Transcript: CHAPTER TWO

Mar 9th, 2019
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  1. -CHAPTER 2-
  2. Path to Ley Junction #7
  3. CURRENT TIME: 1000 hours
  5. @Noah: The two guards relieved you would go and check on the hunting lodge, the wave you and everyone else off as you put the Dagor in ear and roll it onto the path heading to the junction. As the outpost disappears from the thickening of trees you keep your eyes on the path- which has plenty of berth for the Dagor to travel on. You do notice there was plenty of previous travel wear on the path as you drive on. It was only ten miles to the junction's border after all.
  7. @Joel: As you tip your hat, and continue on your Everclear, your conversation keeps you from picking out anything in particular in the thick forest of pine trees.
  9. @Citrine: You allow Joel, and anyone else, to poke through your saddle bag as you look out the Dagor's doorless openings and out into the forest. There really wasn't much to look at, aside from the dense forest you all quickly immersed yourselves into.
  11. @Hildemar: You peek through your telescope only to find it redundant, as the thick pine forest and the Dagor's speed rendered picking anything specific out extremely difficult.
  13. @Nevil: You take a seat on the bed in the back, and scan the Dagor's six as it moves forward. Other than the outpost quickly shrink and disappear from your sight from the thickening forest, there wasn't much else to observe other than the path moving out from under the truck. Your radio kicks on, as well as @Everyone elses'. *"I see you're all finally on the move. It sounds like Citrine bought some supplies?"*
  16. CitrineBlaze: "Course it'll be useful, the best money can buy! Also I don't wanna do much fighting so there is that too, @Hildemar." Explained Blaze as he tapped his hoof tips together at that last part. "Huh? Oh yeah, uh. 35k I believe, the Earth pony that owned the store drove a hard bargain. But hey, the treasure will make us millions!" He reassured @Nevil, and anyone else listening.
  17. CitrineBlaze: Seeing as there was nothing out there interesting Citrine payed attention to @Jeff. "Yup! Some items here to help us on our lil mission, also we're gonna look for some Pony Hunters or something."
  19. NevilWayne slowly lifts up the IR helmet piece from his eye, and gave @CitrineBlaze a pained look for a moment when he mentioned that he paid 35k for everything. The pained look quickly mellows into his usual dim glance however, "Call me next time you're buying things. This is the whole group's budget you're spending." the colonial marine said, with that hopelessly calm tone to his voice. He put a hand to his headset to speak into it as well, "The Day guards back at the junction said there was a lodge a couple miles 'in', on a marked path. Hunters there haven't been heard from for days. So, we're going to see if we can, hopefully, be helpful on the way to our big red X." Nevil said, in response to @Jeff. His voice falls for a bit, and he seems to finish speaking, but he picks up again a moment later; "... What do you think, chief? Should we be bothering to do this?" He asked, then quieted down. He holds his hand on the ear piece on his helmet to listen. Though his eyes continued to glance around where he could see outside the Dagor; lowering his IR eye-piece to keep constantly,albeit passively looking out.
  20. NevilWayne: E.Perception
  21. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 6
  22. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 6
  23. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 6
  25. Hildemar_Veiel Muttering to himself, Hildemar puts his telescope away. "Bah, maybe one day I'll make good use of this thing." As he's settling back into his seat, Hildemar hears the questionable usage of emergency funds and freezes in place before slowly turning towards Citrine. "Unless you so happen to secretly be some wandering plutocrat and you spent your own money, we will be having a thorough discussion on the definition of 'emergency funds' after this. And no, even if there was treasure to be found, 'making millions' is not passable justification for misuse of funding." Hildemar then turns to scan ahead and to the right of the wagon, mostly pondering on how thankful he is that he doesn't actually need to care about Razorback's money.
  26. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Perception
  27. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+1 = 7
  28. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+1 = 6
  29. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+1 = 2
  31. Lucius_the_Weary Riding shotgun, Lucius, though a novice passenger in a motorized carriage, understood from his limited time in horse drawn coaches his responsibility in that position. He turns to @Neville. "I'm going to help @Noah navigate - map, please." Getting the map, he turns back around and unfurls it in front of him, finding the place where this mysterious cabin is marked. As he begins the process of getting his bearings on the paper he chimes in on the headset. "Whether we should or should not, this cabin is at least a place to begin. And as a man of the wilds, I cannot well leave a group like that alone out there, if we suspect they are in trouble." As the Dagor moves further and further into the woods, Lucius scans around for the trail that will take them to the cabin, helping @Noah pick out potential road hazards.
  32. Lucius_the_Weary: E. Perception:
  33. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 2
  34. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 5
  35. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 6
  37. Noah_: " Thanks." He peeks over to said map quickly before paying attention again "I agree." Noah chimed after Lucius. "If not, they'll be another source of information on the junction. Like if there are nasties in the area of not." Noah keeps his eyes on the trail, now keeping an ear out for his new navigator on the site of the cabin. He also keeps an ear out for an update on Jeff, seeing his stance on this new side mission.
  39. JoelJustJoel At the news of @Citrine's expenditure, Joel's eye widen. "Chrahssake, fer that much they best'a fellated you whahle they were at it." He caps his canteen and lays it on the seat next to himself. "Ah got no problem droppin' in fer a bit, only neighborly if we make sure they're awlraht."
  42. GM_Jeff: M. Stealth
  43. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+4 = 10
  44. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+4 = 8
  45. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+4 = 10
  46. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+4 = 5
  48. E. Speed
  49. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+5 = 8
  50. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+5 = 6
  51. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+5 = 7
  54. ROUND 1
  55. @Everyone: After each of you address the secondary stop at the hunting lodge, Jeff takes them all in before responding. *"Well if it's on the way, then I can't see why you can't check on them."* His tone was rather cool about the detour. *"Just don't get lost, or burn through your fuel."*
  57. @Nevil: Scanning the area around the Dagor, through your IR piece, you don't really see anything else other than your view being tinted red. There was, for a second, a long and low figure running parallel off the Dagor's three o'clock in the trees but it disappeared just as quick as you notice it.
  59. @Hildemar: From your position behind Lucius, you scan out the right side of the Dagor. Trees fly by, like the last several miles, except you quickly spot a large lithe figure well-blended into the treeline. You saw it, for only a second, before it disappeared into the passing-by tree line.
  61. @Lucius: Looking down at the map, Noah easily stays on the wide path into the junction. It appeared to be several miles until the Dagor entered the junction's zone. At least that's what the glowing electrical map on the Dagor's center console was telling you. Between navigating, you look out the right side of the vehicle and notice something matching speed with the Dagor. It disappears into the treeline before you can make out any discernible features.
  63. @Noah: As you continue on the established path, Lucius helps you navigate via the map for when the hunter's lodge path comes up once you enter the junction. According to the GPS, you all were still a few more miles before reaching the edge of the junction's zone.
  65. @Everyone: After a long pause, Jeff picks back up on the radio. *"Wait... Did I hear Citrine spent all the bits I gave you guys?"* -And sounding a bit peeved, about it.
  67. GM_Jeff: E. Speed-???
  68. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+5 = 8
  69. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+5 = 10
  70. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+5 = 9
  73. Lucius_the_Weary the ranger continues navigating, trying to keep his eyes focused on the road. He lifts a hand and switches on his headset. "You may have noticed, but we are apparently being followed, or at least tracked, by something quick enough to keep pace with this motor carriage. Be on the lookout back there." He decides to ready his bow, taking it off his back and holding it casually in his right hand. "Trying to fire my bow from inside this... thing... will be cumbersome, especially from the front seat. We're counting on you back there!" Lucius re-peels his eyes, searching for any sign of their newfound follower.
  74. Lucius_the_Weary: >E. Perception
  75. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 6
  76. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 6
  77. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 2
  79. Noah_: "Ah what the hell?" Noah keeps looking on the road, now expecting some sort of ambush of something. "What can be matching us at this speed? Everyone, keep an eye out for that thing and get ready to hop on the .50 ." Meanwhile, Noah decides to push it into gear, going faster.
  80. Noah_: >B. Driving
  81. Noah_ rolls 1d6+5 = 6
  82. Noah_ rolls 1d6+5 = 6
  84. CitrineBlaze: The Crystal Pony blew a raspberry at @Nevils not so thankful look. "Fine, not like it matters since we're gonna be million-mares by the end of this." Reassured Blaze. Rolling an eye to the Witch Hunter, Citrine gave @Hildemar a shrug. "If you can, as soon as this is over I'm high tailing it out of here. You can keep whatever you find, think of it as compensation." He snorted, laughing to himself. Blaze winced, only half understanding what @Joel was saying. "Sure..." He said with not that much confidence.
  85. CitrineBlaze: Groaning at hearing the tone of @Jeffs voice in his ear, he sat up straight to talk back at the human that sent him on this errand. Totally oblivious at whatever was following the Dagor. "Yes Jeff I did, not my fault the essential supplies we needed for this were insanely bucking expensive." Citrine explained his own mood growing colder.
  86. CitrineBlaze: Blaze was actually relieved when @Noah called out they were being followed, then turning in his seat he got out his Crystalline mouth dagger and scanned the flying by surroundings.
  87. CitrineBlaze: >E.Perception
  88. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 2
  89. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 4
  90. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 5
  91. CitrineBlaze: Worrying that this might go bad, or worse, get in the way of his treasure, Blaze called out some inspiring words of encouragement. Well muffled, since a dagger was in his mouth. "Efp ur hi ehld!"
  92. CitrineBlaze: >M.Leadership
  93. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 1
  94. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 4
  95. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 5
  96. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 6
  98. JoelJustJoel "Where's he at, Noah?" Joel snaps to alertness and instinctively puts a hand on Annabelle, coolly scanning again for the possible threat. "Annabelle says 'er trigger's itchy." He then checks the breech and confirms that she's loaded with a pair of buckshot shells.
  99. JoelJustJoel: B. Perception
  100. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6 = 1
  101. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6 = 6
  103. Hildemar_Veiel "Indeed, some beast has seen fit to follow us. It could be a timberwolf tracking us in case we come too close to its pack; I can't imagine an acroline would be running with us without its invisibility." Nonetheless, Hildemar draws his repeater and readies himself to fire upon the monstrosity that has taken interest in the wagon. He continues scanning the woodline on the offchance that the beast decides to further reveal itself, not looking back to answer the other occupants. "I spotted it looking starboard, Joel. And as for you, Citrine, I have a feeling that that we're all going to be stuck with eachother yet by the end of this."
  104. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Perception
  105. Hildemar_Veiel: [ 1d6+1 = 3 ]
  106. Hildemar_Veiel: [ 1d6+1 = 3 ]
  107. Hildemar_Veiel: [ 1d6+1 = 2 ]
  109. NevilWayne 's sighing gave off a low, annoyed grumble as it came out of him in response to Citrine. The officer was started to look at the pony with ever increasingly intense glances of "mild" dislike, as he began shift and crouch up on the bed of the Dagor's backside... Shifting, crawling, and climbing his way to the mounted machine gun of the vehicle. This time, Nevil's voice comes out more firm (and maybe a bit more twitchy), "Call contacts. Whatever it is. Pick a direction and scan it thoroughly." He said, as he quickly got familiar with the new mounted weapon. He was no specialist, and heavy weapon's training was not a class in the officer's academy; but nonetheless the colonial Marine gripped the machinegun confidently, as he, with his IR piece still flipped on, cast cursory glances towards their rear and kept as close an eye on it while attempting to turn the MG to match his viewed direction as much as possible. "I'll watch behind us. Eyes on the trees at our right. Lucius, please, check that there isn't more of whatever this is on the left side." He said; tone firm and giving off an air of authority that comes without warning, even if he puts the 'please' a bit more lightly.
  110. NevilWayne: M. Leadership
  111. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 4
  112. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 3
  113. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 1
  114. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 2
  115. NevilWayne: E. Perception
  116. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+3 = 5
  117. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+1 = 4
  118. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+1 = 7
  121. ROUND 2
  122. CITRINE LEADERSHIP: +1 to @Everyone's Perception rolls
  124. @Citrine: *"Hmm, if you found they will be helpful, then that's fine. What did you get, might I ask?"* Looking out the right side of the Dagor, Hildemar and Lucius blocked most of your scanning range from your seat and you couldn't spot anything in the treeline.
  126. @Noah: Despite your efforts, you somehow manage to not increase your speed than what it currently was. The path's rough bumps and tight treeline clearance in some areas kept you from maintaining any higher speeds.
  128. @Lucius: *"I noticed, from Nevil, he caught something from the back."* Jeff comments, some concern emanating from the radio. As you refocus your gaze out back to the right of the Dagor, you catch a fleeting low figure again gain speed and out-pace your vehicle.
  130. @Joel: Double checking your 10-gauge, you look off to the right and catch a low furry creature dart out of sight and pushes ahead of the Dagor.
  132. @Hildemar: *"Timberwolves are possible, Hildemar, but an Acroline is more likely. You're not exactly in the junction yet, so if it's an acroline it cans till use its invisibility even once you're inside."* You let your initial assumption and Jeff's correction sink in, trying to pick up the creature again but with no luck.
  134. @Nevil: Maneuvering your way onto the heavy machine gun turret, you immediately receive protests from Jeff over you headset. *"Hold on Nevil! You might not be compat-"* It was too late, in the sense. You had already looked over the M2 enough to shut up your commander. You fiddle the receiver cover open, close it back down, and pull the charging handle on the right loading the belt. *"Huh. Nevermind then. Mind the recoil."* Jeff sounds relieved and interested at the same time. Clearly whatever he expected to happen, didn't. After the radio cuts off again, you spin the turret to the right. Your IR picks up only trees, but your left eye catches what looks like a big catlike creature for a split second dart back out of sight.
  137. NevilWayne doesn't take long before, not even a few seconds later, he calls out "Movement!" and swivels the M2 towards the direction of the sighting and starting to ready his fingers on the triggers. His gaze focuses downrange, and he slightly turns the gun ahead of the last sighting to anticipate some target leading as he speaks; "Whatever it is, its not showing on the infrared; and its DAMN close. Probably cloaked, or invisible." He said, but doesn't turn to anyone -- not intent on missing the next sighting now that he was aiming for it. Though he kept talking, with a distinct sense of urgency in his voice as he says "Someone fish out that invisibility distruptor Citrine bought and make use of it, somehow! Noah, unless you can knock it into sixth gear and go faster, get ready to slow so we can evade an attack. Everyone else, pick a direction and ready your weapons for a snap shot!"
  138. NevilWayne: A. Tactics + M. Leadership
  139. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+3 = 7
  140. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+3 = 7
  141. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+3 = 9
  142. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 3
  143. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 1
  144. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 3
  145. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 1
  147. CitrineBlaze: "Hoi (joy)." said Blaze, in response to @Hildemar, concentrating out into the wood rather than the Dagors interior. He grumbled then, both the Witch Hunter and @Lucius blocking whatever was outside. "Yeah uh, Jeff. Got some repellent for Chitterfangs, a invisible disruptor and an anti-grav pendant." Listed off Citrine as he looked over what he had purchased in his bag. Since he was already nosing his way through his travel packs, Blaze takes out the repellent, holding it to his chest with forlegs crossed. "A hill ooehec ee (I will protect this)>"
  149. Lucius_the_Weary the ranger rearranges himself slightly in his seat, nocking a steel arrow from his main quiver and drawing the bowstring taught. He clicks on the headset. "Ready to fire on your mark, Neville." He scans the treeline out the passenger window for a clear sight of the creature.
  150. Lucius_the_Weary: E. Perception +1
  151. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 5
  152. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 5
  153. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 3
  155. JoelJustJoel Joel aims to his right side where he last saw the creature, ready to give it a couple things to think about. "Ain't a timberwolf, boys." He says over the din. "Ah saw fur."
  156. JoelJustJoel: B. Perception +1
  157. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+1 = 5
  158. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+1 = 5
  160. Noah_: Noah furrows his brow in slight frustration, seeing the speedometer not tick up more and seeing the terrain hindering any chance for safe acceleration. He listens on to the passengers, getting ready for some sort of ambush. He focuses on the road but addresses the crew. "Keep watch over your sectors, when whatever it is appears, get'em!"
  161. Noah_: E. Leadership (Perception)
  162. Noah_ rolls 1d6 = 2
  163. Noah_ rolls 1d6 = 3
  164. Noah_ rolls 1d6 = 1
  166. Hildemar_Veiel Hildemar grunts, *"Well you'll have to excuse me if my expertise lies outside of high speed predator identification."* Hildemar holds his position and continues scanning despite losing sight of the beast, awaiting the call to open fire and witness just how these lads' fancy future weapons perform. "Already on it, Wayne."
  167. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Perception
  168. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+2 = 8
  169. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+2 = 8
  170. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+2 = 7
  173. ROUND 3
  174. @Nevil: Your sight on the animal pacing the Dagor wanes through the treeline, and you begin to try and figure out this animal's gameplay. It's fast enough to keep pace with the Dagor, yet it only seems to be following and not attacking. You deduce it's following to wait for a moment to ambush you all. This predatory nature greatly reminds you of how acrolines have been described, given their almost solitary hunting style. You come to the tactical conclusion that as long as you all stay moving and in one large group, the acroline should be of no concern to the group. A good burst from the fifty-caliber will probably deter it from its continued pursuit, though.
  176. @Hildemar: Despite your admission to poorly spot fast-paced animals while in a fast-moving self-propelled wagon, you sight a long furry creature in the treeline about fifty feet ahead of the Dagor's right side. It fleets in and out of your sight, but it was holding its pace and position.
  178. @Joel: The bumps and turns from Noah's driving through the cluttered pathway makes you lose focus on your furred pursuer , and you can't seem to find a trace of it again.
  180. @Noah: Keeping your eyes on the wheel and down the shaded path, you check the GPS and the map Lucius had held open for you. You were only one mile away from the junction's border, the side path to the hunter's cabin coming up once your inside.
  182. CitrineBlaze: Citrine cluthes the jar harder as the Dagor bucks under the bumpy trail. "I hope this thing doesn't flip over..." Craning his head up, the Crystal pony looks forward to see if the cabin they are looking had appeared yet, since that was something more sturdy than the metal box they were all in.
  183. CitrineBlaze: >E.Perception
  184. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6+1 = 2
  185. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6+1 = 4
  186. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6+1 = 3
  188. Hildemar_Veiel "I got sight of it lads! The beast is holding a position approximately 50 meters starboard and towards our front." Hildemar takes Wayne's previous cue to 'ready for a snap shot' as a cue to fire, cocking his repeater's hammer and letting loose where the beast is. After the immediate smoke clears, Hildemar scans his sector to track how the beast changed its movement.
  189. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Small Arms + E. Mercenary Hunter
  190. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 6
  191. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 4
  192. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 9
  193. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 8
  194. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Perception
  195. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+2 = 7
  196. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+2 = 8
  197. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+2 = 5
  199. NevilWayne , after a few seconds to recollect his nerves and to consider the situation, is quickly called to attention by Hildemar's voice calling the acroline's rough location. The marine promptly swivels their .50 cal around on its turret ring to bear as fast as he can; and, after the gunshots from the withhunter's carbine ring out, Nevil focuses his gaze ahead and starts pulling the triggers on the Machine gun -- unleashing a couple of controlled bursts towards the Acroline's last known location!
  200. NevilWayne: U. Heavy Weapons + M2
  201. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+4 = 8
  202. NevilWayne: E. Reaction Speed
  203. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 3
  204. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 2
  205. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 1
  207. JoelJustJoel As soon as Hildemar points out where the varmint is at, raises Annabelle to his shoulder and takes aim in that direction. He then fires one of his shells, hopefully giving the thing a buckshot headache.
  208. JoelJustJoel: M. Shotguns (one shell)
  209. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+5 = 8
  210. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+5 = 10
  211. JoelJustJoel: B. Reaction Speed
  212. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6 = 3
  213. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6 = 4
  215. Noah_: Noah continues to push the Dahor forward, with the entrance of the Junction just a mile ahead. With the side path coming up, he keeps his eyes peeled for the turn so he doesn't miss it. He prepares for the turn to try and minimize speed and not flip the thing over.
  216. Noah_: >B.Driving
  217. Noah_ rolls 1d6+5 = 7
  218. Noah_ rolls 1d6+5 = 10
  220. Lucius_the_Weary as the location is called, Lucius lets fly his arrow, snarling at the somewhat awkward angle.
  221. Lucius_the_Weary: M. Archery +4
  222. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+4 = 5
  223. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+4 = 9
  224. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+4 = 7
  225. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+4 = 7
  226. Lucius_the_Weary: E. Reaction Speed
  227. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 4
  228. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 3
  229. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 2
  232. ROUND 4
  233. @Noah: You manage to kick the Dagor's speed up considerably, just in time to hear gun shot and a puff of smoke pop off from the back seat. You hear a painful cry from the three ahead of the vehicle, and a barrage of other gunshots follow suit. On a more important focus on your end the GPS indicates you've just passed into the junction's effect zone, and the glow stone hanging at your right flickers multiple times before stabilizing again.
  235. @Citrine: Peeking your head up from your seat and from the confines of your fetal position, you see the atmosphere redden slightly. The sky turns a greyish purple as the glowing stone hanging up from shimmers from a slight magical fluctuation. You also hear a cat-like yowl ring out in the trees right after Hildemar shoots his smokey gun out his door side.
  237. @Hildemar: Everyone else counting on your initial shot to hit and follow-up on the pursuing creature, you fire your pepperbox at where you're still catching glimpses of whatevr the heck it may be. You hit something! A cry of pain comes over the roar of the Dagor's engine and within the treeline appears a very large cat-like creature, covered head-to-tail in fur that almost perfectly matched the color's of the forest. You notice a bit of blood trickling from its upper forearm, and it begins to slow down, and loses its lead to the Dagor.
  238. >Acroline: -23 DMG. 127/150HP
  240. @Nevil: After Hildemar calls his shot and fires, a pained cry erupts from where you were aiming the M2. A large forest-blended cat creature reveals itself in the treeline. You track the heavy machine gun on the pursuer, but it slows down quicker than you expected and you let off a five-round burst before you lose it. The fifty-caliber creates a deafening explosion of a gunshot and a blinding muzzle flash, but you're pretty sure you hit it. Or grazed it...
  241. >Acroline: -8 DMG. 119/150HP
  243. @Joel: After Hildemar and Nevil letting off their weapons, you aim Annabelle out where you see a huge cat-like predator appear almost out of thin air currently taking fire from the M2. You let off the left barrel as the acroline quickly loses its pace with the Dagor.
  244. >Acroline: -14 DMG. 105/150HP
  246. @Lucius: After everyone let loose they're loud explosive weapons, you track the a very big feline creature quickly getting riddled with bullets. You let loose your arrow at the animal, and it lands in the creature's face as it pulls back quickly from grazing hits.
  247. >Acroline: -16 DMG. 89/150HP CRIPPLED
  249. @Everyone: After a barrage of shakily-aimed gunshots and a single arrow to its left cheek, the sizable acroline that had been following you all from the right broke its invisibility from sustained damage. Blood leaks out of it's left fore-shoulder and down its side as it quickly loses pace with the Dagor and trips over itself hard as its leg gives out and slams into a tree. Jeff pipes up after the commotion settles down. *"Well... that definitely worked! GPS's is showing you guys have entered the junction's effective zone, so watch out for anything weird."* The air around the Dagor's reddens slightly, the road path tightens slightly. @Noah- An offshoot off the main road emerges up ahead, a sign nailed to a tree forking the path bearing a house on it painted in white. *"There's the path. Good luck."*
  251. Lucius_the_Weary seeing his arrow strike true, the archer begins to draw a second shot to follow up, until he sees the creature whipe out completely. He returns the arrow to his quiver and lowers his weapon. "The road is more treacherous now, Noah." He keeps his eyes open and goes back to helping with navigation. "As Jeff said this appears to be the path to the cabin - follow it!"
  252. Lucius_the_Weary: E. Perception
  253. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 6
  254. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 6
  255. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 4
  257. NevilWayne glowered towards the sight of the acroline as he wildly burst fires the M2 in its general direction. He keeps trailing the run around in its ring to keep swiveling it towards the thing ... But, Nevil quickly exhales a breath he didn't realize he was holding when it seems to waver in its pursuit. "Good shooting everyone." He said, with his voice picking up a little bit with relief, "That'll teach it to fuck with us; bastard thought it was fooling everybody." . The Marine doesn't turn the gun away from looking behind the Dagor, scanning their 6 while the Dagor drove on and quietly listening to the words from both his commander and Lucius... Though he mostly seems to pay more attention to the way the environment changes color, something that makes Nevil grip the M2 tighter, wiggling his gloved hands onto the grips with a small wince on his face. "Keep a your heads on a swivel. Stay sharp and check your sectors, everyone. Especially when we get to the cabin... For all we know it could be full of wildlife by now." He called out, not turning back and peering through his IR eye piece again.
  258. NevilWayne: M. Leadership (Boosting Perception)
  259. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 1
  260. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 1
  261. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 4
  262. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 2
  263. NevilWayne: E. Perception + Infrared helmet piece
  264. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 4
  265. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 4
  266. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 1
  268. CitrineBlaze: Citrine carefully placed the jar back into one of his travel packs, then with forelegs free, pointed one up into the sky that was visible through the trees. "Uuh heeeing uhnng (Stuffs getting funky outside!)" He spat his dagger back into his pack too. "Please don't crash now." Ears twitching, Blaze only then realized his eardrums hurt like buck after all the shooting. "I think I'm kinda deaf from all that loud banging, but good job shooting that big meanie, keep it up!"
  269. CitrineBlaze: M.Leadership (Ranged)
  270. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 2
  271. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 4
  272. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 5
  273. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 6
  275. Hildemar_Veiel Wincing slightly after the mounted weapon unleashes its burst, Hildemar discards the used percussion cap and replaces it along with a pouch of powder and a fresh minié ball. "That device certainly sounded intimidating! Perhaps a little difficult to control from what I could tell; either way that beast shall bother us no longer!" Hildemar's head snaps forward and back out his opening as the air itself changes hue, on the lookout for any signs of chaos-related trouble. "I can't say I'm too great a fan of the change in scenery."
  276. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Perception
  277. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+2 = 4
  278. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+2 = 3
  279. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+2 = 6
  281. JoelJustJoel Joel raises Annabelle over his head in one hand and pumps it in victory. "Yeehaw! Thaht'll teach 'em!" He then raises the shotgun to his face and kisses the name engraved on it, then takes a celebratory swig of his canteen. "Good shootin' boys!" He then adjusts his hat and checks out what's down the path to the cabin.
  282. JoelJustJoel: B. Perception
  283. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6 = 3
  284. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6 = 6
  286. Noah_: "Nice everyone! Keep an eye peeled for anymore nasties!" As he notice the the sky redden and change and the road tighten more, he gets a spot on the fork ahead with the help of Hildemar and Jeff. "Let's check on those hunters." Noah slows his ride and then turns onto the path marked for the cabin, still keeping note of the tight road.
  287. Noah_: >B.Driving
  288. Noah_ rolls 1d6+5 = 7
  289. Noah_ rolls 1d6+5 = 6
  292. ROUND 5
  293. CITRINE LEADERSHIP: +1 to @Everyone's Perception and Ranged rolls
  295. @Everyone: With the acroline out of commission, and the road to your side-objective in view @Noah turns onto the side path supposedly to the hunter's lodge. The GPS makes a warning alert that you've turned off an established path, but it's ignored as the Dagor moves several more miles into the junction. The hanging crystal flickers sporadically as the beaten path opens up to quickly reveal a clearing big enough and a large wooden wooden cabin surrounded on all sides by wooden spikes pointing outward- clearly to keep out any unwanted creatures. @Noah slows down in front of the only opening through the spikes, which was right in front, and two armored gryphons and a leather-clad pegasus stare back at you with the minority waving a wing in greeting. Their attention was mostly preoccupied by a large, and definitely dead acroline at their hooves and paws. This one, however, was clearly hunted down by party. "Hey out there!" The pegasus called out, with a low gruff voice. "You all came from out outpost? There's plenty of room in here, despite the gory lawn ornament!" He chuckles a bit, which makes the catbirds roll their eyes as they remove a spear from the acroline's side. You all notice, past the two hunters and their kill, that the lodge was lit up on the inside with a small plume of smoke rising from a chimney out of the roof. Shadows from withing move around, the number of occupants was uncertain from everyone's viewpoint.
  297. Lucius_the_Weary Lucius holsters his bow again, and waves from the passenger seat. "Ho, there!" He climbs out and approaches the three, giving a short bow. "Pleased to make your acquaintance. We came because of word around the Outpost that no messages from you all had been received of late - it is good to find you all well." He gestures towards himself, and to the group behind him. "I am called Lucius, and these fellows behind me are my companions." He points to @Neville with his thumb. "The one on the gun, there, is our leader. His name is Neville." He then speaks directly to the two gryphons. "Well met, proud gryphons. I have travelled much of your homeland. I found it to be quite majestic, if a bit inhospitable at times." Lucius chuckles at his own statement. "In any event, my friends and I might want to have a short rest before continuing on - have you any food or drink to spare? One of our number threw many bits towards a small bundle of supplies back at the Outpost, you see, so compensation may be... Sparse."
  299. CitrineBlaze: As they moved and eventually slowed to a stop, Blaze perked up and looked out to see the trio of hunters in front of their larger-than-he-thought cabin. 'They look fine.' He mused as he climbed out of the Dagor with travel packs on. right behind @Lucius Citrine was about to introduce everypony when the human did so first, making his ears flatten in annoyance. Snorting the Crystal pony looked around instead. 'Place looks ok, maybe they were too busy to send out messages.'
  300. CitrineBlaze: >E.Perception+1
  301. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6+1 = 4
  302. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6+1 = 7
  303. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6+1 = 2
  305. NevilWayne , out of sheer paranoia, continued to look behind them even as the car stopped; happy to continue keeping vigil while others conversed... Though when his name is mentioned, he quickly turns around and eyes the pegasus, specifically, with a quick, appraising glance; looking them up and down for a moment, before he starts turning himself on the ring whilst still keeping the machinegun facing behind them. "Why haven't you been checking back with Junction? The guards back there seemed pretty worried about whether you were dead or alive." He said, immediately questioning the hunter as his tone suddenly became somewhat serious, compared to Lucius' more amicable one. Something seemed to already be making Nevil frown a little bit. "Oh, and..." He pauses, looking to the dead Acroline for a moment, "We shot one of those things on the road to here, and probably crippled it with our guns. If you want to go hunt it down later."
  307. JoelJustJoel As the Dagor pulls up to the pegasus and gryphons, Joel tips his hat to the three of them. "Howdy fellers." He saves his breath as everyone else explains their purpose, taking the opportunity to look around before adding. "Haven't been havin' any trouble 'round here, have ya?"
  308. JoelJustJoel: B. Perception
  309. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6 = 2
  310. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6 = 3
  312. Noah_: Noah waves a hand towards the group. "Hey there! Just going to checkup on you folks." Noah then turned and hear Hildemar mention a rest here in which Noah doesn't mind. "If you guys want a small rest before heading in more, we can. Anyone else?" Noah then turned off the Dagor and kicked his feet up on the dashboard, thinking about the possibilities of the hunting group not sending messages back. 'Too busy hunting? Too dangerous going back? Hmmmm....'
  314. Hildemar_Veiel Upon seeing presumably friendly faces at the outpost, Hildemar holsters his repeater and joins Lucius outside the wagon. "Hail hunters. It would appear as though my colleagues have already gone over the basics. I myself am more interested in more sorcerous goings on in the area, but do tell us of any more mundane difficulties getting messages to the outpost." After Noah echoes Lucius' idea on resting, Hildemar turns toward him and shakes his head. "For what reason would we rest? We've barely started on our exposition."
  317. ROUND 6
  318. @Lucius: Being the first one off the Dagor, the gryphons look down your more familiar weapon set and nod back to you in greeting. "Well met, archer Lucius. I am Grendle, and the other is my brother Grondle." The one closer to you bears a head resembling of a golden eagle, as well as the one behind him- except sporting several white speckles across his face feathers. Both wore leather strapped armor covering their vital joints and forelegs, with Grondle sporting a large gouge in his yellow beak. "Gryphon lands breed only toughest warriors and hunters." The Grondle adds, both speaking heavy broken accents, and nods its head at your question of supplies. The pegasus intends to add his own two cents, prancing right up to you and offering a wing to shake. "And the name's Wind Shift! First time I'm ever seeing humans before, let alone this far out in the sticks!" Underneath the clawed-at leather armor was an older dark grey stallion with green eyes. "Hmm, sure we do. The eagle boys there made some game stew and there's clean water inside."
  320. @Everyone: @Noah turning off the Dagor's rumbling engine to let the lodge's ambiance settle in, everyone slowly disembarks the Dagor for now as the pegasi Wind Shift welcomes you all inside past the stake defenses. "Well it was sure nice for the outpost to send someone to come and check on us. Truth is we've had trouble with a pair of those overgrown house cats stalking us since we got out here!" Grendle walks over to add onto the story, leaving his brother to continue cleaning up their kill. "Mates. One bold enough to jump perimeter, other fled south. Pegasi's son injured, inside being treated." Wind Shift's ears flatten to his skull, as he looks on to the lodge in worry. "Ehhh, I brought my boy out here for some experience. He took a good claw to the side when it jumped in. It wasn't bad until he came down with a fever yesterday, probably an infection. The brothers' healer is working on him now in there, I've just been too cautious to try and move him back to the outpost until at least his fever's broke." Grendle nudges the pegasus's shoulder with his wing. "Injuries happen. Ashka is doing his best." Wind Shift nods, reassured, and sighs with some worry off his chest. "You're right. He's a tough kid, he'll fight it off then we'll be back before anypony has to send a party in after us."
  322. @Nevil: Climbing out of the gunner ring, the pegasus and two gryphons eye your unusual armor and weapon before focusing back to addressing @Everyone as best as they could. After some explanation, you're conclusion is that Wind Shift's son was injured by the now-dead acroline at your feet and they haven't been able to send anyone for help and compromise the lodge's security. Speaking of you add your portion of downing the trail acroline, which seems to brighten up the trio of hunter's a bit. "Sounds like you did a number on this one's mate! That actually takes a load off our minds. We were hoping to avoid that one, when we finally tried to make it back to the outpost. Thanks for that."
  324. @Hildemar: As you turn out of the Dagor, your questions catch the interest of the pegasus Wind Shift. "Well, if the junction's fluctuating magical atmosphere isn't enough or you, then that's really all we've seen. We're the only ones out here, far as we're aware of."
  326. @Citrine: You follow right behind Lucius, beating you to the introductions and unfortunately undermining your faux authority. You listen intently to Wind Shift's tale as you insect more inside of the lodge's secured area. Besides the two gryphons with similar faces and names, there were several bloody spears stood up to the left of the cabin's front entrance. The gryphon with the white speckled face digging int he acroline's side for... something. Most likely the tip to a broken spear you noticed was next to him. You get peek through an open window, inside you see a white-faced gryphon peering over someone lying on a bed. You guess it the healer looking after Wind Shift's son.
  328. CitrineBlaze: Inside the cabin now, Citrine got a good look of the place, then eventually his wondering eyes ended on the Pegasus. "Shame that happened, but he'll survive, might even attract some lovely mares with some new scars." He reassured, tapping Wind Shifts' side playfully. "So um, we're gonna be heading deeper into this wood sometime. Got anything we should look out for?" Asked Blaze, presenting the question to the occupants of the cabin.
  330. Lucius_the_Weary at the gryphons responses the ranger nods. "Indeed, your tradition of strength is something I've much respect for." The ranger then kneels down and inspects the kill. "Is Acroline... Edible? I'm quite good with preparing wild game, myself. Would you like me to help you?" With a flourish Lucius draws his hunting knife, holding it casually to his side. "If nothing else, I may like to have some of its hide." He takes a closer look at the creature, appraising about how much of the hide would be salvageable.
  331. Lucius_the_Weary: E. Perception
  332. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 4
  333. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 1
  334. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 6
  336. NevilWayne nods his head slowly in understanding to the hunters' story, as he clambers down from the Dagor itself and hopping onto the ground beneath. He quickly made sure to adjust the assault rifle he carried on his back a little, before turning to face the gryphons -- eyeing them back in turn, mostly out of curiosity as he only saw them a few times before. "Unless you ponies need any assistance, maybe if the healer needs anything in particular to help your kid... We were actually heading further in, towards the Ley line." Nevil's voice trails off, and starts to turn more inquisitive as he turned his eyes back to the pegasus -- despite his eyes twitching towards Lucious out of morbid curiosity for his work every now and then, "Do you happen to know if there are anymore critterS, or any specific nests on the way there? Maybe... Chitterfangs... And stuff like that? How often should I expect to see Acrolines lurking around?" Nevil asked; standing rather stiffly in place -- unable to fully relax or take the hand off his rifle strap, sounding a bit uneasy when saying the name 'chitterfangs', for some reason.
  338. Hildemar_Veiel "Very well then, may Shallya bless your son with swift healing, though if he is inflicted with some toxin rather than a simple infection, I do have a kit that could help as well." Hildemar looks between the conversations, noting Nevil's unease regarding chitterfangs before settling back on the pegasus. "I am not a hunter, nor a woodsman in general, so forgive me if most of this is outside of my expertise." He then walks over to Nevil and leans in close to him to speak quietly to him. "Calm down, Wayne. I don't think it is in our best interest to look like we're expecting a fight right now."
  340. JoelJustJoel Joel gives the pegasus a reassuring smile. "Ah'm sure if he made it through gettin' cut up, he's tough enough to make it through a little infection." He then follows Blaze into the cabin, reminding himself that he needs at least a little water now and again. On the way, Joel recalls that he hasn't reloaded Annabelle yet, and replaces the spent shell with another buckshot, stowing the old one in his pack, since it would be rude to drop shells in another man's yard. Once inside, he joins Blaze in looking around.
  341. JoelJustJoel: B. Perception
  342. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6 = 3
  343. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+1 = 2
  345. Noah_: Noah reassures the pegasus about his son. "He'll be fine, bit a bedrest, some stew...ah Hell". Feeling peckish, Noah begins to climb out of the Dagor. He begins to get the shield out, but ponders it's possible usage when inside the camp. As a result, he places it back and eyes his Serbu before following Joel and Citrine. He then takes a look around at his new rustic surrounding.
  346. Noah_: E. Perception
  347. Noah_ rolls 1d6 = 2
  348. Noah_ rolls 1d6 = 3
  349. Noah_ rolls 1d6 = 4
  352. ROUND 7
  353. @Lucius: The white-speckled gryphon brother nodded as he checks over the dead acroline, happy with his clean-up job. "Acroline is lean and tough, but good eat. Best cooked for long time." Grondle then crooks the side of his beak into a smirk at your second request. "Acroline was unexpected kill. Also helped with its mate. You may take what you'd like. Will help blend into forest, also warm." As you look over the dead creature, the damaged parts of the hide were small and localized to vital areas up in the upper chest. The rest of its fur, however, was in very good shape past the shoulders. The gryphons were very capable and skilled hunters, much to your earlier comments.
  355. @Nevil: "Aska has been having trouble with healing cubes. Infection is potent." "Disease-ridden fleabags!" Wind Shift snorts air out of his nostrils, as Grendle shakes his head. The gryphon looks at you, then behind you at the Dagor. "Your smelly metal cart has medicine, yes?" "Smelly is right! That thing is bound to attract all sorts of creatures from the stink alone! Speaking of- acrolines are stretched thin. You shouldn't have to worry about them in a group your size. As for chitterfangs, they're mostly nest east of the junction's epicenter. I hope you brought some sort of repellent for them just in case you get caught in swarm."
  357. @Hildemar: Grendle and Wind Shift look relieved at your offer of medicine, the father pegasus more-so. "That's very kind of you, the brothers' healer might need it.." "Yes, Ashka should use whatever means, if we want to leave this place soon." As Wind Shift finishes his reply to you and @Nevil, Jeff pops over the radio quick. *"If you guys are planning to give some aid: the med bag in the Dagor has general antibiotics. Plenty to spare, I made sure it was stuffed before you guys left.."*
  359. @Citrine, Joel, and Noah: Wind Shift appreciates all of your attempts at lightening the pegasus's concerns, especially @Citrine's comment over mares hittign on his son. Your interests served inside the cabin, which was unlocked and you saw yourselves inside. One after another, you all spread out a bit into the very spacious and comfortably decorated hunting lodge. The left area with floor beds could fit up to eight individuals next to a supply and non-perishable pantry area. One bed was being occupied by a young pegasus of similar color to Wind Shift, stripped of any leather armor that was next to him in a pile. Tending over him was a gryphon in very light leather armor and open saddlepacks to its side, its back to you but its white feathered head was apparent. The the right side of the cabin was a pile of hunting supplies and packs, likely from the current party, and a low hearth fire going with a large iron pot bellowing out the scent of a delicious-smelling stew. The gryphon turns its head enough to peek its eyes at you three before tending back to the sick pegasus. "I heard guests. I'm Ashka: Grendle and Grondle's friend. Apologies, I have to tend to the pegasus's son." Ashka's accent was no where as heavy as the previous two's, as it was less gruff and more polite.
  361. Lucius_the_Weary "Well, don't mind if I do!" The ranger says merrily, getting his knife and hands busy with the task of skinning the good pieces of hide from the beast.
  362. Lucius_the_Weary: >E. Survival + Snake Eater + Survival Knife
  363. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 8
  364. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 8
  365. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 3
  367. CitrineBlaze: "Thanks." Blaze said over his shoulder to all the info that was given to him, well, not at HIM per se, but -his- team. After Ashka introduced themselves Citrine wondered over to their side after having a look around at the cabins interior. 'Pretty baller place.' He thought to himself as he reached the Gryphons' side. "hi, names Citrine Blaze. Need any help? I know some healing runes that could be useful." He left the others to talk and mingle with everypony else, Blaze was sure they'd milk them dry of all the info needed.
  369. Noah_: Noah still looks around the lodge, seeing if there was any other ponies or other gryphons around other than the ones they seen. He then goes over to the stew pot, and tries to find a bowl to pour it in. He then finds a place to sit, keeping an eye on Citrine and the two others. He plays 'wallflower' because, while Noah knows certain medical skills, medical runes sounds more effective.
  371. JoelJustJoel Joel joins Noah in grabbing some lunch, then procures himself a drink. Then, he goes over to watch the healer work. "So, the bug he's got, is it just a little nasty or's it really somethin' outta the ordinary? A'int some kinda magic plague from the junction er nothin'?"
  373. Hildemar_Veiel "Think nothing of it, it would be remiss of me to ignore someone injured in the line of keeping wild beasts away from civilized peoples." Having been reminded of their ample supply of more broad medicine, Hildemar walks to the wagon and begins poring through its supplies and takes a container of 'antibiotics' back with him to the cabin. He pause briefly to smell the hunters' cooking before making his way past the group and to the colt and healer. "Here, I brought some antibiotics; they should help with his infection." As he says this, Hildemar hands the medicine to the healer and then realizes that he never introduced himself. "Ah, where are my manners, I am Hildemar Veiel, hired guard for Citrine here."
  375. NevilWayne: "We have repellent, as well as invisibility distruptors. Just need to know when to apply it at the earliest." Nevil said with a somewhat cool tone of voice that did not fit with him constantly looking over his shoulder like he was, mostly looking to Wind Shift as he speaks -- and not acknowledging the remarks about the Dagor's 'stench', as he simply speaks on while stepping aside for @Hildemar_Veiel , as he returned to the dagor to rummage through it. "As for medical supplies -- yeah, we have something for emergencies," He starts, his eyes following the witchhunter as he happily takes the EMS pack and draws out some medicine from it, "Which our dear witchhunter is already giving you." He said, gesturing a hand to Hildemar behind his back as he walked into the cabin -- smiling a bit, before looking back to Wind Shift and the gryphons, "We'll stay put for a while, if you don't mind."
  378. ROUND 8
  379. @Lucius: You waste no time in getting your knife in and under the acroline's hide, and make a cut around its neck, limb joints at the elbows, and drawing down its underbelly. "I see not first time skinning." Grondle looks rather impressed at your quick and smooth initial cuts, and decides to just hang back and let you do his work for him. Sectioning off the amount of hide you want, you begin to separate fur from flesh as you run your knife between. Your progress is flawless, until you get to the back legs where your knife slips up and into the hindquarter end of the large cat's hide. All-in-all you lose a couple square feet of good fur, but still left with a very sizable and symmetric one piece of hide. Plenty for Lann to work with, when you get back. Grondle looks over the now skinned acroline, nodding in approval of your work. "Good. Saved me plenty time, can get to gutting sooner."
  381. @Nevil: "The repellent is best used for escaping a swarm, than trying to fend one off, since it doesn't last forever. You'll usually hear chitterfangs before you see them. As for the disruptor: it does work, just make sure you don't accidentally blow its charges on you and your group." Wind Shift looks over hopefully at Hildemar returning to the Dagor to pull out a small pack from the EMS bag and returning into the cabin. "Well, that's very kind of you all to be lending your help for us." The pegasus looks over at Grendle and Grondle, which have both now taken an admire at Lucius apparently skinning the entire acroline without you even noticing. "Listen. I stumbled across some kind of ruins embedded in a rock outcrop, about a mile east from the epicenter. Big metal door covered in vines, never tried opening it myself. These boys aren't out here for stuff like that, and I don't know what you are looking for either, but if you're out here exploring it's definitely worth a look." After Wind Shift finishes his peace, you hear Jeff in your ear. *"That's got to be the location. Least you know what to look for, now."*
  383. @Noah: As you and Joel both grab bowls next to the pot, you take a seat near enough to stay in the loop of Citrine and Joel asking the white-headed gryphon questions as Hildemar leaves quickly.
  385. @Joel: Grabbing some of the hearty-smelling stew from the large cast iron pot, you sit down with Noah close enough to Ashka to stir up conversation. The gryphon looks at you with interest. "That's mainly why I'm out here for, to see if the creatures that live in junctions have any sort of abnormal diseases or conditions. Grendle and Grondle are friends of mine, with an affinity for hunting. They keep me protected while I conduct my research and get some hunting in, while Wind Shift and his son are local guides on Junction 7."
  387. @Citrine: After introductions are made, the gryphon looks down at Wind Shifts son. You get a good look at the younger pegasus's condition. He seemed to be sleeping, or not conscious, but still a pained look was on his face. Lying on his left side, a large bandage wrapping covered his entire right shoulder as Ashka points it out with a claw. "His wounds are still fresh. Can your runes help mend them enough to where I can get them closed up?"
  389. @Hildemar: Leaving for the Dagor, you search the large red medical bad until you come across a small plastic container filled with several different kinds of general antibiotics. You re-enter the cabin, Citrine conversing with the gryphon healer, and offer the medicine. Ashka looks wide-eyed at your generosity, and takes it gratefully. "Thank you... Hildemar." The gryphon takes a moment to pronounce your name correctly, and sorts through the small medicine container. He decides on a set of pills, which he sets aside and hands you back the container. "That should be enough to settle the infection to where we can move him."
  391. Lucius_the_Weary with a chuckle, the ranger gathers together his prize, taking care not to get too much of the greasy fat from the underside of the skin on his hands and arms where possible. "Oh, please, the pleasure's all mine, I assure you - ever on the watch am I for quality furs." He stands, giving the pair of gryphons a nod and a grin. "Trading furs is, after all, how I survived, back home. What better way for a man of the woods to make his money exists? None, I'd say." He then walks over to the Dagor, opening the trunk and laying the fur inside, wrapping it if possible. Then he returns to the gryphons. "Well, I shall leave the rest to you! I can smell the stew, and hunger calls. Again, my thanks." He gestures an absentminded farewell to Grondle and his brother before ducking into the cabin. Qucikly he finds the stew, a bowl, a utensil and a seat, and begins eating, silently taking in the cozy atmosphere and making note of the conversations around him.
  393. CitrineBlaze: Both of his ear swirl around at all the commotion, keeping tabs of what was going on as he looked over Wind Swifts son. 'Bingo, that's where it is...maybe I could get a head start?' "I believe I can, I ain't no professional though." Citrine said to Ashka as he moved over a bit to allow @Hildemar to give the Gryphon the antibiotics. 'Right ok I can do this, I can do this. Please don't buck up.' Clearing this throat, he began to conjure up his runes.
  394. CitrineBlaze: U.Runes (Healing)
  395. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6+2 = 6
  396. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6+2 = 6
  398. Hildemar_Veiel Hildemar nods as he is given back the bag of medicine. "You're welcome; now I believe Citrine can handle the rest better than I could." He then returns the medicine back to the wagon and goes to report Ashka's words to the rest of the hunters. "Good news, the healer believes that the infection has been fixed well enough to move him back to the outpost." His piece said, Hildemar joins Lucius in grabbing himself some stew, hoping that everyone else will finish up quickly so they can return to their main task.
  400. JoelJustJoel After silently acknowledging @Hildemar as he graced the group with his presence,Joel continues to down his stew gratefully, pausing only for a moment to speak. "Good goin' Blaze. So, have ya found anythin' special in yer tahm out here, Ashka?"
  402. NevilWayne nodded along as he listened with rapt attention to the instructions given by the Pegasus; paying so much attention infarct that he'd stop constantly bouncing his glance around nervously. "Its not our job, but we help where we can." Nevil would simply reply at first with a genuine, soft voice. His attention goes to Lucious, who was skinning the acroline -- staring with interest, before what Wind Shift says next takes him aback and prompts him to turn sharply back to him; he quickly nods his head and his face brightens up a little, especially after Jeff remarks through his earpiece and elicited a reply from the marine, who quickly began to stride back to the dagor to take a seat at the front, tapping on the GPS' buttons to look for and mark the location for them to travel to. At the same time, he'd look up to Wind Shift to glance at him inquisitively; "That's-- actually very helpful. Can you mark it on a map, mister Wind Shift?" He asked, not as interested in downtime as others are. Making sure to nod and smile once to Hildermar as well; albeit only briefly, "Fast work, Hildermar."
  404. Noah_: Noah keeps to himself, somewhat pleased at the sight of human/pony cooperation like this. Maybe we should do more humanitarian stuff like this. He does know quite a bit of medical knowledge but Noah decides the healing magic can do better plus Hildemar already handed some antibiotics over. "Good thing I have my stockpiles, critters in there..." Noah thought to himself, especially when he watches Citrine perform the magic, somewhat intrigued.
  407. ROUND 9
  408. @Citrine: You had basic knowledge of healing runes, emphasis on 'basic'. Luckily you didn't freeze up when Ashka unravelled the bandages to reveal three deep, still oozing, fresh gashes in the pony's left shoulder. Under his fur, they had a slight redness around the edges of the cuts from some inflammation. But Ashka waited patiently for you to prepare, and you began humming some soothing sounds along with a light tap of your right hoof and focus on the wounds. After a few seconds the cuts appear to stop bleeding, and close up slightly but not as much as you had hoped. Either way, Ashka seems pleased with your attempt as he goes back to cleaning the wounds out and recovers them. "They'll be more manageable, with the bleeding stopped. Thank you." The gryphon pulls out a small mortar ad pestle, fiddling with the antibiotic pills provided by @Hildemar just now and proceeds to grind them down. "Thank you both for your assistance."
  410. @Hildemar: After Ashka thanks you for the medicine, and you announce the groups inevitable departure, you head back inside to grab some of the stew Noah and Joel were currently helping themselves to. You watch the healing gryphon re-bandage the pegasus's wounds, and begin to process the medicine you gave him.
  412. @Joel: Ashka's beak corners droop into a frown, shaking his head in your direction. "We hardly made it here, before we were attacked. Been focusing on him since."
  414. @Lucius: You roll up and pack the fur under one of the Dagor's bed seats, and head on inside the cabin to get some stew. Joel, Hildemar, and Noah had beaten you to the simmering pot over the hearth, while Citrine was over next to a white-headed gryphon who looked to be the hunting group's leader. He was tending to who you guessed was Wind Shift's injured son.
  416. @Nevil: From your front passenger seat in the Dagor, Wind Shift walks on over with a folded up map tucked under his wing. "I didn't mark it, but I remember approximately where it was. Should be around here." He sets a primary feather as accurate on the map as he could: a spot just several miles East of the junctions epicenter. You go to mark the location on the GPS and correlate it on the paper map Jeff gave Noah. Coincidentally you didn't have to make any new marks on the map, as the spot Wind Shift gave you was the same one you were already heading to. The red dot on the GPS, as well as the 'X' on the map.
  418. CitrineBlaze: "T-thanks." Stammered Blaze at @JoelJustJoel compliment. At the sight of the ugly wounds, the Crystal pony felt like he was turning a shade of green. "Eeew." 'Focus focus focus' He thought as he went to work humming a merry tune. When Citrine saw that the wounds weren't fully closing he gradually came to a halt with the singing, annoyed but didn't show it. "No problem!" He said to Ashka as the feeling of his stomach flipping out grew stronger. with a nod he left the Gryphon to his work as he galloped outside, away from the Gryphons and their kill, the Dagor and Swift to gasp for air. 'Don't throw up don't throw up don't THROW UP!'
  419. CitrineBlaze: 1 = no vomit
  420. CitrineBlaze: 2 = vomit
  421. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d2 = 1
  423. JoelJustJoel Joel raises his brow in a look of condolence. "Thaht's some hard luck." When @CitrineBlaze runs out of the room, he adds; "Ah'd better see what's got 'im so worked up." He then finishes his bowl and puts it down somewhere that seems appropriate, and follows the crystal pony outside to the Dagor. "Blaze? Y'alraht? Everythin' okay?"
  425. Lucius_the_Weary Lucius finishes his stew, patting his stomach with a contented sigh, followed by a shake of the head @Citrine. "Well, I think I must be going. The hospitality is appreciated." He makes his goodbyes to the group in the cabin before climbing back into the Dagor and getting himself settled, this time just behind @Neville on the rear passenger side.
  427. Noah_: Noah eyes his crystal pony companion, concerned about why he got in a tizzy all of a sudden. He gets up from his seat and puts away his empty bowl. He nods a farewell to Ashka and the son, "Thanks for the hospitality but they need a driver...." He makes his way out, saying goodbyes to the gryphons and Swift, and towards the Dagor where his other companions where gathering. "Citrine? Something wrong?" He then climbs into the Dagor's driver seat, preparing for departure.
  429. Hildemar_Veiel Though everyone else seemed at least somewhat concerned with Citrine's little show, Hildemar meerly paused for a few moments before finishing up with his stew. He then takes his bowl to be cleaned and bids his adieu to the hunters on his way out. "Fare thee well hunters, and may your future hunts bare less injury." Hildemar dons his hat once again as he exits the cabin, ultimately ignoring the the crystal nuisance's gasping and taking up the rear roadside seat. "Very well then, shall we continue on our trip through the wilderness?"
  431. NevilWayne seemed to smile wryly when he figures that the spot marked on the pony's map was the same as the one marked on the GPS. A pensive look prompted him to stare at the dot for a few seconds, before he finally starts breathing again and he turned to the pony with a very sudden motion of his glance; almost as if he was flinching out of something. "Thank you." He said, his voice coming out weak for a split second, but gaining in strength as he straightens up, "We're going to check it out, and potentially not get injured in doing so." Nevil said, bringing up a more amicable and less tense smile for the pegasus, "Thanks for the tips as well, I'm definitely going to need all the info I can get. We'll swing in this direction when we come back, to check if you need anymore assistance." . And with that, he starts shifting out of his front seat so that Noah would still be able to get it. The marine likewise spared a concerned glance towards Citrine, noting the familiar type of queasy glance... But seeing the amount of people asking if he's okay, he merely, silently walks around the Dagor and returns to hopping up the Dagor and manning the turret ring. Though he keeps an eye on Citrine, just in case.
  434. ROUND 10
  435. @Citrine: You try your best to hold in your breakfast, as you breakneck out of the cabin and into an open area to clear your head. Luckily, you don't hurl everywhere and swallow your pride. As well as your vomit. You recover quickly and take your spot back behind Noah's driving seat.
  437. @Joel, Noah, Lucius, Hildemar: Ashka barely gets a thank you to Citrine before the crystal stallion breaks out of the cabin in a rush. The gryphon, cocks his heads oddly and shrugs his shoulders before going back to adding some water to the crushed pills. "Quite squeamish, but he did a decent job. Thank you for your help. Good luck on your travels." As you all leave the cabin, one-by-one, Wind Shift and the gryphon hunters wave you all farewell too. You catch Citrine near the Dagor, looking like he just finished holding back a hearty dry-heave. You all take your seats again, except @Hildemar and @Lucius having swapped.
  439. @Nevil: "You all seem to be well-prepared. Safe travels, to you all." Wind Shift waves you and everyone else off, with a wing, and turns back to Grendle and Grondle who look like they want to move the skinned acroline. You hop back onto the bed and into the turret ring. *"I'm guessing everything went well? Also, did Citrine heave-ho?"* Jeff rings into your ear, sounding almost hopeful.
  441. @Noah: With everyone else loaded back into the Dagor, you turn the truck back on and begin pulling out of the cabin's security ring and onto the main pathway into the junction.
  443. Noah_: "Better not do that in the car..." Noah thought as he pulls out of the cabin ring and back onto the trail. He checks his GPS again and sets his path towards the red dot. "Hopefully no more surprises on the way..."
  445. Lucius_the_Weary "Well, so long as those surprises meet the same end as our most recent surprise, I think we will be just fine!" Lucius hollers this over the wind from the backseat as he takes the opportunity to idly gaze out of the passenger side. "I do hope we arrive soon, though. These woods make me somewhat uneasy."
  446. Lucius_the_Weary: >E. Perception
  447. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 4
  448. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 7
  449. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 3
  451. CitrineBlaze: Hiccuping, he takes in gulps of air until he calmed down. "Y-yeah I'm fine, jus' not very good at looking at wounds. Makes me sick." Said Blaze as he looked up at @JoelJustJoel and @Noah. "Thanks for the concern." He gave a small nod then got into the Dagor too, giving the Gryphons outside and Wind Swift a wave goodbye with his hoof. Now driving through the forest again Blaze gave @Lucius_the_Weary a hopeful look. "Same."
  453. Hildemar_Veiel Having found himself up front once everyone settled in, Hildemar straps his seatbelt on and turns behind him. "Lucius, you have a map of this area, correct? Might I have it?" After making his request, he turns back around and scans the path ahead for new potential surprises. "This trip may become more unsettling yet; we still must approach closer to the junction itself."
  454. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Perception
  455. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+2 = 3
  456. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+2 = 7
  457. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+2 = 5
  459. JoelJustJoel Joel looks to @Citrine after hearing his response. "Sounds ta me lahk yer in desperate need of some testicles." He grins. "Ah'll try not ta give ya any occasion fer it." Joel lowers the brim of his hat so it doesn't fly away in the wind while he looks ahead and around for any potential dangers or points of interest.
  460. JoelJustJoel: B. Perception
  461. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+1 = 3
  462. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+1 = 3
  464. NevilWayne , from his turret ring, kept awfully quiet compared to everyone else. For the most part he just didn't seem to join the conversation, holding onto the MG of the Dagor and swinging it to face behind them;opting to keep watch behind them for any threats through his IR scope, and occasionally glance forward to see where they were going. Though he does chime into the radio at one point -- a hand darting up to the side of his helmet as he looked off; "... Jeff, can I ask a question while I still can?" He quietly asked, and paused to wait for acknowledgement; looking thoughtful, while keeping relatively vigilant as to what went on around them.
  465. NevilWayne: E. Perception
  466. NevilWayne: + IR eyepiece
  467. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 6
  468. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 5
  469. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 3
  472. ROUND 11
  473. @Noah: You keep your eyes on the path, which begins to tighten and become less beaten. Going by the map and GPS, there was still an established route for you to still follow. The location was still over ten miles out.
  475. @Lucius: Looking out the right side of the Dagor, you watch trees among trees blow by. You don't pick up anything out of the ordinary, but over the vehicle's loud growl you swore you heard something chattering off in the far distance. But for only a second.
  477. @Hildemar: Taking the map from Lucius, you look over at the electrical one embedded in the Dagor's center console as reference. Everyone seemed to be about ten miles away from the destination indicated on both maps.
  479. @Joel: From your position on the truck bed, you don't really see anything other than the thicket of trees passing by.
  481. @Nevil: Spinning the turret to the Dagor's rear, your IR and natural scanning don't pick up anything out of the ordinary. The path behind the Dagor is quickly swallowed up by the forest's thicket trees, the air becoming a little more saturated with the odd red hue. Jeff's end finally picks back up to you. *"Sure. What is it?"*
  483. Lucius_the_Weary Lucius shifts uncomfortably at the faint noise from the woods. Keeping his eyes and ears open, he decides to try and drum up some minor conversation to keep the drive interesting. Over the wind passing through the Dagor, the ranger says, "To pass the time, I'm wondering if any of you have any good stories to tell?"
  484. Lucius_the_Weary: E. Perception + Squad Bonus
  485. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 6
  486. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 2
  487. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 6
  489. Noah_: Just following the set trail like some Sunday drive, Noah is somewhat surprised at Lucius's inquiry about stories. He thinks about his time in the SWAT, being a pointman. "Well, I don't know if you want me to talk on about how I stand between me and my squadmates and storm rooms in CQC. If I hadn't repaired my shield so much, the thing would be pockmarked in slag and bullet marks. What about you Ranger? I bet you got into some good hunts or say some things."
  491. Lucius_the_Weary the ranger gives @Noah a chuckle. "Well, all of that is foreign to me - I hardly have an idea of what "slag" is! However, if you'd like one of my stories..." Lucius leans back and scratches his chin, deciding on which story to tell. "I've said so before to others here, but if you didn't know, I was raised by a family of dragon slayers. I ran from that life into the wilderness at an early age, but I did once come into contact with a dragon! It was a dangerous journey frought with peril, and I took the job out of desperation - the creature had been over hunting my area, and game was becoming scarce. The local villagers called on me in my remote cabin once word got out of my heritage, information I thought to have been well hidden, though clearly not well hidden enough. Now, tracking a creature of that size is no difficult task, to be sure - they're difficult to miss. So I hunted the creature to it's lair, a deep, dark cave filled with strange mushrooms and, of course, many many piles of bones. I silently stalked my way through the caverns to the main lair, where I found the beast asleep, a fresh kill nearby. He had gorged himself, you see. Curiously the dragon had no hoard of treasure that I could find, though I did notice a small clutch of young nearby. I decided to take my time; while he was asleep, I used what I'd learned as a young boy to find a soft spot in his scales, just behind the throat. I drew my sword and stabbed the best, hilting my blade in it's long neck. With a lurch and a great roar, the dragon reared up in pain, and my grip on the sword was so stout that I found myself flung across the cave, striking my head against the stones. Luckily for me, however, the sword still lay in my grasp. The dragon reared in pain through the ragged bleeding hole in it's neck for a time, but the blood loss from the wound proved too great, and in moments, the beast was slain! I took the eggs with me and donated them to a local wizard's tower, and for my services was showered with gifts from the village
  492. Lucius_the_Weary: B. Storytelling
  493. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 5
  494. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 4
  496. Hildemar_Veiel Now that he has a proper bearing onboth where the group is and exactly what a 'gps' is, Hildemar sets the map back down to focus more on his surroundings. He stays silent through Lucius' story, noting a good number of similarities between Old World dragons and the one from his story. "That tale does not sound too dissimilar from old legends from my home, though you would be hard pressed to find any person capable of sneaking up on a dragon and felling it so. Are dragons very common where you're from?" Having said his piece and likely avoided being goaded into telling his own stories, Hildemar continues scanning ahead.
  497. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Perception
  498. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+2 = 8
  499. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+2 = 6
  500. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+2 = 3
  502. CitrineBlaze: 'Go buck yourself human.' Thought Blaze, rather than say it to @JoelJustJoel. Which was a good choice as he was blessed with a riveting story of dragonslaying and looting! "Wow...If I didn't know you colts were not from this place I'd call horseapples on that, since ya'know, dragons here are kinda impossible to kill." Rumaging through his packs he found some Crunchy-Coco Oat cookies he snagged from the Fortress. "Who wants a cookie?" Offered the pony as he put on in his mouth.
  503. CitrineBlaze: 1 = no loud noises
  504. CitrineBlaze: 2 = FUCKING CRUNCHTASTIC!
  505. CitrineBlaze: [ 1d2 = 2 ]
  507. NevilWayne took a second to actually answer Jeff -- mainly because he had to glance back to the rest of the group; as the amount of enthusiastic conversation and storytelling, and especially loud, crunchy eating, was beginning to approach Standard Marine Corps levels of loud. He takes just enough time to process what they're talking about, before turning around -- eyes trailing @Lucius_the_Weary as he turns and speaks into the microphone back to Jeff, "... Might be some weird questions; but, how long have you been doing this, Jeff? How did you get used to all this?" He asked, with genuinely interest, albeit somewhat tense whispered voice. His eyes continued to dart around as the environment, colorfully red as it was, prompted him to keep a tense, silent watch over the vehicle's rear.
  508. NevilWayne: E. Perception + IR eye-piece
  509. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 3
  510. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 2
  511. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 3
  513. JoelJustJoel "Hot damn @Lucius!" Joel slaps the bed of the Dagor. "Thaht sounds a whole bunch mowr exahtin' than sittin' around on guard duty with a bunch 'o little yella fellers 'an trahn' ta take their sisters back ta yer bunk. Not as safe, maybe, but a lot mowr exahtin'." Joel chuckles at the passing memory of his younger days, choosing to ignore the mean look coming from @Citrine.
  516. ROUND 12
  517. @Lucius: As you tell your compelling dragon-slaying tale, you keep tabs on the same area you heard a sound from earlier. You imagine hearing the chirping again, but only for an even less fleeting moment. But it was there, you heard it, and it was possible you were pulling away from it distance-wise.
  519. @Hildemar: As Lucius tells his story of dragons, you keep your eyes ahead while Noah continues forward. The paths winds a bit here and there, but far off to the right you thought you see something fleet between trees. You didn't catch a very good look at it, but it looked like a humongous grasshopper.
  521. @Citrine: You munch down hard on your cookie, and you swear the CRUNCH erupted over the Dagor's roaring engine. It's amazing, if not a little embarrassing...
  523. @Nevil: Despite your concentration, you can't really focus on the road as your mind drifts and holds onto Jeff's response. *"I've been here for over three years now, Nevil. I saw and helped build Razorback from its foundations. Tallus is... really weird to put it lightly. One bit of advice: nothing is impossible, when magic's involved. Thankfully, us humans are pretty good at adapting and overcoming. If it's one advantage we humans have over most other races, it's our ability to adapt. Probably the only thing that's kept us alive so far..."*
  525. @Noah: Between Lucius's story, and Citrine's cookie crunching, you keep your focus on the road and gps. Lucius's tale cuts quit a bit of time off; four miles grazed by without much effort on your part.
  527. Lucius_the_Weary in response to @Hildemar, the ranger chuckles. "Yes, you could say that. Where I am from, many dozens of dragons would fly with the seasons - every ten years or so, a great migration occurs to different lands across the Emerald Sea. In my culture it is a day of celebration and much feasting! And you are also correct in saying that dragons are difficult to catch unawares, even in sleep, however the dragon that I had slain was at the time very deeply asleep, on account of it's recent oversized meal." He leans back. "The caveat to this story however is the dragons mate - I mentioned a clutch of eggs, and only a male dragon. His mate became my end, back home - my cabin was engulfed in flames several days later, and I could not escape before the fire took me."
  529. CitrineBlaze: He did not care, it may of been louder then expected but buck it these cookies were great! Though, he knew it was a finite resource so he begrudgingly put the cookies away in his pack. Listening to @Lucius_the_Weary untimely demise reminded Blaze he was not on holiday, and was in fact in a dangerous forest looking for undiscovered treasure that has the possibility of being guarded. "Dun wanna interupt story time, but should you colts be checking your weapons or something military-like since we're all alone out here now?"
  530. CitrineBlaze: M.Leadersip (Ranged)
  531. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 3
  532. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 2
  533. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 2
  535. NevilWayne was captivated by the reply he gets; infact he quirked his brow in surprise for getting such a response at all and goes very silent -- even motionless. It may be hard to notice (mostly because nobody is paying attention to him) but he both pales and grimaces in a mixture of deep worry and doubt. "... If I come back from this op', I'll probably have to ask more questions... Thanks, Jeff." He replied after a bit of a delay with a bit of a distinct weight to his voice. Then, his eyes started to dart again to begin paying attention to his surroundings. "Officer Noah, what's the Estimated Time of Arrival to the objective??"He asked, looking back to the driver for a moment to direct the words to him -- before looking back to keep paying attention around them. "Citrine's right. Pay attention everyone; we can't afford to get sneaked up on by another Acroline or a swarm of bugs. And keep the gadgets handy, Citrine." Said the marine; his voice mostly remaining even, though it becomes tangibly firmer when addressing the crystal pony; though not with venom, just emphasis his words to him for some reason.
  536. NevilWayne: M. Leadership (Perception)
  537. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 3
  538. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 5
  539. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 6
  540. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 3
  541. NevilWayne: E. Perception + Infrared
  542. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 3
  543. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 4
  544. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 2
  546. Hildemar_Veiel Hildemar unholsters his handgun and sets it in his lap upon seeing the next potential fight. "We may have to withold our storytelling until later; there is what appears to be a giant grasshopper to our right by a fair distance." All of Hildemar's attention is put towards maintaining sight of this new beast, though Lucius' supposed death still lingers in the back of his mind. "Keep to your sight lines until the insect approaches, they may yet be more interested in us.
  547. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Perception
  548. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 5
  549. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 8
  550. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 6
  552. Noah_: "Officer, not been called that in a while. We're about 6 miles from the destination so maybe 10-15 minutes." Noah looks over to the GPS to see any upcoming turns before focusing again. He still has an ear out for the crew since the storytelling was interesting for him, like a fantasy tale only real. But he then tries to hear chirping due to overhearing the crew seeing another creature. "A...giant grasshopper? Alright..." Noah tries to gain more speed on the Dagor, confident of the escort he his transporting.
  554. JoelJustJoel "Whatever it is, it better lahk the taste 'o lead." Joel Grabs a hold of Annabelle and points her at his sector, craning his head up higher to see a bit farther. Joel does his best to listen over the engine and his tinnitus.
  555. JoelJustJoel: B. Perception
  556. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+1 = 6
  557. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+1 = 2
  560. ROUND 13
  561. LEADERSHIP BONUS: +2 to Perception and +1 to Ranged rolls
  563. @Nevil: *"Pssh you make it sound like you're gonna get eaten by a bunch of giant grasshoppers within the next hour."* At Hildemar's mention of a giant grasshopper, Jeff makes a 'huh' of uncannyness over your headset. *"After this, I've got more work for all of you."* You blank out a little too much during your visuals can, and don't really catch anything out of trees.
  565. @Hildemar: You focus on the last general area you saw the large insect, and you know for a fact you catch it again. It was definitely a grasshopper the size of a small child; that's what you guess as it fleeted about a quarter mile into the tree line. It was by shear luck you kept track of it this long.
  567. @Joel: Your tinnitus doesn't completely deafen your senses, as you think you hear something chattering a ways out. It fades off quickly as if it was moving, but you couldn't tell in what direction.
  569. @Noah: Despite your attempt to try and hear any giant grasshoppers, your attention remains mostly on the road as the GPS indicates that you're only three miles out from the location. You begin to veer off from the junction's epicenter, and to the east, the air becomes heavy with a red fog and little sparks of blue. The glowstone hanging from the Dagor's roll-bar begins to flicker erratically.
  571. Lucius_the_Weary the ranger sits back in his seat, training his eyes out to the right side of the Dagor. "Well, this atmosphere has become... welcoming." With a huff of impatience he readies his bow.
  572. Lucius_the_Weary: E. Perception
  573. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 6
  574. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 4
  575. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 8
  577. CitrineBlaze: "Sure thing @NevilWayne!" Said Blaze with confidence. "Oh great, just what we need, some giant fast moving bug." Sighing at what @Hildemar_Veiel said, the Crystal pony looked through his pack to ensure the totally-worth-it-essential items were ready to go.
  578. CitrineBlaze: "And if we gotta, I hope y'all know how to stay hoof to hoof in close quarters!"
  579. CitrineBlaze: M.Leadership (Melee)
  580. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6+2 = 1
  581. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6+2 = 1
  582. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6+2 = 4
  583. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6+2 = 1
  585. NevilWayne huffed a weak, jaded chuckle in Lucius' direction for that remark, as he lightly shakes his head with some amusement to Jeff's words. "They might be chitterfangs." He calmly stated, as he continued to fail to see the things despite his comrades saying they were there. He casts a glance back to the others; mainly to see how ready Citrine REALLY was, before nodding his head to the pony and looking off again, looking down on the vehicle with some paranoia -- just to check that there weren't any bugs attached to the dagor. "Worst comes to worst we use the repellent if they get angry at us. So keep a lookout, and yell if you see anything remotely threatening."
  586. NevilWayne: M- Leadership (Perception)
  587. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 2
  588. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 4
  589. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 1
  590. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 4
  591. NevilWayne: E. Perception + Infrared
  592. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+4 = 8
  593. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 6
  594. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 5
  596. JoelJustJoel Hearing Nevil's concerns, Joel looks down at the area of the Dagor immediately around him, briefly checking for any chitterfangs before continuing his search for whatever giant bug was following the vehicle. "You boys just 'member to pipe up if ya see anythin'."
  597. JoelJustJoel: B. Perception
  598. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+2 = 4
  599. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+2 = 5
  601. Hildemar_Veiel *"I do not forsee us being bested by the beasts found here."* As Hildemar loses sight of the insect and the scenery seemingly goes magic-y, his eyes dart back to the glow stone to see it flickering rather than shining bright. "The Winds of Magic are calm here; take solace in this reprieve from potential trickery." Hildemar starts scanning for threats again, doing his best to ignore the unnerving filter the area has taken.
  602. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Perception
  603. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 5
  604. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 6
  605. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 8
  607. Noah_: Noah begins to hit the lights on the vehicle as the air becomes heavy with a red fog. "Not what I had in mind when going into a magic junction." He looks over to the GPS and then tells the crew. "3 miles out." With the Dagor now bearing on the destination, Noah tries to follow the path to the destination through the red fog, his eyes looking at the glowstone now flickering like a dying lightbulb.
  610. ROUND 14
  611. @Noah: The forward lights cut through the thickening red fog in the air, and you keep on the path a lot easier. You close the final three miles quickly, and although it didn't show it on the map the trees quickly thin out and a large rock outcrop comes into view. You check the GPS as it alerts your approach on the location from less than a mile out. The hanging crystal continues to flicker, and then stabilizes as you begin to slow down near the outcrop.
  613. @Everyone: From each of your respective scans of around the Dagor for any more signs of chitterfangs, a clearly audible chattering screech rings out through the thick red air and echoes off through the trees. *"Chitterfangs, indeed. I see you've all arrived at the location."* There are no more sightings or sounds coming from any other creatures as Noah pulls the Dagor through the path and slows down as you all approach a very large layered rock formation covering roughly 100 meters. Several trees manage to sprout through the boulder-sized rocks, and most of the outcrop was covered in thick The air still remained thick with the red mist hanging in the air. *"Just in case if any of you were concerned, the red fog isn't toxic or anything. It's a build-up of excess magic in the air. I hear it can actually cause mid-air sparks if it gets too concentrated. Nevil, you're free to conduct a search of the area as you see fit."*
  615. CitrineBlaze: What @Jeff said reminded Blaze of Golden Gadgets words, though he did not feel like he was being affected by it yet. "Well I cannot feel it affecting me, so why don't we all hop out then?" He said, prompting everyone else to get out first, since he was kinda stuck.
  617. Noah_: Noah pulls up on the rock face, seeing as their destination has been reached. He looks around the rock face but he doesn't seem to notice anything. "Hmmm, I don't seem to see anything. Nevil, how do you want this done?". Noah hops out of the Dagor and begins to go around to the trunk to get his shield.
  619. Lucius_the_Weary the ranger hops out of the Dagor, bow drawn and at the ready. "Well, whatever our leader might say, this place has me on edge. Stay on your guard, friends - who knows when or if those insectoid creatures may return, or what worse may yet follow." He keeps his eyes peeled through the thick red fog, finger stroking the fletchings of the arrow notched in his bowstring.
  620. Lucius_the_Weary: E. Perception
  621. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 2
  622. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 5
  623. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 2
  625. NevilWayne seemed to release a soft sigh of relief when their destination nears; followed quickly by hardening his glance and taking a moment to pause and think when the Dagor stops. Everyone's words reach him but there isn't much of a response for a second, as his eyes stared at the layered rock formations intently... Then he speaks, calmly giving out his orders for the time: "We are looking for a metal door covered in vines embedded into the rock formation, team. Get up close and find those vines." He said, his voice slightly firmer and prim than before, as he began to duck under the turret ring and shuffle off the Dagor's bed, hitting the ground beside it with a clatter of combat boots hitting the ground, as he began to approach Lucious. He raises his IR piece to disable it, opting to instead turn on his shoulder lamp to illuminate the rock through the thickening red mist, walking around to find that metal door the pegasus spoke of... Holding his hands on his Pulse rifle all the while, keeping it at his hip.
  626. NevilWayne: "We're going to hack some of the vines down, as well..." He remarked, looking to @Hildemar_Veiel and his big sword in emphasis.
  627. NevilWayne: E. Perception + Flashlight + Leadership bonuses
  628. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+4 = 9
  629. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 3
  630. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 7
  631. NevilWayne: M. Leadership (Assault/Melee)
  632. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 5
  633. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 5
  634. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 6
  635. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 3
  637. JoelJustJoel Joel collects his canteen from the bed, taking the opportunity for another sip, and hops out onto the ground before stowing it on his hip. He acknowledges @Nevil's directions. "Ah'm on it, boss." He gives one last look in the direction of the screeches, then moseys around to the front of the Dagor, not intending to veer to far from the rest of the team, for safety's sake.
  638. JoelJustJoel: B.Perception + leadership bonuses
  639. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+2 = 5
  640. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+2 = 4
  642. Hildemar_Veiel Hildemar is once again put on edge upon hearing Jeff confirm that despite what he had been told about the glowstone's indications, The Winds are indeed not calm here at all. Citrine's comment on not feeling it only lead him to doubt the whole situation. Hildemar pockets his repeater and the map before hopping out of the Dagor and taking out his lantern; some truly offensive words assaulted his ears shortly afterwards. "I will not run about hacking random vines down! This zweihander is a veritable venerated weapon used in Verena's service! Its tip shall not be sullied and marred against whatever structure these vines are concealing." After his rant he lights his lantern and starts searching for signs of the door and calms down a little. "That being said, if no other option is available then I will cut through just enough to clear a path; I also had forgotten about the charm I had applied earlier to keep its edge."
  643. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Perception
  644. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+4 = 8
  645. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+4 = 5
  646. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+4 = 6
  649. ROUND 15
  650. LEADERSHIP BONUS: +2 to Perception; +1 to Ranged and Assault/Melee rolls
  652. GM_Jeff: @Lucius: Bow at the ready, you peer through the mist blanketing the rocky outcrop in front of you and your group, which can only be considered a small mountain in the middle of a forest. Every rock had thick vines snaking and wrapping themselves around every square foot. If there was a door somewhere, it was going to be difficult to find. And from your perspective, there was no door in sight. Just rocks and vines.
  654. GM_Jeff: @Nevil: Flicking on your headlight, you do an initial sweep of the outcrop in front of the Dagor. The light cuts through the red fog, giving you a better view of the vines encasing the rocks. Even with your flashlight's intensity, you couldn't pick out any type of metal from your point of view. You did notice that the vines looked to converge up further into the outcrop, where there were some vines as thick as sturdy tree branches out of reach.
  656. GM_Jeff: @Joel: Suspicious of any more noises coming from outside the outcrop, you see if you can hear anything else emanating from the forest. You guess only a faint echo, from before, but that was all you could make out over the sounds of the others rummaging through the area in front of the Dagor.
  658. GM_Jeff: @Hildemar: After clearing of you mind of the thought of your weapon being used as nothing more than a common hatchet, you raise your lantern in front of you. The light illuminates the large rock outcrop through the thick red fog, as well as a heavy layer of slithering vines. Though it looked like they were randomly spread across, you spot a pattern in its growth. It led, or originated, somewhere among the outcrop.
  660. GM_Jeff: @Noah: Turning off the Dagor, you go around back to grab your shield from the bed and join up with the others up front.
  662. Lucius_the_Weary Lucius sighs. "Well of course it would be covered in vines. Can nothing in this world be simple?" Lucius then decides to grab two things: firstly he takes the small crystal from the rear view mirror and wraps it tightly around his right hand wrist, turning it into a little bracelet. Secondly he makes his way into the trunk and scoops up the large magic gem, tucking it gently away in a soft corner of his rucksack. "Alright team, I have gathered up the crystals from the vehicle - now I'll be able to see if we are inside a dead zone, and I will have the power crystal on my person in the event that we have need of it." He adjusts the straps on his bag to help it sit more comfortably with the new weight. "I shall keep towards the rear of the column as we advance, then, as befits my weapon of choice." Then in a comically futile gesture, Lucius, with one hand still resting on one strap of his pack, puts his other hand up over his eyes, as if shielding them from the sun, as he looks about once again
  663. Lucius_the_Weary: E. Perception
  664. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 8
  665. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 6
  666. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 3
  668. Noah_: Hefting the shield and letting it rest by the straps, he looks around the rock face, trying to discern where their objective is. "Anyone have any ideas? Would like to get moving before any nasties gets us."
  670. CitrineBlaze: Now outside the Dagor Blaze gave @Lucius_the_Weary an approving tap on his thigh "Good thinking." Prancing forward to the front of the milling herd he announced."I will lead on, so dun worry 'bout anything @Noah!" He said with bravado. Now at the front of everypony else Citrine took in a deep sniff of the air, mainly to bask in his greatness but also to see if there was anything funky.
  671. CitrineBlaze: E.Perception
  672. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6+2 = 3
  673. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6+2 = 7
  674. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6+2 = 3
  676. JoelJustJoel Joel steps up at @Lucius' mention of position. "Ah've kicked in a few doors in mah tahm. Lemme get towards the front." Joel steps forward with Annabelle in a cradle carry. He looks to Noah with a response. "Ah guess maybe we should do a lap 'round the thang, see if we can fahnd the way in." Joel looks to the others for a consensus, and keeps alert for possible sounds of impending doom.
  677. JoelJustJoel: B. Perception
  678. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+2 = 4
  679. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+2 = 4
  681. NevilWayne Nevil completely ignores the protests from Hildemar by not showing any reaction to them what-so-ever. He just turns back around and starts observing the outcrop thoughtfully ... "If that pegasus managed to see it... Then it must be visible already. Just not from this angle." He muttered softly, nodding his head in agreement with Joel. Resting a hand over his rifle and furrowing his brow at the outcrop, he quickly started to beckon everyone to him, "Let's get a 180° view of this outcrop, we'll walk around it and see if anything sticks out." He tells everyone with a low, but definitive tone in his voice; he starts walking, planning to get a good view of the outcrop from the sides; But, before he goes, he looked to @Lucious_The_Weary "Lucious, if you're a good climber, see if you can't get a view from above. If anything sticks out, radio it to us; understood?" He told him, once again without a shift in his tone. He then starts walking, looking back to Citrine for a moment to shift his attention to the crystal pony! "You can go with Lucious if you want Citrine, I'm sure he could use a team leader and an extra pair of eyes." He told him, matter-of-factly, before commencing the sweep along with the others if they'd follow him.
  682. NevilWayne: E.Perception + Flashlight + Leadership!
  683. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+4 = 8
  684. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 4
  685. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 4
  686. NevilWayne: M. Leadership (Assault)
  687. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 1
  688. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 3
  689. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 5
  690. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 6
  692. Hildemar_Veiel Hildemar nods in recognition of Lucius' forethought and moves up next to Citrine. "Well thought, Lucius. These vines appear to have a common origin within the outcrop, I suggest we follow it." He then starts trudging along the vines towards what appears to be the focal point, illuminating the trail along the way. "Might any of you have a tool more suited towards path clearing than my zweihander?" He continues to look for patterns in the flora while regularly looking around for potential threats.
  693. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Perception
  694. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+4 = 5
  695. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+4 = 6
  696. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+4 = 10
  699. ROUND 16
  700. LEADERSHIP BONUS: +2 to Perception and Assault/Melee rolls; +1 to Ranged rolls
  702. @Citrine: You take the lead in front of Noah and draw in a hearty, yet tactical, whiff of the air around you. There was a faint scent in the air. It smelled of cut grass, and something underlying. Something... foul and rotting. Flesh? A carcass? You couldn't place the scent's origin to any direction, as if it was almost coming from around all of you.
  704. @Lucius: Using your hand as a visor for your vision, not like the sun penetrated the fog well enough for it, you scan around as Citrine takes pint ahead of you and the others. Nothing but rocks and vines the north, you pan East to see something darting across several trees. A chittering noise catches your ear for a moment, along with a quick fluttering of wings before disappearing back outside to the outcrop's clearing and into the forest.
  706. @Joel: Annabelle at the ready, you position yourself right behind Citrine as he sniffs the air around him. Pony's got a good nose, you're guessing. Nothing out of the ordinary of a forest's sounds come to your attention. The faint rustling of leaves and branches moved with the occasional slight wind, and cricket chirps echoed through the thick heavy mist.
  708. @Nevil: Deciding to split off, you lead anyone willing to the right side of the outcrop's center to begin searching for the door. As the same from before, the vines seem to originate from a point in the center of the outcrop. Your light does well to cut through the fog, the 'peak' tapers down into a slope on the North side but you cant see a good vantage point to it yet. As you continue your visual sweep, your radio picks up. *"Nevil, can you bring your camera down close to the vines? I want to get a good look at them quick."*
  710. @Hildemar: Lantern lighting your path, you follow the vines from your position to their origin pattern as best at you could. And your best it certainly was, as your path let you right to a steep almost cliff-like slope on the outcrop's northwest side. There was no doubt in your head now the vines were originating somewhere in the outcrop's center, it was now only a way to get to it. Deciding you fall in with Citrine, Lucius, and Joel, you redirect your view toward the treeline. Just as quick as you begin scanning, you catch a large insect-like creature darting from trunk to trunk. The chittering was a telltale sign, of course. You watch it move back and forth, almost pacing, just outside of the outcrop's border but never entering it. After a few more paces it takes off into the trees, its chattering echo ringing out before fading in with the other sounds of ambient forest.
  712. Noah_: Noah nods to Joel and decides to follow the group around. Strength in numbers and such. However, with the threat of wildlife and in this sort of environment, Noah is on guard now, trying to listen and look for creatures to orient his shield to. The outcropping he's being led to though is giving him some concern, as he sees no easy way to reach their intended destination without climbing.
  713. Noah_: E.Perception
  714. Noah_ rolls 1d6+2 = 7
  715. Noah_ rolls 1d6+2 = 3
  716. Noah_ rolls 1d6+2 = 7
  718. CitrineBlaze: Blaze sneezed involuntary, body rejecting the stench any deeper into his nostrils. "Ok so like I'm smelling nothing but death around here, so uh, keep an eye out colts?" He said, not being able to see a source. 'Please don't let this be a grave site or something.' Now with the scent in his nose Citrine smelled the air some more to see if it was orgininating from somewhere. "Also, since this place was on a map, should we dig here? Y'know, 'x marks the spot' aye?"
  719. CitrineBlaze: E.Leadership (ranged)
  720. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 6
  721. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 2
  722. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 3
  723. CitrineBlaze: E.Perception
  724. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6+2 = 3
  725. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6+2 = 7
  726. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6+2 = 5
  728. Lucius_the_Weary the ranger chuckles @Citrine. "Doubtful. I'd say we ought to save our digging for when we have crossed the threshold of the door itself." With a quick motion, Lucius takes his hatchet from his pack, moving to the front of the group, and he begins clearing the vines on the outcrop.
  729. Lucius_the_Weary: E. Assault
  730. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 2
  731. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 6
  732. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 2
  734. Hildemar_Veiel Having seen and heard what is almost certainly a chitterfang, Hildemar draws his repeater and activates his radio. *"There was a chitterfang seemingly patrolling the outcrop's perimeter, but it was not willing to move in. It has since left and may be gathering greater numbers to enter or to attack us; I shall join Nevil so he is not caught alone."* As Hildemar is walking towards Nevil, he looks throught the inside of the outcropping for any life, coming up with ideas on what could be happening here. *"Whatever is causing this vine growth is not natural, and it potentially has a warding effect on the local fauna; wildlife does not normally pace and patrol perimeters."*
  735. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Perception
  736. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+4 = 10
  737. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+4 = 10
  738. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+4 = 10
  740. NevilWayne is quick to acknowledge Jeff's suggestion. He doesn't respond to it, but he quickly turns around towards the vine-covered outcrop again ... In a mostly paranoid gesture, he braces his rifle up against his hip while he carefully approaches the vines and keeps his eyes darting around himself, not willing to loose sight of his surroundings, until he reaches the vines and leaned both his glance and the camera in to examine them a bit more closely; "I hope it doesn't grab me..." He muttered under his breath and into the receiver, pointing his rifle right at them JUST IN CASE while he allowed Jeff to get a good look; directing his flashlight to it.
  741. NevilWayne: E. Perception + flashlight + Leadership!
  742. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+4 = 8
  743. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 5
  744. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 8
  746. JoelJustJoel "Chitterfangs? Where'd that repellant end up at?" Joel looks around at his teammates expectantly. "We best get headin' over ta meet up with Hildemar." Joel turns the other way and waits to see if everyone will join him, ever alert for varmints.
  747. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+2 = 7
  748. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+2 = 3
  751. ROUND 17
  752. LEADERSHIP BONUS: +2 to Perception, Ranged, and Assault/Melee rolls
  754. @Noah: Following the majority of the group, you keep your eyes open as you round the Western side of the outcrop with Citrine at the lead. The red fog leaves little in terms of anything useful from the rising center of the rock formation, so you look out toward the tree-line. You spot something fleeting through the trees, the fluttering of wings catches your hearing before fading off with an echoed chittering.
  756. @Citrine: You sweep the air, once again, with your sniffer. Yet again, you can't place a particular origin, but you do notice the scent is a lot weaker now that you've dug your muzzle out of the vines.
  758. @Joel: You change you rear guard duty from Citrine's group over to Hildemar. Passing the southern end, and the Dagor, you hear something patrolling in the treeline just out of eye-shot. The occasional insect chattering makes it obvious what was prowling outside of the outcrop's border.
  760. @Hildemar: *"Patrolling, huh? You're all likely close enough to a nest for them to have a scout checking out your position. Chitterfangs are primarily scavengers, now that I have some time to look them up. They prefer to pick apart already dead kills, than do the work themselves. So as long as one of you doesn't immediately drop dead, they shouldn't attack."* Jeff explains as you round back around to the East side, with Joel in tow behind you. You scan the outcrop's center as it ascends like a steep cliff into the middle, the red fog still clouding a possible peak. Closing in on Nevil, your lantern shines on an unusual object on the outcrop's wall- you almost miss it, covered in the vines. Focusing your light directly on it you spot a full silhouette of a man-sized brass door behind hanging vines, almost somewhat moved to the side but still covering it. You reach a hand through the plants, and feel the smooth door for any ways to open it. No handles, locks, or even hinges, but a noticeable seem running the edge of the door suggests that it might open inwards. It might also have an opening mechanism somewhere else, seeing as you didn't see one currently.
  761. Perfect Roll Award- Special Ability: Verana's Perfect Perception Check
  763. @Nevil: *"Yeah, that's a good focus on it."* You wait several moments with your nose to the vines, as you pick up a very faint odor of something foul. Almost smelled like bad meat. *"Okay then. Looks like the rocks are covered in something called Corpse Vines. It says here that when cut, they give off a nasty odor that imitates... 'a hundred rotting corpses'. Hnnn, namesake given. Supposedly to deter herbivores from eating it, but it also serves as an attractant for insects to help it pollinate and spread. Soooo don't be chopping it a willy-nilly, especially if there are chitterfangs on the edge of the treeline."*
  765. @Lucius: Looking over the outcrop's center rise, you pick out one good meaty vine and take a hearty swing down on it with your hatchet. You sharpened axe cuts through it with relative ease, the vine having the hardness of very green wood. What you don't expect though is a mucus-colored sap oozing out of your cut, immediately giving off of an overpowering smell of rotting flesh and death. You quickly pull your hatchet form the cut and reel away to put some space between you and the growing foul stench as it completely invades your senses, even making you eyes sting!
  767. @Everyone: A loud screech echoes through the treeline, a harsh insect shrill. After it dies down, several other screeches erupt through the forest as if answering the first one. Jeff cuts through all of your radios, with a voice of general concern. *"What the hell was that?"* Fluttering of wings and the sounds of chittering carapaces can be heard some ways out from the outcrop, but they were gradually growing louder.
  768. GM_Jeff: <Swarm Size:
  769. GM_Jeff rolls 1d10+20 = 21
  770. GM_Jeff: <Speed:
  771. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6 = 6
  773. GM_Jeff: Current Map Positions:
  775. CitrineBlaze: "Aw." He had hoped it would be that easy, but @Lucius just had to burst his bubble of optimism. Hearing @Hildemar in his ear piece, Blaze sighed and began to root through his saddle-pack for the repellent. "I have it here @Joel." Said the Crystal pony, placing it on the ground in front of him. "I guess so, HEY @LUSCIUS COME OVER HE-" He was cut off by Jeff, then cold realization at the noise. "Lets all get back to the Dagor, left my good defensive position there!" He shouted, struggling to put the repellent back into his pack as he ran for the vehicle.
  776. CitrineBlaze: B.Speed(Sprint)
  777. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6+1 = 2
  778. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6+1 = 4
  780. NevilWayne takes sniffles the air a few times just as Jeff mentions what happens if you cut the vines. He then blinks in realization and whips around towards the treeline as the roaring starts, turning Jeff's vision towards it as a result; with his pulse rifle following his vision -- sideglancing to see @Hildermar_Veiel and @JoelJustJoel coming up to him just then, prompting him to quickly address them and wave his hand back in the direction of the Dagor, saying: "Regroup back the Dagor. Move calmly; guns and weapons ready.", Immediately he begins to march to join back with the two, jogging back towards the Dagor with the pulse rifle braced at his hip, ready to stop and fire at a moment's notice while he glanced to the treeline -- sparing a hand to flick off his flashlight and enable the thermal eyesight on his eye again, to find the chitterfangs before they reached them. "If you see them, shoot. We'll make a staggered retreat if things go bad." He told them both with a bit of haste, hand on his headset's receiver a she spoke into the squad frequency, "Nevil to squad -- regroup at the Dagor! We've still got a lot of firepower on my side so we'll try to dish some damage on our way there if we can; make sure you get to that Dagor ASAP, Officer Noah, and drive it over if you have to." He braced onto his rifle and put up a angry scowl despite his calm voice, shaking off the quiver in his left hand with a toss and a clench of his hand, "Make sure to double time it Citrine team! Over!" , and with that, he pulled his pulse rifle and strode faster -- but not outright running just yet; covering the other two if they did start running or following him at his pace.
  781. NevilWayne: M. Leadership (Sprint)
  782. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 5
  783. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 2
  784. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 1
  785. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 6
  786. NevilWayne: E. Perception + Leadership + Thermals
  787. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+4 = 7
  788. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 8
  789. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 5
  791. JoelJustJoel: "You don't hafta tell we twahce. Maybe if we clear out fast enough, the critters will take care of all the vines for us and we'll have an easier go of it." Joel turns and starts shuffling his old man feet toward the vehicle at "top" speed.
  792. JoelJustJoel: B. Sprint
  793. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+1 = 4
  794. JoelJustJoel rolls id6+1 = 7
  796. Noah_: Noah, scrunching after smelling that vine give off a ghastly smell, is set on alert when he hears the bugs shrill screech and swarm. He pulls his shield out in front of him but hears Nevil calling for a retreat to the Dagor. "EVERYONE GET NEAR ME." Noah then start to get moving to the Dagor.
  797. Noah_: B. Sprint
  798. Noah_: roll 1d6
  799. Noah_ rolls 1d6+1 = 4
  800. Noah_ rolls 1d6+1 = 2
  802. Hildemar_Veiel Having heard of and smelled what made these vines unique, Hildemar steps back and holsters his repeater, looking for anything other than vines coming from the door. *"Very well, though as soon as we have the repellent applied to us I'll be coming back."* He follows Nevil and draws his Zweihander in preparation of one of the insects closing the distance faster than he can shoot them. *"It may be possible to draw some away by shooting a distant vine, I'd take the shot myself but my repeater doesn't have the effective reach to be worthwhile."* E. Perception
  803. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+4 = 5
  804. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+4 = 10
  805. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+4 = 9
  807. Lucius_the_Weary with a jolt the ranger realizes what he's just done. 'My word, how oft I have a negative hand in events.' Shaking his head he stows his regrets along with his hatchet, drawing his bow and nocking an arrow in one fluid motion. He reaches a hand up to his radio as he begins to sprint towards the Dagor. "Apologies friends - let us hope these foes prove not so tenacious."
  808. Lucius_the_Weary: B Sprint:
  809. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 2
  810. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 3
  813. ROUND 18- Swarm Incoming!
  814. LEADERSHIP BONUS: +2 to Perception, Ranged, and Assault/Melee rolls; +1 to Sprint rolls
  815. Map Update:
  816. Appropriate Music:
  818. @Noah: Being relatively closer to the Dagor than Lucius and Citrine, you raise your shield to guard your front as you being making a defensive fall back to your vehicle.
  820. @Citrine: Recollecting the repellent you head back with Noah at the same pace he does, sneaking your way behind his huge shield for protection. You seem to notice Lucius lagging behind, almost losing him in the red mist and oncoming commotion.
  822. @Lucius: Shaking off the rotting filth that sprung from your attack on the vines, you begin to backpedal to the Dagor. Much slower than your companions, however, as you can only see Noah's man-sized shield almost fade into the mist as he and Citrine easily out-pace you back. Keeping your bow drawn, you hear the fluttering of wings over where you had chopped the vines. There you finally get a clear glimpse at your pursuers: a huge grasshopper-like insect, the size of a large dog, with large sharp mandibles skulks over at the damaged vines to give them an inspection. Chittering to itself, it takes only a couple seconds before it becomes uninterested and focuses its attention on you as it begins on making a steady approach.
  823. Chitterfang Scout <Movement:
  824. #1d6
  826. @Joel: Your quick and no nonsense shuffling back to the Dagor is smooth and unimpeded, beating Noah and Citrine back as they regroup with you from the other direction. Lucius lags a bit, but you still see him through the mist as if something has his attention.
  828. @Hildemar: You begin pulling back from the discovered hidden door, leaving Nevile to join up with you. You both keep a cautious retreat, as Joel makes a shuffling break and beats you both to the Dagor much faster. Raising your sword in guard, you glance to a quickly growing sound of chitterfangs erupting to the northeast of the outcrop. Your eyesight still easily cuts through the mist, and you spot a lone large insect emerge from the northern end of the trees and quickly enters the outcrop and towards your direction. To your right another chitterfang enters from the direct east, this one much closer to your position. It's approach is laser focused on you.
  829. North Chitterfang Scout <Movement:
  830. #1d6
  831. East Chitterfang Scout <Movement:
  832. #1d6
  834. @Nevil: You begin a tactical retreat back to the Dagor, with Hildemar. Jeff pops up over your headset. *"Nevil, get to the Dagor's bed! There's a compartment under the medical bag holding a hardcase. Don't open it, unless you seriously need backup. Screw the iron ball I gave you, it'll only cause more issues!"* Toggling off your flashlight and switching to your thermal, you scan the north to east. A chitterfang ahead of you and Hildemar emerges from the forest, and another to your direct right; both steadily approaching. Past the scattered chitterfangs, your thermals picks up a large spread out heat signature closing in through the treeline. You assume a large swarm, and make a rough count of at least twenty as an army of fluttering wings about breaks the treeline into the outcrop.
  836. Lucius_the_Weary Hardly skipping a beat, the ranger draws his bowstring and eyebrows tight in one fluid motion, taking aim and firing off a shot, turning and making tracks again towards the Dagor without even stopping to see if the shot had met its intended mark. As he is running he puts a hand up to his communicator. "Friends, it would seem that they are firstly concerned with the vines! We may be able to distract them after all. I'm nearly to the Dagor, so wait for me!"
  837. Lucius_the_Weary: >M. Archery
  838. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+6 = 7
  839. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+6 = 7
  840. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+6 = 8
  841. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+6 = 8
  842. Lucius_the_Weary: >B. Sprint
  843. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 8
  844. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 4
  846. CitrineBlaze: Citrine just ignored it all and leaped into the back seats of the Dagor, where he cradled his saddlepacks and the precious repellent inside.
  848. Noah_: Reaching the Dagor, Noah still keeps his shield up but unholsters his Serbu in case the insects draw near to the Dagor. However, he hears Lucius over the radio, claiming the vines may be the primary concern for the bugs." We'll see if they're still chasing you! Get over here!" He then turns to see if he can spot the other party members.
  849. Noah_: >E.Perception
  850. Noah_ rolls 1d6+2 = 3
  851. Noah_ rolls 1d6+2 = 6
  852. Noah_ rolls 1d6+2 = 5
  854. NevilWayne reacts quickly to the appearance of the two chitterfangs; eyes darting to the one who was RAPIDLY approaching his comrade. He hears Jeff's voice ringing out in his ear, but by that time the Marine had already pivoted around on his combat booted and braced his M41A into a firing position. He gives Hildermar a warning: "Get clear. I'll shoot them!" Before pulling and holding down the trigger to send a hail of caseless rounds towards the encroaching bugs. **BRRRRRRRRRRRT**. SPREADING his fire between the two chitterfangs to hit them both in a sweep of automatic fire! Only resuming his tactical retreat towards the Dagor once he stops shooting, preferably with the chitterfangs dead!
  855. NevilWayne: E. Combat Rifles + Leadership + Rifle bonuses, Spread firing between two targets.
  856. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+4 = 8
  857. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+4 = 7
  858. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+4 = 10
  860. JoelJustJoel Reaching the Dagor, Joel turns back and takes in the state of the battlefield, before moving a few feet to the east, to clear Nevil out of his line of fire. Joel raises Annabelle to his shoulder and aims it at the bug farthest to his right. 'Come on, girl, gimme one more day.' Joel takes a breath and squeezes one trigger, then the other.
  861. JoelJustJoel: M. Shotguns + Shotgun Surgeon + Shotgun Bonuses + Leadership + Relentless Escort Sigil (3 Enemies) + M. Get Off My Lawn! (Passive)
  862. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 15
  863. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 13
  864. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 15
  865. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 16
  868. ROUND 19: Asleep at the Sword?
  869. LEADERSHIP BONUS: +2 to Perception, Ranged, and Assault/Melee rolls; +1 to Sprint rolls
  871. @Lucius: Letting your bowstring go, you turn away while the arrow's sill in flight and haul ass the forty feet back to the Dagor. You regroup with Noah and Citrine so fast, you bounce off the vehicle a bit and turn around to look back at where the chitterfang was. Needless to say, your arrow managed to hit its mark and was now firmly lodged in the giant insect's neck. It lie slumped on the vine-covered rocks, twitching and writhing.
  872. Chitterfang Scout: 0/30
  874. @Noah: Lucius runs back to the Dagor after shooting the chitterfang closest to him. Over to the east, Nevil and Hildemar were falling back to the truck while Joel was already taking up a defensive position by the bed.
  876. @Nevil: Adrenaline running through your system now, you empty your 99-round magazine into the two visible chitterfangs. The hail of caseless rounds zip to the one at the North and then you sweep tot he right, gunfire roaring through the outcrop. You watch the ammo counter quickly hit 00 as both chitterfangs take several hits each. Somehow you managed to miss most of your shots, and the chitterfangs limp back up from their scattered bullet wounds and charge you! *"How did you not get the-ho shit look out!"*
  877. GM_Jeff: North Chitterfang Scout: 20/30 HP
  878. GM_Jeff: >Speed:
  879. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6 = 5
  880. GM_Jeff: >Attack:
  881. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+1 = 2
  882. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+1 = 5
  883. GM_Jeff: East Chitterfang Scout: 20/30 HP
  884. GM_Jeff: >Speed:
  885. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6 = 3
  886. GM_Jeff: >Attack:
  887. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+1 = 3
  888. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+1 = 2
  890. @Joel: Annabelle at the ready, and rifle barrage ended, you track the now injured chitterfangs now attacking Nevil and Hildemar. You quickly lock your sights onto the giant bug on the right and let off both barrels at it. The first shell peppers the chitterfang and the second literally blows it apart, sending guts and chitinous chunks across the rock in front of Nevil. Literally-
  891. East Chitterfang Scout: 0/30 HP
  893. @Everyone: After Nevil's thunderous roar of gunfire, and Joel's pair of explosive shotgun blasts, another obnoxious roll of excessive chittering breaks through the outcrop treeline. A large swarm of chitterfangs break through into the clearing right before the rocks. Some spread out north, while others past directly West to investigate the damages vine roots of Lucius's. The rest lock their attention onto you all and the truck. They spread out, keeping a good distance while about half break off to flank the Dagor to the right.
  895. CitrineBlaze: Looking up from his precious purchases Blaze saw that not only was @NevilWayne lagging behind but he was about to become bug food! Attempting stand in the back seats of the Dagor Citrine began to sing the protective runes he could recall, hoping he was doing it right this time as he tried to project a shield over Nevil before the the Chitterfang landed.
  896. CitrineBlaze: M.Crystal Runes (Cover)
  897. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 3
  898. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 2
  899. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 4
  900. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 1
  902. Lucius_the_Weary Seeing @Neville in immediate danger, Lucious makes a quick decision and slides up into the Dagor's M2. Briefly he looks at the terrifyingly foreign death machine, trying to decide if it would be worth the risk, before finally drawing his trusty bow once more, nocking an arrow and taking aim at the North Chitterfang Scout. After firing his shot, he reaches a hand up to his radio once again. "Nevillie, sire, we require your immediate presence here at the Dagor! Someone must operate this gun, or we shall surely perish! Fly, you fool! I shall give you what defensive fire I can afford. And Citrine! Perhaps prepare the repellent?!" Hand falling to bow again, the ranger nocks yet another arrow, this time focusing on the East Scout's neck, the spot he'd seen the other Scout die from. 'Perhaps they are weak there. Focus, Lucius...'
  903. Lucius_the_Weary: M. Archery:
  904. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+6 = 12
  905. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+6 = 11
  906. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+6 = 7
  907. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+6 = 8
  909. NevilWayne merely groaned slightly in his effort of backpedaling. A loud, shrill 'beepbeep!' emanates from his M41A as the magazine is expended, and the magazine automatically ejects. "Working on it!" Nevil 'calmly' (and by calmly that means quite frantically) yelled back to Lucius. By now the Colonial Marine wasn't too far away from the Dagor -- the only problem was the chitterfang scout literally about to chew him, who was practically point blank of him, as he backpedaled rapidly, but without panicking (yet); as he puts his feet down and postures himself to present his angled chestplate, his pauldron, and his helmet to the chitterfang while he WHISP his hand into his ammo pouch, and snatches another magazine. He looked down to his hand-work, and with trained, deft speed he loads the magazine -- the mechanism automatically chambering the bullet, before he darted his glance (and the helmet camera's9 back forward. He looked surprise when he noticed that a transparent barrier had erected itself to block the Chitterfang's attack, and saved him from the effort of having to block it. But he doesn't let that shock stop him from pulling the trigger and shooting that Chitterfang as dead as possible with an automatic, controlled burst of his Hi-tech assault rifle. BRRRRRRT-BRRRRRRRRT!! . Before, regardless of effect, turning around and sprinting to the Dagor! While at the same time trying to whip up a tactic to help them, without considering the hardcase Jeff had noted YET until he was on the Dagor itself!
  910. NevilWayne: E. Combat Rifles + Leadership + Rifle Bonus + Point Blank range
  911. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+5 = 11
  912. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+5 = 9
  913. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+5 = 11
  914. NevilWayne: U. Sprint + leadership
  915. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+1 = 6
  916. NevilWayne: Adept Tactics
  917. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+3 = 5
  918. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+3 = 5
  919. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+3 = 8
  921. JoelJustJoel Joel grabs a couple of buckshot shells at once with his forward hand, flicks Annabelle's breech open, shells in, flicks closed. As he acquires the next closest target, he gives it the same treatment as the last one. "Come on fellers, Ah've gotcher backs."
  922. JoelJustJoel: M. Shotguns + Shotgun Surgeon + Shotgun Bonuses + Leadership + Relentless Escort Sigil (3 Enemies) + M. Get Off My Lawn! (Passive)
  923. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 12
  924. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 15
  925. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 11
  926. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 16
  928. Noah_: Noah let's the shield rest on the ground as he unfolds the front grip of his shotgun. "It may be out of range, but it'll be something for the swarm..." He sees the bugs split off, trying to flank them. He lifts his shield and positions himself to the right of the Dagor, providing a bulwark against the flanking swarm."They're trying to flank! Citrine, the repellant?"
  931. ROUND 20: RNR! The Swarm Attacks!
  932. LEADERSHIP BONUS: +2 to Perception, Ranged, and Assault/Melee rolls; +1 to Sprint rolls
  934. @Citrine: You focus on the area just in front of Nevil, and begin humming your tunes of protection as a small teal-colored shield appears right in front of the human just as the chitterfang is about to slash at him. It audibly bounces off of your rune, and an arrow wizzes toward Nevil's side of the shield and *plinks* right off. Nevil dips around an open side and blasts the chitterfang with his gun.
  936. @Lucius: You lock onto the chitterfang about to attack Nevil, and let loose another arrow at it. Right before it hits, a blue and green runic barrier appears right between the attacker and defender. The chitterfang is cleanly deflected off of it, protecting Nevil, but so does your arrow and almost hits him in ricochet. Not stopping to dwell , you go to draw another arrow for the last chitterfang approaching only to realize Joel had already dealt with it- the bloody chunky mess roughly ten feet in front of Nevil was evidence enough. From your vantage point, on the gunner turret, you spot through the mist more chitterfangs. Much more: Several groups of three and four begin surrounding the Dagor to the North East about twenty meters away. More to the West, but not as many. It was hard to tell, but you notice two differences in the swarming bugs, and they were both larger than the initial three.
  938. @Nevil: You expertly switch out your pulse rifle's empty mag for a fresh one, now reading 95 rounds again. You brace for the chitterfang's oncoming attack, but it never comes. A small, teal, transparent runic barrier appears in front of you just in time for the giant insect to bounce completely off of it. It much be Citrine's, going off of the similar appearance you've seen from other crystal ponies at Razorback. At the same moment, and arrow flies by your face and harmlessly strikes the barrier. Lucius had your back, with or without Citrine's last-second shield. Stunned and confused from the sudden shield, the chitterfang stumbles around and tries to re-focus on you. You don't give it the opportunity, and quickly sidestep the barrier and jam your barrel right into its nasty bug face. A hearty 12-round burst tears the bug's chitinous form into pieces, and slumps onto the vine-covered outcrop. Last chitterfang now dead, you turn to finish your dash to the Dagor only to realize you had been closer to it than expected. *"On the Dagor, now!"* You waste no time hopping into the bed, Lucius drawing an arrow from the gunner's ring, and take in your surroundings. Hildemar and Joel guarded the Dagor from the Northeast, while Noah guarded the Northwest with Lucius supporting him. Citrine's barrier faded, ready to use it again on either side. Through the mist you count a lot of chitterfangs splitting up and flanking you all from both sides; the larger force coming from the right. They were bigger than the three that attacked first, with two variations. You assume they're going to attack from both sides at once, and will take more to bring down. You can only think of two solid plans: mobilize in the Dagor and pick them off as they give chase, or hold position and fend them off with the use of the repellent. You still haven't found any door, so it will have to wait, until the chitterfangs are cleared out. *"I hope you have a plan, Nevil."*
  940. @Joel: Watching Nevil mow down the last chitterfang, you ready Annabelle for another double-barrel shot. Multiple and noticeably-larger chitterfangs emerge from the treeline and begin surrounding the Dagor from your side and Noah's in groups. Some look slightly larger versions of the first ones, and others that seemed to have thicker armor with small studs over them. They held position well within range of your buckshot's range, nonstop chittering away as they look between your group and the several dead comrades near you. One takes a cautionary approach toward you, and you just can't help yourself. You take aim and unload both shells into the bug; the first shot blows off several of its right legs, and the second hits it square in the face. Its now headless body slumps in front of its other comrades and they all lower down into attacks positions, howling in only what you can assume anger.
  941. Chitterfang Drone: 0/35HP
  943. <Swarm Frenzy:
  944. #1d6+2 = 7
  946. @Everyone: Both flanks of the chitterfang groups began approaching now baring razor sharp mandibles with visible hostility. Jeff comes over the radio over everyone's headsets. *"Shit! Don't let them swarm the Dagor! Either get it moving, or use that repellent and hold them off! I can have support available in-"* Jeff is drowned out as several chitterfangs from both sides break formation and charge your defensive around the truck.
  948. GM_Jeff: West Flank:
  949. GM_Jeff: Chitterfang Drone:
  950. GM_Jeff: Speed:
  951. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+1 = 4
  952. GM_Jeff: Attack:
  953. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+3 = 9
  954. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+3 = 8
  956. GM_Jeff: Chitterfang Drone:
  957. GM_Jeff: Speed:
  958. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+1 = 5
  959. GM_Jeff: Attack:
  960. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+3 = 6
  961. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+3 = 5
  963. GM_Jeff: Chitterfang Warrior:
  964. GM_Jeff: Speed:
  965. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6 = 4
  966. GM_Jeff: Attack:
  967. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+4 = 8
  968. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+4 = 9
  969. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+4 = 9
  971. GM_Jeff: East Flank:
  972. GM_Jeff: Chitterfang Drone:
  973. GM_Jeff: Speed:
  974. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+1 = 6
  975. GM_Jeff: Attack:
  976. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+3 = 8
  977. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+3 = 4
  979. GM_Jeff: Chitterfang Drone:
  980. GM_Jeff: Speed:
  981. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+1 = 4
  982. GM_Jeff: Attack:
  983. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+3 = 4
  984. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+3 = 9
  986. GM_Jeff: Chitterfang Drone:
  987. GM_Jeff: Speed:
  988. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+1 = 3
  989. GM_Jeff: Attack:
  990. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+3 = 6
  991. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+3 = 5
  993. GM_Jeff: Chitterfang Warrior:
  994. GM_Jeff: Speed:
  995. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6 = 3
  996. GM_Jeff: Attack:
  997. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+4 = 6
  998. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+4 = 8
  999. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+4 = 7
  1001. CitrineBlaze: Hearing @Noah over the whole commotion Citrine fished the repellent out of his pack with one hoof while he gulped in some needed air, then smashed the container to release the odour. Seeing the tide of Chitterfangs coming for the Dagor, and him, he did not wait for the repellent to take affect on the bugs and sang up a barrier over the Dagor.
  1002. CitrineBlaze: M.Crystal Runes (Cover)
  1003. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 6
  1004. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 4
  1005. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 2
  1006. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 5
  1008. Hildemar_Veiel Having reminded himself that insects and rotting flesh smells do not necessarily mean Nurgle in this world, Hildemar snaps out of his stupor and adopts an Ochs stance with his zweihander. Only after the chitterfangs are repelled by Citrine's barrier does he remember to tell everyone else about the door, his voice sounding more tense than usual. *"The door is located on the East side of the inner part of the outcrop. I apologize for losing myself there."* Hildemar then re-sheathes his sword and draws his repeater in case an opportunity to shoot any further invading bugs arises.
  1010. NevilWayne , almost immediately, sets himself down to a crouch -- using whatever piece of cover the Dagor's bed had to shield himself from the attack of the incoming horde of chitterfangs. He opens his mouth to utter something; but Noah speaks up, and before he knows it the acrid smell of the repellent makes him crinkle his nose; almost taking him out of focus as he tried to sneak a shot out onto one of the less big of the chitterfangs (one of the drones maybe?), and put a full auto burst to them; hopefulyl quick enough to hit as he yells. "JEFF! Give me a scan of that thing while I shoot it! Tell me about it!!" He hastily said, into the receiver of his headset, making sure the IR piece is pointed at the target. BRRRRRRRRRT! "Everyone listen! There are TWENTY TARGETS to choose from -- we have the repellent up and a shield; we have to kill as many as we can before we get the Dagor moving and do a fighting retreat, back the way we came from! YOU GOT THAT NOAH?" He called out, not looking back as he speaks -- instead turning his glance towards where the medical kit might be -- and that hardcase, "Ranger Lucius! Joel! Pick a target and take it down, focus on KILLING the BIG ONES! Noah, Hildemar; until we have to drive, focus on picking out a target and shooting it together! Pick out the smaller ones you see!!" He called out, his voice now loud; loud enough to bed heard over gunfire and buzzing, and loud enough to probably make his voice hoarse -- but still firm enough to give off a authoritative note and a confident tone; even if, behind the resolute expression, his face was kinda pale. "YOU GOT IT PEOPLE? SHOOT THEM, THEN FIGHTING RETREAT IF WE CAN'T KILL 'EM ALL IN TIME. CITRINE! WHILE THE SHIELD IS UP, LOOK UNDER THE MEDICAL KIT COMPARTMENT; THERE SHOULD BE A HARDCASE; GET ME IT!"
  1011. NevilWayne: M. Leadership (Reaction Speed)
  1012. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 6
  1013. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 3
  1014. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 2
  1015. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 2
  1016. NevilWayne: E. Reaction Speed
  1017. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 3
  1018. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 6
  1019. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 6
  1020. NevilWayne: E. Combat Rifles
  1021. NevilWayne: + Leadership + Rifle bonus
  1022. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+4 = 8
  1023. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+4 = 9
  1024. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+4 = 9
  1026. Lucius_the_Weary seeing his attacks completely fail now that the barrier is up, the ranger decides on a different course of action. He decides to use the time given him by this barrier to activate his newfound abilities, granted to him by the Mistcreeper's Heart. He snakes down from the gun nest and exits the Dagor, trying to get comfortable inside of the red mist. As he does so, he searches the Chitterfang lines for signs of weakness; areas they would be best off trying to break through.
  1027. Lucius_the_Weary: E. Auto-Stealth + Mistcreeper's Heart
  1028. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 5
  1029. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 3
  1030. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 5
  1031. Lucius_the_Weary: E. Perception + Leadership
  1032. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 8
  1033. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 8
  1034. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 6
  1036. Noah_: "GOT IT." Noah aims his Serbu out onto the field in front, trying to pick out the smaller drones of the swarm. He only hopes the small range is enough on the small shotgun. He then grips the foregrip of his shotgun and let's loose his buckshot on a drone. "Hildemar. try to pick at the further drones!"
  1037. Noah_: E. Combat Rifles+Brawny Buck Badge
  1038. Noah_ rolls d6+3 = 9
  1039. Noah_ rolls d6+3 = 8
  1040. Noah_ rolls d6+3 = 5
  1042. JoelJustJoel "Man's work's never dun." Reloading again with a flick of one wrist and deftly popping another pair of shells in, Joel brings the chitterfang warrior before him face to face with Annabelle's muzzle. "Big'uns, roger." He then unleashes both rounds directly at the sorry critter's face, then switches to holding Annabelle by the barrels and attempts to knock the smaller drone out of the park, only stopping to admire his handiwork while he rotates the little lady around to hold her properly once more.
  1043. JoelJustJoel: M. Shotguns + Shotgun Surgeon + Shotgun Bonuses + Leadership + Relentless Escort Sigil (3 Enemies?) + M. Get Off My Lawn! (Passive) + Point Blank (Shotguns)
  1044. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+13 = 19
  1045. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+13 = 14
  1046. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+13 = 16
  1047. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+13 = 19
  1048. JoelJustJoel: B. Assault + Relentless Escort Sigil (3 Enemies?) + Annabelle Bonus + Leadership
  1049. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+6 = 10
  1050. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+6 = 8
  1053. ROUND 21
  1054. LEADERSHIP BONUS: +2 to Perception, Ranged, and Assault/Melee rolls; +1 to Sprint and Reaction Speed rolls
  1056. @Citrine: You waste no time and lean over the side of the Dagor and spike it into the rocks, a mist of yellow heavy gas explodes out of the glass jar and spreads immediately across the span of the Dagor, your allies, and tens of feet in every direction. As the gas engulfs you all you begin your tunes to create a large band barrier around everyone.
  1058. @Everyone: From all of your vantage points you hear the glass jar being smashed by Citrine, and a heavy yellow gas spreads out roughly one hundred feet in every direction, on top of another teal-colored barrier appearing surrounding the Dagor in a narrow band. A pungent odor of ginger and garlic permeates the air, but it's not noxious enough to keep any of you from breathing normally. Just before any of the chitterfangs can land any hits, the barrier bounces all of them back. Some are momentarily stunned, and the repellent does is job as the seven charging insects begin writhing in pain and making harsh sucking sounds. The groups of chitterfangs that held back are visibly shaken by their frenzied others and scurry well out of the way of the repellent's fumes.
  1060. @Hildemar: Seeing the chitterfangs get deflected and physically in pain from the repellent you steadfast your pistol and sword for the time being while the gas does its job. Jeff pipes up on your any @Everyone else's headsets. *"You did? What did it look like? Did you see a way to open it?"*
  1062. @Nevil: *"Keep your reticle on it! Scanning!"* You aim your pulse rifle onto a less bulkier version of the chitterfang and let loose a burst. Your trigger finger matches the speed the barrier is put up, and most of your rounds catch the insectoid in the face and back before it rams itself into Citrines shield. Your explosive rounds rip through the chitterfang's head and slumps onto the rocks, twitching and gurgling. The analysis finally reads up on your IR's HUD.
  1063. Chitterfang Drone: 7/35HP; 1DR; SEVERE BLEEDING. Chitterfang Drones are the main workers, as well as supporting Chitterfang Warriors during the first wave of defense or attack of a hive.
  1065. @Noah: You let off a buckshot shell at a drone closest to you, staggered from the shield's prompt deflection. The buckshot penetrates its carapace, causing some damage, but not enough from retreating out of and away from the repellent.
  1066. Chitterfang Drone: 19/35HP
  1068. @Joel: You point Annabelle at the larger and more armored of the two insectoids and let loose your shells right up next to it as it regains its bearing from the barrier. Needless to say the 10 gauge shells do their job as the buckshot rips right through its hard exoskeleton and completely annihilating its face and most of its torso. The bloody mess left over was satisfying, as you give a drone a good smack before it scurries off out of the repellent's fumes.
  1069. Chitterfang Warrior: DEAD
  1070. Chitterfang Drone: 21/35HP
  1072. @Lucius: Hopping off the Dagor as another one of Citrine's barriers comes up, you disappear into the red mist- as well as the fumes from the repellent. The mist helps you easily slip into the Underdark as you sneak toward the center of the outcrop to observe the chitterfangs. Clearly reacting to the repellent and counterattack from your comrades, they pair up in groups. If timed correctly, the Dagor can easily bust through between clusters and make a getaway; or at least keep from staying surrounded. Your observations catch something else, up at the peak of the outcrops raised center. Through the underdark, it was almost seeing a different spectrum through the rocks. At the top of the center's peak was a glowing sphere of blue fire, but you couldn't tell if was embedded in the rocks or not.
  1074. @Everyone: Damage being dealt, five of the seven chitterfangs retreat back to the rest of the group while the other two lie dead or dying at the foot of the Dagor. Enraged and fearful of the repellent, they begin circling the Dagor outside of the fume's radius in groups.
  1075. Repellent Duration: 4 rounds
  1077. CitrineBlaze: "Here's a plan, why don't we move the Dagor up towards the door while the repellent is doing its work? I'll keep my barrier up to protect us!" Shouted Citrine over the whole commotion of the situation, quickly so that he could get back to singing up the barrier again.
  1078. CitrineBlaze: M.Crystal Runes (Cover)
  1079. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 4
  1080. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 2
  1081. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 6
  1082. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 2
  1084. Lucius_the_Weary Lucius internally pats himself on the back for having the Heart put into his armor. He reaches a hand to his communicator, speaking as softly as he could. "Friends, look carefully - these creatures have aligned themselves in pairs. This is where their formation is weakest: the spaces between pairs!" The ranger begins to slither his way towards the trunk of the Dagor, quietly popping it open and retrieving the Acroline hide. He puts a hand to his communicator once again. "Ah, and there's one more thing... there lies in my sight a great ball of blue flame near the peak. Presently I cannot determine anything specific about it, however it does perturb me to some degree." With this being said, the ranger went about the task of more closely examining the ball of fire from where he was, going through the radio one more time. "We ought to come to some sort of plan sooner rather than later. I remain hidden for now, and we have this gas for now, but this will not hold..."
  1085. Lucius_the_Weary: E. Perception
  1086. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 8
  1087. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 4
  1088. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 8
  1089. Lucius_the_Weary: E. Ambush
  1090. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 4
  1091. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 3
  1092. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 2
  1093. Lucius_the_Weary: E. Stealth
  1094. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 8
  1095. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 5
  1096. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 7
  1098. NevilWayne begins to quickly shift up from his lowly crouched position on the Dagor's bed. Shifting to the other end of the vehicle's back-bed so he can lean around the barrier Citrine had put up; skirting around the fact that they hadn't listened to him at all by completely ignoring the fact, while he crouches again and positions his rifle into a firing position again; this time gripping the pump grenade launcher's grip. "I'm going to shoot a grenade into one of the groups. Keep picking your targets!!" Nevil would call out, having to raise his voice to almost the top of his lungs to make it through the commotion of buzzing insects, the gunfire, and the radio chatter. "NOAH! Get this dagor moving, don't let them encircle us -- push between the groups!! EVERYONE ELSE, KEEP UP THE DAMAGE WHILE THE REPELLENT LASTS. WE'LL HEAD FOR THE DOOR SOON." He called out, not looking back as he braces his weapon and ... THOOMP, He fires his grenade launcher; aiming for one of the warriors specifically, shooting a grenade aimed low to the ground -- to avoid it soaring into the vines, or to miss too badly!
  1099. NevilWayne: M. Leadership (Reaction Speed)
  1100. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 3
  1101. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 3
  1102. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 4
  1103. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 2
  1104. NevilWayne: E. Combat Rifle (Grenade Launcher) + Leadership Bonus
  1105. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 4
  1106. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 8
  1107. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 3
  1109. JoelJustJoel Joel quickly jams in another couple of shells, making a mental note of how many he has left, and feeling somewhat thankful that his bandoleers are lightening up, mixed as that blessing might be. "Keepin' up the fahr, I can certainly do fer ya!" He levels Annabelle a the retreating bugs and tries to get another couple of shots off on a big one in the time before Blaze starts singing again. "YEAH! YA BETTER RUN! GO OWN, GIT, YA DAMN VARMINTS!"
  1110. JoelJustJoel: M. Shotguns + Shotgun Surgeon + Shotgun Bonuses + Leadership + Relentless Escort Sigil (3 Enemies?) + M. Get Off My Lawn! (Passive) + Point Blank (Shotguns)
  1111. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 11
  1112. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 11
  1113. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 14
  1114. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 13
  1116. Noah_: Noah looks at the groups and the tries to see the pattern Lucius described about the swarm. "Grouped in pairs..." Noah hears Nevil and then comes up with an idea. "Alright, we're going to get going! Get in the Dagor, we're going to run circles and through them!" Noah then shuffles and then throws his shield into the trunk of the car before getting into the driver's seat, starting up the vehicle. He looks at the swarm again, trying to find the gaps. "Alright, we're moving!" He then gasses the Dagor and goes down the trail, fitting in the gaps left by their formation.
  1117. Noah_: >B. Driving
  1118. Noah_ rolls 1d6+5 = 6
  1119. Noah_ rolls 1d6+5 = 7
  1121. Hildemar_Veiel Once the gas has spread and the chitterfangs start circling, Hildemar steps onto the rear roadside door frame, taking aim and firing upon the larger chitterfang of the pair directly between the dagor and the door after he finishes recoiling from Nevil's explosion. "A little warning before using a grenade launcher so close next time!" As the dagor starts moving, Hildemar slides into the dagor and climbs over Citrine to the nearest seat to rotate his repeater's barrel and discard the used cap. *"Jeff, the door was brass in color and likely construction, hidden by vines that were likely recently moved to the side, and there were no visible means of opening it! I'm thinking it either needed more force to be pushed in or it is opened by something in the immediate area.!"* The witchunter was yelling a little louder than needed thanks to the ringing in his unprotected ear, but he pushed on and poked his head out the turret ring to look past the chitterfangs for any patterns in vines or the ground leading to the door.
  1122. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Perception
  1123. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 4
  1124. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 7
  1125. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 9
  1126. Hildemar_Veiel Hildemar takes aim and fires upon the insect's left wing in particular.
  1127. E. Small Arms + E. Mercenary Hunter
  1128. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 6
  1129. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 11
  1130. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 11
  1131. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 9
  1134. ROUND 22
  1135. LEADERSHIP BONUS: +2 to Perception, Ranged, and Assault/Melee rolls; +1 to Sprint and Reaction Speed rolls
  1137. @Citrine: You continue to focus on keeping the barrier up around the Dagor, even though all the chitterfangs were still too repelled by the... repellent to be anywhere near attack range.
  1139. @Nevil: You aim your rifle into a group with a chitterfang warrior and aim a foot in front of it to keep from over-shooting. The grenade shoots out of the under-barrel with a low *TWOMP* and explodes in front of said warrior. Both front legs and a portion of its face are blown completely off, and thrashes around its comrades in clear pain and panic- breaking off and burying its scorched head into the dirt. Noah's huge black shield flies into the trunk, and you nudge it into a secure and out-of-your-way spot as the Dagor starts moving.
  1140. Chitterfang Warrior: 14/40HP; BLEEDING -2HP per round, SHOCK for one round.
  1142. @Joel: You aim out at the grouped up chitterfangs, locking onto a warrior class and letting off a pair of shells at it. The first shot hit dead on, and the follow up explodes its hard chitinous shell. Guts fly everywhere and onto its nearby comrades, who step off from being splattered. It cries out pitifully, as its guts and blood violently gush out of its cratered abdomen. On Noah's call, you hop into the rear passenger seat as the Dagor starts heading West.
  1143. Chitterfang Warrior: 7/40HP, BLEEDING -2HP per round, CRIPPLED.
  1145. @Hildemar: *"It's got to have an opening mechanism somewhere. Try looking around before forcing it open. You might damage whatever's inside, if it ends up giving too easily."* You aim your pepperbox at a left wing of a chitterfang warrior. Although the chitterfang's wings were to its side while on the ground, that didn't stop the 45 caliber ball from striking it solid in its torso and punching clean through its hardened chitinous shell. The round must have struck something important, as the large hole began bleeding violently as the chitterfang is knocked to the ground in a daze. As the Dagor turns on, you get into the front passenger seat. Recalling where the door is on the outcrop, you can see the vines through the red mist and it did not appear that any of them originated or followed tot he door in any particular pattern. The all still seemed to originate at the foggy peak of the outcrop's center that has yet to be explored.
  1146. Chitterfang Warrior: 18/40HP, BLEEDING -2HP per round, SHOCK for one round.
  1148. @Noah: You start up the Dagor and throw it into gear, once everyone is secured. You start off slow to see how Citrine's barrier reacts to the Dagor's movement, and it stays with the truck's pace; acting as a moving shield as you approach the group of chitterfangs on the West side.
  1150. @Lucius: You dip a little farther into Stealth, the Underdark giving everything a dark hue with greyed outlined objects. Within the insect repellent the chitterfangs do not seem to notice you skulking around the trunk, and grab your pelt. From the rear of the Dagor, you don't really get any clearer view of the blue fire. You do notice, however, delving into the Underdark has almost completely cleared your view of the red mist. Jeff comes over your headset. *"Is there anyway you can get closer to this blue flame? It might be the key to opening the door."* As he says that, Noah starts up the Dagor and you have no choice but to quickly climb into the bed with Nevil else get trampled by Citrine's barrier.
  1152. Repellent Duration: 3 rounds
  1155. CitrineBlaze: At hearing @Noah, over the near deafening sounds of human guns and explosives of all things, telling everypony that the Dagor was gonna start moving again; he shuffled his butt deeper into his seat so not to fall out of the moving vehicle. Blaze concentrated to block out the roar of the Dagors engine and the Operators potshots, last thing he wanted was for his barrier to disappear if Noah decided to ram some Chitters.
  1156. CitrineBlaze: M.Crystal Runes (Cover)
  1157. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 6
  1158. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 3
  1159. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 2
  1160. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 2
  1162. Noah_: Noah looks on to the swarm of chitterfangs and continues down. He surprised at the shield keeping pace and continues down the trail. "Anyone got any ideas? Otherwise, I'm driving up and down the trail until they decide to go away." Noah then drives into the trail they came from, not caring about any Chitters in the way.
  1163. Noah_: >B. Driving
  1164. Noah_ rolls d6+5 = 11
  1165. Noah_ rolls d6+5 = 7
  1167. JoelJustJoel Joel loads Annabelle again, but holds his fire, not wanting to waste ammo he might not have to use. "Maht be a good idea to start lookin' around the door. Then again, this place is 'sposed to be hidden, so ah guess anythin's fair game." He looks to his friends for their input, magic fire obviously not being his forte.
  1169. Hildemar_Veiel Seeing that the chitterfang wasn't clearly dead enough, Hildemar stands and leans out the door, gripping the door frame and firing over the barrier at the downed chitterfang's thorax. After shooting his shot, Hildemar sits back down and starts reloading his two spent barrels and percussion nipples. *"Perhaps the opening mechanism is related to this blue flame Lucius mentioned. In either case, I think exploring the peak would be a worthwhile venture."* Hildemar scans for obstructions and paths the dagor could safely take up to the peak once he finishes reloading his repeater.
  1170. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Small Arms + E. Mercenary Hunter
  1171. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 10
  1172. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 6
  1173. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 11
  1174. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 10
  1175. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Reaction Speed
  1176. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+1 = 2
  1177. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+1 = 2
  1178. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+1 = 6
  1179. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Perception
  1180. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 4
  1181. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 8
  1182. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 6
  1184. Lucius_the_Weary the Ranger, while sitting in the Dagor, draws his hunting knife and sets to work, silently praying for Lann's forgiveness as he slices strips out of his cloak. He pauses, going over the radio. "I'll need to get closer to the mound - I must investigate the anomaly at the peak. It may well be our only way to open the doors and leave this horde of insects behind. @Noah, can you get us any closer?" Now with several strips of cloth from his cloak, he uses the fat on the underside of the skin, coating them in flammable grease. He then wraps this around one of his remaining arrows. He inspects his work, and deciding he was satisfied with the job, he places it into his quiver, folding up the skin and leaving it on the seat. He then climbs on top of the vehicle. "I am going to jump over the barrier once we get in close to the mound."
  1185. Lucius_the_Weary: E. Ambush
  1186. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 2
  1187. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 6
  1188. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 2
  1189. Lucius_the_Weary: E. Wilderness Survival
  1190. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 8
  1191. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d+2 = 2
  1192. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 5
  1193. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 7
  1195. NevilWayne would have a BIT of a hard time listening to words while everyone shot their guns, and the Dagor roared into motion; throwing him around ever so slightly and prompting him to put extra focus on keeping himself steady while he pumped his grenade launcher and ejected a smoking hot shell off the side of the car! Luckily, he had an ear piece broadcasting into his ear! And when he hears the notion of Lucious going out there the Lieutenant Commander almost spits out a "What--" Before actually thinking about it; blowing out a somewhat concerned breath as he calls out, "You better be fast and UNSEEN Lucious! Its going to be hard to cover you if we're moving around like this; even if I'm gonna try anyways!" he yelled out, before looking around for another target; preferably another drone, and BRRRRRRTs another hail of bullets in their direction! "We might be slogging our way through it, but we're doing well so far." He adds, on a quieter note, mostly directed to himself as he steadied his hands.
  1196. NevilWayne: M. Leadership (Boosting Sprint)
  1197. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 1
  1198. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 5
  1199. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 3
  1200. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 1
  1201. NevilWayne: E. Combat Rifles + Leadership + Rifle bonus
  1202. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+4 = 8
  1203. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+4 = 9
  1204. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+4 = 10
  1205. NevilWayne: E. Perception + Leadership + IR eye-piece
  1206. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+4 = 9
  1207. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 6
  1208. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 7
  1211. ROUND 23
  1212. LEADERSHIP BONUS: +2 to Perception, Ranged, and Assault/Melee rolls; +1 to Sprint and Reaction Speed rolls
  1214. @Citrine: Over the hail of gunfire, you stay cool and continue to sing the current barrier into full strength. And right on time, too! Noah has just began accelerating the Dagor a lot faster now toward two groups of chitterfangs.
  1216. @Noah: Watching forward as Citrine's rune barrier shine at full strength you floor the gas, aiming for a group of a drone and warrior. They don't seem to recognize the Dagor as an unstoppable machine and ready defensive stances only to get rammed by Citrine's barrier and deflect violently to either side. As the barrier absorbs all the damage, and subsequently shatters, the Dagor doesn't feel a vibration from the impact and you continue to drive on full speed clockwise around the ourcrop tot he Northern end.
  1217. Chitterfang Drone: 10/35HP; -2HP BLEEDING per round, CRIPPLED
  1218. Chitterfang Warrior: 15/40HP; -2HP BLEEDING per round, CRIPPLED
  1220. @Hildemar: You second round nails the injured chitterfang in the midsection, practically blowing the entire insect in half. Peaking back into the Dagor, while you start to reload, Citrine's barrier shatters. You are given an unobstructed view of the upcoming North end of the outcrop. Through the fog you spot an incline starting at the base of the rocks, but it's hard to tell if it's wide enough to bear the Dagor's entirety.
  1221. Chitterfang Warrior: DEAD
  1223. @Lucius: You successfully craft your cloth strips, and rub them in the traces of acroline fat that got left on your pelt. Deep in a secret fortress in the middle of the Everfree, a yellow earth pony mare sheds a tear. You monkey yourself onto the Dagor's rollbar, and ready yourself to action-jump off.
  1224. Ambush Tokens: 1
  1226. @Nevil: *"Nice nade shot!"* Jeff's compliment aside, you scan the area behind the Dagor as Noah puts the pedal to the metal and blows pass the West blockade. You pick out a fresh chitterfang drone and take aim at it, letting off another burst. The rounds hit it square and spready across its body, sending chunks of chitin flying off and blood shattering everywhere.
  1227. Chitterfang Drone: 14/35HP; -2HP BLEEDING, SHOCK for 2 rounds
  1229. @Everyone: After Noah plows through a group of chitterfangs, going West around the outcrop, the western group takes chase. The East group is cut off, not wanting to pass through the repellent. *"You guys are moving? Good. You might be able to concentrate them behind you."*
  1230. West Swarm: 4 Drones, 1 Warrior giving chase
  1231. Chase: 1d6+1=6
  1232. Chitterfang Drone: 19/35HP
  1234. INJURED; not giving chase
  1235. Drone: 12/35HP; -2HP BLEEDING, SHOCK for 2 rounds
  1236. Drone: 8/35HP; -2HP BLEEDING per round, CRIPPLED
  1237. Warrior: 13/40HP; -2HP BLEEDING per round, CRIPPLED
  1239. East Swarm: 5 Drones, 1 Warrior
  1240. Chitterfang Warrior: 12/40HP; BLEEDING -2HP per round
  1241. Chitterfang Drone: 2 DEAD
  1242. Chitterfang Warriors: 3 DEAD
  1244. Repellent Duration: 2 rounds
  1247. Lucius_the_Weary Seeing the mound draw near, the Ranger holds on and colis back, readying his entire body for what he was about to attempt. "Wish me luck," he says on the radio. "I am about to do something terribly exciting!" With that, Lucius releases his pent up muscles, leaping from the Dagor on to the side of the mound... for better or worse.
  1248. Lucius_the_Weary: E. Reaction Speed
  1249. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 5
  1250. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 5
  1251. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 2
  1252. Lucius_the_Weary: B. Block
  1253. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 2
  1254. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 4
  1255. Lucius_the_Weary: E. Stealth
  1256. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 3
  1257. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 8
  1258. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 5
  1260. CitrineBlaze: Citrine gasped as the barrier shattered, stealing his breath away as he collapsed back into his seat. He looks at @Lucius_the_Weary. "What are you-" Then the human jumped off the moving Dagor. "-IDIOT!" Sitting up straight Blaze sang again, this time raising a barrier between Lucius and the nearest Chitterfangs.
  1261. CitrineBlaze: M.Crystal Runes (Cover)
  1262. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 6
  1263. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 3
  1264. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 6
  1265. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 6
  1267. @Drone Shield Impact: #1d4=1
  1268. @Warrior Shield Impact: #1d2=1
  1271. Lucius_the_Weary Seeing the mound draw near, the Ranger holds on and colis back, readying his entire body for what he was about to attempt. "Wish me luck," he says on the radio. "I am about to do something terribly exciting!" With that, Lucius releases his pent up muscles, leaping from the Dagor on to the side of the mound... for better or worse.
  1272. Lucius_the_Weary: E. Reaction Speed
  1273. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 5
  1274. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 5
  1275. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 2
  1276. Lucius_the_Weary: B. Block
  1277. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 2
  1278. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 4
  1279. Lucius_the_Weary: E. Stealth
  1280. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 3
  1281. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 8
  1282. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 5
  1284. CitrineBlaze: Citrine gasped as the barrier shattered, stealing his breath away as he collapsed back into his seat. He looks at @Lucius_the_Weary. "What are you-" Then the human jumped off the moving Dagor. "-IDIOT!" Sitting up straight Blaze sang again, this time raising a barrier between Lucius and the nearest Chitterfangs.
  1285. CitrineBlaze: M.Crystal Runes (Cover)
  1286. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 6
  1287. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 3
  1288. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 6
  1289. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 6
  1291. GM_Jeff: @Drone Shield Impact: #1d4
  1292. GM_Jeff rolls 1d4 = 2
  1293. GM_Jeff: @Warrior Shield Impact:
  1294. GM_Jeff: 1d2
  1295. GM_Jeff rolls 1d2 = 1
  1297. Noah_: Noah, while driving through the drones and splatting them across Citrine's shield, notices the weight shift of his vehicle. He looked back for a bit, checking on Citrine to see if that impact affected him and seeing what happened with the weight at the same time. He then notice he's missing a passenger, Lucius. "What in the...? Ok, guys, where to? Down the trail and just lead them on a chase shooting them?"
  1299. JoelJustJoel "Sounds fahne ta me Noah, but we need toabe close enough to help if they see 'im." Joel goes back to firing at the chitterfangs, specifically the only one still chasing the Dagor and reloads with a pair of slugs.
  1300. JoelJustJoel: M. Shotguns + Shotgun Surgeon + Shotgun Bonuses + Leadership + Relentless Escort Sigil (3 Enemies) + M. Get Off My Lawn! (Passive)
  1301. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 15
  1302. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 13
  1303. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 14
  1304. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 16
  1306. NevilWayne: Despite the fact that Nevil was FULLY expecting what Lucious was about to do; the Lieutenant Commander absolutely cannot help but turn his head to stare, bug-eyed, as the ranger literally jumps off a fully mobile Dagor and goes to leap onto the rocky outcrop JUST like that. His hands gripping onto the side, holding on tight as they floor it across the way! "What a madman!..." He exclaimed, slightly surprised and worried, "He actually did it!" He quickly turned in the Dagor's bed, laying partially on his back as the targets went behind them, checking the ammo counter on his rifle as he speaks; "Yep!! Keep leading them around, Noah! We have to cover Lucious, Drive around and behind them again; ram them out of the way if you have to!" With that said, the colonial marine turns his sight down range, leaning out to get around the shield (if its still there) and find that injured Warrior bug again and BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT another burst of caseless in their direction to ensure they were positively dead!
  1307. NevilWayne: E. Perception + Leadership + IR eye-patch
  1308. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+4 = 5
  1309. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 6
  1310. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 4
  1311. NevilWayne: E. Combat Rifles + Leadership + Rifle bonuses
  1312. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+4 = 7
  1313. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+4 = 9
  1314. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+4 = 7
  1316. Hildemar_Veiel Though everyone else seemed flabbergasted at the ranger's action, Hildemar was unfazed; anyone who willingly made his career from the wilds had to be at least a little crazy. "Bah, he'll be fine so long as he isn't discovered." He once agains leans out the window to take a shot, this time targeting base of the last unharmed drone's right wing. Hildemar ducks back in and rotates his repeater to the next barrel. "I do not think we should double back; there is a path that our wagon could possibly fit through at the base of this mound, and it could be quicker or us to traverse it." He looks back towards the path he saw, this time with slightly less distance and far less barrier, it may be easier to estimate its width. *"Lucius, there is a path that our wagon may be able to fit leading up the mound. In the event we can make it, it may be worthwhile for you to stand watch at the door to let us know when we've opened. it."*
  1317. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Small Arms + E. Mercenary Hunter
  1318. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 6
  1319. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 6
  1320. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 8
  1321. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 10
  1322. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Perception
  1323. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 4
  1324. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 6
  1325. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 7
  1328. ROUND 24
  1329. LEADERSHIP BONUS: +2 to Perception, Ranged, and Assault/Melee rolls; +1 to Sprint and Reaction Speed rolls
  1331. @Lucius: You climb over the Dagor's roll-bar, and leap onto the rocks as you pass the Northern-most end of the outcrop. Preparing for landing, your Slowfall enchantment automatically kicks in and you gently and quietly plant yourself with little effort. As your team drives off without you, you look back to the chitterfangs giving pursuit. Most were heading right toward you, and another one of Citrine's barriers comes up between them. Two drones slam smack dab into it, halting them in their tracks and stumbling wildly from the barrier's refusal to give away. The other two drones and warrior continued on to chase your comrades. Jeff comes over your headset. *"Lucius, walk me through your approach. I need to know what you see up there."*
  1332. 2 Chitterfangs: Stunned for 1 round.
  1334. @Joel: Loading Annabelle with a pair of solid slug shells, you take aim at the lone warrior still giving chase. The first shot goes off and hits the warrior chitterfang square, leaving a large cavity in the left side of its face. Its momentum keeps it scurrying for several more paces as you fire your second slug into it. You hit it dead center of its head it tumbles over itself as its dead body hits the dirt hard, spewing gunt high into the air.
  1335. Chitterfang Warrior: DEAD
  1337. @Nevil: Taking aim at the last warrior, you're about to pull the trigger when Joel beats you to the shot and puts two large holes into its face and kills it dead in its tracks. Flailing out from the last two drones, you move your sights onto one of them instead and notice one was already injured from before. You let off several bursts at the right drone, riddling it with rounds as it stumbles over itself and cuts chase from its injuries.
  1338. Chitterfang Drone: DEAD
  1340. @Hildemar: Ainimg your pepperbox at the remaining chasing drone, you fire one miniball into the chitterfnag's right side. The round impacts, blowing off a large chunk of chitin and guts from its torso. It hits the dirt and tumbles about, no longer able to pursue. After dropping the insect, you look toward where Lucius had landed and peer at the incline through the mist. The path up to the peak was leveled rocks, only stable enough looking for foot traffic, and the top was still too obscured to get a clear visual.
  1341. Chitterfang Drone: 11/35HP; -2 BLEEDING per round, CRIPPLED
  1343. @Noah: As you round back to the other end of the outcrop, you catch sight of the group of chitterfangs that had been split up from the repellet before. Five healthy drones and a warrior, along with one well-off warrior, turned to face you and your rampaging vehicle from about sixty feet away. Just beyond them, was the fading repellent cloud.
  1345. West Swarm:
  1346. INJURED;
  1347. Drone: 10/35HP; -2HP BLEEDING, SHOCK for 1 rounds, CRIPPLED
  1348. Drone: 6/35HP; -2HP BLEEDING per round, INCAPACITATED
  1349. Warrior: 11/40HP; -2HP BLEEDING per round, CRIPPLED
  1351. East Swarm: 5 Drones, 1 Warrior
  1352. Chitterfang Warrior: 10/40HP; BLEEDING -2HP per round, CRIPPLED
  1354. Repellent Duration: 1 rounds
  1356. Lucius_the_Weary without pausing to dust himself off, Lucius says a silent thank you to @Citrine for giving him some time to escape, and starts heading up the slope, hand to his radio. "Well, as of now I do not see much - I can see from here a ball of blue flame atop the peak, and I am making my way there now."
  1357. Lucius_the_Weary: E. Perception
  1358. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 8
  1359. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 5
  1360. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 8
  1361. Lucius_the_Weary: B. Sprint
  1362. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 6
  1363. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 2
  1365. Noah_: Looking around at the red scenery, Noah gets a glance of the battlefield. As much as the swarm is a problem, the Dagor is giving them some trouble in trying to pursue them. With the suggestions of the crew, Noah decides to circle around the mound, especially since Lucius decided to hop out. And survived. "Forunte favors the brave..." Noah thought to himself. Noah eyes the other swarm, directly ahead with the repellent cloud."I'm going to make rounds around this rock. If we keep moving like this, they should keep trying to give chase. And since the madman jumped, we need to be there. Also, let me see that incline. If we can fit, we'll see about getting up there." Noah inspects the mound for that incline Hildemar mentioned while driving towards the group of healthy drones. "Make way...and I hope this doesn't break the vehicle..." Noah thought to himself.
  1366. Noah_: E. Perception
  1367. Noah_ rolls d6+2 = 7
  1368. Noah_ rolls d6+2 = 6
  1369. Noah_ rolls d6+2 = 3
  1371. CitrineBlaze: Seeing @Lucius_the_Weary run for the doors and the bugs halted by his barrier, Citrine sighed with relief for the madponies behalf, then returned his attention to the vehicle. Namely the new group of Chitterfangs @Noah was about to ram through. "This thing better not be as flimsy as it looks!" He exclaimed before singing up the barrier again as the Dagors plower.
  1372. CitrineBlaze: M.Crystal Runes (Cover)
  1373. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 2
  1374. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 5
  1375. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 6
  1376. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 1
  1378. JoelJustJoel Joel levels out once again at the healthy warrior bug, and gives him a couple things to remember him by. "Ah think if we circle 'round on this sahde we have a better chance to keep their attention."
  1379. JoelJustJoel: M. Shotguns + Shotgun Bonuses + Leadership + Shotgun Surgeon + Get off My Lawn (Passive) + Relentless Escort Sigil
  1380. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 11
  1381. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 16
  1382. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 14
  1383. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 13
  1386. ROUND 25
  1387. LEADERSHIP BONUS: +2 to Perception, Ranged, and Assault/Melee rolls; +1 to Sprint and Reaction Speed rolls
  1389. @Lucius: Looking back at the two drones that were slowly regaining their bearings, you silently sneak up the pathway of cluttered stones and twisting vines. Your speed brings you up it in only a passing of seconds, and you stop at the peak. There was nothing relatively in sight, no ball of blue fire from before. Until you notice it wasn't on the peak, but just below it- at a spot where all the vines across the outcrop converge on. You stand just before it, and fade your vision out of the Underdark to better examine what was above it. It was a large brass disc, about a foot and a half diameter, with several ring seems cut into it. In the center was a simple etching of four lines, making the same carving as the face on the wooden statuettes from the chests back at the Enclave. The the thickest roots of the corpse vine snake around it, but don't cover the metal circle at all.
  1390. Chitterfang Drone: Perception
  1391. #1d6+2=8
  1392. Chitterfang Drone: Perception
  1393. #1d6+2=6
  1395. @Joel: Loading Annabelle with another pair of slugs, you aim at the last chitterfang trailing behind the Dagor. Twin shots hit the warrior square, and it stumbles into a heap of its own guts and carapace.
  1396. Chitterfang Warrior: DEAD
  1398. @Noah: Driving past the incline, you don't get a clear view of the outcrop's center as you have to keep your eyes on the road. Even more so as Citrine's barrier comes up around the Dagor again, as you approach the chitterfangs that were withheld by the repellent: five angry drones, and a pathetically limping warrior. The drones avoid your speeding vehicle easily, but the warrior takes the full brunt of Citrine's moving barrier and bounces off of it with a vicious spatter of its own guts. As you drive past them, the repellent cloud fully dissipates from view.
  1399. Chitterfang Warrior: DEAD
  1401. West Swarm:
  1402. INJURED;
  1403. Drone: 8/35HP; -2HP BLEEDING, CRIPPLED
  1404. Drone: 6/35HP; -2HP BLEEDING per round, INCAPACITATED
  1405. Warrior: 9/40HP; -2HP BLEEDING per round, CRIPPLED
  1407. East Swarm: 5 Drones
  1410. CitrineBlaze: Although he could not feel the bug guts sticking to the barrier, Citrine did notice he had to sing with a higher tune so it could still stay up. Throat growing parched, he knew he'd have to stop soon for a refreshing drink. 'Come on Noah kill them all already!' He thought.
  1411. CitrineBlaze: M.Crystal Runes (Cover)
  1412. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 2
  1413. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 5
  1414. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 6
  1415. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 3
  1417. Lucius_the_Weary the ranger radios @Jeff back at the base. "I'm currently looking at the source of the mysterious blue flame I'd mentioned - only something is amiss. It would seem that the flame is, in truth, buried in a small indentation atop the mound, covered by a strange disc of brass. It appears to bear a number of concentric cirular markings, with what I must assume has got to be some type of face at its center. It bears an eerie resemblance to the faces adorning those unnerving wooden dolls from the chests we'd all opened just the day before." Having said this, the ranger once again draws his hunting knife, using his eyes to try and find a seam which might take the point of the knife, so he could try and pop the plate open; he didn't readily see any sort of hinge, but this was his best guess. "I will attempt to open this brass plate - however, something tells me that this task may yet prove quite challenging..."
  1418. Lucius_the_Weary: E. Perception
  1419. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 5
  1420. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 7
  1421. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 5
  1423. Noah_: The heavy "thump" on the front signifies the death of the warrior to Noah, especially since it was the only one that got hit. Only problem is the 5 drones that dodged him. He continues around, drawing all the bugs behind him and making it easy shooting for the passengers. "Keep picking at them! It's getting manageable now."
  1425. Hildemar_Veiel With the path looking too unstable for the wagon, Hildemar had little left to do but continue taking shots at the chitterfangs. He leans out once again to shoot one of the few remaining healthy drones, continuing to aim center of mass. *"Was there not a key that went along with the map we unraveled from the dolls? Perhaps that is what we need, though if it comes down to it I'm sure I have enough powder still to blast a lock."* It was a long shot, but Hildemar briefly wondered if any of their stray shots hit more of the dead smelling vines and attracted more of the bastards; he looked past the group they were currently fighting to ensure this was not the case.
  1426. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Small Arms + E. Mercenary Hunter
  1427. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 7
  1428. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 7
  1429. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 10
  1430. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 9
  1431. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Perception
  1432. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 7
  1433. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 6
  1434. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 7
  1436. JoelJustJoel With the varmints getting less lively, Joel Sets about the work of taking pot shots at the bugs on the far side of the repellent cloud, reloading Annabelle with slugs to keep the job easy. He then pipes in over the radio to @Lucius "Ah'm not too sure it's a good idea openin' that lock before we can group back up, Lord knows what's in there."
  1437. JoelJustJoel: M. Shotguns + Shotgun Bonuses + Leadership + Shotgun Surgeon + Get off My Lawn (Passive) + Relentless Escort Sigil
  1438. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 14
  1439. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 15
  1440. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 13
  1441. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 15
  1442. JoelJustJoel: B.Perception +Leadership
  1443. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+2 = 4
  1444. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+2 = 3
  1445. JoelJustJoel: B. Reaction Speed + Leadership
  1446. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+1 = 3
  1447. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+1 = 5
  1449. NevilWayne: The situation may have been 'good' but Nevil wasn't looking so hot anyways; having grown considerably more pale the more guts splattered across the vehicle from the FIERCE ramming action Noah was delivering; holding on tightly onto the metal tubes above him to keep himself stable, while the Lieutenant Commander himself checked their ammo counter by lifting their M41A a bit, then intakes a DEEP, inward sigh. Hastily, he slaps his hand to his headset across his helmet, as he got back onto the radio channel while he nudged himself back into a firing position towards the swarm of (now 4) drones. "Careful not to release something else onto us by doing that, Lucius! We've almost finished off the bugs!" Nevil said, with a certain, mild apprehension to his voice. With that said, Nevil raises up slightly and starts trying to find the drones with his glance... Then, looking for the most optimal place to point his grenade launcher to hit multiple drones at once with the grenade's blast! "Firing grenade," He called out, looking to Citrine once, "Plug your ears this time!!" He said, then looked through his infrared eyepatch... And fire the grenades from his pump grenade launcher with a satisfying "THOOMP"
  1450. NevilWayne: M. Leadership (Reaction Speed)
  1451. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 2
  1452. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 5
  1453. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 3
  1454. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 2
  1455. NevilWayne: E. Perception + Leadership + Infrared
  1456. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+4 = 8
  1457. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 4
  1458. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 8
  1459. NevilWayne: E. Combat Rifles (Grenade launcher) + Leadership
  1460. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 4
  1461. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 7
  1462. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 4
  1463. Target pick: GM_Jeff rolls 1d2 = 2
  1466. ROUND 26
  1467. LEADERSHIP BONUS: +2 to Perception, Ranged, and Assault/Melee rolls; +1 to Sprint and Reaction Speed rolls
  1469. @Noah & @Citrine: As you pass through the guts of the now-dead warrior, the five drones began to give chase. With the barrier re-strengthened, you come up on a trio of dying chitterfangs from the other group. A drone and a warrior look on as you barrel through them, trying in vain to limp out of the way, while one drone didn't budge as it goes under the bumper of the Dagor and is crushed under the weight of the vehicle. The Dagor goes back around again to round about back to Lucius.
  1470. 2x Chitterfang Drones + 1 Warrior: DEAD
  1472. @Joel:(Joel's target has changed, due to insufficient live enemies) Aiming over the group of drones still chasing, you level your double-barrel up at the two that were left behind. One was just shaking off the blow from Citrine's barrier, while the other was focused in the direction of Lucius hunkered up on top of the peak. You aim at the one in back, being clearer to see, and fire off both barrels at it. And just in time, as the Dagor pulls around, and Lucius disappears into the mist along with your work done on the chitterfang.
  1473. Chitterfang Drone: DEAD
  1475. @Hildemar: Aiming your pepperbox at one of the five drones giving chase, you fire center mass into it. The mini-ball makes contact and a spurt of blood and guts fly out of it, the insect tumbling and falling out of the group. After your shot you check the vines closest to the Dagor for any damage, the easiest way was smell. You don't catch a whiff of any fresh smell of rotting corpse, if that was possible.
  1476. Chitterfang Drone: 10/35HP, -2HP BLEEDING per round, CRIPPLED
  1478. @Nevil: Loading up your grenade launcher, you wait for the remaining four drones to group up as close a possible before firing into them. You put the shot right at the legs of the middle of them, and the grenade blows up in all four faces. The drones stop their chase, shaken by the blast and stagger around as the Dagor pulls away and back toward Lucius at the North end. After the smoke clears, Jeff rings into your headset. *"Nevil. How's the situation with the swarm? Looks like you have it under control."*
  1479. 4x Chitterfang Drones: 28/35HP, STAGGERED for 1 round
  1481. @Lucius: *"It definitely sound connected. Probably the lock for the door, but why is it up there?"* Drawing your knife, you begin to inspect the brass fixture embedded in the rock. The seams were thin and tight-fitting, unable to wedge your knife tip into anywhere noticeable. You rest your open hand on it, for some leverage, and reel back as the seems and face facets begin glowing a neon blue. The innermost circle with the face sinks in several inches and flips over, resetting itself and revealing an open rectangular slot one inch by two inches. Looking into the slot you can see the shadow of at least one tumbler within, indicating it being a lock. Before you can inspect any further, you hear chittering behind you. Creeping up behind you were two drones, one in the lead looking for your exact position with e second one in tow. Two loud gunshots from the Dagor were followed by two well placed hits into the drone in back, and it slumps over. The lead drone stops its approach and turns around to focus on its downed comrade, forgetting its hunt for you.
  1484. Lucius_the_Weary the ranger was slightly rattled - the strange sorcery of this brass plate absorbed so much of his attention that the presence of the chitterfangs behind him became a surprise, at first. And as suddenly as he had become aware of them, so too did one of them die. A hand to his radio once again, the ranger quietly speaks to his team. "Excellent shot - I must admit, they'd crept up on me unawares." He continues talking quietly into the radio, looking down at the apparent tumblers in the lock and drawing his lockpicks, setting to work on the strange mechanism. "Why yes, @Hildemar, I do believe there was one such key, and in fact, the plate, through some strange magic, has just revealed to me a lock, after a kind. If any of you, and that includes you, Jeff, can remember where that key might be, I'd appreciate it if you could bring it to me - my lockpicks may not avail me here."
  1485. Lucius_the_Weary: B. Lockpicking + Adv. Lockpicks
  1486. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 7
  1487. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 7
  1489. CitrineBlaze: Hearing @NevilWayne telling him to cover his ears, Citrine obliged and pressed his hooves against them to block out the ensuing blasts. Thankfully he did not need to hear himself sing to keep his barrier up, @Noah was doing such a good job!
  1490. CitrineBlaze: M.Crystal Runes (Cover)
  1491. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 4
  1492. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 5
  1493. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 3
  1494. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 2
  1496. Noah_: Noah checks his rearview on the other chitters and focus back on his circle. What did get his attention is when Lucius mentions a key. If this entire thing hinges on a key, they either have to go all the way back or something drastic is needed. "Everyone, keep an eye out on the remaining swarm. I think we got this."
  1498. JoelJustJoel Joel replies over his radio before firing at the other chitterfang near Lucius. "Ah got yer back @Lucius. Think Nevil's got the key in 'is bag." Joel jams another couple shells in Annabelle and readies himself to see this fight the rest of the way through, seeing as there'd likely be no getting the key to the lock until the bugs were all disposed of.
  1499. JoelJustJoel: M. Shotguns + Shotgun Bonuses + Leadership + Shotgun Surgeon + Get off My Lawn (Passive) + Relentless Escort Sigil
  1500. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6 +10 = 16
  1501. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6 +10 = 11
  1502. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6 +10 = 16
  1503. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6 +10 = 16
  1505. Hildemar_Veiel Keeping to his firing discipline, Hildemar rotates barrels and once again leans out to fire upon one of the staggered chitterfangs. He'd always imagined the only time he'd fire on the move would be on horseback, but he also imagined that the winds of magic wouldn't tear him from his home. *"I can tell you I don't have the key, Lucius; tell me if you need a far less subtle approach to this lock."* Ducking back in, Hildemar takes the opportunity to reload the 3 barrels he shot. While doing so he notices that their horse companion had not stopped singing the whole time. "Just how long can you keep that up Citrine?"
  1506. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Small Arms + Mercenary Hunter
  1507. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 11
  1508. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 9
  1509. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 7
  1510. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 7
  1512. NevilWayne gives off a triumphant grunt as the grenade explosides with a satisfying BOOSH -- coupled with the cries of distress from the chitterfangs, which prompted him to tap into his helmet's microphone with quite a bit of satisfaction in his voice. "The swarm is about to get turned into roadkill. They're staggered, we just need to get there and put them under." Nevil's voice, indeed, gains a bit of confidence at the sight of the four staggered chitterfangs, He even regains the colors of his face back and gazes towards the chitterfangs with a bit more clearance of mind and a small smirk, after looking like he'd seen a ghost half the time during the combat. As @Noah keeps on driving around the corner, the colonial marine shifts himself up along the side of the dagor's bed, adjusting himself as he shuffled closer to the unmanned turret of the Dagor and holstering his rifle on his back; which's ammo counter now read 47; speaking into the microphone as he went: "Also-- Chief, judging by what the others are saying, I think that key we found in those chests might be useful to us right about now; though I think you might've kept it." He said, speaking with Citrine's singing quietly finding its way into the microphone in the background from the proximity to the crystal pony, with a bit of a unsure tone in his voice. Grunting in effort as he hoists himself onto the turret ring to hurriedly man the M2, and rotate it towards the chitterfangs to unleash a awkward, careful burst of high caliber rounds in their general direction to finish off one of the drones. "Keep us moving Noah; we've almost got them, get them while they're stumbling!" --- BRATATATA,
  1513. NevilWayne: M. Leadership (Reaction Speed)
  1514. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 4
  1515. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 5
  1516. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 5
  1517. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 2
  1518. NevilWayne: E. Reaction speed
  1519. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 2
  1520. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 4
  1521. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 6
  1522. NevilWayne: E. Perception + Leadership + Infrared eyepatch
  1523. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+4 = 7
  1524. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 6
  1525. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 6
  1526. NevilWayne: U. Heavy Weapons
  1527. NevilWayne: + Turret Ring + Leadership
  1528. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+6 = 8
  1531. ROUND 27
  1532. LEADERSHIP BONUS: +2 to Perception, Ranged, and Assault/Melee rolls; +1 to Sprint and Reaction Speed rolls
  1534. @Noah & Citrine: Pulling back up to the North end of the outcrop, Citrine restrengthens the rune barrier as the Dagor comes up pass the incline going up to Lucius. All other chitterfangs were either dead or still giving chase, and those numbers were quickly finishing up thanks to you comrades continuing fire.
  1536. @Joel: Loading up two more shells into your double-barrel, you take aim at the last chitterfang stalking Lucius and let off both into the giant insect. One after another, and the drone drops in a dead heap of guts and chitin; even through the thick red mist you can see it.
  1537. @Joel: Chitterfang Drone: DEAD
  1539. @Hildemar: Aiming your pepperbox at another drone, you let off another miniballe and hit the chitterfang square as the remaining four catch back up with the Dagor. Your shot hits hard and blows off a large portion of the drone's face.
  1540. Chitterfang Drone: 9/35HP
  1542. @Nevil: *"The key? Let me see if I have it one my end."* Hopping back into the turret ring, you swivel it back toward the last four drones. Hildemar shoots a drone, making it stagger out of the group, and you decide to widdle the pack down to three. Two rounds out of the burst make contact with the already-injured drone and blow it to bits. The remaining three still continue to give chase as you round about the outcrop again.
  1543. @Nevil: Chitterfang Drone: DEAD
  1545. @Lucius: Warily looking at the drone as it neared you, after abandoning its dead comrade, its body literally explodes as well thank to the distinct double-explosion of Joel's firearm. Free of any distractions you focus on the lock, pick set out and ready to finagle the full brass mechanism. You begin to probe inside, picking at the first tumbler, until a blue glow emanates from the back inside of the lock. Almost immediately your picks begin to warm up drastically and ember a bluish glow on the contact point inside the lock. They get too hot to handle, and you have to remove them, and drop them from your grasp. The blue hot heat quickly dissipated inside the lock; a security measure, perhaps. Clearly, the lock wasn't going to be picked.
  1547. @Everyone: After a lengthy pause from your commander's end, Jeff comes returns with a reply. *"Soooo, after looking around, it's still in my pocket."* An awkward silence from Jeff's end goes on for several looooong seconds before he mutters up again. *"Can someone PLEASE get that hardcase out of the bed now? I promise you all it's vital for the situation right now."*
  1549. Lucius_the_Weary the ranger curses. "Confound this mad sorcery!" He briefly fumbles around, grabbing his lockpicks from the ground and putting them away in his pack. He stands up and finally turns his attention back to the rest of the group, now being tailed by the final bug. He draws his bow and takes aim. "I'll take care of this last one - someone grab that hardcase! Let's get into this mound!"
  1550. Lucius_the_Weary: M. Archery + Robinhoods Match + B. Piercing Shot + Steel Arrow + Leadership
  1551. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+5 = 10
  1552. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+5 = 6
  1553. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+5 = 10
  1554. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+5 = 10
  1555. Lucius_the_Weary: Ambush Token
  1556. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+5 = 9
  1558. CitrineBlaze: Despite the loud noises from the explosions and gunfire, Citrine was becoming calm, the shock of how intense the situation was became the new normal for him. So when he continued to sing he heard @Jeff in his ear to open the hardcase. 'Might as well since my hooves are doing nothing.' He thought as he went to open it, keeping the barrier up still with his songs.
  1559. CitrineBlaze: M.Crystal Runes (Cover)
  1560. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 4
  1561. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 5
  1562. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 3
  1563. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 6
  1565. Noah_: Seeing the dwindling swarm and deciding that the two bugs would not result in serious injury, Noah decides another course of action that just scoot and shoot. With the incline to that door and the exasperation on Lucius's voice, Noah heads for the incline to the door. "Ok, I'm going to get up on that door. Hope that trail has enough room. Do we know what that hardcase is for anyway?" Noah on the next pass drives up to the incline and carefully drives up it.
  1567. JoelJustJoel Seeing Lucius release his arrow, Joel decides that the ranger has it covered and cracks open Annabelle's breach to help her barrels cool off. "Good job, darlin'. Couldn't'a dun it without'cha." Turning his attention to the radio, he adds to Noah's Question "What kahnd'a magical science mumbo-jumbo's gonna get us outta this mess, Jeff? And more importantly, how do we use it?"
  1569. Hildemar_Veiel With all the chitterfangs effectively dealt with Hildemar reholsters his repeater. He looks back to Citrine clambering back to open the case. "Do you know what might be in there to assist us? I know little about what sort of portal magics or other potential solutions may be in the case." As they drive towards the incline, Noah's words register to Hildemar and he turns back forward. "Might you mean the lock? The door was not on the incline I pointed out." He briefly considers the possibility that the last drone he shot might find a way to bring more back, but he disregards the thought.
  1571. NevilWayne quickly puts a hand to the radio as the large amount of chatter prompts him to glance off from the iron sight of the MG; "We'll see in a second, as the hardcase opens." The Colonal Marine said, eyeballing Citrine as he took care of taking the hardcase -- even if it involved worming himself across the dagor; giving a nod even if the pony couldn't see it, "--Just stay sharp and get ready to move fast towards the door. We don't know if all the commotion and dead bugs will attract something nastier." He added, this time on a more wary tone of voice, before turning out of the radio channel and adjusting his grasp of the .50 cal for the umpteenth time. He then swivels it around, looking for the last, injured remainders of the chitterfangs to (hopefully) unleash an accurate 5 burst shot into either one of them to knock them down; using their Infrared piece to keep sight of them through the ominous red fog.
  1572. NevilWayne: M. Leadership (Reaction Speed)
  1573. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 4
  1574. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 4
  1575. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 3
  1576. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 1
  1577. NevilWayne: E. Perception + Leadership + IR eyepiece
  1578. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+4 = 7
  1579. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 8
  1580. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 3
  1581. NevilWayne: U. Heavy Weapons + Leadership + Turret Ring
  1582. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+6 = 12
  1585. ROUND 28
  1586. LEADERSHIP BONUS: +2 to Perception, Ranged, and Assault/Melee rolls; +1 to Sprint and Reaction Speed rolls
  1588. @Lucius: Turning your attention from the lock, you draw up an arrow and aim for one of the last three drones still chasing your comrades in the Dagor. You pick the closest one on the right, and let loose on it. Your arrow embeds itself deep into the giant insects, and it drops out of the chase and slumps hard dead. All that's left is a pair of drones in pursuit.
  1589. Chitterfang Drone: DEAD
  1591. @Noah: You slow down before the part of the rock cliff that Hildemar point out, before. You turn out to square up with the rock lip onto the outcrop, and drive right up to the door and part to the left of it for room to operate. You can just make a tall brass wall, embedded in the rock and draped with more of the corpse vines.
  1593. @Joel & Hildemar: Holstering pistols and cooling smoke out of boomstick, you both completely miss the last three drones trailing behind the Dagor. Well two now, as the one on the left drops like a stone with an arrow in its neck. As Noah slows down to approach the door, they begin to close in on your group.
  1595. @Citrine: Working your way from your back seat, passed Nevil's legs, and into the truck bed. You find the medical bag stashed underneath a bench seat, yank it out to reveal a buckled hatch, and undo the latch to reveal a hard plastic black box. Humming some basic lifting runes, you move it toward you and open the pair of latches on the lid; opening it up to find... A miniaturized translocation circle, stones and runes and all. Jeff comes over on your and @Everyone else's radios. *"So the case contains a prototype, Krinza's been working on a portable translocation stone. In the experimental stage. Right now it's one way, you guys have the receiver end and I have the sender. Also, it's only good for... probably one person to go through, so a key should be no problem. Just set it on something level, and let me get my end set up."* You do as instructed, and set the runic stone disc square in the middle of the truck bed; somehow staying in place as the Dagor bounces around on the rocks.
  1597. @Nevil: Repositioning the heavy turret onto the remaining two drones catching up you notice Joel and Hildemar stop firing, and have no choice but to aim down on one. You entire burst hits the left drone, and the large rounds tear into most of its limbs. It tumbles out of line with the last healthy one standing, leaving only one in pursuit.
  1598. Chitterfang Drone: 15-35HP; SHOCK for 1 round, CRIPPLED
  1600. @Everyone: The shot up drone shrills back at the healthy one, which has now stopped chasing the Dagor. It scans the area around the outcrop, and calls out for any others still alive. Met with no chittering replies it lets out a loud shriek aimed into the air, and reverberates through the forest. An echo of chittering and shrieks echoes back deep into the trees, along with a singular deeper shriek in accompaniment. *"Oh, what the hell was that?!"*
  1602. GM_Jeff: Chitterfang Swarm: #1d30+20
  1603. GM_Jeff rolls 1d30+20 = 40
  1604. GM_Jeff: Speed: #1d6
  1605. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6 = 3
  1606. GM_Jeff: ??? Speed:
  1607. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6 = 3
  1610. CitrineBlaze: It was a real pain in the flank climbing and searching through the Dagor but Citrine found what he was looking for, and my what a sight it was to him! 'I wonder how much this will be worth on the market?' He thought before Jeffs voice told him what to do. Still in the vehicles bed when it came to a stop, he heard the shrilling bug noises echoing from throughout the forest. "bollocks." He screamed at Jeff as he sat up and stomped his hooves impatently for the key to appear. "JEFF GIMME THE KEY ALREADY!" Seeing how they were not going to run over anymore Chitterfangs Citrine sang up a new barrier, a 6ft wall for the Operators to fire over.
  1611. CitrineBlaze: M.Crystal Runes (Cover)
  1612. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 6
  1613. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 3
  1614. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 2
  1615. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 4
  1617. JoelJustJoel "DAYUM! It looks lahk ah need some glasses." Joel slaps a couple more buck shells into Annabelle's breeches and makes to finish off the last uninjured bug. "You fellers reckon we should just run in before they cavalry gets here?"
  1618. JoelJustJoel: M. Shotguns + Shotgun Bonuses + Leadership + Shotgun Surgeon + Get off My Lawn (Passive) + Relentless Escort Sigil
  1619. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+9 = 11
  1620. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+9 = 11
  1621. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+9 = 13
  1622. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+9 = 12
  1624. Noah_: "Sounds like a plan Joel!". Noah parks the vehicle and pulls out his Serbu. If they get close, he reckons the thing can provide some defense. Obviously he's counting on the. 50 for defense. "Just a thought, if you got smoke grenades, let's see if they scatter from that!"
  1626. Lucius_the_Weary wasting no time, the ranger begins to tear down the steep slope, making his way towards the Dagor with all the speed he could muster. "Citrine! One you have the key, I'll be needing it! Here, I'm making my way to you now!" As he's running he does his best, in spite of his shaking vision, to try and get a glimpse of the approaching swarm, while his height advantage briefly lasts.\
  1627. Lucius_the_Weary: B. Sprint
  1628. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 7
  1629. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 7
  1630. Lucius_the_Weary: E. Perception
  1631. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 7
  1632. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 3
  1633. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 4
  1635. Hildemar_Veiel The deeper shriek causes Hildemar to draw his repeater again, waiting for whatever shall come. "Now is not the time to panic lads! Men have held against far worse threats than these overgrown mosquitos." He then leans out the window again in order to look above Citrine's barrier to judge where the new swarm and its possible leader are coming from; more importantly he judges how long it will be before their arrival. "That being said, whoever among us is the fastest runner ought to meet Lucius halfway up the incline."
  1636. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Perception
  1637. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 6
  1638. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 9
  1639. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 9
  1641. NevilWayne blinked his eyes a few times and goes back to becoming almost white in the face. A bead of sweat rolls his his forehead; but not from the heat. As soon as he heard the screech, he couldn't help but think back to... But he snapped out of it quickly,his face return to a firmly expressionless one to conceal his panic that his eyes showed, his glance darting to Citrine who was yelling for Jeff to get his end set up, and the others. "Keep up the goddamn FIRE, people," He yelled out, with a distinct,cathartic but determined anger boiling in his voice, as he pointed towards the woodland around them, as the Dagor comes to a stop. "Find where they are coming from and pour shots in their direction; now that we are stationary we are liable to be overwhelmed -- so don't bother wasting time aiming until you actually see them!!" He called out loudly, with a bit of a growl to his voice. Rotating the .50 as his eyes scanned, using his Infrared, to find the signatures of those things in the woods. So he can pour shots into them, preferably the bigger ones, regardless of if he fucks up his wrists while doing so! "Everyone get ready! As soon as that door opens we're ditching this joint, no questions asked!!".
  1642. NevilWayne: M. Leadership (Sprint)
  1643. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 3
  1644. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 2
  1645. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 6
  1646. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 2
  1647. NevilWayne: E. Perception + Leadership + Infrared
  1648. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+4 = 7
  1649. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 5
  1650. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 4
  1651. NevilWayne: E. Reaction speed + Leadership
  1652. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+1 = 4
  1653. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+1 = 2
  1654. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+1 = 6
  1655. NevilWayne: U. Heavy Weapons + Turret Ring + Leadership (Trading wrist damage for an extra roll)
  1656. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+6 = 11
  1657. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+6 = 7
  1660. ROUND 29
  1661. LEADERSHIP BONUS: +2 to Perception, Ranged, Sprint, and Assault/Melee rolls; +1 and Reaction Speed rolls
  1663. GM_Jeff: ??? Observation:
  1664. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+4 = 5
  1665. GM_Jeff: Jeff: E. Scouting
  1666. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+5 = 11
  1667. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+5 = 9
  1668. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+5 = 6
  1669. GM_Jeff: Intuition:
  1670. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6 = 2
  1671. GM_Jeff: Action:
  1672. GM_Jeff rolls 1d2 = 1
  1674. @Joel: You waste no time in dumping a pair of shells into the distressed drone that called out for reinforcements. It's body hits the ground in a slump, the only half-surviving chitterfang struggles to rise and begins to limp toward the sound of and even bigger swarm unseen within the forest.
  1675. Chitterfang Drone: DEAD
  1677. @Hildemar: Peering over Citrine's refreshed barrier you peer through the thick tree line to spot a hurrying mass of chitterfangs, along with one large mass trailing right behind. There were much more than the first swarm, you guess well over three dozen. Jeff pipes up over your and @Everyone's radios. *"One or two of you should be ready at the door when it opens."*
  1679. @Nevil: Your rounds going into the treeline mostly hit tree trunks, the chitterfang swarm still far enough away for any concentrated rounds to hit any of them effectively. Peering through your visor the infrared picks up several dozen bug-shaped heat signatures, as well as one really big one bringing up the rear. You guess it to be similar size to the Dagor, if not larger. *"Shit, they're closing in too quickly. Alright, new plan then!"* As you scan the trees, a green glow and a spark of green lightning emits from the Dagor's bed.
  1681. @Citrine: Humming a tune to reinforce your barrier, you yell into the mic to hurry Jeff up. Who responds by ignoring your plee. *"Hang on! I needed someone with magic to activate this thing!"* A moment later, the embedded stones light up along with several runic scribbles emitting in a hover above the disk.
  1683. @Everyone: A bright bolt of green lightning shoots up from the center of the Dagor's bed, instantly shattering the mini translocation disc in the process. An emerald man-size portal opens up, and immediately closes, leaving behind a flinching Jeff; now foot-to-neck in a suit of advanced-looking black and blue camoflauge armor. He opens his eyes, and looks over himself quickly in relief. "Hey! That didn't kill me! Right then." Instantly recomposing himself, Jeff looks over at @Nevil and points to the truck bed. "Turn out, @Nevil. Better let me man it, for this. @Citrine, reposition your barrier, so that it protects the Dagor and the door, when it opens. And one of you get to that door, now! We have maybe a minute before they break the tree line."
  1685. @Lucius: You book it down the path and to the Dagor, which is now parked up next to a brass door draped with the corpse vines. A bolt of green lightning strikes from the vehicle's bed to appear Jeff out of thin air, and repositioning everyone. "Lucius, catch!" Before you can stop, the large brass key comes hurdling at your face. You catch it, regardless, with little effort. "Now go unlock that damn thing, so you can all go home!"
  1687. Swarm Arrival: 2 turns
  1688. ??? Arrival: 2 turns
  1691. Lucius_the_Weary the Ranger, wasting no time on the jarring display of magic, keeps his momentum and zips back up the slope. Reaching the keyhole, he inserts the key, silently praying that the damned thing wouldn't burn him yet again.
  1693. NevilWayne suddenly stops shooting the .50 caliber machinegun when the flash of light dazzles him for a split second; his glance snapping to the dagor's bed and seeing Jeff; in a suit of very, very unfamiliar armor. For a good second the Colonial Marine's eyes widened with some surprise and disbelief. but before he can really think about it much, Jeff was already yelling commands at him -- and he doesn't waste any time following his orders as he is quickly snapped to attention. "Gladly, chief." He grumbled loudly, his armor and rifle clattering with dull, clanking and tapping sounds as he brushes against many of the struts in his haste; as he instantly begins to crouch and dart himself back onto the Dagor's bed. Slinking around Jeff to give him room to get onto the gun. In the meantime, the Lieutenant Commander crouches down and whipped the M41A around on it's holster strap; checking the ammo counter again: which still read 47. "And I thought this world was going to be relaxing..." He muttered, with a bitter grunt. Taking the time to reach into the grenade pouch and start reloading the pump grenade launcher. Darting his glance back towards the other two; mostly Joel as he says: "There's a bug the size of this vehicle incoming. And at least 20 or so more of them." He shifted his eyes to Hildermar, as the CRACK of the grenade launcher's pump action resounds in the background as he loaded the first grenade, "Start dismounting, you two! Get ready to run into the door when and if it opens so you can cover our retreat." He rather calmly said; despite the ghostly pale look on his face, giving the witch hunter a nod towards the door he himself had found. As the next and final grenade slips in, and he cracks his launcher shut as it is fully loaded once more. Looking up once to keep track of the chitterfang's movements. As he prepare to reload the magazine of his rifle as well... "Officer Noah, keep the engine on as long as possible. If this somehow doesn't work, we're going to need to pull out VERY quick."
  1695. CitrineBlaze: The poor Crystal pony was expecting some sort of key to drop into his hooves, so when he saw a bolt of green energy then Jeff standing before him, he could not help himself landing on his ass. "J-J-Jeff?!" The shouting from the other Humans, shrieking from the Chitterfangs and sharp bangs of gunfire muted themselves to Citrine as Jeff told him what to do. "On it." With thought and song the sparkling translucent barrier glided into its new position to protect both Dagor and door.
  1696. CitrineBlaze: M.Crystal Runes (Cover)
  1697. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 6
  1698. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 1
  1699. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 1
  1700. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 6
  1702. JoelJustJoel As Jeff appears from the brief portal, Joel regards the thing with a sort of wonder not typical for a man of his age, clearly impressed with the arcane gizmo now lying about the floorboard in pieces. In short order, he regards Jeff with a tip of his hat. "Howdy, Jeff." Then adds, even before @Nevil's order "Door's awl mahn!" He quickly dismounts and moves to the side of the door that it appears to open from, reloading Annabelle as he does so. At hearing @NevilWayne's comment, Joel pipes up again "Yep, ah always was worried heaven'd be borin', glad ah'm wrong."
  1704. Noah_: Chaos starts erupting with gunshots, explosion, and singing abound. Still, Noah holds on to his orders, keeping the engine on. He also keeps an eye on Lucius as he goes for the door to open it. "Sir do we leave the Dagor or do I drive it in if it opens?" He looks out towards the forest to see if he can glimpse the oncoming swarm.
  1706. Hildemar_Veiel Hildemar dismounts the wagon as their boss warps in via hopefully chaos free means. "Very well then, I'll keep watch until everyone else makes it inside." He then aims over the barrier in the direction of the incoming swarm. Since he was finally sitting still Hildemar takes the opportunity to take out his telescope and see more clearly how many bugs of each type are coming. "Joel, I don't think this is whatever 'heaven' you speak of."
  1707. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Small Arms + Mecenary Hunter
  1708. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 10
  1709. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 7
  1710. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 11
  1711. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 8
  1712. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Scouting
  1713. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+4 = 9
  1714. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+4 = 6
  1715. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+4 = 7
  1718. ROUND 30
  1719. LEADERSHIP BONUS: +2 to Perception, Ranged, Sprint, and Assault/Melee rolls; +1 and Reaction Speed rolls
  1721. @Nevil: As you turn out and land back into the bed, Jeff effortlessly hops up onto the Dagor's roof and drops into the turret ring with a single movement. You notice he didn't have any large weapons on him, other than a large holstered black handgun on his right thigh and a large steel revolver holstered on his chest. "Where'd the fun in that be, Nevil?" He checks the breach quick and cycles another round, aiming the unwieldy machine gun toward the oncoming swarm.
  1723. @Citrine: You focus the barrier to expand and cover the area just passed the covered brass door embedded in the rocks. However, you feel you push your limit on the barrier's full coverage, so you have no choice but to focus your energy on protecting the front.
  1725. @Noah: You watch Lucius run back up the hill, as Jeff drops into the turret ring. "Stay in and keep it running. Once everyone's back in, we're peeling out of here."
  1727. @Lucius: Keeping up your speed you hurry back up the hill and to the keyhole, paying mind to a horde of chittering from the forest. Key-in-hand you line it up into the lock and insert it, turning it to the right and hearing a satisfied *CLICK*. The key stays locked in place, and you're forced to let go and reel back as the key spins 360 degrees in the lock and a three foot brass cylinder emerges from the center circle. In the middle of the cylinder was a cut section of a one-foot glass container, holding a swirling blue flame inside. Before you can process anything in front of you the cylinder slams back into the outcrop, releasing a flash of blue flame in all directions and passing right through you. You barely register it as the flames quickly spread and immediately burn up every last strand of the corpse vines in its wake, yet you don't feel any heat as it passes.
  1729. @Joel and Hildemar: As you both dismount and make your ways to the covered metal door, a massive wall of blue flame emits from the top of the outcrop and quickly spreads down and over your position. You have no chance to evade its path, yet it passes through both of you with out any effect. Looking down at the rocks the flames seemingly burned up the corpse vines to dust, including the ones blocking the door. As the flame passes through the entire outcrop a heavy metal click can be heard inside from within the brass door, and it unhinges slightly inward- now open.
  1731. @Everyone: As a wall of blue flame spreads across the outcrop and burns every ounce of corpse vines, even passing under the Dagor yet there is no heat to the fire. Even as the corpse vines burn up into nothing, no putrid scent is released into the air either. *"Huh. The lock had some sort of security release on it. All the corpse vines are gone! Lucius, regroup! Joel! Hildemar! Check inside and get back here, we'll cover you!"* Jeff says, over the radio. "Don't engage, until they break the treeline!" Paying attention or not, it was not hard to notice a swarm of insects beginning to close in from the treeline; as well as something very large in back.
  1733. Swarm Arrival: 1 turn
  1734. ??? Arrival: 1 turn
  1736. Updated Positions:
  1739. CitrineBlaze: Blaze clenched his teeth, singing through them as he pushed himself to make the barrier as a whole strong again. Taking in a deep breath to refill his aching lungs, he sang more steadily now, eyes shut in concentration. He did not fully register the door opening and the spreading fire until Jeffs voice spoke directly into his ear. At this he began to walk backwards, keeping the barrier up in place.
  1740. CitrineBlaze: M.Crystal Runes (Cover)
  1741. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 1
  1742. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 2
  1743. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 5
  1744. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 4
  1746. Lucius_the_Weary without pausing, the ranger quickly pockets the key and begins sprinting again down the slope, making a beeline for the Dagor. "Wait for me!" The sounds of the approaching horde put an extra pep in his step.
  1747. Lucius_the_Weary: B. Sprint + Leadership
  1748. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 4
  1749. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 5
  1751. JoelJustJoel "Welp, ah passed on, and ah ended up here, havin' a good ol' tahm. If it ain't heaven, it's close enough for me. Awlraht, go tahm." Joel looks to Hildemar one last time to confirm he's ready and pushes the door open with his shoulder, Annabelle at the ready, and tries to take in whatever he finds as quickly as possible.
  1752. JoelJustJoel: B. Perception + Leadership bonuses
  1753. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+2 = 3
  1754. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+2 = 5
  1756. NevilWayne looked to the side towards Joel as he got off the vehicle. Following him with his blue eyes, as the Colonial Marine breathes out a subtly shaky sigh through his nose. "I guess I am a little jaded." Would've been Nevil's rather light-hearted reply to his Jeff's question, as the Lieutenant Commander giving off a weak, pursed smirk towards nobody in particular. He doesn't look back to the others (as that would show that he was gulping some courage down, and had his eyes wide like dinner plates with pure fear); slapping a hand to his cheek to wipe away a bit of the sweat, before finally bracing himself along the side of the dagor's bed and crouching higher. Hefting his rifle and gripping it by it's grenade launcher's grip, readying it, and then squinting towards the direction of the woods that was currently crawling with sound and movement. Readying to fire his launcher at the biggest of the chitterfangs. "I'll shoot the bigger one with the explosive." Nevil said, pausing there for if Jeff wanted to direct him elsewhere...
  1757. NevilWayne: E. Perception + Leadership + IR Sight
  1758. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+4 = 7
  1759. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 5
  1760. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 6
  1762. Noah_: Noah felt a tinge of fear seeing the blue flames fan out from Lucius's position but quickly faded to relief when he saw those cursed vines disappear. In fact, the door seems to be opening! Not to mention the new passenger among them, Jeff. The only odd thing about him, other than just teleporting here, is that armor. But that's for something elese as the swarm is upon him. Noah keeps his patience as he keeps the Dagor running and waiting for any new orders concerning him from Jeff or Nevil. He does lean over and try to spot the oncoming swarm, trying to see vital weaknesses in their formation.
  1763. Noah_: E. Perception+Leadership
  1764. Noah_ rolls 1d6+2 = 8
  1765. Noah_ rolls 1d6+2 = 3
  1766. Noah_ rolls 1d6+2 = 4
  1768. Hildemar_Veiel Hildemar stows away his telescope and braces himself against the magical flames, sighing in relief when they do not burn or mutate him. At Jeff's command he promptly enters the door and begins shining his storm lantern around the room for noteworthy items. "Hopefully there's means to shut and lock this door from the inside; we may just need a longer reprieve from these swarms."
  1769. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Perception
  1770. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 6
  1771. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 8
  1772. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 5
  1775. ROUND 31
  1776. LEADERSHIP BONUS: +2 to Perception, Ranged, Sprint, and Assault/Melee rolls; +1 and Reaction Speed rolls
  1778. @Citrine: As much as you focus on strengthening the rune barrier, it shimmers again with a slightly weakened glimmer in the front. The commotion must be taking its toll on your concentration.
  1780. @Joel & Hildemar: Both of you tag-team the large brass door, and give it a double shoulder heave-ho to open it. It swings open with a heavy metal creak, revealing a hollowed out rocky cavity just big enough for one person. Hildemar's lantern shines bright, illuminating a brass pedestal in the center; atop it sat a polished brass key strikingly similar to the one you all already possessed. @Joel wastes no time reaching in and snatching the key from its resting place, luckily it didn't seem to trigger any traps as you both moved off and remounted in the Dagor. Jeff looks down at you both, ready to fire the large machine gun on a second notice. "What did you find, inside?"
  1782. @Nevil: Preparing a grenade in your pulse rifle, Joel and Hildemar regroup on the Dagor leaving Lucius left at the top. From the treeline, chitterfangs begin breaking through and into the outcrop's clearing. So far only an even ratio of drones and warriors, but something large just about to emerge was literally crashing trees over; a low reverberating chittering shakes through your bones. "Don't fire until Lucius is back on!"
  1784. @Lucius: The blue fire having finished its spread, you pull the silver key out of its lock and begin making your way down the incline. You don't make it far, as chitterfangs break through the treeline and are already cutting off your path to the Dagor. Instead, you run back up and over to the left, where you can see your comrades parked through the mist at the foot of the cliff. "C'mon Lucius, jump!" You heed Jeff's insistence and leap off the side, your slowfall making the landing into the bed graceful and effortless. "That's everyone!"
  1786. @Noah: Looking behind to count passengers Joel, Hildemar, and Lucius remount the vehicle. Just in time, as a swarm of chitterfangs break into the clearing. "Noah, we're clear! Drive, now!"
  1788. @Everyone: The chitterfangs begin pouring out into the outcrop, Some go up the incline, but most swarm directly into Citrine's barrier. Multiple unified impacts from drones and warriors cause it to crack instantly all over the place, its imminent shattering likely seconds away. "Alright, you're all clear to attack!" Before any of you can begin firing your weapons, several trees are uprooted from the clearing's line. A humongous heavily armored chitterfang roars into the outcrop, far larger than the Dagor now that it was out in the open. "Shit! Look at em!" From those of you in the bed of the Dagor, the M2's barrel swivels to line itself up with the large enemy. "All of you focus on the big one, I'll thin out the others."
  1790. GM_Jeff: Analyze:
  1791. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6 = 3
  1792. GM_Jeff: U.Heavy Weapons:
  1793. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+6 = 10
  1794. GM_Jeff: M.Ranger:
  1795. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+6 = 11
  1796. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+6 = 10
  1797. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+6 = 10
  1798. GM_Jeff: <M2 Browning HMG:
  1799. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+8 = 12
  1800. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+8 = 14
  1803. NevilWayne holds his trigger finger as Lucius gets onto the dagor, and the vehicle kicks itself into motion again. He gives the ranger a nod that he likely doesn't see but was cathartic for him, as his eyes darted back to the treeline as chitterfang after chitterfang broke through. It was a sight that almost triggered a flashback; but his gaze doesn't falter. His glance remains steady and his hands stop shaking as he clenches them around the grips of his weapon. He shifts and holds himself as the Dagor moves suddenly. Before his eyes widen when he sees it, and his gun swiveled towards the MASSIVE citterfang. "Aim for the limbs or the head!!" He called out, "Blind it and cripple it so that we can stay ahead of it!!" . And then finally, his rifle recoils with a THUMP as he shoots out a grenade towards the giant monster, aiming it's head!
  1804. NevilWayne: M. Leadership (Reaction Speed)
  1805. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 1
  1806. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 4
  1807. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 1
  1808. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 6
  1809. NevilWayne: E. Combat Rifles (Grenade Launcher) + Leadership
  1810. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 8
  1811. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 7
  1812. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 3
  1814. CitrineBlaze: Eyes shut tight and throat hoarse from the constant singing, Citrine tried and failed to keep up a consistant barrier. 'Buck I need a drink!' The combination of Chitterfangs bashing against the barrier and all the noise made the shield pop out of existence. Taking in gulps of air Blaze looked around in a daze as the Dagor skidded into movement again, inertia slamming his snoot into the back-rest of his seat. "I' something...I think!" The pony shouted into his seat before singing yet once more, a barrier materializing in front of the Dagor, becoming a new ram for it.
  1815. CitrineBlaze: M.Crystal Runes (Cover)
  1816. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 4
  1817. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 2
  1818. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 5
  1819. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 4
  1821. Lucius_the_Weary landing in the Dagor like a fresh autumn leaf, the ranger chuckles aloud, readying his bow. "Now THIS is what I call a gods-damned adventure!" He notches an arrow, drawing the string tight, taking aim at the larger bug. "Melora, if you can still hear me in this place, I invoke you - guide my arrows, let me strike true!"
  1822. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+5 = 6
  1823. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+5 = 6
  1824. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+5 = 8
  1825. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+5 = 9
  1827. Noah_: Noah hears the various skittering and buzzing of the chitterfangs breaking the treeline but most importantly hears the order to gun it. He doesn't even check to see if everyone is on board as he begins to reverse to get the Dagor aligned with the incline and then books it as fast, and safely, as he can before getting onto the trail proper.
  1828. Noah_: >B.Driving
  1829. Noah_ rolls 1d6+5 = 6
  1830. Noah_ rolls 1d6+5 = 6
  1832. JoelJustJoel Joel responds quickly to Jeff "'Nother key, ah'm thinkin' it either goes up top in the same hole, or we need to look closer at the chamber after we're done with these critters." With that, Joel raises Annabelle to his shoulder and takes a pair of shots, aiming for Big Boy's right set of legs.
  1833. JoelJustJoel: M. Shotguns + Shotgun Bonuses + Leadership + Shotgun Surgeon + Get off My Lawn (Passive) + Relentless Escort Sigil
  1834. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 14
  1835. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 12
  1836. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 11
  1837. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 14
  1839. Hildemar_Veiel As the new, larger chitterfang appears, Hildemar narrows his eyes in grim determination and levies an accusatory finger at it from his off hand. "This is no more than plague drones that men have killed with less than we have; it shall die." If the creature had any concept of sin, it would surely be weighed down by his judgement, though fear may work just as well for the beast. Once his theatrics are done Hildemar rotates barrels on his repeater and shoots at the large chitterfang's head like a normal person would. (Verena's Judgement applied?)
  1840. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Small Arms + Mecenary Hunter
  1841. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 6
  1842. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 10
  1843. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 7
  1844. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 6
  1847. ROUND 32
  1848. LEADERSHIP BONUS: +2 to Perception, Ranged, Sprint, Assault/Melee, and Reaction Speed rolls
  1850. @Noah: At Jeff's order, and roar of .50 caliber fire, you throw the Dagor back into drive. You begin pulling away from the swarm rushing from behind, as you maneuver over the now vine-cleared rocks. You find the outcrop to be a lot more rugged and bumpier than before, and you have to unfortunately take your time navigating its surface before transitioning to flat ground. As the wheels move back to dirt, Citrine's runic barrier forms itself at the front.
  1852. @Citrine: As you barrier shatters under the weight of attacks, you instead reposition it to the front of the Dagor- where there weren't any enemies. "Damn! Citrine, we need that rune to the rear!" Jeff's order cuts through the machine gun, spraying the chitterfangs now attempting to directly attack the Dagor.
  1854. @Everyone: Once Citrine's barrier to the rear breaks, everyone in the bed has to duck as the barrel of the M2 dips down hard to fire directly at the chitterfangs closest to the Dagor. The heavy rounds tears through multiple bugs, only for the others to begin swarming around just before Noah begins pulling out.
  1855. Chitterfang Drones: 3 DEAD
  1856. Chitterfang Warrior: 1 DEAD
  1858. @Everyone: Jeff cuts down several of the closest chitterfangs, the large monstrous one in back begins pushing the smaller ones aside to get closer. It chortles lowly, shifting its chitinous armor around to create a thick shield on its front. "Here's some info, coming in! It's a Praetorian, heavy armor plating in front!"
  1861. HP: 300
  1862. DR: 8
  1863. Passive Skill: Natural Plate Shifting
  1865. @Nevil: Aiming your rifle at the praetorian you launch a grenade at its face, which has now shifted to become protected with interlocking plates. Your explosive connects, but the smoke quickly clears to show little damage has been made to the huge insects thick armor save for a black scorch mark.
  1866. Chitterfang Praetorian, HP: 290/300
  1868. @Lucius: Drawing your arrow back and aiming at the chitterfang praetorian, you let it loose and strikes against its heavy plating. Needless to say your shot bounces right off and tumbles to the ground, not much as a small gouge in its armor.
  1869. Chitterfang Praetorian: HP 287/300
  1871. @Joel: "Nooope! If it's another key, we have everything we need!" You take aim at the praetorian's right set of legs, after seeing Nevil and Lucius's attacks had done little. A pair of buckshot shells hit its armored appendages, but it noticeably flinches and screeches when several pieces of shot hit softer-looking joints.
  1872. Chitterfang Praetorian, Right Limbs: HP 85/120
  1874. @Hildemar: After your declaration(which ultimately bears no weight against the praetorian), you aim your revolver and shoot the huge insect in the head. Much like the others, your round simply ricochets off its heavy plate-like chitin.
  1875. Chitterfang Praetorian, HP: 288/300
  1877. @Everyone: After looking over all of your results, Jeff reanalyzes the praetorian as drones and warriors clear a path for it to the Dagor. "It's front armor's too thick! Aim for its legs, and cripple it!" He leaves you all to deal with the huge chitterfang, while he sends another large burst of rounds at the smaller ones.
  1879. GM_Jeff: GM_Jeff: U.Heavy Weapons:
  1880. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+8 = 10
  1881. GM_Jeff: GM_Jeff: M.Ranger:
  1882. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+8 = 10
  1883. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+8 = 14
  1884. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+8 = 10
  1885. GM_Jeff: GM_Jeff: <M2 Browning HMG:
  1886. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+10 = 12
  1887. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+10 = 16
  1890. Lucius_the_Weary the ranger closes his eyes, taking a deep breath to calm his nerves. "I see... So the old Gods have no power here after all." Eyes still closed, he reaches down into the little side quiver at his belt, and opens his eyes, looking down at one of his five dragon-slaying adamntine arrows. "Then, it would seem..." He nocks the arrow and readies his shot. "...that my own skill will have to suffice!" He exhales slowly as he takes his shot, aiming for the spot where @Joel's buckshot landed.
  1891. Lucius_the_Weary: M. Archery - Adamntine Arrow 1/5
  1892. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+5 = 9
  1893. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+5 = 7
  1894. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+5 = 7
  1895. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+5 = 11
  1897. NevilWayne grunts in dismay and widens his eyes as he notices those shifting plates a moment after he'd shot his grenade. "DAMN..." He cursed sharply and out loud, then hissed through his teeth. He quickly shifts his grip on his rifle to utilize his less explosive rifle ammo instead, having to quickly grip onto the side of the Dagor's bed to adjust himself to a more stable position with his back leaned against the dagor's bed; to compensate the recoil, whilst he yells out back to his comrades! "Watch those armored plates! They move to reinforce where we shoot it! Concentrate your fire on the RIGHT LEG, QUICKLY, before it's armor moves again!!"" He cried out, as he put his finger on the trigger and raised his voice to speak above the BRRRRT of his rifle to fire it at FULL auto and empty as much ammo as he can into the appendage before it becomes too thickly armored, "CITRINE! IF YOU CAN DO ANYTHING TO INTERFERE WITH THAT ARMOR'S MOVEMENT, DO IT NOW!" He called out.
  1898. NevilWayne: E. Reaction Speed + Leadership
  1899. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 7
  1900. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 7
  1901. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+2 = 8
  1902. NevilWayne: Combat Rifles + Leadership + Rifle bonus
  1903. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+4 = 9
  1904. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+4 = 7
  1905. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+4 = 10
  1907. CitrineBlaze: Blaze sighed and gritted his teeth, you felt he was gonna pop one out of his mouth through sheer force for frustration. Instead of placing a ram at the front, he instead materialized a 3ft circular wall around the Dagor that moved with the vehicle, hopefully covering all sides.
  1908. CitrineBlaze: M.Crystal Runes (Cover)
  1909. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 5
  1910. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 2
  1911. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 4
  1912. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d6 = 5
  1914. Noah_: Noah's focus is on the trail now and leading the Praetorian on a goose chase. Noah guns it, making sure he has a lead on the bug. He just hopes there is nothing in the way of him, least they get splattered.
  1915. Noah_: >B. Driving
  1916. Noah_ rolls 1d6+5 = 8
  1917. Noah_ rolls 1d6+5 = 10
  1919. Hildemar_Veiel "Damn, I was hoping that would work." Hildemar rotates to his next barrel as he grumbles about the situation. He then fires upon the praetorian's right leg as Nevil directed, looking for less armored looking sections other than its legs after his smoke clears. "I'm thinking we have perhaps overstayed our welcome now; anyone else keen on leaving?"
  1920. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Small Arms + Mecenary Hunter
  1921. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 9
  1922. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 6
  1923. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 6
  1924. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+5 = 6
  1925. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Perception
  1926. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 9
  1927. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 8
  1928. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 6
  1930. JoelJustJoel Joel crams another pair of buck shells into Annabelle."Looks lahk the trick is to awl hit different spots at once! Maght be softer in the back, too." Joel aims and fires both shells at the right legs again, hoping the plates were either not fast enough to get there, or couldn't move to cover its limbs.
  1931. JoelJustJoel: M. Shotguns + Shotgun Bonuses + Leadership + Shotgun Surgeon + Get off My Lawn (Passive) + Relentless Escort Sigil
  1932. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 14
  1933. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 12
  1934. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 11
  1935. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+10 = 13
  1938. ROUND 33
  1939. LEADERSHIP BONUS: +2 to Perception, Ranged, Sprint, Assault/Melee, and Reaction Speed rolls
  1941. @Noah: Clearing the rocks, you get a better acceleration on the clearing and floor it. The engine revs and you make a route for the southern path, leaving the outcrop behind.
  1943. @Citrine: You reshape your runic barrier, now forming a low-banding shield around the Dagor. Any chitterfangs that were getting close flinch at its sudden appearance and Jeff quickly adapts and fires just over it.
  1945. @Lucius: Drawing your arrow back, you take aim at the praetorian's already injured leg. You let it loose, and it finds its target in one of its front legs and embeds itself deep into a joint. The huge insect flinches at the hit, but continues moving past the smaller cohorts as the Dagor starts pulling a noticeable distance.
  1946. Chitterfang Praetorian, Right Limbs: HP 55/120
  1948. @Nevil: Right after Lucius's arrow makes contact, you dump the rest of your magazine into the same spot on the praetorian's. The rounds punch through the leg joints enough for some flinching damage.
  1949. Chitterfang Praetorian, Right Limbs: HP 38/120
  1951. @Hildemar: Taking aim at the praetorian's injured right legs, you fire your pepperbox at everyone else's target. The minniball finds its target, further damaging the chitterfangs limbs.
  1952. Chitterfang Praetorian, Right Limbs: HP 27/120
  1954. @Joel: After everyone makes solid hits on the huge chitterfangs right legs, you follow up with two rounds from your shotgun. After all the damage taken, the praetorian didn't seem to be able to provide heavy armor to its limbs, leaving them open for sustained attack- which everyone has taken advantage of. Both barrels hit their marks, and one joint after the second are blown clean off. The Praetorian howls in pain, and collapses onto its dismembered limbs. Whatever chase it was giving to the Dagor was now halted, leaving drones and warriors to tail.
  1956. @Everyone: As all of your focused fire to cripple the praetorian, Jeff continued fire on the smaller chitterfangs; which ever of them got closest. Finally, the heavy machine gun made a distinctive 'click', having depleted its ammo box. From the turret ring, Jeff doesn't make for another box and instead watches as the Dagor begins pulling away quickly from the outcrop and back through the trail. "I think we're good! They shouldn't chase us too far out from their nest. How's everyone holding up?"
  1959. CitrineBlaze: Citrine was glad his reformed barrier was working this time, if it hadn't he might of had to do something really stupid. He stops singing, taking in a deep breath to sooth his hoarse throat. "I'm good. So we getting the treasure now?"
  1961. Noah_: Noah is still speeding off from that engagement. Hostiles engaged or not, he wants everyone safe from those things. Still, since he is in a low stress state compared to the others considering his role, he speaks up to the crew. "I'm heading back to town. Now, what did you guys find in that place?"
  1963. Lucius_the_Weary the ranger keeps his bow strung, but puts it away for the time being. "I am fine, Jeff. Remiss to have used one of my special arrows, but it was for a worthy cause. Father would be glad to see them used, finally." He leans back, trying to relax in the bumpy ride. "Citrine, I think the only treasure we received was a key. So, the job is surely not over just yet."
  1965. JoelJustJoel Joel adds to @Lucius' response "Yep, Just another key. Ah think Jeff said somethin' 'bout knowin' where it goes?" Joel looks to Jeff expectantly, opens Annabelle's breach to cool her off, and starts to rearrange the shells in his bandoleers so they weren't so lop-sided.
  1967. NevilWayne 's M41A makes three sharp beeping sound as his magazine runs out of ammunition and releases the magazine, ejecting it onto his chestplate and sliding off onto the Dagor's bed with a soft *tok*. Despite this, the Colonial Marine can't help but hold rigidly into his current posture as the barrel of his gun smokes with heat; watching the larger Chitterfang's leg be dismembered, as Nevil himself doesn't breathe for a solid two seconds. It was only several moments after the gunsshots had died down, that he began to move. If only to simply slump back down. His rifle laid over his chestplate, while the other hand goes back to rub several parts of his face slowly with a shaking hand; not immediately answering Jeff's question as he composed himself. His face contorted in a grimacing scowl.
  1970. ROUND 34
  1971. LEADERSHIP BONUS: +2 to Perception, Ranged, Sprint, Assault/Melee, and Reaction Speed rolls
  1973. @Everyone: You all converse as Noah pulls everyone further away from the infested outcrop. By now, there were no more signs of chitterfangs giving chase to the Dagor, so the chance to relax emanated through the vehicle. Jeff leaves the M2 unloaded as he looks at everyone that had quickly piled into the bed. "@Lucius, hang onto that key, until we return to Razorback. I'm not really sure why one lead to another, but I'm pretty sure we're going somewhere else soon to find out. Until then..." Jeff fiddles with the datapad on his arm. "Razorback this is Jeff. Returning with one vehicle and six personnel." He waits several second, in silence, the only sound is the Dagor's engine grumbling through the forest trail. "Razorback? Lonestar? Anyone on the radio? The fuck, man..." Several more second go by, as Jeff fumbles with his arm. "@Noah, stop at the tower when we get back to the outpost. There's something wrong with the communication relay. We should retrieve it anyway. We only have a limited amount of them."
  1975. NevilWayne slowly took off a glove to be able to rub his eyes. For a split second, the wrinkles of his face are accentuated by the exhaustion he quietly shows for that brief moment. But then his head rises up to the sound of Jeff's chatter behind him. Nevil simply unceremoniously shoves his glove back on and gives off a grumble. "I have this bad feeling that the pony we entrusted it to touched it or, worse, tapped into it somehow," He off-handedly said. Right after that his hand began to draw back towards his pouches to draw his third and final magazine, and slip it into the empty slot of his rifle with an audible **click**, then a *ca-chink* as he chambers the rifle and turns on the safety with a few quick motions. "I hope it just fell over or malfunctioned. I'd be pretty sad otherwise," he added, as he finally rose up slightly to drag himself onto a more comfortable sitting position, as he turned towards the pony in the group. "Need some water, Citrine? I'll buy you some earplugs once we get back. You can still hear things, right?" He asked Citrine with a lighter, but still groggy tone of voice.
  1977. CitrineBlaze: Slumping back into his seat Blaze let out a ragged sigh, his throat was going to buking hurt for a while that he was certain. "Are you sure we can't like, make sure there isn't any more?" He asked @Lucius_the_Weary, though left it up to anyone to answer. Rolling his head to the side, Citrine watched as the trees flew by. "I'm good @NevilWayne, a sore throat and hurt ears is the least that could of happened to me." 'So much for a payday for me! Can't even pawn off the key.' He thought bitterly.
  1979. Noah_: "Alright." Noah finally relaxed knowing that they're in the clear. "Time for a leisurely drive. Even after getting swarmed..." Noah thought. He glanced at the mirror, taking a glimpse of the passengers to see how they're holding up. "Espionage or it fell over. Let's hope today gets simpler then."
  1981. JoelJustJoel Having finished rearranging his ammo, Joel grabs his flask and takes a long, celebratory glug, then holds it out to everyone else, offering it to them as he grabs his hat in his other hand and begins to fan his face with it, revealing that his short, gray hair stopped at about hat level, leaving the top of his head shiny and bald. "Either way, welp, we either grab it or ask if he knows anythang 'bout it. It ain't complicated just yet, in any case."
  1983. Lucius_the_Weary the ranger happily takes @JoelJustJoel up on his offer, taking a small swig from the flask and handing it back. "My thanks." He takes a comfortable position in his seat, covering himself with his cloak and resting his eyes. "The pony from the tower... I hope he is safe." He attempts to get a little bit of rest, mulling over the days events in his mind. 'What a strange quest...'
  1985. Hildemar_Veiel With the wagon driving away from the current danger, Hildemar holsters his repeater and lets himself sit back into his seat. "If there is treachery afoot, rest assured we will find him and I will make him reveal his intentions." When Joel reveals his baldness Hildemar catches a glint of light from it and stares incredulously for a few moments. He then turns back away and grumbles to himself about Stirlanders and their yokel influences truly having now bounds.
  1988. ROUND 35
  1989. LEADERSHIP BONUS: +2 to Perception, Ranged, Sprint, Assault/Melee, and Reaction Speed rolls
  1991. @Nevil: Leaning on the empty M2 in a lax position, Jeff looks down at you nodding at your assumptions. "I'm hoping for the latter. Golden Gadget better not have fucked it up, else I'm getting my bits back from him."
  1993. @Everyone: @Noah follows the trail without much hangup for most of the drive. Even coming up to the camp, Jeff quietly orders to pass by it without hesitation, even though the scent of fresh fire wafted over the Dagor's stink of diesel. The rest of the drive back tot he outpost is uneventful, Jeff mildly complaining listening to music wasn't even possible with the radio down. Eventually, the forest thins out an opens up to the small settlement. Nothing looked out of place since all of you left, the tower poking over behind the inn. "And here we are. Noah, pull up to the tower."
  1996. CitrineBlaze: Apart from his ear perking up at hearing @Jeff telling @Noah to drive by the camp, the journey back in the human vehicle was uneventful, which was fine for Blaze, who tried to have a snooze. A bad idea on his part it turned out; as soon as the Dagor pulled to a stop his brain went into auto-drive and tried to jump elegantly out of his seat, only to flop down chin first into the dirt at the towers' base.
  1998. Noah_: "Ok." Noah rolls up on the tower and comes to a rolling stop. Turning off the ignition, Noah leans back into his seat and decompresses like someone after a long drive. He looks around to the passengers before speaking up to Jeff. That got interrupted as he watches Citrine fall flat on his face. "Oh! You ok?"He gets up from his seat and head over, planning anyway to join the group in seeing what was up with the relay.
  2000. Lucius_the_Weary Lucius hops out of the Dagor, boots landing cleanly less than a foot away from @Citrine's snoot. With a yawn and a scratch at the back of his neck, he stretches his limbs for a moment before looking up at the tower, searching for any telltale signs of trouble. "We should make haste - especially you, you silly fool," he says, reaching down and grabbing the pony by the scruff, hoisting him back onto his hooves. He puts his hand to rest on the pommel of the sword at his waist and makes paces towards the tower.
  2001. Lucius_the_Weary: E. Perception + Leadership
  2002. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 7
  2003. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 3
  2004. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 8
  2006. Hildemar_Veiel Once the wagon comes to its stop, Hildemar steps out and shakes his head at Citrine's now typical buffoonery. "Might I recommend landing on your legs next time; I think you'll find it far preferable to your face." He stays with the group until they get to the tower, breaking away to strut to the door and knock in a manner beffitting of his station. "Mr. Gadget, are you available!" After his call he goes quiet to listen for wing beats or hooves making their noise."
  2007. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Perception
  2008. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 6
  2009. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 7
  2010. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 5
  2012. JoelJustJoel Once the Dagor is good and stopped, Joel loads another couple buck shells into Annabelle and dismounts with her in a cradle-carry. "Gadget! open up!" Joel calls up to the top of the tower, where Gadget appeared from earlier.
  2015. ROUND 36
  2016. LEADERSHIP BONUS: +2 to Perception, Ranged, Sprint, Assault/Melee, and Reaction Speed rolls
  2017. @Everyone: As you all dismount and make your way to the tower's doors, it is clearly assumed that the place was now seemingly locked up. Windows battened-down, no lights emanating from within, and as well as no sounds. Jeff crosses his hands looking to the rest of you expectedly. "Seems like no one's home. Maybe he's still with his friends playing that board game?" "Don't even bother..."
  2019. @Everyone: From the Inn's direction, Golden Gadget's three friends approached you somewhat disheartened with their robes half open to reveal their authentic rpg costumes. The unicorn, Quill, vouched for the group. "You just missed him about twenty minutes ago. There was a bright blue beam of light from the junction's center, and Gadget took off before we can figure out what it was." "Yah man. He was like totally freaking out over it." The chill pegasus added on. Quill and Klipz nod their heads in agreement, as the unicorn continues. "He said something about having to head back to Canterlot to report his findings? That's the last we saw of him." The heavy-set earth pony walks up to Jeff and rummages under his robes to cartonnishly balance a... severely damaged comm relay and present it for Jeff to take. "He said 'Sorry, no hard feeling.'" And plops it in Jeff hands, who looks it over with restrained shock and dread. The trio heads back for the Inn, and your commander looks at all of you with a bit of disappointment on his face. "Well, this sucked. Not much we can do from here now, we got what we came for anyway. Unless any of you want to check anything else out, I think we're done here for now."
  2021. CitrineBlaze: Pulling his face out of the dirt and sneezing some out of his snout, the pony gave @Noah a nod. "Never felt better." He croaked. "Hey!" Blaze yelped as he was yanked up straight by @Lucius_the_Weary. "I was making haste, I got out of the metal box first." Rubbing his face to ease the throbbing pain, he groaned at @Hildemar_Veiel joke. "Ya should be a comedian.." Snorting to clear his nostrils the Crystal Stallion looked up at the Tower, he was about to say the same thing before @Jeff beat him to it, then he heard Gadgets' friends behind him. His features furrowed at hearing the news. 'Did...did that motherbucker use us as test subjects?' He thought as he looked at the broken relay. Though he visably bristled at Jeff asking that question. "N-no I'm good!" 'I...I could run for the Translocation stone now and get the hell out of here. But, they got those loud boom sticks uuuugh.'
  2023. Hildemar_Veiel As much as it was worth a shot, Hildemar turns from the unoccupied tower and listens to the nerds explain Gadget's disappearance. When they present the busted relay he clenches his fists and mutters under his breath about ways of sorcerers. "Of course; by any chance would either of you know who he reports to or where in Canterlot he may be going?" Hildemar looks back and forth between Lucius and the door as he walks back to the wagon, mentally activating his radio to avoid upsetting the nerds. *"Say Lucius, how do you feel about unlocking the door for us should Gadget's friends not have the info I want?"*
  2025. Lucius_the_Weary Lucius laughs @Citrine, lightly patting him on the head. "Fret not - you helped us quite a bit! Those barriers of yours, they are truly something to see!" Walking away from the tower, he says over his shoulder. "Glad to have you with us, my equine friend." Hearing @Hildemar through the headset, the ranger now begins absentmindedly fiddling with the lockpicks at his belt. *"Of course, I lack scruples. But, I would not, unless @Jeff deems it necessary..."
  2027. NevilWayne himself has to double take on the sight of the damaged relay when the otherwise nerdy ponies bring it back to them. The Colonial Marine strains himself to smile at them, whilst his glance turns to Jeff as he exchanges an equally shocked and disappointed look with their commander; putting up a hand to his forehead and slowly running it down his cheek. "-... Ooohh my god,--" He softly exclaims with a hint of pure stress in his voice, blowing out a slow sigh, "--Well at least he ONLY broke it and didn't steal it. Let's stay positive." He mumbled, nodding to himself as he straightens his posture and took a step back -- eyeballing Hildemar as he begins to conspire to break & enter, prompting him to scowl slightly, then look towards Jeff in concern to silently ask for his opinion. "We shouldn't break and enter into people's places. It doesn't look good, especially since those ponies don't seem to have been malicious about it." He told Jeff with a softer, almost whispered tone. While at the same time transmitting it through the radio before anyone does something bad.
  2029. Noah_: Noah gives Citrine a nod and looks over to the door. He was getting the inference that no one was home, albeit with some suspicion at the amount of boards. At Jeff's command he just goes away from it all and prepares to get back in the Dagor before being hailed by Golden Gadget's group. When they pulled out the relay, Noah's eyes widened in shock. "Did they just beat on it or something?" Noah thought to himself. He again goes into the Dagor, seeing as he doesn't have anything else to do. He is concerned about some of the groups prospects of breaking and entering. He furrowed his brow underneath his helmet, agreeing mostly with what Nevil says.
  2031. JoelJustJoel Joel winces at the sight of the broken relay. "Sure didn't look lahk that when we left it with 'im." Initially, it crosses Joel's mind that he and his squadmates have been betrayed, but remembering the kind of pony Gadget is, he relaxes. He waves at the departure of the nerds, calling "Seeya 'round, kids!" before returning to the back of the Dagor. "Awlraht, Razorback it is. Let's git."
  2034. ROUND 37
  2035. LEADERSHIP BONUS: +2 to Perception, Ranged, Sprint, Assault/Melee, and Reaction Speed rolls
  2037. @Hildemar: At your inquiry to the trio, they all stop mid-trot and turn back around to look at you. The earth pony and pegasus look to the unicorn, as if expecting him to know. Scratching his chin, he nods at you. "Hmmm. Gadget most likely headed back to Canterlot University. That's where the Ley Line Conservation Group works out of." He adjusts his glasses, knowledgeably.
  2039. @Everyone: The three nerds linger around long enough to catch onto the rest of your idle chatter, mostly about the condition of the relay. "Yo dudes. I'm sure Goldie didn't break on purpose." The pegasus throws in, with Klipz the large earth pony nodding in agreement. "He's been looking out at the junction for over four months, and nothing. He was probably so excited he must've stumbled and broke it, by accident." Jeff tilts the broken relay in several different directions, eyeing the group suspiciously. "There's like a hoof-shaped crater in this." The unicorn shrugged, with no real answer to reply with. Mulling over his reply, Jeff waves them off to go back to their own business as he turns his attention back to @Everyone. "As much fun as ransacking the place sounds, we don't need a bad rep with Canterlot. We know where Golden Gadget went, if we really need to find him." Sighing, Jeff carries the broken comm relay back to the Dagor and places it into the bed. "Come on. Fall in, let's head back." He doesn't bother mounting the turret and just settles on sitting in the bed.
  2041. CitrineBlaze: Citrine snorted at @Lucius_the_Weary headpat. "Great, thanks." 'Can't get any money now and am in debt too still.' he thought. Looking at the battered relay Blaze wondered what the buck happened. Oh, oh they were just leaving now. Great, so much for getting out early. Groaning the Crystal Pony jumped back into his seat. "So next time we see him we're gonna kick his teeth in or somethin'?" He asked the group before settling into vehicle, now this time he won't jump out early.
  2043. Hildemar_Veiel The fire in Hildemar's eyes died out once he got the information he wanted without any of the fun investigating. "Oh, very well then; we have no need to barge into his house." He takes up his front roadside seat again and turns back to Citrine. "No, I don't think there will be need of that, we'll use the courts to get our money's worth if it comes down to it." He turns back around and waits for the ride to start going again. Perhaps Jeff will have some other interesting tasks regarding magical anomalies.
  2045. NevilWayne slightly cranes his head back when he likewise notices the "hoof-shaped crater" into the device; "Did he punch the thing?" Nevil sneezes out the remark in bewilderment, momentarily shocked as he steps back from Jeff and sags his shoulders a little bit. He's about to open his mouth to ask something whilst the word to get back reaches his ears, making him turn as he stands there for a moment, rubbing his forehead and glancing back down the road -- eyeing the ponies as they leave with concern for a good two seconds... Before he, himself, with a stressed rub of his neck, turned to walk back to the dagor. He hop-vaults back onto the Dagor's bed and goes back to his original spot, sitting back. "Reminds me of the time we had to entrust locals with our spare motion tracker and radio when we couldn't carry it for a while." He grumbled, taking off his helmet to run a hand across his wildly messy and short brown hair, "Made too much noise, they said." He then settled back, and rubbed at his eyes tiredly. Trying to get the sleep off them.
  2047. Noah_: Noah cranes his neck from his driver's seat in the Dagor to see the relay. Yeah, the thing has been crushed. Weird how they deny it being smashed though. Maybe an unknown pony got their hooves on it? "Hmm, yeah. We'll give him a visit if we need to." Noah starts up the Dagor once everyone is in and then heads off to the stone for translocation. Hopefully Jeff has more stuff to do, especially with this "key for a key" nonsense.
  2049. Lucius_the_Weary giving a yawn and a stretch the Ranger casually saunters over to the Dagor, jumping in the nearest available seat. "Hrmmm.... shame we couldn't do a little breaking and entering - you know what they say, practice makes perfect, and this applies to picking locks as well." He unstrings his bow, finally, stowing it safely where it belongs. "Let's be on our way, then, shall we?"
  2052. ROUND 38
  2053. LEADERSHIP BONUS: +2 to Perception, Ranged, Sprint, Assault/Melee, and Reaction Speed rolls
  2055. @Everyone: All of you turn back into the Dagor, taking your usual seats as Jeff takes a seat in one of the bed seats eyeing the broken relay. "Yeah, it definitely looks like Golden Gadget hoof-punched it, @Nevil. But on purpose, or accident, who knows. @Noah, through the translocation stone and back to the Fortress." Noah pulls the Dagor around, driving it around back to the translocation stone. The two Day Guards wave you all goodbyes and Noah opens up the transport runes and selects Razorback, opening a gold-tinted tunnel.
  2057. Noah_: Noah stares forward while in transit out of sheer habit of being behind the wheel. Some familiarity in that wormhole thing.Once on the more familiar otherside, Noah follows Jeff's orders and parks the Dagor on the vehicle depot. Turning the car off, he complies with Jeff and follows him. Not before getting his shield out the back of course.
  2059. CitrineBlaze: >Citrine does what @Jeff tells him, he was in the humans territory now, so he could not just flap his mouth now. He just hoped they didn't bring up his spendings. 'Aw crap I hope I'm not super boned.' he begged to whatever greater powers there were.
  2061. Lucius_the_Weary Lucius grunts. He was hoping to make a beeline for the mess hall. Still, he follows instructions and follows his leader to the command center for the debriefing.
  2063. JoelJustJoel "Awlraht Jeff, but let's make it quick, ah got a bed callin mah name." Joel slides himself out of the back of the Dagor and puts Annabelle back on his shoulder, then waits for Jeff to lead the way back to the command center.
  2065. NevilWayne was perhaps the last to actually get out of the car. He wasn't physically exhausted, but he hand his hands glued to his eyes as the car moved, shutting out everything around him for the time it takes for the Dagor to park. Then his hands flop over his M41A and his helmet, taking a moment to run a hand through his crewcut hair before slipping the helmet back on and securing the chin strap. Unceremoniously and without saying anything, he weakly stands back up again and walks to the other end of the dagor's bed, hopping off and landing with a dull clatter of his combat boots hitting the ground and his tight fitting armor rattling about. Nevil's eyes were hooded tiredly at this point, but he still strode on -- walking with a purpose -- to follow Jeff and his squad, with his gaze snapping ahead, glancing down to Citrine as he passes him to watch his expression, before snapping his eyes ahead again. Seeking out the command center with his glance as Jeff lead them on.
  2067. Hildemar_Veiel Hildemar exits the wagon alongside everyone else. "Oh come on lads, did you seriously think there wouldn't be a debriefing?" As he walks to the command center, he passively looks around to see if anyone of note is paying attention to the group as he normally does.
  2070. ROUND 39: DEBRIEF
  2071. @Everyone: All of you following Jeff to the Command Center he opens the door and peaks in, then waving you all to enter. The map room seemed empty enough, and Jeff walked to the back opened door of the radio room and talks to someone inside and closes it for privacy. "Okay then. So, let's go over what happened." Jeff drops the broken relay onto the central map table and leans on it with his hands. "This I'll have to examine a little closer, later on. @Nevil, recap the whole... bug thing for me please." Then he looks over at @Lucius. "Let me see both of those keys, Lucius. I want to here all of your opinions on where to go from here. It seems like we can go find Golden Gadget in Canterlot, or we can try and figure out where these keys'll go to."
  2073. @Hildemar: Looking around while approaching the Command Center, nothing more than a few idle passerbys giving you all quick looks before going on their business.
  2075. NevilWayne assumes a straight, at-attention like posture in front of the map table, hands behind his back. The Marine looked over the broken relay with a certain stoic, brooding glance one more time before the question hits him, prompting him to look up to Jeff and give a quick nod of acknowledgement. "To put it in short: We arrived at the location detailed by our treasure map, and began inspecting the rocky outcrop -- which was enveloped in a layer of strange vines. At the time we didn't know what they were," He briefly glanced off towards @Lucious_The_Weary, "As I was examining them... Someone actually went in to cut the vines. I think it was you, Lucious? No offense. We didn't know." He said, with a calm tone that was friendly, yet professional; nodding once to Lucious, then looking back to Jeff, "Once the vines were cut, the smell attracted the bugs. Like some sort of weird defense system." He paused for a moment as he squinted off into nothing for a brief second, though he continued speaking, "Must've been right next to a hive of the things, too, given how many came over." He said with a fair degree of certainty in both his eyes and voice, then quietly waited to see if Jeff was still confused. Though before he pauses fully, he makes sure to add: "If you care to know, our equine friend," He glanced to Citrine once to give the crystal pony a nod, "--was very helpful with his..." He pursed his lip slightly, "... Magic?" He muttered, with a more uncertain tone to his voice, "... I can list at least one occasion where he saved my skin. It could've been a lot worse, if you ask me."
  2077. CitrineBlaze: Citrine Blaze sat his butt down again, this time in the very same Bunker he was brought to when he first got into this whole mess. He listened, nodding occasionally to show he was listening or giving enough respect to pretend he was listening. 'Dammit I am in a real pickle this time, how do I get out of this without looking like an absolute coward.' He thought, nearly missing @NevilWayne mentioning him. "O-Oh yeah! I helped! Gotta support the team amirite!"
  2079. Hildemar_Veiel Hildemar patiently awaits his turn as Nevil gives his account, adopting a similarly uptight posture with his hands at his sides. "At the time I had believed the vines were involved in the door's lock mechanism somehow, but that was later shown to be mere correlation. The placement of such a cache in an anti-magic area tells me that whoever built it feared sorcerers breaking in. Perhaps there was some negative involvement with canterlot unicorns?" He then glares down towards Citrine and shakes his head. "Your little stowaway was indeed of use... so long as he wasn't blowing your funds in the pursuit of pleasure."
  2081. Noah_: Noah puts his shield on the ground and leans on it. He inspects the broken relay that everyone is talking about. "Looks kicked in alright..." he thought to himself. He puts his attention on Nevil as he debriefed the chitterfang incident. "I recall being told to drive around the outcropping in order to stay ahead of the swarm. Everyone gunned them down while I... hit the ones in front of us with some help from Citrine. " He then looks over to Jeff for his piece. "As for the relay and the keys, I wouldn't mind finding out what the trouble is with those two." He then ponders a bit before continuing. "As for our Canterlot friend, I wonder how to pursue him. Aren't humans somewhat villified in the city? If so, something...extra-judicial may be needed.
  2083. JoelJustJoel Joel maintains his relaxed posture even as everyone else starts being self-serious, then, adding to @Noah's deposition, he pipes up "Ah'm not sure what good it'll do us to track down Gadget, 'specially if it'll be dangerous or hurt razorback's reputation. All he owes us is a fixed relay and an explanation. Ah'm much more interested in fahndin' out what's at the end o' this treasure hunt."
  2085. Lucius_the_Weary Lucius hands over the keys. "Here you are, @Jeff. Better to be rid of the things. As to our next objective, I am not sure if chasing down that pony is... Paramount, at the moment. Better to keep ourselves on task, pursue the mystery of these keys firstly, then perhaps if it becomes pertinent to the investigation, we should track down Gadget."
  2088. ROUND 40: DEBRIEFING...
  2090. @Nevil and @Hildemar: Jeff looks over at you, nodding his head as he listens to your first part and visually agreeing with you. "There is no doubt, to us now, that location was a tactical decision. The corpse vines, along with the nearby chitterfang nest made quite a natural deterrent to discourage ANYONE crazy enough to go out there. Interesting that the first key also set off some kind of fire that burnt away all the vines. Seems like if that was done first, those bugs would have never attacked. Eh, whatever though."
  2092. @Citrine: Shrugging his shoulders at the missed opportunity, Jeff scratches his chin as the attention moves from Nevil to you before giving you a thumbs up. "Yeah, I DID see how you used your rune barrier as a mobile ram for the Dagor. That was pretty clever, Citrine, even if it wasn't originally intentional. Great work! That'll be useful, in the future."
  2094. @Noah, @Joel, and @Lucius: All three of you more-or-less make mirroring points: focus on the keys use, and have Golden gadget be a secondary objective. "Agreed. We have more relays, so I'm ultimately too miffed about that, so Golden Gadget can slide for now. We're not exactly well liked in Canterlot, right now, so going there would be tough to navigate without getting hassled a whole lot. I could try and find someone to go to Canterlot University, for us, and try to pick up some sort of trail from there. For the time being, we should try and figure out what these keys go to." He pickes up the previous brass key, as well as the recent silver-clad one, and simultaneously looks them over. "They look almost identical, save for these notches..." He experimentally lines the open side and pegs to eachother, and pushes them together to form one really large and wide double-sided key. "Oh! Well how about that. They make one key." He's able to separate them again, with a little wiggling from both ends and sets them back down. Fascination covers his face as he connects the keys again and looks over it closely. "The head of the key forms an X on it inside a square. Maybe that's a clue? Could be for another ley line junction. Can't imagine there's a lot of four-ways in existence." He turns the key to face @Everyone to give a good view of it. With the keys combined, the head did in fact make an box with an X inside of it. "Shouldn't take long to find one. The hard part would be WHERE inside a junction, though."
  2096. Noah_: Noah takes a closer look when Jeff interlocks the two keys. It's like a eureka moment happened when he did that and then quickly faded when he sees the X. He tries to take a quick mental note of that picture. "Is there other ley line junctions than the one we've been to? We can compare those to the key."
  2098. CitrineBlaze: Blaze coughed at what @Hildemar_Veiel said. "She was shrewd and more cunning than I expected!" 'Bucking dammit.' Least @Noah said he was useful too. His shoulders slumped as relief washed over him, thank goodness @Jeff was not going to punish him for wasting 5k Bits. the future? BUCK! Sighing he let his anger go. "I am not a human, so maybe I can go about Canterlot for y'all instead?" It was a good idea as any, and seeing how Jeff combined the keys together, it brought back the prospect of Blaze getting a big pile of treasure again. So what better way of getting on everyponies good side again. "now that is a key."
  2100. NevilWayne wasn't too surprised when the keys joined together, merely raising an eyebrow in interest as he silently watched the creation, and then paused as he found himself squinting at the key Jeff was holding; thinking back to the crates they had originally opened -- wondering if, perhaps, there was a connection. "If this is a treasure hunt, then the key itself has to give us a clue. That's how the game works." Nevil said, with a slow, thoughtful voice. "Perhaps it's best we re-check the crates, or perhaps spend time looking at the maps, and compare the shapes of the leylines with the key since it's shaped like an X. X usually marks the spot..." Nevil's voice fades away like a whisper. Pouting his lip in thought, while one thumb idly taps on the other's wrist in a absent-minded thinking gesture. Completely tuning out the exchange between Citrine and Hildemar. "I'm speculating. But my gut tells me this is just a big Treasure Hunt game, but with higher stakes." He adds, this time furrowing his brow in a concerned frown. Looking to Jeff more intently, with a worried gaze, but he otherwise remains silent as his lip began to purse deeply into his cheek.
  2101. NevilWayne: E. Perception
  2102. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 3
  2103. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 4
  2104. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 5
  2106. Hildemar_Veiel "Well, I guess it's a good thing we're a bunch of mad lads then." Hildemar furrows his brows and intensifies his glare at Citrine's response. "You got excited at the opportunity to lay with a whore and spent money that wasn't yours. If not for your use as a sorcerous battering ram I would personally see to your punishment." At the mention of visiting another junction, Hildemar nods his head and straightens back up, seemingly pleased at the notion. "Perfect! I seldom got opportunity to personally study the magic suppression zone at the last location; hopefully I'll be able to at the next."
  2108. JoelJustJoel "Yer wrong there, Jeff. It only takes two lahnes crossin' to make an 'X'. Still shouldn't be too hard, though. Isn't that partly how we found the first one?" At Hildemar's chastisement of Blaze, Joel holds up a hand to calm the witch hunter. "Hey now, he did get us somethin' useful at the same tahme. 'Sides what was a red blooded young man supposed to do?"
  2110. Lucius_the_Weary the ranger shrugs. "I care not, truly. So long as wherever we go, adventure awaits!"
  2116. @Nevil, Noah, Joel: "You'd think that right, @Joel? Torven mentioned that when two lines cross, one will cross under the other within miles apart so they don't merge. This keep them from creating weird storms like what you guys just came from. When they do actually merge, yeah they warp reality and shit." Jeff sets the key down on the table to go look through a shelf stuffed with large rolled-up maps. "There IS a possibility of four lines intersecting at one spot, which would make them incredibly chaotic. Since we found that key half in one that created a storm, it'd make sense to keep our search to only intersections that have them. It would be a lot harder to find something hidden in them." He pulls one roll out to check it, ultimately not something he wanted and puts it back. Finding one he likes, Jeff brings it back over to the map table and kicks on the backlight and unfurls the map. It was a leyline overlay of Equestria similar to the one that you all looked at before. "Hmm..."
  2117. B.Geography
  2118. #1d6
  2120. @Nevil: As Jeff lays the key down onto the center map table, you give it a closer look. One half silver, the other brass. Other than the shape of the head and the 'X', there are no features on the key that could make it similar to the ornately decorative chests. Why it was split in half eludes you.
  2122. @Hildemar, Citrine: As Jeff examines the map he looks back up between you two as you bicker. "I saw you bought some chitterfang repellent, that worked out pretty good! Did you buy some other stuff? Wait..." Jeff stops his examination completely to eye @Citrine suspiciously. "Did you spend bits on a quick lay?"
  2124. CitrineBlaze: Citrine just replied to @Hildemar with a raspberry then went back to scuffing into the Command Centres floor. Though he did look up and nodded at @JoelJustJoel. "Yeah, I was helping!" At @Jeffs biting question Blaze made a very deep scrunch face. "No! I tried to haggle for a cheaper price and in return give that mare the lay of her life. Five thousand for Repellent, come on!"
  2126. Noah_: "Well, is there any sort of chaotic storms or regions like that in Equestria? I reckon it wouldn't be hard to miss something stronger than what we went through." Seeing Jeff unfurl a leyline map, Noah scootches on closer to see if he can find any four way intersections. "How rare is two leylines crossing each other anyway?" Noah leans his shield against the table and inspects the map.
  2128. NevilWayne 's eyes lingered on the key for a bit longer as he took it in. That X shape really tugged on his glance, and as the map was brought to the table, most of his attention went to examining to listen closely to Jeff and pay attention to his next indications. Though as the topic of the conversation shifts towards Citrine, his arms almost instantly begin to cross across his chestplate, and he sighs slowly through his nose; looking back towards Citrine himself, and quirking his brow in his general direction; unimpressed by the price tag. "Five thousand JUST for the repellent?" He muttered, looking up to Jeff when he mentions it was 'for a quick lay', And then turns to Citrine again as the crystal pony made his rebuttal. "So that's why you ended up spending 35 thousand bits for EVERYTHING else?" He asked suddenly, as the at the price tag of the item does not impress him. He suddenly goes from paying attention to the map to scowling quite hard, with tangible irritation., "--Why didn't you even bother telling me, or anyone, that you were spending literally the entire emergency fund and then five thousand more? I don't remember putting you in charge of it."
  2130. Lucius_the_Weary tries his best to contain himself at the scene happening in front of him. "And this is why we ought not to leave money in his hooves in future I suppose." Turning back to the map table, one hand resting on the back of a nearby chair, he studies the map pensively, scratching his chin as he does. "I know not the odds, @Noah, but based on what @Jeff has said, it seems... Highly unlikely, at best."
  2132. JoelJustJoel Against the onslaught of everyone's criticizing Citrine, Joel accepts that defending him is useless. He gives the pony a look of apology, then busies himself looking for the leylines without saying anything.
  2134. Hildemar_Veiel The tired look of scorn is once again on Hildemar's face as Citrine keeps deflecting his accusations. "And haggle you did! You haggled yourself into spending every bit you had for one lay. Now enough trying to weasel your way out of facing your consequences, whatever they may be." Hildemar leans over the new map alongside Jeff, now ignoring Citrine's antics. "For being known for causing such disorder when crossing, I'm surprised they leylines don't move, or rather that they don't move everything around them to make maps useless."
  2138. ROUND 42: Force-Ending, QUEST COMPLETED
  2140. @Everyone: After @Nevil and Hildemar protest, and Citrine defends himself, Jeff breaks out laughing at the exchange. "Ha! That's it? Whatever, guys. Five K for repellent specifically against chitterfangs isn't bad I guess. It's not MY bits. I'll just take more out." He pauses, looking into the air in thought. "Wait, you did NOT spend thirty-thousand on a bang. What else, did you buy? You know what, I'll find out later. Give me a receipt or something."
  2142. @Everyone: Waving off the matter of bits, Jeff continues looking over the map for Equestria. Those of you peering over it as well, you notice most if not all ley lines that crossed within its territory had one line colored red instead of blue. "So to clarify crossing lines, see how one is colored red? That's a line that avoids clashing the other by crossing underground by a few miles. Most of the time you can cross over a line by itself and not feel a thing, even follow one. But when they physically clash, is when things get crazy. Hmm..." He looks over the map, quickly becoming disappointed. "I don't think anything on here is what we need. If we found a key at a three lines converging, it would only make sense that whatever they open SHOULD be at an even more intense location. I can only think a four-way intersection should do the trick.. It looks like we're going to have to look outside of Equestria territory for one, though." He goes to the map rack to peruse, and scratches his head as he rummages through rolls. "This might take me some time. Okay, here's a deal-" Jeff stands back up and points to all of you. "How about you all hang out for a while. Go get something to eat, get your gear improved, take a nap, drink, I don't care. I'm gonna find Torven, and help me look through these maps, maybe figure out a way to narrow down a location. Sound good? Good. Now vamoose. I need to go find a sleepy blue batpony."
  2144. GM_Jeff: QUEST COMPELTED: XP Rewards
  2145. GM_Jeff: Round Count = 8
  2146. GM_Jeff: Main Objective: Recover Key = 1, Completed
  2147. GM_Jeff: Secondary: No Damage Taken = 1, Completed
  2148. GM_Jeff: Secondary: Avoid Fighting = 1, Not Completed
  2149. GM_Jeff: Secondary: Help Out the Hunters = 1, Completed
  2150. GM_Jeff: Penalties:
  2151. GM_Jeff: Hildemar & Nevil: -1 for Round Absentees
  2152. GM_Jeff: Everyone: -1 for Not Reading
  2153. GM_Jeff: Final Tally:
  2154. GM_Jeff: Lucius: 10XP
  2155. GM_Jeff: Joel: 10XP
  2156. GM_Jeff: Citrine: 10XP
  2157. GM_Jeff: Noah: 10XP
  2158. GM_Jeff: Hildemar: 9XP
  2159. GM_Jeff: Nevil: 9XP
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