What do you think about MTS's Rank Math?

Jul 4th, 2020
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  1. What do you think about MTS's Rank Math?
  2. I really like the UI of Rank Math, but I don't know if it's good enough to ditch the other plugins.
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  15. https://wordpress.org/support/topic/26-reasons-not-to-like-rank-math/
  16. This plugin is bullshit. The developers of MTS are exchanging support if you leave a 5-star review on their plugin on WP.
  17. https://wordpress.org/plugins/seo-by-rank-math/
  18. Also, most basic functionalities are not working (no-index problems, sitemaps, etc.)
  19. Do not use it.
  20. Haven't tried.
  21. Just found this:
  22. https://wordpress.org/support/topic/26-reasons-not-to-like-rank-math/
  23. Thanks
  25. This plugin is bullshit. The developers of MTS are exchanging support if you leave a 5-star review on their plugin on WP.
  26. https://wordpress.org/plugins/seo-by-rank-math/
  27. Also, most basic functionalities are not working (no-index problems, sitemaps, etc.)
  28. Do not use it.
  29. Thanks for the input. Any alternative that you recommend? Should I stick with Yoast?
  30. Yes, Yoast is the leading SEO plugin for WordPress. Do you experience any difficulties with Yoast?
  31. For me Seo Framework works well enough. It may lack the fluff you find in Yoast and others but it's an efficient plugin, IMO.
  32. And is FREE
  33. I prefer yoast premium,no point to switch on others.
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  38. Unfortunately, there is only Yoast.. Although they did a lot of HUGE mistakes which lead into terrible consequences as some people lost their rankings and never got it back yet there's no other good option rather than them in the market. I'm really wondering why there is no decent SEO plugin (paid) better than Yoast yet.
  39. I thought Rank Math was good but I switched back to Yoast
  40. Just launch new project with Rank math. need time to see how it going on when compare with big player like Yoast SEO.
  41. Just use Yoast is enough, quick update everytime and solid forever. That rank math shit thing forces you to see their message again and again and again and again and again in your dashboard.
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  48. What do you think about MTS's Rank Math?
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  55. Ah, whole of journalism, which, apparently, no longer includes local business coverage.
  56. You know the slogan: "news isn't news, unless it isn't local."
  57. The struggles are all across the media landscape. The new Boston Globe CEO lasted a half-year. The San Diego Union-Tribune resorted to using GoFundMe. The Chicago Sun-Times sold
  59. for $1. Moody's issued a negative outlook for the US newspaper sector. As the industry declines the biggest players view consolidation as the only solution.
  60. These struggles existed even before the largest brand advertisers like P&G cut back on low & no value ad venues like YouTube:
  61. In the fourth quarter, the reduction in marketing that occurred was almost all in the digital space. And what it reflected was a choice to cut spending from a digital standpoint
  63. where it was ineffective: where either we were serving bots as opposed to human beings, or where the placement of ads was not facilitating the equity of our brands.
  64. Google & Facebook are extending their grip on the industry with Google launching topical feeds & Facebook wanting to control subscription management.
  65. Best of luck to journalists on the employment front:
  66. The initiative, dubbed Reporters and Data and Robots (RADAR), will see a team of five journalists work with Natural Language Generation software to produce over 30,000 pieces of
  68. content for local media each month.
  69. Hopefully editors catch the subtle errors the bots make, because most of them will not be this obvious & stupid.
  70. The Guardian does not seem to know what a 40 is https://t.co/m7Gm1YrbXC pic.twitter.com/Y0sK9r0ltJ— Shuja Haider (@shujaxhaider) July 26, 2020
  71. The cost of parasitic content recycling is coming down quickly:
  72. In a show of strength last year, Microsoft used thousands of these chips at once to translate all of English Wikipedia into Spanish-3 billion words across five million articles-in
  74. less than a tenth of a second. Next Microsoft will let its cloud customers use these chips to speed up their own AI tasks.
  75. Voice search makes it even easier to extract the rewards without paying publishers. Throwing pennies at journalists does nothing to change this.
  76. And that voice shift is happening fast: "By 2020 half of search will be via voice"
  77. If Google is subsidizing robotic journalism they are thus legitimizing robotic journalism. As big publishers employ the tactic, Google ranks it.
  78. Checking some Heliograf articles (AI-written) reveals once again they do rank well. Google is in a tough position here. It's inevitable... pic.twitter.com/g0Etcx3rFj— Glenn Gabe
  80. (@glenngabe) September 16, 2020
  81. It is almost impossible to compete economically with an entity that rewrites your work & has zero marginal cost of production.
  82. YouTube has perhaps the worst comments on the web. Some mainstream news sites got rid of comments because they couldn't justify the cost of policing them. That in turn shifts the
  84. audience & attention stream to sites like Facebook & Twitter. Some news sites which are still leaving comments enabled rely on a Google filter, a technology Google can use on
  86. YouTube as they see fit.
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