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#3dshacks rules

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Mar 8th, 2016
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  1. #3dshacks Rules
  3. 1. READ THE FULL TOPIC (the text that appears as soon as you join the channel)
  4. 2. You may disagree with anything or anyone you like, but you may not insult anyone (this means nobody may insult you either)
  5. 3. Don't flood the channel with messages
  6. 4. Don't use public away messages
  7. 5. Don't repeat your question every few minutes
  8. 6. Bots are not allowed except if stated otherwise by the #3dshacks staff
  9. 7. Use a paste for longer texts
  10. 8. Listen to the staff
  11. 9. Speak English
  12. 10. When helping: be helpful
  13. 11. Don't ask for any privileges/IRC ranks
  14. 12. Don't use annoying scripts
  15. 13. We do not condone unrightful copies here. Do not link to game ROMs, ISOs, etc. You are allowed to link to emulators, game/hack patches, homebrew software, and game backup loaders. Generally anything that doesn't involve downloading pirated software is allowed
  17. Breaking these rules will result in appropriate actions done by the #3dshacks staff.
  19. The #3dshacks staff reserves the right to remove anyone from the channel.
  21. Actions done by the #3dshacks staff are not up for discussion.
  23. These rules may be changed at any time and without further notice.
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