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  1. command /souko:
  2.     trigger:
  3.         open chest with 6 rows named "&3&l %player% さんの倉庫 1" to player
  4.         set {_slot} to 0
  5.         loop 54 times:
  6.             set slot {_slot} of player's current inventory to {souko.%uuid of player%::%{_slot}%}
  7.             add 1 to {_slot}
  9. on inventory close:
  10.     inventory name of player's current inventory contain "&3&l %player% さんの倉庫 1"
  11.     set {_slot} to 0
  12.     loop 54 times:
  13.         set {souko.%uuid of player%::%{_slot}%} to slot {_slot} of player's current inventory
  14.         add 1 to {_slot}
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