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  1. Bostar, Song thinks, She will have the option on the punishment.
  2. Yatogari, Makoto bears her gaze upon the Kojima in relative silence after that's been declared. The woman silently reaches for the hilt of Zanzoken, clenching her fingers upon it as she strides on forth. Rather than letting this be long-winded or anything of the sort, the woman cuts to the chase. Unlike before, there's no hesitation, mental preparation -- none of that.
  4. She swipes the katana outward, and in that same motion, takes the necessary step forth to close the distance between herself and Satoshi. In one fluid arc, the Yatogari swipes for his neck, aiming to remove it cleam from his shoulders. Her other arm snaps forth, with her hand reaching to clasp onto the hairs atop the removed head after it's been flung upward -- assuming all goes uninterrupted. With a smaller swipe of her weapon, the woman removes the blood from her blade.
  6. "And.."
  8. Makoto sheathes her weapon at that point, reaching forth with her now free hand to jab near his eye sockets with her digits. The Yatogari reaches, prodding for a moment. At last, she finds the right placement for her fingers, and proceeds to remove them from his skull, albeit with a more repulsed look on her face. Her amber gaze flicks to Song, as she presents a half-closed hand containing the eyes in question.
  10. "These are yours, your majesty." The woman states, waiting for him to take them.
  11. Kanjun thinks, Clean. Gross, but clean.
  12. Bostar, Song thinks, cleam
  13. Kanjun says, .
  14. Yatogari, Makoto says, ????
  15. Kanjun says, Right.. I'll deal with this.
  16. Kanjun says, Or you, Song?
  17. Bostar, Song says, No, no.
  18. Bostar, Song says, I got this.
  19. Kanjun says, Got'cha.
  20. Yatogari, Makoto just tries to do it again with Kawaki.
  21. Yatogari, Makoto says, -omit-
  22. Qianglong Tao thinks, Lightning. T'ch. Shame.
  23. Yatogari, Makoto says, -omit the omit-
  24. Bostar, Song just. . just took the eyes. . He felt so awkward after Makoto just did it the second time.
  26. "Oh. . Thanks."
  28. Really he felt awkward. He had a big monologue like a evil villain and everything. .
  30. Not really.
  31. Yatogari, Makoto offers a small nod. She looks at her dirty hand.
  32. "..."
  34. <I need to wash this after that... heavens.>
  35. Kanjun says, Tight..
  36. Kanjun says, That was anti-climactic.
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