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  1. [quote='YoursTruly' pid='85266' dateline='1382303066']
  2. [size=xx-large][b]Is this what we want to show as the public face of the guide approval team?[/b][/size]
  4. All lines below taken from #tulpa.GAT, the official GAT IRC channel
  6. 2013-10-20 13:16:24     @Sands  You don't fuck cats
  7. 2013-10-20 13:16:24     ~Zero-  you can
  8. 2013-10-20 13:16:24     @Sands  But you don't
  9. 2013-10-20 13:16:24     ~Zero-  you might
  10. 2013-10-20 13:16:24     @Sands  that's the difference
  11. 2013-10-20 13:16:24     @Sands  I'll go pet the cat
  12. 2013-10-20 13:16:30     @Sands  Cat made cute noises, now you know
  13. 2013-10-20 13:17:13     ~Zero-  d'awww
  14. 2013-10-20 13:17:21     ~Zero-  now stick your benis in it
  15. 2013-10-20 13:18:40     @Sands  you don't stick benis in cat
  16. 2013-10-20 13:19:46     ~Zero-  if you squeeze
  17. 2013-10-20 13:20:10     @Sands  you don't, zero
  18. 2013-10-20 13:20:43     ~Zero-  o-ok
  19. 2013-10-20 13:20:57     ~Zero-  i have some pictures to delete from my computer, then
  20. 2013-10-20 13:21:08     @Sands  it's too late
  21. 2013-10-20 13:21:11     @Sands  the cops are coming
  22. 2013-10-20 13:21:27     ~Zero-  damit
  23. 2013-10-20 13:21:36     ~Zero-  i'll start baking cookies then
  24. 2013-10-20 13:21:44     ~Zero-  try to bribe them with food
  25. 2013-10-20 13:21:57     @Sands  only donuts work on cops
  26. 2013-10-20 13:22:00     ~Zero-  fug
  27. 2013-10-20 13:22:03     ~Zero-  i suck at this
  28. 2013-10-20 13:22:13     @Sands  that's why I'm here
  29. 2013-10-20 13:22:16     +MQQSE  Oh lawdy, what am I looking at?
  30. 2013-10-20 13:22:16     @Sands  the real reason behind GAT
  31. 2013-10-20 13:22:19     @Sands  yogurt cannons
  32. 2013-10-20 13:22:29     @Sands  why are you looking at yogurt cannons, Moose
  33. 2013-10-20 13:22:40     +MQQSE  Because I didn't avert my eyes in time.
  34. 2013-10-20 13:22:53     ~Zero-  Bad MQQSE. Baddd MQQSE.
  35. 2013-10-20 13:22:54     @Sands  why are you still looking
  36. 2013-10-20 13:23:47     +MQQSE  My eyes broke.
  37. 2013-10-20 13:24:04     +MQQSE  And... so did my neck.  It's stuck in place and I am no longer able to avert my gaze.
  38. 2013-10-20 13:24:06     +MQQSE  Halp.
  39. 2013-10-20 13:24:15     ~Zero-  That's what you get
  40. 2013-10-20 13:24:21     ~Zero-  Ali's laughing at you now
  41. 2013-10-20 13:24:33     @Sands  her yogurt cannon's laughing too
  42. 2013-10-20 13:24:46     ~Zero-  Ali: It is. It has an evil smile.
  43. 2013-10-20 13:24:52     @Sands  you bet
  44. 2013-10-20 13:27:25     +Goopi|away     notice: if GAT is to be an official thing on .info and have any power, GAT members are staff and this is a semi-official channel since it's tied to GAT stuff, and it's a public channel -- so the requirement that staff be professional extends to here as well
  45. 2013-10-20 13:27:53     ~Zero-  I guess so.
  46. 2013-10-20 13:29:01     --      Mode #tulpa.GAT [+v Cold] by Cell
  47. 2013-10-20 13:30:15     @Sands  Except that off-topic is allowed
  48. 2013-10-20 13:30:24     +Goopi|away     yes
  49. 2013-10-20 13:31:03     ~Zero-  yep, off topic is allowed, and you only have to be semi-professional
  50. 2013-10-20 13:31:18     ~Zero-  since, you know, i repeated over and over that gats are just regular people trying to helpa
  51. 2013-10-20 13:31:21     ~Zero-  help*
  52. 2013-10-20 13:31:34     ~Zero-  so them going all srsbsnsfaec would sorta go against that
  53. 2013-10-20 13:31:58     @Sands  helpa, the new helper tulpa to achieve a switch the second it is made so the host don't ever have to deal with responsibilites again?
  54. 2013-10-20 13:32:28     ~Zero-  yes
  55. 2013-10-20 13:32:45     ~Zero-  sands i'm still not even close to switching
  56. 2013-10-20 13:32:51     ~Zero-  how long did it take you and roswell?
  57. 2013-10-20 13:33:29     -->     Purry ( has joined #tulpa.GAT
  58. 2013-10-20 13:33:29     --      Mode #tulpa.GAT [+v Purry] by Cell
  59. 2013-10-20 13:33:47     @Sands  seeing that it wasn't something I was trying to achieve or something
  60. 2013-10-20 13:33:58     @Sands  it's hard to estimate anything, just a lot of possession
  61. 2013-10-20 13:34:01     @Sands  months
  62. 2013-10-20 13:34:15     @Sands  It included a lot of autistic video games
  63. 2013-10-20 13:34:35     ~Zero-  Ea plays autistic video games while trying to possess
  64. 2013-10-20 13:34:36     @Sands  there's something about blocks...
  65. 2013-10-20 13:34:53     ~Zero-  i've never read a possession guide so i'm not sure what should be happening, then again frontloading has never done me any good
  66. 2013-10-20 13:35:09     ~Zero-  i just try to relax and when my body starts doing stuff i assume it's her
  67. 2013-10-20 13:35:24     @Sands  I hate everything that involves assuming
  68. 2013-10-20 13:35:42     @Sands  mostly because I've seen the doubt that creates
  69. 2013-10-20 13:35:44     +Twi`   How can I apply for membership to the GAT?
  70. 2013-10-20 13:35:47     ~Zero-  i don't like it either
  71. 2013-10-20 13:35:50     ~Zero-  Twi: You don't
  72. 2013-10-20 13:35:57     @Sands  You post nudes
  73. 2013-10-20 13:35:58     ~Zero-  You need to be nominated by someone
  74. 2013-10-20 13:36:04     ~Zero-  Or you post nudes.
  75. 2013-10-20 13:36:13     @Sands  That's how I got in
  76. 2013-10-20 13:36:17     @Kiahdaj        If anyone thought you'd be of value to it, they'd have nominated you
  77. 2013-10-20 13:36:21     @Kiahdaj        yes sands
  78. 2013-10-20 13:36:25     @Kiahdaj        they were nice
  79. 2013-10-20 13:37:19     @Momo   I'm making my helpa now.
  80. 2013-10-20 13:37:20     ~Zero-  i still have them in a folder somewhere
  81. 2013-10-20 13:37:33     @Momo   should only be about 3 months until I've forced the personality into its core
  82. 2013-10-20 13:37:48     @Momo   then one second later I'll have a slave for life. This I like.
  83. 2013-10-20 13:37:52     @Sands  did you read my gay possession thing zero
  84. 2013-10-20 13:37:56     ~Zero-  I did
  85. 2013-10-20 13:38:06     ~Zero-  It said that the more possession you do, the easier switching becomes
  86. 2013-10-20 13:38:10     @Sands  did you read my gay thing about absence of disbelief
  87. 2013-10-20 13:38:26     ~Zero-  I can recall times when I felt particularly zoned out during possession practice, and yeah i did
  88. 2013-10-20 13:38:29     ~Zero-  I even replied to it
  89. 2013-10-20 13:38:44     @Sands  I think I've probably summed up everything there
  90. 2013-10-20 13:38:50     @Kiahdaj        Sands are you on post approval?
  91. 2013-10-20 13:39:00     @Sands  I don't think I should be
  92. 2013-10-20 13:39:10     @Sands  seeing that I got 0% warnings
  93. 2013-10-20 13:39:24     @Kiahdaj        Because I swear when I saw GG vote for JD earlier, your post wasn't the one before his
  94. 2013-10-20 13:39:25     @Sands  why so, something happen?
  95. 2013-10-20 13:40:04     @Sands  oh nah methos posted after me
  96. 2013-10-20 13:40:19     @waffles        <Goopi|away> GAT members are staff
  97. 2013-10-20 13:40:21     @waffles        ahahahaha
  98. 2013-10-20 13:40:22     @Kiahdaj        Huh. I just don't remember seeing your vote
  99. 2013-10-20 13:40:25     @waffles        I am so powerful
  100. 2013-10-20 13:40:30     @waffles        aaaaaahaahahaha
  101. 2013-10-20 13:41:10     @Sands  now to get admin powers so we can redesign every forum theme to be a rainbow gradient
  102. 2013-10-20 13:41:20     @waffles        comic sans font
  103. 2013-10-20 13:41:28     @Sands  Fund it
  104. 2013-10-20 13:41:54     ~Zero-  never again
  105. 2013-10-20 13:47:32     @Momo   can we all get admin powers
  106. 2013-10-20 13:47:36     @Momo   then ban everyone?
  107. 2013-10-20 13:47:49     @Momo   and make all the forums only visible to members?
  108. 2013-10-20 13:48:02     @Momo   before the previous step that is
  109. 2013-10-20 13:50:11     +Goopi|away     [15:38:49] <Kiahdaj> Sands are you on post approval? <==== I just checked, he is not
  110. 2013-10-20 13:50:22     @Sands  Even I could answer that
  111. 2013-10-20 13:50:29     @Sands  unless you changed it now
  112. 2013-10-20 13:50:29     [chanstat]      New user peak: 23 users (last peak was 32m 6s ago)
  113. 2013-10-20 13:50:31     @Sands  tricky bastard...
  114. [/quote]
  116. [quote='Cold' pid='85267' dateline='1382303316']
  117. Yes, we want this.
  118. [/quote]
  120. [quote='Pronas' pid='85268' dateline='1382303378']
  121. haters hating on my approval team.
  122. [/quote]
  124. [quote='Zero' pid='85269' dateline='1382303440']
  125. Yes, because those conversations aren't public and you're totally unveiling a secret. Try harder next time. This has nothing to do with the gat's ability to judge guides.
  127. Also, you only posted that because of this:
  129. [22:35] <+Twi`> How can I apply for membership to the GAT?
  130. [22:35] <~Zero-> i don't like it either
  131. [22:35] <~Zero-> Twi: You don't
  132. [22:36] <@Sands> You post nudes
  133. [22:36] <~Zero-> You need to be nominated by someone
  134. [22:36] <~Zero-> Or you post nudes.
  135. [22:36] <@Sands> That's how I got in
  136. [22:36] <@Kiahdaj> If anyone thought you'd be of value to it, they'd have nominated you
  138. Don't be mad, Niichan.
  139. [/quote]
  141. [quote='Chupi' pid='85270' dateline='1382303539']
  143. You have to make your channel +s, +i or +k if you want to claim that. Currently it's a public channel visible to all, and is the place on IRC to discuss anything with the GATs.
  145. Edit: I read that too fast.
  146. [/quote]
  148. [quote='Zero' pid='85271' dateline='1382303670']
  149. What is sarcasm
  150. [/quote]
  152. [quote='Sands' pid='85272' dateline='1382304019']
  153. Yeah, you shouldn't fuck cats. I stand by what I said and tell you: don't fuck cats.
  154. [/quote]
  156. [quote='Ashmo' pid='85275' dateline='1382304235']
  157. Agreed, cat fucking is a no-no
  159. Also, why didn't anyone tell me I needed to post nudes?
  160. I might have got more votes.
  161. [/quote]
  163. [quote='Zero' pid='85276' dateline='1382304280']
  164. Hindsight sucks, dunnit?
  165. Anyway if Phi and CreativeMind don't reply, you're in, Ashmo.
  166. [/quote]
  168. [quote='Ashmo' pid='85281' dateline='1382304734']
  169. Awesomesauce
  170. [/quote]
  172. [quote='Shui' pid='85286' dateline='1382305499']
  174. Which will be four or five days from now?
  176. I need to know when it's ok to let them out of my basement.
  177. [/quote]
  179. [quote='Kiahdaj' pid='85287' dateline='1382305514']
  180. I like how the fact that Niichan threw a bitchfit proves that they have no place being in staff of any kind.
  181. Like hey, if you played your cards right, sometime down the road you might have been able to be on the team.
  182. Way to be mature about it. You sure have my vote.
  183. [/quote]
  185. [quote='Ashmo' pid='85290' dateline='1382306488']
  186. I still don't even care if I get on now or not. Like, sure, I'd like to be, I just want to help the site, but there are still a lot of awesome people on the team that will do good.
  187. [/quote]
  189. [quote='Shockk' pid='85291' dateline='1382306515']
  191. All I saw was Twi neutrally posting a log of something that happened in that channel. Unless there was some hidden message in there that I didn't notice, the only thing that could be seen negatively about the post is the contents of the log itself.
  193. Also, nearly all of the people I've seen arguing against the negativity of the log are those who participated in the log itself.
  194. [/quote]
  196. [quote='SkyeWint' pid='85295' dateline='1382307299']
  197. Obviously we (the mod team) didn't think this through enough.
  199. Some things to note:
  200. 1. The basic idea of the GAT was not fully greenlighted when it began, but it  still has [u]significant support[/u] by pretty much the entire mod team.
  201. 2. We made a mistake - when the idea was brought up, we did not decide on rules initially.
  202. 3. Recent problems brought this to the forefront and forced decision to happen [b][u]now[/u][/b]. These recent problems are going to be factored into what we end up deciding, as they have clearly shown what will happen if there aren't guidelines by the mods included.
  203. 4. We fully expect people to be unhappy about some of the rules which will occur as a result of our decision. That's a given for just about any rule on any site, however.
  205. Please be patient while we discuss this, and understand that we are focused on finalizing a decision NOW.
  206. [/quote]
  208. [quote='Shui' pid='85300' dateline='1382307727']
  209. Wait. What problems?
  210. [/quote]
  212. [quote='SkyeWint' pid='85304' dateline='1382308267']
  216. Read this and the following posts.
  217. [/quote]
  219. [quote='Yori' pid='85305' dateline='1382308986']
  220. Uh... random interesting conversation there. As long as this isn't taking up most of the discussion (cats), off-topic deviance a bit doesn't seem too bad... are guides mostly talked about there?
  221. [/quote]
  223. [quote='Kiahdaj' pid='85306' dateline='1382309704']
  225. The reason I said what I did is because just a few minutes before that, Niichan was told that they couldn't be a member of the GAT. It is pretty obvious to me that their reason for posting that was out of spite, when they were discluded.
  226. Regardless of who did it, that is the conclusion that I would have come to--Niichan's past attitudes only serves to validate my conclusion.
  227. [/quote]
  229. [quote='Zero' pid='85308' dateline='1382310553']
  231. Usually it's either GAT-related stuff or just tulpaforcing general. Twi had to cherrypick the one moment where we had a little fun and make a big deal out of it. But I already changed the channel rules, this shouldn't be an issue anymore.
  236. [23:07] <+Twi`> Check out your new guide approval team!
  238. Does he really need to add "/condescendingsarcasm" at the end of that for it to be clear?
  239. [/quote]
  241. [quote='Shui' pid='85310' dateline='1382312598']
  242. Yeah. GAT people having fun on the IRC doesn't strike me as a problem, nor does someone being excluded. And bear in mind, this is coming from a guy who might not make it into the GAT himself.
  244. Zero had GAT posts up for a very long time, and really went out of his way to give everyone the chance to nominate and vote. And of course the GAT isn't carved in stone as it is. In the pastebin are rules about the replacement of members.
  246. If I do make it in, I won't be a member forever. I'll probably cut back my involvement in this community in about six months, and someone else will step in to take my place.
  247. [/quote]
  249. [quote='Chupi' pid='85311' dateline='1382314088']
  250. The point isn't that it's off topic fun, it's that the discussion is of things that most sensible people would find repulsive.
  252. The GAT channel is going to be listed on the chat page as a place to discuss things regarding the GAT. And because they decide which guides should be promoted, they will be viewed by a newcomer as somewhat above normal users and part of the group who runs the site. Consider how an average person would react upon walking in on what you see in that log: "Yuck, some of the people who run this place are depraved freaks!"
  254. This is why we have mods and other staff act professional in any publicly visible area officially associated with the site. If we give the GAT power, its members are in a way staff, and will have to do the same.
  255. [/quote]
  257. [quote='Zero' pid='85313' dateline='1382314525']
  258. I thought I already resolved this problem? I changed the rules, extreme profanity will get a kick now. Why is this still being discussed?
  259. [/quote]
  261. [quote='ThunderClap' pid='85314' dateline='1382315472']
  262. Yeah okay NiiChan because .info/_ot totally aren't like that at times either.
  264. Seriously chill out. You act like the channel is supposed to be 100% on topic and professional all the time.
  266. Lighten up
  268. Edit: I think I came into this too late
  269. [/quote]
  271. [quote='Zero' pid='85315' dateline='1382318809']
  272. Way too late.
  273. [/quote]
  275. [quote='schlondark' pid='85324' dateline='1382321916']
  277. This is a truely terrible way of delivering this message, it should not have been posted on the forum, and especially not in the manner that it was.
  279. That was a loaded post and you know it shockk
  280. [/quote]
  282. [quote='MegaBusta' pid='85328' dateline='1382323043']
  283. Give me a reason to take YT seriously.
  284. [/quote]
  286. [quote='Red_M' pid='86337' dateline='1382917338']
  287. "09:39 <@Kiahdaj> And the best part
  288. 09:39 <@Kiahdaj> Is no one can complain because they voted for us
  289. 09:41 <@waffles> we can't even get impeached."
  291. ^ yeah this seems like a great idea...  - PP
  292. [/quote]
  294. [quote='Kiahdaj' pid='86338' dateline='1382917521']
  295. Someone has absolutely no sense of humor.
  296. Read the pastebin... Christ.
  297. [/quote]
  299. [quote='ThunderClap' pid='86341' dateline='1382920408']
  300. What is sarcasm
  301. [/quote]
  303. [quote='Scylla' pid='86467' dateline='1383077279']
  305. Which point are you trying to make? And since we're posting logs to make other people look bad, I might as well add this:
  307. <Pinkie_Pyro{Red_M}> but we could just ignore the GATs completely
  308. <Pinkie_Pyro{Red_M}> or request they be removed from the forums
  309. <Pinkie_Pyro{Red_M}> tbf pleeb still can over rule this
  310. <Pinkie_Pie_Pyro> if we get niichan and ggmethos to pull out later on he will have to replace them
  311. <Pinkie_Pie_Pyro> which will take time
  312. <Pinkie_Pie_Pyro> because noms again
  313. <Pinkie_Pie_Pyro> then voting
  314. <Pinkie_Pie_Pyro> well if all else fails we could just DDoS the site
  315. [/quote]
  317. [quote='ThunderClap' pid='86480' dateline='1383086087']
  319. Oh this is cute. You know what pisses me off the most? This kind of shit right here.
  321. Why can't you express your distaste for the GAT in a better way other than "i dont like them so lets completely destory the idea guys whos with me if that doesnt work lets DDOS the site xddd"
  323. Fucking pathetic.
  324. [/quote]
  326. [quote='MegaBusta' pid='86484' dateline='1383087145']
  327. What a fucking mess.
  328. [/quote]
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