Oran Mini - Siege on the Ravenkeep

Nov 24th, 2011
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  1. [18:16:18] <Balthazar> The place! A quite conspicious warehouse on the middle of Oran Square. The time! A hot evening, in summer 18th of the Year of our lord XXXX AD.
  2. [18:16:51] <Clarity> But is it AD, really? Or is it just plain 'XXXX?'
  3. [18:18:41] <Balthazar> Inside a ruinous shoddy workshop, a scrawny red-haired boy worked on apocalyptic projects as a looming spaceship cast a ciclopean shadow above him. On the top of a metal bench is a strange iron box with a glass screen on it, like some sort of... Camera, except with an enormous reel above it.
  4. [18:20:45] <Clarity> But did he work alone? Of course he's never allowed to, except on the sleep-days. And plenty of days ended up being sleep-days in the glorious land of Oran, leaving the poor boy to work on his own, even though he and his assistant only knew each other for slightly more than two weeks. Such is a matter of the heart-- the BURNING MANLY heart for the super-energetic teenager who finds herself bouncing around, uninvited. Of course with her is a small lion who hates the crap out of being here.
  5. [18:23:13] <Balthazar> "Ze magic of photography... For too long people could only take static photos, unmoving and sometimes having to take entire minutes to vait for it to align... But not until now, eh? For ze FUTURE 'as come! I dub thee... Video Camera!"
  6. [18:24:53] <Clarity> "WHOA." A round of applause! Sky the Shinx rolls his eyes, but that's nothing new at all. "And you can use this to like... show people WHOLE THINGS that happen?" A finger reaches out to poke the box, but strangely is cautious. Just a little cautious.
  7. [18:24:59] <Balthazar> "Yes, now ze beauty of a Bellossom dance can be made into a reel, and a reel can be projected to a surface!"
  8. [18:25:49] <Balthazar> "And ze surface will magnify ze video for many people to see! Yet, it eludes me to make it reproduce sound and color, eh?"
  9. [18:26:49] <Clarity> Wide, crazy teenager eyes stare at it. "That's SO awesome! You really aaaaare a genius~" Clarity spins while speaking in a singsong voice, though not discarding the shounen protagonist atmosphere. "But... how're you gonna tell the whole village about it?"
  10. [18:30:28] <Balthazar> "Not until i get some reels." His head drops sullenly. "I don't 'ave enough for more zhan five minutes of footage." Meanwhile, the box shuffles a bit as tiny legs, tiny eyes and tiny claws appear under it. It is shaped like a Crustle if you look at it closely, but much smaller, and with the strange camera lens and rolls of tape protruding from the metallic shell.
  11. [18:32:25] * Clarity pokes it... some more. And more, and more. Just to gauge its reaction. No idea where to and where not to poke it, though, treading into the DANGER ZONE while still trying to maintain curiosity. "So whatcha gonna make... video of? It could totally be Sky being AWESOME, couldn't it?"
  12. [18:35:05] <Balthazar> The Camerustle stands impassive, his stoic robotness unfazed by the vigorous poking being given for him. "Vell, it could vork so! I mean, as i said, i got only five minutes of footage until i get ze materials to make more from ze Vizard/Apothecary."
  13. [18:35:38] <Balthazar> "You know, now zhat i think about it i should 'ave told Sis last week about zhat guy being a Wizard, eh?"
  14. [18:36:55] <Clarity> "Hmmm?" Curious eyes blink as she lazily sits on the floor, still poking the machine in various places. "That Newt guy? He seems pretty chillax, but... what if everyone knew he was a WIZARD and flooded in asking him to magic things for them? I bet he'd be pretty ticked." Poke, poke. "I sure would be if jerks woke me up for somethin' like that!"
  15. [18:38:33] <Balthazar> "Vell, people do get curious about wizards, even if they are soooo last millenium." Nodnod. "Still, better keep ze guard informed of weird people." Says one that is kept on the folder of weird people to another person on the same folder.
  16. [18:40:13] <Clarity> "Ooh! I know! How about taking a video OF Mr. Newt doing wizard-magic?"
  17. [18:41:41] <Balthazar> "..."
  18. [18:41:49] <Balthazar> "You know, it IS a good idea!"
  19. [18:42:58] <Clarity> "Ooh ooh ooh or or or! What about getting all of the COOLEST things people can do in the village, and having a video of them all doing them TOGETHER! Like Mr. Newt's wizard magic, Neffy's curry-making, Sky showing off and being cool, Fashion Guy taking a picture OF the video, Birdbrain..."
  20. [18:46:48] <Balthazar> "Vell, i don't think it is possible to make it a five minute reel of it!" Balth stops and starts pondering for a bit. "But if i get reel for an hour and a half, i think it's possible to make a... I vill create a new vord for it... Documentary! For our village and documentate everything ve can do!"
  21. [18:49:01] <Clarity> "Whoaaa!" Another round of applause! It's probably a very silly scene; good thing nobody's watching else it could become the topic of a documentary itself. "But... to get better... 'reels' and stuff you'd have to make everyone realize you can make totally awesome things with thie 'video' stuff, right? So you HAVE to record the coolest thing that ever happens! We could... go on an ADVENTURE and you could get the climax of like, Sky and me beating up a Garchomp!"
  22. [18:51:08] <Clarity> "Uh... Sky does!" She says while scooping him up as terror smothers his poor little face. He, clearly, doesn't actually know how to dance.
  23. [18:52:01] <Balthazar> "I-i mean... Dancing as a pair." He staggers a bit trying to vocalize that phrase.
  24. [18:54:25] <Clarity> "Uh... oh... er..." She still looks down at the Shinx, totally oblivious. The teenager's gaze asks him, 'Do you know how to dance as a pair?' His Pokémon glare reponds with 'No, fuck off.' Though he wouldn't actually have manners like that for real if she could understand him!
  25. [18:56:52] * Balthazar awkwardly looks at the floor. "Not ze Shinx! I... Mean... You and me."
  26. [18:57:53] <Clarity> "A... O... Oh. I... well... Y-You know..." Twitch, twitch. "When I was a kid my parents would always make me to... stuff I didn't really want to, and so..." Her index fingers are pressing against each other by this point.
  27. [18:59:23] <Balthazar> "Oh, vell, if you really don't want to dance..." He drops his head again, looking really dejected.
  28. [19:00:05] <Clarity> "Well... that's because I never thought I'd end up... you know, DOING it. This village is a really boring place with boring people and all." ... A soft mutter, "er... was."
  29. [19:00:34] * Clarity smiles huge. "You bet I CAN! But it miiiiight be aaaaawkward~"
  30. [19:03:04] <Balthazar> "Vell, i never danced before... Unless you count that time when i was five years old and Sis took me to a ball but i don't think that counts." He mutters awkwardly, shuffling about. "B-but i can try, eh?"
  31. [19:04:38] <Clarity> "Hmmm... Hmmm!" A big, chipper nod. Two! Two big, chipper nods! "If it'll show off how awesome this 'video' thing can be, we totally can! But..." Her head tilts to the side, with a pause, "Isn't dancing... the kind of thing you're supposed to dress up for? Stuff like that?"
  32. [19:06:06] <Balthazar> "Vell, you think it needs a dress? I am not ze specialist on this sort of thing, you know."
  33. [19:07:52] <Clarity> "Hmm... depends." A looooooong pause to ponder. When Clarity ponders things, distant planets are destroyed. "If you wanna do more than just make us look silly to everyone..."
  34. [19:09:17] <Clarity> "Ooh! I know! I bet I could find stuff at home if I snooped around, now that it's unlocked. Mom n' dad leave their stuff lying around everywhere... and my mom's smaller... hmmm...." Some eye-narrowing takes place, sizing the two of them up. As she stands it's sort of blatant which one's taller than the other.
  35. [19:11:17] <Balthazar> "V-vell i might be a little short but i guess i can fit on a suit you know!" Balth pouts while walking around. "But ve could at least 'ave a uh... Practice before dancing vith the real clothes?"
  36. [19:12:58] <Clarity> "Hmm~" Her smile curves wickedly. Painfully wickedly. "We miiight... need to try what I have in mind first. But oh yeah, I don't mind that too! Like, we just need to do a few steps to the side and then throw ourselves into each other's arms and stuff, right?"
  37. [19:15:00] <Balthazar> "I... Don't think so? Throwing ourselves on each other sounds dangerous! I think ve just hold hands and spin together." He smiles innocently while saying that.
  38. [19:17:40] <Clarity> "Oh, don't worry! Someone has to spin WHILE holding the other one, that's how I heard about it! People always like it when that happens and stuff." Her own returned stare is everything BUT infinite... including lengthy. It lasts a very long time before a head-turn. "'Kaaaay... how about one? Sky, can you give us a beat?" The Shinx shakes his head-- little does he realize he's been tapping his tail agains the floor all this time.
  39. [19:20:52] * Balthazar slowly shuffles on Clarity's direction, his face very flustered as he woodenly lifts his arms, trying to hold the girl's own arms too. "O-okay i vill lead or you..."
  40. [19:22:26] <Clarity> "I will~!" Her own hand grabs the little man's with EXCESS FORCE, grabbing hold and pulling him close with a huge grin. In fact, the embarrassment on his face just gives more and more ideas. "Just follow me, okay? First you stop over here, then... over here..."
  41. [19:24:54] <Balthazar> "Okay!" He holds the larger girl's arms stiffily while following her lead, trying his best to step on the right places and looking at her eyes the whole time. In fact, their heads are pretty close when Balth thinks about it...
  42. [19:27:52] <Clarity> What's Clarity thinking about? Something completely other than what he is, of course. Her own steps are wide and pronounced, a bit goofy and flimsy in some aspects but ultimately... well, there's a word for it but it's probably best not to make the jump and call it that just yet. A few twirls later they stop... half-abruptly but half-not. "... Okay! I still got it~" A twirl on her own while letting go, winking once. "Think you'd mind a little wait? I know EXACTLY what'd be perfect for this... if my last few closet-snoops told me anything. Uh-huh!"
  43. [19:30:01] <Balthazar> "What do you mean?"
  44. [19:30:26] * Balthazar lets her go, still a little flustered from the SUDDEN CONTACT.
  45. [19:31:03] <Clarity> "Well, you're really good at this stuff! But... out of my parents'..." Cough, "Er, collections, I know what we'd look coolest in. So I'll run home and run back!"
  46. [19:31:29] <Clarity> "It's kinda late to ask Fashion Guy to make something, and he'd take too long anyway. They wouldn't even notice I borrowed 'em!"
  47. [19:32:22] <Balthazar> "Vait!" He holds Clarity's arm.
  48. [19:32:33] <Clarity> "Mm?"
  49. [19:32:48] <Balthazar> "You... Said zhere is a piano on your house, right? Ve... Could do ze dance there? Let me just grab ze Camerustle!"
  50. [19:33:36] <Clarity> "... Oh! That'll be faster all around! Sky isn't loud enough... he needs some kinda... loud-making device to be able to make music anyway. I'm SURE he wouldn't mind getting a break, huh?" He just rolls his eyes and pads off.
  51. [19:36:19] * Balthazar quickly grabs the Camera-Crustle and heads to Clarity's house with her~
  52. [19:38:20] <Clarity> An exciting walk, discussing ADVENTURE and all kinds of things~ But that's not the most exciting part at all. What they stand before is a huge mansion that doesn't look like it belongs in Oran Valley at all, with a big door in the front that had been previously forcibly unlocked. Clarity kicks it open with no effort, leading to a big living room with a fancy staircase leading upstairs and, indeed, a grand piano in the corner. Sky - Omanyte hat on - crawls to the side and curls up on a tiny bed, yawning, before Clarity herself grins in full force. "See if you can set it up, 'kay? I'll be right down~" Aaaand up the stairs.
  53. [19:42:25] <Balthazar> "You know, i did not noticed zis mansion before, you know!" Balth says as he approaches the Piano, trying to make it playable and placing the Crustle Camera above it. "All right, ze angle... Is perfect, eh? And... *Ding Ding* Piano sounds good." Now, to wait!
  54. [19:43:35] <Clarity> It's a long wait with a lot of shuffling... even some crashing noises from upstairs. But, after plenty of time is given for the pianobot to be set up - sheet music provided and everything - there's a shout from upstairs. "Alright! Close your eyes for a sec!"
  55. [19:44:52] * Balthazar closes his eyes, although he peeks a bit from under them!
  56. [19:45:52] <Clarity> Not like the teen prancing down the stairs actually watches. She has a beautiful, flowing dress - not a strapless one of course - as she descends the stairs~
  57. [19:46:20] <Clarity> ... In her arms. What she's actually wearing is a plain, yet fancy, black tuxedo, ponytail pulled back in a slightly more masculine-looking manner.
  58. [19:47:31] <Clarity> "Take a deep breath, 'kay? I'll probably have to tell you how I know this'll work out so well... but I FEEL it! ... Oh, you can open 'em now."
  59. [19:48:32] * Balthazar takes his eyes, and is taken by Clarity's beautiful tuxedo figure. "Oh, you look really charming on it, Clari-" And then he notices the dress on her arms. And who is actually going to wear it. "-Oh."
  60. [19:50:19] <Clarity> "Hehe~ It's ALREADY mission success! That face looks SO cute on you." Wiggle, wiggle. Sky just gets up and leaves the room by this point, sick of this shit, but the wacky tux-wearer will NOT be deterred. "You said it doesn't have color or sound, right?"
  61. [19:54:32] <Balthazar> "It really doesn't! For now." He grabs the dress from Clarity's arms with a terribly embarassed look on his face as he heads to a secluded place. It's not like crossdressing is the most embarassing thing he has done during these last days really. After five minutes changing, Balth appears on glowing glory as the dress fits his body completely. "..."
  62. [19:54:32] <Balthazar> "It really doesn't! For now." He grabs the dress from Clarity's arms with a terribly embarassed look on his face as he heads to a secluded place. It's not like crossdressing is the most embarassing thing he has done during these last days really. After five minutes changing, Balth appears on glowing glory as the dress fits his body completely. "..."
  63. [19:54:37] <Clarity> "Blushing-you is WAAAAAY cuter than any of the girls in Oran. Believe it, it's the truth! So I borrowed my mom's makeup kit..."
  64. [19:54:50] <Clarity> "..."
  65. [19:55:02] <Clarity> "... And I'm not even gonna need it." A gasp in awe.
  66. [19:56:35] <Clarity> Cough, cough. She accidentally ends up putting some GRUFF into her voice when speaking, before realizing the recorder wouldn't be able to pick it up anyway. So no point in that. After a little chuckle followed by one of those wolf-whistles, a could-be-manlier hand extends in a manly way.
  67. [19:58:04] <Clarity> "... Oh, put this on though." The tux-wearer produces a wig that strangely wasn't handed over with the dress for some reason. It's flowing and red, making him look like a princess. "And... don't ask where they got it from, I'm not sure I wanna know."
  68. [19:59:31] * Balthazar grabs the wig, staring at it with puzzlement and a strange feeling that is either a mix of regret and fear. It appears our little scientist don't know the gravity of the situation he is in! Still, he puts it and adjusts it a little, becoming very princess-like before extending his girly arm to her-i mean, his dancing partner.
  69. [20:02:09] * Clarity GRABS the timid girl- ... I mean scientist's hand, pulling 'her' closer with the same goofy grin as last time. Oh, and Clarity totally dons a fedora now for some reason, but it's possible to get away with that when you have rich parents. Wordlessly, the leader leads the same as last time, step after step, making pronounced and manly movements while careful not to step on the dress, as another practice session initiates.
  70. [20:04:23] * Balthazar just follows the lead, trying not to make the dress shimmer and lift too much while doing his steps. Thank Arceus she didn't made him wear high-heeled shoes!
  71. [20:05:56] <Clarity> Because it's SO much cuter without them... and anybody who's ever worn high heels before would know how much of a pain it is and never want to do it again as long as they live unless they want to take on a job as a prostitute. Neither Clarity or Balthazar are prostites, so the latter is bent over backwards in a typical finishing maneuver for whatever dance style they're doing, while the rich one grins once more. "So~ How's that feel? Makes you feel alive, right?"
  72. [20:09:52] <Balthazar> "Yes, it is! Is this vhat they call ze Valtz?" He says while holding Clarity closer, leading her to the Crustle-Camera, where he extends his other hand, lighting it up. "Okay zhen, a slower music for now, eh? So ve can fill ze five minutes!"
  73. [20:11:09] <Clarity> "You bet!" They spin and slowdance over to it, slowing down in the process to allow for all sorts of changes to be made. "Just keep smiling and try to look good in it, I don't think anyone'll even TRY to notice who we are. You know... hopefully. Probably."
  74. [20:12:12] <Clarity> The question is, would it really be that bad if they did? Only one individual is currently thinking that, and it's the blue feline glaring in from the other room. He thinks it would indeed be bad if people found out, but it's not like he can do anything about it. At least there's food in the kitchen, he realizes as he comes up with a plan of action that doesn't involve watching this garbage.
  75. [20:14:27] <Balthazar> "Vell, ze wig pretty much hides it. Same with the fact they can't hear us." Twist! "Of course, someone vill play ze song on the first airing of ze tape, eh? You know, just for giving ze audience a feel of vhat is going on." Twirl! "It would be really embrassing if people did learnt about zis though. Especially Raven!"
  76. [20:16:54] <Clarity> Twirl! Hold... spin! "Well, what's important is that we have fun doing it anyway, huh?" Step, step... twist. "But... you're sure it works?"
  77. [20:17:57] <Balthazar> "Of course it does! And if it doesn't... Vell, ve ARE 'aving fun."
  78. [20:19:06] <Clarity> "Hehehe... I guess so~! I NEVER woulda been able to do stuff like this in the boring ol' village this place used to be. It really is getting a lot livelier around here." Spin!
  79. [20:19:59] <Balthazar> "But... If people recognize us." Twirl! "...Vould zhey think zhat... We are a..." Spin! "Couple?"
  80. [20:21:27] <Clarity> The gentleman in the fedora barely stifles a completely separate blush.... twirl~! "Would it... er, be bad if they did?" CoughCOUGH. I'm gonna be your assistant forever, y'know!"
  81. [20:21:29] <Clarity> +"
  82. [20:22:40] <Balthazar> "I... I don't think it's a b-bad thing!" Twirl! "I-it's just... Uh..." Twirl. "You think we actually are one?"
  83. [20:24:01] <Clarity> A pause before Clarity puts on a clueless, yet massive, smile. "I have no idea! I don't even know what it really means! All I know about romance is what I read in trashy books, and most of those are bad anyway..." Twirl... spin... hold. The taller of the two looks straight down into the wig-wearer's eyes. "Should we be?"
  84. [20:25:51] <Balthazar> "I... I guess so?" He stares his Fedora-wearing partner, a little awkward, but holding her tight near him. "Yeah, you know vhat? Ve are!" He twirls as he suddenly takes the lead on the dance, taking Clarity with him as his steps grow progressively bolder. "Ve ARE a couple!"
  85. [20:28:25] <Clarity> The goofy grin continues through all this, only getting wider and wider. Fortunately Clarity's back is to the camera. Her arm reaches down to Balthazar's dress-covered legs with a single nod. "Then that's it! Time for... THE FINALE!" Holding the young girl-boy, her head leans down, eyes slowly closing...
  86. [20:29:01] <Balthazar> "Y-yeah, time for ze finale kiss!" He approaches his head to hers, eyes slowly closing too...
  87. [20:29:40] <Clarity> Smoooch~
  88. [20:30:18] <Clarity> As much as you'd expect it to turn into suddenly falling asleep or something silly, it's actually pretty appropriate. And... kind of long. And there's a little tongue. Okay, a lot of tongue.
  89. [20:31:04] * Balthazar is startled by the lots of tongue, specially considering he just expected it to be a light peck! @_@
  90. [20:31:17] <Clarity> Exactly. "... Oops."
  91. [20:31:32] <Balthazar> "Oh."
  92. [20:32:07] <Clarity> And NOW there's a comical letting-down that may just equate to flat dropping on accident. "That... looked good on video though, right? ... Right?"
  93. [20:32:36] <Clarity> "Um, I dunno where that came from and I was just kinda going by what I read about and I wasn't sure if I was really supposed to and it felt really weird and I..."
  94. [20:33:36] <Balthazar> "V-vell, i-i guess ve 'ave enough footage." Balth falls fown on the floor, and crawls on the Camera's direction, turning it off and removing the reel. "VELLITSNOTLIKEIDIDNTENJOYITBUTLETSNOTTOUCHZHATTOPIC FORNOWRIGHT?"
  95. [20:34:46] <Balthazar> He takes off the wig, and examines the reel they got. "Okayokayokayitlookspretty..." He stops to breathe for a couple of seconds. "It... Looks perfect, eh?"
  96. [20:34:49] <Clarity> "... Rrrrrrrrrrrright. Maybe... another time." Cough cough. "At least it's not like mom and dad actually come HOME to stumble on this or anything..." Her eyes dart to the door anyway, but unfortunately this isn't a bad sitcom.
  97. [20:35:22] <Clarity> "Huh... Huhhhh." Wide-eyed stare. "We actually look... GOOD, huh?"
  98. [20:36:56] <Balthazar> "UH SPEAKING OF VHICH." He looks around for a bit. "Vhen are your parents... Coming?" He removes the dress and puts the wig above the Piano. "I-i mean, zhere is ze marriage talk to do, eh?"
  99. [20:39:36] <Clarity> The fedora gets tossed off and flung at a wall for no reason, dramatically. It bounces off the wall. "Uh... er... really? B-But what if they... well..." A lengthy pause. "... Nah. I doubt they'll ever come back. Most of the last times they did they did it when I was asleep and just ran off somewhere with another note saying they'd be back in a few seasons. The usual!"
  100. [20:40:19] <Balthazar> "I mean, it's vhat couples do, eh?" He says even though his 'sister' is on a non-marriage situation with her partner. "V-vell uh... Ve can talk with ze Mayor or someone to make ze marriage!"
  101. [20:41:31] <Clarity> "Hmm... oh yeah, it is, huh? Okay then!" A big fist-pump, though taking the tux off so early is... not the best of ideas considering how comfy it is. So she doesn't. "Romance novels don't like this stuff, but they're all awful so let's get married and go on an ADVENTURE to the moon together!"
  102. [20:43:03] <Balthazar> "Yeah, let's do this!" He lifts his fist on the air! "Let's... Get married on ze moon! No one 'as loved each other enough to do something like that, eh?"
  103. [20:44:12] <Clarity> "Have they?" Head-tilt. "What if... there are MILLIONS of couples on the moon and they ALL got married there so they could have unlimited cheese for the rest of their lives?" The same head... tilts back to the OTHER side. "Naaaah, gotta be my imagination."
  104. [20:45:35] <Balthazar> "Oh come on, no one ever vent to ze moon." He pauses for a bit. "No human." Pauses again. "That i know."
  105. [20:46:15] <Clarity> "That's because... they don't WANT us to know that they got there."
  106. [20:46:57] * Clarity grins goofily and leaps over to give Balth a big hug! "But now I know you're not an alien who came FROM up there, anyway!"
  107. [20:47:30] <Balthazar> "V-vell, it does make sense vhen you think about it!" he says before being interrupted by SUDDEN HUG! He holds her back, hugging while completely silent. "..."
  108. [20:48:55] <Clarity> "... Because I don't know how do fight aliens yet."
  109. [20:48:59] <Clarity> -do +to
  110. [20:49:46] <Balthazar> "I am vorking on it."
  111. [20:50:47] <Clarity> "Then we'll turn Sky into a laser gun and I'll keep you safe if they ever DO come down here! ... Well, if that happened I'd hafta defend the whole village from alien attacks too, I bet."
  112. [20:53:05] <Balthazar> "Vell, i do 'appen to own a laser gun already, and zhere is zis Sentry idea i proposed to Raven last week but..."
  113. [20:53:55] <Clarity> "Then EVERYONE could have laser guns! So that just means we need to hurry up and get to the moon so we can stop them before they invade, huh?"
  114. [21:01:13] <Balthazar> "Hmmm..." He ponders for a bit. "Manufacturing more of my ray gun is actually possible, eh? But i don't 'ave enough time to provide for everyone on ze village."
  115. [21:02:28] <Clarity> "Eh... Who needs it? Most of 'em could probably stop alien lasers with their bare hands. Missy could! The guard lady could!" Nod, nodnod. "The moon's the most important thing right now!" Fistpump.
  116. [21:03:04] <Clarity> "Well... I'm gonna help out no matter WHAT you do, anyway. It's gonna take WORK to get rid of me..." Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. "... Afteraquicknap."
  117. [21:04:50] <Balthazar> "Vell, i could take a bit of sleep too, it's getting late. Is zhere an empty couch i can sleep in?"
  118. [21:05:16] <Clarity> "There are...." Yaaaawn. "Empty GIANT BEDS up there. They'll... never... kn"thud.
  119. [21:06:06] * Clarity is out, just like somebody who ingested a date rape drug that won't even be invented for another hundred or so years. Even on the wooden floor, though, she curls up and manages to find comfort.
  120. [21:07:16] * Balthazar uses all of his girly strength to hold Clarity up, taking her to one of the Giantbeds while he waddles to another of them, slowly closing his eyes. "...You know... Ve could use ze same bed after marr..." Ker-sleep!
  121. [21:08:04] <Balthazar> </session>
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