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  1. Holly Ambrose says: I'm gonna go change hun. Fix me up a bourbon.
  2. * Holly Ambrose smiles.
  3. Matthew Walsh says: Mhm, but then again with the casino it's just patrol on their lot!
  4. * Matthew Walsh grasps over towards his shoulder as he dangles his jacket off prior to hang it down the chair as he makes way to the stand.
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  7. * Matthew Walsh levitates his hands towards the cupboard up ahead, retrieves two freshly rinsed whiskey glasses from it as he places them down below on the counter.
  8. * Matthew Walsh reaches over towards the bottle of bourbon as he grasps ahold around the neck, twists the cap counter clockwise to open it up as he pours a three-finger height of liquor into each glass.
  9. * Holly Ambrose places her hands on Matt's shoulders, massaging them a bit.
  10. * Matthew Walsh taps the cap back on the bottle, secures it as he places it back down before grasping ahold with a firm grip around each glass as he turns over to Holly before sticking his hand out over to offer it.
  11. Holly Ambrose says: Well look at you, handsome. I ever tell you you look great in a vest?
  12. (( (184) Holly Ambrose: ff ))
  13. * Matthew Walsh heaves a soft gasp underneath his breath as she does, develops a faint smile after his turn while eying her.
  14. Matthew Walsh says [low]: You couldn't tell me that enough in all fairness.
  15. * Matthew Walsh takes a brief glance over her attire before biting on the corner of his lip as he leans back a tad to give her a good preview.
  16. Matthew Walsh says: It surely has been a while since I've seen you in a skirt.
  17. Matthew Walsh says: It might even be the first time.
  18. * Matthew Walsh emits a slight smirk, locking gaze with her thereafter as he offers the glass over once again.
  19. * Holly Ambrose gives a quiet laugh, winking as she takes the glass of bourbon from him. While standing so close she lifts it up to take a mild gulp.
  20. Holly Ambrose says [low]: I guess we'll have to do this yet again when we get the liverys, eh?
  21. * Matthew Walsh levitates his vacant hand over towards her hip thereafter as she takes the glass, grasping upon in a gently manner.
  22. Matthew Walsh says [low]: That sounds like a honest celebration, each step that is.
  23. Matthew Walsh says [low]: I wouldn't disagree with you there one bit.
  24. Holly Ambrose says [low]: Mhmmm. But there is something I've been curious about mister.
  25. * Matthew Walsh raises his glass as he shoots a wink over at Holly prior to take a sip of the liquor.
  26. * Holly Ambrose grinds as her finger places itself on his chest, gently sifting up and down.
  27. (( (184) Holly Ambrose: grins* ))
  28. Matthew Walsh says [low]: What may that be, misses?
  29. * Holly Ambrose takes a gentle sip from her glass, before developing a gentle smirk as she looks right up at him.
  30. * Matthew Walsh emits a soft smirk over at her as he maintances eye contact during her action, caresses his vacant hand slowly over towards her rear before giving it a subtle squeeze.
  31. * Holly Ambrose's smirk only grows with his hand over her rear holding the plump rounded mound.
  32. Holly Ambrose says [low]: What's with you and Val? Not jealous, just curious.
  33. * Holly Ambrose winks.
  34. Matthew Walsh says [low]: For some reason Val and I been growing to eachother, you probably have noticed that as you ask that question. -- I'd call it something, but unsure on how long it would stand out.
  35. Matthew Walsh says [low]: Besides, it wouldn't change my opinion one bit from decisions that are brought up regarding the company.
  36. Matthew Walsh says [low]: Or that special place in me you've captured.
  37. * Holly Ambrose leans in, placing her lips on Matt's neck, warm, plump lips brushing softly against it.
  38. Holly Ambrose says [low]: Heh, not what I meant, but thank you, sweetheart.
  39. * Matthew Walsh tilts his head lightly to the side as he spaces up for her, gasps softly as her lips connect yet giving her rear another squeeze in reaction.
  40. Matthew Walsh says [low]: What is it that you meant then?
  41. * Holly Ambrose bites on the side of her tongue momentarily, setting her nearly empty glass down behind him, her hands trailing to his belt.
  42. Holly Ambrose says [low]: I meant, would it be a problem for you two if I showed you how much I appreciated you tonight?
  43. Matthew Walsh says [low]: It might become a problem to her, but that wouldn't withstand what I have with you.
  44. Matthew Walsh says [low]: Besides, it's not like she is in the position to change that one bit.
  45. * Holly Ambrose giggles quietly, continuing to kiss his neck, brushing her inner thigh up against his outer.
  46. Holly Ambrose says [low]: Well, it's not like she has to know anyway, right?
  47. * Matthew Walsh smirks faintly over at Holly as he raises his glass, gulps the rest of his drink down before settling it down on the counter.
  48. Matthew Walsh says [low]: Whatever the management speaks about is a company treasure.
  49. Holly Ambrose says [low]: You like cigars?
  50. * Holly Ambrose lowers her thigh, looking up at him.
  51. Matthew Walsh says [low]: I'd prefer them over cigarettes.
  52. Holly Ambrose says [low]: Go sit, beige lounger. I know how to treat a man who deserves to be treated well.
  53. * Matthew Walsh follows her movement down with his gaze, develops a smile over at her as he caresses a thumb down her cheek.
  54. Matthew Walsh says [low]: If that's a direct order, it'll be executed ma'am.
  55. * Holly Ambrose winks, nodding.
  56. Holly Ambrose says [low]: Sure is. Go, mister.
  57. * Matthew Walsh bites onto his lower lip as he glances down at her before making his way over to the couch.
  58. Holly Ambrose says: Chair.
  59. * Matthew Walsh glances over to the chair, shrugs momentarily before walking over as he takes a seat.
  60. * Holly Ambrose pours a little more for herself, and then knocks it back with little effort, shivering and giving off a mild sigh.
  61. Holly Ambrose says: Now then.
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  63. * Holly Ambrose grabs the most expensive bottle of whiskey they have, filling Matt's left-behind glass half way.
  64. * Holly Ambrose clips off the tip of the cigar, offering it over with a smirk.
  65. Holly Ambrose says [low]: Cuban.
  66. * Matthew Walsh glances over his shoulder as he drops his gaze at Holly, licking his lip as he gazes over her attire once again.
  68. * Matthew Walsh levitates his hand over before taking the cigar, smirks slightly before tucking it between his lips after giving it a glance.
  69. * Holly Ambrose waits until he takes it, before striking a match. She brings the match to the tip, waiting for him to inhale and get a light.
  70. Matthew Walsh says [low]: Mmm- you sure do how to treat a gent.
  72. * Matthew Walsh takes a inhale from the cigar as he wraps his index finger around the big boy, resting his thumb underneath before retrieving it from between his lips. Matthew exhales the smoke he previously inhaled out.
  73. * Matthew Walsh clicks his tongue prior to look over the cigar, then back over at Holly as he smirks.
  74. * Holly Ambrose sits the glass of whiskey down on his arm rest.
  75. Matthew Walsh says [low]: That's some quality right there, darling.
  76. Holly Ambrose says [low]: Blaton's singel barrel Kentucky whiskey. Seven hundred and fifty mils is several hundred dollars.
  77. Holly Ambrose says: Enjoy those.. I'll just do my own thing.
  78. * Holly Ambrose kneels down infront of him. While he focuses on the cigar and whiskey she unzips his trousers.
  79. * Matthew Walsh levitates the cigar back over between his lips as he locks gaze with Holly, takes yet another mild inhale as he exhales it not even trying to do so over his lungs, brings his arm over to the arm rest on his right while dangling it.
  80. * Matthew Walsh bites onto his lower lip while following her actions, wraps his palm around the whiskey glass thereafter before levitating it over towards his mouth prior to take a gulp down.
  81. Matthew Walsh says [low]: That's a lovely Kentucky you've poured there.
  82. * Holly Ambrose reaches inside, pulling his manhood out. While looking up at Matthew, she eases in. Her lips and tongue gently start to graze along the sides of his member.
  83. * Matthew Walsh motions the glass over towards the arm rest thereafter, placing it upon as he raises his waist slightly up for her to pull his trousers down to wiggle.
  84. * Holly Ambrose chuckles, pushing his hips back down, shaking her head. It seems she's content with using his manhood poking out through the opened zipper.
  85. * His crotch seem recently shaved, as his manhood would be half grown on her foreplay. ((Matthew Walsh))*
  86. * Holly Ambrose slips those plump wet lips over the tip, she'd suckle warmly, her tongue slipping out and rolling around his girth.
  87. * Matthew Walsh sniffles as he looks down at her, lowering himself back on the single chair thereafter, chews onto the bottom of his lip yet again before he takes another lengthy drag of the cigar, exhales the smoke up above.
  88. Holly Ambrose says [low]: Mmhhh..
  89. * Holly Ambrose starts to bop her head up and down softly on his slowly stiffening member, looking up at Matt while he enjoys his whiskey and cigar.
  90. * Matthew Walsh gasps quietly in her actions as he heaves a slight moan out while she begins to take his length down her throat.
  91. * It wouldn't take her too much effort for his member to reach his erected length. ((Matthew Walsh))*
  92. * Matthew Walsh raises the glass yet again from the arm rest towards his lips, takes a casual sips while he maintances eye contact with her.
  93. * Holly Ambrose starts to pick up the pace, more consistently bopping her head up and down once he becomes fully erect. He'd feel his tip bumping the back of her throat, saliva coating his girth, tilting her head right to left, giving off warm groans.
  94. * While she gives fellatio to one of her own managers while he enjoys whiskey and a cigar. ((Holly Ambrose))*
  95. * Matthew Walsh delights a smile down over at her, hovers the glass down to the arm rest as he places it back as his gasps turn slowly more audiable on the pace she picks.
  96. Matthew Walsh says [low]: Mmpfh... -- that's a big treat down there, ma'am.
  97. * Holly Ambrose would have giggled, if she didn't have a mouthful of him. Instead, she presses down until he's at the back of her throat. Then she starts gulping. He'd feel himself sinking further inside until her face is pressed right up against his pants, his-
  98. * - cock buried in her tight, warm throat. ((Holly Ambrose))*
  99. * Matthew Walsh levitates his cigar over as he tucks it between his lips, heaves a louder moan at this time when his cock would be covered with her saliva and pounded down her throat clearly indicating to stimulate the touches around his member.
  100. * Matthew Walsh casually locks the cigar between the corners of his lips while gazing down at her, takes a drag every now and then as he blows it out through the other corner upon clamping the cigar between his lips.
  101. * Holly Ambrose raises up, taking a heavy breath as she looks up at him, licking her lips, his sopping wet shaft standing infront of her, she moves to stand.
  102. * Matthew Walsh levitates his hand towards his tie thereafter to toosen it up as he grasps for some air after doing so.
  103. Holly Ambrose says [low]: Mmh..
  104. * Matthew Walsh grasps over towards Holly's hands as he smirks up towards her, gently guiding her up onto his lap thereafter.
  105. (( (184) Holly Ambrose has disconnected:  ))
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