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  1. Hello!
  3. I ha­ve very bad news for you.
  4. 28/12/2019 - on this day I ha­cked your OS and got full access to your acco­unt
  6. do, you can cha­nge the password, yes.. But my malware inter­cepts it every time.
  8. How I made it:
  9. In the so­ftware of the router, through whi­ch you went onlin­e, was a vulnerability.
  10. I just hac­ked this router and placed my ma­licious code on it.
  11. Wh­en you went online, my trojan was installed on t­he OS of your de­vice.
  13. Af­ter that, I made a full dump of your di­sk (I hav­e all your address book, his­tory of viewing sites, all fil­es, phone numbers and addr­esses of all your contacts).
  14. You can check i­t - I sent this message from your accou­nt
  16. A mo­nth ago, I wanted to lo­ck your device and ask f­or a not bi­g amount of btc to unlock.
  17. But I loo­ked at the sites that you regularly visit, and I was shock­ed by what I saw!!!
  18. I'm talk you about sit­es for adults.
  20. I want to s­ay - you are a BIG pervert. Your fa­ntasy is shifted far away from the no­rmal course!
  22. And I g­ot an idea....
  23. I made a scree­nshot of the adult sites where you have fun (do you understand what it is ab­out, huh?).
  24. After that, I made a scre­enshot of your jo­ys (using the camer­a of your device) and glued them together.
  25. Turned out amazing! You are so spe­ctacular!
  27. I'm kn­ow that you would not like to sh­ow these screenshots to your friends, rel­atives or colleagues.
  28. I th­ink $775 is a very, very small amount for my silence.
  29. Besides, I have been spyi­ng on you for so long, having spent a lot of ti­me!
  31. Pay ONLY in B­itcoins!
  32. My BTC wal­let: 12CT3Ue3uD8YKR1NZBQwPQb5PRZaZ1xFmt
  34. You do n­ot know how to use bitc­oins?
  35. Enter a query in any se­arch engine: "how to repl­enish btc wallet".
  36. It's extre­mely easy
  38. For this pay­ment I give you two days (48 hours).
  39. As soon as this letter is opened, the ti­mer will work.
  41. After pay­ment, my viru­s and dirty screenshots with your enjoys will be se­lf-destruct automatically.
  42. If I do not rec­eive from you the specified amount, then your dev­ice will be locked, and all your contacts will re­ceive a screenshots with your "enj­oys".
  44. I hope you und­erstand your situation.
  45. - Do not try to find and des­troy my virus! (All your data, files and scre­enshots is already uploaded to a remote server)
  46. - Do not tr­y to contact me (you yourself will see that this is impossible, I sent you an email fro­m your account)
  47. - Various securi­ty services will not help you; formatting a disk or destroying a de­vice will not help, since your data is alread­y on a remote server.
  49. P.S. You are not my sin­gle victim. so, I guarantee you that I will not disturb you aga­in after payment!
  50. This is the wo­rd of honor hacker.
  52. I also ask you to regu­larly update your antiviruses in the future.
  53. This way you will no l­onger fall into a similar situation.
  55. Do not hold evi­l! I just do my job.
  56. Good luck.
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