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Knuckle Kaiser Moves (Full Version)

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Apr 27th, 2016
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  2. Punch: Basic attack, +0 WA, deals 6 Kills with your Armored Thruster Fist. Does AN ADDITIONAL attack per Action, unlike the others.
  3. Sensor Jab: -5 WA, deals an additional 2 Kills plus your regular damage to the enemy's sensors. This -5 comes from it being a called shot, the +2K is a special bonus because a hand weapon is better suited for this than a melee or ranged weapon.
  6. Throw: -1 WA for every 10 tons the enemy mech is heavier than yours, hurls opponent anywhere within 50 meters of you. It does no damage, but the victim loses 1 Action.
  7. Slam: -2 WA for every 10 tons. Identical to Throw, except it does the same damage as a punch.
  8. Trip/Sweep: +1 WA, knocks defender down, does no damage.
  10. GRAPPLE:
  11. Grab: -1 WA. Take one object from opponent. This can be used to grab humans for a -5 modifier instead of the -1, mostly to avoid sqaushing them.
  12. Pin: +0 WA. Restrains one of the enemy's limbs with one of your own. Neither can use any systems in the limbs involved so long as the pin endures.
  13. Bearhug: -1WA. Pins both of an opponent's arms to his sides, using both of yours. The same rules apply from Pin.
  14. Dismember: -2WA. Rip off any servo from the main torso, except for Pods. Dismembering IGNORES ARMOR COMPLETELY and deals 1K against a servo of the same weight category as your arms (Medium Weight) plus 1K for every category below that. For instance, Dismembering a Harpy's Lightweight head would do 5K.
  17. Stomp: -5 WA. Used to squash people, cars, and gun emplacements. If successful, the unlucky target is no more. Against an enemy mech, this attack is just a regular kick.
  18. Tackle: +1 WA. Knocks opponent up to 50 meters away and causes them to lose an Action if the attack is successful, but does no damage. Arms are required to tackle.
  19. Ram: +0 WA. Attacks Torso only. You slam into your opponent's torso, dealing 5K of damage (based on your mass) to both you and them, +1K for every 100 meters you traveled that action. Can be done for FREE at the end of any Action spent on movement. The heaviest unit occupies the space of the defender afterwards, with the other unit knocked 50 meters back.
  20. Drop: -2 WA. Attacks Torso only. A running leap that ends with both feet slamming into the opponent's chest. Identical to Ram, except for the -2 accuracy and the fact that you do NOT take damage from performing a Drop attack. Can also be done for FREE at the end of a movement Action.
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