Polu Pants Party Part 1

Jun 1st, 2019
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  1. What are you doing man? You don’t get into arguments. You don’t get into religious arguments. You don’t talk religion to strangers, or even most people close to you for that matter. You certainly don’t get into arguments with clergy!
  3. And yet no matter how strongly you tell yourself this, you are engaged in a heated religious argument with a cute member of the clergy.
  5. Man is she cute. Look at that pout. Even her breath somehow smells great.
  7. But that doesn’t make her right. And if you’re going to be totally honest, you’d rather just finally talk openly about your beliefs. About the truths of the world that you always keep to yourself. It’s the one area you always back down in, and that’s poison to your soul.
  9. Plus she’s a psychic acolyte. Sure, they claim they don’t abuse their powers and follow a code, but the clergy says a lot of things.
  11. “But you’re wrong!” You hear yourself shout as loud a whisper as you dare taint the night with. The chill in the night air enhance the shiver the runs down your back from just telling it like it is. You two were getting along before, but you know that’s worthless if it’s fake. You probably just think her personality is better than it is because of her wide, sparklingly light, amber-yellow eyes
  13. “How can you say that?”
  15. “Rightfully!” You retort. She’s not addressing your argument. But what did you expect?
  17. “W-wrongfully!”
  19. “Oh, great point. I finally see things your way!” Alright. Not you’re just being mean, but come on! She started it.
  21. “Alright. Alright. Fine!” She stops you. “I’ve played plenty of Heretic’s Advocate for study time! Explain to me in more detail. You said something before about inflating our roles. Can you expand on that?”
  23. You weren’t expecting that. You thought she’d stomp off or call you names or cry or something.
  25. “Well, it’s simple. The more we muck with the spirits, the worse things end up. It’s worse than a waste of time. So is a lot of what the clergy does.”
  27. “How can you say-” She stops herself and coughs to buy a moment to recenter her thoughts. She holds up a hand to request he let her get to the end of her thought. “How can you say that when you have Mistress Keira as a friend?” The upset look on her face is adorable.
  29. “I like Keira. She’s a great friend.” You take note of how she reacted to those two sentences. “And she has been helpful when we’ve had issues. Absolutely. But the problems she deals with are not the problems of the living. Instead of letting the spirits find their own way and figure things out, the Ghost temple creates all these big messes and pushes on spirits that aren’t ready. Or push on spirits that might help other lost spirits.”
  31. “But spirits need our help!” She protests.
  33. “They’ll figure it out when they’re ready! They all end up there eventually!”
  35. “Not all the time! When bad things happen a lot in our world, it’s because there are too many lost spirits who haven’t been able to move to the next world! So-”
  37. “So why isn’t the rest of the world in constant chaos? They don’t have our priests! So what happens with all their spirits?” You’re already ready for her answer.
  39. “Because they find their way back.” She responds automatically, and you say it with her. “Exactly!” You continue, leaving her in the dust of that statement. “So why can’t our spirits do the same?”
  41. Her confidence is shaken. “They usually do! But sometimes they need help.”
  43. “So what about the rest of the world? The temples claim they make it through the portal to the next world seemingly fine without us guiding the way. So either the spirits from our region are just extra dumb, the outside world is full of confused and angry spirits and much, much worse than it looks like, or... this whole thing about our clergy needing so much control is bogus!”
  45. “I...well...” She pouts. Tears begin to stream down her face. “Why do you hate us? We just want to help.”
  47. “I don’t hate you!”
  49. “Yes you do! You thought you wanted to kiss me and then you took me here and realized you hated me!”
  52. “I don’t hate you!” You repeat. “And I still want to-”
  54. She smiles, then pouts again. No wait, this time, she’s pretending to point.
  56. “You’re reading my mind?”
  58. She turns pale. “I-I...I’ve never been alone with a boy before. Not like this, anyway. They told us not to get into these situations.”
  60. “What situations?” You sit, putting your chin in your palm and crossing a leg in one smooth motion. “What sort of situation did you get into?”
  62. Her cheeks turn as red as the low moon. She’s able to open her mouth and raise her finger, but can’t say a word to you or point. It’s a beautiful scene. It’s something you wish you could catch in a painting forever. “‘Ruffled Acolyte Girl’ by Polu Huia”, you’d call it.
  64. “You know!” She finally collects enough of her wits to answer. You had let that silence just weigh on her and slow her down like heavy rain on the sea. “A-alone. With a boy. At night. Unescorted.”
  66. Alone with a boy, she says. You’re starting to feel a little guilty about giving her such a hard time. But that comment earlier, the one that started this conversation, still stings. “So why are you here?” You mockingly ask. “Why did you come out here. Alone. With a boy?”
  68. “B-because!” She manages to glare at you, keeping eye contact. The intimacy seems particularly strong with that move for some reason. “Because you’re interesting and cute and I know you think the same about me!”
  70. “Aha! You’ve been reading my mind the entire time!”
  72. “You admit you think I’m cute!’
  74. “Who wouldn’t!” You shout, the cover your mouth. That’s way too loud. And way too enthusiastic. And your shooting mixed messages-
  76. “All over the place!” She finishes your sentences in frustration.
  78. She’s-
  80. “Reading your mind! Yes. I know! I’m not supposed to do it at all! And I can’t help it! I’m obviously not ready to be out here on my own and the head sister was right! I’m breaking my disciplines!”
  82. “Well, why?” It’s not fair to have such a one-sided flow of information.
  84. “Because you haven’t made up your mind if you like me or not! I can’t stand it! And I know reading your mind doesn’t exactly help! I’m sorry! I don’t get out much! And I should know better!” She sweats and blurts out.
  86. She has this mix of panic and giddy excitement, teetering from one to the other in her voice and face. You feel crushed under a wave of guilt for being so mad when she’s so happy. But you’re also so totally justified being raw about this! She’s still re-
  88. “-ading your mind! I know! I’m being really selfish because this is the best run I’ve ever done on my own. If I develop my powers I can do more for my temple and the islands. I’m just-”
  90. “More willing to use your power over me than do what’s right.” You still feel bad for being so cold to this girl, but you’re already fully exposed, so you might as well just give her a piece of your mind if she’s going to try to take it without your consent anyway. “So explain to me why I should be psyched about you getting better at using a power you abuse!”
  92. She’s silent for a moment, reflecting on your words. Her wide open eyes come into focus. “You’re right. That’s the first lesson. That actions, not thoughts, make us who we are. It’s not just that sometimes people do things on emotion and reflex instead of sober thought, which can surprise us, but also it’s about who we are. That we can’t justify doing bad things because our intentions are good.” She sniffles. “I’m sorry. I thought I could handle this trip. I was wrong. There’s just so much I was curious about that I lost sight of what I’ve been taught.”
  94. She’s a bit emotional, but you guess you can appreciate the view from her beach. “So you stopped?”
  96. She nods.
  98. Huh. Did she really stop reading your mind? You don’t feel that itch, and she didn’t want to break whatever connection she had because she didn’t think she could do it again. But can you really be sure?
  100. You picture her naked. You do your best to imagine what she looks like under that cute, fluffy psychic temple dress. The curves that only show when the wind presses her loose clothes tightly against her are enough to make you forget everything besides you being a guy and her being a girl.
  102. She gives no reaction to your thoughts. You get a bit more improper, thinking about what more than what she looks like. What she feels, like. What she tastes like. You-
  104. “S-so, what happens now?” She breaks what you realize was a very long, awkward silence.
  106. “What do you mean?”
  108. “Well, another thing they taught us is that it’s not safe to be alone with boys. And especially around people that reveal themselves to be heretics.”
  110. “After all that time in my head, you think I’m going to take advantage of you?” You’re not even offended, just confused. “Unless...wait, did you want me to?” Now you’re a little offended.
  112. “A proper lady of the temple would never ask for such a thing to happen.” She mumbles and fidgets. “Even if it was gentle, and didn’t go too far.” She looks up.
  114. She’s crazy. Crazy and cute. Cute and looking right at you with those big, blinking eyes and full lips. The wind sweeps over her again, making her dress outline her body.
  116. “I-when I heard we were to help find you, I thought of a dashing man who got lost on an exciting adventure. When I learned you were a gang member, and such a hotheaded rebel...” She lets her gaze linger on your jacket. “I thought I’d be disappointed. But...it’s thrilling. I didn’t think you’d have a code or be so concerned about high minded ideals. You’re dangerous, I know, but maybe...if we become closer, I could temper that. A-and you can show me things, too!”
  118. “What sort of things?” Is that really how she sees you? Is she right? You know your thoughts, but is that who you are in your actions? She’s seen both, wouldn’t she have better insight into you than you do?
  120. “I-I don’t know... things that happen between boys and girls our age.”
  122. You gulp. You can read these clouds and see the weather. Just a minute ago you were in a heated debate. She’s crazy to turn this around so quickly! You’re crazy that you’re glad that she did! You’re paralyzed with indecision. You’ve taken so many chances lately and went with your gut over your head and everything keeps getting worse. You’ve been rejected by your long time crush, failed to get your sister back and lost your bandana. Maybe you should play it safe.
  124. Did you seriously just think that? Play it safe? Dude, what are you stressing so much about? You’re Polu. You’re a surfer. You never would have dared your first major wave if you played it safe. And you’ll never put sense into your sister without being bold.
  126. You lean in and kiss her. If it’s a mistake, it’ll still be worth it.
  128. She kisses back. It feels like riding a thousand foot tall wave.
  130. “Is it pleasing?” She asks.
  132. “Do you want me to answer that with words, or actions?” You sly Growlithe. That’s such a cool line!
  134. She fidgets. “Whatever is best...”
  136. That nervous energy transforms when you kiss her again. Then again. Longer, more open, more exploring. You gently guide her with your mouth, pretending to know what to do and discovering with her what works. You’ve kissed girls before, but not much, and not like this. The argument you had before makes you feel safer, closer. More in tune with her. Despite the huge differences between your worlds, you’re entirely riding the same wave on this.
  138. You kiss for awhile, each of you taking more risks and finding things that work. In the next lull, she breaks it again.
  140. “Something wrong?”
  142. “Is there anything else you’d do with me?”
  144. You hold her by the waist and swing yours and her weight around just a little. “While I’m taking advantage of you, you mean?”
  146. She giggles, then puts on a more determined face. “Of course!”
  148. You smirk. You’re in really risky waters now. How far does she want to go? How far do you? How serious is- Ah, there you go again. Trust your gut. Go where it takes you. “Well, you just let me know if I’m taking too much advantage of you.”
  150. She fails to fight off a laugh, and holds your waist and swings off of you a little in tandem with your own motions. “Such a gentle bad boy.”
  152. You pull her close, then let your hand roam up the side of body. You hold her breast. “You’re worth appreciating.” Dude that was a lame line, but she goes with the vibe anyway. You decide to kiss her before she realizes how bad that was, and she gets more into it.
  154. No bra! Those nipples are rock hard, even through the fabric. Holy sky, sea, and land are her breasts soft and heavy! You could play with these all day. The way she gasps and leans into it and reacts to you fills your head with a radical fog. You take your right hand and slip it down the front of her shirt.
  156. “Oh gosh!” She lets out.
  158. That does nothing to calm you down. You break your stream of kisses and spin her around. You nibble on her neck and ears as your put one hand down her shirt and the other down her pants. The one down her shirt plays with her nipple after every rhythmic cupping of her breasts, while the other dances around where her pubic hair should be.
  160. The stories were true! They do remove it!
  162. She’s a little frightened of your move at first, but when you don’t go directly for it and just let your fingers circle around the area, she becomes much less anxious and a lot more wanting. You move your touch in a swirling pattern, and soon she subtly shifts her body to lean into it, encouraging you to touch her closer.
  164. After a long, cruel time, you finally do. It’s so wet. She shakes and pushes herself further into your grip.
  166. “No further.” She gasps with great effort, biting her lip and scrunching her eyes.
  168. You stop, and gently retract your hands.
  170. “I meant, no further than this.” She quickly corrects, then assumes the same position as before.
  172. “Aren’t I a rogue? What makes you so sure I won’t play by my own rules?” You whisper, exploring her once again.
  174. She grits her teeth and does everything she can with her body to demand more touching. She tries to come up with a witty response or retort, or anything, but words are beyond her now. You take the cue and keep going. You know better than to go too crazy. You finger slowly, picking up your pace as her excitement demands.
  176. “Oh! It’s...I’m! Ah!” She presses back into you, actually making it a lot harder to keep touching her. You strive your best to make sure this rocks as much as it can. You’re already blowing her world, now you want to blow her galaxy. She shakes and shivers, moans and gasps. Your raging pride is grinded against with her round butt and separated by what feels like much too tight yet too thin fabrics.
  178. She finishes, gasping, leaning on you. Gently, you guide her down to sit. You keep an arm over her shoulder though. She leans in. “Wow.”
  180. “Feeling alright?”
  182. “Amazi...wow.” She says. Then she laughs. She can’t believe what happened. “That was incredible.”
  184. “Well, I do my best.” You fake some humility. You’re feeling pretty darn happy with yourself right now.
  186. “I’ve seen the details in memories, but I’ve never felt it. That’s... that puts so much into perspective.”
  188. “Mind blowing, I bet.”
  190. “It’s- Oh!” She pushes you for your pun. Then, thinking, she pushes her hair back and works out how she wants to say whatever just hopped into her head. “Are you...expecting reciprocity?”
  192. “I...well, you said no further.”
  194. She sighs. “Yes. I did. But...that’s not further, is it? If I do the same to you.”
  196. You don’t hate where this is going at all. “No, it’s not.”
  198. “But...it’s a lot different if things just happen to me, and if I do a thing to a boy...technically speaking.”
  200. Awww. Maybe she’s just playing around. You decide to keep up the playful commentary. “We wouldn’t want some technicalities to get in the way of a good time.”
  202. She pouts. “I’m serious. I can’t...do things to you.”
  204. You sigh. Oh well. You’re still pretty happy with how things ended up.
  206. “Not physically, anyway.” She proposes. “If, you don’t mind me trying something else...” Her eyes begin to lose focus
  208. (Part two coming soon!)
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