Conversation 1 sabu phone number: Sabu and Jamie

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  3. ~ The Moment of Truth ~
  4. Conversation 1: Sabu and Jamie
  6. tag: anonymousabu
  8. < 8/29/2011 | 10/7/2011 >
  11. 29.08.2011
  13. (16:23:34)<JamieJo> #presstorm on this server
  14. - 6 min, 26 sec
  15. (16:30:00)<JamieJo> made you sop
  16. - 2 h, 51 min
  17. (19:21:07)<JamieJo> hi?
  20. 15.09.2011
  22. (13:55:56)<Sabu> hi miss
  23. (13:56:44)<Presstorm> how you been big brother?
  24. (13:56:53)<Presstorm> heard you've been "living" for once
  25. (13:56:55)<Presstorm> :)
  26. (13:57:51)<Sabu> indeed
  27. (13:57:54)<Sabu> needed time to my family
  28. (13:57:58)<Sabu> I have kids, I'm a grown man
  29. (13:58:03)<Presstorm> i know they told me
  30. (13:58:08)<Presstorm> I about quit the other day
  31. (13:58:17)<Presstorm> I was just not prepared for anonymosu like this
  32. (13:58:18)<Sabu> you can't quit an idea my love
  33. (13:58:20)<Presstorm> i don't do chaos very well
  34. (14:00:14)<Sabu> thats the beauty of it though; with no leaders or centralization there is chaos
  35. (14:00:18)<Sabu> they call it chaotic neutral
  36. (14:00:27)<Presstorm> you need to learn me in this shit Sabu
  37. (14:00:32)<Sabu> in any case I'm passed the idea of anonymous; the idea of resistance is where I stand
  38. (14:00:32)<Presstorm> I wasn't ready for you to disappear
  39. (14:00:36)<Presstorm> I struggled hardcore
  40. (14:00:38)<Presstorm> after you left
  41. (14:00:42)<Presstorm> and about shut presstorm down
  42. (14:00:54)<Presstorm> and I know where you're at
  43. (14:01:00)<Presstorm> epyx has been very dutiful in guiding me
  44. (14:01:03)<Presstorm> he just doesn't know me like you do
  45. (14:01:09)<Presstorm> don't ask me just "get" me
  46. (14:01:12)<Presstorm> that's rare
  47. (14:01:42)<Sabu> I appreciate that
  48. (14:01:49)<Sabu> just keep your head up
  49. (14:01:52)<Sabu> remember this
  50. (14:02:05)<Sabu> its not about anonyous. its about getting the truth out there
  51. (14:04:08)<Presstorm> lol ive been trying to purge us of anonymous tbh
  52. (14:04:14)<Presstorm> im not succeeding...
  53. (14:04:39)<Sabu> we're living through cointelpro all over again
  54. (14:04:48)<Presstorm> yes
  55. (14:04:53)<Presstorm> I've observed that
  56. (14:05:01)<Presstorm> and that's why I'm glad most serious anons are migrating here
  57. (14:05:13)<Presstorm> I am trying to button down our hatches the best I knwo how
  58. (14:05:26)<Sabu> but remember my dear; we must remain free FROM centralization
  59. (14:05:27)<Presstorm> joepie91 seemed blatantly obvious...a place to go
  60. (14:05:29)<Presstorm> for security
  61. (14:05:31)<Sabu> so only push it for your circle
  62. (14:05:50)<Presstorm> i cannot wrap my head around decentralization
  63. (14:05:51)<Presstorm> Sabu
  64. (14:05:53)<Presstorm> I have tried
  65. (14:05:58)<Presstorm> you're speaking to a control freak
  66. (14:06:08)<Presstorm> it's difficult for me to grasp this concept of decentralization
  67. (14:06:20)<Sabu> did epyx pass you my emergency number?
  68. (14:06:35)<Presstorm> not yet
  69. (14:06:38)<Presstorm> mentioned it
  70. (14:06:44)<Presstorm> didn't give it yet though - said you were coming here
  71. (14:07:01)<Sabu> kk
  72. (14:07:08)<Presstorm> and #presstorm is +s
  73. (14:07:09)<Presstorm> as well
  74. (14:07:14)<Presstorm> we have #pspublic for the public
  75. (14:08:00)<Presstorm> I was on VITB last night
  76. (14:08:02)<Presstorm> tired as fuck
  77. (14:08:12)<Presstorm> we talked about integrating a chain of alternative news
  78. (14:08:18)<Presstorm> keeping our identities
  79. (14:08:25)<Presstorm> but forming a strong chain of supporting sites
  80. (14:08:30)<Presstorm> that support each other by link backing..etc
  81. (14:08:32)<Presstorm> promoting truth
  82. (14:08:45)<Presstorm> I'm trying to set up 3rd party presidential debates on alternative news media sites
  83. (14:08:53)<Sabu> nice. I missed that show
  84. (14:08:54)<Presstorm> that's a task and a half
  85. (14:08:56)<Sabu> win 6
  86. (14:09:00)<Presstorm> just as well - i sounded like shit
  87. (14:09:18)<Sabu> I might call in one day
  88. (14:09:19)<Presstorm>
  89. (14:09:28)<Presstorm> they did a remix with me in it lol
  90. (14:09:33)<Presstorm> from @redlistradio
  91. (14:10:20)<Sabu> lets talk about opwallstreet
  92. (14:10:29)<Sabu> I plan on going to wall street
  93. (14:10:33)<Sabu> do we have anything planned?
  94. (14:10:35)<Presstorm> this doesn't sound like a good thing Sabu
  95. (14:10:38)<Sabu> I'm not advertising I'm sabu obviously
  96. (14:10:43)<Presstorm> of course
  97. (14:10:54)<Presstorm> they are tanking the economy
  98. (14:10:55)<Presstorm> or what
  99. (14:10:56)<Presstorm> ?
  100. (14:10:56)<Sabu> but I will be a hypocrit if I stay home and protest from my keystrokes
  101. (14:11:24)<Sabu> ?
  102. (14:11:28)<Presstorm> I dont know if I support this shit
  103. (14:11:38)<Presstorm> if it's the same bitch who ran USDOR - hell fucking no.
  104. (14:11:44)<Presstorm> she's a god damned fruit case
  105. (14:11:51)<Presstorm> I have some questions
  106. (14:11:56)<Presstorm> 1.) What are they demanding?
  107. (14:12:07)<Presstorm> 2.) If they are trying to tank the economy - why the fuck they doing it?
  108. (14:12:13)<Presstorm> 3.) Why not "bank street instead?"
  109. (14:12:19)<Presstorm> they are calling for democracy on wall street?
  110. (14:12:23)<Presstorm> <--confused
  111. (14:12:35)<Sabu> thats why I'm asking you
  112. (14:12:37)<Sabu> whats going on with it
  113. (14:12:41)<Sabu> who is running the op?
  114. (14:12:47)<Presstorm> I have MotorMouth going in to do an interview with them today
  115. (14:12:48)<Presstorm> in about 15 min
  116. (14:12:59)<Presstorm> I think it's alexa o brian
  117. (14:13:06)<Presstorm> same one who burned me and exiledsurfer
  118. (14:13:08)<Presstorm> for USDOR
  119. (14:13:19)<Presstorm> if you tank the economy....the people are going to suffer
  120. (14:13:29)<Presstorm> and they are already dispatching military units to Wall Street
  121. (14:13:34)<Presstorm> today
  122. (14:13:35)<Sabu> they can not tank the economy
  123. (14:13:36)<Sabu> by doing what?
  124. (14:13:44)<Presstorm> that's why I'm leary about this shit
  125. (14:13:48)<Sabu> protesting on a saturday?
  126. (14:13:48)<Presstorm> alexa hates anonymous
  127. (14:13:55)<Presstorm> and they have pushed HARD for anons to be there
  128. (14:14:11)<Presstorm>
  129. (14:14:18)<Presstorm>
  130. (14:14:25)<Presstorm> they are deliberately being vague about what they are demanding
  131. (14:14:30)<Presstorm> people are going in to this blind
  132. (14:14:38)<Presstorm> I dont know if this is such a good idea...Sabu
  133. (14:15:38)<Sabu> let me research
  134. (14:16:03)<Presstorm> ok
  135. (14:17:36)<Presstorm> #psops is me
  136. (14:17:38)<Presstorm> come on in
  137. (14:17:41)<Presstorm> it's clear
  138. (14:18:09)<Sabu> you speak any other languages?
  139. (14:19:50)<Presstorm> some
  140. (14:19:53)<Presstorm> 6
  141. (14:19:54)<Presstorm> why?
  142. (14:20:18)<Presstorm> English, Bohemian, German, Dutch, Hebrew, and Latin/Greek
  143. (14:20:23)<Presstorm> working on spanish
  144. (14:20:25)<Presstorm> ^^
  145. - 12 min, 31 sec
  146. (14:32:56)<Sabu> kk
  147. (14:33:07)<Sabu> you there?
  148. (14:34:04)<JamieJo> mmhm
  149. (14:37:44)<Presstorm> <AlbaandOmegle> <- that is the reference point - the whole thing is #Anonymous (#A99), #OccupyWallStreet, #CultureJammers, #USDOR
  150. (14:37:44)<Presstorm> <AlbaandOmegle> I'm going to be gone for exactly 2 hours
  151. (14:40:22)<Presstorm> I have to go sell this metal
  152. (14:40:26)<Presstorm> or my kids don't eat tonight
  153. (14:40:27)<Presstorm> bbs
  154. (14:40:29)<Presstorm> please lurk
  155. (14:40:36)<Presstorm> I have a lot to talk to you about
  156. (14:40:41)<Presstorm> and I still don't have yoru emergency number
  157. - 51 min, 35 sec
  158. (15:32:16)<Sabu> I'm here
  159. (15:36:27)<Presstorm> we're discussing
  160. (15:36:28)<Presstorm> in #psops
  161. (15:38:28)<Sabu> seekz for seis. for phive xero. five one one three
  162. (15:38:32)<Sabu> SMS it first
  163. (15:40:58)<Presstorm> i will have sms soon
  164. (15:42:15)<Sabu> kk
  165. - 41 min, 13 sec
  166. (16:23:28)<Presstorm> I am pissed
  167. (16:23:33)<Presstorm> best not to be in public atm
  168. (16:23:42)<Presstorm> special_delivery just lost ALL credibility with me
  169. (16:23:51)<Presstorm> and now I am thinking twice about even working with any of ya'll
  170. (16:23:59)<Presstorm> red flags going off
  171. (16:24:03)<Presstorm> I dont like being lied about
  172. (16:24:06)<Presstorm> and I dont like being blackmailed
  173. (16:24:09)<Presstorm> and won't stand for it
  174. - 8 min, 12 sec
  175. (16:32:21)<Presstorm> Sabu
  176. (16:32:28)<Presstorm> I just started WWIII with your people
  177. (16:32:38)<Presstorm> I think I am calling it quits there
  178. (16:32:40)<Presstorm> drawing the line
  181. 17.09.2011
  183. (19:20:21)<Sabu> you there miss?
  184. (19:20:43)<Presstorm> mm
  185. (19:20:46)<Presstorm> I am
  186. (19:22:16)<Sabu> whats good with all thse messages? I don't know who special_delivery is and could care less
  187. (19:22:24)<Sabu> and you can't quit an idea
  188. (19:27:31)<Presstorm> Hold on
  189. - 7 min, 30 sec
  190. (19:35:01)<Presstorm> I don't appreciate
  191. (19:35:03)<Presstorm> Sabu
  192. (19:35:18)<Presstorm> epyx (who claims to be one of your team) inviting someone into our investigative chatroom
  193. (19:35:28)<Presstorm> only to claim he has unpublished articles about me being secretly nazi
  194. (19:35:38)<Presstorm> and then downgrading presstorm because we're nazi's
  195. (19:35:50)<Presstorm> if that's the case - then I would prefer we went our way.
  196. (19:36:15)<Presstorm> You may not be able to quit an idea - but you can sure as hell stop supporting one on the basis of unfounded ignorance and stupidity.
  197. (19:37:13)<Presstorm> I won't think twice about it either.
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