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  1. The future refused to change. No matter where George went, these words were true. A few weeks ago seeing all of his friends be killed in inventingly horrific ways would've reduced him to a sobbing husk of a human being, with the gnashing of teeth the inevitable despair that would soon come after. But he stopped caring after the 2nd doomed timeline. The part of him that loved, that felt sorrow, that would miss Drago and Alexa and Fang and everybody...That part had died when he saw Blake uselessly give up his life and Deliah become a tool of Fate.So he stood atop yet another Morty's still warm corpse.
  2. He had wondered what would happen if he used the Chronotar to keep Blake in a stasis, maybe then he would survive...
  3. But the future refused to change.
  4. George turned his head, the uncut blonde hair swishing a bit. It was funny. With his new Avenger armor and the X-Brade, the hair completed the illusion of George being a real life Zero. A scraggly looking girl with hair a light shade of blonde then his, eyes like sapphires, torn kevlar vest..He could recognize her anywhere. "Hey, hon..."The words stumbled out of his mouth like a wino that hit the sauce too hard. It didn't matter how she reacted. It would all end the same. "...George!? Is that you? What the hell did you do to Morty!?" Deliah screamed. She obviously wasn't prepared for this."Hon..I hate to say this..but you're in a null session. Morty was fated to die...Just like Blake and Alexa and all the others..I'm just here to grab this." He picked up the Chronotar, in Morty's bloody clutches. "I SHOULD KNOW, I'M THE ONE WHO HAD TO DO IT."Deliah took out her favored high powered rifle. "IF I HAVE TO KILL YOU TWICE, I WILL." Fantastic, George thought. Another Psycho-Deliah? He opened fire with the Cross-shot, releasing the X-shaped projectiles that screamt death as they flew. Deliah quickly jumped through the window of Morty's house, the Cross shots tearing the remaining glass trying to chase her.
  5. Deliah returned fire with her own rifle.
  6. The  Avenger armor took the bullets relatively well, but George took of in a dash trying to avoid the shots. This continued for 4 minutes, the house being torn apart by the Cross shots as he tried to aim at the quickly fleeing girl, and it would of continued longer had a rapier not been driven through deliah's neck. Her bleeding body was dropped from the second floor soon after."Alright, who the hell did that. Come on out here!" George waved the X-Brade around, calling up a bravado he thought had been abandoned long ago.
  7. "...." Morty stepped out of the house, Rapier at the ready. George looked from the corpse of the bard nearby to the flesh and blood bard of time facing him."You're not from this timeline, I'm damn sure of that. So...which one are you from?" The blonde bomber wanted to know this badly...Morty spoke quickly, like he had seen this a hundred times. "I'm from the main line, I'm trying to see the ruined timelines." A spark played deep within the Avenger's heart. "I'm..I'm seeing the timelines too. God, you don't know how long it's been since I've seen a non-doomed Morty..Can..can I see you a bit closer?" The bard of time winced. Apparently he'd heard something to this effect before. It didn't end well for his time-clone, the psychotic george, and around 4 miles worth of LoTaT's landscape.
  8. But he still walked forward into a steadily less stoic George's arms. A shiver ran up Morty's spine as Deja Vu overtook him. A shiver ran up George's spine as well, but not out of apprehension. An emotion-if you could call it that-had been reawakened seeing somebody he knew become a  fellow wanderer. The human emotion(?) of friendship.  For the first time in weeks, the blonde bomber felt his eyes well up with tears. Of joy? Of regret? He didn't know and didn't care.
  9. A silence stretched out between the two as the more emotional of the pair buried his face in the other's shoulder. "Morty...There's something I have to tell you...I was such a fool when I was younger. I acted like I wanted everybody in the sack. It wasn't that I was just some douche thinking with his dick...I just wanted everybody to know I loved them. God, you guys are the only friends I'll ever have, and I gave you guys so much heartache." George whispered something. "Will you ever forgive me...?"  Morty pulled away from the embrace, and took out his rapier. "...I'm guessing that's a no..?"
  11. ......(to be continued)
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