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  2. Had this discussion with lewiesabigfatracist after he made a Cheer alert on screen saying "I'm still not 100% about the LewTard being back..."
  4. .Thaang: you're actually a big fan of Lewie, right?
  5. .Thaang: either way, making a donation alert on the stream like that is pretty messed up
  6. .lewiesabigfatracist: I'm not but I try to keep it PG
  7. .lewiesabigfatracist: It was super messed up when his Mii showed up and it was obv his
  8. .lewiesabigfatracist: and we all kinda just forgot about it
  9. .lewiesabigfatracist: appreciate yall moderating it tho for the channel
  10. .Thaang: you may recall that he said he's not the only person who used the wii...
  11. .lewiesabigfatracist: Oh I know i get it, IMO he reacted like someone who would do that, and has continued to act like someone who would
  12. .lewiesabigfatracist: It's my perception though
  13. .Thaang: you also realize his best friend is damon, right? and the wii came out like 13 years ago
  14. .Thaang: he's also a member of the show, and Pops and Justin's cousin... like it or not, believe what you want, just keep your shit talk to yourself
  15. .lewiesabigfatracist: Hey, I'm just letting you know why my name is what it is. This isn't something I can just let go, not gonna change my name.
  16. .lewiesabigfatracist: Love the show obv, just not someone like lewie
  17. .Thaang: like I said, keep it to yourself, and don't ever abuse the boys' twitch alerts to voice your hate
  18. .lewiesabigfatracist: whoa now, I appreciate the defense of the boys. However I will need a more clear line here. how much disagreement will Thaang appreciate?
  19. .lewiesabigfatracist: Is my name simply enough of you to say nope?
  20. .Thaang: I'm sure everyone assumes your name is a joke, like I did
  21. .Thaang: let's keep it that way
  22. .lewiesabigfatracist: That's the most professional response I can imagine, and I didn't expect it.
  23. .lewiesabigfatracist: I understand
  24. .lewiesabigfatracist: I don't like it, but this isn't my place. it's y'alls
  25. .Thaang: I'm not saying you can't use the name in donations, the boys clearly don't care. just chill out on throwing shade
  26. .lewiesabigfatracist: I'm picking up what you're putting down. This isn't youtube comments
  27. .lewiesabigfatracist: Ill keep it above board
  28. .Thaang: alright then, sounds good. have a good one
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