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  1. Doxing Tutorial
  3.       Welcome to my Doxing & Anonymity eBook. Hopefully you discover some new tips and  tricks to help you with your Private Investigations and Anonymity. If you are not satisfied with  this eBook that is your problem, be prepared as this is a $4.99 eBook. I spent quite the time  making this though and would love feedback.         T.O.S    ­You are not allowed to leak this eBook    ­You are not allowed to resell this eBook    ­You are not allowed to chargeback, all sales are final                                        
  4.   Context      Page | Concept    1.  Intro    2.  Context    3.  Doxing Introduction    4.  Doxing Template    5.  Doxing with Skype    6.  Doxing with Email + getting the email    7.  Doxing with a Name    8.  Doxing with a Number and IP Address    9.  Using their Alias, getting SSN’s and Credit Reports    10. Getting Ancestor’s, House Picture and House Information    11. Using Database’s and Social Engineering    12­13. Picture to Account, and what to do after completing a Dox     14. Anonymity Introduction    15. Hiding your IP Address    16. Removing your Dox    17. Using XXMP, BTC and Deleting Accounts    18. Outro  
  5. Doxing Introduction
  7. Dox also known as docs is the action of gathering person(s) information which is but not  limited to: Addresses, phone numbers, date of birth, name, emails, family, IP addresses,  passwords, credit cards and SSN's. Most people use doxing as a method to attack someone  online, such as if you've gotten scammed, hacked or just hate a user and want to make them cry.  Let us begin our journey to revealing the private information of a user.                                                                                
  8. Doxing Template
  10. The key to success is having a unique and sexy arrangement to post the information.  Here's a sample template that I just created:    ~ DOX dropped by (Your username or way of contact, e.g. Skype or XXMP)    ===============================================================    Target: (Name) / (IP) / (Alias)    ===============================================================    Usernames:    *     *     ===============================================================    Locations:    *       *     ===============================================================    IP info:    *     *     ===============================================================    Family:  
  11. *     *      ===============================================================    Other information:    *    *    ===============================================================    Along with the template you can decorate it with this text to art Website:           Using their Skype    Skype is one of the most broken p2p programs out there, and it quite simple to find IP's  through unless the user is running their Skype on a different connection.    Resolving their IP    Resolving their IP is very simple and barely requires you to use your brain. First off, you  can resolve using a packet sniffer. Wireshark a known packet sniffer is what we're going to use.  You can download it here:      After downloading simply launch it, if you're a beginner it might seem quite confusing,  don't worry I will guide you! To start off select what Network you are using, most people use  "WiFi" so click that if you're unsure, and press Start. Now you're going to want to add a filter.  So, find a box that says "Filter:" it should be located at the top left and enter this inside it:     ip.src == YOUR IPV4 ADDRESS and udp.srcport == SKYPE PORT  
  12. Fill in the blanks with your IPv4 address which you can find from going into Command  Prompt and typing “ipconfig”, and enter your skype port. After adding the filter press your  "enter" key. Now all you have to do is call the person who’s IP you're trying to get. Once they  accept you should be spammed with a bunch of packets from an IP, this is their IP. Make sure to  check if it is a proxy or VPN just in case.    Another method is using the Skypedeob, a.k.a the deobfuscated version of Skype. All you  need to do is open the "Enable logging" file, start Skype, click "view profile" on one of your  Skype contacts that is online and then open the debuglog in Notepad++ and ctrl+f this text in  <Name>.*(r)[1­9] make sure you replace <Name> with the username of the skype. Click  Regular Expression and hit enter and you should see an IP, if not just keep on clicking enter, and  if it still doesn’t show they’re probably offline. Here is the download to a recent Skypedeob  version:!dcQVURob!HrASVfzFUwIC2­y7GuCAWwKnpzaajS7_QWqS6OoAlQk     If none of those seem to work, you can go for an old fashion IP Logger. One of the  easiest but also less productive way is IP logging as most people can distinguish what is an IP  logger and what is not. Of course it’s easy to make the logger but sending it and getting someone  to click it is just a hassle, unless the person doesn’t pay attention to anything or knows nothing of  IP logging. Some methods I use are using HTML to your advantage. If you use a program known  as Teamspeak there is a huge bug, the bug is that Teamspeak allows HTML. I will show you  how to spoof your IP logger link so that it can show as anything you want. Here is how you do it:     [url=IPLOGGERHERE]Fake link here[/url]     This is what you’re going to send your victim if you’re in Teamspeak. As you can see,  where is says “IPLOGGERHERE” is where you put the link of your IP logger, and where is says  “Fake link here” is where you’re going to put anything you want. You could simply just put  “click here” or you could be creative and make a link. This is my example:    [][/url]         Here are some IP Loggers that I can vouch for:    
  13.           Acquiring and Using an Email    Here are some procedures to use for doxing with an email. An email can almost always  be a good trace, unless you find something like a 10minute mail.         Acquiring Email through Facebook    A very broadcasted method, not sure if it works anymore but pretty much you sign into  your Facebook account, make sure to create a fake account without any private information on it.  Now you want to import your contacts from Skype, so find that and sign in then send a request to  your contacts. After doing that head over to this link: then click the hidden emails and complete the  captcha and the email should be there.     Another method is importing your Facebook contacts through Yahoo to find their email.  Basically create a Yahoo and click the top left where it says contacts and choose Facebook, then  login and import the contact you want to and voila the email should come up.     In the case that you only have the email you can search Skype for an account connected  with it. Simply input the full email into the "add contacts" and if there is a Skype connected it  should pop up.       Forgot Password    For Gmail accounts the Forgot Password button is quite superficial and can sometimes  really help your dox. So basically for Gmail try logging in, after entering the email click "Forgot  Password", it should bring you to a page which says "enter the last password you remember". On  the same screen the Username they have chosen should show on top. Sometimes it is a username  they use and other times it's their name. You can also go more forward after that and check what  recovery email/phone they have chosen and try to guess it. (Not likely to guess with a Phone but  can be easy for an email).  
  14. PayPal Method
  16. This used to give you tons of information like their address, phone number and such but  now it only gives you the Name, the only way you'll get the address and stuff is if they send you  money. The method is quite simple all you need to do is request or send money to the email you  have. Once you do that there should be a notification in your Activity and it should say their  name. Remember sometimes people put fake leads so don't always go for it.         Finding Social Media    There are many sites you can use to find social media and accounts on targets. They  search the web through tons of social media with the email you give them and return every bit of  information they find for you. Here's a list of some social media finders:          Using their Name    Using the target's name is also very helpful. If you have their name then you can possibly  find out their address, phone number, and relatives. Remember you cannot use their name if they  are below the age of 18. If they aren't below the age of 18 and you know where they live just  enter the information in the sites posted below. If you don't know where they live but have their  name then you all you can basically do is look at the locations information on some of their  social media or accounts or use the IP address geographical location.    Here are some sites to do the lookups on:  
  17.  (Canada)  (UK)  (UK)  (Sweden)  (Denmark)    https://find­person­  (Germany)         Using their Number    Just like the name search you can do a lookup on their phone number, except you do not  need a location on the user just their number. If nothing shows up you can just search Google,  sometimes phone numbers are posted publicly, but haven’t been connected to Whitepages.    Here are some sites to do number lookups:  
  18.  (Denmark)  (Canada)    https://www.goyellow.da/?  (Germany)        
  19. Using their IP
  21. Using the target's IP address is a very powerful way to dox, if you're quite advanced an IP  is all you need to leak the user’s information.          Geolocating the IP    Basically head over to the website ? and input the IP address  then click search. After doing that you should be granted a rough location on the user, along with  their hostname, and other information. Remember that this information is pretty inaccurate and  you should not think that it is their exact location.              ISP Doxing    Before doing this make sure you know what you are doing, never call from your home or  mobile phone! Always use spoofed numbers!    ISP doxing is basically when you call up the users ISP (Internet Service Provider) and SE  (Social Engineer) the support into giving you information on the IP address. You can get basic  information such as full names, addresses, phone numbers, emails or you can go further and get
  22. SSN's and Credit cards. I will not be providing a guide on how to do this, there are a ton out  there just search for some.    Searching the IP    In addition you may also search the IP address, as you can sometimes find another Dox, a  leaked database or sometimes sites publicly post their IP ban list. Just go to google and search for  their IP address with quotation marks. Ex: “”    Using their Alias'    Searching the target's alias(s) is also a good idea unless their alias is "Mike123". Of  course searching google for Mike will lead you with millions of results which most likely won’t  have any connection with the user. If the user has an alias such as "Carrotcake123lololol" or  something along the lines of that it will be much easier. To search with their Skype you can  simply type this in the search bar "Skype: (Username)" make sure to include the quotations.    Getting their SSN’s    Grabbing the target’s SSN is relatively simple but it costs a little BTC. It’s recommended  to hide yourself before doing any of this because it is very illegal. So head over to a website  known as ? and sign up. You can do this on some from the US or UK. Then  deposit money into your account, once you have enough funds head over to the search bar and  enter all the information you have on the target. After that you should see a couple entries and  then just buy ‘em and you’re done.         Getting their Credit Report    Another illegal and spooky thing to provide on your dox. There are a couple of sites that  help you obtain credit reports but the only way to successfully get one is by having tons of your  target’s information. There is no possible way of actually gaining credit reports without firstly  having a full dox on the person, which is (If they are +18) their DOB, address, phone number,  full name, and more. If they aren’t +18 then you’ll have to dox their parents.     Here are a couple of sites that can aid you with credit reports:  
  24. Getting their Ancestor’s
  26. This unlike other information is very easy to obtain. All that you have to do is look up the  sites below and enter in the information it asks you for. Along with that you can look at their  Family on Facebook and perhaps they have added their family to it.     Here are some ancestry search sites:        Viewing their House Picture    Attaining the target’s house picture is very simple. Head over to Google Maps and in the  search bar enter in the target’s address and in a matter of seconds their house picture should  show up. If you want to get a more close view you can click the “earth’ and use the scroll or +  and – buttons on the website to get closer.     Along with this there is something known as exif­data. Basically once you’re uploading  an image to a site you can possibly cache exif­data that can lead to coordinates of where the  image was taken. Anyways, head over to one of the sites below and upload then search the image  and you should end up with results.    Here are some websites to use:  
  27.­photo­data­find­understand/          Grabbing their House Information    Now I’ll show you how to get the target’s house information such as the number of  bedrooms, bathrooms, how large the yard and lot is, etc. All you have to do is go on one of the  websites below and enter in the address of the user.     Here are some sites you can use:          Using Databases    Database, a file or list of information something analyzes and gathers on users. In short  words a database is more or less a text file in which information of users is stored, like  passwords, emails, usernames, IPs, and much more. Liking this so far? Well, unfortunately  databases are rather hard to find or easy but you need to pay a crazy sum of money, at least the  more useful ones. But this does not mean that there aren’t any good ones for free, no there are  plenty such as the MPGH forums database and 000webhost which have been leaked on many  sites. So you don’t want to pay $100 for a database right? No problem, there are a ton of  websites that have gathered hundreds of databases in which you can use for just $2 BTC a day.  One of those websites is known as ?, and just input one of the following  registries: Usernames, emails, phone numbers, names, and IP addresses. In result you will get a  password (Hashed or real), email, username, and more.          Here are a couple free databases and sites to get dbs from:    MPGH Database: ?    
  28. Database: ?      000webhost Database:  ?        Social Engineering the User    The amount of times I’ve done these techniques and succeeded. Many times when I end  up with a blank page I go to a last resort, faking a Skype account and messaging the user and  SE’ing them to give me information. Here is a quick guide on how I SE through Skype.    Let’s get a setting first, for example I will be faking a PayPal Support member.     Me: “Would like to add you as a contact…blah blah blah”    Target: “Accepts.”, “Hello who is this?”    Me: “Hello, this is Dan with the PayPal support team, we are currently having an attack and  encourage all users to change their passwords. Unfortunately you may not manually reset them,  we have to reset them for you because they will potentially get logged by the attackers.”    Target: “How did you find my Skype?”    Me: “We are PayPal, a large organisation that surveys many users and connect much of their  information, but in the act that this is the improper account I ask of your email to confirm your  identity.”    Target: “Ok, it’s ……………    Me: “Aaaaah, yes I found you. May I just ask for another method of access such as a card linked,  phone number, address, or current password?”    Target: “Yeah, my password is *********.”
  29.   Me: “Alright let me just check here, yep everything looks fine. Now what do you wish your new  password to be?”    Target: “I guess change it to **********.”    Me: “Very fell, the process will take up to 1 hour, please do not login to PayPal until we send out  emails stating that you can. Thank you for your time and patience, Goodbye.”    Target: “Cya m9.”    And it can be done like this, or so this is how I usually do it. Although very skeptical  people will usually either decline and block you, or just be notorious trolls. If they get quite  curious though and say the PayPal site looks fine you can just say, “Our site is currently being  controlled by hackers and they currently have stolen up to $1 million dollars. We are currently  moving and changing our database and we need you to choose a new password.” Or something  along those lines. Customize this however you want and have fun.       Picture to Account    Basically when someone posts a picture it sometimes can be taken from a photo hosting  website, you can right click it and click it and open in a new tab and sometimes it will lead to  imgur or something.    Or if you have a picture of the user in real life you could reverse the image to find if there  is another profile that it is linked with. You can do this with the website known as          What to do after completing a Dox    A very interesting subject that many get after completing a Dox is “What the fuck do I do  now”. Act like a badass or el1te hax0r? Sure go ahead! Or you can get a little lethal and do some  of these suggestions:    Posting Le Dox: The easiest of them is just posting the dox. Here are some sites to post doxes on:  
  30.     Pizza Bombing: Basically, when you order many pizza’s to the address of the user, unfortunately  I’m not quite sure if this works anymore but I’ll implement it anyways. Simply head over to and order whatever you want to the person’s house. If you  intentionally order a large meal you will be prompted to confirm the order via a call to a phone.  Don’t worry, I will teach you how to make a free number in the anonymity section.     Swatting: Now claimed as an illegal act, swatting is when you ring up the police and claim your  target has a bomb or is doing something worthy of a Swat team arriving and raiding the home. I  do not condone anyone to swat.    Craigslist: A godly website, known as craigslist is the horror point of doxing. One of my favorite  things is faking a large party at the place. All you have to do is create a thread on it exclaiming  that there will be free food, DJ, booze and many chicks and you will have a total sausage fest. In  the thread include the address, your email just in case people have questions and the date it is  occurring. (Best days of the week would have to be Friday – Sunday and the time could be from  8:00pm till 12:00am.    DDoS: Although this is quite pointless unless you have like a huge net and can boot for days on  days.    Legal action: If the user has done something illegal the best option is to inform the police, and  give them all the info you have (apart from the illegal stuff you gained, if you did).                      Anonymity Introduction (BONUS)
  32. What is the point of performing and posting a Dox or simply searching the internet if you  can’t cover up your tracks? Welcome to anonymity section, I will guide you on how to conceal  the light and live in only the darkness. As dark as it sounds it’s actually pleasant. Now, let us  begin!                                                                                   Hiding your IP address
  34. An IP address, a useless set of numbers right? No, your IP is something that is quite  important to you and those willing to attack you. With these magical set of numbers people may  DDoS you, dox you, and more. Here I will guide you into fully securing your IP address from  others.          Using a VPN    A VPN also known as a Virtual Private Network, is a Network in which you connect to  the providers networks and you can do whatever on them. Almost like connecting to Starbucks  Wi­Fi. If you are planning to perform illegal activity on them I highly suggest you not to as most  log information on users and if authorities ask for it the VPN service is required to hand it over.  Benefits of having a VPN are: your IP address changes, you can visit blocked websites, and  more.     VPN’s to use:    Cryptic’s VPN: ? (Favorite)    RA4WVPN: ?     143VPN: ?     IPVanish: ?     Private Internet Access: ?     Using Tor    Tor was pretty secure but is getting way less secure do to the government having access  to it and such. Anyways it’s still a very good program. Also you won’t be able to access HF,  Netflix and all those anti proxy sites due to Tor being blocked.    Firstly, head over to ? and locate your  operating system. Click your OS and download the Expert Bundle. Then, move your Tor .zip file  to wherever you would like and open it up, then click the Tor file located inside the .zip and run
  35. the tor.exe and you're gucci. Now that you have Tor up and running we want to route most of our  applications through it. For this tutorial I'll simply use Skype and Firefox as an example.       Open up Skype and head to Tools>Options>Advanced>Connection. Now that you're  there you want to set the port type to SOCKS5 and input into the Host label and 9050  into the port (Tor runs through port 9050). Also, input 9050 into the "Use port ____ for incoming  connections".     Now for Firefox. Open up Firefox and head to Options>Advanced>Connection now click  Settings and Check the Manual Proxy Configuration box. Now, input into the SOCKS  Host label and 9050 for the port. Lastly, check Socks_v5 below the IP, now click Ok and you  should have a slower connection, but be protected by the Onion.    Using an RDP    An RDP is the acronym for Remote Desktop Protocol, basically a Windows desktop that  you can connect through remotely. This can give you a large benefit when for example you are  playing a game and want to Skype someone for contact but want to hide your IP. You don’t want  to use a VPN as that will give you a slower connection in the game so your next best option is an  RDP. There are plenty of them which you can buy or even get for free in the Marketplace on HF.    Using a VPS    A VPS is basically the Linux based RDP. I honestly think that VPS’ are better because  they have far more features. Like for instance setting up a private SOCKS5 proxy on your VPS.     Here’s a tutorial on how to do that on ?CentOS 5?, every line is a command:   yum update  yum upgrade  yum install make automake gcc gcc­c++ gcc­g77 nano wget  wget­2.1.tar.gz  tar xvf kingate­2.1.tar.gz  cd kingate­2.1  sh ./configure ­­prefix=/usr/local/kingate  make  make install  nano /usr/local/kingate/etc/kingate.conf? (find socks off and change it to on, find socks_port  and change it to whatever you like or leave it default, then save by CTRL X)
  36. wget  mv kingate.init.d /etc/init.d/kingate  chmod +x /etc/init.d/kingate  service iptables save  service iptables stop  chkconfig iptables off    Then to start it type in:   /etc/init.d/kingate start  The proxy IP will be your main VPS IP, and port is whatever you set it to.    Using Proxies    Basically just like Tor except you don’t need to install anything. All you have to do is go  scraping for some good proxies, although most people in my opinion don’t use proxies for a soul  purpose of staying anonymous over Google Chrome but rather while cracking. Anyways it’s  quite simple, all you have to do is do some searches on “proxies” and you will be bombed with  pages full of live proxies. Or if you’re quite the lazy gentleman you could pay $1­$4 for a proxy  scraper from HF, which supplies you with Lifetime proxies, around 3­5k per day.      Removing your Dox    Have you already been doxed, and need it removed a.s.a.p.? Well congratulations you’ve  located yourself to the right section, these are some methods that will teach you how to remove  doxes. If your dox is on a website known as Pastebin you’re guaranteed going to be able to  remove it, other sites not so much as people might ask for BTC to remove the dox. Anyways  here are some methods on removing the Dox.    Report Abuse    As much of a meme it sounds it actually works on Pastebin. Basically, click the “report  abuse” button and create a Pastebin account and file a complaint against it too and it should  disappear in around 3­5 business days.          
  37. Updating the Dox
  39. This is very simple and works really well. Head over to Pastebin and locate your Dox,  then copy the whole paste along with the title and create a copy, before posting it tweak the  information so it’s very off but don’t switch the social media and such just the dangerous  information such as IP’s, addresses, names and such. Once you post it, it should update the post  and take over the position of the old paste with the real info.    Removing Cache    This will delete all the information from deleted/removed pastes. To define that basically  when you report a post it gets junked, although removed from Pastebin it is still available when  people search for your dox on Google and such. All you have to do to remove the information is  head over to this website: ?      Now enter in the URL of the dox and then it’ll say some other stuff. Make sure the page  has been removed, you will get denied if the page is a live page, like someone made their own  website and posted the dox on there, it won’t work until the owner of the website deletes the  content.    Getting a Fake Phone Number  If you’re just looking to call people, you can use Skype and get a free month subscription  to unlimited calls (NO SMS). My personal favorite is this: ?   You can also check out this awesome article:­fake­mobile­numbers­to­bypass­verification/     Using XXMP    Using XXMP over Skype is needed if you’re wanting to be anonymous. It offers  encrypted chats and connections so you are anonymous when chatting with people.    Using BTC    Another thing you want to add to your list is using BTC instead of PayPal and such. My  pros are that it offers securable banking and money usage, it is very unlikely someone will hack  into your account. Another point to add is that it doesn’t reveal info when you send money,  unlike PayPal that hands your Address, Phone number, email and all that to someone BTC does  not collect that info and sending money is secure. Also there are no worries about someone  charging back because you can’t.
  40. Deleting Accounts
  42. A huge part of the information in doxes are gathered from Social Media that have much  leaked info on them. Here I will show you how to delete your accounts.         Email:    Gmail: ?     Yahoo: ?     Microsoft Emails: ?     Skype: Although you can’t actually delete your Skype account but you can remove it from the  user search. All you have to do is contact Skype Support and tell them you would like to delete  your account and they’ll do the rest for you.         Outro    Again I would like to thank you for purchasing Savage Doxing and I would love  feedback. If you have any questions feel free to private message me and I hope for the best in  your further Private Investigations.          Another Bonus I thought I’d add: (LOOK BELOW)                  
  43. Jacking accounts tutorials  
  44.   How to jack a Skype:    Before we begin, I would like to list the requirements the account you want to "hack" must meet.  ? The account must display a Birth date. (Shown here:? ?  ? The account must display a Country. (Shown here:? ?  ? It would also very much help if the account displayed a first and last name, this is not  completely necessary but improves your chances of taking the account greatly.  ?     If the account meets the requirements you can more than likely take it.    Let's begin!  ? First, find an account you want to take that meets the requirements listed above.  ? Now go to? ?  ? Once you're on the correct page it will ask you to "Choose a help topic". Choose  "Account and Password".  ? You will then be asked to "Choose a related problem". Choose "Password / SkypeName  problems", then click the "Next >" button.  ? Now it will take you to a page that asks you to "Select a contact method". Click "Email  support".  ?     Here is where you need to fill out some details about the account you want to take.  ? For "Country or region" put the country that was listed on the account.  ? For "Preferred language" put English.  ? For "Your first name" and "Your last name" put their first and last name, if the account  didn't display a first or last name and only displayed the username then for the first and  last name put that username for both.  ? For "Your email address" put an email address you have access too.  ? For "Your Skype name" put the Skype username you're wanting to take.  ? Now skip everything else and find "What email address did you provide when you  registered?"  ? For "What email address did you provide when you registered?" put "I don't remember  which one I used".  ? Now find "What is your date of birth (dd/mm/yy)?".
  45. ? For "What is your date of birth (dd/mm/yy)?" put the Birth date that was displayed on the  account.  ? Now find "When did you create your Skype account (mm/yy)?".  ? For "When did you create your Skype account (mm/yy)?" if it's an "OG" account I  suggest putting 02/04, if it's just some random person I'd try putting something like  02/12. Just take a guess really!  ? Now find "Please provide five names that are in your Contacts list." this part can be a  little tricky but do not worry! Here is what I do, I either add the account I want to take on  5 different Skype's and list all the Skypes there. Or if I know 5 contacts the person has  added that is a really big benefit! So if you know 5 contacts, be sure to put them there. If  not, make 5 Skype's and add the account. Or you can try just putting random usernames.  It's a hit or miss really, unless you know for sure 5 contacts they have added.  ? Okay, skip everything and find What name (first and last) did you provide when you  registered for your account?".  ? For "What name (first and last) did you provide when you registered for your account?"  put the first and last name that was displayed on the account. Again, if no first or last  name was display. Put the username twice.  ? Now find "Which country did you select when you registered?".  ? For "Which country did you select when you registered?" put the country displayed on  the account.  ?
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