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  1. Your sweet moans and whining from each teasing bite and suck left me feeling much more dominant than my position had put me. When you pulled away, I leaned my head back and kept my calm smirk as you whined even more. I knew that you were getting angry, but I knew that I could still get away with being a cocky jerk as long as I listened to you, but did your commands my way. That is, until you lose it and just tease me from hell and back. "Yes sir...~" I grip right at the middle of your panties’s waistband with my teeth, working gently enough to only grip at the fabric. The tug was slow and teasing in nature, letting your plump cheeks get freed as I dropped them down to just below your waist, watching your balls swing low and your cock flip out into view. When I finished, I let go and lifted my head back up, taking a good look at what you were covering before. "How in the hell do you have a finer ass than a lot of girls here..."
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