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SCP-3008 Infinite Roblox IKEA: The Book of Terry

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Mar 7th, 2019
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  1. Resources used:
  2. Game by uglyburger0
  3. The Book of Eli Original Soundtrack - Panoramic (The Book of Terry Edit)
  4. SCP-3008 by Mortos
  5. Jumpscare sound from SCP Containment Breach
  6. Sloth and Chunk scene from The Goonies
  7. Arizona Desert photo taken from
  8. Courage the Cowardly Dog Intro by Cartoon Network
  9. TTS by Cepstral
  10. "One Eternity Later" timecard from Spongebob Squarepants
  11. Kirby Super Star - Corkboard
  12. Homer choking Bart video from The Simpsons
  13. Horror riser sound effects by BoomLibrary
  14. HEXSYSTEM - Manhunter
  15. Enderpearl and teleport/spawn sounds from Minecraft
  16. Headcrab footage taken from "Headcrabs - Database: Episode 1" by ValveTime
  17. Gib sound effect from Half Life 1
  18. Screaming sounds from Battlefield V
  19. HEXSYSTEM - The Venom of God
  20. Dean Martin - That's Amore
  21. Spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp by Disney
  22. Chasms - Observer
  23. Skin diagram by
  24. Stretch Armstrong video by Waterjet Channel
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