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  1. Echoes of Lust S2E1 bonus content code: 314
  3. Hidden Event 1 "Jessica Blowjob":
  4. When Jessica is giving you the "gift", choose all options (handjob, boobjob, assjob, feetjob) and always click on "Try someting else".
  5. After you run all of them, Jessica will give you a blowjob.
  6. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Hidden Event 2 "Bonus animations and renders":
  8. When you complete the main story, the game will tell you "End of current version. PLEASE SAVE YOUR GAME ON THIS SCREEN."
  9. Just continue clicking untill the options show up. Then choose "I want more" and then "Liar".
  10. Continue clicking and you will eventualy get "Bonus animations and renders".
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