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  1. Due to the recurring nature of self harm and suicidal conversations this needs to be amended into the rules. **As of now, repeated mentions or actions in public or by DM may incur warnings or removal from the community.** Here's why:
  3. We love the community- we do. We want to support each and every one of you, but we can't, the Cafe can't be your life line. We will drop some links for you to use that are helpful and available to use, please, if you need more than just a venting session or a friend, use them.
  5. None of the staff is qualified or legally capable of saving anyone. Lilli had people attach themselves to her recently in a very dark way and it hurts- and she can't do it. If you need that level of help, please seek out professional assistance so that you get the level of attention and support you need when you need it most.
  7. Emotional and mental health is paramount, please don't take your safety or life for granted, it's priceless, because it's you. Please help us take care of you.
  8. :purple_heart:☕️:purple_heart:
  10. **Resource links**
  11. *Nani helpline resources*
  14. *Talkspace mental health*
  17. *Checkpoint Emergency Contact Numbers*
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