OBLs on PBNs, link juice efficiency when abnormally high?

Jun 29th, 2020
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  1. OBLs on PBNs, link juice efficiency when abnormally high?
  2. Currently testing various PBN rental vendors on BHW. Many share the same format when deploying their PBNs, in particular those with homepage links to money sites.
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  14. One in particular link out to multiple authoritative sites within the post. Now, I understand the reasoning behind this approach, which is to enhance legitimacy in G's eyes. But wouldn't this dilute the juice gathered on the homepage, therefore affecting money sites?
  15. For example, the PBN's homepage has 25 posts. Each post will link to 1 money site + 2 related authoritative (legit) articles on the subject. This results in 75 homepage OBLs... All do-f0ll0w.
  16. Care to share some thoughts on this approach?
  17. im also curious about this
  18. Linking out to authorative is a confirmed ranking resource but yes it will most likely dilute the power & probably useless for a PBN since theres no point in doing it unless u intend to rank the post
  19. I think those additional links would be no follow but ask sellers here
  20. Linking out to authorative is a confirmed ranking resource but yes it will most likely dilute the power & probably useless for a PBN since theres no point in doing it unless u intend to rank the post
  21. also sometimes the articles seems "incomplete" without citing to external sources .. but what about with APA style citing or similar (no html ahref code) ,google still counted citation number
  22. and with html ahref citing ,should we nofollow them all? im unsure as follow links is sign of trust
  23. I’m sure there’s some dilution, but also a trade off of increased authority / legitimacy.
  24. Years ago Matt Cutts shared that Pagerank is not passed as simply as a “split” anymore.
  25. Meaning, if you have multiple links on a page, it doesn’t inherently mean that the pagerank is equally split among them.
  26. So will there be dilution? Likely yes. Is it worth linking to authority sites to look more legitimate to the algorithm, also likely yes.
  27. I’ve always used authority links on my PBNs, and sometimes even link to competitors. The idea is that you want to have some of the same links as them. I certainly don’t do this every time, but there are circumstances where it can be useful.
  28. I think those additional links would be no follow but ask sellers here
  29. Unfortunately no follow links will leak link juice too. That was said by Matt Cutts some years ago.
  30. Explanation: https://seo-hacker.com/pagerank-sculpting/
  31. Or it could be like Google Reader. A free service which defunded all competing products & then was shut down because it didn't have a legitimate business model due to it being built explicitly to prevent competition. With the death of Google reader many blogs also slid into irrelevancy.
  32. Their FeedBurner acquisition was icing on the cake.
  33. Techdirt is known for generally being pro-Google & they recently summed up FeedBurner nicely:
  34. Thanks, Google, For Fucking Over A Bunch Of Media Websites - Mike Masnick
  35. Ultimately Google is a horrible business partner.
  36. And they are an even worse one if there is no formal contract.
  37. Dumb Pipes, Dumb Partnerships
  39. Nearly a decade after Panda, eHow's rankings still haven't recovered.
  41. Back when I got started with SEO the phrase Indian SEO company was associated with cut-rate work where people were buying exclusively based on price. Sort of like a "I got a $500 budget for link building, but can not under any circumstance invest more than $5 in any individual link." Part of how my wife met me was she hired a hack SEO from San Diego who outsourced all the work to India and marked the price up about 100-fold while claiming it was all done in the United States. He created reciprocal links pages that got her site penalized & it didn't rank until after she took her reciprocal links page down.
  42. With that sort of behavior widespread (hack US firm teaching people working in an emerging market poor practices), it likely meant many SEO "best practices" which were learned in an emerging market (particularly where the web was also underdeveloped) would be more inclined to being spammy. Considering how far ahead many Western markets were on the early Internet & how India has so many languages & how most web usage in India is based on mobile devices where it is hard for users to create links, it only makes sense that Google would want to place more weight on end user data in such a market.
  43. If you set your computer location to India Bing's search box lists 9 different languages to choose from.
  45. The above is not to state anything derogatory about any emerging market, but rather that various signals are stronger in some markets than others. And competition is stronger in some markets than others.
  46. Search engines can only rank what exists.
  47. "In a lot of Eastern European - but not just Eastern European markets - I think it is an issue for the majority of the [bream? muffled] countries, for the Arabic-speaking world, there just isn't enough content as compared to the percentage of the Internet population that those regions represent. I don't have up to date data, I know that a couple years ago we looked at Arabic for example and then the disparity was enormous. so if I'm not mistaken the Arabic speaking population of the world is maybe 5 to 6%, maybe more, correct me if I am wrong. But very definitely the amount of Arabic content in our index is several orders below that. So that means we do not have enough Arabic content to give to our Arabic users even if we wanted to. And you can exploit that amazingly easily and if you create a bit of content in Arabic, whatever it looks like we're gonna go you know we don't have anything else to serve this and it ends up being horrible. and people will say you know this works. I keyword stuffed the hell out of this page, bought some links, and there it is number one. There is nothing else to show, so yeah you're number one. the moment somebody actually goes out and creates high quality content that's there for the long haul, you'll be out and that there will be one." - Andrey Lipattsev – Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google Ireland, on Mar 23, 2020
  49. Impacting the Economics of Publishing
  51. Now search engines can certainly influence the economics of various types of media. At one point some otherwise credible media outlets were pitching the Demand Media IPO narrative that Demand Media was the publisher of the future & what other media outlets will look like. Years later, after heavily squeezing on the partner network & promoting programmatic advertising that reduces CPMs by the day Google is funding partnerships with multiple news publishers like McClatchy & Gatehouse to try to revive the news dead zones even Facebook is struggling with.
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