman over 22 who has a killer set o' legs, a bodacious rack, looks smoking hot in or out of clothes and can rock a tattoo needle."
  1591. Wiley then said, "Ironman, I wouldn't press your luck with her. She just got her new wand and has been itching to test it out on someone."
  1593. Vince smirked and said, "That not withstanding, how's the business going, Wiley?"
  1595. Wiley replied, "It's going great, Vince, but I'm getting old. That's why I brought Sandy in as my replacement for when I retire. Since you guys are here, you want to get some new ink or what?"
  1597. Vince and Aaron then pulled out the tattoo stencils that they had brought with them on their trip. On Vince's, he was going to get the logo of the Miami Dolphins and Aaron was going to get a King Cobra with the Rebel Flag incorporated onto it's skin.
  1599. Wiley and Sandy examined them and Wiley said, "We can make that work. Let's get started."
  1601. As Wiley started to get to work on Aaron's tattoo, which he had opted to put on his right leg, Vince was left with Sandy putting his stencil on his left leg. As she ran the needle over his leg, Vince finally asked, "Do I know you from somewhere?"
  1603. Sandy replied, "You might. Why do you ask?"
  1605. Before he could reply, he saw the death's head moths on her arm and realized who he was dealing with. He then said, "You're that Sandy? The one I slapped on the ass back in '07?"
  1607. Sandy smiled gleefully at his facial expression. "I still don't let men do that to me until the third date, Vince."
  1609. As she spoke the words, Sandy slapped her ass playfully like she did years ago.
  1611. "You're still just as hot as you were then." Vince said, looking over Sandy's body and face.
  1613. "Thanks, Vince. You are still as subtle as a Bull in a China shop and horny as a goat like you were back then. So what exactly do you want?"
  1615. Vince replied, "Alright. I'm going to be blunt. I want to shag you. Hard. If things work out and I find myself unable to think of any other woman other than you, I'd think about possibly making you my Ol' Lady and wife. Then, if it's possible, I'd like you to help my Buddy find an Ol' Lady as well."
  1617. Sandy smiled at his forwardness and as she finished the tattoo, and wrapped it up, she said, "You make one hell of a pitch, Mr. Valentine. I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll go on 3 dates with you. If you impress me, we can give a relationship a shot. As for Aaron, I'm sure I can find someone who's either willing or crazy enough to take up with a crazy jokester like him."
  1619. Chapter 41
  1621. May 10th, 2017, Friday, Hagrid's Hut, 3:00 P.M.
  1623. "So how do you think he's doing?" asked Ron as he, Harry and Hermione made their way down the familiar path down to Hagrid's hut. Ever since they had learned of his health problems, aside from the days they had been gone, they had been going down to see him every day.
  1625. "He's going into Chemo in 8 days, Ron. How would you feel if you knew that this could be it?" asked Hermione as they finally came up to the ancient cabin. Coming closer, they saw Hagrid standing on a dark wooden ladder using a massive hammer to nail some boards to a giant hole in the roof.
  1627. As they approached the ladder, Hagrid greeted them warmly. "'ello yall! Just fixin' up the roof. New recipe went wrong."
  1629. Hermione then asked, "Wrong enough to blow a hole in your roof over your bed? Hagrid, do not worry about it. We're friends and we are old enough to know it was something more than a recipe gone wrong."
  1631. Shrugging, Hagrid replied, "Alright. Alright. Natalie accidentally did it last night. Enough said?"
  1633. "Enough said." They said together.
  1635. "Apart from involuntarily giving you a sunroof in your cabin, how have things gone with you and Natalie?" Hermione asked.
  1637. "She has been a big help to me. Natalie coming here helped me feel several years younger and healthier than I am right now. I have lived a life unlike any life I ever heard of. All the memories I ever had, good or bad, I'm grateful for all of them."
  1639. Harry replied, "That's good. I'm glad that you're not letting this get you down, Hagrid."
  1641. After he had spoken the words, they headed into his Hut to have a spot of tea and started chatting once again. As they did, Ron finally asked the inevitable question.
  1643. "Hagrid, does anyone else know about your Health issues?"
  1645. Harry and Hermione looked at him with disgust before Hagrid replied, "Both o' you quit it. It's a valid question. To answer it, Minerva knows as well as the rest o' the staff. I have told them that when I go into chemo in 8 days, Natalie is going to be taking over me job."
  1647. Hermione then asked, "Hagrid, is Natalie treating you well? Is there anything between you two?"
  1649. Hagrid replied, "Aye. She is and there is something between us. Enough said?"
  1651. They all nodded. Harry then said, "Hagrid, I want you to know that no matter what happens, we'll be there for you."
  1653. As he spoke the words, Hagrid said, "Thank ye. All three o' ye."
  1655. An Irish accent then said, "I'll be there for ye as well, Hagrid."
  1657. They turned around to see Emily standing in the open doorway with her arms folded across her chest and a genuinely concerned look on her face. She then asked, "Hagrid, if things, Heaven forbid, do take a turn for the worst, have ye written a bucket list?"
  1659. "What's a bucket list?" Hagrid asked.
  1661. "A list of things you would want to do in your life before you die."
  1663. "I would love to visit New York with Natalie without causing a ruckus or drawing attention to myself. I hear it's one of the thousand places to see before you die. When you all defeat Grindelwald, I'd love to go with all of you as well."
  1665. As the 4 seemed to take this in, Emily walked up to Hagrid and gave him a big hug. "It's not going to be the same around here while ye are gone, Hagrid. We'll all miss ye."
  1667. "Don't go talkin' as if I'm being prepared for burial. I'm still alive. With everything that has happened, I haven't lost stock in the idea of miracles."
  1669. After they had continued to talk about Hagrid's health and what he was going to do before he went into Chemo, they all left the Hut to wash up for dinner. As they continued to walk up to the old castle, Emily asked, "So how 'ave ye three been doin'?"
  1671. Harry replied, "Nothing much. As you know, we got Morgana to come out of hiding. What about you?"
  1673. Emily continued to walk with them and said, "Oh, where to begin? Danny Boy taught me 'ow to shoot. I became saved and made amends with Kozik on Easter. Nothing much."
  1675. "You got saved?" Hermione asked, impressed and pleased to hear such good news.
  1677. "You made amends with Kozik and you're still standing in front of us in one piece?" Harry said, surprised that Kozik didn't tear her head off with his teeth.
  1679. "Danny taught ya how to shoot? A gun? With live bullets?" Ron said incredulously, already fearing what the half banshee would be like walking around with a wand in one hand and a gun in the other.
  1681. "To answer all your questions in order, Sam led me to seek salvation, Danny taught me to fire guns and me conscience, if I ever had one, compelled me to go square things with Kozik."
  1683. "That's great news, Emily. It's wonderful." Hermione exclaimed, hugging Emily warmly. Emily smiled at her reaction. "Thank ye, Hermione, me dear friend. That means a lot to me. By the way, Ron, ye brothers helped me learn 'ow to shoot. They let me fire some of the guns in their inventory. It was awesome."
  1685. Just as they saw Ron growing redder than normal, Hermione chose to put Ron's mind at ease. "Ron, it's alright. I think that it's good that she is learning how to shoot."
  1687. Harry then smiled and said, "Plus, she's new to guns, so she can't be much of a threat unless she had a real good trainer."
  1689. Emily then smiled and said, "Considering that me trainer was Psycho, ye might want to invest in Kevlar."
  1691. "Emily, let's not use such great moments to give Ron an ulcer." Harry said before throwing an arm around his red-haired friend. "She is on our side, Ron. However you feel about her and vice versa, Emily is not going to shoot ya in ways that would leave Daphne angry or a widow. Right, Emily?"
  1693. "I swear that I would not want to invoke the fury of Ron's Ol' Lady so you, Ron, have nothing to worry about if ye should ever see me with a firearm in me hand."
  1695. The Next Morning, 5:00 A.M., Harry's Dorm Room
  1697. Harry exhaled deeply as he felt the water cascade down his body as his tension was washed away in the shower. Getting out of it after drying off, he instantly saw something different about himself. His body had grown broader and stronger, and the real surprise was how huge his penis had grown. As he looked in the mirror, Harry felt his arms to confirm that it was all real.
  1699. "Blimey. What's happened to me? I'm huge!" Harry said to himself, looking at all the huge muscles all over his body. He then put his clothes on, along with his cut and walked out of his dorm room.
  1701. When he found himself walking into the Great Hall, Harry didn't seem bothered at all about the sudden change of scenery.
  1703. Going further into the Great Hall, Harry spotted something that instantly made him regret putting on pants. His enlarged penis got hard and bigger as he watched Hermione straddling Natalie's lap as she was snogging the half-giant on top of the Gryffindor table. Breaking from each other's lip lock, both naked women looked to the SAMDON VP with smiles.
  1705. "I was just keeping her warm for you, Harry." Natalie said as she pressed her breasts against Hermione's.
  1707. "Oh, my wife is more than warm for me, Natalie, and I'm very hot for her right now." Harry said, taking his cut off and setting it on the high table behind him. Harry watched as Hermione kissed Natalie one more time before she walked up to him.
  1709. With her wand in hand, Hermione made Harry's clothes disappear, revealing how big her husband had become.
  1711. "Harry, you have grown so big since your last run. Let me welcome you home." With that, Hermione threw her arms around Harry as best she could and snogging him, relishing the feel of so much muscle underneath his skin.
  1713. Natalie watched the makeout scene with much interest. When Harry took Hermione, laid her out on the Gryffindor table and began to thrust into her, Natalie started getting wetter and hornier, especially when she heard Hermione's moans.
  1715. "Take her, Harry. I want to see you make her cum all over your house's table." Natalie moaned as she began growing bigger, hornier, sexier and stronger until she was 15ft tall.
  1717. Harry and Hermione cried out in ecstasy as they shagged. With one final thrust, they both came. Hermione was in the throes of bliss before she realized that she was growing bigger and bigger. Before long, she was a 10ft tall giant with enormous breasts and an ass big enough to match.
  1719. Looking up at the two women towering over him, Harry suddenly felt his body begin to swell up with muscle as he grew bigger and more hung over. Soon he stood at 10ft tall with more muscle than any man could ever attain with the biggest sex member ever seen.
  1721. "While it's so much fun seeing the two of you as big as you are, I am bigger than the two of you." Natalie said, thrusting her chest towards them and flexing her muscles at the same time. Looking at the flushed expression on Harry's face, Natalie leaned over and kissed him. "Take a rest, Harry. You'll need it. Just sit back and enjoy the show."
  1723. Turning towards Hermione, Natalie smiled at Harry's wife before laying her out onto the Hufflepuff table and stuck her face between Hermione's legs. Transfiguring some large pillows to prop herself up into a somewhat seated position, Hermione looked straight at Harry as Natalie ate her pussy out.
  1725. "Oh, Harry, have you ever wondered what I looked like when you made me cum? Today, you get to see what you do to me." Hermione moaned as Harry watched her cum over and over again. In between eating Hermione out, Natalie fondled her breasts and teased her clit enough to drive her off the edge.
  1727. While Hermione was breathing heavy, Natalie rose up and walked over to Harry, who had by that time recovered from shagging Hermione. His gigantic erection was now pointing right up at Natalie, who smiled at how big it was.
  1729. With her wand in hand, Natalie transfigured a goblet into a custom condom.
  1731. "Safety first, Harry. I don't want to end up carrying your love child." Natalie said, kissing the head of Harry's cock before sticking the condom into her mouth, and with a quick deep throat of his cock, had put it on. She then looked up to his eyes and said, "Shag me hard, Harry. I am much stronger than you so I can take it."
  1733. Hermione watched as Natalie got on all fours and Harry slid his huge cock into her before Natalie maneuvered Hermione underneath her enough to suck her tits as Harry plowed into her.
  1735. Natalie moaned in pleasure into Hermione's mouth as she kissed her. Hermione found the sense to wink at Harry, who promptly exited Natalie and flipped her on her back and reentered her while Hermione took the opportunity to straddle her face.
  1737. As Harry pumped harder and harder into her, Hermione finally came on Natalie's face and as she did, Hermione rolled off of Natalie and laid herself down next to Natalie, with her face watching Harry's cock pump into her.
  1739. Harry leaned down and kissed Natalie on the lips, tasting his wife's cum on her tongue, Natalie broke it off and moaned, "Harder, Harry! Harder! Ever since I took your huge cock between my tits, I've been wondering how it could fill my pussy. But now I'm wondering how Hermione's able to walk upright afterwards!"
  1741. Hearing those words coming from her swollen lips, it was obviously turning Harry and Hermione on even more. Natalie then pulled Harry closer and whispered, "I can feel you growing bigger inside me, Harry. Between your cock in my pussy and the taste of Hermione's succulent pussy on my tongue, I'm in Heaven!"
  1743. Hermione then climbed back on top of Natalie's face. As she did, Harry started French kissing his wife while she vigorously thrusting three fingers into Natalie's pussy alongside Harry's dick. Just 5 minutes after she had started to do so, Harry gave one last thrust as he finally came inside Natalie, who in turn came as she moaned into Hermione's pussy, setting her off.
  1745. Waking up straight away with sweat pouring down his face, Harry also woke up in his bedroom with Hermione, who noticed his rapid breathing, perspiration and his morning wood which was tenting the sheets.
  1747. Without saying one word, Hermione shed her clothes from her body, uncovered Harry's erection from the bedclothes and started wanking him off between her breasts. Harry loved feeling his cock between Hermione's full breasts. With a few more thrusts, Harry shot his load in between her breasts. Looking up at Hermione as she wiped his load out from inside her cleavage, Harry said, "Good morning, Hermione."
  1749. "Good morning indeed. What got you so excited?" Hermione said amused at how much cum came out of Harry with one shot.
  1751. "You and me naked and shagging like a pair of crazy teenagers." Harry said, knowing that it was as close to the truth as it could be without landing him in the doghouse.
  1753. Monday, May 13th, SAMCRO Clubhouse, Rooftop, 6:25 P.M.
  1755. "Beautiful sunset, ain't it?" asked Kozik as he and Spirit watched the sun go down in the west. It had recently became a tradition of sorts for them to watch the sun go down together. Kozik had said it would help them bond. So far, it worked. At least, for both their sakes, no one threw anyone over the ledge.
  1757. When Spirit gave no response, Kozik stared down at the dark haired woman who had her head in his lap as they laid down on the couch that had been installed up on the roof. "What's wrong, baby? You've been avoiding me like I had a Black Plague lately."
  1759. While he waited for an answer, Kozik studied the emotionally hardened woman he had taken to call his wife and Ol' Lady for about 2 months or more. In that time, he knew she usually had the emotional range of a teaspoon and never showed any sense of emotion unless they were private. Even then, he was never quite sure what he would get from her at any given time. He knew that she loved him and that he loved her. However, he also knew that, underneath the psychopathic shell she surrounded herself in, she was vulnerable.
  1761. "Does this have to do with seeing the ghost of my first Ol' Lady?" Kozik asked, taking a chance.
  1763. She looked up to him and said, "When we first met, I knew you had lost an Ol' Lady and that you took it bad. But I didn't know you took this bad. I never knew you and her almost got married or almost had a child together. I feel haunted by her ghost."
  1765. Kozik then said, "Honey, you know I love you and I always will. Missy will always own a part of my heart. That can not be helped and it will never change."
  1767. Spirit replied, "I know that, Kozik. What I don't know is if I can fill the void she left behind in you. You know as well as I do that I'm not a domestic woman and I never will be. If I do carry a child, that means I can't ride. If I can't ride, I can't vote in church and if I can't ride, I can't keep my patch. Would Padrino tell me to lay down my cut to pursue a family, Herman?"
  1769. Kozik winced as she called him by his first name. She knew that he hated it. Kozik had to really think about it. "Maria Coalman-Jackson, I swear to you, on my honor as a Son and a former US Marine, that I will do my best to help raise a family with you, so help me God. Do not be discouraged about meeting Missy. I thank God for being able to meet her and to love her. I thank God equally for having met you, falling in love with you and marrying you. I don't regret the time I spent with Missy and I don't regret any moment I ever had with you."
  1771. She then gave a smile before planting a kiss on his lips.
  1773. Kozik then said, "Spirit, your sister is a mother and we all know what her job is. Surely there's some sort of Maternity Leave clause in the by-laws, right?"
  1775. Spirit thought about it for a few moments before replied, "Come to think about it, there is a Clause for this type of stuff. It was discussed when the club was first made. If anything else, we can adopt a kid."
  1777. Kozik replied, "That could work."
  1779. "Will you be with me when I bring this before Padrino?" Spirit asked, knowing that the Hell Cats President would want to see who is planning to knock up one of his own.
  1781. "I will. The Hell Cats don't carry firearms into the chapel, right?"
  1783. Spirit laughed. "Don't worry. No one ever died in chapel. You'll be fine."
  1785. May 15th. 2017, Hogwarts, Courtyard, 3:00 P.M.
  1787. (Emily's POV)
  1789. "'ello, Morgana!" I said as Morgana approached me, Harry, and Minerva from the entrance to the grounds. Watching her walk towards me, I could feel me heart racing and me thong getting wetter by the minute. I knew that tonight was the night I would shag the most infamous witch in history and then allow 'er to shag me.
  1791. I guess having emotions now made sex a lot more fun. I wonder how her fingers will feel on me numb skin, or her lips on me full breasts?
  1793. 'Though it was born there, Em., ye may need to get ye mind out of the gutter and ye eyes out of her cleavage. Ye can worry about all the fun filled things ye're thinking of doing to 'er after hours.' said me Mum as I looked at Morgana.
  1795. 'Mum, I know ye love me and I love ye, but sometimes ye can be a real clit block, ye know that?' I replied.
  1797. 'That's me job.' replied Mum. "Besides, now you have more time to plan out how you are going to make 'er scream your name in bed."
  1799. As she came up to us and shook our hands, I felt a proverbial chill go up me spine as she shook me own. God I was going to enjoy doing 'er. Minerva shook my mind back to the present as she addressed Morgana. "Welcome to Hogwarts, Morgana. I hope you enjoy your stay here."
  1801. That reminded me instantly that she wasn't there solely to be shagged by me. She was here because, considering the recent increase of Death Eater attacks, Minerva and the rest of the Staff had reason to believe that Grindelwald was going to attack soon. Of course, when it had came to where she was going to stay, I had volunteered. It was going to be fun.
  1803. "Thank ye, Minerva for letting me stay 'ere." Morgana said, addressing the Headmistress before turning to look at the SAMDON VP. "Harry, it's always a pleasure to see your strapping self again. Hermione must be keeping you rather happy."
  1805. I smiled as Harry's face turned bright red. Just as he was about to respond, several explosions behind us snapped us out of it. We looked up to see 8 different brooms flying in extremely low. It was the Death Eaters.
  1807. Within seconds, we had our wands out and started blasting away at them. One was about to cast a hex at Minerva until a shot was fired and the Death Eater fell to the ground with a bullet hole between his eyes. With the smoking Glock 23 fitted with an extended clip in one hand and the wand in the other, Harry continued to fend off the remaining aerial wizards before I finally cast a silencing charm on everyone but the flying attackers and let out an inhuman wail, causing 6 of the attackers to drop from the sky, dead before they hit the ground.
  1809. I guess the 8th and sole survivor attacker was either too far away, or had cast a silencing charm over 'is ears.
  1811. Harry then looked at Minerva and said, "I guess Grindelwald wants us to know he's still alive."
  1813. Minerva then said, "That was just a message. He wants us to know he's coming."
  1815. I then said, "When he does, we'll be ready for 'im."
  1817. Emily's Office, 9:00 P.M.
  1819. "Welcome back to your new home, Morgana. I hope that ye enjoy your stay 'ere. I'm sure it will be… exciting." crooned Emily as she helped Morgana bring her two bags into the old office. After she had set them down, she looked to Morgana and smiled seductively as Morgana took a seat on the couch.
  1821. "Ye want a drink?"
  1823. Morgana replied, "Absolutely."
  1825. Emily then poured them both a glass of Irish Whiskey and took a seat next to her on the couch. As they both drank from their glasses and drained them, Emily finally asked, "Well, Morgana, since it would appear that both of our men gave us permission to do this, shall we continue from where we left off?"
  1827. "Lets." replied Morgana in an extremely seductive voice as she leaned over and took Emily's lip with her own. They were instantly snogging each other with their tongues wrestling inside each other's mouths for dominance.
  1829. After about 10 minutes of heated snogging, Morgana began caressing and groping Emily's full breasts tenderly. Emily, in turn, did the same to Morgana's soft and supple ones. When Morgana began moaning from the feel of Emily's hands, Emily broke the kiss reluctantly and said, "Morgana, I'd like to do something special for ye that I've only done for a few others."
  1831. "What's 'hat?" asked Morgana. Soon, her question was answered as Emily stood up and started to strip down slowly until she was wearing nothing besides her Irish green bra, which was skimpy enough to cover only her full, perky tits, a matching thong, which was obviously soaking wet, and a predatory smile on her face.
  1833. "A full bra containing big breasts and a soaking wet thong. Oh, yeah. She remembers me fondly." Missy said as Mary looked her over.
  1835. "Well, do you remember what's about to happen next happening to you?" Mary said, watching her daughter stand half naked in front of Morgana.
  1837. She then asked coyly, "Have ye ever 'ad a lap dance, Morgana?"
  1839. "No, but I have a feeling that I'm about to get one." replied Morgana.
  1841. Emily then replied, "Ye are damn right about 'hat."
  1843. Without another word, Emily proceeded to climb on top of Morgana's lap and started rolling her hips around the older witch's, all the while tossing her head in circles as to cover Morgana's face with her long hair. Morgana grabbed Emily's ass with both of her hands and, as she squeezed both ass cheeks, pulled Emily closer to her. As they gasped in sheer arousal, Emily wrapped her arms around Morgana and asked, "Who's me bitch?"
  1845. Morgana replied with an equally sly smile on her face, "I am!"
  1847. Emily replied, "Damn straight." before taking Morgana's lips with her own and began assaulting Morgana's mouth with her tongue as Morgana squeezed harder on Emily's ass cheeks. Emily, in turn, did the same to her.
  1849. "Wow. Did she ever do that to you?" Mary said to Missy as they watched.
  1851. "Nope. Did you do that to her da?" Missy asked.
  1853. "Naw. He wouldn't 'ave lived as long as he did if I did."
  1855. Emily then broke off the intense kiss and turned around. As she did, for a brief moment, pulled her thong down long enough for Morgana to get a good look at her pussy and ass before pulling it back up. She then pressed her bum onto Morgana's lap and started grinding.
  1857. While she continued to grind against Emily, Morgana began kissing the nape of the shorter woman's neck, all the while fondling her full breasts, causing Emily to moan out in pleasure. As Emily moaned, one of Morgana's hands slipped down and rubbing two of her fingers across Emily's thong covered clit, nearly sending her over the edge, allowing Morgana to take Emily's lips with her own.
  1859. "She's quite handy, isn't she?" Missy said in an unconscious attempt at a joke while Mary watched the whole thing with a grin.
  1861. "As hot as she's makin' me daughter, Morgana is going to see what a banshee can do that does not involve death."
  1863. After 20 more minutes of doing this, they broke off the kiss to catch their breath. As they did so, Morgana whispered into her ear, "Emily, allow me to show ye me 'bedside manner.'"
  1865. Emily smiled and replied in a sultry tone, "Follow me then. I might just show ye me own."
  1867. Standing up from the couch, Emily helped Morgana up from the couch and lead her into the bedroom portion of her office, which contained very Gothic imagery alongside several Celtic crosses that she had recently decorated the walls with. Emily then laid herself down on the bed and watched as Morgana shed her clothing to reveal a body beautiful enough to raise her heart rate. Aside from big, beautiful, soft, supple breasts, Morgana was also clean shaved down in her lower regions, aside from a small patch of hair that was in the shape of a lighting bolt.
  1869. "My, my, Morgana. It seems you have the SAMDON VP on your mind."
  1871. "I thought I'd have something of his on me. This is the closest I'll get his lightning bolt anywhere near me."
  1873. Emily laughed while Missy and Mary laughed as well. A good laugh in a good shag. A rarity in the bedroom and a good one at it.
  1875. After they had finished laughing, Morgana gave a wicked smile before laying down beside Emily so that they were side by side. She then took Emily's face with her left hand gave it a very hot, passionate kiss before removing Emily's bra effortlessly with one hand. She then showed how feisty she could be as she went down to Emily's soaking wet thong and removed it with her teeth, leaving Emily wearing only a devilish smile on her face.
  1877. "Seamus and Danny are going to get one hell of a show." Missy said, looking at the smiles on both women. Looking to Mary, Missy couldn't help but laugh at Mary's smile which matched Emily's.
  1879. "Now I know where she got that look from."
  1881. Mary smiled. "There are many things she got from me. A lot of them, you already experienced in the Prefects' Bath, Missy."
  1883. Morgana then lay upright on the bed so she could face Emily and took the thong and started licking it until she seemed satisfied. Discarding the thong, she recaptured Emily's full, swollen lips and reveled in the taste of Irish Whiskey. After they had snogged for a few more minutes, Morgana, with her long, raven hair raining down on Emily, asked, "Who's the Bitch in this relationship now?"
  1885. Emily smiled at Morgana turning the tables on her and replied, "I'm ye bitch. I live to serve ye."
  1887. Morgana replied, "Good. Now eat me out!"
  1889. "Did Em ever call ya 'hat, Missy?" Mary asked.
  1891. "No. She was too busy screaming my name to call me anything else." Missy said.
  1893. Morgana then turned pushed Emily down on her back and climbed up on her so that she was straddling her face. Morgana held onto the bedpost to steady herself just in time to feel Emily's mouth close down on her pussy and feel her tongue enter her.
  1895. As Morgana moaned out in pleasure from the feel of her tongue, Emily began thrusting it in and out until Morgana was bucking from it. Morgana then moaned, "Come on, Emily! Harder! I'm close! Really Close!"
  1897. Emily obliged her lover by thrusting her tongue even harder into Morgana's soaking pussy and in the midst of their delirium, she quickly cast a silencing charm on the room and as her tongue flicked over Morgana's clit one last time, Morgana screamed out in pleasure so loudly that Emily wasn't sure if the charm would be enough to keep anyone else from hearing. While she screamed, Morgana finally came all over Emily's face, soaking it in cum.
  1899. Climbing off of Emily's face and laying down on her body, panting heavily, Morgana smiled as Emily licked her chops. "Whiskey will ne'er taste the same way to me ever again, Morgana. From now on, it will always taste like ye."
  1901. Panting from the sensations coursing through her body, Morgana sighed. "That was amazing, Emily."
  1903. "Le Fay, that was just the warm up." replied Emily with a toothy grin.
  1905. Morgana grinned back before retrieving her wand from her robes and casting a charm on her ears. Catching the confused look of Emily's soaked face, she explained, "Just in case ye let out a Banshee wail, Emily."
  1907. "Aw. I see." replied Emily as she pulled Morgana down so that she could kiss her once more. After they had started to snog once again, Emily, without warning, flipped Morgana over on her back and began to eat her out again. When she felt her tongue graze over Morgana's clit, Emily proceeded to thrust 3 fingers into Morgana's pussy. As she thrust them in and out, Emily looked directly into Morgana's eyes, taking in the expressions on her face while she fondled Morgana's breasts with her free hand. Before long, Morgana was screaming at the top of her lungs once again and climaxed.
  1909. Watching Morgana's heavy breathing as she recovered from the second earth rocking orgasm, Emily moved herself up her body, kissing ever part of her chest and neck before coming face to face with her again and attacked her lips with a fire-hot passion, which Morgana returned in equal measure.
  1911. Emily then broke the kiss and said, "Time for ye to play Bitch again. I want ye to eat me out!"
  1913. Morgana smiled slyly and said, "Aye, that I will. I'll be your bitch. But first, do ye have a bottle o' whiskey around 'ere by chance?"
  1915. Emily grinned and said, "In the bedside drawer."
  1917. Emily then climbed off of her so that Morgana could go to the drawer. As she opened it, she sifted through the variety of sex toys and found it. She then pushed Emily on her back and poured a shot above the tattoo over her pussy. A red heart and a banner with 'Missy' written on it.
  1919. After giving Emily a quick kiss, Morgana licked it off slowly, causing Emily to wiggle slightly from the ticklish feeling it gave her.
  1921. Re-sealing the bottle of whiskey and putting it back in the drawer, Morgana came over to Emily's face and, after giving her a light peck on her lips, said, "I love your tattoos, Emily. They fit ye so well."
  1923. Emily grinned predatorily and said, "Show me just how much ye love them."
  1925. Morgana responded by taking Emily's lips once more before moving onto the tattoos on her chest. Soon, she had kissed each and everyone of the tattoos on Emily's body. She then looked Emily right in the eyes and said, "Ye want me to eat you out? I'll eat ye out!"
  1927. With a smile, she retrieved her wand and cast a silent charm, suddenly making Emily go spread eagle on the bed as if she were bound by ropes. The younger woman then said, "I 'ad no idea ye were into that kind o' stuff, Morgana."
  1929. Morgana then said, "Aye. I am. Ye can escape them after I've made ye scream out in pleasure over and over again, Emily."
  1931. With that being said, she went down on Emily. As her lips brushed over Emily's pussy, which aside from a heart that surrounded her pussy lips was clean shaven, Morgana bit down on Emily's clit while thrusting 4 fingers into her.
  1933. Within moments, Emily was crying out in pleasure, "Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Give it to me, Morgana! Make me cum so hard that ye face will be soaked just like me own!"
  1935. After 5 continuous minutes of Morgana eating her out, Emily finally yelled out in pleasure as she came all over Morgana's eager face. With her world rocked to it's foundation, she pulled Morgana's cum soaked face to her own and began kissing her softly, all the while rubbing her clit violently to get her body off on the huge sensation she felt going through her body.
  1937. When the orgasm had finally subsided, Emily allowed Morgana to start sucking on her full breasts, taking the erect nipples into her mouth and it didn't take long before Morgana had given Emily a minor orgasm from the foreplay alone. Recovering from the sudden one, Emily flipped Morgana onto her back and started playing with Morgana's tits.
  1939. A few quiet minutes of playing with Morgana's tits softly, Emily suddenly said, "It's time to change it up a little."
  1941. Before Morgana could even ask what she meant, Emily had climbed on top of Morgana and had straddled her face, before she lowered her own down so that she could eat Morgana out while her older lover did the same.
  1943. Both of them attacked each other's clit with a passion equaled only by the ferocity and skills they each possessed in combat. They were moaning from the pleasure it was giving them in mere moments.
  1945. Simultaneously, they both climaxed over each other's faces. Emily climbed off of her face and laid down on top of Morgana. As she did, Morgana said, "Emily, while I know that we both 'ave men, I hope we can continue this for as long as they will allow us."
  1947. Emily then said, "Morgana, I love having me arse spanked by me lovers. Though I can't feel the physical pain, I love feeling the pressure and the pleasure it gives me. If ye are up for it, I have a magical strap-on in me drawer that I'd love for ye to use to pound the shite out of me young pussy and tight arse."
  1949. Morgana's eyes widened before she grinned. "Absolutely. Just give me a moment, because I want to enjoy this moment with ye."
  1951. Emily planted a kiss on Morgana's lips moments before Morgana gave Emily's ass a nice slap, causing both of them to giggle. Emily then said, "I love Danny boy and I know ye love Seamus. But I love ye as well."
  1953. Morgana replied, "I love ye too, Emily."
  1955. May 16th, 2:00 A.M., the Kitchens
  1957. As Natalie crept quietly into the kitchens, she noticed that someone was already in there as well. Walking further into the kitchen, she saw it was Hermione.
  1959. "Hello, 'Mione." Natalie said quietly.
  1961. Hermione turned around quickly before she saw who it was. As she caught her breath, she said, "Natalie, please don't do that. You scared me. What are you doing here?"
  1963. Natalie replied, "Same as you. A midnight feast. Big appetite and all. How are you doing?"
  1965. "Good." Hermione replied moments before an Irish voice asked, "How are ye two this fine night?"
  1967. They both looked over and saw Emily and Morgana walking into the kitchen. It didn't go unnoticed that both of them seemed to be walking funny, and as they got closer, they saw that they had bites on both sides of their necks.
  1969. "Why, hello, Emily and Morgana. Are the two of you alright?" Natalie asked, knowing full well why they were walking funny.
  1971. "Emily, I'm not sure what you do to get your kicks but I suggest getting something to cover that slight mark. Not that it's unpleasant to look at but I don't think you want to be explaining to students in DADA what a hickey is." Hermione quipped, causing both Morgana and Emily to blush. Not so much at the hickeys on their necks but more so for the hickeys that were not visible to Harry's wife and Hagrid's girlfriend.
  1973. "I'm sure that you two have newfound respect for how in shape your guys must be to perform." Natalie quipped as she helped herself to a well cooked turkey leg, a pulled pork sandwich drenched in BBQ sauce, and a mug of pumpkin juice while Hermione helped herself to some chamomile tea and biscotti cookies.
  1975. "Ha, ha." Morgana laughed sarcastically.
  1977. "How were we supposed to know that guys have to be fit to do what they do?" Emily said, wincing as she sat down across from Hermione and Natalie. Morgana didn't fare any better and winced just like Emily when she sat down.
  1979. Natalie thought about it and replied, "Well, for starters, how the hell else do you think they manage to keep up with both of your obviously oversized sex drive?"
  1981. Morgana responded, "Is that so? All this time, I naturally thought they were just that horny."
  1983. "That's just 80% of it, Morgana." Hermione chimed in. "They also have to stay in shape to handle you both. That's one of the many reasons why Harry has taken to keeping himself in tight form."
  1985. "Ye have that right, Hermione." another Irish voice said. " They all looked over to see Mary and Missy taking a seat next to the four other women. Missy then said, "Ye know, Emily, ye are truly as sexy as you were back in our day. Morgana, you are just as sexy as she is."
  1987. Morgana didn't seem to be phased by her compliment and asked, "Since I can obviously see that you two are angels, may I ask who ye are?"
  1989. Emily decided to make the introductions. "Morgana, this is Mary O'Neal, me Mum. And this is Missy, one of the few people I've ever loved in me whole life."
  1991. "Hermione and I have known each other for a while, as students and friends. Now as to this lovely half-giant, I have not met directly, though I have seen that you have been responsible for keeping Hagrid's spirits up lately." Missy said, smiling at Natalie.
  1993. "Natalie Largen." Natalie said, introducing herself to Missy. "It's also good to meet you as well as you, Mrs. O'Neal."
  1995. Mary replied, "Please, call me Mary. I'm not one for the whole formalities thing anymore, so ye don't have to use them. They are a waste of time anyways. So, since it's obvious that we're all full grown adults 'ere, Natalie and Hermione, what are ye men like in the sack?"
  1997. Hermione replied, "Harry is great in the sack. I love having him taking me everywhere we can, even in this very school's classrooms."
  1999. "Oh, yes, he does, Hermione." Emily joked. "What's your man like, Natalie?"
  2001. Natalie replied, "Hagrid is very good to me and with me. He's been able to keep up with me, we get along very well with each other and we both learn from each other in various and distinctive ways. Enjoy hearing that because it's all I'm saying in regards to that."
  2003. "Morgana, how'd ye like getting shagged up the arse and pussy by me former lover?" Missy asked coolly.
  2005. Morgana blushed heavily as Missy spoke the words. While she was very much open to most sexual-related topics and things, she was still having a hard time talking about it. Emily gave her a look and Morgana finally said, "Alright. Alright. I admit it. I loved it. I loved having Emily's fake dick shoved into me over and over again."
  2007. The rest of the women in the kitchens spat out a spray of what they were drinking and stared at Emily who had started drinking a glass of Guinness and said, "What? She did it to me first. After I ate her out afterwards, she was practically begging for it. Before ye all ask, I think ye all should know by now that I love both cock and pussy. Yet, to date, ne'er argued about takin' some in the arse."
  2009. Missy then said, "Emily, I've always known that ye 'ave had your mind in the gutter for a very long time, but now I can plainly see that it was born in the gutter."
  2011. "Ye'ave just now figured that out?" Emily joked.
  2013. "Missy, ye can't blame 'er." Mary said to Missy. "She did, after all, take after me when it came to this stuff."
  2015. "Ok. Let's move on to a topic where none of us are taking anything up our arses." Hermione said as she transfigured her tea into fire whiskey. "Morgana, did you really fall for Seamus, or did you just take up with him because he helped you relieve a massive amount of tension?
  2017. "At first, he seemed to be fun to be with. Not only that, after a thousand or more years, I needed to know if I could feel anything. It was not until the morning after that I knew it was more than that. He was still there for me. Brought me a morning whiskey in bed. I am a thousand and thirty-five and I felt like I'm in love for the first time."
  2019. Emily then said, "Aw. How romantic. Alright, Natalie, your turn to answer some questions. I've 'eard that ye once grew too big inside the Hufflepuff House after your graduation. Is this true? And have ye ever fallen for a Son?"
  2021. Natalie smiled coyly and replied, "Yes. I did break the roof of me old house after graduation. It was an accident. And yes, I've once fallen for a Son. Chibs."
  2023. All 5 of the other women looked at her with an incredulous look on their faces. Hermione then asked, "Natalie, you do realize that you've fallen in love with the National Vice President, right?"
  2025. "I'm sorry. The scars make him look so cute and dangerous. I can't help it." Natalie replied. "Now, Morgana, what's your opinion of Bill Sr.?"
  2027. Morgana smiled before replying, "He's a very powerful necromancer and a rather charming young man."
  2029. That caused all of them to burst out laughing. They knew Bill was far from young but also very far from being an Old geezer. After they had finally settled down, Hermione asked the question that she had been thinking about for a very long time. "Emily, Morgana, what was it like when you two shagged? Do you have any advice for when it comes to pleasuring a woman?"
  2031. Emily smiled at the younger woman. "Why? Are ye and Natalie wanting to join me and Morgana? If so, there's always room."
  2033. Hermione blushed bright red and was about to say something in retort before Morgana said, "She's just teasing, Hermione. But in all seriousness, when we shagged, it was like nothing I've ever felt. When she was shagging me with her strap-on, I felt like I was in Heaven."
  2035. Morgana then moved over so that she was laying sideways on Emily's lap and put her arms around her as if Emily was holding her bridal style. Emily grinned as she spoke, "It was probably the best shag with a woman that I've ever 'ad. I was attracted at first to how she was Slytherin's first student along with being one of the most feared and revered witches of her time. Then I saw just how young and beautiful she was. It was then that I knew I had to shag 'er. I just had to."
  2037. Emily started to nuzzle Morgana's neck, while the older witch said, "I have a hearty appetite for sex, regardless of gender. Because of Emily, I can appreciate an attractive woman. I imagine that ye both 'ave gotten some eyes on you from both sides of the gender line."
  2039. While Hermione was blushing more, Natalie was unfazed by the two women's public display of affection and said, "Perhaps. Then again, most of the time they just want to see how big I can grow to. Right now, I'm a one on one person, Only time I would bring in anyone else would be if I could trust them."
  2041. Emily gave Morgana a soft kiss on her lips before asked, "Like the lovely Mrs. Potter sitting next to ye?"
  2043. Upon hearing those words, Hermione began blushing a brighter red than most would have thought impossible. Natalie said, "I'm with Hagrid right now. He's very old school and wouldn't take well to me having a time with someone else. Anyway, I actually love Hagrid."
  2045. Mary then said, "Then good for ye, Natalie. Your heart is in the right place. Unless I'm mistaken, it's time for us all to turn in to bed."
  2047. Missy replied, "I agree fully. Good night to all of ye."
  2049. Before Missy and Mary disappeared, Mary then turned to Morgana, who was still in Emily's arms and fixed a cold gaze to her. "Morgana Le Fay, I already know that ye and me daughter asked permission from your men to shag each other for one night and that until Grindelwald is defeated, the two o' you will be sharing a room and bed with many layers between ye both. If there is any damage done to me daughter from both of ye getting too freaky in the sack that prevents me from having grandchildren or does something that could hurt her, I won't care how old or infamous ye are. I will possess your body and walk it right off the edge of a cliff. Do ye understand?"
  2051. Morgana replied, "Aye, Mary. I do. I promise that I would never hurt your daughter."
  2053. With both of them planting a kiss on Emily's forehead, Mary and Missy disappeared. As they did, and Hermione and Natalie left, Morgana said, "I don't know if I can handle all the cats that live with you. I'm not usually accustomed to being around so many cats or animals at any one time."
  2055. "Do not worry about it, Morgana. They are cuddly and cute."
  2057. 5:30 A.M., Emily's Office
  2059. As the two women lay in bed, cuddling, all of Emily's cats gathered around their 'mom' and her guest and climbed ontop of them and started meowing loudly for food. As Morgana woke up, she groaned, "Em., They want food. Please make them stop."
  2061. Emily groaned back, "Just ignore them and go back to sleep, Morgana. Today's me day off, so I want to enjoy it while it lasts."
  2063. Chapter 42
  2065. May 16th, 2017, 2:00 P.M., SAMDON Clubhouse
  2067. "Bellatrix, are you serious? You really want to do it?" asked Tig as he stared in shock at his wife, who had just dropped the biggest bombshell that he had had in a while.
  2069. Bellatrix looked at Tig with a bemused grin. "Yes, Tig. I do want to do it. I've thought about it and have decided that I'd like to have a three-way with you and another woman."
  2071. Tig let it sink into his sex hungry mind that his wife actually wanted to have a three way with him and an equally hot chick. He then proceeded to jump up in jubilee and shout, "Yes! Yes! Thank you!"
  2073. Tig started running around the clubhouse in celebration, yelling out in jubilation, "Life is beautiful! It's worth living! Miracles can happen! God is great!"
  2075. After he had passed the bar for the 5th time, Bellatrix finally stopped him. "Tig, I know that you're looking forward to it, but I'd like to do it with a woman I trust. It would not hurt if she is also beautiful. Can you think of anyone that is not my niece, either of my sisters, Natalie, Emily, Hermione Potter, Daphne Weasley, Luna or Morgana?"
  2077. Tig finally calmed down and as he thought about it, he realized that Bellatrix had a point. It would need to be someone she trusted. While he was certain she trusted most of the women she had just named off, he also knew that she didn't want to shag them as well. After thinking it over in his head, Tig thought of a great candidate. "How about Cricket? God knows she's just as much of a Perv as I am and I know she didn't get the Sexorcist patch for modesty."
  2079. Bellatrix then said, "Absolutely. I trust her and I have found myself slightly attracted to her lately."
  2081. Having voiced the approval of Cricket as the 'other woman' to be in their three way, Tig began celebrating his recent good fortune once more. As he did, Chibs watched the whole scene in amusement. Juice came up and asked, "What's going on?"
  2083. "I didn't think it possible, but Tig has found a new level of weird." Chibs answered.
  2085. "Is that even possible?" Juice asked as Tig started cartwheels.
  2087. Charlie then came up and, watching Tig dance merrily down the halls, asked, "What's wrong with Tig?"
  2089. Chibs and Juice looked at him and said in chorus, "The list is way too long and has not shortened with time."
  2091. Charlie seemed content with that answer. As he walked off, Juice then asked, "May I ask why Tig's in such a good mood?"
  2093. Chibs replied, "Bellatrix finally agreed to have a three-way with him and another woman."
  2095. As Juice took that in, Chibs then asked, "Ye 'ave something on your mind, Juicy Boy?"
  2097. "Yeah, I do. I just wanted to let you know that, in three days, me and Kerrianne are going out to the countryside for a picnic. I figured you ought to know, since she's your daughter."
  2099. Chibs smiled at the younger man. "Ye both can go and enjoy yeselves, but be careful. Grindelwald and his forces are still out there and you can't be too careful when it comes to these bastards. You hear me?"
  2101. "Always, brother." While he and Juice continued to talk, Jack's phone rang. Answering it and after he had talked for a few minutes, he hung up.
  2103. "Who was that?" Quinn asked.
  2105. Jack replied, "Wiley. There's something big brewing up in the Ministry. Amelia has some suspicions about who's working within."
  2107. Quinn replied, "She's the President of the Wizarding world, right?"
  2109. Jack replied, "In a way, yeah, and she's probably the most honest and competent one we've had a long time. She's beginning to think there's conspirators within the Ministry."
  2111. Quinn then replied, "If she ever needs to take care of some rats and traitors, let me know."
  2113. Jack replied, "Will do, Eskimo."
  2115. Hogwarts, Emily's Office, 3:00 P.M.
  2117. (Emily's POV)
  2119. "Oh yeah, Baby! Keep doing 'hat!" I said as Morgana gave me the sexiest lap dance I have ever had in me whole life. Currently, she was straddling me waist and I was giving 'er the finer points of how to give a great lap dance. While we couldn't shag one another physically, lap dances and strip teases weren't considered cheating in our eyes. Besides, I knew that when night came, we both would be dressing in more layers than normal so that we wouldn't be tempted to start shagging again.
  2121. "Emily, thank ye very much for teaching me how to do this. I guess I have something to give to Seamus once this whole thing is over." replied Morgana as she flung her hair in me face.
  2123. "Having fun, ye two?" asked Me Mum as she became visible, as well as Missy. God I miss them so much.
  2125. "That we are, Mum. How are ye two?" I replied.
  2127. Missy then said, "We're doing fine. We just thought we'd tell ye both that, with the whole upcoming fight and all, you ought to spend as much time as you can surrounded by your friends and loved ones. It's not a shabby idea to spend as many good times with those you love before going off to fight."
  2129. I replied, "I know. When the brouhaha touches down, I hope they came ready to die because none of them will be leaving these grounds alive."
  2131. As I spoke the words, I began getting Omens of Death that would happen soon. I didn't know the exact day, but I knew, in me heart, that none of Grindelwald's forces would live. We would all make sure of that.
  2133. May 17th, 9:00 A.M., Hell Cat's Motorcycle Club clubhouse, the Rec Room, Bakersfield, California
  2135. "Alright, Kozik. Hold your arms up and spread your legs. I need to frisk ya." said Cricket as she looked Kozik up and down as he and Spirit entered the clubhouse. The clubhouse itself was a two story building that the Club had purchased 3 days after it had formed and was in a very quiet part of Bakersfield. Over the years, it had survived riots, police raids, earthquakes, drive-by shootings and general tomfoolery.
  2137. The first story of the clubhouse was two rooms; the Rec Room/Bar and the chapel, which was located at the very back of the building and to the left of it were the stairs that led up to the second story, which was exclusively dorm rooms, as well as Laundry rooms.
  2139. In the Rec Room, a bar filled to the brim with every liquor known to man was located on the left side of the room. At the very center of the room were 3 different Stripper Poles, as well as 2 pool tables, and around 8 different tables for eating and drinking. At the left side of the wall that separated the Chapel from the rest of the room was every member's mug shots, in order of rank, and the number of years or months they served.
  2141. As Kozik followed Cricket's instructions, he got a good look at Cricket herself. She was wearing a white tank top that showed him that she wore no bra and cargo pants that had been made into shorts. Aside from allowing him a good view of her ever growing muscles, defined abs and chest, it also showed off her tattoos, which consisted of a canvas of artwork that ranged from her dedication to the Hell Cats, to her love of sex with anyone, to her appreciation of the female body as well as the male body.
  2143. Cricket then started searching him, first patting him down in the traditional places, before searching places that were unlikely to hide a weapon. She commented, "I've been wondering for a long time what exactly Spirit was pressing up on. Now I know."
  2145. Her hands then reached to Kozik's groin area, and as she started gropping his joint, Sabrina Lowman aka Sonora said, "Cricket, stop playing around with my brother in law. We've got a meeting to get to."
  2147. "Ok, Sonora." Cricket said before leaning against the door and waving them in.
  2149. "Spirit, Kozik, don't mess around. Get straight to the facts, no small talk and don't lie to them." Cricket said before popping a chocolate covered, deep fried cricket into her mouth.
  2151. "Other than that, have fun, kids." She said as she walked away, munching happily on those crickets.
  2153. Sonora, Spirit and Kozik walked into the Chapel. It was an old room that had been modified greatly from the original design. It had 14 different chairs around an 8 ft long table that had the Hell Cat's Logo engraved upon it in the middle of the room. Aside from the table, the walls were lined with various charter plaques that the club had received over the years.
  2155. Sitting at their normal spots were President Padrino, Vice President Payaso, Secretary Lengua, and Hell Cat elder Tortuga. With in a few minutes, Sgt. At Arms Sonora had swept the room for bugs and took her normal spot at Padrino's right hand chair when the room was clear of bugs. Kozik and Spirit then took their seats at the end of the table. As they did, Kozik looked the Hell Cat officers in the eyes, allowing them to see the honest and sincerity he had brought with him that day.
  2157. After they had sat in silence for 5 minutes, Padrino finally banged the gavel and said, "First off, I'd like to welcome Kozik to our humble abode. Kozik, I understand that you've come here to talk with us about a very serious matter. So start talking. While you're at it, tell us how it involves Spirit."
  2159. While not making something from nothing, Padrino knew that this would explain why Spirit was looking nervous. He knew that he couldn't have his enforcer and a woman he considered a daughter distracted from her work.
  2161. When Sonora and her younger sister, Spirit had came to his Clubhouse, Sonora was 16 and Spirit was 9. He had adopted them both while their brother was off serving his country in the Marines. As Sonora started to Prospect, he learned eventually that both of them had been abused and had finally been saved by their brother when Sonora was 16. Her brother, who was a friend of the club, had come to Padrino to see if he could look after them.
  2163. Padrino, being a widower and having always wanted to have kids, agreed to take them in. Over time, both of them had come to see him as a father figure. So naturally, he was very protective of them both though he knew they could handle themselves very well.
  2165. Kozik took a deep breath and said, "The reason my Ol' Lady is here with me and why I am here today is because it concerns her and her standing within the club."
  2167. Lengua asked in a cold voice, "Why would Spirit have to worry about her standing? To our knowledge, she hasn't done anything against us."
  2169. "I want to start a family with Spirit. I want to give her a child, maybe more, but I need your blessings since you guys and gals are the closest thing to a family that she has and I'm very respectful of that. Aside from your blessings, I want assurance that Spirit won't be asked to patch out for wanting a baby."
  2171. The officers took that in with surprise. It was no secret to them that Spirit was very mentally unstable and, to be blunt, psychopathic. The idea of her being a mother was right out there with the man named Grouch, who had received a section 8 from the Army for being just plain crazy.
  2173. After staring down both Spirit and Kozik in silence, Padrino asked, "Kozik, if you and Maria were to have children together, how many would become Hell Cats and how many would become Sons?"
  2175. Kozik thought about it and replied, "Don't know because they ain't born yet. Best guess is that if the girls are skilled in an effective martial art and are committed, they can be Hell Cats if they want. It's a split as far as the boys are concerned. Maybe half will become Hell Cats, the other can become Sons. It's all about which MC they want to follow."
  2177. That seemed to answer their question about that. They knew that with their parents being in two different Clubs that it would be important to both clubs as to which one they chose. Aside from Happy and Sonora's marriage, the marriage between Kozik and Spirit had all but merged the two clubs, however, because of their by-laws and general principle of the matter, the Sons would never patch over the Hell Cats.
  2179. Payaso then asked, "These kids of yours, are they going to need a college fund or a financial reserve to bail them out of jail?"
  2181. Kozik couldn't blame their reasoning. If they inherited their mother's psychopathic tendencies, they might end up paying a visit to the local county lockup. Kozik replied, "We'll start a college fund and they will be raised to stay out of jail, Payaso."
  2183. Tortuga then asked, "Spirit, the MC life is tough. You know that just as much as anyone here. Motherhood is both a great blessing and a lifetime commitment. Your sister might be able to be one and our Sgt. At Arms, but can you be one and our Head Hunter? Can you bear to be away from them while on runs? Can you curb those pulls on your heartstrings long enough to take care of business? Can they accept that their parents are in two very different MC's? Most of all, what I want to know is whether this all legit or an attempt to make Spirit leave the Hell Cats, Kozik. If it is, stop now and get out."
  2185. Spirit spoke up for herself and Kozik. "E.T., I can assure you that I can do my job just like Kozik can fulfill his job for the Sons. You have my word."
  2187. Kozik then said, "It's legit, Payaso. I would never make my wife leave the Hell Cats."
  2189. Sonora, after sitting in silence, looked over to the Enforcer who was standing behind both of them. Mondo, who used to be the most ruthless street gang enforcer in all of Texas and was a cold blooded killer, nodded. Sonora then asked, "Kozik, can I trust you with my little sister? While she's as stubborn and vicious as me, Maria is also vulnerable. Being pregnant will make both of you realize that quickly."
  2191. Kozik replied with all the resolve he could muster. "Yes. I believe I can be trusted with providing for her protection and protection for out children."
  2193. As the Officers and Enforcer took his answer in, Mondo placed his hand on Kozik's shoulder and Padrino looked Kozik directly into his eyes and said, "Kozik, you have my blessing, my permission, and a promise that I make to you here today. If anything happens to Spirit, and I mean anything while she's knocked up, I will personally kill you, if Mondo and Sonora don't beat me to it."
  2195. Sonora then said, "If Padrino does get to you first, I will personally cut up and dispose of your body afterwards. I guarantee that it will never be found."
  2197. Mondo then said, "Kozik, Sonora and Padrino are both infamous for their ways of dispatching an enemy of the club. So am I. While the Pres will kill you and the SAA will dismember you, I will personally chop your head off, stitch your face to a soccer ball and leave it on your mother's doorstep. You understand me, boy?"
  2199. Kozik nodded at all three of their various death threats. Padrino looked to Spirit and said, "When you get knocked up, maternity leave will go into effect immediately. You don't need to worry about losing your place in the Hell Cats. When they are born, Tortuga can watch over them while you're on long runs for the club."
  2201. Meanwhile, at the Hell Cats' lot
  2203. Cricket was in the middle of working on her Motorcycle while munching down on some crickets when her cell phone rang. She answered it and asked, "Cricket speaking. You looking for wild sex, deep fried crickets or general randomness?"
  2205. Bellatrix answered, "Nice to hear from you too, Cricket. How are ya?"
  2207. "Bellatrix! My wing woman! Waz up? How are you doing?" asked Cricket as she started jumping up and down for joy. She hadn't seen her wing woman in a while and was missing her.
  2209. "I'm doing great, Cricket. I was wondering if you would be interested in a three-way with me?"
  2211. Cricket's smile on her face went from smile to ear to ear. "Absolutely! Since I'm sure that Tig is going to be the third person, can I ask you a question?"
  2213. Bellatrix replied, "Absolutely. What it is?"
  2215. Cricket replied, "I'm willing to do it if you could enchant my crickets to make me stronger and bigger than both of you. I know you can do this kind of stuff and considering that any other woman Tig sleeps with ends up either dead or beat up, I don't want to get any bruises and wounds on me during it and I want to live afterwards. Besides, I like being the stronger one too. Would you be willing to do it?"
  2217. Bellatrix replied, "Absolutely. I understand completely. I have something to ask you, Cricket. Have you ever slept with Tig? I promise that I won't be angry or upset."
  2219. Cricket replied, "Yes, Bellatrix. I have once."
  2221. Bellatrix then asked, "How was it?"
  2223. Cricket replied, "I couldn't walk or ride properly for two weeks. You're really lucky, Bellatrix, for having him for a husband. The whole time he was doing me up the ass, he was screaming out your name."
  2225. "Really?"
  2227. "Yep. I didn't mind at all. I knew that it meant he was really missing you."
  2229. Hogsmeade, 8:00 P.M., Three Broomsticks
  2231. "Rosemera, get us 7 mugs of Hot Coco. Tonight is a night of Celebration!" said Bellatrix as they entered into the old pub and walked over to a table in the corner. After Hermione had told them, Bellatrix, Natalie, Hermione, Luna, Tonks and Morgana had decided to take Emily out to Hogsmeade to celebrate her finding Salvation in Jesus.
  2233. After they had sat down and Rosemera had brought them their drinks, Bellatrix raised her mug and said, "Here's to you, Emily, for finding Salvation in Jesus Christ and for finding redemption as well. If you ever have any questions or need advice, we're all here for you."
  2235. "Here, here." The others responded with mugs raised in congratulations.
  2237. Emily replied, "Thank ye, all o' ye. I don't know what to say, honestly, other than 'hat."
  2239. Morgana then said, "I have an announcement as well. I too have accepted Jesus. I did it today, while she was at dinner. I was looking for a book to read and I came across her Bible. I started reading it and the words inside got to me. By the time I was done reading, I accepted him."
  2241. Upon hearing such a proclamation, the rest of the women at the table applauded and with their mugs raised, they made another toast and drained their Hot Coco.
  2243. After they had ordered another round, Emily asked, "So, Natalie, I know that Hagrid is being admitted to St. Mungo's in a few days. How are ye going to fare with the students while he is being treated?"
  2245. It didn't go unnoticed by the rest of the group that she seemed to have genuine concern for Hagrid's well-being. Natalie replied, "I think I will do just fine, Emily. Thanks. It won't be easy but I'm sure that I'll take to them well."
  2247. Bellatrix then looked at Emily and asked, "Emily, aside from you finding Jesus, what else happened the day you did? You seem to be more emotional than you, well, ever were."
  2249. Emily replied, "The moment I accepted Jesus as me Savior, I regained the emotions Voldemort took from me years ago. I can feel happiness as well as a rollercoaster of emotions that I don't even know what to call yet."
  2251. That seemed to satisfy their question and they went back to drinking their next round of Hot Coco. When they did, Bellatrix and Natalie noticed the love bites on both sides of Emily and Morgana's necks. Natalie then elbowed Tonks gently while motioning as best as she could without causing a scene at the bites. It didn't take much speculation to know what kind of marks they were and who put them there.
  2253. "Have either of you two been laid lately?" Bellatrix asked nonchalantly as if she were ordering lunch to go.
  2255. "Bella! I don't think that's appropriate talk at a table." said Hermione, though she knew that Bellatrix was just busting Morgana and Emily's chops while not meaning to be impolite.
  2257. "Hermione, we're all adults here." Bellatrix said. "Surely you've talked about sex in a group before?"
  2259. Hermione grinned coyly and replied, "As a matter of fact, yes, Bella. I have."
  2261. Emily replied, "Now that ye've mentioned it, yes, we've both been laid recently. In fact, we have another announcement to tell you girls."
  2263. Morgana then said, "We shagged each other. We had both of our Ol' Men's permission and it was probably the best night we've ever 'ad if not one of the best."
  2265. Emily and Morgana then kissed in front of them, proving that they had indeed shagged. Bellatrix then said, "I see. I guess since we're making announcements and confessions to one another, I guess I should do the same. I agreed to a three-way with Tig when we get back to Charming."
  2267. "Really? You really agreed to have one with Tig?" Tonks asked. "Who's the other woman?"
  2269. Bellatrix replied, "My wing woman, Lorena Perez, but her nickname is Cricket. I called her, asked if she was up for it, and she agreed. If God is willing, we'll be able to have it when we come home."
  2271. Emily then turned to Luna and asked, "Luna, what do you think about all of this?"
  2273. Luna smiled dreamily and said, "Well, Bellatrix is betting 20 Galleons that you won't be able to go the night without attempting to bury your face between Morgana's big breasts. Tonks is betting 30 that you won't go 10 seconds without trying to bury her face between her legs. Personally, I'm betting that you will conduct yourself as a well mannered woman. I have a thing for long shots. They may seem risky but when they hit the mark, they pay off big time."
  2275. That actually managed to silence the entire group and they continued drinking their coco in silence. Morgana was the one who finally asked, "So…, what are ye all going to do this summer? Assuming that we all make it through this Grindelwald conflict, what are ye going to do after it when the school year is over?"
  2277. Bellatrix was the first to answer and she said, "I'm going to spend some more time with Tig, my children, Andromeda and Ted in London for a few weeks before heading home to Charming. We're also going to get some new tattoos."
  2279. Natalie said, "I'm going to spend the summer at Hogwarts and fill in for Hagrid while he's at St. Mungo's."
  2281. It was obvious to most of the women there that Emily had flinched at the mention of Hagrid's name. Bellatrix asked, "Something wrong, Emily?"
  2283. She replied, "Aye. I'm worried about Hagrid. What if he doesn't make it? How are we supposed to deal with 'hat?"
  2285. "If the worst does happen, we will miss him dearly. Natalie has been taught well and I'm sure she would do right by Hagrid and Hogwarts." Hermione said, taking Natalie's hand in her own as a sign of reassurance. "As for myself, I'm going to be spending it with Harry at SAMDON."
  2287. "I'll be spending it with Danny Boy." Emily said. "He's thinking about taking me on a tour of the United States."
  2289. Tonks said, "I'll be working at the Ministry during my spare time."
  2291. Morgana finally said, "I'll be with Seamus. I want him to teach me how to be a proper Ol' Lady."
  2293. Emily then raised her mug of Hot Coco and said, "Here's to better days ahead, my friends. May we all have them and, with God's help, may we overcome and defeat Grindelwald."
  2295. They all then raised their mugs and said, "To Better Days Ahead."
  2297. With that, they drained their glasses, and after a few more minutes of talking, Emily said, "I don't know about you gals, but I'm thinking about turning in. Thank ye. All o' ye."
  2299. Having paid Rosemera, they headed out into the perpetually snowy weather, Emily noticed something. "Is that Minerva?" Emily asked.
  2301. They all looked where she had been looking. It was indeed Minerva McGonagall and more to their surprise, they saw that she was with a man. He seemed to be in his 70s, and was wearing all Black, including a Leather jacket, as well as Aviator Sunglasses tucked into his front shirt collar.
  2303. Bellatrix then said, "Could this be? Does the Headmistress of Hogwarts…"
  2305. "Actually have a love life?" finished Tonks.
  2307. Emily turned to Morgana, Luna and Hermione and they all nodded as Emily said, "Let's find out."
  2309. Taking all of their hands, Emily turned them all transparent and they began following the couple. Soon, they saw them going into the Hog's Head Inn. So naturally, they followed them inside. As they entered into the old pub, they saw Minerva and the Man had taken a seat in one of the corner booths at the very back and had ordered dinner.
  2311. As they moved discreetly closer, they began noticing several things about the man. The first things they noticed was his pale white skin and his hair, which had become a mix of grey and black. When he took his jacket off, they noticed 2 tattoos on his exposed forearms. The one on his inner right forearm was a skull wearing a conical hat with script below it that read SAT CONG while the one on his outer left forearm was a skull with a knife through it, with a snake slithering out of the skull's eyes.
  2313. Emily was the one who asked, "Bellatrix, do you know who this guy is? He's dating your National VP's Grandmum."
  2315. Bellatrix replied, "I have no idea who he is. But I think that Tig or Chibs might. But I do know that he's a Vietnam Veteran."
  2317. Tonks then asked, "How do you know that?"
  2319. Bellatrix replied, "That tattoo on his right arm reads SAT CONG. It means 'Kill Communists'. Combined with the bamboo hat on the skull, and it's easy to piece it together."
  2321. Without another word, they left Minerva with her mystery lover and went back to the castle.
  2323. Later on that night, SAMDON Clubhouse, 11:00 P.M.
  2325. "So, how'd it go?" asked Tig as Bellatrix came back into the Clubhouse and sat down by him and Chibs, who were playing a game of pool. Tig had been cleaning out Chibs' wallet for the last few games and Chibs was hoping to win his money back.
  2327. Bellatrix replied, "It went great. Emily seems a lot better off now than she was before. You'll have to thank Sharky for that."
  2329. Tig replied, "I will the next time I see him."
  2331. As Bellatrix sat down after grabbing a glass of water, Tig noticed from her body language that something was on her mind. "What's going on, Bell? Everything alright?"
  2333. "Well, I learned that Minerva has a love life."
  2335. Those words made Chibs spit out the beer he had been drinking. "Would ye care ta run 'hat by me again?"
  2337. Bellatrix replied, "I saw her with a man in Hogsmeade. They were having dinner at the Hog' s Head. I was wondering if either of you knew who he was."
  2339. Tig replied, "Describe him for us."
  2341. Bellatrix said, "70s, really pale. Greyish dark hair. Wears all black. Has a SAT CONG tattoo as well as a skull and knife tattoo with a snake in it. Ring any bells?"
  2343. Tig immediately knew who she was talking about. The man seeing Minerva McGonagall was Richard Bachman Filch, a freelance 'Cleaner' who had a unique ability to make bodies disappear without any trace of evidence. As far as Tig was concerned, Bachman was just one creepy son of a bitch and he had always been thankful that he had never tried to Prospect for SAMCRO or any SOA charter for that matter.
  2345. "That's Bachman." Tig said in confirmation.
  2347. Bellatrix asked, "The Cleaner guy you told me about? That was Bachman?"
  2349. Chibs replied, "Aye. That was. Why would me Grandmum date someone 'im?"
  2351. Tig replied, "Maybe you ought to ask her yourself next time you see her."
  2353. Chibs said, "Aye. That I will. I'll also talk with 'im as well. Make sure of 'is intentions with 'er."
  2355. May 18th, Hogwarts, Hagrid's Hut, 9:30 A.M.
  2357. (Emily's POV)
  2359. "Ye sure you 'ave everything ye need, Hagrid?" I asked as me, Natalie, and the Trio helped Hagrid pack for his stay at St. Mungo's. I was doing it with a heavy heart because I knew he wasn't going to come back. This was one of the few times I wished and prayed that me Omen of Death would be wrong. Alas, I knew that it was a fact of life as certain as death itself.
  2361. Sometimes, facts o' life just plain suck.
  2363. "Aye, Em. I do." replied Hagrid as he shut his suitcase and placed it by the door. In a few minutes, some Healers from St. Mungo's would arrive to pick him up.
  2365. "Hagrid, we're all going to miss ya. We really will." said Ron as we gathered around Hagrid.
  2367. Hagrid smiled and said, "Now don't you lot worry about me. I'll be fine. I 'aven't lost me stock in miracles."
  2369. Without another word between us all, we gathered around him and gave him one last bear hug before we heard a knock on the door. Hagrid was the one who broke it off and said, "Watch over Fang Jr. for me, will ya?"
  2371. I replied, "Absolutely. We'll make sure he's taken care of. Goodbye, Hagrid."
  2373. Without saying another word, Hagrid opened the door, and with his suitcase in hand, went with the Healers from St. Mungo's. I knew then and there that we would never see Hagrid ever again. We had just gotten our last Bear hug from our best friend. We would ne'er get another one from him again.
  2375. It was enough to nearly bring me to tears. But I kept them to me self. I didn't want them to know that I had had an Omen of Death for Hagrid.
  2377. Hermione clung to Harry while Ron and I looked at Natalie. The half giant, half Amazon witch was trying to keep her composure as best she could but even I could see that she was as torn up inside as we all are. Drawing on whatever willpower I had in me, I walked up to the tall woman and said, "Don't worry, Natalie. Hagrid hasn't lost stock in miracles. If there was a time to believe in them, this would be it."
  2379. "Emily, he just left a few moments ago and I already miss him." Natalie said as the Trio and I held her close to us.
  2381. I knew one thing for certain. It wasn't going to be the same without 'im.
  2383. Before I could think any longer, I heard an owl screech, and a Black Eagle Owl landed at Harry's outstretch arm and dropped a letter in his hand. After paying the owl, and sending it off, he opened it. As he did, I could see that his face turned stone hard.
  2385. I asked, "What is it?"
  2387. He replied, "News from Minister Bones. Ron, I'm sorry to say this, but Percy has used the Imperious Curse on the Aurors that went looking for Morgana in Belfast and gave SAMBEL all that trouble."
  2389. In many ways, I shouldn't be so surprised that Percy would stoop to that level. We never gotten along in Hogwarts and though I was ambitious, he was too ambitious for me own taste. Besides, in me own eyes, he wasn't even that good looking. Add to the fact he practically hated me old house and we never really hit it off.
  2391. "That little Git!" growled Ron as I watched him turn redder than he normally was.
  2393. "It gets worse." Harry said, noting Ron's reaction to the news. "He, along with those Aurors, are coming to Hogwarts to search for Morgana. Emily, is she securely in your office, and hidden?"
  2395. I replied, "Aye. She is. Only people who can get in are the ones I invite. He isn't invited, nor are his Aurors, so she'll be safe."
  2397. Harry then nodded and took out his magic enhanced cell phone and started talking. After a few minutes, he hung up and said, "Bill Sr., Jack, and Tonks are on their way. Tonks is going to arrest Percy and get those guys off of the Imperious. In the mean time, we got to distract Percy long enough for them to get here."
  2399. I then said, "Let's get to her office now before they show up."
  2401. "Ron, don't take this the wrong way when I tell you that if I see Percy, I'm going to kick his ass from here to Minister Bones' office."
  2403. "No worries, Natalie. Just leave him alive enough for me to deck him once upside the head." Ron said.
  2405. "Call up Fred and George too. I'm sure 'hat they'd be willing to help you with it." I said, knowing that they would bring in Bill and Charlie as well.
  2407. Ron actually smiled at me comment and proceeded to call them up on Harry's phone. After talking for a few minutes, I could see he was very satisfied with what they were about to do. Quite frankly, I couldn't blame them. I can't wait to see Percy get his arse handed to him.
  2409. Without another word between us, we headed up to Minerva's office after Hermione went to me own to make sure that Morgana would safe. Though I knew that it was only temporary, I knew that I loved 'er, and I didn't want her to become an asset of the Ministry.
  2411. Soon, we had came to Minerva's office. As we took a seat, we saw Minerva at her desk, as well as the same Man from the night before, standing behind her.
  2413. Harry finally asked, "Hello, Minerva. Who's your friend?"
  2415. Minerva looked to the man and then to us and said, "Everyone, this is my good friend, Richard Bachman Filch. He's Argus' older brother from the States."
  2417. Bachman proceeded to approach us and shook all of our hands. As he did, he said in a cold voice, "It's a pleasure."
  2419. "Well isn't this touching? Hello Minerva." said an English voice. We all turned around to see Percy, as well as his team of 5 Aurors, standing behind us. Percy had definitely changed over the years. His once red hair had started showing signs of grey in it, and his eyes were now lined with dark bags.
  2421. Bachman looked at Percy and said with a deadpan yet chilling voice, "You look like a raccoon. If I had a car, you would be roadkill by now."
  2423. I had to fight back every instinct in me self to laugh at how he nearly made Percy soil himself. Alas, I knew that we had to keep stoic and wait for the boys and Tonks to get 'ere.
  2425. Percy said nothing to Bachman and walked passed him to Minerva. He asked, "Minerva, on behalf of the Ministry of Magic, I need to ask you a few questions."
  2427. Minerva asked, "Since when does a simple questioning involve bringing a team of 5 Aurors onto my grounds?"
  2429. Percy ignored her question and asked, "The Ministry has been hearing reports of the witch known as Morgana Le Fay being out and about. I'm not going to mince words with you. Is Morgana Le Fay on the school grounds?"
  2431. I looked to Minerva, who's stoic face betrayed nothing. I just hope that Tonks and the boys get 'ere before we're trying to figure out what to do with a dead body. Minerva replied, "No. Morgana Le Fay is not inside Hogwarts, Percy Weasley. Why in the world would the Ministry be interested in a witch, who if still alive, would be over a thousand years old?"
  2433. Percy replied, "She could be an asset to the Ministry. If she was still alive and if we had her on our side, any threats against our world could be wiped out before they even saw light of day."
  2435. "The Ministry is known for making terrible and shitty decisions. With the major exception of Madam Bones and Tonks, the Ministry seems more concerned for their own safety and non-accountability than the safety of our world, aside from ye elections o' course."
  2437. Percy then said, "Nobody asked you, Banshee."
  2439. It took every bit o' me own very limited self-restraint not to let out a scream right then and there, but Harry placed his hand on me shoulder, which surprisingly calmed me down.
  2441. Percy then asked, "One last question. Is Harry Potter harboring Morgana Le Fay with the Muggle Outlaw Motorcycle Club known as the Sons of Anarchy?"
  2443. Harry nearly lunged out at Percy, but I caught him before he could do anything that would result with a mug shot and a stripe suit with a cell number. Making a snap decision before a fight could break out in her office, Minerva said, "The Sons of Anarchy have no interests in witchcraft, much less Morgana."
  2445. Percy then said, "Well, if you won't admit that you are harboring Morgana on the grounds, we are going to search them for her. If you try to interfere, you will be arrested."
  2447. As he and the Aurors were about to leave, they passed by us. Percy stopped in front o' me and Harry. Shooting a look of disgust that I could only imagine to be from his own prejudices against Slytherins and Half-breeds, he said, "It is a shame, Harry. You could have had a great career as an Auror if you had not thrown it all away for the life of an Outlaw."
  2449. I watched as Harry then replied coldly, "I might be an Outlaw, but at least I'm not a lap dog for self-righteous bigots."
  2451. Before I could see Percy open his mouth, I heard a voice say, "Finite!"
  2453. We then turned around to see the five Aurors snap out of whatever trance they were in, and saw Jack, Bill Sr., Fred, George, and Tonks in the doorway. With her wand pointed right at Percy, Tonks said, "Percy Weasley, you're under arrest for use of the Imperious Curse on another human being, and for your dealings with the Real Irish Republican Army."
  2455. Before she could shackle him, Jack whispered something in her ear. She then said to McGonagall, me and the 5 Aurors, "Minerva, could I talk with you outside, as well as the rest of you?"
  2457. I knew instantly what she was requesting we do. She was going to allow them to beat the shite out of Percy. Oh well. No skin off me nose. I then said to Percy as we walked out, "Enjoy Azkaban, Percy boy, if you survive long enough to get there."
  2459. May 19th, The London Country side, 1:00 P.M.
  2461. "Here we are, Kerri." said Juice as they pulled up to the spot that they had picked out earlier. Kerrianne was riding in the side care of Juice's borrowed Harley and was holding the basket full of their lunch.
  2463. After they had dismounted and spread out the blanket, Juice opened up the basket and started laying out what they had for lunch, which included smoked brisket sandwiches, corn on the cob, corn beef, Irish Whiskey, and, as a treat that Bobby had sent with them all when they had gone, Bobby's famous muffins.
  2465. As he took the muffins out, Kerri asked, "Did 'e put 'ash in them?"
  2467. Juice picked one up and sniffed it. He said, "Oh shit. He did."
  2469. Kerri then said, "We can eat them later at the clubhouse."
  2471. Juice smiled before putting them up. But before they could start to enjoy the picnic, a Russian voice said, "Top of the morning to you two."
  2473. They both turned around to see Victor Korbut and two of his men standing about 10 feet from them. As Kerrianne stared in horror at the man her father had warned her about, Juice then whispered, "Kerri, I want you to make a run for it. I'll take care of these guys."
  2475. Korbut then said, "Now, seeing as neither of you have any magic of any sorts, you have no right to even exist in this world." Without looking at his subordinates, he delegated his diabolical directions. "Beat the man to death and restrain the woman. After you are done with the man, take his colors and burn them."
  2477. The man on the left asked, "What about the girl?"
  2479. Korbut smiled maliciously. "Leave the girl to me after you're done with the Muggle."
  2481. No sooner than when he said that, Juice quick drew his Glock 23 from his cut and opened fire, killing both of the men with Korbut with two shots each to their heads. He then proceeded to fire off 5 into Korbut's chest. "Run Kerri!"
  2483. They both then took off running as Korbut attempted to recover from the 5 bullets to his chest.
  2485. What seemed like an eternity after running across the countryside, Juice and Kerrianne had came to a road just in time to see Tonks riding towards them. Seeing Juice and Kerrianne waving to her, Tonks pulled over and transfigured a sidecar to her Dyna Wide Glide. "Juice, Kerri, what's going on?"
  2487. "We have to get out of here fast. That Korbut guy tried to get the jump on us with two goons." Juice said, helping Kerrianne get behind Tonks while he sat in the sidecar. "We have to get back to SAMDON."
  2489. "No problem." As they sped off, Tonks asked, "Are they tailing us, Juice?"
  2491. Juice shook his head. "I shot them when Korbut tried to take my colors and harm Kerri."
  2493. Tonks didn't reply. She didn't feel like she had to. Chibs would want to hear how his Intelligence Officer protected his daughter in the face of danger and death itself.
  2495. SAMDON Clubhouse, the Rec Room, 4:00 P.M.
  2497. "Once again, Juicy Boy, what the Hell happened?" demanded Chibs as he and Tig questioned Juice as to what happened at his picnic with Kerrianne.
  2499. "I'm telling you, Chibs, that guy and his buddies appeared out of nowhere. I shot all three of them. Two got double taps in the head. The Russian got a few in the torso before me and Kerri got away. Thank God that Tonks chose to ride through the countryside when she did." panted Juice as he retold the story for the fifth time.
  2501. "A'right. You can go, but don't leave the clubhouse." said Tig. Without another word on his part, Juice left the room. Tig and Chibs then looked at one another with a knowing look on their faces. Those had been Juice's first kills ever. Not only had he stepped up and killed two enemies of the club, Juice also protected Chibs' daughter in the process in well.
  2503. Chibs then took out his cell phone and called Jax. After talking with him a few moments, he hung up and said, "Jack, get Juice back here. Me and Tig would like to speak with 'im."
  2505. Jack replied, "No problem. I know what it's about."
  2507. While Jack went off to find Juice, Tig and Chibs walked into the Chapel. As Tig took his normal spot at the right hand side of the left side of the table, Chibs walked over to the Club safe and took a lock box out. He then took something out of it and went to his seat from across Tig.
  2509. "Got to say, Chibs, he's definitely proven himself." Tig said. "He protected this club and your daughter. Though he's still in a lot of ways the social retard we've all come to love, I've gained some more respect for him."
  2511. Chibs replied, "Aye. Same 'ere."
  2513. At that moment, Juice walked into the chapel.
  2515. "Shut the door, Juice." Tig said.
  2517. When the doors were closed, Tig said, "Now have a seat."
  2519. Juice instinctively went for his normal spot on the table. So it was surprising when Chibs said, "No. Have a seat next to Tig."
  2521. Juice walked back and sat down next to Tig. All three of them sat in silence for a while. It was obvious to Juice that both of them had something to say to him, but he didn't know what. The silence meant that they were trying to find the words to say it.
  2523. Tig finally broke the silence by saying, "You know, Juicy, most days in this life, it's about riding around and just getting shit done. Most days, we don't really have to risk our necks or anything."
  2525. "Sometimes, Juice, the club asks us to do shite that very few men can do." Chibs said.
  2527. He then handed something over to Tig, who proceeded to lay it on the table and slide it in front of Juice, who was in shock at it. It was, in all cases, a normal patch that was the same size as all of the patches that went on the front of their cuts, but it was different than most of them. In bright, Navy Blue, Saloon style lettering, covering the majority of the white portion of the patch itself, it read 'Men of Mayhem'. Juice knew instantly exactly why they had called him into Chapel. That patch was only worn by those who had spilt blood on behalf of the club.
  2529. "That's what this means." Chibs said. "What you did today showed great bravery, resolve and a shite load o' balls. It's not just because ye stepped up to protect the club as any true Son would. You stood up on ye own two feet like a man by protecting Kerrianne from certain danger. You earned this, Juice, along with my gratitude and respect."
  2531. Tig then said, "I'm proud of ya man. You did good."
  2533. Juice finally managed to snap out of it, and he said, "Thanks, Chibs. Thanks, Tig. This really means a lot."
  2535. He then picked it up and went to his room to sew it on. Tig looked to the Scottish VP with a smirk. "I think I hear wedding bells in his future, brother."
  2537. Chibs replied, "Aye. I hear them as well."
  2539. Chapter 43
  2541. May 20th, 2017, Monday, SAMDON Clubhouse, the Rec Room, 9:00 A.M.
  2543. "Juice, I can't thank ye enough for what ye did yesterday at the picnic. It was very brave of you." said Kerrianne as she and Juice sat down together on one of SAMDON's many couches in the Rec Room. Though she knew that they were safe, it was still a bit unnerving realizing how close to death they both had been.
  2545. "There was no way I was going to let those guys do anything to you. If anything did happen to you...I did what I had to do to keep us both alive." Juice said with a sigh. "Sorry that we couldn't have a picnic yesterday. I really was hoping to have a fun date with you, Kerri."
  2547. Kerri replied, "No worries, Juice. I always have fun with you." To emphasize her point, Kerrianne leaned over and kissed Juice's lighting bolt tattoos on his head.
  2549. For a few moments, Juice and Kerrianne sat in silence before Kerri asked, "You want to have kids with me one day?"
  2551. "Someday, Kerri. If we do, it would have to be after we married." Juice said softly. "If Chibs found out I knocked you up before we did get hitched, he would cut me up in ways that would have me begging for a bullet between the eyes."
  2553. Kerrianne laughed at that. She thought he was exaggerating. Though Juice reluctantly joined in, he knew the truth. If it did happen and Chibs found out, he really would kill him. He then decided right then and there that he needed to go find a ring.
  2555. But how does a Son go about getting an engagement ring on the sneak without any of the other Sons finding out?
  2557. 5 Hours later, Fleet Street
  2559. Juice walked down the street looking over his shoulder while he made his way to the local jewelry store to find an engagement ring. He didn't want to run into any of the Sons who, more than likely, would tease him about trying to find an engagement ring and tell everyone.
  2561. "Wotcher Juice!" said a familiar voice that made him jump. He turned around to see Tonks standing with her 10 year son, Teddy Lupin. He said, "Hello Sasquatch Jr. What's up?"
  2563. She replied, "Just taking Teddy out for a walk. What about you?"
  2565. Juice sighed and then said, "Alright. I admit it. I'm about to go buy an engagement ring for Kerri, but I have no idea which one to get. Can you help?"
  2567. Tonks replied, "Absolutely! Let's go!"
  2569. Several minutes later, they arrived at the local jewelry shop and immediately began looking through the numerous racks of rings on display. It wasn't a upper class Jewelry store at all since they had all sorts of jewelry for all walks of life. Goths, bikers, hippies, bankers, they had something for everyone in the world.
  2571. Juice was looking through a rack when Tonks called him over. "Hey Juice! Take a look at this one."
  2573. Juice walked over to where Tonks and her son stood. The ring that she was looking at was a Bright gold with a thin Celtic cross with a generously faceted emerald in the middle of it. As he looked at it, he knew that it was perfect. He said, "It's great. Thanks, Sasquatch Jr."
  2575. Tonks replied, "No problem. So when are you planning on popping the question?"
  2577. As Juice paid for the ring, he replied, "No clue, but it will be soon."
  2579. Tonks then asked, "You thinking about having kids with her?"
  2581. Juice replied, "Absolutely."
  2583. Tonks then said, "Then I wish both of you the best of luck."
  2585. May 21st, Tuesday, 4:00 P.M.
  2587. "Got to keep myself going." said Natalie to herself as she kept walking around the school grounds at 9ft tall instead of her normal 5'11" size. She had been walking around the school grounds ever since noon that day. In her mind, the exercise was helping to keep herself from thinking of Hagrid being treated at St. Mungo's. The numerous press ups, abdominal crunches and power lifts she did along the way helped build up her upper body and lower body strength while helping her stay positive to a degree.
  2589. As she finished her 5th lap around the castle, an Irish voice asked, "How's the weather up 'here?"
  2591. She then looked down to see Emily walking along side her.
  2593. "Cloudy with a chance of rain. How's it down there?" Natalie replied, smiling down at her fellow Irish half-blood witch.
  2595. Emily smiled and said, "Fair to midlin. Why are ye walking 'round the grounds at 9ft tall?"
  2597. "I'm just trying to keep my mind off of Hagrid being at St. Mungo's." Natalie replied. "It's not easy but I'm trying to stay positive. Besides, I enjoy being big. It's fun being able to see a bit further down the road and having people look up to me."
  2599. Taking notice of the petite witch's reaction, she saw Emily's face turn surprisingly sad as she said it. Though Natalie knew about Emily's salvation resulting in her regaining a sense of emotion along with the ability to empathize with people to a degree, Natalie could tell that something wasn't right. But she kept it to herself.
  2601. "So whatcha doing wondering around?" Natalie asked Emily, knowing that the little Irish half-Banshee could use the distraction as much as she did.
  2603. "I'm trying to find Orion. He's wondered off again." Emily said.
  2605. "I think I saw him in Hermione's office. You could take a look over there." Natalie said.
  2607. "Thank ye, Natalie." replied Emily as they continued walking. She then asked, "Is it fun being able to grow so big?"
  2609. "Aye. It is. Working out does wonders for me as well." replied Natalie before she leapt up, grabbing a thick branch from a tree and started doing pull ups before landing on her feet, causing the ground to shake.
  2611. Emily nodded as she watched Natalie flexed and showed off her muscular body. "I can tell from down here that you must have lots of fun growing so big at will. I'll see you later, Natalie."
  2613. Charms Classroom, 15 minutes later, Hermione's office
  2615. "Oh yeah! Right there." moaned out Hermione as she sat behind her desk. Currently, she was being eaten out by Harry, who was hidden underneath her desk. It was one of the few things that they had not yet tried during their near year at Hogwarts, thus they had decided that they wanted to get it done.
  2617. Just as Hermione was about to cum, the door opened and Emily walked in and said, "Here, pussy, pussy, pussy. Come out, come out, where are you?"
  2619. Hermione stared in horror as Emily said, "Sorry 'bout 'hat. I'm looking for Orion. Ye seen 'im?"
  2621. Hermione shook her head violently. As she did, Emily whiffed the air and said, "Well, well, Hermione. Ye've gotten really frisky since your graduation. Just be sure to return the favor by blowing Harry once 'e's done with you."
  2623. Without another word, she left the room just in time to hear Hermione's cry of release. Emily smiled at how rambunctious Harry and Hermione were as adults. When she started thinking about how Hermione would 'return the favor', Emily couldn't help but wonder if Ron and Daphne have been shagging each other in the classrooms when the students weren't around. It made her laugh silently to herself.
  2625. Potions Master Office, 4:30 P.M.
  2627. As Daphne worked on some new paper work that had came across her desk, she heard a voice say, "Hey Sis!"
  2629. She turned around to see Astoria Malfoy, her younger sister, walk into the room. She immediately got up, walked over and gave her a big hug. "It's good to see you, Ast. How are you?"
  2631. Astoria replied, "I'm doing great, Daph. How are you?"
  2633. Daphne replied, "I'm doing well. Have a seat and let's talk."
  2635. Astoria sat down and soon they were catching up for old times sake. As they did, Daphne said, "You know, my Nephew is getting along really well with the Potters, Wallaces, the Longbottom kid, and the Tragers."
  2637. Astoria replied, "That's good to hear that Scorpius has friends. There is something though that I have been meaning to ask you; how'd you take to hearing that Draco's aunt returned from the dead?"
  2639. "Well, Ron had already told me about it, but told me I couldn't tell anyone. When Mrs. Trager resurfaced after so many years, there were some pending charges against her until she stood before the Ministry in court to have those charges dismissed. How'd you take to it?"
  2641. Astoria replied, "At first, I was scared out of my wits. Then I was shocked. After Draco told me she wasn't a threat to anyone anymore, I gradually came around to the idea. Speaking of reformed Death Eaters, how did you take to working with an ex-Death Eater and Psychopath?"
  2643. "Ah, the half-banshee, I presume." Daphne replied, "Emily has been nothing but kind to me. She is an acquired taste, so to speak, but I came around to accept her as a fellow teacher here in Hogwarts."
  2645. Astoria then said, "You know, it's ironic that we married two completely different people who hate each other's guts, and now are on opposing sides of the law."
  2647. Daphne then conjured some Pumpkin Juice and said, "I'll drink to that."
  2649. May 22nd, Wednesday, 1:00 A.M., DADA Office
  2651. (Emily's POV)
  2653. I was having the most wonderful dream about walking through a pet shop full of nothing but cats and being able to care for all of them when I was snapped out of it by me bed partner, Morgana Le Fay, one of the most beautiful woman I've ever had the pleasure of bedding, squirming in her sleep and in me arms. I woke up and saw that she was obviously trying to get out of something, and, to me utter surprise, seemed to be in fear and was whimpering.
  2655. "Morgana, wake up!" I whispered into her ear.
  2657. She suddenly snapped out of it with her eyes wide open, and I could see for a few moments genuine fear in her eyes before it disappeared. I said, "What's wrong?"
  2659. She replied, "Bad dream."
  2661. I then said, "What was it about?"
  2663. She then said, "You'll probably think I'm big baby for it."
  2665. "Morgana, it was only a dream. I won't think anything less o' ye. Now tell me about it." I replied.
  2667. Taking a deep breath, Morgana said, "I dreamed I was trapped in a thunderstorm. I'm scared shiteless of thunder."
  2669. I looked at me older lover and whispered into her ear, "It's ok, baby. It was only a dream. If ye want, I can tell you about me own fear and personal nightmare."
  2671. "What?" she asked.
  2673. "I'm scared shiteless of bees."
  2675. We both laughed at our own fears and I held Morgana tighter and closer to me body. "Go back to sleep. I won't let anything happen to ye. I promise."
  2677. Before I drifted back to sleep, I realized that I was genuinely caring for another human being. And ye know what? I enjoyed it. It really felt good.
  2679. May 23rd, 2017, Thursday, SAMDON Clubhouse, 2:00 P.M.
  2681. Quinn sat down next to his fellow Nomad President on the couch after taking off his cut and looked upon the weathered and time-battered leather vest that he had worn as his Cut and battle armor ever since 1979. It had a V-Neck in it as opposed to a full circle collar and it had Zips instead of Snaps.
  2683. He then looked at the 4 patches adorning the panels of it. On the Right panel, below a golden US Special Warfare insignia pin that was as worn and weathered as the Cut itself, was the 'President' patch that had been his ever since 1982 when he first started the Nomads. Below it was the rare 'Unholy Ones' patch, signifying that he was, at times, the club's executioner.
  2685. On the left panel, below an SoA Reaper pin and a Sturgis Bike rally pin, was the very first 'Nomads' patch that the Sons had ever made. Below that, signifying that he was indeed a Born Again Christian member of the Sons of Anarchy, was the 'Born Again Heathen' patch that he had worn ever since he had first founded the Anchorage, Alaska Charter.
  2687. He then looked at the other patches that rested on his cut. On the right side was the 'Ghost Walker' patch, signifying that he had been in the Special Forces. On the left side was the 'Disturbed' patch, signifying that he had been a member of the Nomads for more than 5 years.
  2689. The reason that he was looking at his old Cut with such nostalgia was because he had realized that in 5 days, the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club would turn 50 years old.
  2691. He was pulled out of his thoughts when Ted asked, "You OK, Eskimo?"
  2693. Quinn shook his head and said, "Yeah, Sasquatch. Just thinking about the 50th anniversary coming up."
  2695. Ted replied, "Aye. Hard to believe it's been 50 years now."
  2697. "Did you think that the club would have lasted so long?"
  2699. "I had no idea that it would last this long. I know that we were not going to just fall apart after a few years, that's for damn sure."
  2701. Quinn smiled. "Damn straight. So, how've ya been dealing with your new 'condition'?"
  2703. It had been on his mind for a while. Though Quinn knew that Ted made a full recovery from the attack on him, he wanted to make sure that Ted could do his job as the British Nomad Pres.
  2705. "It's seems I now share something in common with my wife." Ted replied while scratching the back of his left ear slightly. "We both have a time of the month where we both turn into bloodthirsty monsters."
  2707. Quinn burst out in a rare laugh. After he had managed to professionally calm himself down, he asked, "You aren't chasin' cars now, are ya, Sasquatch?"
  2709. "Naw." Ted said nonchalantly. "Been fetching newspapers, walking towards hydrants when I should've walked to the head and have become quite the frisbee freak."
  2711. Quinn then stared at his fellow Nomad President in shock and silence. Leaning towards Quinn as if he were going to let him onto a secret, Ted said, "You know, the fact that you just bought that just shows my calm under pressure, Eskimo."
  2713. Quinn finally realized that it was a joke and said, "Good to see those overgrown fleabags didn't take your sense of humor."
  2715. "You take everything too seriously, you know that?" Ted said. "While it's good to keep sharp and on point, it's just as important to not forget how to live."
  2717. "You can blame the Damn VC, Communists, and every other shit head that decided to mess with Uncle Sam for taking away most of my sense of humor, Sasquatch." Quinn said. "I lost most of my humor in Vietnam a lifetime ago. I don't know if I'll ever get it back."
  2719. Before Ted could say anything more, Tonks brought over some beers for them. As they thanked her, Juice came into the room and said, "Everyone, listen up. I've got an announcement to make."
  2721. Everyone turned their attention to Juice as he walked over to Kerrianne. When he got down on one knee, Kerrianne gasped with a hand flying over her mouth in surprise. "Kerrianne Telford, we've been going out sense you turned 21. You accepted me for all my flaws when most others wouldn't have. I love you very much. I'm not good at this romantic stuff and I ain't Edward Cullen by any stretch. I don't have any fancy speech so here it goes."
  2723. Opening the jewelry box to reveal the ring to Kerrianne, Juice asked the big question, "Kerrianne Telford, will ya be my Ol' Lady?"
  2725. Kerrianne smiled greatly and said, "Yes, Juice. I will marry you!"
  2727. Juice rose up to his feet and they hugged each other while everyone cheered to celebrate the newly engaged couple. Quinn walked up to them with two drinks. "Congratulations to the both of you. While this is all nice and heartwarming, I'm sure that you will need your VP's permission to marry his daughter before anything else happens, Juice."
  2729. "I'll ask him at church." Juice said with his arm around Kerrianne.
  2731. 5 Hours Later, Hogshead Inn
  2733. Apparating outside of the old pub, Chibs walked inside, sat down at the bar and ordered several rounds of Firewhiskey. From Juice asking for his permission to marry Kerrianne, Juice proposing to her in front of the entire club, the 50th birthday of the club coming up and the impending Grindelwald attack, it had been a very stressful day for the national Vice President. So it had been natural for him to go over to his old hang out to get away from it all.
  2735. Aside from that, he also knew it was a good opportunity for him to find out why his Grandmother was apparently going out with a guy that freaked most of the club out.
  2737. After Aberforth came back with his drink, Chibs struck up a conversation. "Hey Aberforth. Sorry to hear about Albus. I wish I could've made it to the funeral."
  2739. He was referring to Albus Dumbledore's death, which had occurred 10 years earlier in 2007, when Albus died from choking on a Lemon Drop. Though it was sad to see him go, it also was pointed out that it was ironic that he went out choking on his favorite sweet.
  2741. "My brother seemed to always have a flair for theatrics, even in his final hour." Aberforth said as he helped himself to a tall drink himself.
  2743. "Aye. That 'e did." replied Chibs. "Aberforth, I've 'eard from reliable sources that me Grandmum 'as been comin' 'ere with a man about her age or a few years younger. What do ye see when ye see 'hem?"
  2745. Aberforth replied, "Aye. They 'ave. I don't know. They might be lovers, but I don't know. I haven't seen anything that would be lewd or considered to be public displays of affection."
  2747. Chibs asked, "They kiss or anything?"
  2749. Aberforth replied, "No, at least, not in front of me. That it?"
  2751. Chibs replied, "Aye."
  2753. He then turned around and came face to face with his Grandmother and Bachman.
  2755. "'ello, Grandmum." Chibs said meekly.
  2757. "Hello, Filip. I assume you already know Richard." Minerva said as the two men nodded to each other in greeting.
  2759. "We are only good friends keeping each other company, Filip.. That's it." replied Minerva as she sat down at a nearby table while Chibs had a brief chat with Bachman.
  2761. "Ye make sure nothing happens to her, Bachman. Ye 'ear?" Chibs said.
  2763. Bachman replied in a cool voice, "Absolutely."
  2765. May 24th, Friday, Backroads of Scotland, 8:00 P.M.
  2767. (Narcissa's POV)
  2769. I continued to run as fast as my legs could take me. I wasn't going back to Azkaban without at least trying to make amends with my sisters first.
  2771. After breaking out of Azkaban 2 hours ago when all the Aurors had gone home for the night, I knew I had a good head start on them. By the same token, I also knew that I needed a place to stay for the night. Though I had lifted a wand from the wand vault in Azkaban, I knew that my magical core was too weak to transfigure a bed for me to sleep on or to conjure some food. Hopefully, I could find a place to eat and sleep for the night.
  2773. I then suddenly came across a church to the side of the road. It didn't look abandoned, but I knew that no one was probably there. It wasn't Sunday, so no one would be there in the morning to find me, and the Aurors probably wouldn't look there for me.
  2775. I ran up to it just as it began to rain. Making sure no one had followed me, I opened the doors and walked in. I guess they had nothing to steal so they left the doors unlocked for anyone. After I shut the door behind me, I turned around to survey the place where I was going to be spending the night.
  2777. It was obviously an old Catholic church and had many pews before the alter as well as a Confessional booth. I just hope that no Priest is here while I try to sleep. Currently, that's all I want to try and do. If I can find some food as well, that's just a bonus.
  2779. Looking for a pew to sleep on, I nearly had a heart attack when I heard a woman's voice say, "You look like you're on the run. I only wonder who it is that you are running from."
  2781. I jumped around, with my stolen wand in hand, ready to kill if necessary, when I saw who my surprise guest was. It was just a homeless woman with long dark hair. A mesh cart with what I had to presume was all her worldly possessions stood right next to her. With a glance at her face, she had to be in her early 20s. Her dark hair reminded me of Bellatrix. That thought made my supposedly dead heart began to ache. God, I miss her and 'Dromeda.
  2783. "Who are you?" I demanded.
  2785. She replied, "My name is Andrea. What's yours?"
  2787. I sighed when she asked the question. I guess I have nothing better to do than to talk with her. Besides, it might help put me to sleep. "My name is Narcissa. You're right. I am on the run."
  2789. Before she could ask another question, a door opened and I nearly had a heart attack when I saw a man enter the church. "Hello, ladies. Don't worry. I'm not here to kick you out. We get plenty of folks looking for a place to sleep for the night around here."
  2791. I breathed a sigh of relief and before I knew it, he asked, "Would you both like some dinner?"
  2793. Though I was not one to take charity or the pity of others, my stomach growled in ache. My answer was clear. Before I said anything, Andrea said, "Yes, please. Thank you, kind sir."
  2795. He then motioned us to come over to him. "I've got some hot tea and porridge made. I'm sure you'll both love it. Though the one thing that makes a meal a feast is the company you share it with."
  2797. Leading us to his nook in the church, we were greeted by a cute Jack Russell terrier. The caretaker walked over and hugged his pet dog.
  2799. "We have company tonight, Ian." He said as the dog, Ian, licked his face, showing the close relationship between the two of them.
  2801. Filling three bowls with pipping hot porridge and three cups with freshly brewed tea, the caretaker set them upon the table. Before we could eat one bite, he said, "Let us give thanks."
  2803. I guess I shouldn't be rude. Bowing my head as Andrea and he did, I heard him say grace. "For what we are about to receive, may we all the thankful. I thank God for the sun that shines on my fields and the friends he surrounds me with. I pray that this food fills our hearts and stomachs so that we may feel content. In Jesus' name, Amen."
  2805. After he said what he did, as proper as I could, I began to eat slowly so that I wouldn't be seen as rude. But it was so tempting to just dig in. The porridge was probably the best I've ever had. It was a whole lot better than that slop in Azkaban.
  2807. The caretaker then asked, "So, ma'am, why exactly did you escape from Azkaban?"
  2809. My heart skipped several beats and I nearly died right then and there.
  2811. "H..How do you know what I am and where I broke out of?" I asked.
  2813. "I attended Hogwarts 20 years back. Takes one to know one." He replied. "By the way, no offense to you, but you look like Hell."
  2815. That seemed calm me down. "I…I escaped to make amends with some people I hold dear and to help fight against the monster I brought back."
  2817. "I won't ask what you were in for and no, I'm not going to turn you in. I'm just curious."
  2819. Andrea then asked, "Do you have family, Narcissa?"
  2821. My heart panged with guilt, pain, and angst. Though I had family, they hated me. Considering what I have done, they would sooner see me dead than speak with me again. My falling out with Bella and 'Dromeda, my ruined relationship with Draco and never being able to see my Grandson grow up came to me. Though I didn't show any tears, I replied, "Yeah, but we aren't close and they'll never want to see me again."
  2823. This didn't seem to faze either of them as the Caretaker asked, "Narcissa Black, when did you start feeling remorse for the crimes you committed?"
  2825. "When Grindelwald nearly killed me earlier this year." I replied. "Having a near-death experience tends to make you rethink your life, you choices and a lot of the stuff you've done."
  2827. It was true. I felt remorse for I'd done. Though I still felt the same way about those who weren't pureblood, I recently realized those feelings weren't as strong as they once were.
  2829. We continued to eat in silence. Once we were done, the Caretaker said, "Narcissa, Andrea, I'll leave you two to it. I'm going to turn in for the night. If I had a few extra beds, I'd offer them to you, but unfortunately, I don't."
  2831. I replied, "It's alright. I'll sleep on a pew."
  2833. As the Caretaker and his dog went to bed, Andrea and I went back into the Chapel itself. I guess it was weird to me to be inside a church. It didn't feel right to me. As we came to a pew and sat down, Andrea asked, "Narcissa, do you believe in God?"
  2835. I scoffed at that and said, "Who doesn't? I absolutely do believe in God. I also know that if he knows half the things I've done in my life, he'll send me straight to Hell when I die."
  2837. Andrea seemed to take my answer in since she hasn't gone running away from me. "Narcissa, we've all got our own transgressions and have fallen off the straight and narrow at one point or another. The question that matters is 'Would you make amends if you could?"
  2839. I replied without thinking, "Absolutely. If I could, I would."
  2841. Andrea then asked me, "Not only that, could you confess that you've done wrong and want to be forgiven for those crimes? Most of all, know that there are only 3 people who can wash away your sins. God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Now, knowing this, do you want to be forgiven?"
  2843. The words she said seemed to make sense to me, but there had to be something more. There had to be. I asked, "But how? How could God love someone like me? After all I've done?"
  2845. "God loves all of us and forgives absolutely. We are the ones that sometimes can't forgive ourselves or others at times. Look into your heart, see the faces of those closest to you in your life and confess your acts to them and to yourself."
  2847. An eerily familiar voice asked, "Narcissa, was it worth it?"
  2849. I then saw Lucius standing by me, in the exact state I left him when I killed him. "Was killing me really worth living up to your family's prejudices?"
  2851. My heart nearly stopped seeing his ghost stare through me. As he did, my father's voice rang through my ears, "Narcissa, you were the only one who stayed true to me. You're also the only one who was never happy in life. That's all I've ever wanted for my girls."
  2853. Sirius appeared before me out of the blue "It wasn't obedience that kept you from breaking free from our family's bigotry, Cissy. It was fear. You are such a coward."
  2855. "Sirius is right, Cissy. You are a coward." Bellatrix's voice caused me to turn around. Bellatrix and Andromeda sat behind me with Tonks sat in between her mother and aunt.
  2857. "You know, Cissy, there was a time when we didn't care about blood status." Andromeda said, wrapping her arm around her daughter. "Are you going to remain a spineless coward, or do you have the nerve to break away?"
  2859. "I doubt that seriously, Aunt Bella and Aunt Dromeda. My mother would sooner fill a graveyard a thousand times over before she would admit to being a bigot like parents." said Draco as he also appeared in the pew in front of me. "I wasn't enthusiastic about hearing the news when I did but perhaps it's for the best. Maybe Harry Potter is best suited to be the head of the Black family."
  2861. "I never thought I'd see the day when Draco Malfoy would actually vouch for me." A voice said from up on the priest's throne. There sat Harry Potter, Lord Black and head of the Black family." Having seen what Draco showed me of his past, it's no wonder Draco became the Prat he is today, Narcissa."
  2863. The sight of him perched in what looked like the highest seat of authority in the Black family was a lot to take in but to see his wife, Hermione, perched on his lap with such contentment was more than I could fathom.
  2865. "I've never really thought much o' ye when I was in the Death Eaters, Cissy. But I guess I should 'ave seen through your act when ye told me to be as vicious as possible that night I attacked SAMDON." rang the Irish accent of Emily O'Neal as she appeared from behind Draco.
  2867. With all my emotions and fears beginning to spill out onto the surface, I leapt to my feet in an attempt to run away from them, I came face to face with a tall man dressed in cobalt blue. His pale skin and bright, blonde hair looked much like Draco, only he wasn't Draco. I couldn't believe who I was looking at. It was an adult incarnation of my grandson, Scorpius, wearing an Auror badge and pointing a wand at me. "Did you think you could send the Dementors after my mother while I was still inside her and get away with it?"
  2869. "I'm sorry, Scorpius! I am sorry for everything I've done!" I cried to myself as I was brought to tears and my knees.
  2871. "Get on your feet. I never killed anyone when they were on their knees. I'm not going to start with you." Scorpius said as Bellatrix and Andromeda came up from behind me and lifted me up before carrying me towards Harry, Hermione, Sirius and Emily. Setting me before the young Lord Black, I looked at Harry as Hermione kissed him warmly.
  2873. "How is it that you would end up ruling over my family? You are a Half-Blood. How is it that I have to bow before you? I honored my parents and upheld their legacy. I did everything I was expected to do and I'm now under your rule?"
  2875. "Narcissa, it seems you confuse prejudice with legacy. Harry was humble and kind as well as courageous." Sirius said evenly. "I gave Harry the title because he possessed traits that the Black family desperately needs."
  2877. "If anyone could redeem the Black family, it would be Harry Potter." Hermione said, kissing her husband passionately as Harry fondled her. Looking at me, Harry said, "I never expected anyone to bow before me. Not even you, Narcissa."
  2879. I watched as Sirius, Andromeda, Bellatrix and Tonks walked up to stand behind the throne Harry sat on, clearly showing where they stood.
  2881. With tears in my eyes, I snapped out it and looked to Andrea, who was looking at me with the same stare as she was before. I asked, "How? How can I be forgiven?"
  2883. Andrea then said, "Bow down with me."
  2885. She then took my hands, and we bowed our heads, and she said, "The way to be forgiven is to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord, Narcissa. Do you want to do this?"
  2887. I replied nodded and she said, "Then repeat after me. Dear Lord Jesus, I admit that I'm a sinner. I have committed many crimes against you and your son. For this, I am truly sorry. I believe that you sent your son to die on the cross for my sins and that he rose again on the third day. Lord, from this day forward, I commit my life to you. Please enter into my heart, forgive me of all my sins, become my Savior and my Lord. Thank you dear God, for saving me. In Jesus' name, Amen."
  2889. I repeated the words with Andrea, meaning every one of them with all of my heart. As soon as I had finished the prayer, I felt relief come over me and a greater joy than I ever had in my life. "Thank you Andrea, for helping me."
  2891. I looked up to find that Andrea was gone, as well as her cart. For some odd reason, it didn't bother me. Then a voice said, "He's going to attack tomorrow. Best get a good night's sleep for the big battle."
  2893. I laid down on the pew and, after breathing a sigh, I went to sleep with a new resolve and determination to destroy the monster I created. Whatever happens tomorrow, I'm going back to Azkaban. In all honesty, I didn't really care.
  2895. May 25th, Saturday, 8:00 A.M.
  2897. "So that's the plan?" asked Emily as she, Minerva, Morgana, Ron, Harry, Bill Sr., Fred, George, and Hermione sat in Minerva's office, discussing the upcoming battle they knew was going to happen soon. They had just finished making the final touches to their strategy and were just going over it one last time.
  2899. "Yes, Emily. That is the plan. Grindelwald will feel the wrath of Hogwarts." said Morgana.
  2901. Just as she had spoke the words, a loud beeping sound came from a device on Minerva's desk that was next to a sitting Bachman, who looked at it and said, "They're about 15 miles away from us and closing. You might want to summon those who are going to fight and get them here now."
  2903. Harry looked at everyone and said, "Ron, get Bellatrix, Andromeda, Tonks, Natalie and Neville down here. Tell them it's fighting time."
  2905. Bill Sr. then said with an intense look on his face, "Let's do it."
  2907. As everyone began to file out of the room, Minerva called Emily over to her.
  2909. "Emily, I'd like to speak with you." Minerva said once they were by themselves.
  2911. Emily replied, "Minerva, these Bastards are closing in. Please 'ake it quick."
  2913. "You've proven yourself loyal to Hogwarts this past year. You've proven yourself as a trustworthy person and no longer the Death Eater you once were. Tell me something right now. Do you trust yourself to only attack those who attack Hogwarts?"
  2915. "Aye. I do." Emily replied.
  2917. Minerva then waved her wand and suddenly golden beams shot out of both of their chests and into their wands. Emily looked at Minerva with surprise. "Is 'his what I 'hink it is?"
  2919. Minerva nodded. "Yes, Emily. You are no longer under the Unbreakable Vow. Now I do believe it's time we send Grindelwald back to the grave. Shall we?"
  2921. "I thought ye'd ne'er ask." Emily quipped.
  2923. 5 minutes later, the Forbidden Forest
  2925. As the group of battle prepared wizards and witches headed towards the oncoming threat of Grindelwald and his Death Eaters, Bellatrix, Emily and Andromeda were pulled to the side behind a tree, away from the rest of the group. When Emily saw who it was that pulled them from the group, she demanded, "Why the 'ell are ye here? Ye should be in Azkaban!"
  2927. "Yeah. I should be. I wanted to try and make amends to my sisters, and to you, O'Neal, before we fight Grindelwald."
  2929. "We?" Bellatrix asked. "Cissy, while it's good to have all the help we can get, this does not change the fact that you were the one who resurrected Grindelwald."
  2931. "If you want to make amends with us, wonderful. We'll give you the chance. If you want to fight Grindelwald, that's great too. Regardless of what happens after this war with Grindelwald, you're going back to Azkaban." Andromeda said.
  2933. "I know and I honestly don't care if I live or die anymore. I don't even care if society sees me as scum. The only thing I want is redemption from my sisters." Narcissa said, determined to reconcile with her sisters as though it would be the last thing she ever did.
  2935. "Why should we believe you?" Andromeda asked. "Better yet, how do we know you aren't going to turn on us as soon as Grindelwald is dead?"
  2937. "A near death experience does a lot to change one's perspective on one's life, the right and wrong of it all and what needs to be done. Whether your believe me or not, I'm going to fight Grindelwald and I will see him die before I go back to Azkaban, assuming I live long enough to be sent back to Azkaban."
  2939. "Why don't you fear death anymore?" Emily asked, puzzled at Narcissa's resignation. "Why don't you care if we believe you or not?"
  2941. Narcissa took a deep breath and replied, "Last night, whether you believe me or not, I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior and Lord. The way I see it, either way, if I live or die, at least I'll be at peace."
  2943. Emily looked surprised. She and Andromeda then both asked at the same time, "Really? You did?"
  2945. Bellatrix then walked up to Narcissa and looked her in the eyes. "Did you really do what you say you did?"
  2947. Narcissa nodded. Bellatrix then turned to Emily and Andromeda. "She's telling the truth. Right now, we can not look a gift horse in the mouth. We need all the help we can get."
  2949. Looking at Narcissa, Emily said, "Stick to the shadows. We don't need the enemies seeing ye."
  2951. "Absolutely." Narcissa said. "Also, 'Dromeda, Bella, Emily, In case I don't walk off this battlefield alive, I want you three to know that I am truly sorry. For what it's worth, I love all of you. Even you, Emily and I don't really know you all that well."
  2953. All four women instantly pulled each other into a big group hug. After they had broken it off and wiped the tears from her eyes, Bellatrix and Andromeda said to her, "We love you too, Cissy."
  2955. Without another word between the 4 of them, Bellatrix, Andromeda and Emily rejoined the group while Narcissa kept to the shadows.
  2957. The Middle of the Forbidden Forest, 3 minutes later
  2959. With Victor Korbut by his side, Gellert Grindelwald led the 200 man army as they marched towards Hogwarts when they suddenly came to a stop, at precisely the middle of the Forbidden Forest. Standing in front of them, 50ft away, were Bellatrix, Andromeda, Natalie, Tonks, Morgana, Emily, Minerva, Fred, George, Ron, Harry, Hermione, Bill Sr., Bachman and Neville.
  2961. Grindelwald laughed at the small force and asked, "What is this? 15 soldiers against 200 men? You must be joking."
  2963. "You will be surprised at what 15 soldiers can do against your 200 minions. If I could blast Voldemort away with a shotgun, it would stand to reason that you would need 200 people to stand up to us." Harry said armed with an AR-15 in one hand and his wand in the other.
  2965. Angered by Harry's confidence, Korbut aimed his wand at Minerva and yelled, "Avada Kedevra!"
  2967. The killing curse raced towards Minerva but just as it was 3 feet away from her, a skeleton quickly rose up from the ground in front of her. The skeleton was destroyed from the blast but blocked the curse from hitting Minerva.
  2969. "What the…" Korbut started before he saw Morgana's smoking wand in the air, obviously showing she had been the one who had summoned the skeleton.
  2971. Before Korbut could cast any other curse or hex, Bill and Morgana raised their wands at the same time and began chanting an ancient language. As they did, the earth began to shake, creating a giant crack along the earth's surface between the two groups.
  2973. From the flames of what seemed to be Hell itself, a giant skeleton rose from the depths, showing itself to be over 40 feet tall and 30 feet long. Aside from a crocodilian snout, it had a huge sail fin on it's back. It was a Spinosaurus, the largest dinosaur that had ever walked the earth and was more vicious than the Tyrannosaurus Rex itself.
  2975. Once fully revived, it started charging against Grindelwald's army, causing havoc, chaos, and raining down Hell upon it's enemies, effectively wiping out half of his army before being destroyed by Grindelwald himself.
  2977. Just when they thought they could get a break, several gunshots sounded off and 5 more of his soldiers dropped dead. With Ron, Fred, George and Harry taking aim with their weapons, Ron then said, "Brothers, who ever kills the least of these bastards buys the celebratory drinks!"
  2979. "Oh, you're paying, Ron!" Fred and George said in chorus.
  2981. Grindelwald then yelled out, "Attack!"
  2983. As his army started charging forward, Bellatrix yelled out, "Come on!"
  2985. With those exclamations between the two forces, everyone started charging forward with each combatant in their own personal fight against an enemy, or in some cases, up to 10 at a time, as was the case for Bellatrix, Andromeda and Emily, who were dueling side by side, killing Death Eaters right and left.
  2987. Ron had left his brothers to do the shooting while he, Emily, Natalie, Harry and Hermione started wiping out their own fair portions of enemies themselves. While Emily and Natalie cast the 'Tagliare Corpo Verso Un Mille Pezzo' curse upon two of their enemies, Bachman had found himself in a 5 way duel.
  2989. As he continued to nonverbally kill his enemies, he yelled out, "Come on, you Sons of Bitches! That the best you got?"
  2991. Though his adrenaline was on high, the action intense and the enemy relentless, Bachman noticed something in the corner of his eye. It was Narcissa, sending nonverbal killing curses at unsuspecting enemies from the shadows. Before he could do or say anything, a nonverbal disarming spell hit him, sending his wand 5ft from him and knocking him flat on his stomach.
  2993. Just as the man who had attacked stood over him and was about to perform the killing curse, Bachman whipped around with his S&WM1911PD in hand. With a battle cry, Bachman emptied 5 rounds into the man's head, effectively turning it into Swiss cheese.
  2995. While Bachman got back up on his feet, both Hermione and Neville conjured C-4 explosives mixed with Semtex attached to several grenades and threw all 8 at the Death Eaters, effectively killing all but Grindelwald and 10 others.
  2997. Meanwhile, Minerva and Tonks engaged in a fight against Victor Korbut, who was holding his own against the talented witches. Shortly after casting several Killing Curses at them and missing, Bellatrix joined into the fight, casting curse after curse at the man who nearly killed her niece with a feral look in her eyes which, if you were to ask those who had known her during the old days, would say that it was as if the Demon Spirit of Bellatrix Lestrange herself had rejoined the Living even if only for this one fight.
  2999. Bellatrix cast another Killing Curse at Korbut, who dodged it and then did something that sealed his fate. He cast the Bone Crusher Curse on Tonks, breaking 5 of her ribs and both of her legs. As Tonks fell to the ground in unimaginable pain, Bellatrix cried out, "LEVICORPUS!"
  3001. As soon as she had shouted the words, Victor Korbut was levitated 15 feet into the air, dropping his wand onto the ground at Minerva's feet. Bellatrix then looked to Minerva and asked, "Would you like the honors, Minerva?"
  3003. Minerva smiled thinly as she picked up Korbut's wand. With her own wand aimed at Korbut and a vengeful look in her eyes, McGonagall said, "Sectumsempra."
  3005. Eight deep gashes made their way through Korbut's torso, from his groin area to his smug mouth, as well as slitting his throat from ear to ear.
  3007. As the psychopath's blood cascaded down his skin, completely draining his entire body, Minerva growled, "Goodbye, you Bastard." before she snapped his wand in half and Bellatrix undid the Levitating curse, causing the lifeless body to plummet to the ground. Upon impact, the cadaver turned into jello because of the high rate of speed during free fall.
  3009. By the time it hit the ground, all of the Death Eaters were dead. Since it appeared that it was safe, all of the combatants raced over to Tonks to make sure she was alright. While Tonks was tended to, Emily was the one who realized something wasn't right.
  3011. "Guys, where's Grindelwald?" Emily asked.
  3013. They all scanned the area and they realized that Grindelwald was no where in sight indicating clearly to them that he was still alive out there. Without a word on her part, Natalie instantly grew to 11 feet and covered Tonks while the rest of the group stood at the ready for any attack from the ancient Dark Lord.
  3015. A few minutes of waiting later, they all heard a voice say, "You may have defeated my army, but you will not defeat me!"
  3017. They whipped around to see Grindelwald only feet from Minerva. With a sword drawn, he charged Minerva and as soon as he was close enough, he thrust into what he thought was Minerva McGonagall. Instead, when he opened his eyes, he saw in shock at whom he had stabbed.
  3019. Clutching onto his 3 foot long blade that was embedded into her stomach, with blood dripping from her mouth and stomach, was Narcissa Black with a mad smile on her face. She then said, "What are you four waiting for? Kill this Son of a Bitch!"
  3021. Immediately having heard those words from Narcissa, Bellatrix, Andromeda and Morgana cast the Killing Curse. As the three curses hit Grindelwald square in the chest, Emily cast a silencing charm over their ears and unleashed a Banshee Scream, killing Grindelwald once and for all.
  3023. The moment Grindelwald dropped to the ground dead as Julius Caesar, Bellatrix and Andromeda grabbed Tonks and Narcissa and apparated them both to St. Mungo's, leaving the remaining combatants to regroup and assess the devastation left in the wake of the battle.
  3025. "We need to get rid of the bodies on the grounds." Minerva said looking at the carnage with disgust. "They look terrible on the grounds."
  3027. No sooner had she spoken those words, Bachman stepped forward and said, "Evanesco Maximus."
  3029. With a wave of his wand, all of the bodies surrounding the grounds disappeared without a trace.
  3031. Chapter 44
  3033. Saturday, May 25th, 3:00 P.M, St. Mungo's
  3035. (Emily's POV)
  3037. As Harry, Hermione, Remus, Ted, Morgana, and I walked down the halls of St. Mungo's to make sure that Tonks was ok, I said, "I'm going to check on Bellatrix and Andromeda."
  3039. Harry nodded at that and Morgana said, "I'll go with you."
  3041. Splitting from the group, we walked to the Prison ward. Just before we got there, we went into a corner.
  3043. "This is it, I guess, Morgana. Grindelwald is dead. Now we have to go back to our Ol' men." I said in resignation.
  3045. She replied, "Aye. That we do. I had a lot of fun with you, Emily. Anyway, I bet Seamus and Danny will get a kick out o' the memories we've made together."
  3047. I smiled devilishly. "Aye. They will."
  3049. Knowing that this would the be last chance to do anything, we had one last kiss before heading over to Narcissa's room. Bellatrix and Andromeda were sitting on both sides of her bed. I'm still surprised that Narcissa, the Dark Queen herself, actually took a sword thrust to the stomach for her self proclaimed enemy.
  3051. "Is she goin' to live?"
  3053. Bellatrix nodded yes. Morgana and I took a seat next to Bellatrix and Andromeda. Looking at the youngest of the Black sisters, I asked, "Ye ne'er cease to surprise people, do ye?"
  3055. She smiled weakly. "I know. Still can't believe that short sword missed my liver by only 2 inches."
  3057. Turning my attention to the eldest of the trio, I said to Bellatrix, "Ye know, ye were vicious during that fight against Korbut."
  3059. "Yeah, she was." Narcissa said wistfully. "It was like you were channeling the spirit of Bellatrix Lestrange through ya."
  3061. Bellatrix sighed. "I guess even now, years after she's been dead and buried, there's still a part of her inside me. But every day that passes, that part of her gets smaller. It's not something I ever want to go back to, but that bastard nearly killed my niece. There was no way I was going to let that slide. Korbut got his comeuppance for messing with my niece."
  3063. Looking toward me and Morgana, Andromeda asked, "How is Tonks?"
  3065. Before any of us could give an answer, Wiley entered into the room with some good news. "Tonks is going to be fine, Andy. No major organs were damaged. She'll be in here a while so you can ask her then."
  3067. Bellatrix then asked, "So what's the verdict from Minister Bones?"
  3069. Wiley walked up to Narcissa and gave her a certificate that we could see was from the Ministry of Magic. "I talked it over with Amelia. In exchange for you helping to defeat Grindelwald, your original life sentence has been reduced to 10 years in Azkaban. 5 if you behave yourself. Also, you're going to have a 10 month stay at a Half-Way house when you get out so as to help you return to public life."
  3071. "Thank you, Wiley." replied Narcissa.
  3073. He then said, "Don't thank me. Thank the man behind me."
  3075. We then looked behind him and saw Bachman standing behind Wiley with his normal cold look on him. What scared us was how quietly he entered. If Wiley had not called our attention to him, we never would have known he was in the room with us. Wiley explained, "He said he saw you fighting against Grindelwald's forces even before you took a sword to the stomach. You're very lucky to have his testimony, Cissy."
  3077. After Wiley left the room, I then asked, "Bachman, how did you manage to keep your cool during that fight? You seemed like ye were having a flashback to Vietnam."
  3079. "What Flashback?" Bachman asked coolly before walking away from us. Morgana, Bellatrix and I said in chorus, "Weirdo."
  3081. Pulling out my cell phone, I decided to give Danny a call. I knew he didn't believe in voice mail when he answered after about 3 rings. "What is it, Em.?"
  3083. I replied, "I'm OK, Danny Boy. Grindelwald is dead."
  3085. "That's great news." Danny said, relieved that I was alright.
  3087. I then said, "As soon as our appointment at Wiley's is done, I'm going to shag ye 10 ways from Sunday to make up for lost time."
  3089. He then replied, "Good to know."
  3091. I then said, "Can ye put Seamus on the phone? I think 'is Ol' Lady would like to talk with him."
  3093. As soon as he did and Morgana took the phone, I could tell that they were going to talk about all the things he was going to do to her when she got back to SAMBEL in the bedroom. I honestly couldn't blame them. Too bad I probably would ne'er get to shag 'er again. It really was a lot of fun.
  3095. After she had gotten done talking with Seamus, she turned to me and handed me my phone. I knew at that point that she was only going to go back to Hogwarts to get her stuff and leave. I'm going to miss 'er. A lot. But at least we will always have our memories. Perhaps Seamus and Danny will allow us to do this again sometime.
  3097. Narcissa then said to us, "You girls can go be with Nymphadora. I just want to sleep right now."
  3099. Bellatrix and Andromeda proceeded to give her one last bear hug before leaving me and Morgana. As we exited the room, I said, "She's a weird one, ye know?"
  3101. Bellatrix replied, "Yep. But she's our weird sister."
  3103. Tonks' Room, 5 minutes later
  3105. After Ted and the others had made sure that Tonks was going to be ok, they had sat down for a little while and as they did, Emily, Morgana, Andromeda, and Bellatrix walked into the room and took a seat by them as well. Harry was the one who finally asked, "So how is she?"
  3107. Bellatrix replied, "She'll live."
  3109. Ted then asked, "What'd Wiley say about her sentence?"
  3111. Emily replied, "10 years and a Half-Way House. 5 years if she behaves herself."
  3113. Harry replied, "Ok."
  3115. He then proceeded to go into the bathroom, and as he did, Hermione followed him in. Morgana then asked, "Why did they go in there?"
  3117. Bellatrix replied, "More than likely to Shag."
  3119. Just then, Tonks woke up. As she looked around, she said, "Mom! Aunt Bella!"
  3121. Bellatrix and Andromeda went over and then gave Tonks the biggest hug that she had ever had in her entire life.
  3123. June 15th, 3:00 P.M., DADA Office
  3125. (Emily's POV)
  3127. I sat in me office, working on some last minute paper work, trying to get me mind off of the eventual bad news that I knew was going to happen today. 2 weeks ago, I had received an updated Omen of Death for Hagrid. He was already dead by now. The Omen had told me that he was going to die before 2 o'clock.
  3129. Right now, I was just hardening and preparing me self for the inevitable news so it wasn't going to hurt as much when I hear it. Hagrid had lived a long life and I knew he had died happy.
  3131. Damnit to 'ell. Why does this have to be so hard?
  3133. As I spoke to me self, a knock on the door drew me out o' me thoughts. "Door's open."
  3135. A man then walked in. Judging from his atire, I could tell that he was from St. Mungo's. I guess the moment has arrived. I said, "Just get it over with, sir."
  3137. The Healer then said, "Ms. O'Neal, I'm here concerning your friend, Hagrid. He's still on the way to recovery, but he's out of the worst of it. He's doing great."
  3139. Me heart stopped for a few moments before I could manage to shake off the shock. I couldn't believe me ears. I asked, "What was 'hat?"
  3141. He replied, "He's alive and well. In fact, he's doing great."
  3143. I can't believe it. Hagrid is alive. He survived the Omen of Death.
  3145. Before I could even control me self, I burst into tears of joy. My friend wasn't going to die! Yes! I couldn't control me self in any way and began jumping up and down in joy. I then hugged the Healer and said, "Thank ye! Thank ye!"
  3147. Wasting no time, I practically flew out the doors as I began running to find the Trio and Natalie.
  3149. We needed to go see Hagrid. Now.
  3151. After 18 minutes o' looking, I finally found them sitting in the Library. As quietly as I could manage, I said, "We need to go visit Hagrid. Now."
  3153. "What's going on?" Natalie asked, concern evident in her voice.
  3155. I said, "He's out of the woods. He's going to make it!"
  3157. Without another word between us all, we went to Minerva's office. After receiving her approval, we used a Portkey to transport us all to St. Mungo's. We rushed as fast as we could without making a scene to Hagrid's room. As we stepped through the door, I was nearly overcome with me new found emotions. Sitting there on his hospital bed with the same cheer we all come to love in him, Hagrid then said, "'ello you lot. 'ow are ya?"
  3159. Immediately, the Trio, Natalie and I hugged Hagrid. "I missed the lot o' ya too."
  3161. While the Trio and I simply hugged him, Natalie kissed him passionately, which made the Trio and I smile and whistle playfully at the two half giants.
  3163. After they finished snogging, Natalie and Hagrid broke off from each other long enough for me to say, "It's great that ye are getting better, Hagrid. You feeling a'right?"
  3165. Hagrid replied, "Aye. A tad bit sore, yeah, but I'm alive."
  3167. I breathed a heavy sigh of relief. My best friend was going to live. I can't believe it. Rubeus Hagrid has become the first person alive to survive an Omen of Death. Somehow, I didn't really care how it happened. I'm just glad he did.
  3169. Natalie then said, "I missed you so much, Hagrid. But I do have some good news for ya. Peace has been made between Slytherin and Gryffindor. Yeah, they're still competitive, but not at the rate or measure that they once were. Oh, also, Gellert Grindelwald is dead. Again."
  3171. "I see a lot has happened while I was away." Hagrid replied, "Ne'er thought I'd see the day when that would happen between Slytherin and Gryffindor. Speaking of that, Hermione, I don't remember if I every told you or not earlier, but congratulations on becoming the new Head o' Gryffindor."
  3173. Harry and Ron then did something that made me think o' Fred and George. They said in chorus, "We're glad you're going to make it, Hagrid."
  3175. While Natalie and the Trio all shared some more hugs with our dear friend, I felt a heavy weight on me heart. On some level, I needed to tell them. Love or hate me, they need to know. Besides, it's passed and Hagrid's still alive. He isn't going to die from this cancer. I took a deep breath and said, "I need to tell all o' ye something that ye all deserve to know."
  3177. This quickly caught their attention.
  3179. "Go on. Tell us." Harry said.
  3181. I took another breath to calm my nerves before I started talking. "As ye all know, in the recent past, I've been really sad when Hagrid comes up in a conversation. There's a reason for that. I've been dreading this day since last year, and yet, he's still with us, among the living."
  3183. It didn't take much for them to know what I was talking about. Harry was the one who gave voice to that suspicion. "You had an Omen of Death for Hagrid, didn't you?"
  3185. "Aye. Last year. It got updated a few weeks ago, telling me it was supposed to happen before two in the afternoon today. But he's still alive. The reason I didn't tell any o' ye was because while I'm no angel by any means, I'm not a complete monster. At the time, I knew ye hope was pointless, but I wasn't that cruel or sadistic. I didn't want to take away ye hope." I replied.
  3187. They all stared at me for a few moments before Hermione came over to me and, much to me surprise, gave me a hug. "You did the right thing, Emily. It was a tough decision for you to make and I believe you when you say that you're not a complete monster."
  3189. "Thank ye, Hermione." I whispered softly into her ear. When she broke the hug, Ron reacted as he normally would. His tongue spoke faster than his brain could think. "I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that you kept your big mouth shut, Emily."
  3191. "Well, Ron, in comparison to all the other things you've said to me, that sounds the closest to the best compliment you've ever given me." I said, slightly amused at Ron but not enough to start laughing.
  3193. Then I saw the SAMDON VP looking at me square in the eye. Ever since our falling out in Ireland, Harry didn't seem to take kindly to me. Yet now, in spite of what he knew of me now, he looked at me without his wand or guns in hand and said, "Thanks for helping to keep our hopes alive. Regardless of how I may feel about you, I am thankful for your consideration."
  3195. I replied, "Ye are welcome, Harry."
  3197. We all then proceeded to go over and hug our best friend with everything we had one more time with the confidence that he wasn't going anywhere.
  3199. July 1st, 3:00 P.M., King's Cross
  3201. (Tig's POV)
  3203. I know I ought to be used to all of this weirdness and strangeness by now but I'm not. Honestly, I don't think I ever will be. Then again, I'm all of those things. Considering what I put up with on any given day, I guess I need it in my life. I then looked over to Bella and I noticed that a lot of people were giving us space. I guess even now, people will always be scared of my wife.
  3205. You know what? I don't care. I love her. In my eyes, that's all that counts.
  3207. Right now, we were waiting to pick Alex and Isabelle up and then we're going to get some tattoos. Overall, I'd say it was a good day.
  3209. As I was thinking about it, I began thinking of my other two daughters. Dawn and Fawn. I began thinking of the rare times I ever had with them like taking them to their first day of school when Colleen allowed me. It's time like this that I wish I could have gotten custody from that gash so I could have raised them.
  3211. I then muttered under my breath, "Cheatin' bitch."
  3213. Even though I had forgiven my ex-wife for cheating on me with that Prospect, it still burned me up inside that I couldn't get Dawn or Fawn. All because of an incident where I assaulted a man in a gas station. I didn't start it but it made no difference to when the final verdict was cast.
  3215. I guess you could say that I've had a long and violent life. For most of my youth, I was in trouble with the law. Went to college and got my shit together. Joined the Marines 'cause I needed structure and organization. It had a lot as well to do with my wanting to serve my country. Joined the Sons for the same reason. After my sham of a marriage ended, my shit got out of control and I racked up numerous charges, including 3 months for Grievous Bodily Harm on that guy in the gas station, 8 months for trashing a bar, 5 months for beating a hooker, 2 years for assault in 2002 for beating a man in a bar, and of course, those 14 months for possession of an AK-47.
  3217. Still, even through all of that, I've managed to make time for Bellatrix and my kids. I love them to death. My Club, my Family, my God and my Country are the most important things to me.
  3219. I was suddenly snapped out of my inner monologue by Bella saying, "Tig, it's ok."
  3221. I shook my head and asked, "What do you mean?"
  3223. Bella then said to me, "I know that you're pissed about not getting custody of Dawn and Fawn. Even to this day you are. But through Alex and Isabelle, you're making amends with your past and with yourself."
  3225. "Bella, I know you care about me and you hate seeing me like this but sometimes, I can't help but feel this way. I love you, Alex and Isabelle and I always will. At the same time, I'll also love my other daughters just as much."
  3227. Bella then said to me, "Tig, I don't think highly of how Dawn and Fawn turned out. You know that. They did wrong by you. For that, I don't like them. Yet in spite of that, I also know you still love them anyway. I can accept that."
  3229. I replied, "A'right."
  3231. Without another word on either of our parts, I gave her a peck on the lips just as the train pulled up. Guess it's time to get my kids back to Grimmauld Place.
  3233. As all of the students piled out of the old train, Alex and Isabelle came out and found us. While we gave each of them a big hug, thankful that they had just made it through the year alive, Isabelle said, "Dad, I got something to show you."
  3235. I put her down and said, "What is it?"
  3237. She then reached into her robe and pulled it out. I nearly had a heart attack and my face went pale. In her hands was a doll. I hate dolls. I'm scared shitless of them. The eyes freak me out.
  3239. I said, "Get that thing away from me."
  3241. She said, "Dad, it's just an action figure. Amos gave it to me."
  3243. I said, "Make it go away. Please."
  3245. Bella then said, "Isabelle, put your action figure away. You know your dad is scared of them."
  3247. Once I saw her put it back in her robes, I breathed a sigh of relief. That was close. Now it can't stare at me with those lifeless eyes. Now it can't get me while I'm sleeping.
  3249. The reason I'm scared shitless of dolls is because of those eyes. Those lifeless eyes. They remind me of all the lifeless stares of dead bodies that I've seen. They just freak me out. I will never be able to look at them. Hell, even the life sex doll Bella got me has it's head covered with a bag. It's terrifying, yet, totally boner making.
  3251. Hogsmeade, 7:00 P.M., Angel Ink Tattoo Shop
  3253. After dropping Alex and Isabelle off at Grimmauld Place, Tig and Bellatrix ate supper there with Ted, Tonks and Andromeda before heading over to Wiley's tattoo shop. It had been a while for both of them sense they had gotten tattoos and now felt like as good a time as any.
  3255. As they were about to walk in, a voice said, "Hey, Tig. How ya doin'?"
  3257. They turned around to see Emily and Danny walking together towards the shop. Tig went over and gave Danny a handshake while Bella was given a hug by Emily. Tig finally asked, "So Psycho, why ya here? Wanting to watch your Ol' Lady get tattooed?"
  3259. Danny replied, "That, and, I'm going to get a tattoo myself."
  3261. Tig looked at the younger man with surprise and said, "No way. Really?"
  3263. He replied, "Yeah, I am. Now let's get this over with."
  3265. As they walked in, they saw that Sam, Vince and Aaron were playing cards with Wiley and Sandy. Sam asked, "Got any '8's, Wiley?"
  3267. Wiley said, "Go fish."
  3269. Tig let out a whistle, and they all looked up from their hands. Wiley said, "Good to see all of ya."
  3271. As they went over and began shaking their hands, Tig asked, "Sharky, the Hell you doing in Scotland?"
  3273. "Well, it's good to see you too, Tig." Sam quipped sarcastically. "I'm here on a three week vacation. Came over 2 days ago with my wife. Sally is still in training with the Narc Detectives. Jake is somewhere in the USA on his Harley with Scarecrow and Bones."
  3275. Looking to Danny and Emily, Sam shook the half-banshee's hand warmly. "You doing alright, Emily?"
  3277. She replied, "Aye, Sharky. I am doing well."
  3279. Wiley then said, "Tig, Bella, I'd like ta show ya both someone. The story will be in tomorrow's Daily Prophet, but since you're related, you have a right to know."
  3281. He then motioned into the shadows and Regulus Black emerged out from them. Bellatrix ran over to him and gave him a bear hug. "Regulus. I thought you were dead!"
  3283. "Naw. Just faked my own death like you did though I didn't have so many people helping me at the time."
  3285. Breaking the hug, Bellatrix proceeded to make the introductions between her estranged cousin and her husband. "Tig, this is my cousin, Regulus Black. Your other Brother in law."
  3287. "You were Sirius' brother, right?" Tig asked.
  3289. Regulus nodded. "You must be Tig. Wiley has told me a lot about ya."
  3291. "Really?" Tig replied, "I see. Well, since you are very much alive and we have just met now, let me give ya a proper greeting."
  3293. Regulus walked over to Tig, whose hand was extended in friendship. As he took it, Tig quickly pulled him forward and kneed him in the nuts. Regulus crumpled to the ground, clutching his groin. "You had my entire extended family think you were dead, Asshole!" Tig said.
  3295. Giving Tig a swift headslap, Bellatrix walked over and helped Regulus get back up to his feet. Once he was standing upright again, she proceeded to give him a black eye with a well aimed right hook. "That was for missing your brother's funeral, Reg!"
  3297. Wincing from Bella's fist connecting with his eye, Regulus got up gingerly.
  3299. "OK. I had that coming." He started. "I can't express enough how sorry I am about that. If I had been able to, I would have been there but I wasn't. All the wishes in the world won't change that."
  3301. While Wiley used a charm to lessen the swelling around Regulus' eye, Draco and Scorpius walked into the building.
  3303. "Wiley!" Draco said.
  3305. "Hello, Draco." Wiley said, looking between the Ministry's prosecutor and his son. "What's your son doing here?"
  3307. "I'm here to get my first tattoo, Mr. Linwood." Scorpius said plainly.
  3309. "Ain't you a little young to be getting tattooed?" Sam asked.
  3311. "Yes. I'm sure that I can not get a tattoo unless I have consent from my parents." Scorpius replied to the MC Chaplin.
  3313. "He has consent from both myself and his mother, my wife." Draco said. "We discussed the matter extensively and we decided that he can get one if he wants one."
  3315. Without warning, a cold, spine chilling voice said, "Hello, Wiley."
  3317. Draco nearly jumped out of his skin before turning around to see Bachman standing behind him, placing his Aviator Sunglasses in the collar of his black wife beater shirt. If he hadn't announced his presence, he would have most likely gone unnoticed by the rest of them, making that the most chilling part of his presence.
  3319. "Bachman! How nice to bring your icy Stephen King-ish charm to my shop. Are you here to get a tattoo?"
  3321. Walking towards the tattoo artist to the wizarding community, Bachman nodded yes as he handed Wiley two designs. The first was a Vulture with an M16 assault rifle clutched in it's feet with the wings replaced with the British and American Flags. The second was a Shovel and an M2 50 Cal Machine crossed beneath a skull. He said, "The first goes on my right bicep. Second on my left."
  3323. Wiley examined the tattoo designs for a few moments. "Alright. Let me draw these up as stencils and I'll let ya know when they're ready to go. While I'm at it, anyone else have any designs?"
  3325. Danny then approached him with a design and handed it to him. It was a Spartan with a shield in his left hand, armor on his chest, a red cape over his back, a spear in his right hand with his helmet covering his face in shadow and bronze. He said, "Right bicep."
  3327. Emily then handed him her design. It was a kitten with a four leaf clover held in it's mouth by the stem like a cigar with a shillelagh in one paw, an M-4A1 in the other, while perched on a pot of gold with a rose printed on it, with a banner with 'Danny' written in it. She said, "I'd like to get the damn mark removed and replaced by this. While ye are at it, I'd like ye to retouch me Missy portrait tattoo."
  3329. Tig then stepped forward and gave Sam his designs. The first was a serpent coiled around an M16 Scythe. The second was a roaring lion with a Crystal Ball with an Anarchist 'A' inside it underneath one of it's paws. The third and final one was a scroll with Andromeda, Bellatrix, and Tonks' names inside it. He said, "First goes in my right inner forearm. Second on my left outer forearm. Third below my right peck."
  3331. Bellatrix then approached Vince and handed him her designs. The first was a portrait of Tonks' face with a banner that read 'N.T.L.'. The second was a Roaring Lion with a banner that read 'Alex'. The third was a snake with 'Isabelle' written vertically with a letter of her name in each coil. The next two were her sister's names. She said, "First goes over my scar on my arm. Second goes on my left outer forearm. Third coils around my right forearm. Fourth goes on the left side of my left forearm, and the fifth goes on the right side of my right forearm."
  3333. Draco gave Aaron his design. It was a Wyvern and a Snake perched and coiled around a heart. When asked about the tattoo's location, Draco said, "I want it above my heart."
  3335. While Draco sat in the tattoo chair, Scorpius went to Sam and gave him his design. It was an 'M' inside a circle with a raven perched above it with it's wings spread. He said, "I'd like in my inner right forearm, please."
  3337. Wasting no time with small talk, the artists got to work on sketching out the designs onto stencils.
  3339. Settling down in an empty chair, Scorpius prepared himself mentally to get his first tattoo. "So what made you want to get this tattoo?"
  3341. "I wanted to get something to commemorate my first year in Hogwarts." Scorpius said as Sam began working on the tat. "It's also something no one else in the school would ever think to get after their first year."
  3343. Looking over to Bellatrix as she was getting her tats prepared, Scorpius knew that the questions in his head would immediately put him in the spotlight. That didn't stop him from asking them. "Aunt Bellatrix, can I ask you something?"
  3345. "Of course, Scorpius. What do you want to know?"
  3347. "What did my grandmother do to make my father never speak of her?"
  3349. "My sister, your grandmother, was a coward and a subservient schemer for a large part of her life. Of the three of us, Andromeda was the bravest. While Cissy and I followed our father's prejudiced ideals and married pure-blood wizards, Andromeda went and married a Muggle wizard she loved. She was cast out of the family for going against their beliefs." Looking at Scorpius, Bellatrix took a deep breath before continuing. "When you were still inside your mother's body, your grandmother made an attempt on her because she refused to let you or herself to get the Dark Mark. Even when Voldemort was felled by Potter, Narcissa could not break away from the Black family's ego-fueled superiority complex. Your grandmother and I did a lot of bad things to a lot of people, including your grandfather, who was just as cowardly as she was. Your father did not want you to know Narcissa because he did not want you to be lured into the life of a Death Eater. Your father wants better for you than what he had in his youth."
  3351. Seeing Scorpius absorb all this information, Sam leaned in and said, "A lot of families, Muggle and Wizard alike, have a certain measure of bad blood and tough times. Your father never wanted you to not know where you came from. He just never wanted you to take up those old beliefs and mentalities."
  3353. "Where is she now?" Scorpius asked while Sam was working on the details in the raven perched on the circle containing the initial M.
  3355. "In a cell at Azkaban. That's not the place for you to meet her." Bellatrix said, knowing that Scorpius wanted to uncover a lot of secrets and mysteries.
  3357. Wiley worked on Emily's first since hers would involve the incantation to remove the Dark Mark. A drop of Danny's blood and an incantation later, the Dark Mark was removed from her arm and her new design now rested over where it used to be. He then got to work on retouching the Missy tattoo.
  3359. As Sandy worked on Bachman's tattoos, he read the novel of 'Cujo' with his free hand.
  3361. Vince began working on Tig's tattoos while Aaron worked on Draco's. Taking a seat next to Aaron and Draco, Sam said, "You know, your kid getting tattooed at such a young age reminds me of the day my son got his first tattoo."
  3363. Draco replied, "Really?"
  3365. Popping a few sunflower seeds into his mouth, Sam smiled, "Soon as he got out of the Marine Corps, he went and got the Grim Reaper on his left arm with the Rebel Flag as the colors of it's robes."
  3367. Snickering a bit, Sam remembered how everyone reacted. "His mom cried, I laughed and his sister hugged him."
  3369. "Until today, I never thought that it would take this much pain to get a tattoo."
  3371. "It's not just enduring pain to get ink, Draco." Tig said. "Doesn't matter what it means, as long as it's earned. A lot of my life and persona is told in my skin art. My tattoos show things that mean a lot to me in my life. Whether it's my faith in God, the love I have for my family, the service I gave to my country while serving in the Marines to the commitment I made to the Sons of Anarchy, I love all of them and I always will."
  3373. "I can understand that." Draco replied. "My tattoos signify my name, my old house in Hogwarts and my patronus."
  3375. Looking around, Draco asked, "Where's Scorpius?"
  3377. "He's in the next room treating himself to some of Wiley's Treacle Fudge."
  3379. Bellatrix had gotten done with her tattoos just in time to see Danny receiving his first one ever. It amused everyone to see him holding his Ol' Lady's hand as the needle ran over his skin.
  3381. Some time later, everyone had received their tattoos. After Bachman and Draco and Scorpius left the tattoo parlor, Bellatrix spoke to Psycho and Emily. "Danny, Emily, you are both welcome to stay over at my sister's house for the night, if you want."
  3383. Emily replied, "Absolutely. Let's go."
  3385. Without another word, Bellatrix grabbed hold of Tig, Emily, and Danny, and apparated them to Number 12 Grimmauld Place.
  3387. The Hogshead, 8 minutes later
  3389. Aaron 'Snake Doctor' Stevens walked through the doors of the old pub, plopped down in front of the bar and immediately ordered the strongest liquor they had there. It wasn't just the fact he, along with his best friends had just gotten done tattooing a lot of people that had made him tired and sore. The rope burn around his neck was irritating him and he needed something to make it all go away.
  3391. As he waited for the Firewhiskey to come to him, he rubbed the burn marks that had been on his neck for 30 years. He had barely survived a lynching attempt made by members of the Harlan, Kentucky Ku Klux Klan that had been in the mood to lynch some poor man. Aaron had been unlucky enough to be that 'poor man'.
  3393. The only reason he had survived had been because of his Airborne Training, which allowed him to be able to get his neck knife out and cut the rope holding him up, allowing him to kill the 3 men who had attempted to kill him. It was only after they were dead that he had stopped to catch his breath and to get the rope off his neck.
  3395. "Sons of bitches." He whispered in a silent, raspy voice.
  3397. Though it had been 30 years ago, he never forgave the KKK for trying to kill him just because he happened to be sleeping with a black woman at the time.
  3399. "How'd you get those burns on your neck?"
  3401. He snapped out of his thoughts and turned around to see the woman who had asked him. She had a neogothic look to her though she dressed as a tomboy.
  3403. He replied, "Damn Klan nearly lynched me. What's your name?"
  3405. "Sarah Reeves." She replied with her hand extended. "What's yours?"
  3407. "Aaron Stevens, but I prefer Snake Doctor." Aaron said, shaking Sarah's hand. "Nice accent. Where are you from?"
  3409. "New England of the US of A. Judging by yours, I'd say you are from Kentucky. Am I right?"
  3411. "Why, yes, you are, ma'am. Born and bred in Harlan, Kentucky. Can a southern boy interest a northern girl like you in a drink?"
  3413. "Already have one coming but I'll be glad to sit shoulder to shoulder with ya."
  3415. Once Aaron's drink was brought to him, he picked it and, after taking a sip followed up with a mild shuddering at the burn it gave him, said, "No problem."
  3417. Straddling the stool next to Aaron, Sarah then asked, "So, why 'Snake Doctor?"
  3419. "Got a thing for snakes. I always loved snakes over most of the animals I have ever seen." Aaron said after getting used to the taste of Firewhiskey. "Always have, always will. Plus, it was my nickname in the Eagles and it kinda stuck on me."
  3421. She smiled at his response. "I've always preferred Lizards."
  3423. Aaron looked at her and said, "Betcha $10 that my snake could beat your lizard."
  3425. She grinned devilishly and said, "You're on."
  3427. Number 12 Grimmauld Place, 8:30 P.M.
  3429. "Here's to you, Psycho. Congrats on your first ink." said Quinn as he, Mike, Emily, Tonks, Bellatrix, Andromeda, Tig, Ted, and Regulus toasted to Danny's first tattoo.
  3431. Danny replied, "Thanks guys. It's means a lot."
  3433. Quinn then said, "Danny, as President of the Nomads, I'm ordering you to go on mandatory R&R for the rest of the summer. It's been a long year and you deserve the time off."
  3435. Danny was surprised at that, and asked, "What about you? You need me to watch your back."
  3437. Quinn replied, "Danny, as Nomad President, I'm ordering myself to go on mandatory R&R. I'm headin' to Anchorage, Alaska, so I can tease my younger brother and spend some more time with my family."
  3439. The younger brother Quinn was referring to was Richard Thomas, the President of the Anchorage Charter ever since 2012. Though they had a close relationship, Quinn still liked to tease him and they argued all the time over if the SEAL's were better than the Marines.
  3441. Danny then said, "You still need a bodygaurd."
  3443. Tig and Ted then said in chorus, "Psycho, he spent 30 years of his life in the Navy. Most of it in the SEAL's. He can handle himself."
  3445. Quinn then said, "Don't worry about me, Psycho. Just keep your prepaid on just in case."
  3447. He then turned to Mike and said, "As Nomad Pres, Cowboy, I'm appointing you as acting Nomad Pres."
  3449. As Mike gladly accepted the temporary position, Bellatrix said to Emily and Danny, "Emily, Danny, Reg, I've talked it over with my sister and Brother in law and…"
  3451. Andromeda said, "We'd like to invite you all to stay here for the rest of the summer."
  3453. Emily said, "Thank ye, really."
  3455. Ted then said, "Just make sure that you put silencing charms on the room so all o' England doesn't hear ya."
  3457. Without another word, they all burst out laughing.
  3459. After they had stopped laughing, they went on about their business in the old house. Ted and Andromeda had gone upstairs to their room while Quinn, Mike, Regulus and Danny went into the kitchen to get some beers, leaving Tig, Bellatrix, and Emily alone together.
  3461. Bellatrix finally asked, "So, do you still have a job as the DADA professor?"
  3463. Emily replied, "Aye. I do. It's probably a miracle, considering the luck of all of the previous professors."
  3465. Tig then said, "In that case, I'll give you the same warning that I gave you at the beginning of the year, O'Neal. If you do anything to hurt my kids, I'll kill ya."
  3467. Emily then replied, "If I have to, I'll say again to ye, Tig, I 'ave no intention of harming your kids. By the way, I figured that I should let ye know that I'm no longer under the Unbreakable Vow. Been off it since the final battle with Grindelwald."
  3469. "That's the thing were you have to follow orders, or you'll die, right?" Tig asked.
  3471. "Aye. I was under one that prevented me from killing anyone who didn't try to kill me first."
  3473. Bellatrix then gave her former apprentice a hug and said, "I'm so proud of you, Emily. You really have changed from what you once were."
  3475. 5 days later, 3:00 P.M., Missy and Mary's grave sites
  3477. (Emily's POV)
  3479. I apparated me and Danny to the old gravesites. Upon arrival, I immediately saw that the flowers I had put on their graves earlier had died and withered. I instantly conjured some new ones there. Though I now had emotions and had put it behind me, I still missed both o' them.
  3481. I said, "This is the gravesite o' me Mum, Mary Rose McKenzie-O'Neal. She was the Belfast Banshee. Died because o' me old, Workaholic, Psychopathic jackass of a boss."
  3483. He said, "I'm sorry for your loss. You think she would approve of me as your Ol' Man?"
  3485. Before I could replied, an Irish Accent answered, "Aye, Psycho, I would. I think ye will make a great father o' me Grandkids."
  3487. We turned around to see me Mum, the Belfast Banshee herself, standing behind us, in a truly angelic form. She looked beautiful. I then looked over to see 'ow Danny Boy was taking it in. He seemed to go pale for a few seconds before managing to regain color in his face.
  3489. She then said, "I'm Emily's Mum, Mary McKenzie-O'Neal. Ye are Danny Faust Giving's. Pleasure to meet ye."
  3491. I could still see that Danny Boy, while he appeared stoic, was inwardly frightened. I just knew he was. He finally asked, "Same. So, what do you want to talk about?"
  3493. She replied, "I just 'ave a few questions for ye. Do ye love me Daughter? Do you satisfy her sexually? Do ye promise to take care o' her? Do ye 'ave any problems with the fact that occasionally, she might ask ye for permission to shag a woman?"
  3495. I then looked to Danny, who replied, "Yes, yes, yes, and no. In all honesty, I think her shagging another woman is incredibly hot."
  3497. Marry then said, "In that case, ye 'ave me permission to date me daughter. By the way, Emily, I must say that ye have excellent tastes in both men and women. See ye later."
  3499. As she vanished from our sight, I then asked, "So, Danny Boy, whatcha ye want to do now?"
  3501. He replied, "Can you get me to Tucson? You've shown me your Mom's grave. I'd like to show you mine."
  3503. I replied, "Aye. Just give me a minute."
  3505. After envisioning the place where he wanted to go, we apparated to the place. It was pure desert country, without grass anywhere insight. Aside from two cactus plants, there were very few plants in sight. I asked, "So, where is it?"
  3507. Danny nodded towards the two cacti and we walked over to them. On the middle of them, there was an inscription on each of them. As I leaned forward to read them, he said, "There are two people buried at this place. My Mom is buried underneath the left one. The second body that is buried here is a man named Armando Garza."
  3509. I asked, "Who was 'e?"
  3511. He replied, "He was the President of my old charter, SAMTAZ, and my adoptive father."
  3513. That confused me slightly. I asked, "What do ye mean?"
  3515. He replied, "He adopted me after I killed my bastard of a father. Helped me bury the body. When I was 14, I told him that I wanted to try and become a member of SAMTAZ. He was my Sponsor. A year later, I patched in."
  3517. I then said, "Tell me 'bout 'im."
  3519. He smiled and said, "Very grounded man. He was an Army Sergeant. Knew what it took to lead an MC and a platoon. Bit of a show off. Humility was not his strong suit at all. If he wanted to rub it in another President's face, or call him out on something, he didn't hold back at all. Hated being PC. I can tell ya right now that he stood up for all of his MC Brothers."
  3521. That was good for 'im. At least he had someone growing that did care about him. But there was something on me mind that I 'ad to ask. I asked, "He sounds 'ike a great 'eader. But why the 'ell was he buried in an unmarked grave?"
  3523. His stare turned cold towards the south, as if trying to destroy the country of Mexico by it alone. He replied, "Had to do with the only decision Armando ever made that I hated. In 2012, about 4 months before his death, SAMTAZ got involved in dealing meth. At first, it was just to make money in order to keep the charter alive. But that wasn't what killed him. A drug cartel, Lobo Sonora, cut off his head, and dumped it at SAMCRO just to send them a message that none of them were safe."
  3525. I suddenly felt sick to me stomach. That was just sick. He continued, "SAMCRO recovered his remains and sent them back here for burial."
  3527. With that, he seemed to stop, as if to catch his breath. He then finished, "Because of the violent nature of it, they couldn't very well take it to the local coroner. We had to bury him in a damn unmarked grave. Even though he got SAMTAZ in the Meth trade, I insisted on him being buried next to my Ma. I know he had an affair with her one time. I also knew he loved her."
  3529. His story made me heart go out to him. Even though he had lost the first true father figure in his life because a stupid decision Armando had made, he still cared enough about him to bury him next to his mum. Before I could say anything to comfort him, two familiar voices said, "Emily and Psycho! How ya doing?"
  3531. We both then turned around to see Fred and George standing together in their Cuts with two beautiful, Hispanic women by their sides. "'ello, ye two. Why are ye in Arizona? And who are these beautiful ladies by your side?"
  3533. Fred then said, "Well, Em., we talked it over with Jack and…"
  3535. "We decided that we needed some time off. We heard there was a bike show here and…" continued George.
  3537. "We decided to come and see it as well as visit SAMTAZ. The two lovely ladies are…"
  3539. "Liz and Beth. They're twins." finished George.
  3541. Danny then said, "I see. SAMTAZ doing well?"
  3543. George replied, "Yeah, they are. By the way…
  3545. "They wanted us to give you this." finished Fred as he handed Danny Boy something. Upon closer inspection from both o' us, we saw what it was. It was an old silver flask with tribal and Army engravings on it as well as a note taped to it. I asked, "What's the flask for?"
  3547. Danny replied, "It's Armando's old flask. I guess he left it at the clubhouse the night he was killed."
  3549. He then took off the note and read it out loud, "Dear Danny, if you're reading this, it means I'm with your mother now. It's alright. I've lived a good life. I just wanted to tell you that I'm sorry I got SAMTAZ involved in the meth trade. I feel so guilty for letting you down. Only reason I ever got it involved in it was to keep SAMTAZ alive in Tucson. But if I had known my former VP and Sgt had gotten the vote passed through lies, secrecy, blackmail, murder and greed, I would have never allowed it in the first place. For this, I'm truly sorry. If you ever get the pull to head SAMTAZ one day, all you have to do is show this letter to them and they will vote you in as President. It's not much consolation but it is my hope, if you do take up my old mantle, that you will lead SAMTAZ the way it should be run. See you on the other side! Armando."
  3551. Though me heart was in an emotional vice grip, it went out to Danny Boy. These were the last words from his adoptive father to him. As I gave him a hug, Fred and George conjoured a Bottle o' good Irish Whiskey, along with 6 tumbler glasses. After pouring us all a glass, we toasted to Armando and proceeded to give him a wake.
  3553. 8 days later, SAMCRO Clubhouse, Charming, California, 2:00 P.M.
  3555. With a sharp CRACK, Morgana and Seamus appeared in the SAMCRO lot on Seamus' bike and backed into an empty spot. Considering the fact that there was now 20 spots to choose from, it was easy to pick one out. After backing into it, they both dismounted. Picking up their bags, they walked over to where a crowd had already gathered. Amongst the crowd were the 9 women of SAMCRO, a man, and 3 of SAMCRO's newest Prospects.
  3557. The reason they had came all the way from Belfast was so that Seamus could show off Morgana as well as visit SAMCRO.
  3559. "Seamus, Morgana, welcome to America." said Bellatrix as she was the first to greet them. As she shook their hands, Morgana asked, "Where's the members?"
  3561. "The boys are picking up Big Otto from Stockton once he's released."
  3563. Morgana replied, "Who's Big Otto?"
  3565. Bellatrix replied, "SAMCRO member. He's getting out after a 14 year stay at Stockton Prison."
  3567. "What did he do to deserve that long in Prison?" asked a shocked Morgana.
  3569. "His original stay was supposed to be only 6 years for Second Degree Murder as well as Vehicle Theft, but it got extended by 8 years because of him bashing an ATF agent's face into a table." replied Bellatrix off handedly.
  3571. Deciding to ask something that she would understand better, Morgana then asked, "Who are the three Prospects?"
  3573. Bellatrix replied, "V-Lin, Eagle, and Mule Head. They've been here about 6 months now."
  3575. Seamus then said, "Morgana, you already know Bella. Time to meet the rest of the women of SAMCRO."
  3577. A dirty blonde woman then walked up with a brunette by her side. "Gemma. You must be Morgana."
  3579. As the retired MC queen shook hands with Morgana, Gemma proceeded to look Morgana up and down, as if trying to measure her up to her own standing. The brunette then extended her hand, and said, "Tara. Pleasure to meet you."
  3581. Though a smile was on her face, it was obvious to both Morgana and Seamus that while Tara was cordial, it was also forced somewhat.
  3583. When two other dark haired women came and introduced themselves as Sonora and Spirit, Morgana asked, "If ye two are women, why are ye patched 'n as 'art of an MC?"
  3585. "Good observation." Sonora replied. "Yes, we're women. Yes, we are in an MC. No, we are not a part of the Sons. We're part of a different MC that allows women to Prospect and become members."
  3587. While shaking hands with them, Morgana could see that they both hand a subtle twitch in their eyes, which seemed to lack life within them. Apart from outpatients of a Mental asylum or hardened killers, not many had that look in their eyes. The fact that she herself had, occasionally, been described as a psychopath seemed to give her a certain kinship with the two Hispanic women before her.
  3589. Two blonde women then came up. Bellatrix made the introductions as they shook Morgana's hands. "This is Luanne Delany and Lyla Winston. Luanne's Otto's Ol' Lady and Lyla is Opie's. Luanne is a porn producer, and Lyla is her main girl."
  3591. Surprised and intrigued by their professions, Morgana asked, "Really?"
  3593. The reason she had asked this was because of what she and Seamus often watched together: Girl on Girl Porn. They had started doing this after Morgana's adventure with Emily. After Seamus had realized that Morgana was bisexual, it had become one of their favorite hobbies.
  3595. "I would imagine that it is not as easy as it may seem." Morgana said, looking between the blondes, smirking as she remembered her fun filled adventure with Emily O'Neal.
  3597. "That would be a fair way to look at it." Lyla said. "There are some who only want to see meaningless, random sex without any story or depth. Others actually want a story to go with it."
  3599. "It's not a daily orgy. There is time, energy, effort and organization needed for the line of work." Luanne said. "Some of them are smart enough to actually go from being in front of the camera to working behind it or finding new talent and nurturing it to be more than they could imagine themselves becoming."
  3601. "Then there are others who are fools like Ima."
  3603. "Who's Ima?"
  3605. "One of those girls who have no respect for anything or anyone but themselves. She is one of the reasons Tara never warmed up to any of the women associated with the club. All she saw was a homewrecker, a floozy or some sweet butt trying to press up on Jax." Lyla said.
  3607. "So how do I convince her that I'm not like this Ima person?" Morgana asked.
  3609. "That's a good question. If you find the answer, let us know." Lyla replied.
  3611. As soon as they had finished the conversation, another woman came up and introduced herself to Morgana. "I'm Cherry. I'm Half-Sack's Ol' Lady."
  3613. Morgana could not help to think about the youthful woman in front of her. Cherry was probably the youngest out of all 10 of them. While she knew she had a very long, and recently, happy life, Morgana sometimes wished that she was as young as Cherry.
  3615. A short, balding man with facial hair to spare walked up and said, "Chucky. Glad to meet you."
  3617. Morgana was taken aback by him when she saw his prosthetic hands. With the exception of his index fingers, all the others were not his own. She asked, "Are those real?"
  3619. Chucky looked at it and said, "Why yes, they are, ma'am."
  3621. Morgana, after accepting Chucky's hand delicately, turned to Bellatrix and asked as courteously as she could without offending Chucky, "What happened to his other fingers, Bella?"
  3623. Bellatrix smiled. "He has CMD. Compulsive Masturbation Disorder. Basically, he jerked himself off at least 10 times a day and wasn't even aware of it. His old boss couldn't take it any more and chopped them off to make him stop."
  3625. For a moment, Morgana was silent. Then she burst out laughing. It was unnerving and unheard of for Morgana Le Fay to laugh so hard since no one, if anyone, has ever heard her emit anything akin to laughter. Not even a half-hearted giggle. Now here she was, clutching her sides and howling with laughter.
  3627. "Morgana, are you alright?"
  3629. "Bellatrix, I have not laughed like this in a thousand years." Morgana said once the laughter died down enough for her to talk clearly. Reaching over, Morgana hugged Bellatrix. "Thank you for bringing a smile to my face, Bellatrix. I really needed it."
  3631. At that moment, the roar of Harley's filled the air and the members of SAMCRO: Jax, Chibs, Tig, Opie, Juice, Happy, Bobby, Kozik, Half-Sack, Miles, Filthy Phil, Ratboy, the latest transfer, Carter, and finally, the man of the hour, Otto 'Big Otto' Delany, rolled into the lot on their Bikes and parked them side by side in the spaces designated for each of them.
  3633. As each of them dismounted their rides, including Big Otto, whose Motorcycle was a 2001 Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide with a Drag Fairing, each of the men and women in the group came up and gave Otto a round of well wishes and welcome back greetings. Luanne pushed through the crowd and began kissing him passionately.
  3635. Once they broke the lip lock long enough to get some air, everyone there hollered in cheer. As they did, Big Otto, for the first time in 14 long years, genuinely smiled. It was good to be free.
  3637. "While I'm glad you're out, we still have a debt to settle." said Happy. Otto immediately knew what he was talking about. Happy had once been a debt collector for a bookie, and he still owed quite a bit of money, however, he hadn't been able to pay it, obviously.
  3639. "You're right, Happy. We do have a debt to settle." Otto said. "Original debt was 1500. I believe, with your 10 percent vig, it's 1650, right?"
  3641. Happy replied, "No, Otto. You forget, that my vig was 500."
  3643. "Good point." Otto replied, "Since I just got out, I ain't got any money on me. I know of one way to settle this. Am I right?"'
  3645. Happy nodded. After taking off their cuts, rings, watches and shirts, the two Sons got into the boxing ring and started throwing haymakers at each other.
  3647. As the fight drew the attention from everyone gathered at the TM lot, Morgana began watching them in fascination and confusion. She never saw so much skin art on a person before in her life.
  3649. While she continued to stare at the two men beating the shit out of each other, Sonora silently walked up beside her. Though she knew that Happy probably wasn't faithful to her while on a run, Sonora had no doubt that, in town, he was faithful to her. "I suggest that you don't watch too closely. Besides, he's spoken for. So keep to Seamus and I'll keep to Happy."
  3651. "Sonora, I have never lured a married man away from his wife. That is not my style." Morgana said, looking at the 5'2" tall SAA of the Hell Cats MC. "I'm just confused as to why two 'Brothers' would fight each other, especially today after Otto was released from prison today!"
  3653. Sonora smiled. "Oh. It's their form of recreation. It's also one of the oldest ways of clearing up issues between two guys. They get in the ring, beat the shit out of each other and then the issue is settled."
  3655. "Tell me about the members of SAMCRO." Morgana said. "I already know a lot about SAMBEL and SAMDON, but I don't know a lot about SAMCRO."
  3657. Sonora smiled and said, "Ok. Happy is a former Navy SEAL. He was part of the roughest and toughest when it comes down to Special Forces. He's a modern day gladiator, and is one of SAMCRO's enforcers. He enjoys violence and torture."
  3659. "What about Otto?"
  3661. Sonora replied, "He's the Zen Monk of the club. He almost always has a cool head. He's a former Marine, and as you know, an ex-convict since he's spent the last 14 years of his life inside prison."
  3663. "Tell me about the other enforcers of the club. I already 'now that Tig is a perv, a psycho and a former Marine."
  3665. "Well, you got Miles. He's Tig and Happy's apprentice. Though he's one of SAMCRO's best fighters, Miles is still a newbie in a lot of member's eyes. He is one of the men in this charter that might take Tig's place when he's dead and buried. Next, you have Half-Sack. He's a good kid, former Marine, shit load of balls. Even though he's a really adorable and awkward kid, don't be fooled. He's a really good fighter and very mature."
  3667. "Why's he called Half-Sack?"
  3669. "He lost one of his nuts in Iraq and got a medical discharge because of it."
  3671. "Oh." replied Morgana, before letting out a chuckle. After she had finished, she asked, "Do they have any others?"
  3673. "Well, you also have Opie. His dad was First 9 so he was born into the club. He's Jax's best friend and another potential candidate for Tig's place. Happy ain't in the drawing to do it because my man has no interest in becoming an Officer. Then finally, you have Carter. Like Happy, he's a Former SEAL. He transferred here about 3 weeks ago from Tacoma, because 27 members, to him, is too crowded. He was Kozik's replacement for Sgt. At Arms and was once Happy's Prospect and apprentice. He's pretty much still one of the new guys around here in SAMCRO."
  3675. "Ok. Tell me about the other members."
  3677. Sonora thought about it for a little while, and said, "Well, you also have my Brother in law, Kozik. He's lead by his heart, feelings and emotions more than his mind most of the time. Former Marine as well. Him and Tig like to butt heads mostly just for the hell of it. Next, you got Bobby. He's the Secretary. He's funny, entertaining, and probably one of the best damn Elvis impersonators you'll ever meet."
  3679. "Ok. Who is Elvis?"
  3681. Sonora laughed kindly. "I forget. You have been living out of touch with what has happened in the world. Elvis was a famous singer. I'll explain it later."
  3683. Taking a breath, Sonora continued. "Then you have Chibs and Jax. You've met them at SAMBEL's clubhouse in Belfast. Jax is the National President and Chibs is the National Vice President of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. Jax is the son of the founding President of SAMCRO so it's fair to say that he was born to be their king. Still has some more maturing to do, but so far, he's doing a great job. Chibs', as you know, is his VP. Former member of the Real IRA and former member of SAMBEL. When Jax either steps down or if something happens to him, I think he'll make a great National Pres. Then there is Juice. He's the Intel officer. He's adorable and I know for a fact he's banged Cricket a time or two. Though I love him dearly, he's pretty much a social retard."
  3685. "Alright. What about those other two guys?"
  3687. "The fat guy is Filthy Phil. He's our new Intel Officer. Dedicated to the club, and he's the new blood of the Charter. The guy who looks like a rat is Ratboy. Former Navy Medic, and is Chibs' apprentice for the medical stuff. Still pretty new."
  3689. As Sonora continued explained what basically the roles of each member were and a little bit about themselves, Jax, Tig, and Chibs went into the Clubhouse. Settling down with some beer, they got down to business.
  3691. "Chibs, Tig, as you both know, in about 8 days from now, we have a Joint Rally coming up in Indian Hills and Las Vegas with the Bastards, Hell Cats, and Mayans. You two ready?" asked Jax as he looked his fellow officers in the eyes. Though the Sons and Mayans had finally managed to have a working peace treaty, there was still a lot of bad blood between them. Though they hadn't been in any conflicts with each other recently, they still kept a close eye on each other.
  3693. "Absolutely." said Tig to his National President. It didn't have to be said. They all knew why he asked. Jax wanted all hands on deck when it came to that rally. He never had, nor would he ever, trust the Mayans. He had lost too many brothers to them to ever forgive them for it.
  3695. "Aye. I am. Ye think Otto's up for it, considering he just got out?" asked Chibs. The reason he was concerned was because Otto hadn't been on a Harley for 14 years. He wanted to make sure he could handle the trip.
  3697. "Yeah. I'd say he can handle it." replied Jax. Just then, Carter walked in behind the bar. As he was getting himself a beer, Jax said, "Hey, Carter."
  3699. He looked up from his bottle and nodded for Jax to continue. He was spare on words. When he was still new to the club, a man managed to hit him in the neck with a sledge hammer, severely damaging his larynx and vocal cords. Though he could still talk, the vibrations of the vocal cords caused irritation.
  3701. Jax said, "When we head out, I want you to keep an eye on Otto when he's riding and when he's at the casinos in Vegas. Don't need him getting thrown back in prison."
  3703. Carter nodded and rasped in a whispery voice, "Absolutely. He's in good hands."
  3705. "Ye cords a'right?" asked Chibs.
  3707. Carter nodded yes before downing a gulp of beer and leaving the bar. "Oh, Jackie Boy, did I happen to tell ya how Tig's prayers have been answered recently?"
  3709. "Really?" Jax said, aware of the stories being spread around by the sweet butts and the employees at TM. He knew that Tig had somehow been granted a wish, but he didn't know what it was.
  3711. "Cricket is going to 'ave a wild three way with Tiggy and his Ol' Lady."
  3713. "Congrats, Tig." Jax said, raising his glass to Tig.
  3715. 5 days later, Tig and Bella's apartment, 1:00 P.M.
  3717. "I guess it's finally time." said Tig as he, Bellatrix and Cricket came into Tig and Bellatrix's bedroom. Aside from having various paintings and murals dedicated to Harley Davidson, the Sons of Anarchy and to the USMC, it also had a gothic look to it. No doubt it was Bellatrix's unique touch.
  3719. Cricket took a seat in a chair from across the bed and said, "I'll just see how you two start it off. It'll get me a feel for this really kinky three way."
  3721. She then watched as Bellatrix started ripping Tig's clothes off. As his Cut and Blue Denim Snap button shirt came off, as well as her own white tank top and mini skirt, it was no surprise to her when Bellatrix started to practically assault Tig's lips with her own before unbuckling his Dark denim pants and yanking them as well as his underwear off. As Tig stepped out of them, his rock hard 9" cock stood at attention for both women to see.
  3723. Grinning a devilish grin, Cricket watched as Bellatrix pushed Tig back onto the bed to where he was sitting up. Then she knelt down and started bobbing her head up and down on Tig's dick. As Cricket watched her wing woman give Tig a blowjob, Tig put his hand at the back of Bella's head gently and began thrusting his cock deeper into Bella's eager mouth.
  3725. "Just wait until they get a load of me." said Cricket to herself as she ate a handful of the enchanted crickets that Bella had given her. After she had swallowed them, Cricket felt her breasts, muscles and abs growing bigger and bigger while her ass did the same, as well as getting tighter with each passing moment. She even felt herself grow taller and started getting off on the sensation as she watched Bella take more and more of Tig into her mouth.
  3727. Almost as Bellatrix had taken all 9 inches into her mouth and into her throat, Cricket had grown to 7 feet tall. As she did, Bellatrix took her mouth off of Tig's dick. Bellatrix then started taking her clothing off, much to the arousal of both Tig and Cricket, who was fondling her giant tits as they grew larger. After Bellatrix had taken off her black bra and matching thong off, Cricket took off her Daisy Duke cut off jeans and black tank top as well as her cut. She almost never wore a bra because she never thought she had enough on top to need a bra's support. The only reason she ever wore a thong was because she rode a Harley.
  3729. Though he was getting hard at seeing two naked women in front of him, and at his life long fantasy finally coming true, Tig noticed that his wife was suddenly hesitant to go any further. He asked, "Babe, what's wrong? You a'right?"
  3731. Bellatrix turned to her husband and stammered, "I don't remember how to…it's been years since I've…I was 17 when…"
  3733. As she struggled to describe how she had not been with any woman since she was 17 years old, Bellatrix felt herself being picked up by the 7ft tall Cricket, who gave her wing woman a French kiss. After she had pulled her tongue out from Bella's mouth, she said, "Bella, don't worry. I've had my fair share of pussy just like I have had my share of cock. I can help refresh your memory. Besides, who knows? I might just teach you a few new tricks along the way."
  3735. Sitting herself down on the ground against the room's wall, Cricket moved Bellatrix's face between her legs with 2 inches of space between Bella's face and Cricket's clean shaven pussy. She looked down at Bella and said, "It's all in the tongue, girl. Why don't you start on my clit, Bella?"
  3737. Bellatrix took a deep breath and ran her tongue across the surface of Cricket's clit, instantly causing the Hell Cat to spasm in arousal. It wasn't long before Bellatrix had reminded herself how to make love to a woman. She looked up to Cricket's face and stared into her eyes as she started thrusting 3 fingers into Cricket's pussy. As she started to thrust in and out, she took her mouth off of her clit and said, "You're so tight, Cricket. I love it!"
  3739. Tig then said, "Not as much as I love you both."
  3741. Bella suddenly moaned out in pleasure as Tig entered into Bellatrix from behind and started thrusting his cock into Bella as she started to thrust her 3 fingers into Cricket faster.
  3743. Almost 8 minutes after Tig had started banging Bella, they finally climaxed together after what had felt like Tig banging both Bella and Cricket at the same time. Panting from the explosive orgasm, Bellatrix pulled off of Tig's cock and along with Tig, they climbed up on Cricket's giant form and started sucking her enormous tits. Cricket moaned in pleasure from the feel of both their mouths on her erect nipples, Tig took his mouth off of the breast he had and deep tongue kissed Bellatrix and Cricket. "This is great! It's my dream come true!"
  3745. "You ain't seen anything yet, Tiggy." Cricket said. "But before we go any further, Bella, can you make sure Tig's dick is wrapped up nice and tight? I forgot to take my pill this morning."
  3747. "Absolutely." Bellatrix replied
  3749. She then got off of Cricket's giant form and walked over to the wooden bedside drawer. Pulling out a condom from the giant box that was inside it, Bellatrix put it in her mouth, leaned over and, with a single bob up and down on Tig's dick, had put it on him.
  3751. They both then got up and after they had helped Cricket up as best they could, Tig led her to the bed and as she laid down on her back, she pressed her tits together and smiled as Bellatrix straddled her face and told her, "Eat me out, Cricket! Eat me now!"
  3753. As Cricket got Bellatrix positioned some more, she got a full view of Bellatrix's pussy. Around her vagina lips was a heart that had obviously been nearly trimmed. Apart from that, the pussy was clean shaven. As she started to attack it with a passion, she suddenly shuddered as Tig entered into her tight pussy and started pounding away at it.
  3755. Just as Tig had gotten up to a good pace, and when he thought he was going to be the dominant one in the trio, he let out a yelp and stopped thrusting. He had suddenly found his condomed cock in a vice grip by Cricket's vaginal muscles.
  3757. As he stopped thrusting, he stared at Cricket with a confused, and slightly scared look on his face. Cricket stopped eating Bellatrix out and said, "Tig, don't you know that I work out all the muscles in my body, including the ones holding you in place?"
  3759. Tig shook his head from left to right in surprise. Though it had given him a shock, it was really turning him on that Cricket's pussy was now tighter than a tick's ass. Cricket then said, "What are you waiting for, Tig? You are inside the tightest pussy you've ever been inside and you're banging a 7ft tall woman who's eating out your wife's pussy. Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Now!"
  3761. Having said that, Cricket went back to making Bellatrix scream her name out in pleasure. As Bellatrix continued to moan, Tig snapped out of it and started pounding away again at Cricket's pussy, this time harder than ever.
  3763. Several minutes after Cricket had commanded him to fuck her hard, Tig finally let his load go. As he did, he felt Cricket's pussy muscles clamp down on him harder as she came while moaning into Bella's pussy, as well as biting down on her clit, causing Bellatrix to cum as well.
  3765. As they once began panting from the orgasm, Tig pulled out of Cricket and climbed up on her and started deep tongue kissing Bellatrix while he played with Cricket's tits. He then said, "Cricket, how'd you like to take it up the ass?"
  3767. Cricket smiled and said, "Absolutely. But after I do, I get to play with your wife without you interrupting for a while. Agreed?"
  3769. Tig nodded as he took off his used condom and put on a fresh one. As he did, Cricket flipped over onto her back. When she did, Bellatrix got on her back and spit into Cricket's tight asshole, and then spit onto Tig's condomed dick before Tig pressed his cock-head into Cricket's tight hole and thrust forward.
  3771. As Cricket began moaning at the sheer fullness she had from Tig's cock being in her, it began louder, and she started panting as Bella inserted the 12 inch blue vibrator that she used on herself whenever Tig was away on a run into Cricket's pussy. While they were thrusting into both of her holes, Cricket moaned out, "Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Fuck Me!"
  3773. From the feeling and sensation of having two cocks in her at the same time, Cricket came violently. The resulting orgasm coursed through every muscle in her body and she started rubbing her clit as violently to subside the feeling going through her body at that moment.
  3775. After they had recovered, Tig kissed Bellatrix and the back of Cricket's neck before pulling out and discarding the used condom. Taking Bella's lips with his own, Tig started making out with her before Cricket said, "My turn, Tig. You just enjoy the show. I can guarantee that what we're about to do will make you harder than a rock."
  3777. Tig nodded eagerly and sat down on the ground to watch.
  3779. Taking advantage of her enhanced muscles and size, Cricket easily picked Bellatrix up and started attacking her lips with her own, their tongues wrestling for dominance, as both women in bed were unyielding and wanted to be dominant. However, Cricket also took care to be gentle with Bella. She knew that aside from possibly accidentally hurting her, Bella was also still being reminded as to how to make love to a woman.
  3781. Cricket then broke the kiss and asked, "Bella, have you ever tribbed with anyone before?"
  3783. Bellatrix grinned the feral grin she was known for. "Back when we were growing up, I did it all the time with my sisters and some other girls at Hogwarts. You thinking about doing it?"
  3785. Cricket replied by sucking on Bellatrix's tits, causing her to moan out in pleasure. After she continued to do this for a little while, she laid Bellatrix down on the bed and spread her legs before moving up so that she rested between Bella's legs. She began kissing Bellatrix and they started moving their hips up and down to rub their clits together, causing them to moan into each other's mouths.
  3787. Getting a wild idea in her mind, Bellatrix wrapped her legs around Cricket's body, reached down and grabbed Cricket's ass, trying to pull the 7ft tall woman closer to her. As she did, Cricket started going faster. Thrusting each other's clit against the other, it wasn't long before both were moaning out in pleasure as they came together.
  3789. As they caught their breath, Cricket asked, "Is it all coming back to you, Bella?"
  3791. Bellatrix said, "Oh, yes, it is, Cricket. Now shut up and fuck me some more!"
  3793. Cricket responded by picking Bella up in her arms and laying her on the ground. When she did, Bellatrix opened her legs scissor like into the air and Cricket then kneeled down with her own spread legs on Bella's clit and began tribbing with Bellatrix once again, and as the dominate one in that position, controlled the intensity, moves and pressure of it with her own hips.
  3795. Cricket writhed in pleasure as Bella pressed her clit against hers. In the whirlwind of ecstasy, Cricket forgot that some pieces of the crickets she ate were stuck in her teeth. When some of them broke free from her teeth and went into her stomach, Cricket felt her body grow bigger, more endowed and more muscular, transforming her in to a 9ft tall sex-hungry giant.
  3797. Tig was getting off on just watching his wife and Cricket tribbing each other like they were being filmed but then he really came close to shooting his load when Cricket suddenly grew 2ft taller and significantly stronger than before. Watching Cricket's breasts and ass grow bigger in the process only served to make him hornier.
  3799. The only reason that Tig didn't cum right then and there was because he knew that there was more to come his way, and he was saving it for Bellatrix.
  3801. As Cricket and Bella continued to trib each other, they began looking each other in the eyes and began groping each other's breasts. Bellatrix tried to reach Cricket's boobs but she had grown so big that they were a bit out of her reach. So Cricket leaned in a bit for Bellatrix to fondle her boobs. When their hands came over the other woman's erect nipples, they moaned out in ecstasy and broke off the gaze to watch in excitement and intrigue at both of their clits rubbing against each other. Bellatrix's eyes went wide when she saw how big Cricket's clit had grown.
  3803. Soon, they both were panting more than before and Cricket said, "I'm Cumming, Bella! Harder!"
  3805. They had both experienced 3 different orgasms because they were too caught up in keeping up with each other to stop. After they had caught their breath once again and had recovered, Bellatrix then said, "It's come back to me now, Cricket. Thank you. Now that you've had your fun, it's my turn to be on top now."
  3807. Cricket then got off of Bella, who proceeded to lay Cricket on top of the bed and began resting on her. It didn't go unnoticed by Cricket that Bellatrix had positioned them both so that their clits were touching the upper thigh of the other. Bellatrix started off by rubbing her leg against Cricket's clit. Cricket wasted no time in doing the same to Bella. Because of the position that they were in, as well as their thighs being intertwined, they knew there was no way that their clits could not touch each other.
  3809. Bellatrix cried out, "I love you, Cricket..oohh!"
  3811. As she had started to speak the words, she had been pushed forward further into Cricket, causing them both more pleasure than before. They then looked behind to see Tig start to thrust his lubed and condomed dick into Bellatrix's ass. They knew now that it was a true three-way.
  3813. "Oh yeah Tig! Harder! Fuck my arse harder!" yelled Bellatrix as she and Cricket were now tribbing harder than ever because of Tig helping Bellatrix to move forward. Tig, in turn, obliged his wife. Before long, they all moaned in pleasure as they came simultaneously.
  3815. Having recovered after a while of just lying on top of each other, with Tig's dick still buried in Bella's ass, he finally pulled out. After discarding the used condom, he got up on the bed and laid down on his back. Almost as soon as he did, Bellatrix proceeded to mount Tig's face while Cricket took Tig's still erect cock between his tits and started thrusting it in and out of her cleavage.
  3817. After 15 minutes of doing this, they all climaxed for the final time. Cricket felt herself up one more time as a 9ft tall giant before she reverted back to her normal form. Cricket climbed on top of Bellatrix, who was lying on top of her husband, with her ass facing him.
  3819. As they all panted greatly from the explosive Orgasm they all just had, Cricket got off of Bellatrix and took her lips into her mouth. After several minutes of snogging, Cricket let Bellatrix lick Tig's cum from her face, neck and breasts. Tig then asked, "Can we do this again sometime soon? That was awesome!"
  3821. He half expected Bellatrix to punch him in the balls for suggesting that they do it again. Instead, Bellatrix looked to Cricket and asked, "What do you say, Cricket? Is it ok with you?"
  3823. "Absolutely. You know I'm always up for this type of stuff." Cricket replied, running her fingers in between her breasts.
  3825. Bellatrix then climbed back on top of her husband and plated a kiss on his lips before saying, "We can continue to do this stuff all year long while Alex and Isabelle are at school."
  3827. "I'm already looking forward to it." Cricket said before getting dressed again. She then said, "Call me when it's time for the next three-way, you two."
  3829. Finale
  3831. January 1st, 2018, Charming, California, First United Methodist Church, An hour before the wedding, Men's Dressing Room
  3833. "How's it coming along, guys?" asked Sam as he walked into the Men's dressing room to check on the three grooms.
  3835. Juice and Seamus had managed to get into their own formal wear without problems, and were wearing their cuts above them, however, Danny had opted not to wear any formal attire, aside from a black button up dress shirt underneath his cut.
  3837. "Doing good, Sharky." said Juice as he straightened out his bow-tie while Seamus finished with his bolo tie.
  3839. "Any of ya got cold feet?" Sam said, knowing already what those three grooms were feeling since he once felt that way when he was about to marry Samantha.
  3841. "Cold feet? Naw, Sharky." Danny responded as calmly as he could.
  3843. "We're Sons, aren't we?" He asked, speaking not just to Sam but as well to Seamus and Juice.
  3845. "Damn straight, brother. We stare Death in the face and give it the finger." Seamus exclaimed.
  3847. "We laughed in the face of danger and sneered in the face of adversity." Juice said with as much enthusiasm as he could muster.
  3849. Looking at the three men before him, Sam didn't buy it for one minute. "You all are scared out of your minds, aren't you?"
  3851. "Horrified. Again." Danny said, recalling his first marriage.
  3853. "Petrified." Seamus said.
  3855. "Terrified." Juice said.
  3857. Sam smiled underneath his mustache and goatee "Even Sons fear that long walk down the aisle. Anyway, it's common knowledge that bravery is being scared out of your mind yet you still gear up and ride out to meet the challenge. Are any of ya backing out?"
  3859. "Hell No!" All three exclaimed.
  3861. "Do you guys need a drink?"
  3863. "We could use several drinks." Juice said, speaking for himself, the SAMBEL President and the Nomad SAA. Sam walked over to the door and waved in Vince and Hank who brought with them a jar of their best Moonshine. Pouring six tall shots of Moonshine, the three Nomad Sons toasted to the three grooms. "Danny, where are you and Emily going for your honeymoon?"
  3865. "We're heading to Moira in Northern Ireland." Danny said, already planning in his head how he was going to shag Emily up and down the rolling hills of Northern Ireland.
  3867. "Morgana and I are going to spend a few days in Paris." Seamus said, imagining how he could make Morgana cry out his name from the top of the Eiffel Tower.
  3869. "Kerrianne and I are going to New York. She heard a lot of the Big Apple and I want her to see the City that Never Sleeps." Juice said, thinking about walking hand in hand with Kerrianne through Central Park.
  3871. Without another word spoken between them, they all downed their shots of shine before Sam went up to the mirror to put his now large, curly mullet into a pony tail. In his old age, he decided to start letting it grow out more. It was now his common hair style to have a mullet hairdo. "You guys know what you're getting into? This is marriage we're talking about, after all. Can you all handle it?"
  3873. After all three of them nodded, he seemed content with their answers, and then the best men came in. Danny's best man was Tig, Seamus' was Jack, and Juice's was Coyote. They were all anxious to get the wedding out of the way.
  3875. While the rest of them were preparing for the ceremony, Coyote asked Juice, "I've been meaning to ask you something serious, Juan. What is the plan after the wedding? Where are you going to be?"
  3877. "What do you mean?" Juice asked.
  3879. Coyote smiled. "Are you leaving SAMCRO to Phil and transfer to SAMBEL or is Kerrianne moving to Charming?"
  3881. Juice thought about it for a little bit before giving his answer. "I'm transferring to SAMBEL. Already talked with Jax and Seamus. Got the paperwork cleared and everything. I know that she'd never move to America and I honestly don't feel like having a long distance marriage."
  3883. "You love her so much that you'll cross the Atlantic to live in Belfast?" Coyote said.
  3885. "I haven't walked down that aisle yet and I'm already in a bowl covered in pussy whip." Juice said in an attempt to lighten the mood. "Yes, I love her that much."
  3887. "Could you bear to shed the Redwood Original patches and sew on the Northern Ireland and Belfast patches?"
  3889. "It will be tough, Coyote. All the same, if I want to live with Kerrianne while staying in the club, it's the only way."
  3891. Coyote embraced Juice with a manly hug. "I wish you and Kerrianne well. May God bless the both of you wherever you roam and the house you make a home in Belfast."
  3893. "Thanks, brother." Breaking the embrace, Juice asked, "How are things with you and Angela?"
  3895. "She and I are still happy together and very much in love as we ever were." Coyote said happily, knowing that his Ol' Lady was outside chatting with the SAMDON VP's Ol' Lady.
  3897. "Have you two thought about kids?" Juice asked, wondering if Coyote would ever give in and have kids with Angela.
  3899. "We have thought about it and my thoughts on it have not changed. Parenthood is too high of a challenge for me and I enjoy my freedom to come and go wherever I want." With a sincere look at Juice, Coyote said, "If you and Kerrianne plan on having kids, I'm sure you'll do well on it."
  3901. Meanwhile, The Ladies Changing room
  3903. "This is great, Emily! Are you excited?" asked Bellatrix as Emily, Morgana, and Kerrianne got ready for the wedding. Because Bellatrix had had too much coffee that morning, she was extremely hyper and seemed to be jumping all over the place.
  3905. "Aye, Bella. Why did ye have so much coffee this morning? Knowing what duties ye would have to perform?" asked Emily as she made the final touched to her dress. It was a traditional wedding dress, minus the veil, and instead of virgin white, it was scarlet red. Though Morgana's dress was a traditional one, it was pitch black with white lining on it. Kerrianne's was the only one of the three that was fully traditional, hence the white dress. Chibs' had insisted on that part.
  3907. "I couldn't help it. Bobby's coffee is so good!" said Bellatrix. Emily finally slapped Bellatrix and said, "Bella, calm down."
  3909. Bellatrix then proceeded to headslap Emily. Soon it became a slapfest until Andromeda and Tonks walked in to help Morgana and Kerrianne separate Emily and Bellatrix from each other.
  3911. "Ladies, enough with the catfighting. We're all here for a triple wedding." Andromeda said once the hysteria died down and Bellatrix was administered a calming drought to relieve her of the caffeine rush.
  3913. "Bella, are you feeling calm enough to give these ladies an idea of what they can look forward to?" Andromeda asked. Nodding her head, Bellatrix stood before the three women who would soon become fellow Ol' Ladies.
  3915. "Morgana, you are about to marry a man who never thought he could find himself an Ol' Lady. While the marriage is true and legal, make no mistake about it. When he and the SAMBEL crew are on a run, they will not be faithful. When they are in town with you, that's a different story. As President of the Belfast charter, he is often called away on MC business. Can you accept all of these facts along with the fact that he will either give full disclosure or keep his mouth shut about club matters?"
  3917. Morgana looked at Bellatrix and said, "I never thought I would ever care about humanity again much less love again. Then I met Seamus. It is a bit unnerving that he would be so nonchalant about taking up with 'sweet butts' while on a run, but here I am. All dressed up and still wanting to get married. I'm not backing out on this. I'm in all the way."
  3919. Turning to the second bride, Bellatrix smirked. "My former apprentice and fellow reformed Death Eater, you are about to marry perhaps the most infamous and violent Nomad Sons in the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. Unlike Seamus, Danny rides alone a lot and you may never know where he is at any time. Can you deal with not seeing him for long periods of time?"
  3921. Emily looked up at Bellatrix and said, "Danny Boy and I have talked about it. The life of a Nomad is not an easy one to get used to but I'm over the moon for Psycho. I'm in."
  3923. Bellatrix then turned to the third bride. The youngest of the three and the only one who was still a virgin. "Kerrianne, you are the only bride here that can legitimately wear white on her wedding day. Let's face facts, your man is not a President, a Vice President, a Sergeant at Arms or even a Secretary. He's socially awkward, owns part of a weed shop, is a technological geek and he is in love with you. I know that you want to believe in the wedding vows and the sanctity of marriage but remember that Juice is also a Son. What happens on a run and all that. Could you accept everything that he would have to do for the club and still be there for him? Can you bear to listen to any and every detail of what goes on in the club, my dear, virgin bride?"
  3925. Kerrianne stood up, looked Bellatrix in the eye and said, "My Da was a member of the Army, SAMBEL and SAMCRO. He didn't need ta tell 'e o' what happens in either 'he Army or 'he club. Juice is a sweet lad. He makes me laugh. In Belfast, a smile is few and far between on a good day. Sometimes, it's the laughs that get us through the hard times. Juice brought a smile back to me face for the first time in a long time and I want to do the same for him as well."
  3927. Bellatrix pulled all three brides to her in a group hug. "May the Good Lord bless you today and all the days of your life, my fellow Ol' Ladies."
  3929. While Morgana and Kerrianne were being checked over for final touch ups on the hair and makeup, Emily walked over to the sink and poured herself a glass of water. More silently than she could have expected from her former mentor, Bellatrix came up to her. "Emily, while I'm truly happy for you and Psycho, I have one other question for you. It's the type of question I didn't want to ask in front of Morgana and Kerrianne."
  3931. Emily looked to her old mentor and replied, "Ask away, Bella."
  3933. Gathering her thoughts together, Bellatrix spoke, "Danny has one of the most important jobs within his charter. Not only does he enforce the discipline and rules, Danny gets his hands dirty so that others don't have to. It's also one of the most dangerous tasks a Son can be called on to carry out. Every member of the Nomad Charter basically has a death warrant on their heads and the list of SOA enemies is a mile long. One day, someone is probably going to come to you, telling you where to pick up the body. I want to know if you can live that life. I'm not asking if you'll be heartbroken if you ever get that visit."
  3935. Emily looked to her former mentor, and said, "Bella, I know what it's like to have a lot o' enemies. I can handle it. It will break me heart if I ever get that visit, but I can deal with it."
  3937. Bellatrix warmly hugged her former apprentice and gave her a light peck on the cheek before saying, "I wish the best for you."
  3939. As Emily watched Bellatrix walk away to help her sister and niece get ready to perform their duties as fellow maids of honor, a voice said, "Emily, I am so proud o' ye. I just wish me and your Da' could be here to watch this. I know that he wished he could o' been the one who gave ye away. But I guess Quinn will do."
  3941. She turned around to see Mary and Missy right beside her.
  3943. "Don't worry, Em. You'll do great." Missy said, her soothing voice calming Emily's nerves instantly, though the anxiety was still there. It was as prevalent as it ever was.
  3945. Returning to the room, Emily was checked once more for anything that needed a touch up before each bride was given their bouquets.
  3947. In the groom's room, Sam finished his prayer as Seamus, Danny and Juice knelt before the MC Chaplin with their heads bowed in reverence while their Best Men prayed for them.
  3949. Making the sign of the cross, the SAMBEL President, the American Nomad SAA and the SAMCRO Intelligence Officer rose from the ground, adjusted their cuts one last time and raised their glasses one last time as single Sons before the six Sons and the MC Chaplin walked out to the chapel.
  3951. The Chapel, an hour later
  3953. To say that the Chapel of the old church was crowded would be an understatement. Every member of SAMCRO, SAMBEL, SAMDON, the Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Nomad charters was present at the triple wedding. Aside from the 120 members of the Sons of Anarchy present, members of the Oakland Charter of the Mayans MC, as well as the Hell Cats MC and the Grim Bastards MC were there as well. Rounding out the unruly crowd was the Staff of Hogwarts.
  3955. Standing at the alter was Sam, the grooms, their Best men and the Maids of Honor, waiting for the lovely brides to arrive. As they did, one of the men in the crowd, Marcus Alvarez, the founder and President of the Mayans Motorcycle Club and a former Marine, felt his heart warm as he looked at everyone around him. It reminded him of his own wedding, in many ways. That had been a hell of a party in itself.
  3957. Standing by Danny and Tig's side, was Danny's cat: Jack, wearing his mini cut. In the aisles, Emily's cats had gathered together. Alvarez and many others gathered were amused to see all the cats filling up an entire aisle.
  3959. Sam then hollered, "All rise in honor of the Brides!"
  3961. When everyone stood up to honor the brides, the doors opened, and as Emily's cats began meowing along with the tune of 'Here comes the bride', the three brides entered the room, escorted by the men they had chosen to give them away. Emily had chosen Quinn since he would become her father in law to some degree while Morgana had chosen former SAMBEL president Keith McGee. Kerrianne, being the only one of them who's father was still alive, was escorted by Chibs.
  3963. As they reached the alter, Sam asked, "Who gives these brides away?"
  3965. The three Sons all three chorus that they did, and as Keith, Quinn and Chibs took their seats, Sam said, "Brothers and Sisters, we're all gathered here before God, along with a whole lot of people, to witness the marriages of Daniel 'Psycho' Faust Giving's, Seamus Barlow Ryan and Juan Carlos 'Juice' Ortiz to Emily O'Neal, Morgana Le Fay and Kerrianne Telford. Right now, I'd like to have a moment of silence for those who couldn't make it here for they have passed away."
  3967. For a few moments, they all bowed their heads in silence to honor the dearly departed. Sam finally broke the silence by saying, "At this moment, I'd like to read an old Irish Marriage Blessing that I felt would be appropriate for today. May God be with you and bless you; May you see your children's children. May you be poor in misfortune, Rich in blessings, May you know nothing but happiness From this day forward. You may all now read your vows."
  3969. Emily then turned to her groom and began with her vows. "Daniel Faust Giving's, I've always had a taste for violence and mayhem, though I usually see it as my idea of foreplay. Until I met you, I felt nothing. I felt no joy, sorrow, anger, and I feared nothing. Sometimes though, I wonder if I should have felt it. But then I saw ye, that night I saw you torture Voldemort to death. You made me panties so wet that I had to wash them more than once to get them clean. To this day, they don't smell the same. I never knew there was someone out there who could match me in the love for mayhem and rebellion. Aside from ye, I've only loved one other person. Christine Mary 'Missy' Callahan. Without her, I'd be dead by now. I love ye, Danny boy. Will you accept me for all I am and everything I was?"
  3971. Danny replied, "I do."
  3973. Emily then turned Bellatrix, who handed her Danny's ring. As she placed it on Danny's ring finger, she said, "Then with this ring, I vow my love, I promise to always be a faithful and loving wife, and Ol' Lady, so help me God."
  3975. Morgana turned to her own groom and said, "Seamus Barlow Ryan, I'm old. I've lived since the year of my birth in 982. I lost most of my humanity since the death of my Half Brother at the hands of my Bastard son, Mordred. I'm a borderline psychopath and a Dark Witch. I have little interest in the fate of humanity. For most of my life, I lived in a self imposed exile. That was until the day you and your MC found me. Then, at your clubhouse, you said you would help relieve the massive amount of tension I had in myself. I'm barren as a desert. Could you, would you accept me for everything I am and could be?"
  3977. Seamus replied, "Aye. I do."
  3979. Morgana then was handed Seamus' ring by Andromeda, and when she placed it on Seamus, she said, "Then with this ring, I vow me love, I promise to always be a faithful and loving wife, and Ol' Lady, so help me God."
  3981. With the handkerchief offered to him by Coyote, Juice wiped his Mohawk that was starting to sweat as Kerrianne spoke her vows. "Juan Carlos Ortiz, you are cute as a newborn pup. My Da would 'ave gone berserk on any other lad that tried at proposition me. I guess it helped ya 'hat he knew ya since you first became a Son. You always found a way at bringing a smile ta ma face, Juicy. I could not have asked for a finer man 'han you. I'll be proud to stand by yer side as a friend, a lover and a proper Ol' Lady. Will you take me to be all those things and more?"
  3983. "I will."
  3985. Kerrianne then was handed the ring by Tonks and said, "Then with this ring, I vow my love, I promise to always be a faithful and loving wife, and Ol' Lady, so help me God."
  3987. Then it was time for the Grooms to give their own vows. Danny spoke his first. "Emily Rose O'Neal, I've never thought that I would ever stand here at the alter again, pledging my life to another person. I never thought there was a woman out there who could stand by me, knowing who I am and what I do for a living. Even sweet butts gave me my space. Either that or they just got too scared. I've only been married once and it only lasted a few years. I've never felt the warmth of human emotions before. Without my Club, I would have probably died a long time ago. I may not know a lot about relationships, but Emily, I know beyond a doubt that I love you. Will you accept me for everything I am, both the good, the bad, and even the ugly?"
  3989. "Aye, Danny Boy. I do."
  3991. Danny then turned to Tig, who handed Psycho the ring. Placing it on Emily's finger, the Nomad SAA said, "Then with this ring, I vow my love. I promise always to cherish, and protect you."
  3993. Seamus spoke his next. "Morgana Le Fay, I'm the President of the Belfast Charter of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. I'm a ladies man. I've honestly never thought I would ever stand at a wedding alter ready to marry anyone. A part of me thought I'd be single for the rest of me life. Then I met ye. When I first offered to help you out, it was mostly to keep you from distracting every other member of the club with your constant flirting, even though I did get a laugh out of watching it all. But after I first did, I realized that I loved you and I still do to this day. I'll accept everything you are if you can do if you can accept who and what I am. Will ya?"
  3995. "Aye."
  3997. Receiving the ring from SAMDON president Jack O'Brien, Seamus placed it on her finger and said, "Then with this ring, I vow my love. I promise always to cherish and protect you."
  3999. Juice was the final one to go. Taking a deep breath, he spoke his vows. "Kerrianne Larkin-Telford, I do not know how I got so lucky to meet you so I'm not going to waste one more minute trying to figure out how. I have had my share of women in my life who have come and gone. There is no reason for me to lie about it. You were the only woman I still thought about. I knew it on your 21st birthday when you came to Charming and when you left to go home to Belfast. I'm crazy about you, Kerrianne. If you'll have me, I'll love you for the rest of our lives."
  4001. Kerrianne smiled and said, "I do."
  4003. Juice then turned to Coyote and whispered, "You got the ring?"
  4005. Coyote snapped out of his gaze and asked, "What?"
  4007. Just as Juice began panicking, Coyote gave a small laugh before handing Juice the ring. Regaining his bearings, Juice placed it on Kerrianne's finger, and said, "Then with this ring, I vow my love. I promise always to cherish and protect you."
  4009. "What else do all of you guys vow?" Sam said, remembering the famous vow that every Son said at their marriage.
  4011. All three of the grooms looked out to the other Sons, who were looking at them with the same knowing glance. They knew what had to be said before the wedding could be complete. They all took a deep breath, and in chorus, said, "And I promise to treat you as good as my leather and…"
  4013. Every member of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club then yelled out, "Ride you as much as my Harley!"
  4015. As the brides and Maids of Honor began laughing, Sam said, "Then by the power vested in me by God and the web site that gave me my Ordained Minister's license, I pronounce you 6 men and wives. Have at it!"
  4017. Without another word said from any of them, the three brides began kissing their respective grooms as the congregation of bikers, wizards, witches and cats rose up and applauded the newlywed couples. Morgana, Emily and Kerrianne threw the bouquets, which were caught by Emily Duncan, who blew a kiss to Chibs, Natalie Largen, who celebrated as if she just won the Quidditch World Cup, and by Sarah Reeves, who waved over to Aaron, who looked like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming truck.
  4019. Seamus and Morgana went first to a standing ovation from the crowds, who were throwing rice as per tradition.
  4021. Danny and Emily went second to a same ovation, only they were followed by all the cats, who carried Emily's train. Most of the cats hissed at the oncoming rice.
  4023. Finally, Juice and Kerrianne walked together hand in hand.
  4025. Once outside, the newlyweds were met by a great surprise. There before them stood three Tri Glide Harley Davidson motorcycles with signs on the back that read 'Just Married' in Saloon style font and with the SOA Reaper on the back.
  4027. "The guys got together and we realized that Dynas are good for single riders and casual runs. There's nothing causal about this and single was left back at the alter." Jax said. "We had to go big for this wedding day. So we did. These touring trikes are good for really long runs like your honeymoons right after the reception."
  4029. Coyote took his D-SLR and began taking pictures of each couple next to their respective Harley trikes. Seamus and Morgana' ride was completely blacked out to match the bride's dress. Danny and Emily's was Fire Engine Red to match the bride's crimson clothes. Juice and Kerrianne's trike was pure white as the bride's dress.
  4031. The trunk of Danny and Emily's trike was specially enchanted so that all of Emily's cats and Danny's cat Jack could travel in comfort and safety. As soon as they had finished all of the photos, the grooms hopped on their new Harleys. With their brides riding bitch, they rode off to the clubhouse with the rest of the wedding guests right behind them.
  4033. SAMCRO Clubhouse, 30 minutes later
  4035. As the motorcade of Bikers pulled into the lot, and parked their Harleys, the wild party that was the reception began. The bar was stocked with every known type of liquor the club could muster. Street brawling was taking place in the boxing ring. The dancing floor was packed by bikers and their Ol' Ladies.
  4037. After Happy had finished dancing with his Ol' Lady, he went inside to the clubhouse to get a beer while Sonora joined Padrino and Payaso.
  4039. Inside the clubhouse, Happy saw Carter drinking some Ice cold water, no doubt to cool down, and ease his constantly sore throat. Getting a Long neck from the fridge, he rasped, "Waz up, brother?"
  4041. Carter took out a piece of paper and wrote down what he was thinking and handed it to Happy. As Happy read it, he was drinking his beer when he suddenly nearly choked on it. He asked, "You out of your mind, Carter? That's Jax's mom. I don't know how he'd take to having a step dad only a few years older than him."
  4043. Carter gave a rare smile, and said in his usual raspy, whispery voice, "Still, can't deny she's damn hot. Even if she's in her 60s, I'd hit that."
  4045. "I heard that ice water does not help to ease irritation of the throat. Try pure honey. It's more soothing for the larynx and vocal cords." Both men turned to see Coyote's Ol' Lady setting down a bottle of honey.
  4047. "Straight from the bee hives in Manhattan to a bar in Charming." Angela said. "100 percent organic, all natural, no additives, preservatives or artificial junk."
  4049. "I never knew there were bee farms in the Big Apple." Happy said, eyeing the bottle and it's contents.
  4051. "Thanks, Angela." Carter managed to say before pouring into a shot glass three fingers worth of honey and downing it.
  4053. "Don't go too heavy on the honey, Carter. Take two shots when you feel the burn in your throat. One in the day and one in the night should help."
  4055. Walking away from the former Navy SEALs, Angela walked towards the table where Juice and his Ol' Lady were being congratulated by Miles, Phil, Ratboy and Coyote.
  4057. "It's not going to be the same around here without you at the table, Juice." Phil said as each man raised shot glasses of tequila and whiskey. "How are you going to set yourself up in Belfast?"
  4059. "Talked with Sam and his guys along with Seamus. We're drawing up plans for my own biker tavern with a private basement for MC business. The tavern gives for a good cover and provides for legitimate income as well. I could even use it to peddle the Nomad Moonshine."
  4061. "Sounds like you have big plans." Miles said as he watched Kerrianne kiss Juice while on his lap. Since returning to the clubhouse, Bellatrix helped the brides change into a different outfits so they could move about more freely without worrying about staining their wedding dresses.
  4063. "Kerrianne, this life is a crazy one but it's a life like no other. If you ever come to the Big Apple, the New York Crew will make sure you have a place in town to call home." Angela said as she sat on Coyote's lap.
  4065. "Thank ye, Angela." Kerrianne said as she looked to her fellow Ol' Lady who was perched on her man's lap.
  4067. "Juice tells me that you and he were friends from New York." Kerrianne said to Coyote.
  4069. "Still are." Coyote said, looking to Juice proudly. "What happens to Clear Passages? Do you still keep your 20 percent of the deed along with controlling interest?"
  4071. "I'm keeping that percentage. Whenever I'm in town, I want to know that I have a source of income independent of the club so I don't have to mooch off the treasury."
  4073. "Emilio, let's go outside to see how Cricket's fairing in the cat fight against Squaw." Angela said, referencing the young Wahewa scrapper who came by to lock horns with the feisty Hell Cat. As Angela and Coyote walked out, the others continued to drink to Juice and Kerrianne's prosperity.
  4075. Chibs came up to his new son-in-law who was getting back slaps and toasts to his and Kerrianne's future and said, "Juicy boy, Kerrianne, I love both of you very much and wish the both of ya well. By the way, Juice, good luck in Belfast. Ye'll need it with the Bloody Loyalists."
  4077. Juice smiled. "I don't have any illusions. I know as much as you and Kerrianne that Belfast isn't exactly Disney World. Don't worry about that though. I won't be alone. The charters in Northern Ireland will be there to back me up if need be. I can handle it."
  4079. "Does it need to be said?" Chibs said, knowing that Juice would catch on to what he was implying. "I'll protect her with my life, Chibs."
  4081. As Coyote and Angela walked outside to see how Cricket was faring against the Wahewa native, they saw Emily and Danny share their first dance together as a married couple. Though it seemed heartwarming, the scene carried a slight comedic undertone since Danny was having trouble. He had a bad case of 'Two Left Feet Syndrome' when it came to dancing. All the same, Emily was patient enough to maneuver him effectively enough to pass for dancing. Once they finished, Danny let Quinn take Emily to do the Father-Daughter dance and went inside to the bar, where Happy, Half-Sack, and Carter were discussing their own experiences with women between drinks while Tig sat next to them, snogging Bellatrix as she sat on his lap.
  4083. As he approached them, Half-Sack said, "Here's the man of the hour himself! Congrats, Psycho."
  4085. Danny replied, "Thanks, Sack."
  4087. Tig broke away from his make-out session with his wife to say, "Same here, Danny. I wish ya the best of luck. You'll need it."
  4089. With that, Tig immediately went back to kissing Bellatrix until they got up and went in search for an empty dorm room. "Even after all this time, I still can't believe Tig's been hogtied and pussy whipped. At least you ain't cover in pussy whip yet, Danny."
  4091. "I just got talked into dancing. I may not be covered in it yet but I got a taste of what it feels like." Danny said.
  4093. Carter, Happy, and Half-Sack did a spit take on the beers they had been drinking.
  4095. "Psycho, say it ain't so." Happy said.
  4097. Danny smiled. "Emily can be very persuasive when she wants to be." Before anyone else could reply to Psycho's statement, they suddenly heard moaning coming from a dorm room.
  4099. "Must be either Tig and his Ol' Lady or Harry and Hermione." Carter rasped.
  4101. "I'd say it's the Potters." Happy said. "Tig and Bellatrix would usually do a lot more than moaning, at least from what I've heard."
  4103. Just then, the clubhouse door burst open. Happy, Carter, Danny and Half Sack watched in amusement as they saw Cricket dragging Miles into the nearest empty apartment room.
  4105. "It seems that it's not only the newlyweds getting laid tonight." Happy said, amused at the way Cricket overpowered the helpless Son she was about to have a time with.
  4107. "Yeah. He made the fool's decision to bet against her." Coyote said, walking in with Angela by his side.
  4109. "When Cricket found out, she bet that that if she won, she would bang him so hard that it would ruin it for him with all the other sweet butts." Angela said, remembering the knockout punch the Hell Cat gave Squaw and the look of defeat on Miles' face.
  4111. "How much did she pull in?"
  4113. "1200 from the side bets plus an extra 500 she lifted from Miles' wallet for betting against her." Angela said. "I'm guessing that she took Miles to really get a proper 'celebration' of her own."
  4115. "You would be right, Angela." Half Sack said as he approached her and Coyote. "Do you have a safe house in town available in a month from now?"
  4117. "I think so. You and your Ol' Lady thinking about visiting New York?" Coyote asked.
  4119. "Got a call from Flynn today before the ceremony. He's got three guys from the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn crews asking for a jump to the Rogue River, Indian Hills and Tucson charters. We're going over to pick them up and get them over to the West Coast."
  4121. "Sure. I'll have a place set up in town. Let me know when you're going to be in town so it'll be ready and waiting for you when you arrive."
  4123. "Thanks, Coyote." Half Sack said, shaking hands with the NY Son. "If the New York Crew needs anything, let SAMCRO know and we'll be ready to serve."
  4125. 4 hours later
  4127. Everyone sat in the tables that filled the entire lot. There were 10 chairs to each round table though a special set of chairs had to be transfigured for Hagrid and Natalie, who were the biggest couple present. It was finally time to cut the cakes and for the newly weds to feed each other the first slices. The cakes themselves were 7tier's, and were big enough to feed all of the people present.
  4129. The cake dedicated to Seamus and Morgana was a Rum cake with lemon filling with a layer of chocolate ganache in the middle. Danny and Emily's was chocolate and vanilla. Juice and Kerrianne's was Red Velvet with Cream Cheese filling.
  4131. Each couple had cut their respective cakes and fed each other the first slice. Once everyone had gotten a piece and Sam had said the blessing, Jax and Chibs stood up. "As President of SAMCRO, I'd like to say a few words to the grooms." Jax started.
  4133. "As VP of SAMCRO, I would like to say a few words to the brides as well." Chibs finished.
  4135. Approaching the grooms and brides, Jax and Chibs began with the SAMBEL president and the thousand year old witch. "Seamus, got to say, never thought I'd be here toasting to your getting hitched and finding an Ol' Lady. Especially one who's pretty much the ultimate Cougar in history with a 35 year old's body. No offense to you, Morgana. It's just a fact."
  4137. Morgana smiled, taking the toast in stride. Though she had gotten a handle on what an MC was, Morgana still had a long way to go in understanding the humor amongst the Sons.
  4139. Chibs then continued it along by saying, "Morgana, if I wasn't a wizard me self, I would've ne'er believed that a witch like ye self ever existed. It's an honor to meet ye and a great occasion today when you've become part of this family. On behalf of me self, and Jax, we welcome you into the SOA family."
  4141. As everyone cheered for the SAMBEL President, who chose that moment to kiss Morgana passionately, Jax and Chibs moved on towards the psychopathic newlyweds, Danny and Emily.
  4143. With as even a look towards the Nomad SAA, Jax started directly. "Psycho, you scare the shit out of me. I'm man enough to say it. When you're called in totake care of business, it usually involves a lot of shit and a big fan. Despite all of that, a lot of us believed that, beyond the brutality, violence, and all in all weirdness, there was a heart in ya, no matter how black, thoroughly patched and small it may be. Good luck, Psycho."
  4145. As Danny grinned devilishly, Chibs continued it by saying, "Emily, I've ne'er thought that there was a woman who could match or compliment the craziness of our Nomad Sgt. Then I met ye. You're an odd character, Emily. Ironically, the fact that you have swarms of cats around you at any given time is the most normal thing about ye."
  4147. Everyone laughed in high spirits at the joke.
  4149. "I won't mince any tales about you. I know you have done a lot of things in your life that have warranted a life sentence in Azkaban. I also know, by way of Danny telling me so, that you found salvation in Christ, our Savior. Good luck to ye both and watch over Danny when you can."
  4151. "Oh, ye can count on 'hat, Chibs." Emily said, slinking slyly onto Danny's lap and snogging her husband happily.
  4153. As the rest of the crowds laughed at them doing that, Jax and Chibs turned to the final couple that had been wed that day. Jax began his toast. "Juice, you've done a lot shit for the club to keep us all connected and you've protected this club with everything you had in you. Even though we're spread out around the country and across seas, you found a way to keep communications safe and open for all of us. You kept wire taps and bugs out of the chapel during Church. While it's really sad to see ya transfer to SAMBEL, I can see why you are crossing the Atlantic. I'm sure you trained Phil well enough to carry you mantle here while you're on the Emerald Isle. Congratulations, Juice."
  4155. Chibs finally turned to his daughter, who held the hand of his son in law. And in near tears said, "Kerrianne, ye are me baby girl. I love ya with every part o' me. Warms me heart to see ya so happy. Juice, if I hadn't know ya so well, I would 'ave shot ye on sight when I caught ye both playin' tonsil hockey back in Belfast. Despite how awkward you are with people, you helped make my daughter happy again. You love her and respect her as she should always be. I give onto both of you my love and my blessings for a happy marriage. I just ask that you don't make me a grandfather too soon."
  4157. Chibs did not hear the standing ovation and he did not care that everyone could see him. Knowing such facts, the National VP of SAMCRO walked up to the wedding table and embraced his daughter, who hugged him tightly.
  4159. "I love ya, Da." she whispered.
  4161. "I love ya so much." Chibs said, kissing her temple before embracing Juice. "I love ya, Juicy."
  4163. "I'll protect and cherish her with my life. Don't worry. We're not going to be careless." Juice said.
  4165. After Chibs rejoined Jax and the others among the wedding guests and party, the brides stood up to address everyone.
  4167. Morgana, being the eldest bride of the three, spoke first. "The world has changed since I had cast myself into isolation. Though I have lived longer than most of my time, I only began to live again when I met your SAMBEL president in Belfast. There is still many things of this generation that I still do not understand. I hope that I live long enough to understand them. When I do, I will be glad and grateful to learn them with Seamus by my side."
  4169. Looking to Seamus, Morgana said, "Thank you, Seamus, for helping me to live again. I love you."
  4171. Being that she was the 'middle bride' of sorts, Emily stood up next. "I want to thank you all for accepting me though I once was an enemy. I couldn't believe that you could accept me. I have done a lot in my life, most of which I am not so proud of anymore. Through your Chaplin's good will and the grace of God, I am saved. It is my hope that I will do right by the club in my marriage to your Nomad Sergeant at Arms."
  4173. Looking to Danny, Emily said, "I love ya, Danny Boy, with all me reborn heart."
  4175. Finally, the third and youngest bride rose up to say a few words. Instantly, the applause and noise died down so Kerrianne could talk. "It has been a tough road for me growing up in Belfast. If it wasn't the guerilla warfare waged by the Real IRA or the street scuffles dealt with by the Sons, there never was a moment where anything was still and silent. For a long while, I could not recall a moment where I could be genuinely happy. Then I met Juice. I thank the club for patching him in. I thank God in Heaven for keeping him alive and in one piece long enough so that we would meet. Most of all, I thank my Da for all the love he gave me and the Son who would be his son-in-law."
  4177. Turning to look at Juice, who had that smile on his face she had come to love so much, Kerrianne said, "Juan Carlos Ortiz, I love ya with every piece of me being and always will."
  4179. Moments later, the three brides stood in front of the table as each wedding guest, wizard, witch, Son, Hell Cat, Grim Bastard, Mayan and assorted others gave gifts, which were placed inside three bridal purses. Having received their wedding fortunes, the newlyweds walked to their Harley trikes and rode off with everyone cheering them on.
  4181. On the back of the trikes were signs that read, 'Just Married' on them.
  4183. Epilogue
  4185. Emily's Office, August 29th, 2018, 8:00 P.M.
  4187. (Emily's POV)
  4189. Ever since Danny and I married, we've both been happy. Yes, I know that long distance relationships can be tough, but we decided to make it work. Even though I now have emotions and can feel empathy, I still like acting crazy.
  4191. Looking back now and at me current life, I've decided that Missy truly was a gift from God himself. She kept me alive when I didn't have me Mum.
  4193. I'm still the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor and the Head of Slytherin. In the time I have served as both, I found that it is truly my calling in life.
  4195. Even though I know Mum and Missy are in Heaven, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss them or think about them.
  4197. My relationship with Harry has improved greatly but I know that we still have a long way to go before we can ever be considered friends again. I still work well with his wife, the new Head of Gryffindor, Hermione, who I consider to be a true friend. Between the two of us, we have made history, bringing peace between the two rival houses of Hogwarts.
  4199. Luna has been chosen as a potential successor to Professor Flitwick as Head of Ravenclaw when the day ever comes that the older professor should choose to retire from his duties in Hogwarts. Xenophilius, unfortunately, passed away 3 months ago. He'll be truly missed by those who knew him.
  4201. Natalie Largen has become a good friend to me and to Hermione as well. Perhaps one day, when Professor Sprout chooses to retire, Natalie will be in line to take up the mantle as Head of Hufflepuff.
  4203. Bellatrix and I have become pen pals. We write to each other every month. Sometimes around every other month, I get a letter from Tig as well, though I know that Bellatrix probably makes him write them. Still, even though he is an arsehole in them just like he is all of the time in real life, I know that he's sincere about it.
  4205. Through it all, I've learned that, though I have screwed up majorly more than once, God still loves me. I've also learned from a very wise man that it doesn't matter what you've done in your past. What matters is what you do with your present and future.
  4207. Of all these things I have learned, I know most of all, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that whenever I finally do kick the bucket, I'll join Missy, Mum and me family in Heaven. I know this all to be true the day I found Jesus, and Fuascailt agus Maithiúnas.
  4209. As I thought about this, I looked at the portrait of me, Missy, Mum, Dad, me siblings and Danny that Wiley had made, which was now hanging over me doorway. I truly consider all of them to be my family and I will love them forever.
  4211. I rubbed Bones and Orion, who were sitting on me desk. After that, as I rubbed me belly, I said to the 4 month old baby inside me, "I hope ye love cats as much as I do, Mary Christine Giving's."
  4213. FIN
  4215. Authors Note: Hope you all enjoyed it. God bless and please leave a review. And thanks to all of you who kept up with it.
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