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  1. Childhood-era
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  3. When I was a kid, I had a dream where Twilight and Trixie fought each other in a city under a cloudy dark purple dome, then Trixie did some final spell to suck Twilight into a purple vortex that was above the sky in a high position. It was also in an anime style kinda like Pokemon X and Y or Twinkle Star Precure, but it didn't affect the character design.
  6. Dreams recorded in 2018 text
  7. ----------
  8. I had a dream where I saw that Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid was getting a second season as said in MyAnimeList.
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  10. I just had an amazing dream. There was myself where I'm using some app to control Stewie and Brian's mind at a schedule at like 4 am or 5. Then I was controlling Mario by myself on an Oddessy-styled water slide level. I was gonna get the star, but I accidentally fell out of the slider on the left. After that, I went to some 3DS menu and found a pretty neato pixel icon about my kind of music with a homepage link. As I went to the home page, I saw some cool stuff where you have a TV room in the home page where you can watch some anime like Cowboy Bebop, FMA, or Death Note. It was a 2000s website. As I went to Downloads, there's some stuff I've discovered like some of the instrumental EE'n'E background music, titles that looked like it belonged in a YTP, and some title I fully forgot with Konata Izumi in a thumbnail. I stumbled on the characters of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show talking about a problem they must face at midnight as it looked like some flash poop. Then, it transitioned to the haunted house glowing in red and causing the ghosts inside to fly away. The female ghost owner said in a amplified distortion voice,"YOU RUINED MY HAUNTED HOUSE!", then made the ghosts posses the Mystery Gang and dragged them down to the ground. Velma, who was last, said "Hey, I went to school!" in some funny sassy saying.
  11. ---------
  13. So in one of the segments from my dream. I was at some lunch table, and there I saw Zone-tan (In real life form) who liked me somehow, and then smiled at me. Later while being next to her, some guy had a laptop showing ZTV News where Zone-tan (In cartoon form) was trying to turn the dragonfly blue with her finger as she's scared saying, "Blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, BLUE, BLUE, BLUE!" As she turned it blue, the dragonfly stung her nose. That's what I all remembered.
  14. ---------
  15. So, I was in some grey shelter with some people. While I was sitting there, Ryuko Matoi was here. She was having problems with some samurai outside. Then, Ragyo Kiryuin came out the door to help her. So I was applied to go to a safe place while Ryuko fights the samurai. The others helped to beat the samurai. I was driving to the place by a small cart until, that samurai saw me when he was fighting her. So I went another way and encountered with some small Simpson-looking guy. Then we got a flashback until he was caught right now by some police for being Mario-related instead of being from The Simpsons. After that, someone stated that I was driving it wrong, so the cart is now right side up, which is harder to drive. That's all I could remember.
  16. ----------
  17. I had a dream where I'm in the tablet version of YouTube at the Subscriptions menu and I saw EpicRemix 0_o (now Hamburgaga)'s sparta remixes of Liru from Magipoka, but the low views in the videos indicates that they were blocked, so I didn't play them. Later, my family waited a line in the mall to see The Simpsons Movie, but I goofed off until I caught the end. After that, I went back to the movie theatre and nobody's there since the movie ended. Until the lighting changed colors and a loud wedding-like theme happened, indicating that they did the theatre lighting too late when Homer and Marge were married at the end. After that ended, I saw an organ instrument, so I tried to touch it but I heard my mother telling me not to touch it.
  19. In the next segment, I was in some place where Nico Yazawa (in sunglasses) showed her inside coat that has the written places of Asia for me to see which one is related to Japan. I selected a place and I was teleported to a broken dark city that was ruined by criminals. While walking I saw a fat man strangling a man selling food in a truck. I teleported out there and saw another one of those places in Asia, but It's not related to Japan, which made Nico a little embarrased about not having Japan in her selection. I went to a random place in Asia instead of finding Japan. While in the selected state or country, I saw some inflated bag that has buttons while walking around. I pressed one and it deflated itself, revealing a face. I pressed another button that turns into a human revealing an actress who looks like the genie from "I Dream of Jeannie." She said that she was annoyed by her boyfriend's mean comment on her acting in I Love Lucy in Color, which was shown in Wikipedia. That's about it.
  20. --------
  21. 2019
  22. --
  23. Well I just had a dream that I was seeing a ZONE parody, but it really wasn't since it's half the lewd kind and half the serious kind. It starts with Hekapoo doing lewd things to herself on the rectangular flat throne-box material, because she's a slut with something secret. And it was voiced over by Fred of the Scooby gang. Later then, the gang come over to the dark yellow-orange dungeon, where Hekapoo lives, to find some clues about her. It was like this picture I drew. (not available yet) It panned left from the lewd stuff Hekapoo made to the one clue where Fred said that "she's working up with Ronald Mc Donald!". Then it cuts back to a over-the-shoulder shot between Hekapoo and the Gang, then cuts to a glowing green spider web-like substance while he says, "Have you ever heard of the phrase, "Kiss me?". Then the gang beat her up while Scooby hides at the back of the throne for some reason.
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