Al Jalaa Hospital, Benghazi

Mar 10th, 2011
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  1. Al Jalaa Hospital, Benghazi, March 10 2011
  2. ------------------------------------------
  3. Live on Libya Alhurra :
  6. We had enough
  7. We are not looking for materialistc things
  8. We are looking for the good for all people..
  9. thank God now we feel we are under less stress
  10. thank u for ur service
  11. here we are in another room in Bengazi hospital
  12. we want to know how you got wounded
  13. this is the first battle in our area
  15. I am civlian
  16. this is new
  17. i had a round 14.5 mm in my leg
  18. i couldnt move, ppl took my by car to the hospital
  19. i do u think there will be some good news
  20. May God help and support u , u r heros of the country
  21. his is our duty and we have to do it
  23. here we have another hero
  24. i hope i am not bothering u
  25. tell us how u got hit
  26. i got hit in my leg, and they attacked my car, they spry the car
  27. even before they asked me anything
  28. my knee is broken ..i shouldn't move of my place
  30. as u see the freedom here in Bengazi, what u tell ppl in the capital city
  31. i hope we are going to have good news
  32. i tell them freedom is great and u r turn is next,
  33. God bless u
  35. this is Al Jalaa hospital
  36. the revolutionists are brave hearts ..very brave
  37. u are a hero
  38. here we have lot of heros and hawks that we ow them our freedom
  39. i m proud that i had u with me in this interview
  41. we have another hero also
  42. hello, u are welcome
  43. pls specify how u got woonded
  44. in salmane
  45. i got attacked by one there
  46. he shot me with his rifle
  47. and then my friends helped
  48. and brought me here
  49. i thank them a lot
  50. i thank the media
  51. well ...we are the one that thank you and are proud of you
  53. ahmed another hero
  54. we were on our way to ben jawad
  55. with our flag
  56. .we have been attacked
  57. and shot there
  58. thanks god i am here
  59. every libyan that he didnt fight yet
  60. i tell him
  61. pls join us is now or ever
  63. we never use guns in our lives
  64. but we have the will to liberate our country
  65. it is the will that counts
  66. when i go out i will join again
  67. my friends
  68. nchallah u will be fine and u go out soon
  71. salam ..another hero we have
  72. i never gaveup ..i fought
  73. i saw my friends killed on the ground
  74. ncahhlah i will be ok
  75. an join my brothers in brega n ben jawad
  76. and fight with them
  77. thank u hero
  78. salam
  79. excuse us to come and talk to you in your conditions
  80. #
  81. that is another room wia another hero
  82. my name khaled moh abdallah
  83. min benghaze
  84. 19 years old
  85. first day we were fighting
  86. a troop of mercenaises
  87. i was shooting
  88. also they shot at us heavily
  89. with rockets
  90. that it was there when i got shot
  92. Girdaffi say we take pills and drugs
  93. we never took that
  94. we have the will only will
  95. thanks god
  96. allah is with us cos our cause is legal
  97. we believe in our cause
  98. they have nothing to beleive in ..they are just paid for that
  99. we are facing a kind of devil
  100. all this money
  101. he is spreading to kill
  102. us his own people
  103. this is the libyan money
  104. thanks god
  105. we are now free from inside
  106. he is in bab el aziziya
  107. Girdaffi is nothing
  108. the victory or be a martyr
  109. only these choices i made
  111. ali ..where have u been wounded in benghazy or else where ?
  112. i have been woonded in ras lanuf
  113. and the second time in ben jawad
  114. i got shot in ben jawad in my back
  115. we were in bajaw
  116. ben jawad ib control there
  117. keep fighting the good fight
  118. when i got been shot from the back
  119. a counter-attack
  120. we had children women an old people we were protecting theres
  121. they were shooting on everything
  122. we have been wounded in the ammunition storage
  123. when they hit was a target
  124. are u optimistic?
  125. i don't know
  126. god knows
  127. what do you want to say to people in tripoli?
  128. i wish for them the victory
  129. may god grant us the victory
  130. ncahllah
  131. hope u will recover soon ya rab
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