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  1. 2:25amUser-5ae67b42: hi hero
  2. 2:25amHEROonYoutube: ?
  3. 2:25amUser-050cf8a8: hey HERO!
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  5. 2:25amJakebob: who here isn't?
  6. 2:25amUser-16cc039a: I am!
  7. 2:25ammrhkol: hero i liked your video
  8. 2:25am!Michael: @HEROonYoutube Hiiiiiiiii ;DDDDD
  9. 2:25amToekee: @Alerek do u know if they are going to add a new ost?
  10. 2:25amUser-2b307610: HERO!!
  11. 2:25amCanopy Radiation: I'm exited for 1.2
  12. 2:25amUser-92dbf726: right here!
  13. 2:25amRyump: hola amegos senior, paca stasa?
  14. 2:25amUser-70e39182: MEEE!!!
  15. 2:25amUser-3a083582: HERO i love your windwwaker lets play
  16. 2:25amUser-d6e75114: soo
  17. 2:25amRagnarRocks: Is PC going to get updates for 1.2?
  18. 2:25amHEROonYoutube: you can change your name in the bottom right hand corner!
  19. 2:25amUser-050cf8a8: EVERYBODY!
  20. 2:26amUser-86ef702c: Pretty sure EVERYONE is Excited for 1.2
  21. 2:26amTheKrillHunter: I am! @HEROonYoutube
  22. 2:26amAlMightyA: @Yrimir Hows the Merlin Lets play going?
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  26. 2:26amKing Luna: @User-cf4ad8d1 @User-d6e75114 @User-e079ae57 @User-e98ed953 @User-a583e74d @User-6298ea44 @User-050cf8a8 change your name under the chat.
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  28. 2:26amLoveMachine: This site seems like a bundle of fun.
  29. User-2b307610 changed their name to meto58
  30. 2:26amGoka: nice music
  31. User-cf4ad8d1 changed their name to MIGZJR
  32. 2:26amzinnerzPT : you can change your name on the bottom right corner. Please do so.
  33. 2:26amUser-5e851ed8: Im not just excited for 1.2... Im also excited for starbound and EOS!!!
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  36. 2:26amChopzzay: alright i changed my name
  37. User-d6e75114 changed their name to masonmax100
  38. 2:26amUser-b8330029: I just joined in. What is this website?
  39. User-b5c74bb5 changed their name to bobther
  40. 2:26amRyump: /props
  41. 2:26amWizard1994: /PROPS
  42. 2:26amViniTR: hero!
  43. 2:26amAlerek: @HEROonYoutube You put us back in the #1 lobby slot <3
  44. 2:26amPropsBot: Song received 4 props from the crowd! Good Job.
  45. 2:26amWeegee: Hero. I am your biggest fan, I carve your name into my arms. Will you marry me?
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  47. 2:27amUser-0e561d03: Hello people!
  48. User-70e39182 changed their name to The Grapist
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  50. 2:27amGoka: danbull!
  51. User-86ef702c changed their name to Sagan76
  52. 2:27amTheKrillHunter [Awesome]: Yay, Dan Bull!
  53. 2:27amLoveMachine: wut
  54. 2:27amKing Luna: Edge of Space will be really buggy from what I've seen and played, I honestly hope they fix it before it's released.
  55. 2:27amAlMightyA: Oh no! Spoilers!
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  58. 2:27amChaz42: So many spoilers
  59. 2:27amThe Grapist: Are the devs here?
  60. 2:27amUser-b8330029: How did you guys change your names?
  61. 2:27amRedigit: Yup
  62. meto58 changed their name to meto58 :)
  63. 2:27amGoka: Everyones here
  64. 2:27amUser-e307ba07: Are these updates going to be on the computer too?
  65. 2:27amWizard1994: Hello!
  66. 2:27amCanopy Radiation: NIce
  67. GLADIATA changed their name to 웃웃 yoLo 웃웃
  68. 2:27amsilver53q1: o dam redidgit in the house
  69. 2:27am!Michael: Oh, lag...
  70. 2:27amChocolate C4: /props
  71. 2:27amRyump: ?!? I was no 1 on the list but now im not even on it
  72. 2:27amTheKrillHunter [Awesome]: I am here
  73. 2:27amLoveMachine: I CAN'T STOP WATCHING
  74. User-babf8738 changed their name to Randemere890
  75. 2:27amUser-5ae67b42: hero is their gona be new mobs on the next update???
  76. 2:27amRedigit: These update will be on PC first
  77. 2:27amp0alves: WOW devs in the house! =D
  78. 2:27amlikkyzero: redigit do you have anything to say?
  79. 2:27amThe Grapist: Just saying, love your game!!
  80. 2:27amKing Luna: click the 'User-14852592' under the chat, next to the little icon
  81. 2:27amUser-b8330029: /props Bryce
  82. 2:27amUser-682fd03f: this is the terraria chat ?
  83. 2:28amUser-d6d6d660: hi how is everon
  84. 2:28amUser-06881db5: Hi
  85. 2:28amHEROonYoutube: We are officially the number one room on plug woooooohooooo
  86. 2:28amUser-e307ba07: :D
  87. 2:28amRedigit: Thanks :)
  88. 2:28amCanopy Radiation: Hi red
  89. 2:28amKing Luna: we did that already Hero
  90. 2:28amAlMightyA: so @Redigit we know the update is going to be bigger than 1.1, but is 1.2 going to bring another dimension?
  91. 2:28am!Michael IS GONNA CREATE A STEAM :/
  92. User-6e757840 changed their name to Cooldudepoke
  93. 2:28amGoka: redigit do you plan to have different buffs for different pairs of wings?
  94. 2:28amRyump: /bleh
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  97. 2:28amJakebob: 'scuse you :o
  98. User-3a083582 changed their name to LUCKTBASTED45
  99. User-92dbf726 changed their name to SupahMexican
  100. User-e307ba07 changed their name to Bamomomo
  101. 2:28amRandemere890: seeing hero live is like meeting god
  102. 2:28amp0alves: There will be new types of flying mobs?
  103. 2:28ammeto58 :): more animals to Terraria???
  104. 2:28amzinnerzPT: @!Michael yay! :D
  105. 2:28am!Michael: x3
  106. 2:28amTheKrillHunter [Awesome]: /props
  107. 2:28amUser-b521c9ac: oh boy, can you take off the trillion of animals at the bottom of the screen?
  108. 2:28amKros: hey redigit great job
  109. 2:28amHEROonYoutube: hellow everyone! If you aren't aware @Redigit is the creator of the game. People in pink are mods, youtubers, or important people who help the community.
  110. 2:28amUser-f1acfd7f: hello
  111. 2:28amUser-4771df70: when will there be an update for xbox 360 version??
  112. 2:28amBamomomo: Is it true there will be marshmallows?
  113. 2:28amBludud101: Any chance for late May? Or is June the earilest?
  114. 2:29amThiago1505-BR: nice vid hero!!
  115. 2:29amzinnerzPT: @!Michael Don't forget to add me there ;)
  116. 2:29amUser-a34cb9e9: When WILL THE THD UPDATE COME OUT?!
  117. 2:29amRedigit: No new dimensions, but there will be new biomes and progression is going to extend past 1.1
  118. 2:29am!Michael: @zinnerzPT I will :/
  119. 2:29amUser-55bea2b2: is hero here?
  120. 2:29amKing Luna: June/July
  121. User-06881db5 changed their name to Pivotdude37
  122. 2:29amGoka: hi im a black man
  123. 2:29amUser-f1acfd7f: hi hero
  124. 2:29amBamomomo: June/July
  125. 2:29amKing Luna: ye Hero's here
  126. 2:29amBludud101: earliest*
  127. 2:29amArtem: Hi, Andrew. Love your game. Is there any chance that we will get "signed chests" some day? (like tooltips with users describtions)
  128. 2:29amI am the REAL Malcolm X: ME TOO
  129. 2:29amGreylight: Hero- the man who doesn't give a fuck!
  130. User-682fd03f changed their name to Ares_Shaikh
  131. 2:29amRandemere890: i'm only here for the chat :P
  132. 2:29amAlMightyA: so @Redigit is the world generation going to be bigger to accomodate more biomes?
  133. 2:29amToekee: @Redigit is there going to be a new OST?
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  135. 2:29amRedigit: Possibly, I've heard that request a few times
  136. 2:29amUser-d6d6d660: how do u change your name
  137. 2:29amTheIdleBean: might be a stupid question, and it really is too early to ask I know, but do you think there will be more updates after the next?
  138. 2:29amThe Grapist: Someone probability has already said this but its there a more spacific release date than sometime in late May?
  139. King Luna deleted this message
  140. 2:30amCenx: You can change your name in the bottom right corner.
  141. 2:30amPsTymier: Yo Red, love you game
  142. RagnarRocks decided to skip.
  143. 2:30amRedigit: There may be an extra large world size
  144. 2:30amAlerek: ***New Users*** - Check out the Beginners Guide here! http://bit.ly/Z0C2Vo You are able to change your Nickname / Avatar by clicking on them down at the bottom right <3 (Down THERE)
  145. 2:30amPropsBot: Song received 1 Props & 1 Blehs from the crowd.
  146. 2:30amBamomomo: Could there possibly be a pet eye?
  147. 2:30amUser-b2420c37: Playing it on ps3 now had to come when I saw Heros vid
  148. User-b521c9ac changed their name to Strongfoot19
  149. 2:30amzinnerzPT: ***New Users*** - Check out the Beginners Guide here! http://bit.ly/Z0C2Vo You are able to change your Nickname / Avatar by clicking on them down at the bottom right <3 (Down THERE)
  150. 2:30amiamflip: /props
  151. 2:30am!Michael: Ugh.... WHT LAG, WHYYYYY
  152. 2:30amUser-f1acfd7f: ooh a pet eye sound cool
  153. 2:30amKing Luna: Read the rules guys http://bit.ly/15uvXlV
  154. 2:30amUser-b8330029: Is there gonna be a new mode, similar to hardmode? That would be cool.
  155. 2:30amStrongfoot19: can you take off the bottom half of the screen, it is destorying my computer
  156. 2:30amAres_Shaikh: Just wanted to say im glad you guys are doing an update, with all my heart i want to say thank you to the developers for making an amazing game, and the youtubers for making it an amazing journey for me ! thank you for carrying on with it :)
  157. King Luna deleted this message
  158. 2:30amlikkyzero: i wonder if you slip on the ice in the snow/ice biome
  159. 2:30amArtem: Cool :) And thank you for working hard to entertain us <3
  160. 2:30amRedigit: that would be cool, there will be a ton of vanity pets. I'll consider an eye
  161. 2:30amUser-39531d34: Will there be a way to move around faster
  162. 2:30amGoka: Redigit will there be new buffs for the different pairs of wings
  163. 2:30amKing Luna: Zinnerz, don't do the job of mods
  164. 2:30amUser-bc6b377e: Please add the extra large world :D
  165. User-b8330029 changed their name to BryceGoutierrez
  166. 2:30amzinnerzPT: @Alerek sorry to repeat, but yellow makes people read ^^
  167. 2:30amLUCKTBASTED45: When will terraria 1.2 be relased
  168. 2:30amUser-f1554923: hi
  169. 2:30amBamomomo: Thanks, redigit. You're pretty f*cking awesome.
  170. 2:30amRedigit: Some wings will work different then others
  171. 2:30amEnergyboy: /cap 0
  172. 2:30amUser-bb7df055: Whos there lol
  173. 2:30amp0alves: Thanks for new update! =D
  174. 2:31amUser-077e2312: I want to see a teleporter in terraria
  175. 2:31amAlMightyA: @Redigit props on the game, i have played 500 hours and havent regret any of those.
  176. 2:31ammeto58 :): Red are you going to add a new way of travel?
  177. 2:31amBludud101: Are you done adding ideas?
  178. 2:31amPikafuu: Hey @Redigit, you know what would be cool to see? A Pigron! :D
  179. User-5e851ed8 changed their name to SoccerReapzz
  180. 2:31amDJ DSniper: and suddenly 250 people
  181. 2:31am-ÐJ-P1CKR3Ð: hahah
  182. 2:31amKing Luna: not sudden
  183. 2:31am-ÐJ-P1CKR3Ð: ***New Users*** - Check out the Beginners Guide here! http://bit.ly/Z0C2Vo You are able to change your Nickname / Avatar by clicking on them down at the bottom right <3 (↓↓↓↓↓↓)
  184. 2:31amsilver53q1: i think that if the world size dosn't get changed then the biomes would have to be small and infequente to accomidate for world size
  185. 2:31amThiago1505-BR: release date please!!!
  186. 2:31amUser-4771df70: when will there be an updat for xbox
  187. 2:31amRedigit: Probably late may-june
  188. 2:31am!Michael: @Redigit How do I create a steam? :/
  189. 2:31amPivotdude37: How effective will the cannons be?
  190. 2:31amUser-bb7df055: Hi @Redigit
  191. 2:31amzinnerzPT: @DJ DSniper *290
  192. 2:31amPsTymier: We're coming from HERO
  193. 2:31amGoka: Will there be different types of ammo for cannons
  194. 2:31amlikkyzero: so pigs in terraria maybe?
  195. 2:31amUser-c15e6189: Is HERO still here
  196. 2:31amArtem: So, some wings will get us to bottom, instead of flying up? :D "troll-wings" haha
  197. 2:31amBludud101: As in do you have a set list of things you want to finish beofre the update?
  198. 2:31amUser-482de5b2: red i love you
  199. 2:31amp0alves: Could I feed the pets,train then?
  200. 2:31amDJ DSniper: @zinnerzPT i count 250 >_>
  201. 2:31amRedigit: Possibly July
  202. 2:31amPavlovaOfFear: Devs: Will there be a trailer for 1.2, and if so, can you give us an estimate on it's release?
  203. 2:31am-ÐJ-P1CKR3Ð: @HEROonYoutube you there
  204. 2:31amCanopy Radiation: The damcomg antros make my computer lag.
  205. 2:31amBryceGoutierrez: @Redigit will there be a few new complete tiers of armor?
  206. 2:31amRedigit: I am going as fast as I can, but there is a lot I want to do
  207. 2:31amToekee: Improve the game / background music please
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  209. 2:31amzinnerzPT: @DJ DSniper It show's 290ish here http://puu.sh/2EFi0.png
  210. 2:32amBamomomo: Bye guys!
  211. 2:32amBludud101: I hope sooner than july. :P
  212. 2:32amAres_Shaikh: When do you think things will be done by ? it'll be a huge release !
  213. 2:32amThiago1505-BR: Redegit please add a skyrim themed vanity item!!!
  214. 2:32amlikkyzero: hmm if you were to take your time what the release be then?
  215. Garrett Harris changed their name to canocan99
  216. 2:32amUser-96b0ad5b: We will have some or all of the xbox items update for pc version?
  217. 2:32amThe Grapist: Moar music would be awesome!!!!
  218. 2:32amAlMightyA: @Redigit everyone is so exited for the update that, i think nobody cares when it comes, just that it is going to come.
  219. 2:32amRedigit: @Bludud101 Yes I do
  220. 2:32amUser-bb7df055: What else is gunna be in the update, any weapons? @Redigit
  221. 2:32am!Michael: @Bamomomo Byeeee ;d
  222. 2:32amMrHkolOnYoutube: put harlem shake on and have one person dancing then have evryone
  223. 2:32amKing Luna: guys, use common sense before you ask questions, many have been answered before
  224. 2:32amCanopy Radiation: Is there a way to turn off all the dancing animals
  225. 2:32amDJ DSniper: @zinnerzPT clicking on the user button on the upper left shows 250 >_>
  226. 2:32amUser-b59bfaa3: Will the new update come to ps3 quickly?
  227. 2:32amGoka: Will there be different types of ammo for cannons
  228. User-bc6b377e changed their name to UKoE Luna
  229. 2:32amΩ: Going to the moon in Terraria...
  230. 2:32amBryceGoutierrez: @Redigit A new type of weapon would be really awesome, as well. Any chance that'll be in?
  231. 2:32amUser-bb7df055: I just got here lol
  232. 2:32amzinnerzPT: @DJ DSniper true
  233. 2:32amAlMightyA: and @Redigit nice going on the multiple color wires, you beat Mojang on that!
  234. 2:32amBludud101: I'm thinking I'll enjoy the shit out of the terraria update, than hopefuly after that starbound will be out. :P
  235. 2:32amUser-e6036531: Id rather have them take their time on the update and have it be amazing than have them do a quick update thats half assed
  236. 2:32amArtem: No chance we'll get "what done is up" update scheme, right? Tehehe :D
  237. 2:32amThe Grapist: No space bimoe
  238. 2:32amRedigit: I am still talking to 505 about porting the update over
  239. User-482de5b2 changed their name to ZXXZY
  240. 2:32amRyump: woag
  241. 2:33am!Michael: Hi @conorbebe ;D
  242. 2:33amRedigit: Console and PC versions are way different
  243. 2:33amUser-c46ef4aa: Hey red are you planning any changes for reforging?
  244. 2:33amUser-d6e2decf: Wiag
  245. User-6a32969a changed their name to ImChinese
  246. 2:33amPikafuu: Yes, they are.
  247. 2:33am-ÐJ-P1CKR3Ð: ***New Users*** - Check out the Beginners Guide here! http://bit.ly/Z0C2Vo You are able to change your Nickname / Avatar by clicking on them down at the bottom right <3 (↓↓↓↓↓↓)
  248. 2:33amsilver53q1: @redigit how many biomes are there going to be?
  249. User-39531d34 changed their name to Shwanhan
  250. 2:33amconorbebe: I came back, I couldn't resist.Just a little longer :P
  251. 2:33amJakebob: I noticed that.
  252. 2:33amGoka: Will there be different types ofa mmo for cannons
  253. 2:33amUser-543f76e1: Hey guys I just joined
  254. 2:33amRedigit: There will probably be a few new reforge options
  255. 2:33amlikkyzero: are you enjoying making the update redigit?
  256. 2:33amPropsBot: Song received 1 props from the crowd! Good Job.
  257. 2:33amHasp: @Redigit Don't rush it too hard Red, make sure its stable before its out
  258. 2:33amUser-808208fe: O_O
  259. 2:33amUser-d6e2decf: what about console?
  260. 2:33amUser-bb7df055: @Redigit the damn Arch Wyverns in the Console version are harrddd
  261. 2:33amzinnerzPT: Ok.. I can't stay here.. I have work to do.. Cya peepz
  262. 2:33amRedigit: We are playing with another idea to alter the way your gear works
  263. 2:33amRyump: /props
  264. User-543f76e1 changed their name to theicyblade99
  265. 2:33amRedigit: No promises though
  266. 2:33amHEROonYoutube: hey everyone
  267. 2:33amHEROonYoutube: !
  268. 2:33amzergdaycare: /props
  269. 2:33amUser-2af1f0d5: dont care when the update some out just keep at it redigit!
  270. 2:33amrhef: STOP ASKING QUESTIONS
  271. 2:33amΩ: 30/48 T_T
  272. 2:33amUser-28db9d57: Will compatibility with Macs come in the near future?
  273. 2:33amWizard1994: Look what I did on the spoiler discussion! :D http://i.imgur.com/scwaTVe.png
  274. 2:33amUser-3e8f6bed: launchdate is?
  275. 2:33amPikafuu: 300 users holy cow
  276. 2:33amUser-422a23b2: Hi ;D.... PIE
  277. BryceGoutierrez changed their name to PokemonMasterBryce
  278. 2:33amUser-3c3ae143: OMG
  279. 2:33amGoka: /props
  280. 2:33amThiago1505-BR: hi HERO!!!
  281. 2:33amAlMightyA: @Redigit Please no armor breaking.
  282. 2:33amSupahMexican: hi HERO :D
  283. 2:33amUser-1aae9dc8: will the console versian of terraria get the new update?
  284. 2:33amUser-8ac513e0: Hero hello :3 omg!!!!
  285. 2:34amRedigit: No, that sucks
  286. 2:34amUser-8da483f9: Hero are you going to make a new lets play with 1.2
  287. 2:34amUser-d6e2decf: What about the console version ?
  288. 2:34amLUCKTBASTED45: Red could you add differnt colored glowsticks?
  289. 2:34amUser-bb7df055: HERO
  290. 2:34amHEROonYoutube: I cant even keep up with chat
  291. 2:34amUser-3c3ae143: #Terraria :D
  292. 2:34amrhef: STOP ASKING QUESTION'S
  293. 2:34amKing Luna: Read this before asking question: http://redd.it/1bpz6k
  294. 2:34amPropsBot: Song received 2 props from the crowd! Good Job.
  295. 2:34amTheIdleBean: will always remember my most shameful moment, after months of playing Terraria with mates, I realised all of my gear was in social x.x
  296. 2:34amtheicyblade99: Question: Have you guys added any new bosses?
  297. Bassnectar changed their name to Rasta_Lance
  298. 2:34amHEROonYoutube: is slow mode on
  299. 2:34amUser-c46ef4aa: Oh hi Hero lol
  300. 2:34amBludud101: What about new modifiers?
  301. Mako Wolfen changed their name to Makopaws
  302. 2:34amPikafuu: @Redigit can you make the next spoiler show us what the Pigron looks like? :3
  303. 2:34amUser-3ede491a: a
  304. 2:34amUser-8ac513e0: Just got done watching his new upload love hero's gameplays
  305. 2:34amRandemere890: how come some of the gear in the console version recolors? my only question :|
  306. 2:34amsilver53q1: i secind the different collored glow sticks
  307. 2:34amRyump: /props
  308. User-28db9d57 changed their name to Pants Man
  309. 2:34amKing Luna: yes herp
  310. 2:34amUser-5c01add6: Do you love me?
  311. 2:34amRedigit: @LUCKTBASTED45 Maybe.. probably not though
  312. 2:34amUser-e50f759a: Hero just saw your video thanks for that man.
  313. 2:34amUser-4cc31473: hey was that a pet penguin
  314. 2:34amUser-bb7df055: *Cue Yimir*
  315. 2:34am-ÐJ-P1CKR3Ð: ***New Users*** - Check out the Beginners Guide here! http://bit.ly/Z0C2Vo You are able to change your Nickname / Avatar by clicking on them down at the bottom right <3 (↓↓↓↓↓↓)
  316. 2:34amPants Man: Will compatibility with macs be coming?
  317. 2:34amUser-d6d6d660: go zelda
  318. 2:34amLUCKTBASTED45: Ok
  319. 2:34amJakebob: trust me to recognise that font at the start :/
  320. 2:34amUser-ad151cb7: Hello
  321. 2:34amUser-2a99b7f2: Any word on a release date? THANKS! :)
  322. 2:34am-ÐJ-P1CKR3Ð: HERO IS FARTS
  323. 2:35amconorbebe: @Redigit New things to combine in the Tinkerer's workshop?
  324. 2:35amUser-7fd5057f: meh
  325. 2:35amUser-3c3ae143: You guys should make a Podcast or something (^_^)/
  326. 2:35amKros: release date may - july
  327. 2:35amRedigit: @Pants Man I am not working on a mac port right now. You never know what's in the future though
  328. 2:35amUser-1e3d5e6a: Will there be bigger world sizes?
  329. 2:35amKing Luna: @Yrimir apparently people wanna see you
  330. User-808208fe changed their name to ShorsZorg
  331. 2:35amBludud101: Yes. :D
  332. User-48b18799 changed their name to leetsoup
  333. 2:35amTheIdleBean: will there be a Snow biome armour set, and if so, will it have a cool set effect? :D
  334. 2:35amRyump: @!Michael whats your steam?
  335. 2:35amΩ: @Redigit How will putting down water work now, will it automatically make a water fall or does the water fall in drops still?
  336. 2:35amzinnerzPT: @Redigit and what about a proper Modding API?
  337. 2:35amUser-8ac513e0: Redigit will the lighting effects be different in caves for all the different biomes?
  338. 2:35amRedigit: @conorbebe I've already got a TON of new tinkerables in the game. And there is a lot more to come
  339. 2:35amUser-bb7df055: Hi @Yrimir
  340. 2:35amUser-c46ef4aa: @Redigit Are you going to change the sunglasses sprite? Currently I think it looks bulky
  341. ImChinese changed their name to PersonalNotTakenBecauceN
  342. 2:35amShorsZorg: so much juicy info :D
  343. 2:35amPikafuu: Terraria with a mac port + steam cloud integrity would be awesome <3
  344. 2:35amBludud101: Like combining bands, please.
  345. 2:35amsilver53q1: @ redigit come on you know hes gonna get what he wants when his name is luckybastard
  346. 2:35amRedigit: @User-c46ef4aa Yeah it is pretty ugly. Maybe if I get time
  347. 2:35amconorbebe: @Redigit Awesome! That'll save a lot of space for the new stuff!
  348. PersonalNotTakenBecauceN changed their name to ThisNameIsNotTaken
  349. 2:36amWeegee: HERP
  350. 2:36amLord Rawrg: HERP
  351. 2:36amrhef: HERP
  352. 2:36amEnergyboy: HERP
  353. 2:36amKing Luna: HERP
  354. 2:36amKelp: HERP
  355. 2:36amUser-8da483f9: HERO with you nake a new lets play on 1.2
  356. 2:36amWizard1994: @Redigit did you decide to use gems for armor enchanting and stuff? Just curious and I'm eating candy too lol
  357. 2:36amCookiecube: HER{
  358. 2:36amKros: HERP
  359. 2:36amUser-bb7df055: New gun @Redigit
  360. 2:36amRyump: /cap 300
  361. 2:36amArtem: How about webgun that slowdown mobs and player while pvp? :B
  362. 2:36amzinnerzPT: @Redigit and what about a proper Modding API? (just repeating once)
  363. 2:36amAlMightyA: @Redigit Is there a rough number of new vanity items?
  364. 2:36amDelta4160: Poor red , got to answer so many question xD
  365. 2:36amUser-2a99b7f2: Wait.....; enchanting??
  366. silver53q1 changed their name to This name is taken
  367. 2:36amUser-c46ef4aa: how do I change my chat name?
  368. 2:36amUser-8ac513e0: Hero hi :3
  369. 2:36amRedigit: @conorbebe And there is a lot of new stuff, picking accessories is going to be very hard now.
  370. 2:36amUser-3ede491a: Red, will there be a option to bigger maps?
  371. 2:36amCenx: Redigit shows amazing spoilers. People want mods.
  372. 2:36amUser-fe8c77d0: @Redigit How will the waterfalls interact in the game will they be part of the background and if not will they flood an area?
  373. 2:36amCenx: /facepalm
  374. 2:36amUser-ad151cb7: @Redigit Is there gonna be a lock into inventory thing so I can lock my grappling hook into my inventory (Not inventory bar) When I press the deposit all button so my grappling hook doesn't go in.
  375. 2:36amKing Luna: screw mods
  376. ThisNameIsNotTaken changed their name to ThatNameIsNotTaken
  377. 2:36amtheicyblade99: @Redigit Are you going to make the sunglasses 'tinkerable' with the top hat, cuz I would love to have them both at the same time?
  378. User-1e3d5e6a changed their name to Threefolder
  379. 2:36am!Michael: @Ryump I am creating it
  380. 2:36amArtem: Well, we have dirt rod, so...
  381. 2:36amKros: @Redigit Keep up the good work. :D
  382. 2:36amconorbebe: Great news. The more the merrier.
  383. 2:36amUser-deed3f28: @Redigit can we expect an upgrade to Starfury?
  384. 2:36amThis name is taken: @redigit have you thought of adding in more accesory slots?
  385. 2:36amUser-8da483f9: Will the new chests apart of the snow biome have special keys
  386. 2:36amUser-d6e2decf: more bosses!
  387. User-640e4400 changed their name to Carrot Slat
  388. 2:36amEvene: will this new update keep us as busy as 1.1 did ?
  389. 2:37amrhef: EVERYONE BE QUIET
  390. 2:37amThreefolder: no
  391. 2:37amJakebob: >,>
  392. 2:37amAlMightyA: NEVER!
  393. 2:37amzinnerzPT: @Cenx Not really Cenx.. but after a couple months.. after all the content is explored by many.. people will want mods.. or new updates.. XD
  394. 2:37amCenx: One question at a time guys
  395. 2:37amCenx: slow it down
  396. 2:37amUser-62db78b4: @Redigit will the console exclusives be added into the 1.2 update?
  397. 2:37amUser-bb7df055: New spells? What about the Mushroom Biome?
  398. 2:37amRedigit: @AlMightyA I have a spriter who is working on nothing but vanity clothes,
  399. 2:37amUser-44edfd37: When will the update be out?
  400. 2:37amKing Luna: Guys, there's 300 people, but only one Red
  401. 2:37amITACHI428123: @Redigit have you added new monsters in terraria?
  402. User-422a23b2 changed their name to Aveon0
  403. ThatNameIsNotTaken changed their name to ICantSlowItDown:)
  404. 2:37amRyump: everybody woot! very high number- go for 100!
  405. 2:37amCenx: Who is to say there won't be more frequent updates?
  406. 2:37amHEROonYoutube: so many people
  407. 2:37amThis name is taken: technically we arn't making noise
  408. 2:37amWizard1994: Redigit is doing awesome guys and gals, It's already great that he's updating terraria... Give him a little room :P
  409. 2:37amzergdaycare: howbout some daleks, redigit?
  410. 2:37amUser-67481465: wil the update come to the console port
  411. 2:37amUser-9f3a4d74: @Redigit Is ice going to be a block that we can place and mine?
  412. 2:37amUser-f74c81c9: Lol, just hovered over a random person, and it was Yrimir
  413. 2:37amKing Luna: I blame Hero, he is butts
  414. 2:37amUser-deed3f28: HERO!!!
  415. 2:37amUser-5c01add6: will there be any easter eggs?
  416. 2:37amUser-fe8c77d0: thanks to that link her
  417. 2:37amThiago1505-BR: @Redigit will be more rare mosters like Tim??
  418. 2:37amITACHI428123: HERO!
  419. 2:37amUser-c620a6dc: i . am very exited and great job for making more content i hope u keep makign more . all i want to know is when in may?
  420. User-76babafc changed their name to [cool-name-here]
  421. 2:37amzinnerzPT: @Cenx I'm sorry then ^^
  422. 2:37amHEROonYoutube: hey everyone!
  423. 2:37amPokemonMasterBryce: @Redigit Will Mages get more items for early-game? I feel like being a mage doesn't have any options until you end up going to the corruption.
  424. 2:37amUser-336aa275: Will there be any new weapon types :D
  425. 2:37amDelta4160: Erhh my brain just exploded , too many questions O_O
  426. 2:37amCuse: the waitlist has been on 50 all dayy
  427. 2:37amCenx: :P
  428. 2:37amRedigit: @User-62db78b4 No. But there are already healthbars, and I plan on adding a map
  429. 2:37amNeyoPRO: Rhef is clearly not amused
  430. 2:37amAveon0: yay made my name
  431. User-ad151cb7 changed their name to Sir Noodles
  432. User-bb7df055 changed their name to NukemanZx
  433. 2:37amToekee: why is it taking so long?
  434. 2:37amWeegee: Cenx, Steamworks?
  435. 2:38amUser-3c3ae143: Hey HERO :)
  436. 2:38amAlMightyA: yea @Yrmir is here, but hes very silent for some reason.
  437. 2:38amUser-ad9f7d17: Will I have to create a new world for the new biomes when 1.2 launces?
  438. 2:38amRedigit: @Thiago1505-BR There will be new rare monsters
  439. 2:38amUser-67481465: .
  440. 2:38amUser-dff8805a: why is the chat moving so fast
  441. 2:38amUser-0a7c3334: what will be the legend of maxx referance
  442. 2:38amUser-62db78b4: OMG HERO @HEROonYoutube
  443. 2:38amKing Luna: because so many people keep asking Red the same questions
  444. 2:38amUser-8ac513e0: @Redigit will their be new things during the night like the blood moon??
  445. 2:38amShorsZorg: Redgit and hero and even yrmir all in one room
  446. 2:38amUser-9059cf6b: did anyone see the penguin in one of the screen shots
  447. 2:38amITACHI428123: Regdigit will there be any new monsters
  448. 2:38amThiago1505-BR: yay!!!
  449. ICantSlowItDown:) changed their name to NOFUCKINGSHOUTOUTS
  450. 2:38amUKoE Luna: Woop a map so I don't keep exploring the same area :P
  451. 2:38amUser-9f32d21a: Red will explode.
  452. 2:38amUser-f1acfd7f: hi hero hru
  453. 2:38amUser-26f81207: how many new biomes are being added?
  454. 2:38amRedigit: I can't keep up
  455. 2:38amUser-c620a6dc: when coming out in may?
  456. 2:38amUser-70af29d1: @Redigit Can you give us a hint on what one of the new monsters might be? :)
  457. 2:38amRyump: I dont know what to play!
  458. 2:38amRedigit: lol
  459. 2:38amUser-9a32253e: Not sure if this has been asked yet red, but will there be more spells?
  460. 2:38amUser-3c3ae143: YMIR? WHERE :O
  461. User-dff8805a changed their name to pvpthunderbird
  462. 2:38amSir Noodles: Lol
  463. 2:38amCookiecube: Poor Red :(
  464. 2:38amUser-ad9f7d17: lol
  465. 2:38am- DJ - Papo: @Redigit Will there be any improvements on the multiplayer experience?
  466. 2:38amUser-c46ef4aa: Hi Hero! Guess what? Your competitions back if you didn't know. Yrimir has started posting again!
  467. 2:38amITACHI428123: awesome
  468. 2:38amAveon0: the background of danceingness is makeing meh freeze
  469. 2:38amPropsBot: Song received 1 props from the crowd! Good Job.
  470. 2:38amNukemanZx: @Redigit Is there gonna be a new boss? Wall of Mushrooms?
  471. 2:38amΩ: @Redigit How will faling water work now? Will it fall or will it make a waterfall?
  472. 2:38amTheNecktwister: xD the whole room is infested with pandas
  473. 2:38amLUCKTBASTED45: I don't thin k anyone can keep up with the comments
  474. 2:38amTheIdleBean: not YMIR, he's some sort of ice god
  475. 2:38amDelta4160: I can't even read all question , how could you answer all of them xD
  476. 2:38amRedigit: @User-70af29d1 His name is pigron. Half pig, hald dragon
  477. 2:38amKing Luna: my god people
  478. 2:38amlikkyzero: everyone please just slow down a bit... i'd prefer it
  479. 2:38amUser-67481465: @Redigit will the update come to console port?
  480. 2:38amThiago1505-BR: @Redigit will have a ton of unique item that do nice stuff??
  481. 2:38amKros: /props
  482. 2:38amToekee: /nextsong
  483. 2:38amrhef: eveeyone shut up no one cares about your opinion
  484. User-f74c81c9 changed their name to UberDreww
  485. 2:38amtheicyblade99: @Redigit Are you going to make the sunglasses 'tinkerable' with the top hat, cuz I would love to have them both at the same time?
  486. 2:39amPants Man: Will there be any additions that will prolong caving journeys or make them more exciting?
  487. 2:39ampoo: will there be races?
  488. 2:39amRyump: /props
  489. 2:39amUser-c1e1b4de: @ redigit could you make it so you choose if certain biomes get generated in the world like snow, Jungle, etc., (except for required biomes like corroupt)
  490. 2:39amRandemere890: poor red, getting blasted with zillions of questions
  491. 2:39amUser-c620a6dc: when is it coming out?
  492. 2:39amUser-e50f759a: @Redigit any word on new grapple hooks?
  493. 2:39amUser-62db78b4: @Yrimir OMG @Redigit @HEROonYoutube I am having the biggest game gasm right now
  494. 2:39ampvpthunderbird: why is everyone asking so many questions
  495. 2:39amRedigit: @Thiago1505-BR You better believe it. I've already doubled the amount of things you can find in chests.
  496. 2:39amWizard1994: The plug is plugged with tect, plugging it up....lolz
  497. 2:39amUser-5c01add6: Do you know about how much of the update is done?
  498. 2:39amKing Luna Stop asking the same questions
  499. 2:39amPikafuu: @Redigit show us a picture of Pigron! I mde up the name, I'm just dying to see what it looks like!
  500. NOFUCKINGSHOUTOUTS changed their name to YamItalkingThroughMYname
  501. 2:39amzinnerzPT: Ok.. this is too much for me.. gotta get some study, Cya! Bye @Redigit and good luck with all those questions ;)
  502. User-d6d6d660 changed their name to vampmire
  503. 2:39amNeyoPRO: There needs to be a "slower" mode
  504. 2:39amUser-09eb27c3: TRIPLE IT
  505. 2:39amToekee: /removecurrentsong
  506. 2:39amrhef: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  507. 2:39amNukemanZx: @HEROonYoutube I will jizz if you respond
  508. 2:39amCenx: The update is probably 2/3 done. That being said, That means nothing.
  509. 2:39amCenx: :P
  510. 2:39amzergdaycare: ths isnt vgm
  511. 2:39amUser-fe8c77d0: @Redigit How will waterfalls interact with gameplay will they be part of the background and if not will they flood an area, and do they need to be fueled by a water source?
  512. 2:39amKing Luna: ok VGM day is over early
  513. 2:39amThiago1505-BR: /props and TY Red for your atention!!! @Redigit
  514. 2:39amvampmire: any ruls to djing
  515. 2:39amCenx: You cannot put a percentage on what is done because of what is left to do.
  516. 2:39amUser-6bd827d2: poop
  517. 2:39amΩ: NOOOOOOoooooooo
  518. YamItalkingThroughMYname changed their name to The Fake Redigit
  519. 2:39amSir Noodles: @Redigit Hey
  520. 2:39amThe Fake Redigit: :)
  521. 2:39amUser-c7d9c7c4: Omg hi redigit!
  522. 2:40amCenx: Waterfalls are purely graphical they will not affect it
  523. 2:40amUser-c2cbcd1b: hi
  524. 2:40amRedigit: @User-fe8c77d0 Waterfalls are only graphical. They spawn when there is water next to a haldblock
  525. 2:40amconorbebe: This is going to be the best update in all of history, I'd say even better than any dlc in history :P
  526. User-96b0ad5b changed their name to Maniu
  527. 2:40amKing Luna: @The Fake Redigit change your name
  528. 2:40amToekee: /throwthissong
  529. 2:40amWizard1994: half^
  530. 2:40am- DJ - Papo: @Redigit do you know when the update will come out?
  531. 2:40amUser-d6e2decf: how do we change our name
  532. 2:40am-ÐJ-P1CKR3Ð: @HEROonYoutube Look at the room title
  533. 2:40amUser-e50f759a: @Redigit new grapples coming?
  534. 2:40am-ÐJ-P1CKR3Ð: ***New Users*** - Check out the Beginners Guide here! http://bit.ly/Z0C2Vo You are able to change your Nickname / Avatar by clicking on them down at the bottom right <3 (↓↓↓↓↓↓)
  535. 2:40amUser-c7fac552: @HEROonYoutube u is a beast
  536. 2:40amNukemanZx: @Redigit New boss?
  537. 2:40amKros: OfficialTerraria: HERO IS A HERP love the title
  538. 2:40amUser-c46ef4aa: @Redigit Oh yeah you think that maybe Titans Glove and Feral Claws could be could be combined into "Titan's Claws"? They're similar but maybe they'd be op?
  539. 2:40amvampmire: lol
  540. 2:40amTheIdleBean: will there be a new set of armour for the snow biome? Similar to the jungle set?
  541. 2:40amThis name is taken: @Cenx i you can't put a percentage on hhow much is doen when people keep telling red to add more stuff XD
  542. 2:40amUser-f1acfd7f: hero is a herp
  543. 2:40amRedigit: @User-e50f759a 2 so far. One is found very early on, if you're lucky
  544. 2:40amCenx: Haha yeah
  545. 2:40amThiago1505-BR: my music is coming yay!!!
  546. 2:40amCanopy Radiation: @Redigit will there be a new pressure plate to kick all the people asking the same questions?
  547. 2:40amUser-9f3a4d74: @Redigit Will ice be minable?
  548. 2:40amAlMightyA: @Redigit are there going to be payed DLCs? That would not be nice on my opinion.
  549. 2:40amCenx: His list grows every day
  550. User-5a2af9fb changed their name to Xanthos425
  551. 2:40amUser-58c5a5f2: Nero
  552. 2:40amUser-09eb27c3: What about sky biomes?
  553. 2:40amRyump: ty for all the guys like this! :D
  554. 2:40amUser-3a6c00ad: are there new mobs?
  555. 2:40amIsaacYoutube: @-ÐJ-P1CKR3Ð Has the spoiler been released yet? Ive been plaing a game
  556. 2:40amToekee: /mutesong
  557. 2:40amHasp: @Redigit If rain generates actual water, how are you going to regulate that to keep the world from being flooded?
  558. 2:40amUser-26f81207: will we see new caves for all the new biomes?
  559. 2:40amCenx: He has insomnia so by the time we get up in the morning he has all sorts of new ideas.
  560. 2:40amCenx: :P
  561. 2:41amtheicyblade99: @Redigit Are you going to make the sunglasses 'tinkerable' with the top hat, cuz I would love to have them both at the same time?
  562. 2:41amSir Noodles: @Redigit How is it going?
  563. User-c95a8b16 changed their name to morphedlava
  564. 2:41amUser-62db78b4: how do you change your name?
  565. 2:41amRedigit: @Canopy Radiation There will be new pressure plates. Some active only for players and others only for monsters.
  566. 2:41am- DJ - Papo: SPOILER HERE: http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/something-about-one-of-these-new-biomes-from-jim.98890/#post-2058819
  567. 2:41amCenx: That has been suggested a love icy
  568. 2:41amUser-296da298: Cade a zuera???w
  569. 2:41amTheIdleBean: bottom right
  570. 2:41amWizard1994: Do gems and prefixes have any relation with eachother in the next update?
  571. 2:41amThiago1505-BR: BRASIL UHU!!
  572. 2:41amNeyoPRO: I hope someone's capping these spoilers
  573. 2:41amHEROonYoutube: @Redigit Confirmed dinosaur outfits for my subs. CONFIRMED if you missed it thats becuase I am a liar
  574. 2:41amUser-c7d9c7c4: @Redigit is there going to be any new bosses?
  575. 2:41amCenx: Potentially wizard.
  576. 2:41amUser-ee573dbb: hello!
  577. 2:41amUser-2a99b7f2: Will there be any large game-changers, such as Hardmode was in 1.1??
  578. 2:41amRedigit: You can forget about monsters setting off traps undergrounn now
  579. 2:41amNukemanZx: YES!
  580. 2:41amKros: yey
  581. 2:41amArtem: Finally traps for monsters?! A W E S O M E ! WOOT!
  582. 2:41amCuse: I would like to have more rare unique boss drops from some bosses. Such as having a 1% chance of getting that item. WOuld add a lot of fun to boss fights
  583. User-8ac513e0 changed their name to Talinthus
  584. 2:41amITACHI428123: YAY!
  585. 2:41amJakebob: aw
  586. 2:41amTheNecktwister: Thank u
  587. 2:41amPsTymier: Red, how about early mage gear? Or mage gear that helps you explore
  588. 2:41amRedigit: @User-c7d9c7c4 There will be several new bosses
  589. 2:41amTalinthus: @Redigit will their be new things at night like blood moon?
  590. 2:41amToekee: /mute
  591. 2:41amUser-09eb27c3: Main question: will the game get too easy?
  592. 2:41amTheIdleBean: will stationary boulders still kill you? x.x
  593. 2:41am-ÐJ-P1CKR3Ð: @HEROonYoutube look at th room titlle XD
  594. 2:41amUser-ee573dbb: Holy crap its redigit
  595. 2:41amCenx: There will be early mage gear
  596. 2:41amCenx: And starting mana
  597. 2:41amRyump: woot this song for more techno songs!
  598. 2:41amUser-f1acfd7f: new bosses
  599. 2:41amUser-ad9f7d17: @Redigit can give us some new inside info? :)
  600. 2:41amUser-8bd14af9: So any idea for a release date?
  601. 2:41am- DJ - Papo: User, no, there is lots of varies to make it easy and or hard
  602. 2:41amUser-03c86143: Is Ocram being brought over?
  603. 2:42amAlMightyA: /props
  604. 2:42amNukemanZx: @Redigit Ok, this sounds cool. But I want a mountable pixie
  605. 2:42amCenx: Hell no to ocram
  606. 2:42amCenx: :P
  607. 2:42amDeskmice: @Redigit will there be any new multiplayer features?
  608. 2:42amPants Man: will there be any bosses that have lairs of sorts like skelitron?
  609. User-c46ef4aa changed their name to Rainofskulz
  610. 2:42amUser-8de99f70: This will be the most epic update evah!
  611. 2:42amCanopy Radiation: @HEROonYoutube Didn't you quit terraria
  612. 2:42amThis name is taken: @Redigit how many biomes do you plan to add?
  613. 2:42amToekee: /boo
  614. 2:42amUser-26f81207: will there be new cave looks for ALL new biomes?
  615. 2:42amRandemere890: UGH so much to read, it's like blasting through a book
  616. 2:42amWizard1994: @Cenx awesome! I remember suggesting something like that on the suggestion thread...around page 16 I think lolz
  617. 2:42amUser-c7d9c7c4: @Cenx this is awesome about the mana stuff i love being a mage!
  618. 2:42amRedigit: @PsTymier Players start with one star now, and there are early craftable mage weapons
  619. 2:42amSupahMexican: random comment passing through
  620. 2:42amJewcygoodness: haha
  621. 2:42amUser-9f32d21a: How about new grappling hooks?
  622. 2:42amITACHI428123: This whole new update is so exiting can't wait until it is relesed
  623. 2:42amJakebob: Ocram looks pretty meh
  624. 2:42amUser-d6e2decf: when is the PS Vita version coming?
  625. 2:42amThiago1505-BR: @Redigit will have other games themed vanity items??
  626. User-93ba2a7e changed their name to RoikaVG
  627. 2:42amThe Fake Redigit: .
  628. 2:42amPsTymier: cool
  629. 2:42amUKoE Luna: Awesome with the new mana system :)
  630. 2:42amUser-ee573dbb: Awesome i love magic items
  631. 2:42amSir Noodles: @Redigit :D
  632. 2:42amUser-5c01add6: Are there any new minerals?
  633. 2:42amCenx: The new bosses will be amazing. :)
  634. 2:42amRainofskulz: d
  635. 2:42am- DJ - Papo: 1 Night in terraria i went to the dungeon right away and within the 1 night i killed skeletron
  636. 2:42amCenx: There are new minerals.
  637. The Fake Redigit changed their name to ThatNameIsNotTaken
  638. 2:42amHEROonYoutube: can we turn off notifications on people joining the room
  639. 2:42amUser-8bd14af9: any release Date idea?
  640. 2:42amDelta4160: 354 Peoples here , i think that explain why there are so many questions >_<
  641. 2:42ampoo: will there be races in 1.2?
  642. 2:42amtheicyblade99: @Redigit Are you going to make the sunglasses 'tinkerable' with the top hat, cuz I would love to have them both at the same time?
  643. 2:42amAlMightyA: @Redigit have you thought of porting Terraria to mobile phones?
  644. 2:42amUser-d8119b89: kkkk
  645. 2:42amUser-fe8c77d0: @Redigit Any new NPCs thought to be added in 1.2?
  646. 2:42amUser-70af29d1: @Redigit besides the new mage weapons will gems have better uses? :)
  647. 2:42am-ÐJ-P1CKR3Ð: ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````@HEROonYoutube Its on the right
  648. 2:42amRedigit: @This name is taken Probably one 2 for this update. I wanted to do a third, but time constraints. Probably another update
  649. 2:42amNukemanZx: What are the new bosses @Cenx
  650. 2:42amToekee: /shitasssong
  651. 2:42am-ÐJ-P1CKR3Ð: called Annotations
  652. 2:42amvampmire: how is everone to day
  653. 2:43amCenx: @theicyblade99 Probably not.
  654. 2:43amPokemonMasterBryce: @Redigit will you add new, higher tiers of armor, weapons, and spells?
  655. 2:43amPsTymier: oh god yes, the NPCs
  656. 2:43amSir Noodles: @Redigit will there be more uses for the gems sch as topaz?
  657. 2:43amUser-865f9cb9: i saw a cool sword called true knights edge in a screenshot
  658. 2:43amHEROonYoutube: >.> room name wth
  659. 2:43amThatNameIsNotTaken: @This name is taken LIAR
  660. 2:43amSoccerReapzz: Anybody here a naruto anime fan?
  661. 2:43amUser-192925fe: Hi
  662. 2:43am-ÐJ-P1CKR3Ð: ***New Users*** - Check out the Beginners Guide here! http://bit.ly/Z0C2Vo You are able to change your Nickname / Avatar by clicking on them down at the bottom right <3 (↓↓↓↓↓↓)
  663. 2:43amHEROonYoutube: who did that!
  664. 2:43amIsaacYoutube: So pumped for this update!
  665. 2:43amtheicyblade99: aww :(
  666. 2:43amRyump: @Toekee hey, lots of other people like it, dont be a hater :(
  667. 2:43amUser-ee573dbb: Lol
  668. 2:43amUser-26f81207: will there be new cave looks for ALL new biomes?
  669. 2:43amTalinthus: @Redigit will their be new effects during the night like the blood moon?
  670. 2:43amRedigit: @User-fe8c77d0 There will be a ton of new NPCs. Some will be pretty rare
  671. 2:43amUser-deed3f28: Hero! U so Herp!
  672. 2:43amAveon0: Oh hey hi hero..
  673. 2:43am- DJ - Papo: @Redigit will you be able to name NPC's?
  674. 2:43amUser-9f3a4d74: Will ice be placable?
  675. 2:43amUser-c7c766a0: Will there be more powerful bosses?
  676. 2:43amPsTymier: HERO is a HERP oblivious
  677. 2:43amUser-79912738: @HERO why did u quit story of red coud?
  678. 2:43amSir Noodles: @Redigit more NPCS YES!
  679. 2:43amUser-dc085a47: Omg I'm so excited for terrarium update
  680. 2:43amUser-4eef47f1: Hero is this update coming to the consol version too
  681. 2:43amUser-192925fe: How do I change my username?
  682. User-5c01add6 changed their name to I Love You Redigit
  683. 2:43amRedigit: @Talinthus There is a new event that can happen during the day, similar to a blood moon
  684. 2:43amDeskmice: @Redigit Will there be any new multiplayer features?
  685. 2:43amUser-05401b66: Hey hero if you told me hey that would be cool
  686. 2:43amUser-8bd14af9: Any idea for a release date?
  687. 2:43amUser-865f9cb9: yerp
  688. 2:43amNeyoPRO: Please tell me someone's screen caping these??
  689. 2:43ampvpthunderbird: has anyone else lost sound
  690. 2:43amUser-c620a6dc: when is it coming?!!
  691. 2:43ampoo: redigit will there be new races in 1.2?
  692. 2:43amUser-ee573dbb: Hero is a herp?
  693. 2:43amUser-00194e35: Is there going to be changes to hell?
  694. 2:43amThatNameIsNotTaken: @This name is taken Why you a liar?
  695. 2:43amThis name is taken: @Redigit thanks for respondig and what do you think of the terraria updates on console?
  696. User-2e57a171 changed their name to cicciputto
  697. 2:43amPropsBot: Song received 4 props from the crowd! Good Job.
  698. 2:43amAveon0: im so enthusastic sounding
  699. 2:43amUser-498b0bfb: Um when will the update be out on consoles
  700. 2:43amITACHI428123: everyone who is exited for the update say i
  701. 2:43amToekee: god damn finally its over
  702. 2:43am- DJ - Papo: redigit when will the update come out?
  703. 2:44amRandemere890: @Redigit will terraria even be terraria anymore?!
  704. 2:44amUser-e50f759a: @Redigit any new easter eggs like link costume ?
  705. 2:44amUser-c7d9c7c4: @Redigit is there going to be any new corruption/hallow biomes?
  706. 2:44amWizard1994: Redigit is on a reply roolout! go redigit! :D
  707. 2:44amUser-a85a4fb8: i just played red cloud i made it to corruption then i rage quitted
  708. 2:44ammeto58 :): i wish i could get more screen shots
  709. 2:44amUser-70af29d1: @Redigit May that new event be something like a solor eclipse? ;)
  710. 2:44amUser-c1e1b4de: @redigit I would like it if you could customize the world generation even further, like choosing which optional biomes are generated like mushroom ice, etc. and obviously the large worlds get more biomes
  711. 2:44amThiago1505-BR: @HEROonYoutube i am your Fan!! LOL
  712. 2:44am-ÐJ-P1CKR3Ð: ***New Users*** - Check out the Beginners Guide here! http://bit.ly/Z0C2Vo You are able to change your Nickname / Avatar by clicking on them down at the bottom right <3 (↓↓↓↓↓↓)
  713. 2:44amUser-79363d9a: A little suggestion i have for the ice biome is that any water there, such as lakes, that the top layer of the water turns to ice over time, aka frozen water.
  714. 2:44amRyump: /props
  715. 2:44amSoccerReapzz: lol PvZ
  716. 2:44amUser-d8119b89: awwww yeah
  717. 2:44amUser-7f95e3a0: Will there be more ways to customise your character
  718. 2:44amI Love You Redigit: Do you love me two?
  719. 2:44amSuperNinten64: @Redigit Will there be any more legions or armies, like the Goblin army and frost legion?
  720. 2:44amAlMightyA: @Redigit can you add events on moon phases? like mobs only on full or new moon?
  721. 2:44amvampmire: any rules for the songs
  722. 2:44amUser-68f7a40d: :D
  723. 2:44amUser-00194e35: @Redigit is there going to be any changes to hell?
  724. 2:44amUser-c620a6dc: release date?
  725. 2:44amJewcygoodness: is that new event during the day a slime invasion :)
  726. 2:44amITACHI428123: YES!!!
  727. 2:44amGogglesKitty: there will be more vanity items.
  728. ThatNameIsNotTaken changed their name to ThisNameIsTakenIsLieing
  729. 2:44amRedigit: @User-79363d9a Water does freeze over in the snow biome
  730. 2:44amSir Noodles: @Redigit So I heard there might be a barber is that true?
  731. 2:44am-ÐJ-P1CKR3Ð: ***New Users*** - Check out the Beginners Guide here! http://bit.ly/Z0C2Vo You are able to change your Nickname / Avatar by clicking on them down at the bottom right <3 (↓↓↓↓↓↓)
  732. 2:44am- DJ - Papo: is there going to be any easter eggs redigit?
  733. 2:44amUser-8da483f9: @redigit will this updat come to ps3/xbox
  734. 2:44amRedigit: The ice will break if you fall on it too fast
  735. 2:44amUser-c1e1b4de: W00t! love this song!!!!!
  736. 2:44amNukemanZx: @Redigit I got a cool idea, So I call it a Zombie Mob, randomly you will get swarmed my hundreds of zombies!
  737. 2:44amTalinthus: @HEROonYoutube it comes to down to the big question for me which do you perfer Xbox360 version or pc?
  738. 2:44amUser-26f81207: will there be new cave looks for ALL new biomes?
  739. 2:44amPsTymier: :o
  740. 2:44am!Michael is g2g
  741. 2:44amconorbebe: wow cool
  742. 2:44amSoccerReapzz: ;p;
  743. 2:44am!Michael: Bye ;3
  744. 2:44amUser-90cec896: Is there some sort of theme for the update?
  745. 2:44amUser-ee573dbb: So much awesome people on here\
  746. 2:44amThisNameIsTakenIsLieing Is fake
  747. 2:44amUser-79912738: WHENS THE UPDATE DO
  748. 2:44amNeyoPRO: Bye!
  749. 2:44amUser-c620a6dc: bie
  750. 2:45amArtem: What's about atmosphere elements there? Like, lil bugs, flies, spiders (omg plz make spiders "web but no spiders") and weather things (storm, lightnings) etc. no?
  751. 2:45amCuse: there should be a raining slime event ahah! It's pretty self explanatory
  752. 2:45amWizard1994: /propsThis song is strangely similar to terraria, with sunflowers and zombies....
  753. 2:45amUser-79363d9a: thank you redigit ~ DooM
  754. 2:45amRedigit: @User-8da483f9 It may come to console. Stay tuned for that one
  755. 2:45amGogglesKitty: this update is strictly PC
  756. 2:45amTheIdleBean: @redigit Will there be a new set of armour for the snow biome, similar to the jungle armour set?
  757. 2:45amUser-c7c766a0: Can you guys give us a possible guess for a release date?
  758. 2:45amHEROonYoutube: @Talinthus I like them both for different reasons. I love the auto digging in Console. I like being able to aim accurately on PC
  759. 2:45amRedigit: @TheIdleBean There is a new snow armor
  760. 2:45amTheKrillHunter [Awesome]: I like your tricycle.
  761. 2:45amUser-c7d9c7c4: @HEROonYoutube can you please say hi to me? that would make me have a heart attack?
  762. User-42669e39 changed their name to YanLikesStuff
  763. 2:45amUser-79912738: G
  764. ThisNameIsTakenIsLieing changed their name to Fake Redigit
  765. 2:45amUser-ee573dbb: will sunflowers have more uses?
  766. 2:45amSoccerReapzz: anybody here naruto anime fans?
  767. User-68f7a40d changed their name to Non-Hator-Tator-
  768. User-deed3f28 changed their name to Fireheart47
  769. 2:45amTheIdleBean: I am soccer
  770. 2:45amFake Redigit Isnt real :(
  771. 2:45amUser-192925fe: /name
  772. 2:45amHEROonYoutube: @SoccerReapzz I am :)
  773. 2:45amI Love You Redigit: Can i get a shoutout?
  774. 2:45amThiago1505-BR: @Redigit please drink something and relax for 10 sec!!
  775. This name is taken changed their name to Thisnameistakenistruthfu
  776. 2:45amWizard1994: /props
  777. 2:45amRedigit: @User-ee573dbb Like what?
  778. User-417d0e5a changed their name to Mazziv1337
  779. 2:45amUser-62db78b4: @Redigit Will you make a way to get the souls other from the bosses, and will you be able to craft things from console exclusives?
  780. 2:45amPokemonMasterBryce: /props
  781. 2:45amSuperNinten64: @Redigit Are there any plans to add more random armies?
  782. 2:45amUser-1729fd0d: We don't want zombies on our lawn lol plant vs zombies references xD
  783. 2:45amUser-26f81207: will there be new cave looks for ALL new biomes?
  784. Fake Redigit changed their name to ThatNameIsNotTaken!
  785. 2:45amRastalicious: This again?
  786. 2:45amCenx: No console content will be coming to PC.
  787. 2:46amIsaacYoutube: @HEROonYoutube You put me in your video :D I love you, that is all :P
  788. 2:46amUser-630ce5ec: hero is nub
  789. 2:46amFireheart47: BUDDER!
  790. 2:46amUser-ee573dbb: maybe crafting?
  791. 2:46amHEROonYoutube: @Redigit how are you even clicking on their names in time
  792. 2:46amUser-e50f759a: @Redigit will there be more easter eggs like the link costume?
  793. 2:46amTheKrillHunter [Awesome]: Tricycles are awesome
  794. 2:46amHasp: @Redigit Hey Red, won't the rainclouds inevitably flood the world?
  795. 2:46amAveon0: random comment err ahhh THROW THE CHEESEE at hero
  796. 2:46amMazziv1337: is the update going to be like a dlc and cost anything?
  797. 2:46am-ÐJ-P1CKR3Ð: ***New Users*** - Check out the Beginners Guide here! http://bit.ly/Z0C2Vo You are able to change your Nickname / Avatar by clicking on them down at the bottom right <3 (↓↓↓↓↓↓)
  798. User-c7c766a0 changed their name to Super12520
  799. 2:46amUser-99dfd8ac: awesome
  800. 2:46amUser-79912738: @Redigit when will update coming out??
  801. 2:46amTheIdleBean: @SoccerReapzz I am a naruto fan!
  802. 2:46amUser-71e54415: this song is annoying
  803. 2:46amUser-00194e35: @Redigit new mobs new armors maybe drops something to interact with
  804. 2:46amHEROonYoutube: @IsaacYoutube I did :)
  805. 2:46amUser-efd95ec8: so red whats the release window for 1.2?
  806. 2:46amSoccerReapzz: @TheIdleBean Sweet!
  807. 2:46amΩ: @Redigit Could I get a clue as to what Beam items are made of? Sunbeams?
  808. 2:46amCenx: @HEROonYoutube Type @ then the first few letters of their name
  809. 2:46amKing Luna: 377 people, wow
  810. ThatNameIsNotTaken! changed their name to Fake Redigit
  811. 2:46amHEROonYoutube: I even put chippy >.>
  812. 2:46amRainofskulz: @Redigit I have an Idea, what about "Titan's Claws". It'd be a combination of Titan's Glove and Feral Claws.
  813. 2:46amUser-6e49fe85: will the update be for xbox
  814. 2:46amAlMightyA: Ok guys, i have to go. @Redigit good luck on the work for the new update. And please dont fix the lava/water dupes.
  815. 2:46amRedigit: @User-62db78b4 This update isn't based around farming souls. You should be able to defeat the bosses easier with the new gear if that's something you want to do still.
  816. User-192925fe changed their name to ArcticZero
  817. 2:46amJakebob: They're made of beams from the ceiling
  818. 2:46amFake Redigit Is not real :(
  819. 2:46amGogglesKitty: THIS UPDATE IS FOR PC ONLY.
  820. 2:46amUser-48a5981b: i question
  821. 2:46ammeto58 :): @Redigit is there going to be SUPER HARD mode
  822. 2:46amUser-c1e1b4de: I would like it if you could customize the world generation even further, like choosing which optional biomes are generated like mushroom ice, etc. and obviously the large worlds get more biomes
  823. 2:46amUser-79363d9a: Also Hero, I love your channel. Redigit, give some props to Hero, he does a great job with terraria and even starbound. He got me to preorder starbound
  824. 2:46amUser-4eef47f1: Is this update coming to the console version too
  825. 2:46amNukemanZx: @Redigit what are some new biomes
  826. 2:46amUser-48ed68c4: My one question is when the update comes will it update all terraria versions
  827. 2:46amUser-c7d9c7c4: how do i change my name?
  828. 2:46amUser-26f81207: will there be new cave looks for ALL new biomes?
  829. 2:46amPropsBot: Song received 4 props from the crowd! Good Job.
  830. 2:46amUser-ee573dbb: i think sunflowers should be used for potions
  831. 2:46amUser-1729fd0d: I saw a penguin in a screenshot is it a pet or ?
  832. 2:46amRedigit: @AlMightyA I use those dupes too much to fix them. :-p
  833. 2:46amI Love You Redigit: !iloveyou
  834. 2:46amSir Noodles: @Redigit Will there be any buffs to spawn some guardians? Like a pet that attacks?
  835. 2:46amFireheart47: Lolwut?
  836. 2:46amSoccerReapzz: @TheIdleBean I might play an intro song if im DJ
  837. 2:46amTalinthus: @Redigit my friend was complaining about this earlier but will their be a sensitivity change for people whose mice are different
  838. 2:46amArcticZero: Are we getting penguin pets?
  839. 2:46amCenx: This is an abomination to zelda.
  840. 2:46amUser-79912738: @Redigit when will update be coming out??
  841. 2:46amUser-d6e2decf: how many vanity items are there being addeD?
  842. 2:46amCenx: You have upset me
  843. 2:46amRastalicious: Snow, Mushroom, Cactus I think
  844. 2:47amGogglesKitty: THIS UPDATE IS FOR THE PC VERSION ONLY.
  845. 2:47amUser-c7f88590: hey guys :)
  846. 2:47amUser-72b94e1e: hero got me here ^^
  847. 2:47amconorbebe: The only things I'd be happy to see ported from console to PC would be the rarer variants of some of the monsters.
  848. 2:47amNukemanZx: WIND WAKER
  849. 2:47am- DJ - Papo: @redigit Is there something good going to multiplayer?
  850. 2:47amCenx: There are 20ish vanity sets and counting.
  851. 2:47amFake Redigit Is not real :(
  852. 2:47amUser-63d8600e: HERO
  853. 2:47amUser-26f81207: will there be new cave looks for ALL new biomes?
  854. 2:47amRedigit: @Talinthus That's something you can change in the control panel really
  855. 2:47amShorsZorg: oh god the song
  856. 2:47amTheIdleBean: oh wow
  857. 2:47amUser-cfb97170: what am I watching :/
  858. 2:47amUser-71e54415: comon man i just want to talk terraria!
  859. 2:47amAlMightyA: /props
  860. 2:47amAveon0: @HEROonYoutube is edge of space fun?
  861. 2:47amBludud101: I don't know if this is asking too much, but will there be another level after hc, or are you just redoing hc?
  862. 2:47amUKoE Luna: ugh gangam style D:
  863. 2:47amleetsoup: this song..
  864. 2:47amUser-90cec896: @Redigit Is there anyway to insert the new biomes into a world or are they original world spawns?
  865. 2:47amFireheart47: LOZ TP!
  866. 2:47amUser-05401b66: when will consol terraria be updated? so many bugs need fixing like dublicating., unlimited chests and freezing when boss death
  867. 2:47amKing Luna: @Fake Redigit change your name
  868. 2:47amUser-c67c1175: No... This song...
  869. 2:47amUser-1729fd0d: Zelda style
  870. 2:47amNeyoPRO: Are people still bitching about how hard the game is? really?
  871. 2:47amToekee: this web is so laggy
  872. 2:47amITACHI428123: HERO bet you like this
  873. 2:47amRandemere890: HALP! I"M GETTING ENGULFED IN THE CHAT!!
  874. 2:47amUser-79912738: @Redigit when will update be coming out??
  875. 2:47amSoccerReapzz: @TheIdleBean I hope im DJ so i can play the naruto song :D
  876. 2:47amRedigit: There are over 70 head peaces in the game now
  877. 2:47amThisnameistakenistruthfu: @Cenx what do you think of the terraria console content?
  878. 2:47amOnlypoptart: Approx release date?
  879. 2:47amUser-e50f759a: Will there be more easter eggs like the link costume.
  880. 2:47amΩ: Song needs a skip :/
  881. 2:47amKing Luna: guys, stop asking the same questions
  882. 2:47amUser-c7d9c7c4: @Redigit how do i change my name? i would love to know
  883. 2:47amUser-830a8bfa: @Redigit is there an estimated release date?
  884. 2:47amUser-a85a4fb8: Redigit instead of making 1 armour set op can you make it so there is different sets with different abilities also i would like more customization
  885. 2:47amMrHkolOnYoutube: see ya redigit and heroonyoutube
  887. 2:47amRedigit: @User-e50f759a Yes there will be
  888. 2:47am- DJ - Papo: Redigit, including social ones or what?
  889. 2:47amSuperNinten64: @Redigit Are there any plans on adding more army bosses?
  890. 2:47amAveon0: gangnam style and zelda...... i never imagined it but it fits
  891. 2:47amHEROonYoutube: @Redigit I am sure you fixed the chest dupe T.T
  892. 2:47amFake Redigit Is not real :(/me Is not real/me Is not real :(/me Is not real :(/me Is not real :(/me Is not real :(/me Is not real :(/me Is not real :(/me Is not real :(/me Is not real :(/me Is not real :( :(
  893. 2:47amWizard1994: I think I have played all zelda games from thr N64 to the Wii excluding handheld systems
  894. 2:47amNeves Paradox: zelda + PSY = success?
  895. King Luna kicked User-4eef47f1 out of the room.
  896. 2:48amUser-c67c1175: They didn't even change the lyrics... Not a fun song ;(
  897. 2:48amToekee: how do u stop the video
  898. 2:48amTalinthus: @HEROonYoutube what is ur favorite weapon in the current game and do u believe it will change after the new update
  899. 2:48amUser-1729fd0d: I saw a penguin in a screenshot is it a pet or?
  900. 2:48amKing Luna: June/July for release
  901. 2:48amUser-c1e1b4de: I would like it if you could customize the world generation even further, like choosing which optional biomes are generated like mushroom ice, etc. and obviously the large worlds get more biomes
  902. 2:48amFireheart47: Will there be a new type of starfury esc sword?
  903. 2:48amRastalicious: Hahah
  904. 2:48amCenx: @Thisnameistakenistruthfu I think the console version was done fine for new Terraria players. It served its purpose to get the game to people who would not have been able to play it.
  905. 2:48amUser-26f81207: will there be new cave looks for ALL new biomes?
  906. 2:48amUser-865f9cb9: ewwwwwwwww
  907. 2:48amTheIdleBean: @SoccerReapzz which one?! I suggest Strong and Strike
  908. 2:48amHEROonYoutube: Hey everyon!
  909. 2:48amNukemanZx: @Redigit More accessory slots?
  910. 2:48amI Love You Redigit: lolololololo video
  911. 2:48amUser-79363d9a: Hey Hero
  913. 2:48amShorsZorg: hey hero!
  914. 2:48amITACHI428123: HI
  915. 2:48amUser-00482f7e: hi hero
  916. 2:48amUser-7f95e3a0: hi
  917. 2:48amThiago1505-BR: hi HERO
  918. 2:48amUser-ee573dbb: Hi!
  919. 2:48amUser-79912738: HEY HERO WHY DID U QUIT STORY OF RED CLOUD?
  920. 2:48amUser-fe8c77d0: @Redigit Will Logging off and back in still take you to spawn, And if not is that intended to happen?
  921. 2:48amUser-32855847: d
  922. 2:48amTheKrillHunter [Awesome]: Sup HERO
  923. 2:48amFake Redigit: ThisIsTheLongestNotSpacedSentenceICouldThinkOf,HopeYouLikeIt,
  924. 2:48amUser-63d8600e: OPPAH GANG NAM STYLE
  925. 2:48amNon-Hator-Tator-: Da fuq? Link?
  926. 2:48amUser-7160acea: wtf is this retarded shit
  927. 2:48amUser-4bec1d1d: Hey hero
  928. 2:48amUser-90cec896: How will the new biomes and items fit in to already created worlds? Will they at all??????
  929. User-ad9f7d17 changed their name to Brickie
  930. 2:48amUser-6e49fe85: @HEROOnYoutube lreeerrrroooyyy jjjjeeennnkkkiiinnnsss
  931. 2:48amYanLikesStuff: BOOM BABY
  932. 2:48amThisnameistakenistruthfu: @Cenx classy answer
  933. 2:48amSir Noodles: @Redigit Will there be more equipable item slots?
  934. 2:48amleetsoup: 1.2 update availble through steam of course?
  935. 2:48amKros: i want to hear all the info but i have to sleep, its 248 am
  936. 2:48amCenx: ;)
  937. 2:48amUser-1729fd0d: Hey HERO :)
  938. 2:48amUser-865f9cb9: hello hero
  939. 2:48amRastalicious: More dislikes than likes go
  940. 2:48amUser-26f81207: will there be new cave looks for ALL new biomes?
  941. King Luna skipped the current DJ.
  942. 2:48amRedigit: @User-fe8c77d0 That's how I intended it
  943. 2:48amTalinthus: @Redigit will their be similar things to the dungeon and sky islands?
  944. 2:48amPropsBot: Song received 1 props from the crowd! Good Job.
  945. 2:48amUser-efd95ec8: Hey red you should give Hero a vanity item in 1.2
  946. 2:48amUser-3ede491a: Will we have bigger worlds?
  947. 2:48amITACHI428123: HERO your character looks awesome
  948. User-d8119b89 changed their name to Rafzilla
  949. 2:48amUser-c1e1b4de: will there be a way to choose which optional biomes get generated in?
  950. 2:48amΩ: @Redigit Will there be a extremely large world now due to all the new stuffs?
  951. 2:48amUser-79912738: WHY U QUIT STORY OF RED CLOUD HERO?
  952. 2:48amTheKrillHunter [Awesome]: Yay! Cave Story
  953. 2:48amArcticZero: Thank you @King Luna
  954. Fake Redigit changed their name to Hello Hero
  955. 2:49am-ÐJ-P1CKR3Ð: ***New Users*** - Check out the Beginners Guide here! http://bit.ly/Z0C2Vo You are able to change your Nickname / Avatar by clicking on them down at the bottom right <3 (↓↓↓↓↓↓)
  956. 2:49amUser-2462f6bf: cant wait for terraria
  957. 2:49amRedigit: @Talinthus There are a few new mini biomes now
  958. 2:49amUser-c7d9c7c4: how do i chnage my name?
  959. 2:49amUser-e50f759a: Will there be more character customization?
  960. 2:49amToekee: stop the techno shit ffs
  961. 2:49amIsaacYoutube: @HEROonYoutube Im so excited for this new update ayy :P
  962. 2:49amThisnameistakenistruthfu: o yeah go cave story
  964. 2:49amCenx: New users- Bottom right corner to change your name and avatar
  965. 2:49amSoccerReapzz: @ITACHI428123 Dude i see you like Naruto, if im DJ, im gona play an intro song
  966. 2:49amSir Noodles: Woag
  967. 2:49amUser-ee573dbb: Thanks hero for a link here!
  968. 2:49amHEROonYoutube: @Redigit Dino Biome?
  969. 2:49amUser-9f3a4d74: CAVE STORY
  970. User-26f81207 changed their name to Podge
  971. 2:49amUser-48ed68c4: Is it just me or is it lagging alot
  972. 2:49amJakebob: they have, anon user
  973. 2:49amCuse: It would be awesome to be able to design you're on charaters basic shape.. within certain parameters.
  974. 2:49amUser-79912738: WHY U QUIT STORY OF RED CLOUD HERO?
  975. 2:49amFireheart47: Redigit can we except another sword similar to Starfury?
  976. 2:49amTheIdleBean: @SoccerReapzz Which soundtrack? I was thinking you could play Strong and Strike?
  977. 2:49amITACHI428123: awesome thanks
  978. 2:49amNon-Hator-Tator-: What is new about the swords?
  979. 2:49amUser-2462f6bf: when do u think update 1.2 coming
  980. 2:49amRedigit: @HEROonYoutube Actually.. That's not a bad idea
  981. 2:49amPodge: will there be new cave looks for ALL new biomes?
  982. 2:49amUser-c7d9c7c4: @Cenx thanks :)
  983. 2:49amUser-63d8600e: Yrimir is HERE
  984. 2:49amBludud101: like a lil pond with palm trees in a desert?
  985. 2:49amSuper12520: Can you guys give us an example of a new magic weapon in the game
  986. User-576820ef changed their name to Murloc
  987. User-467a5c28 changed their name to BiGHiT
  988. User-9a32253e changed their name to SRGT G
  989. 2:49amzergdaycare: is it still vgm only?
  990. 2:49amUser-c1e1b4de: @redigit Biome customization?
  991. User-e6036531 changed their name to ohhowlovely
  992. 2:49amUser-c05d61d5: Add In Dinsouors
  993. 2:49amNukemanZx: New Goblin Army type events? @Redigit
  994. 2:49amThiago1505-BR: Yrimir yay!!
  995. 2:49amHEROonYoutube: @Redigit I love you now.
  996. 2:49amUser-efd95ec8: please dino biome
  997. 2:49amUser-cfb97170: @HEROonYoutube more wind wanker?
  998. 2:49amNeves Paradox: man this room is doing really well!
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