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  1. █ you better know
  3. username : -tripleh
  4. password : cheetos
  5. birth name : do yeongeun
  6. other name : ahn jua (legally changed her birth name)
  7. nickname/s : none
  8. stage name : jua
  9. date of birth : jan 19, 1998
  10. birthplace : gwangju, south korea
  11. hometown : mokpo, south korea
  12. nationality : korean
  13. ethnicity : korean, chinese
  14. height : 165 cm
  15. weight : 49 kg
  17. █ zoo
  19. slot : can you feel it
  20. backup slot : nothing
  21. face claim : eunjin (dia)
  22. backup face claim : yulhee (laboum)
  23. personality :
  24. ㅡsavage (try talking abt stupid things, she'll never let you live)
  25. ㅡsoftie (can be the biggest softie once u get to know her)
  26. ㅡsexy (another side of her, naturally comes out when sensual songs play along)
  27. ㅡclumsy (ironic. since she's quite the dancer, she's very clumsy)
  28. ㅡpolite (esp to elders, knows where to place herself)
  29. ㅡobservant (at quiet times, she'd observe things and ppl around her, but not in a creepy way)
  30. ㅡlively (despite her sarcastic attitude, you'll never get bored with her)
  31. ㅡversatile (she can adapt to changes easily)
  33. background :
  34. ㅡher family are located in mokpo, south korea. (her parents are both teachers; has a younger brother)
  35. ㅡcousins with critical beauty (they both auditioned for jyp at such a young age)
  36. ㅡmoved in critical beauty's family when she went to seoul
  37. ㅡher family never supported her at first
  38. ㅡgraduated high school already
  41. ㅡmaking choreographies
  42. ㅡdancing to girl&boy groups
  43. ㅡlistening to english music (esp rap and r&b music)
  44. ㅡwatching english movies to enhance her english skills
  45. ㅡteaching fellow trainees how to dance
  46. ㅡstaying up all night to produce music or perfecting a dance choreography
  48. dislikes :
  49. ㅡannoying people (ppl who pesters her to death aka some of her members, except the fans though)
  50. ㅡseafood (she's allergic)
  51. ㅡcooking (very clumsy, can't do shit)
  52. ㅡbeing a pushover or a freeloader
  53. ㅡgiving up easily
  54. ㅡhaving no motivation
  56. habits :
  57. ㅡtwirling hair or fidgeting (taps both feet) when nervous
  58. ㅡroasting ppl (not literally okaaay)
  59. ㅡgoes to a park (or somewhere quiet) to clear up her mind
  60. ㅡjumps around when gets excited
  61. ㅡhitting her member's butt just for fun
  63. trivias :
  64. ㅡhas a tattoo (anchor on right upper arm)
  65. ㅡhas a cat named sugar and a dog named brownie (both in mokpo bc she cant take care of them as a trainee)
  66. ㅡlooked up to her snsd & bigbang sunbaenims
  67. ㅡfluent in english (thanks to the ppl who influenced her)
  68. ㅡknows how to produce music (it was part of the training)
  69. ㅡif she wasn't training to be an idol, she'd enter college (major in teaching)
  70. ㅡtrained for 5 years (started training at the age of 14)
  71. ㅡnever had a boyfriend (too focused on the future)
  72. ㅡhas a dance group named "destiny" (lasted for a year only) before she joined jyp ent
  73. ㅡfriends with kyulkyung (pristin) & sinb (gfriend)
  75. █  mojito
  77. personality on variety shows :
  78. ㅡpolite
  79. ㅡlively (the type who wants to engage herself with a conversation)
  80. ㅡsarcastic (tries to limit it as much as possible to avoid conflict; does it without thinking, at most times it makes ppl laugh)
  81. ㅡalways participates during random dances
  82. ㅡwants to interact with everyone
  84. personality around fans :
  85. ㅡpolite
  86. ㅡwants to interact with everyone
  87. ㅡdoesn't really show much aegyo
  88. ㅡcomfortable around fans
  89. ㅡas much as possible, she expresses her love and gratitude towards them
  91. █ red flavor
  93. audition videos :
  94. 1) dance (gashina by sunmi & babe by hyuna)
  95. 2) rap (one of a kind by gd)
  97. requested scene/s : (they could be tasks as well)
  98. ㅡthey make/write/produce/compose songs
  99. ㅡthey choreograph dances
  100. ㅡdo cover songs/dances
  101. ㅡboth teams do a sing/dance competition
  102. ㅡboth teams do random dance competition
  104. █  hear the sea
  106. message for me : hi minwa! the cutest pusheen stan! ♡ thank u for making this gg af ily xo
  107. message for other members : dont talk to me unless u say something brilliant. kidding, i luv you guys! even though i'm being like this, gimme some luv! <3
  108. message for the fans : hello pls anticipate dna's debut! we will never disappoint you, thank you!
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