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  1. public class Driver {
  3.         public static void main(String[] args) {
  5.             Stack<Book> toBeSorted = new Stack<Book>();
  8.             toBeSorted.push(new Book("A Great Plenty","E. Nuff","fiction"));
  9.             toBeSorted.push(new Book("How to Cut Grass","Lon Moore","nonFiction"));
  10.             toBeSorted.push(new Book("Breaking the Law","Kermit A. Krime","nonFiction"));
  11.             toBeSorted.push(new Book("Chest Pain","I. Koffalott","nonFiction"));
  12.             toBeSorted.push(new Book("Housework","Dustin Cook","nonFiction"));
  13.             toBeSorted.push(new Book("I Love Mathematics","Adam Up","nonFiction"));
  14.             toBeSorted.push(new Book("Armed Heists","Robin Banks","fiction"));
  15.             toBeSorted.push(new Book("Allegiance to the King","Neil Downe","fiction"));
  16.             toBeSorted.push(new Book("Flea Circus", "Ivan Elovanitch","fiction"));
  17.             toBeSorted.push(new Book("Girl on a Budget","Penny Pincher","fiction"));
  18.             toBeSorted.push(new Book("Is O.J. Guilty", "Howard I. Know","nonFiction"));
  19.             toBeSorted.push(new Book("A Stitch in Time", "Justin Case","fiction"));
  20.             toBeSorted.push(new Book("You Want Me To Do What?","Shirley U. Jest","fiction"));
  21.             toBeSorted.push(new Book("Are You Hungry, Monkey?","Ava Banana","nonFiction"));
  22.             toBeSorted.push(new Book("Into the Lion's Den","Hugo First","fiction"));
  23.             toBeSorted.push(new Book("How to Keep Fit","Jim Shorts","nonFiction"));
  24.             toBeSorted.push(new Book("I Lived in Detroit","Helen Earth","nonFiction"));
  25.             toBeSorted.push(new Book("Christmas Music","Carol Singers","nonFiction"));
  26.             toBeSorted.push(new Book("How To Pass Your Final Exam","Noah Lott","nonFiction"));
  27.             toBeSorted.push(new Book("Keep On Trying","Percy Veer","nonFiction"));
  28.             toBeSorted.push(new Book("A New Dawn Coming","Tamara Morning","fiction"));
  29.             toBeSorted.push(new Book("Computers for Dummies","P.C. Lerner","nonFiction"));
  30.             toBeSorted.push(new Book("Late For Class","I. Bluitt","fiction"));
  31.             toBeSorted.push(new Book("Blinded by the Light","I.C. Clerly","fiction"));
  32.             toBeSorted.push(new Book("Yellow River","I.P. Daly","fiction"));       
  33.             toBeSorted.push(new Book("Forty years in the saddle","Major Bumsore","nonFiction"   ));
  36.             Stack<Book> fiction = new Stack();
  38.             Stack<Book> nonfiction = new Stack();
  39.         }  
  40. }
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