Fallen Brides: Merce — first draft (complete)

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  1. Case 5: Mercè
  2. A Woman's Happiness
  3. By REID
  4. Translated from the Japanese by OtherSideofSky (
  6. "You're stepping in too far, Elt."
  7. Elt — one of my men — and I were sparring on the training ground. Its high walls made it look somewhat like an arena.
  8. My halberd parried and blocked Elt's thrusts. He moved just a little too far forward every time he stepped in.
  9. I swung my halberd down, aiming for Elt's right leg. Adjusting my strength to his, of course.
  10. Just before the halberd struck, Elt quickly drew back his leg. He must have judged that he wouldn't be fast enough to block with his spear. It was his best option. But... he was already in check.
  11. Suddenly pulling his leg back threw him off balance. The opening was fatal.
  12. I shifted to a reverse grip and thrust the butt end of my halberd at his unprotected throat, stopping just short.
  13. "...I, I yield..." Elt declared, lowering his spear. He sounded short of breath.
  14. "Are you ever going to fix that bad habit?"
  15. When thrusting with a spear, stepping in is vital. It's best to step powerfully, but you can't let your gait be too wide. It creates a bigger opening, and you'll get the overextended leg swept out from under you. The key is to always put your weight, and force, into the strike smoothly and quickly.
  16. "I try, but as soon as I forget to focus on it... I end up doing it again before I know it."
  17. I'm sure Elt knew that as well as I did, but bad habits don't change just because you're aware of them. He was capable of suppressing the habit and moving properly when he had room to pay attention to it. That's the sort of person he was.
  18. Of course, when he was sparring with me, or in actual combat, he wouldn't have that room to think.
  19. "It looks like you really will just have to force your body to adapt."
  20. It was the natural conclusion. He would repeat the correct movements until his body could make them without thinking.
  21. "I guess that is what it comes down to..." Elt answered. He looked exhausted. He must have become painfully aware that even once you know the trick, there are no real shortcuts to mastering it.
  22. "You've just got to do it; I did too.
  23. "Now, let's call it here for today... and go for drinks! My treat, of course," I announced, stabbing my halberd into the ground and leaning my weight on it.
  24. This was independent training outside of normal hours. I didn't force him, but as a general rule, Elt kept going until I stopped.
  25. "Thank you very much for the offer, Mercè... But please, just let me take... a quick breather..." Elt answered. He walked over to the wall of the training ground and sat down, leaning against it.
  26. He's gotten a lot tougher than he was as a new recruit... but he still has room for improvement. Still, working this late shows he's got more guts than most of the others.
  27. "Guess I've got no choice... I'll go get changed first and wait for you."
  28. He worked hard today; he's earned a quick break. Besides, he always nags me about changing in front of him. I've told him not to worry about it — I've told him not to treat me like a woman — but it seems like he just can't help it.
  29. I walked off, leaving Elt sitting on the ground behind me.
  31. ◊ ♦ ◊ ♦ ◊
  33. "Well, cheers."
  34. We ended up at a familiar bar. It was the kind of place where men get together for a drink after they finish work for the day. I could see men who looked like mercenaries and adventurers, so we didn't stick out, stopping in on our way back from training. It was a little noisy, but that just made me feel more at home. I was also glad that there weren't many women patrons.
  35. On the counter in front of me were a few snacks and a tankard of ale. With the hustle and bustle behind me, I gripped the tankard and lifted it slightly.
  36. "Cheers," Elt answered, calmly raising his own tankard to his lips. He looked lively, considering how exhausted he'd been at the training ground. That must have been one of the fruits of his daily regimen.
  37. "It's my treat, so don't hold back."
  38. Elt sipped his drink slowly, tossing the occasional snack into his mouth. That was how he always drank, and I knew it, but I couldn't help prodding him.
  39. "You always say that, Mercè... Please try not to drink too much. It's my shoulder you'll be leaning on if you do," Elt nagged back with a wry smile. He didn't mind as much as he let on; that's the kind of guy he was.
  40. "True, I'm always getting drunk and hanging off you, and you end up taking care of me when it's really bad... But I always treat you, so we're square, right?"
  41. I'm the one who trains you and pays for our drinks; you don't get to complain. Of course... drinking with you does taste better than drinking alone.
  42. "Ha ha... When you put it that way, I guess I've got no right to complain."
  43. "Man... A drink after training really hits the spot."
  44. I tipped my tankard and poured ale down my throat.
  45. The rich aroma, the sweet taste of malt, and the bitter flavor of gruit. I could never get enough of the way it tingled on my tongue. The scent wafted up to stimulate my nose as the ale wet my parched throat. By the time I lowered the tankard, it was half empty.
  46. "Ha ha... As always, you can really down it."
  47. Elt flashed me a grin.
  48. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself; you should always have fun while you drink.
  49. Suddenly, I felt eyes on me from the side opposite Elt's seat. When I turned to look, my gaze met that of a woman sitting a little ways away. It looked like she'd been staring at my eye patch. She looked away as soon as our eyes met.
  50. ...Honestly, talk about rude, I thought and turned back to my tankard. That was all.
  51. I used to really mind looks like that. I'd get so mad about them I couldn't stand it. They were nothing to me now; I could stay calm, even when my eye patch was getting odd looks.
  52. I thought back to the events of a certain day.
  54. ◊ ♦ ◊ ♦ ◊
  56. The two of us had remained on the parade ground, as usual. We were in the middle of sparring.
  57. "Ngh... That was a good o—"
  58. Elt launched a powerful thrust. He kept his hips low and his center of gravity steady. It was a model strike.
  59. I tilted my head and avoided it by a hair's breadth. Then, as I began to compliment him on the thrust, my eye patch fell off.
  60. His thrust hadn't nicked it; I just hadn't noticed it was loose. It had slipped when I moved my head to dodge. Not that it mattered.
  61. Half-reflexively, I raised a hand to cover my ruined right eye. It was a mark of that woman's abuse — a symbol of my hated past. How could I not be afraid to reveal it?
  62. "...Mercè?"
  63. Elt froze, then walked over and looked me in the eye. His expression, and his gaze, said that he was genuinely concerned for me.
  64. "...I, I'm fine," I replied, half-heartedly. I had a feeling that looking into Elt's eyes helped me regain a little of my composure. Then his face left my view.
  65. "...Here."
  66. Elt bent down, picked up the eye patch, and handed it to me. It was a natural gesture; there was nothing awkward about it. He didn't stare at my hidden wound, and he didn't look away uneasily, either. He wasn't put off, and he didn't pry.
  67. "Thank you... Sorry you had to see something so ugly."
  68. I turned my face away from him and quickly put on the eye patch he handed me.
  69. My hideous, ruined eye couldn't be a pleasant sight for Elt, either. The thought filled my chest with something like anxiety.
  70. "Not at all."
  71. He looked kind. His expression seemed to sweep away my worries. It made me believe his words.
  72. "I see... Do you mind if I tell you something? It won't take long."
  73. I ended up wanting to confide in him. Just a little. I knew that what I had to say would only trouble him. I knew I should have kept quiet. But I couldn't stop myself from blurting it out.
  74. I was sure that Elt would listen. I was closer to him than to anyone else and I trusted him more than anyone else. That was why I wanted him to know about my past. I suppose it was a kind of emotional dependence.
  75. "Go right ahead. Some things are easier to deal with when you talk about them," Elt answered. His gaze was sincere.
  76. I was sure that he was concerned about me as a person, not as one of my men. I ended up believing that he would accept my weakness.
  77. "...When I was a kid, my mother abused me. My father pretended not to notice."
  78. The dark past I'd never talked about to anyone.
  79. I felt some of my self-control relax. Maybe it was because I was in front of Elt. Either way, as I recounted my past, I felt my tears threatening to overflow.
  80. If I cried, I was sure I would look feminine. I couldn't bear anyone — even Elt — seeing me like that.
  81. "In the end... she left me with this wound and left us for another man. My father was a good man, but after that, anxiety destroyed him, and..."
  82. I faltered, but once I'd started speaking, the words refused to stop. It was like a dam had burst. I wanted Elt to know my past. I wanted to make my heart just a little less heavy by telling him.
  83. In the end, I ended up giving him just the outline of what had happened to me. I didn't go into detail for fear of crying. I couldn't even bring myself to say that it had been hard, or that it had hurt.
  84. "...Sorry for bothering you with a depressing story like this."
  85. "Do you feel any better?" Elt — who had listened in silence up to that point — asked when I tried to cut off cut off my reminiscence before I said any more. The way he said it, it sounded like he was implicitly asking if I'd said all I needed. I'm sure he really wanted to do as much as he could. He really was kind.
  86. "...Yeah."
  87. There were still some things I'd left unsaid, but, thanks to Elt, the load on my chest felt a little lighter. It was enough. It wouldn't be right to make him worry any more than I already had.
  88. "Then I'm glad.
  89. "It might not be any comfort... but as far I'm concerned, you are who you are. So... please, don't drive yourself into a corner. Don't try to hold too much in. I'm not strong like you are, Mercè, but... if you need someone to talk to, I can at least listen."
  90. Elt stared at me with kind, strong eyes.
  91. I was who I was... It was a worn-out saying, but Elt's gaze, and his expression, gave it the ring of truth.
  92. "I guess... you're right. I do feel better. Thanks, Elt."
  93. I was sure that Elt wouldn't mind my past. It wasn't that he wouldn't care about it; he would share my pain, almost like it had happened to him.
  94. And he was telling me that it was alright for me to rely on him more. I'd only let out a little this time, but when it got really bad, Elt would be there. That did a lot more to make me feel better than telling him about my past had.
  95. Before I knew it, Elt had become my emotional support.
  97. ◊ ♦ ◊ ♦ ◊
  99. ...I guess it's thanks to Elt that I can manage to keep my cool like this.
  100. "...Is something wrong, Mercè?"
  101. Elt's voice called me back from my reminiscence. There was concern in his eyes. I must have looked dazed.
  102. "Hm...? Oh, it's nothing."
  103. I realized that my body temperature was gradually rising and my heart was beating a little faster than normal.
  104. Already getting buzzed... It's a nice feeling.
  105. Still, he was... How should I put it? Kind? Softhearted? I mean, getting worried over every little thing...
  106. "I hope so," Elt replied. "Still, today really wore me out. It gave me an appetite, too. The food and drink both taste great... They do say hunger is the best spice."
  107. He didn't look tired. The worried look had left his face, but the ale in his tankard had barely gone down.
  108. "You say that, but you haven't drunk much. I told you not to hold back. Go on; drink up."
  109. "It'll be my job to help you home. I can't go drinking myself under the table, can I?" Elt laughed lightly and clapped me on the shoulder. "You can count on me," his expression seemed to say.
  110. "You've got that right, Elt," I laughed back and tilted my tankard.
  111. Guess that means I can drink like a fish today. Again. I doubt the gods will punish me for relying on my generous subordinate.
  113. ◊ ♦ ◊ ♦ ◊
  115. "Come on, Elt... 'Ave another..."
  116. I leaned over Elt from behind and forced more drink on him.
  117. "...Mercè... You've had too much," he chided me.
  118. "Whatsat? I can keep going... Hic..."
  119. I haven't had too much. I'm not even drunk...
  120. I drained the remaining ale in the tankard in one big gulp.
  121. My body was hot. I wanted a drink. I wanted a snack. My appetite was boundless. Oh, it felt great.
  122. Huh...? Already out of drinks and snacks...? Better order some more...
  123. "You can keep going...? Any more and you could be in trouble. Can you stand?"
  124. Elt turned, pushing me off him. He was pretty strong; I hadn't been training him every day for nothing.
  125. "Of course I can...?"
  126. Now that I couldn't put my weight on Elt anymore, I had no choice but to try to stand on my own feet... Until they wobbled limply under me, and my vision tilted.
  127. Ah... Not good...
  128. "See? You're reeling. Let's call it a night. I'll help you home. Here, lean on my shoulder."
  129. Elt checked my fall, supporting my back and steadying my vision. Elt's arm was around me. He was peering gently at me.
  130. "What...? Guess I've got no choice... Come on, time to work..."
  131. I still haven't had my fill... I might as well go along with him...
  132. That was how the look on his face made me feel. I couldn't say why. I put an arm around Elt's shoulders and leaned my weight on him.
  133. "Alright... Come on, let's go."
  134. Leaning on Elt, I slowly dragged my legs toward the door of the bar. I was a little dizzy, but it wasn't a bad feeling.
  135. A cool breeze blew in as the door opened. It felt nice.
  136. "I'm already half dragging you, so please just get on my back and I'll carry you."
  137. Once we were clear of the bar, Elt turned his back to me. He let me lean against it, then slowly crouched down. I took him up on his offer, wrapping my arms around his neck and crouching myself. His thin but well-muscled arms gripped my thighs.
  138. "Okay... Let's get going..."
  139. I leaned my weight farther forward so that it would be easier for Elt's back to support.
  140. "Upsy-daisy... Hang on tight, okay?"
  141. As Elt spoke, I felt myself being lifted up. I was by no means light, but he was firmly supporting it. Something about that inspired confidence.
  142. "Yeah... I'm hanging on... Mmm..."
  143. I clung tightly to Elt as I was told. His back pressed against me was warm, and that made it comfortable. I realized my body was flushed and the sound of my heartbeat was fast.
  144. Maybe I did overdo it...
  145. My mind suddenly began to grow hazy. I let out an exhausted yawn.
  146. "Well then, shall we be off?"
  147. My vision began to sway up and down. The night wind blew past me, but my body was warm.
  148. I felt a strange mixture of elation, calm and security. It was pleasant and, added to the warm, rhythmical swaying, it was gradually lulling me to sleep.
  149. My eyes closed, my body felt heavy, and I sank into a doze.
  151. ◊ ♦ ◊ ♦ ◊
  153. "Like this...?"
  154. It was the day after we'd gone drinking. Elt and I were staying late on the training ground again.
  155. "Yeah, but your shaft's just a bit off again."
  156. I examined Elt's stance and pointed out an error in his basic form. It was almost exemplary — I hadn't spent so much time training him for nothing — but it's hard to break every little bad habit. In Elt's case, it was a tendency for his whole stance to lean a little to the left. It was keeping him from ideally leveraging his strength.
  157. It's just a little habit... but fixing it will be backbreaking work.
  158. "Yes ma'am."
  159. Elt consciously corrected his stance. Too consciously; he was now leaning slightly to the right. As a result, his feet ended up too close together and his stance developed all sorts of other little flaws.
  160. "...Mmm... Like this...? No, this?"
  161. I judged that talking wouldn't solve the issue, grabbed Elt's hands from behind, and forced his legs a little farther apart. I was patiently and attentively correcting the flaws in his stance.
  162. We ended up close together, with my chest pressing against Elt's back. His back was as warm as I remembered.
  163. Come to think of it, he carried me on his back last night...
  164. I was fairly certain he'd just carried me to the door of my room. I was almost sure I'd managed to stagger inside and collapse onto the bed on my own... But I suppose he could also have carried me inside and laid me down on it...
  165. What am I thinking? I'm supposed to be fixing his stance...
  166. As soon as I realized that my mind had drifted to the night before, I shifted my focus back to training. I could hear my own heartbeat clearly. It must be because I'd just been working hard.
  167. ...That should do it.
  168. "Okay, try thrusting."
  169. When I had finished correcting Elt's stance, I stepped away from him.
  170. Elt thrust. As far as even I, his instructor, could see, his spear went perfectly straight. I could tell by the sharp sound its point made as it cut the air.
  171. "That's it. You did it! Now just remember how that felt."
  172. "Yes ma'am!"
  173. A teacher always feels happy when her student gets it right. I couldn't resist a grin and clapped Elt on the shoulder.
  174. "Alright, next..."
  175. I've got to hammer it into him before he forgets what it feels like, I thought.
  176. But just then, a shout rang out across the training ground.
  177. "A message! A message for Instructor Mercè! Enemy attack! Monsters have invaded Lescatié!"
  178. The soldier who called himself a messenger came running up, bellowing at the top of his lungs. His look of impatience told me that the matter was urgent.
  179. "What!? What's going on outside!?"
  180. I couldn't hide my surprise. It was just completely unexpected. There had been no news of the Overlord's army heading our way. And, it was night. It was all happening too fast.
  181. I was full of questions: Where had they broken through? How many were there? How long had it been since the invasion started?
  182. "A large number of monsters appeared in the city. It's in chaos. Troops are on their way to intercept them, but... they have the upper hand. We have also received information that a high-ranking monster is heading for the royal palace. There's no time to waste."
  183. The messenger's voice was glum and heavy. He looked ready to hang his head at any moment. That lent persuasiveness to the too-sudden events. Was it really that bad outside?
  184. They'd gotten the better of us. It was so frustrating I couldn't stand it.
  185. "...Mercè."
  186. Elt, standing beside me, gave me a meaningful look. He had heard the message too. He gripped his spear firmly and he had a warrior's look on his face.
  187. "I know. Let's go."
  188. Whatever else I did, I had to go outside and get a handle on the situation. I gripped my halberd and ran out of the training ground.
  190. ◊ ♦ ◊ ♦ ◊
  192. "It looks like they haven't made it here, at least..."
  193. The first things I saw when I got clear of the training ground were soldiers evacuating the townspeople. There was not a monster in sight, at least as far as I could see from there. That just showed how fast the messenger had run.
  194. "I'm heading for the palace. Follow me."
  195. This area should be safe from monsters for a little while. It had no strategic value. I should make for the palace — where powerful monsters were apparently also headed — rather than stay to defend it.
  196. High-ranking monsters possessed immense power. Normal soldiers didn't stand a chance against them. Elt included, of course. A Hero like me would have to take them down.
  197. If the royal family fell into the monsters' hands, there would be nothing left to hold the country together. Even if we managed to drive the monsters out afterward, it would be no different from defeat. A nation without a leader wouldn't stay a nation for long. And if even the heirs were lost, who could be king?
  198. That was why I had to get to the castle as fast as possible. I couldn't spare time to protect fleeing people. I had no choice but to trust in the common troops.
  199. The average monster was no threat to me. If they surrounded me, though, they could eat up time. On a battlefield where every minute, every second counted, that could prove fatal.
  200. That was why I brought Elt with me. Just having someone to watch my back so that I could focus on the enemies in front of me made fighting a lot easier.
  201. As you'd expect from my training partner, he was easily the most skilled of my men. He had guts and stamina, too. We both knew each other's breathing. Most importantly, he was someone I could trust. If someone asked me who I was closest to, Elt's name would have been the first that came to mind. Elt might not be able to hold a candle to a Hero like me when it came to combat strength, but there was no one I'd rather have watching my back.
  202. Plus, if the worst happened, I'd be there to save him.
  203. "Understood, Mercè."
  204. Elt and I ran up the road to the castle. I found the sound of his footsteps behind me reassuring.
  206. ◊ ♦ ◊ ♦ ◊
  208. "Shit... Just look at them...!"
  209. We cut across a dark street on our way to the castle.
  210. It had already fallen into monster hands. In the darkness, monsters and soldiers were copulating in the middle of the street. And not just one or two couples, either.
  211. Armor, clothes, and spears lay carelessly discarded under my feet. The soldiers had lost the will to fight and were moaning at the monsters' mercy.
  212. As we ran through, I could hear the monsters' — the women's — coaxing, sweet, almost husky voices. Nothing could be more unpleasant.
  213. When I cast my eyes around, I saw that it wasn't only soldiers they were attacking. They were preying on helpless civilians as well. Men were being raped. Women were being turned into monsters. After that, they'd attack men. Like beasts.
  214. There were no humans trying to flee. That meant that everyone in this area had fallen into the monsters' clutches.
  215. Once a human had become a monster, it was impossible to change them back. It was too late for them. The soldiers charmed by monsters would probably try to protect them. It was too late for them too. Even if there were some soldiers here whose minds, at least, hadn't been violated yet, I didn't have time to go around saving them individually. I had to abandon them. Otherwise, it would be too late for the whole country.
  216. That was what I told myself as I raced up the street.
  217. I couldn't save them. I hadn't been able to save them. The feeling of my own powerlessness tormented me.
  218. Behind me, Elt kept his eyes on the ground.
  220. ◊ ♦ ◊ ♦ ◊
  222. We rushed through the castle gate and into the deserted front garden. It was dark and quiet. In the sky, clouds covered the moon, cutting off its light.
  223. We hadn't run head-on into any monsters on our way here. None of them had paid any attention to us; they had all been fornicating lewdly, obeying their instincts.
  224. Just remembering it made me sick to my stomach.
  225. The air felt thicker and heavier. It seemed to coil around me. I sensed — even if I wasn't consciously aware of it — a dense aura, a feeling of unfathomable pressure.
  226. My body sensed the change and froze before I had a chance to think. The powerful monster the messenger had told me about — maybe even the leader of this invasion — was coming toward us.
  227. ...So she's putting in a personal appearance.
  228. I readied my halberd and prepared for combat. As I did so, it appeared out of a deeper darkness.
  229. "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Lady Hero."
  230. Snow-white hair that seemed to assert its presence in the darkness. Captivating, almost translucently pale skin with runes drawn on it. Pointed ears. Such red eyes.
  231. Ample bosoms. A beautifully curved waist. A round peach bottom. Long, slender legs.
  232. The succubus in front of me had a body like womanhood personified. It was indecent, unrealistically beautiful, and evil.
  233. It was — barely — covered by a jet-black bondage dress with red trim and decorated with crimson eyeballs. That only added to the evil impression.
  234. The lone succubus — she had no retinue — was hovering elegantly in the air ahead of me, wings spread.
  235. "...You the boss?"
  236. Even just facing her, I could feel her overwhelming mana. In terms of raw power, she was stronger than any Hero in Lescatié. And when it came to monsters that strong...
  237. "Yes. I am Deruella... daughter of the Overlord."
  238. A daughter of the Overlord... A lilim. The most powerful of the succubi. It was said that just the sight of them was enough to charm men into willingly offering their bodies.
  239. I'd come up against a real big shot, but that didn't mean I could afford to lose.
  240. "...Elt, run."
  241. I glanced at Elt for just a moment. He was focused on the enemy in front of us, spear in hand. Or rather, he was paralyzed by the sight of her. His stance was in shambles, his body was stiff, and naked fear was creeping its way across his face, but his eyes had not yet lost the will to fight.
  242. An ordinary man would have been charmed on the spot, but it seemed he was managing to hold out. That, however, did not change the fact that he was practically defenseless. I had to get him away from here as soon as possible.
  243. Shit...! I screwed up. I might as well have brought him along just to slow me down. Why didn't I, of all people, realize this might happen...?
  244. I should have come alone. It was the kind of mistake I normally wouldn't make. Why, at a time like this...?
  245. Beating myself up wouldn't help.
  246. "Hee hee... Do you really think I'd let him?"
  247. As soon as I told him to run, the lilim snapped her fingers. I sensed her mana behind me, where Elt was.
  248. "Elt!?"
  249. By the time I turned around, a magic circle was already glowing under Elt's feet. He was trapped inside a wall of red light.
  250. "Coward!"
  251. Realizing that turning to look behind me left me totally defenseless, I turned back to the lilim. If she'd taken advantage of the opening, I would have lost. I'd shown my back — even if only for a moment — to an enemy I knew was strong enough to make that certain. The knowledge made me shudder and curse.
  252. My enemy had a hostage. The situation couldn't get much worse.
  253. Could I abandon him? Abandon Elt? No, I couldn't. Elt was my pupil, my subordinate, my drinking companion, my friend, and my comrade in arms. I was closer to him, got along with him better, and enjoyed being with him more than anyone else in Lescatié. He was irreplaceable.
  254. I was the only person here who could stop the lilim. I knew that I couldn't afford to lose. Of course, I also knew that I couldn't afford to bring personal feelings onto a battlefield.
  255. I still couldn't steel myself to abandon Elt. I didn't want to. I didn't care if that was unworthy of a Hero, or selfish, or conceited.
  256. Even if I didn't abandon Elt, however, there would still be no one left to protect him. Even if I surrendered, I had no guarantee he'd be released. In fact, I was certain he wouldn't be.
  257. No matter what I did, I had no hope of saving him.
  258. Shit...! What should I do? He wouldn't even be in this mess if I hadn't brought him here...
  259. For a moment, hesitation, regret, impatience, and anger at myself dominated my thoughts. The lilim must have noticed.
  260. "I will not harm him... I swear it on the names of my mother and father. I only want to him to see you. Now, if you care to try me, I'll be your opponent."
  261. She grinned fearlessly and generated a mass of pitch-black mana in the air. It writhed, shrinking and changing shape until it was a rapier that came to rest in the lilim's hand. The blade was jet black. The hilt was white, matching her hair, wings, and tail. The sinister weapon was adorned, like her clothes, with imitation red eyes.
  262. Then, still hovering in the air and grinning fearlessly, she beckoned to me with her free hand. There was overwhelming confidence in the gesture that had nothing to do with holding Elt prisoner. It seemed to say that she had no fear of losing.
  263. "Bring it on, bitch!"
  264. I rushed straight at the lilim and thrust my trusty halberd at her heart. The sound of the tip slicing the air carried in the quiet darkness.
  265. An instant later came the scrape of metal on metal. The lilim's rapier easily turned aside my halberd.
  266. I hastily leapt back to avoid a counterattack, but none came. Instead, the lilim slowly returned her rapier to its original position and spoke mockingly.
  267. "Oh my, look at his face... This must be quite hard on him."
  268. "Shut up...!"
  269. Her tone sounded as if she wanted to imply something about our relationship. It was deeply unpleasant. Elt was important to me, but there was nothing like that between us.
  270. This time, I brought my halberd around in a short, sideways sweep. From her stance, she couldn't hope to block it...!
  271. "Oh my, right on the mark..."
  272. The blade of my halberd was just about to cut into the lilim's wing when it clanged off a translucent black wall that appeared between me and her.
  273. The lilim was still floating calmly, uninjured and without a hair out of place. She flashed a bewitching, chillingly beautiful grin.
  274. "You're not taking this seriously...!"
  275. A wall of pure mana with no incantation. It was a show of strength made possible by the overwhelming quantity of mana at her disposal.
  276. She was on a different level. My experience as a warrior made me immediately aware of the power gap between me and the thing in front of me. I couldn't honestly claim to stand a chance.
  277. But I was still going to beat her. I couldn't afford to lose. Losing would mean joining those monsters, those instinct-driven beasts, those... women. That was the one thing I couldn't bear. Just thinking about it made me sick to my stomach.
  278. And I had to get Elt back. He was in danger because of my mistake; I couldn't lose without setting that right. I couldn't afford to.
  279. I summoned my courage, backed off again, adjusted my grip on my halberd, and glared at the lilim.
  280. Breaking through her wall head on would be difficult... Was there anything I could do to get around it...?
  281. "If you won't come to me... I'll just have to go to you."
  282. The lilim cut my thoughts short with a great flap of her wings. She moved so lightly she almost seemed to have dispensed with the concept of weight.
  283. The lilim appeared to dance gracefully through the air, but she closed distance with the speed of an arrow.
  284. She's fast...!
  285. I had the longer reach. At close quarters, however, her nimble rapier had the advantage.
  286. I tried to capitalize on my longer reach with a horizontal swipe at the approaching lilim.
  287. "Hee hee hee..."
  288. The lilim floated up, seeming to ignore inertia, and glided over my halberd.
  289. I screwed up.
  290. By the time I thought that, the lilim's bewitching smile was right in front of me. A shudder ran down my spine. Then came a flurry of strikes from the jet-black rapier in her hand.
  291. When someone thrusts with a rapier, they can't do anything while their arm is fully extended. That being the case, all I had to do was dodge out of the way, then aim for that opening.
  292. When I tried to put the theory into practice, however... it was the most I could do to narrowly avoid her sharp, precise thrusts. I had no room to counterattack. Because she was flying, she could dispense with the preliminary movement of stepping in. That only added to the danger.
  293. She's not just strong; she's got skill, too...!
  294. "You'll never win if you just stay on the defensive, you know?"
  295. The storm of thrusts was getting more severe. I was stuck on the defensive and being inevitably forced into a situation where I would no longer be able to block her rapier with my halberd. If this assault kept up, I was going to lose. I knew that, but there was nothing I could do about it. The lilim wasn't leaving me even a momentary opening to aim for. My predicament just kept getting worse.
  296. It happened too fast. I'd only just started to think of a strategy to break out of the deadlock when a stab slipped past my halberd and grazed my right leg.
  297. There was no pain. There was no wound, either. Instead, a little bit of strength went out of my leg.
  298. My center of gravity slipped just a little out of balance. That created just a little break in my stance. By the time I realized the opening could prove decisive, it was already too late.
  299. "Hee hee hee... Got you."
  300. The rapier closed in on my right shoulder. My faltering center of balance slowed my body's reaction, and the blade graved my skin. It was deeper than the earlier hit, but there was still no pain. The loss of strength, however, was that much greater.
  301. Then came a stab at my left leg. I couldn't evade it just by twisting my body out of the way. I tried to change its trajectory with my halberd, but because of the weakness in my right shoulder, I wasn't quite fast enough.
  302. The rapier thrust in and pulled back, just missing the center of my left leg. As it did, all the strength went out of the limb. My knees buckled and my vision wavered.
  303. The rapier came at me again. My vision went into slow motion. My thoughts raced, but my halberd wouldn't reach from this unsteady posture, and I was too off-balance to dodge.
  304. A sideways sweep of the rapier went clear through my right leg, which I had thrust out to keep from falling. Apparently, the blade of mana could be used for slashing as well as stabbing. The realization came too late.
  305. The leg went as limp as if the tendons had been severed. Gravity dragged me to my knees. I had no choice but to use my halberd as a staff to prop up my teetering upper body.
  306. The rapier pressed the advantage with quick thrusts to both my arms. I had no way of blocking them. The stabs were shallower than the ones to my legs had been, so I was able to keep a hold on my weapon, but they lost the strength to swing it. I was like a feeble woman.
  307. "It's your loss," the lilim declared, floating lightly.
  308. She looked down at me with a face that said her victory was no surprise.
  309. "Shit...!"
  310. No matter how I struggled to force strength back into my legs, all they did was tremble. I couldn't stand. Even if I tried to swing my weapon, the most I could do was drag its weight.
  311. Move... Move...! I've got to fight...! If I don't, Elt and I will be...! So why...? Why won't you move...?
  312. Struggle as I might, I couldn't rise from my knees. I knew I'd lost.
  313. "Elt... I'm sorry... Because of me, you..."
  314. I looked over my shoulder to where Elt was trapped in the magic circle. Because of how often I'd had to back away, he was now directly behind me.
  315. Elt was close at hand. I could see him through the magic circle, paralyzed, watching my defeat. Even in this situation, he looked worried for me. That only added to the shame and misery of my loss.
  316. "Now, I'm going to make you a monster... make you a lovely woman."
  317. Again, the lilim glided toward me. She took my halberd, leaving me weaponless.
  318. Then she circled around behind me, held me under both armpits, and raised me to my feet. That done, she turned again, so that I was facing Elt.
  319. "Wha...? Let go... Let go of me! I don't want to be a woman!"
  320. "I'll make you a woman." The words sent a shudder through my whole body.
  321. "Woman."
  322. Memories of my hateful mother flashed before my eyes. Memories of the woman who crazily, relentlessly abused me. I hadn't known why. I'd just suffered it.
  323. My father was a man of character. He should have saved me, but he'd trusted that woman implicitly. He'd worked himself to the bone for her and me. And as if to mock his trust, she had punched me and kicked me, always careful not to leave marks my father would see. The abuse escalated as the days went by, and my father didn't notice.
  324. When my father was looking, she played the part of the good wife.
  325. As a child, I'd been ruled by fear. I hadn't been able to seek help. In front of my father, I'd acted like nothing was wrong, just like she told me to. I did resent my father for failing to notice, but I also looked forward to the time I spent with him. She didn't hurt me when he was there. And when my father smiled and called me a "good girl," it really did make me happy.
  326. Then, one day, she started going out more. She also stopped giving me the scraps that passed for lunch. I suffered from an empty stomach, but she was hurting me less, so it came as a relief.
  327. Laughing madly, she brought down the kitchen knife and took my right eye. "This is goodbye to you and that boring loser," she'd said.
  328. I saw my father, crying and apologizing. She wasn't there. My father, thin with care, kept apologizing to me until he lay on the floor.
  329. It's all her fault. Casually hurting people, betraying them, deceiving them... I'll never become a woman like her! I'll never become a monster...!
  330. The fear of being a woman that had been etched into me covered my mind like a flood. I flailed with all the strength in my weakened body to escape it. But in spite of my efforts, I was easily restrained and forced to face Elt.
  331. "Hee hee... Shall we let him watch? Now, let's start with... these magnificent breasts of yours."
  332. A mud-like clump of mana appeared under me. Tendrils reached up from it to tie my hands behind my back. It felt disgusting — lukewarm and slimy. Dread shot through me. I twisted and turned, but there was nothing I could do to resist.
  333. Then the lilim touched my breastplate. It came away easily in her hand, exposing the symbols of the "woman" I had tried to suppress — those pointlessly huge, eye-catching things that forced me to face my sex. I could try to pretend they didn't exist all I wanted, but there they were.
  334. To make matters worse, Elt was right in front of me. His face — and his gaze — was angled toward my chest. Then he looked away. A moment too late. It might have only been for a moment, but Elt had seen my breasts. My shame, my anger at the lilim, and my fear of what was about to be done to me escaped as a soundless scream.
  335. The lilim decided to hit me while I was down.
  336. "You mustn't avert your eyes. Look," she ordered Elt. There was magic in her voice.
  337. Elt looked surprised as his eyes moved — were forced to move — to my chest. This time, he didn't look away, even for a moment. He wasn't allowed to.
  338. "Don't look! Don't look...!"
  339. His piercing gaze bored relentlessly into my chest. I couldn't help feeling ashamed, but the fact that I did was proof that I was a woman. I didn't want to acknowledge it. I tried to escape by turning my face away from Elt and shouting. It wasn't enough.
  340. "Oh my... What are you saying? Don't you realize your darling is watching you?"
  341. The lilim ran her fingers down the upper surface of my breasts, almost flicking the nipples as she passed over them. Her touch alone was enough to create a faint, tantalizing heat in my chest.
  342. "Y, you're wro—!"
  343. As her fingertips flicked my nipples, something sweet tingled down my spine. It was completely unfamiliar to me — I had never even masturbated before. Still, I knew immediately that it was pleasure.
  344. Surprise and fear of the strange pleasure assailed me, as well as revulsion. Even so, I couldn't repress a little gasp. It sounded almost like I enjoyed it.
  345. My nipples were swollen, erect, and ached faintly by the time her fingers left them.
  346. I don't think of Elt that way...! I couldn't... love him, or anything womanish like that...!
  347. I mentally denied the lilim's words. Loving a man would make me, unmistakably, a woman.
  348. "I am not wrong," the lilim retorted, adding insult to injury. "You turned your back to me out of concern for him. You gave me enough of an opening to finish the fight then and there if I'd cared to... Would a warrior like you be so distracted by a man you didn't care for? And it looks as though you couldn't bring yourself to abandon him, either... Hee hee..."
  349. As she spoke, she gripped my nipples and rolled them back and forth between her fingers. Her every movement sent an electric shock of pleasure racing through me and made my body twitch and jump against my will. At the same time, I was losing so much strength that I couldn't have moved deliberately if I'd wanted to.
  350. I grit my teeth and tried to keep quiet, but I couldn't stop gasps from slipping out. Heat was also building up deep inside me, and my skin was starting to flush. I could feel my nipples getting even harder as my body sought pleasure. I didn't want to acknowledge it. I didn't want to admit that I was enjoying it like a woman.
  351. But I had no choice. It was a fact. And that fact was drawing out the hatred and fear of womanhood that had been etched into my heart and making it grow.
  352. The lilim's words had shaken me. It was true that no one could take Elt's place in my heart. Still, that didn't mean I had feelings for him as a woman. I cared for him as a subordinate, a student, a friend. Of course I was scared of losing him. Most of the time, I could have rejected the idea out of hand. But there was a part of me that thought, "maybe," just for a moment... and I was desperate to shake it off.
  353. "Besides... Even though you should have come alone, you went out of your way to bring him along..."
  354. While kneading my nipples between her fingers, she was slowly, but surely and thoroughly rubbing my chest. Every time her index and middle fingers sunk into my breasts, they rubbed my nipples, which were sandwiched between them, and made my body jump with pleasure.
  355. And, as she kneaded my breasts, a hot, syrupy pleasure, different from what my nipples felt, assailed me. The two pleasures overlapped, reinforcing each other as they gradually built up in my body and made it flush hotter and hotter.
  356. The gasps that I tried — and failed — to stifle were gradually turning into cries. Cries that sounded uncomfortably like the pleasured moans I'd heard from monsters on my way here. A woman's cries.
  357. I'd never made sounds like that before. It felt genuinely unpleasant. It horrified me. I wanted to cover my ears, but I couldn't.
  358. It was true that bringing Elt here was a mistake I would normally never have made. At the time, all the reasons to bring him with me had come straight to mind. The reasons to leave him behind hadn't. I should have realized that.
  359. Still, that was just a coincidence. I told myself that the lilim was trying to shake me, and her words had only happened to hit their mark.
  360. "The look on your face says you still want to deny it... My, aren't you stubborn."
  361. The lilim took one hand off my breasts and turned my head so we were face to face. I was forced to meet her gaze at close quarters. Her crimson eyes were smiling. That woman — my mother — had certainly never looked at me so kindly.
  362. The lilim's words seemed intended to admonish me. Her other hand, however, was still violating my chest.
  363. The swirling pleasure was steadily building up in my body. My moans were matching it by getting steadily louder. I couldn't hold them in.
  364. Then the lilim made me face forward again.
  365. "Look there... See? He wants you..."
  366. I saw Elt, his face flushed, staring eagerly at me. His chest heaved restlessly, telling me that he was breathing heavily. When I looked down, I saw a huge swelling on his un-armored crotch. He looked both strained and apologetic.
  367. When I looked back up to his face, our eyes met. His gaze seemed to say he was sorry, but flames of lust smoldered in his eyes.
  368. He hadn't lost his reason. He was desperately struggling to suppress the impulse. Even so, his lust was reaching me through his gaze...
  369. Elt had been my emotional support, and now he was lusting for me. He was seeing me as a woman.
  370. I looked away — too late — but I couldn't get the sight out of my mind. I ordered it to disappear. I tried to focus on something else. It was still there.
  371. It felt like someone I'd trusted had betrayed me. It felt like the world had collapsed. I was in despair.
  372. "Ah... Aah...!"
  373. In spite of that — and against my will — the pleasure the lilim was giving me continued to build up, intensify, and swell.
  374. "Oh... You're about to cum, aren't you? He's watching. Hee hee hee..."
  375. Then the swelling was suddenly bursting. Something was coming.
  376. "Ooh, eee! Aaaahh!?"
  377. No sooner had I thought that than a torrent of pleasure began to sear its way through my entire body. It washed over my mind, which had been buried in fear and revulsion, and sent it flying far, far away. My limbs spasmed out of my control. With no idea what was happening to my body, I let out a high-pitched cry.
  378. "Didn't that feel good? Wasn't it lovely? He looks like he's getting there too... We'll have to give him more to look at, now won't we?"
  379. The pleasure subsided, and I finally realized that I'd just climaxed. The afterglow made me feel like I was floating. My mind was blank. The pleasure that had built up in my body was receding little by little, like a tide going out. The hot flush that covered my skin, on the other hand, was intensifying.
  380. Then, the lilim's hand crept down from my chest. It unfastened my trousers and slipped inside.
  381. "Ah... Stop..."
  382. My body was limp in the aftermath of my climax. There was nothing I could do to resist. A weak protest was the most I could manage. I was aware that it sounded like begging, but I had no other choice.
  383. "Your underpants are sopping wet... Here, let me take them off for you."
  384. The lilim had no mercy. Her hand seized on my underclothes as she whispered a fact I didn't want to acknowledge in my ear.
  385. I shut my eyes. I couldn't bear to look. But I could still feel her slowly, teasingly, showily stripping me.
  386. "Oh, he just swallowed hard," the lilim whispered in my ear, so close that I could feel her breath. "He looks so turned on..."
  387. What she said was hard for me to accept. Elt being aroused by me forced me to acknowledge my own womanhood. But even if I kept my eyes shut tight and tried to believe the lilim was lying, I couldn't help picturing the scene she described. My imagination conjured up the look on his face, his breathing, and the light in his eyes as vividly and realistically as if I was really seeing them.
  388. Then, when she had pulled my underpants down around my knees, the lilim's fingers finally crept toward my groin...
  389. "Aah..."
  390. She was stroking me in ways that even I never had. Her fingers were slick and wet. My body was so sensitive after my climax that their touch was enough to squeeze limp moans out of it. My body — a woman's body — was accepting the pleasure in spite of what my mind wanted.
  391. "He's breathing hard. And how he's staring at you..."
  392. The lilim's words tricked me into feeling as if Elt really was staring at me.
  393. No, she's wrong... She has to be! Elt would never...!
  394. I was determined to deny it. Even so, I couldn't shake the feeling.
  395. To make matters worse, the lilim was flicking, squeezing, and rubbing my clitoris through its protective hood...
  396. "Ah... Mmm... Aahn... Aah..."
  397. I'd known it was sensitive, but I'd never really touched it myself. The lilim playing with my most sensitive part now, while I was still feeling the lingering effects of my orgasm, far surpassed anything I'd imagined. It was impossible to describe.
  398. In the blink of an eye, I'd been forced to another little climax. Then another. And another.
  399. I didn't have the strength to move, but my body still responded to the pleasure. Every climax was accompanied by a little, shuddering jerk.
  400. "Hee hee... He's waiting, you know...? Waiting for you to become a lovely woman... A lovely mother..." The lilim whispered gently as the tip of her tail rubbed and prodded the tip of one of my breasts. One of her hands was on my other breast, while the other continued its determined assault on my clitoris. Its attacks were so intense that nothing she'd done before could compare.
  401. "Aah, ahn... Ah, aah... Aah..."
  402. Climax after climax. Sparks of pleasure flew. My body was burning hot. It throbbed greedily, reveling in the pleasure it received and still wanting more.
  403. My body was now totally limp. All I could do was moan. And Elt's image was still burned into my brain.
  404. Even Elt, my emotional support, was looking at me as a woman. Even he was looking at me with lust. I hadn't even been turned into a monster, and I was still being forced to acknowledge my womanhood.
  405. Mana was flowing into me through the lilim's fingers, and through her tail. I knew that I had to resist, but I no longer had the willpower. I could feel the mana coursing through me, turning me into a monster.
  406. Why...? Why do I have to be... a woman...? In the end... no matter what I do... I'm just like them...! Why...? Why...?
  407. I'd thought I'd cast off my womanhood. That was why I'd chosen the path of battle. I'd kept running, fighting desperately. But I could never get away from the fact that I was a woman. Even the person I'd trusted now served to drive that cruel reality home.
  408. Unable to accept that I was a woman, I denied my own existence. It felt like the whole world had shaken. Intense nausea assailed me, but pleasure forcibly overwrote it. I would have much rather thrown up, but I wasn't even allowed to do that. I was helpless.
  409. My heart was sinking, blotted out by black despair. My mind grew distant, violated by mana. When I next woke up, even my mind would be that of a monster — of a filthy woman. Just imagining it made the despair worse.
  410. No... I don't want to be like her... No! No! No...! I sobbed mentally. I single mindedly kept running from the fact of my womanhood, but it caught up to me anyway.
  411. Then, in the midst of my despair, the mana consumed me. My consciousness ceased and dissolved into darkness.
  413. ◊ ♦ ◊ ♦ ◊
  415. "Ngh..."
  416. My mind roused quickly. Waking up had never felt so pleasant. It was light and refreshing.
  417. I opened my eyes and raised my upper body.
  418. A faint, red light lit my surroundings. There was a red moon in the sky, peeking through rents in the clouds.
  419. The first thing that caught my attention was the black, glossy trunk of an enormous snake. Its underbelly was a sensual red color. It was my own lower body.
  420. The human belly that continued from it was a bluish color, impossible in human skin. It was also marked with a crest in a serpent design.
  421. Part of my hair ended in snakes the same shade as my underbelly.
  422. When I saw all that, I understood, with a clear head, that I'd been turned into a monster and I was able to accept that fact without difficulty. I was surprised, of course, but more than that... my heart was filled with delight. It was as if I'd been reborn.
  423. The fear of womanhood that had been beaten into me had vanished without a trace. Now that I was a monster, I could see that that woman — my mother — had only hurt me and my father because human women were weak in both mind and body. But I was different now.
  424. "Mercè..."
  425. I still hadn't fully gotten a handle on my body when a familiar man's voice reached me. Just the voice was enough to make my heart race. It was Elt.
  426. I turned my gaze from my own body to where Elt's voice had come from. I saw him staring at me with a look that was a mixture of confusion, remorse, and arousal. He had a spear in his hand.
  427. Before I'd become a monster, he had been trapped in a magic circle. Now, however, there was nothing to separate me and Elt. Now that I came to look, I realized that Deruella, the lilim who had done me the favor of making me a monster, was gone as well.
  428. "Ah... Elt..."
  429. Just holding him in my gaze made something warm well up deep in my heart and brought a sweet ache to my loins — to my womb. Now that I was a monster, I could understand and accept it: I loved Elt. Even back when I'd been human, I'd loved him so much I couldn't stand it.
  430. There was the way my body had flushed when he carried me home on his back from a night of drinking. There was the way my heart had raced when I pressed against him during our training in an effort to instruct him more attentively. The truth was that, as a woman, my womb had been longing for Elt.
  431. My surge of joy and my uncontainable love naturally entered my voice as I called his name.
  432. "...So, you really are... a monster..." Elt muttered, watching my expression. He sounded pained.
  433. He was gripping his spear tightly, but his hands were trembling. His eyes said that he was conflicted. He was torn between the Order's teachings and his desire not to fight me, not to hurt me.
  434. Properly speaking, once I had become a monster, he should have finished me off while I was sleeping. Instead, he must have waited for until I woke up — until he could be sure I was a monster in mind as well as body — before he pointed his weapon at me. He was soft as ever. But that was just another thing I loved about him.
  435. "Elt... You're making such a hard face... Oh, but you really want me, don't you...?"
  436. I lowered my gaze and saw that the swelling at his crotch was larger than it had been before I became a monster. He was desperately trying to restrain his lust for me. Now that I was a monster, nothing could make me happier.
  437. I tried moving my new and unfamiliar snake half. Strangely, slithering forward felt perfectly natural. It brought me close to Elt in no time at all.
  438. "I… I can’t attack you, Mercè…" Elt said in a trembling voice. "Even if you are a monster… you’re still you."
  439. His hands relaxed, and his spear dropped to the ground.
  440. "Aah… I’m glad, Elt…"
  441. He’d chosen me over the Order’s teachings. That fact brought new delight to my voice.
  442. "I’m sorry… I… I couldn’t do anything…"
  443. Elt stood stock still, forcing out feeble words. They must have been directed at the old me. The weak me.
  444. He was looking at me, but he didn’t really see me. Even so, I could tell from the look on his face that he truly cared for me.
  445. "What do you have to apologize for, Elt…?"
  446. He’d come here with me, he’d watched me become a monster, and now he was here for me. What could he have to apologize about? It was true that, before becoming a monster, those facts had caused me despair, but that hardly seemed real to me now. It was all in the past. Now, I was simply happy that my dear Elt had been aroused by the sight of me.
  447. The snake part of me continued slithering toward Elt. Soon, he’d be in arm’s reach.
  448. His scent hung in the air, mingled with the tang of sweat. That on its own was enough to make my womb ache again.
  449. I stared lovingly into Elt’s eyes. I had no mirror to check, but I could tell that I was wearing an alluring expression. That must have been another benefit of becoming a monster.
  450. Elt’s eyes were drawn to mine. I could see the growing light of anticipation in his gaze.
  451. "I’ll teach you about women… I hope you’re ready for it."
  452. Now that I was a monster, I knew that my devilish body would bind Elt with feminine charm and pleasure… And that it would bind me to Elt with a woman's happiness. The love and lust welling up from my instincts would never betray him. No, they could never betray him. That was how strongly I loved him. How strongly I needed him.
  453. And in the future, when my body conceived, bore, and raised our children, I would shower them freely with love. Now that I was a monster, I was certain that I would never be like her.
  454. I slithered right up to Elt and coiled my snake half around him. The long snake tongue I had gained when I became a monster moved freely. Before I knew it, I was licking my lips.
  455. Elt's flushed faced was right in front of me. His heavy breathing blew on my face. Now that I was coiled around him, I could feel his body heat through the gaps in his armor. He was hotter than I'd ever felt him before. I could tell he was aroused.
  456. "First… a kiss… Mmm…"
  457. "Mph…!?"
  458. I brought one hand to his cheek and the other to his chin. Then I tilted his head back and stole a kiss. No one had taught me how, but my monster body knew what to do.
  459. I'd given my first kiss to Elt. It tasted faintly sweet.
  460. Elt tensed up. His eyes widened in surprise. It was his first kiss too. I was sure of that.
  461. It was a first for both of us. My heart danced with joy. But I had no intention of stopping there.
  462. Without releasing Elt's lips, I forced my long, thin, forked tongue inside his mouth. His saliva was thicker and gooier than usual — probably due to a combination of nerves and arousal. Its sweetness filled me with bliss, which was only enhanced by the knowledge that this was Elt's flavor.
  463. Aah… Elt… You're delicious…
  464. My tongue caught Elt's — which seemed to be trying to escape — coiled around it, and drew it into my mouth. Then, I transferred the saliva that had built up in my mouth to his along our intertwined tongues. I felt the muscles in Elt's throat move and saw the corners of his eyes droop a little. He seemed to be enjoying it.
  465. Partway through our kiss, Elt's moans began to leak out of what little of his mouth wasn't blocked by mine. I could feel the tension slowly leaving his body. Elt was accepting me. He was burning with joy and passion.
  466. My body flushed. Every inch of it began to ache for him.
  467. Reluctantly, I uncoiled my tongue and released Elt's, although it was still inside my mouth. Instead, I began to suck passionately on it. I slowly moved our lips apart, stroking his tongue with my lips as well as the walls of my mouth. My lips contracted, pressing tight around his tongue as it passed through them. Finally, I sucked hard on the tip of his tongue as it left my lips with a wet, slurping sound.
  468. Elt's tongue hung limply out of his mouth. He was panting. It sounded like he'd enjoyed it too. On top of that, his eyes were looking more and more intoxicated. He looked so adorable I could barely stand it.
  469. All the stiffness had gone out of his limbs. He was letting the snake part of me support his weight. Our kiss was done, but his tongue was still hanging out of his mouth like I'd left it… It looked almost like he was begging me to kiss him again.
  470. The saliva I'd poured into his open mouth was drooling out the corners of it, mixed with his own. That went to show how much Elt had enjoyed our first kiss.
  471. Training Elt in pleasure gave me feelings of conquest and fulfillment. I stared at Elt, basking in the afterglow of our kiss and digesting the feminine joy of the man I loved feeling pleasure because of me.
  472. "Aah… Hehe… Now… let me help you out of these bulky things… I'm going to have you feel me skin to skin."
  473. I loosened the coils of my snake half, moved my upper body away from his, and grasped the light armor he was wearing. It was shaped like a vest so it wouldn't get in the way of his movements, and untying a few strings was all it took to remove it. I got it off him in no time at all. Then I set to work on what he was wearing underneath it.
  474. "Ah… Stop… This is wrong…" He panted weakly, twisting and clutching the hems of his clothes. His grip was as weak as his voice, so it was really resistance in name only.
  475. I ignored it and pulled up his shirt, exposing his sweaty abs, which I ogled with delight. I celebrated by stripping his upper body the rest of the way in one yank.
  476. "Why is it wrong? I'm a woman, you're a man… and I love you. I've loved you — wanted you — for a long time… Mmph… Mmm… Ah, you smell nice…"
  477. I dropped the clothes I'd pulled off him and pressed my lips to his firm chest and sucked passionately. When I was done, a kiss mark stood out boldly on his left breast. Once I'd seen that, I buried my face in his neck as I re-tightened my coils on his torso. That pressed our bodies together, grinding my chest against his. I took deep breaths, filling my lungs with the smell of his sweaty body.
  478. The sour smell of sweat accented the sweet scent of essence. Elt's own indescribably pleasant scent added to the mix and increased my arousal.
  479. I could feel Elt’s body heat directly through my chest. It made me so hot I was afraid I was going to melt. My nipples were fully erect. They rubbed on his hot, flushed chest every time either of us made the slightest movement, spreading a tingle of pleasure through my whole breasts.
  480. All I was doing was pressing my chest against his, but it felt better — sweeter — than anything I’d experienced before becoming a monster. My monster body extracted the maximum pleasure from even the least stimulation, and the fact that it was my beloved Elt’s body I was feeling magnified my bliss and satisfaction many times over.
  481. I lightly kissed his neck, then stretched my long tongue around to lick his nape. Elt shivered and let out a cute little moan. The sound of it was so tantalizing that I couldn’t help wanting to hear more.
  482. His shivers made his chest rub my nipples more, giving me even greater pleasure. I felt so good I could barely stand it, but it still wasn’t enough. It would have been more than enough pleasure to give me an orgasm when I’d been human, but my monster body soaked it up and still wanted more. If rubbing my nipples on him felt this good, other things must feel much, much better.
  483. Elt’s taste on my tongue, set off by the salty tang of sweat and the faint savor of essence, was delicious. It tasted so good it made me want to lick him all over.
  484. "Here, let me help you…"
  485. "What…? Ah… Ooh… Stop…"
  486. I reached my free hand down to Elt’s crotch and stroked his painfully erect penis. It was so hard and stiff I could feel it straining against the fabric of his trousers, and I was the one who had made it that way. That made me happy.
  487. I whispered in his ear as I undid his belt buckle with a metallic clink. Then my right hand slithered inside his trousers and quickly seized his cock. It was big, and hard, and hot, and sticky fluid was leaking from its tip. The lewd touch of it excited my lust more than I could bear.
  488. Just my hand on his dick was enough to make Elt shiver and let out high-pitched moans. At the same time, his cock was twitching in my hand.
  489. Then, I lowered my other hand and the tip of my tail to his trousers and pulled them down in one smooth motion.
  490. "Aah… I can't get enough of this smell…"
  491. Now that his trousers were off, the smell of his sweaty cock came wafting up to me. The odors of sweat and essence were so concentrated they made my head spin. It smelled so dirty, and so delicious, that I couldn't stand it. His scent triggered my instincts. My womb ached and love juice dribbled from my vulva to run down my snake half. If smelling it did this to me now, I couldn't even imagine what it would be like when it was right in my face.
  492. I pushed my upper body away from Elt's. Then, I passed my uncoiled snake half between his legs and laid it out behind him.
  493. "Here's my special bed. Come on, we're all ready…"
  494. "Ooh… Ah…"
  495. I wrapped Elt up with the tip of my tail and pulled him down. Of course, I made sure it didn't hurt; the rest of my tail was there to catch him.
  496. The weight of his body pressed his back onto my snake belly, allowing me to feel his warmth even more clearly. It felt good.
  497. I was going to train Elt in pleasure. I wanted the sight to be burned into his memory, so I lifted his upper body a little, supporting him so that he would have a better view of our hips. Then, I coiled around him again so that he couldn't run.
  498. "Hehe… I'll start with my hands…"
  499. Elt was lying on top of my tail, his cock thrusting into the air above his crotch. It was grotesque — red with blue veins running through it. He was so aroused that it was throbbing rhythmically even though I wasn't touching it. Its tip was wet and glistening with slippery goo.
  500. It was my first time seeing a man's organ like that, but it didn't frighten me at all. In fact, it looked lovely.
  501. I lowered my upper body and, without hesitation, gripped his base with my left hand and his tip with my right. Once I'd done that, I could feel Elt's pulse. Arousal was making his heart beat so hard it seemed in danger of bursting.
  502. "See…? Doesn't that feel good…? Look how slippery my hands are getting…"
  503. "Aah…"
  504. I was now far more womanly than I'd ever been as a human. My hands no longer had a single rough or rugged patch on them; they were soft and silky smooth all over. My fingers were supple, slender, and able to move far more delicately than they ever had before. They were truly a woman's hands. Hands for pleasuring a man with.
  505. My right hand was gentle on his sensitive tip. My left was rough on his base. They each moved separately, but they were both stroking his cock. Elt's dick twitched every time my fingers brushed his glans or frenulum, and he let out stifled moans.
  506. It seemed he was trying to grit his teeth and endure the pleasure. Still, he was staring awfully hard at my fingers on his cock… Deep down, he really must have wanted me to make him feel even better.
  507. When Elt noticed I saw him watching me, he hesitantly looked away in shame. Even then, he kept stealing glances at my chest, my hands, and all sorts of other parts of me. I guess he couldn't resist his desire. The innocent way he was acting only fanned the flames of mine.
  508. "Just be honest with yourself… It'll feel better if you don't try to hold back."
  509. I made a loop with my fingers, passed it over his glans, and squeezed tight. Then, I twisted the ring of my fingers to either side, letting it catch on his corona. My focused assault on his sensitive head caused Elt's stifled cries to gradually rise in pitch as they became moans of pleasure.
  510. It looked like he was still trying to hold out. Thick, sticky precum was leaking from the tip of his cock, making its whole length wet and slippery, but he still hadn't cum.
  511. "In that case… how about this? I bet you can't hold back… if I jerk you off with my tail… and massage your balls…"
  512. "N, not there… Ah… Aah… Aaah…!"
  513. If he was going to deny himself, I'd just have to make him feel even better. I took my hands off his cock and coiled the tip of my tail around it instead. My scaly snake half was soft and smooth in a different way from my skin, and I could move it as skillfully as my hands. Needless to say, it was just as capable of pleasuring Elt and making him mine.
  514. While my tail was busy with Elt's cock, my hands were lower down, cupping his ball sack and gently, carefully massaging it. I knew how to use just the right amount of pressure to make him feel good, although I couldn't say when I'd learned it.
  515. "Aah… You look like you're about to cum… Am I right?"
  516. "S, stop…! I'm—"
  517. Every stroke of my tail tip drew a shrill cry from Elt and made his cock twitch in my coils. He had tensed his lower body in an effort to hold it back, but my ball massage was sapping his strength.
  518. Once that happened, the rest was easy. His ball sack drew back toward the base of his cock. I could tell he was rapidly preparing to ejaculate. I didn't know how long he'd been saving it up, but the firm springiness of his balls and the scent of essence seeping from his ball sack made me sure he was about to let out a lot of semen.
  519. "That's it. Don't hold back. Let it all out…!"
  520. "Ooh… Aah…!"
  521. I finished him off with one last hard stroke, and his cock finally started to pulse. I coiled my squirming tail tightly around every inch of it to make sure I didn't miss any of his cum.
  522. While I was doing that, I felt something hot on the part of me touching his tip. It wasn't ordinary heat; it was the flush of ecstasy that receiving his essence spread through my body. It felt good.
  523. When I looked at Elt's face, he was wearing a pained, cornered, adorable expression. Drool was trailing from the corner of his mouth. He was raising his voice in ecstasy.
  524. Of course, I kept up my assault throughout his ejaculation. I kept my hands and tail moving, giving him even more pleasure in hopes of wringing every drop of cum I could out of him.
  525. Every time his dick pulsed, it shot out semen. His cloudy, white cum was seeping out between the tights coils of my tail. Actually, it had a slight yellow tint to it, and it was so thick I could almost scoop it up in my hands like jelly. He must have been holding it in for quite a while.
  526. "Hehehe… So much… I'm flattered…"
  527. "Aaah… Aah…"
  528. The powerful pulsations of his cock finally stopped. Elt exhaled. He sounded exhausted.
  529. I uncoiled the tip of my tail, which was stained white with the proof of his joy, his submission, and his desire. Sticky, liquid strands still linked my tail to his cock. The white of his semen stood out in contrast to the red of my underbelly and the black of my scales. It looked tasty.
  530. "Aah… Your cum… looks delicious…"
  531. I brought my tail up to my face so that I could give Elt a good look at the white stuff smeared all over it and so I could smell his essence up close. His scent was delicious, sweet, and chokingly thick. I filled my lungs with it. It made my head spin.
  532. A sweet, tingling ache ran through my top and bottom mouths. I couldn't stop either of them drooling.
  533. I decided to follow my desire — I pressed my lips to my cum-covered tail and started to suck it clean. The smell filling my lungs got even thicker. Elt's succulent flavor threatened to bewitch my tongue. No, not just my tongue — the taste of his essence was spreading through every nook and cranny of my mouth, even to parts where humans had no sense of taste. It was absolutely delicious.
  534. I stared invitingly at Elt with upturned eyes as I ran my tongue over my tail, smearing around the remaining semen on it. Then I went back to licking and sucking it off. I stuffed my cheeks with his cum, turned it over on my tongue, savoring its flavor, and loudly gulped it down. It caught in my throat, accompanied by searing ecstasy as it slowly fell toward my stomach.
  535. I felt satisfied. I felt fulfilled. I felt bliss. It was no momentary pleasure — I knew that this pleasure would stay with me until I had finished absorbing his essence. It was like a full stomach.
  536. I was full, but I still wanted more and more. My body, spurred by pleasure, was heating up from the inside. I knew I would never get sick of this feeling. I was getting addicted to it. Now that I'd gotten a taste of Elt, I couldn't live without him. My instincts, and my body, told me so.
  537. "Aah… Your smell is… seeping into me…"
  538. I'd licked my tail tip clean of semen. When I held it under my nose, though, I could still detect the lingering scent of essence. It probably wouldn't come off even if I washed it. Even when we weren't making love, I could still feel Elt's presence. It was proof that I was his woman and that he was my man.
  539. "M, Mercè…"
  540. I let out an ecstatic sigh as I savored his irresistible semen. Elt stared at me, half concerned and half aroused. My drinking his cum must have gotten him worried about venting his animal lust.
  541. I couldn't see my own face, but I knew I was wearing a look of rapt joy. For a monster, there was no better feast than the semen of the man she loved.
  542. I didn't want Elt worrying over something like that. Still, it was so like him — and also so adorable I couldn't bear it.
  543. I savored the semen that was left in my mouth and gulped it down along with my drool. Then, I brought my face close to Elt's. I wanted to show him how happy I was.
  544. "Why the long face…?" I asked him, staring into his eyes. "It felt good, didn't it…? It was good for me too; your cum tasted great."
  545. "Y… Yes…" He admitted. He didn't look away, but he did stammer with embarrassment. I loved both his honesty and his shyness.
  546. He was already losing his resistance to my being a monster. He was seeing me as a woman.
  547. "If it feels good, say so. Mmm… Mmph…"
  548. "Ooh… Aah…"
  549. I pulled my face back and gave his cock a kiss. It was still covered in cum, so I sucked it into my mouth and licked it clean.
  550. There was no smegma on it. He must wash carefully. I thought that was too bad, but his semen, mixed with the stuffy taste of his sweat, was still irresistible.
  551. I knew he must be sensitive so soon after cumming, so I was sure to be slow and gentle. I didn't want to bully him. Even so, Elt was moaning in pleasure. That was equally impossible to resist.
  552. "Ah… Mph… Are you going to cum again…?"
  553. A little while later, I released his now clean cock from my mouth. It was still hard, despite his ejaculation. Did Elt have incredible stamina, or was it thanks to the pleasure my monster body gave him? Or was it both? Either way, it looked like I had more fun to look forward to.
  554. "Next, my tits… You can't get enough of them, can you?"
  555. I pushed my breasts together with my hands. They were the same pale color as the rest of my skin. I could feel that they were bigger than they'd been when I was human. I could confidently declare that they were glossier and springier, too. Combined with my inhuman skin tone, they were almost like melons.
  556. I used to have a complex about my chest. Now that I could please Elt with it, however, it had become a source of pride.
  557. Elt's cock was right in front of me, glistening with my spit — a symbol of manhood. I slid it into my cleavage, squeezing and wrapping it with my massive breasts — symbols of motherhood.
  558. Elt didn't quiver this time; his whole body relaxed. He looked like he was in ecstasy. The look on his face was cute in a different way from the pained one he'd worn when I'd used my hands and tail.
  559. "Come on. Tell me how it feels good…"
  560. I rubbed my breasts together with my hands, hitting his dick with unpredictable waves of pleasure.
  561. "They're springy… but they're so soft, too… And slippery… Ah… Aah…"
  562. Elt was telling me his honest feelings. His mouth was lolling half open. His eyes were glued to my breasts, which changed shape as they were pressed between my hands and his cock. His gaze was enough to send a sweet tingle through my chest.
  563. "I see… Well then, I'm going to… squeeze."
  564. I decided to make Elt feel even better. I pressed my breasts together hard, like I was trying to crush his cock. I wouldn't, of course, but almost every inch of his pole ended up buried in tit flesh.
  565. "Ooh… Ah… You're squeezing me… but it's still so soft… It feels great…"
  566. He was putting the pleasure he was feeling into words. Of course, I could tell Elt was feeling it without him saying anything, but it was important to make him admit it.
  567. Being able to make Elt feel this good gave me a sense of accomplishment. It also did a lot to fulfill the desire to dominate him swirling inside me.
  568. Besides, Elt was the only one who could know how and why he felt good. Knowing that would help me to train him in further pleasure.
  569. "Hehe… I’m going to start moving… Go ahead and cum..."
  570. I moved my breasts up and down, stroking his cock without lessening the pressure on it. I was so aroused. It was like I was turning my breasts into a sex organ. It was like I was milking his essence.
  571. The spit I’d used for lubricant was making dirty, wet sounds. I could feel his big, strong cock pushing and rubbing its way through my tits. It felt good, but not like the tingling I'd felt from my nipples. It was a hot, sloppy pleasure, like my breasts were melting from the inside.
  572. I was on top. I was the one milking him. Still, it almost felt like he was ravishing my tits.
  573. "Ooh… Aah… Mercè… Aah… I'm going to cum… again…!"
  574. Elt was staring at me. His eyes were half closed and his face was slack. He looked like he'd been completely carried away by passion. Any idea of holding back his ejaculation had gone clean out of his head. Some of his shame and his reason were left, but his body and soul were joyfully accepting the pleasure I gave him.
  575. His cock occasionally peeked its head out from between my breasts. Precum was flooding from his urethra again and creating more lubrication.
  576. Elt moaned as his cock started twitching. His eyes said that he was at the end of his rope.
  577. "Hehe… I'll finish you off, so… you'd better shoot out lots of cum in between my tits."
  578. Sensing that he was close to a second ejaculation, I used my whole arms to hug my own breasts and press them down on his cock from all sides. I began to rock my body, giving him even more stimulation. I was driving him toward orgasm.
  579. "Aaahh…!"
  580. Elt climaxed with a silly look on his face. The thought that I was the one who'd drawn that expression out of him sent thrills down my spine. He looked so lovely that I could almost cum just watching him.
  581. His cock throbbed and I could feel something hot flooding my cleavage. Of course, I kept his penis trapped between my breasts and kept up my assault on it until it had completely stopped.
  582. "Aaah… Good job. You came so much…"
  583. With his ejaculation over, I loosened my hold and let his thick semen spill out of my cleavage to form a little pool with his cock head sticking out of it. I made sure to give Elt a good view.
  584. Elt breathed heavily as he stared at his cum filling my cleavage. His eyes were glued to my tits, the symbols of my womanhood, which he'd dirtied with his semen. The sense of immorality and domination he got from that must have been exhilarating. After all, I really couldn't live without him now. I was Elt's woman, and his alone.
  585. The reason and self-control that had been in Elt's eyes were steadily wearing away. They were starting to gleam with lust. The old me would have rejected his desire, but now I accepted it gladly. In fact, I wanted him to vent more of his lust on me. I never wanted him to stop.
  586. "This time, I'll use my tongue. Mph… Mmm… Mph…"
  587. "Aah…!"
  588. With his cock still between my tits, I stuck out my long tongue and let it droop down. I could move all of it — even the forked tip — freely and dexterously. Its length and thinness allowed me to coil it around his cock and tease it more delicately than any human tongue could. It was also sensitive and capable of enjoying every last drop of essence to the fullest.
  589. I lowered my face, plunged that tongue into the semen cupped between my breasts, and gave Elt's sunken glans a sticky lick. It was the most sensitive part of his cock, which was already sensitive from ejaculating. He let out a cute, almost girlish, cry and stared at me, blinking in surprise.
  590. "What'sh wrong…? Doesh it feel 'oo 'ood…?"
  591. "Ooh… Aah…! Please… be gentle…!"
  592. I kept lapping up his delicious cum as I ran my tongue over his head. Of course, I knew how sensitive he was. I wasn't going to let my teasing turn painful; I was just going to keep him feeling good. I could manage that, now that I was a monster.
  593. As a matter of fact, there was no trace of pain in Elt's moans. He was just surprised by how good it felt. His face told me the same thing.
  594. "No… You'fe 'ot to feel eben 'etter…"
  595. I squeezed my breasts back together and raised them a little, so that his tip was buried between them. Then, I stretched my tongue down around his cock as it nestled in my cleavage. I slipped it in between my skin and his penis and ran the tip over his glans. I licked the cum off and carried it back to my mouth. The pressure of my tits squeezed my tongue against his cock, forcing him to feel every tiny bump on its surface. Relentlessly, mercilessly, I thrust my tongue down again and again.
  596. I teased his corona and frenulum the same way. I paid special attention to the underside of his head to make sure that none of his cum escaped me. I ran my tongue along his frenulum in one smooth motion. When I looked up at Elt's face, I saw that pleasure had completely blotted out his surprise.
  597. "Mph… Mmm… What felt better: me being gentle, or what I'm doing now…?"
  598. "Haa… haa…! Both…"
  599. I loved the way his eyes were slightly out of focus as he answered.
  600. One last lick to his shaft left both his cock and my tits totally clean. I gave his urethra a parting lap, which drew a wordless cry from Elt, and left him breathing raggedly.
  601. "Hehe… Is that so…? Well then, why not try this next? Mph… Mmph… Mmm…"
  602. I released Elt's penis from my chest, brought my face down close to him, and made a show of licking my lips. I made sure he knew how full and moist my lips were compared to when I'd been human. I opened my mouth wide and gave him a good look at the tongue writhing inside it. I wanted him to understand what part of me was going to pleasure him next.
  603. Once I'd seen Elt's eyes crawl over my lips, my mouth, and my tongue, I pulled my face back and kissed the tip of his exposed cock. Then, I slowly opened my mouth, sucking on his tip all the while, until I'd drawn his whole head into my mouth. I pursed my lips around his corona. That made his dick twitch.
  604. It all came naturally to me. I didn't even need to pay attention to keep my teeth clear of him.
  605. I sucked the air out of my mouth, making my cheeks cave in and stick to him. I kept them that way as I slowly bobbed my head up and down, orally stroking his cock.
  606. I knew my face must be twisted into a disgracefully slutty expression. I turned my eyes upward to look at Elt and was pleased to find him staring back with arousal.
  607. "Mmph… Nn… Mmm…"
  608. "Aah…! Mercè…!"
  609. If it made Elt want me — if it gave him pleasure — I didn't care what I looked like.
  610. My head rose and fell with wet, sucking sounds, going faster and farther with every stroke. At last, my lips were pressed around the base of his cock. I held it there, wrapping my tongue around it and using my whole mouth to suck as its coils tightened.
  611. Now that I had his whole cock in my mouth, I could feel his tip pushing the back of my throat open. I thought I might make a habit of tasting him with the back of my throat like this. It was a little hard to breathe, obviously, but it wasn't really painful and the pleasure more than made up for it.
  612. I didn't relax my suction as I slid his cock out. I shook my head regretfully as I half dragged it out of my mouth. Then, I sucked it in up to the base again. Repeat.
  613. I was giving Elt a thorough lesson in how good it felt to be pleasured by my whole mouth and throat.
  614. Before I knew it, the taste of precum was spreading through my mouth. His cock had started a countdown to ejaculation.
  615. I didn't waste a moment shoving his penis back into my mouth, as deep as I could. I made my throat open and close like I was trying to draw him deeper inside, inciting him to orgasm.
  616. His cock throbbed and swelled up even bigger than it had been already. I felt it spreading my throat. At the same time, I felt waves of essence splashing into the back of my throat. I gulped it down, using the wet lining at the back of my mouth to taste semen that had not touched air or been diluted by spit.
  617. It was his third ejaculation, but it was even thicker than the previous two. So thick that it might have stuck there in my throat forever if I hadn't gulped it down. Swallowing it was no mean feat, either. He ended up pouring cum into me faster than I could drink it, and the excess expanded my throat even more.
  618. It was more bliss than I could take. The taste and smell of his essence were making my mind go blank. I still didn't spill a drop. I caught all of Elt's cloudy, white cum with the back of my throat until his cock stopped throbbing.
  619. Once his ejaculation was over, I slowly pulled his penis free of my mouth. All the while, I was trying to choke down the dense semen that had built up in my throat, one swallow at a time. It felt like I was chewing the sticky globs of cum. Each swallow made my mind melt with the thick taste and smell of Elt's essence.
  620. I finally got it all past my throat and felt it falling toward my stomach. When it got there, a torrent of hot, sweet ecstasy exploded from inside me. I was in no state to resist. I thought I might dissolve into a puddle of joy.
  621. I looked at Elt through a haze of bliss that was almost orgasm and found him basking in the afterglow of his ejaculation, a look of ecstasy on his face.
  622. "Mmm… Now… You know what comes next, don't you…? Babymaking."
  623. When I looked at Elt, I felt boundless love and a throbbing ache in my womb. The ache had started before I became a monster. As a woman, I wanted to have my darling Elt's children more than I could bear.
  624. "Elt… I'm going to make you a man."
  625. I raised my upper body. My snake belly glistened in the moonlight, slick with the love juices overflowing from my crotch.
  626. I focused my mana, and a black and silver pointer appeared in my right hand.
  627. "Here, take a good look at my insides… I'm about to use them to show you an even better time."
  628. I spread my slit with my fingers, exposing the soft, pink flesh inside. With the pointer, I indicated my unused virgin hole. It was making dirty, wet sounds as love juice trickled out of it. I wanted him to see.
  629. "Hehe… I bet you can see my hymen. You're going to make me a woman."
  630. Elt didn't say anything. He just panted, his mouth half open. His eyes followed my pointer. He looked greedy. He must have been looking forward to the pleasure of sex with me, or to taking my virginity, or both. His Adam's apple was bobbing up and down.
  631. "You'd better watch me put it in."
  632. "Ooh… Yes ma'am…"
  633. I slowly brought Elt's cock closer to my open slit. Cowgirl position.
  634. Even after three ejaculations, Elt's member was still hard and erect. That was rare for a human. It showed how entrancing I was. Elt might already be starting to turn into an incubus, but I was still the one doing it to him. Either way, as a woman, it made me proud that he was still hard and wanting me.
  635. Another shower of love juice dripped from my slit onto his cock. I could see it react. Then, I brought down my lower lips, and we touched with a wet squish. Just that little touch was too hot, too sweet, and too tasty for me to bear.
  636. I slowly lowered my hips, still pointing to where my slit met his cock. My eyes were eagerly devouring the sight of me and Elt physically linked as we gave each other our virginities. Elt's gaze, following the pointer, was fixed on the same spot. Both of us wanted to burn the image into our memories.
  637. I felt no hesitation or fear about letting Elt into my body; only anticipation and joy.
  638. His glans was spreading my dripping vagina. Then, with a burst of pleasure, his dick tore through my hymen. There was no pain.
  639. His tip was sliding all the way inside me. It didn't feel like an intruder; it felt like it belonged. A need was being filled.
  640. Heat and pleasure came to me through my spread-open hymen. It felt like the line that divided us was dissolving. I could hardly tell where my pussy stopped and his cock began. At the same time, the taste of his essence was spreading through me. It was pleasure with a flavor. I was eating Elt.
  641. The lower my hips sunk, the deeper inside me that pleasure spread. I instinctively knew that Elt and I — man and woman — were meant to be united like this.
  642. "Ah… Aahn… Y, you're inside me, Elt…"
  643. "Haa… Aah…"
  644. His head bumped against my innermost depths and stopped, pressing into them. As it did, a mad, syrupy, scorching heat swirled in my womb, coiling like a snake. I was driven by the urge to get his seed inside me as soon as I possibly could.
  645. Either Elt was a perfect fit for me, or I was a perfect fit for him. Either way, I couldn't contain my joy. Before I knew it, my vagina was unconsciously twisting and tightening around Elt. When I concentrated, I could feel him with every fold.
  646. "Mmm… Ah… We're… a perfect match… How do you like… my first time…?"
  647. "Aah… Y, you're hot… and wonderful… You feel amazing…"
  648. I pointed to where we were joined, savoring his cock all the while. A trickle of red was mixed with the love juices spilling out over Elt's crotch.
  649. The sight wasn't painful to me. In fact, it gave me joy. It was proof that I'd given my virginity to the man I loved. Seeing it made the fact hit home.
  650. Elt's gaze was focused on the same spot, just like I wanted it. For a moment, he looked worried about deflowering me, but then his expression relaxed. He must have been able to tell that it didn't hurt. A look of pleasure and arousal started to cover his face as passion filled his gaze.
  651. "Hehe. Is that so…? Your first feels great too… You're hot… and you taste wonderful… But I'm going to make you feel even better, Elt… Here I go…! Aah... Mmm…! Aah…!"
  652. "Ah… Ooh… Aah…! Mercè…!"
  653. I released Elt's arms from my coils and let the pointer dissolve back into mana. Then, I linked my hands with his, twining our fingers tightly together so that they wouldn't come apart. Elt seemed to reciprocate by putting more force into his grip.
  654. I slowly lifted my hips, pulling my pussy off his cock. I regretted putting distance between Elt's heat and my deepest parts. The folds that lined my passage tugged at his shaft as if to say that they wouldn't let me drag it free. The pleasure of it shivered up my spine to numb my brain.
  655. Elt looked at me with bleary eyes as he moaned with pleasure. His hands clung tighter to mine. Through my snake half, I could feel that his lower body was trembling.
  656. Once I'd raised my hips as high as I could stand to, I let gravity slam them back down. His cock stabbed back into me. It pushed — gouged — its way through my pussy and smacked into my cervix so hard I thought it might break through into my womb.
  657. A shock of pleasure shook me to my core. It felt so good I couldn't see straight.
  658. "Nnh…! Aah…! Elt! Elt…!"
  659. "Aah… Ooh…! Mercè, I'm… Ah… Aah…! going to…!"
  660. I shook my hips over and over again, making dirty sounds as I called his name. The heat in my womb grew with every thrust. Pleasure piled on pleasure, rising higher and higher. It was at the bursting point. Orgasm was closing in.
  661. Elt was calling my name, too. His voice was high and hoarse with pleasure. His adorable answering cries told me that he was as close as I was.
  662. "Me too…! Aah, aahn! Aaaaah!"
  663. "Mercè! Mercè…! Ooh, aah, Oooh…!"
  664. I swung my hips down with all my might, driving his cock deeper inside me than ever before, and kept them pressed down. My cervix ground against his tip, bringing me even closer to climax.
  665. His cock was twitching inside me. But those tremors were only a prelude to the violent, rhythmical throbbing that burst the dam holding back my pent-up pleasure. The ecstatic heat coiled in my womb burst, rushing through every fiber of my being. It was my first orgasm as a monster — a torrent of pleasure that would probably have driven my human self insane.
  666. My body spasmed out of my control. My back arched like a bow. My soul let out a shout of pleasure.
  667.  My body was so sensitive it felt like one big erogenous zone. Even the feel of Elt's warmth and weight through my snake half and the pressure of his hands on mine added to my orgasm.
  668. Then, an instant later, semen gushed out of his urethra — which was pressed right against my cervix — and poured right into my womb.
  669. I'd been longing for that moment since long before I became a monster. My womb, which had been aching for his seed, became suddenly more sensitive to pleasure in the middle of my climax. His boiling hot cum was filling it up. It was the ultimate bliss — searing, melting, incomparable. The sweet, entrancing taste of my darling's essence.
  670. Bliss and fulfillment were coursing through my body and soul. The ecstasy my womb felt was spreading to every inch of me, propelling my orgasm to new heights.
  671. My vagina squirmed and my womb sucked. They wanted more. Over and over again, they milked his cock as it pulsed and spewed out cum.
  672. "Ah… Ah… Ahn… Elt… I'm so happy…"
  673. "Ah… Aah… Mercè…"
  674. As the wave of my orgasm rolled out, Elt's throbbing also came to an end. My climax was over, but the afterglow wrapped me in a pleasant, floating sensation. And my womb could still taste his semen. It hadn't missed a drop. The sweet pleasure of its flavor wasn't as intense as when he'd first poured it into me, but it was still radiating through my body and showed no sign of stopping.
  675. I lovingly called my darling's name while I digested the happiness of feeling him from inside my own body. Elt ecstatically murmured my name back, basking in the afterglow of his own orgasm. His response made me even more blissful.
  676. Still wrapped in the afterglow, I lowered my upper body, pressing my skin against his, and twined my arms around his neck. I wanted to feel every inch of Elt's body. True to that desire, I recoiled my snake half around Elt, catching my own torso, but leaving my arms free. Then, I squeezed down gently, but powerfully, with my serpentine coils, hugging Elt's whole body.
  677. The constriction pushed our chests, and the rest of our bodies, even closer together. I could feel Elt's heart beating, proving his arousal.
  678. Elt's darling face was so close to mine that I could steal a kiss whenever I wanted. I asked a question with an obvious answer and got the tickle of his breath on my face, along with an honest response in a sweet, almost pleading tone.
  679. "Next time will be slow and sticky… You want to feel good, don't you, Elt…?"
  680. "Y, yes…"
  681. Elt was damp with post-coital sweat. I squeezed our bodies closer together so that his smell would seep into me, and mine would seep into him. Every inch of me took in the feel of his skin on mine. He was flushed so hot I worried I might melt. I could feel it with my chest, my belly, my snake tail... and with my hips as I pressed them down.
  682. I had Elt's cock farther inside me than ever before. I was joined to him more deeply than ever before. I sensed — and savored — it with every frill and fold of my passage. Ecstasy was grinding against my cervix.
  683. "I like... that look on you... Aah..."
  684. I put my hands on either side of Elt's head and held it in place so that I could enjoy every change in his expression.
  685. I began by slowly wriggling my pussy, using it to lap at his cock. It was a move designed to caress Elt's cock and give him pleasure, but also to feel him in me more intensely and help me gorge myself on bliss. The raw pleasure of it was less than thrusting, but I was entranced by Elt's warmth on my skin.
  686. Elt must have been enjoying my warmth too, because his eyelids drooped and he started moaning again. His hips quivered with every wiggle of my pussy. His cock twitched to let me know he was feeling it.
  687. Pressed against each other like this, I could feel Elt's every little response to the pleasure I was giving him. Even the smallest of them filled me with joy.
  688. All the while, I was staring at Elt, and he was staring back at me. We both enjoyed watching pleasure change the looks on each other's faces.
  689. "Nnh... Aahn... Feels good... doesn't it...?"
  690. "Ooh... Aah... Ah..."
  691. I started tightening and loosening around his cock, gradually picking up my pace. He looked a little frustrated every time I relaxed, but that only enhanced his look of pleasure when I clamped down tight again. Both his faces were adorable.
  692. "We're just... getting started..."
  693. "Aah... Ooh... Aah..."
  694. Now that I was a monster, I could consciously control ever one of the frills and folds that lined my vagina. I coiled them around his corona while I focused my tightness on his tip. Then, I used my wiggling to thoroughly, carefully stroke him over and over again.
  695. Elt's responses were getting more and more pronounced. I could hear more pleasure in his moans.
  696. "Aaah...!"
  697. "Ooh... Elt...!"
  698. An especially powerful stroke sent a jolt through his whole body. He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me like he was clinging for dear life. It was the first deliberate move Elt had made toward me. It was only a hug, but it made my heart shiver with joy. It was so exhilarating I thought I might cum.
  699. "I love you...! I love you...! Ah... Mph... Mmm..."
  700. "Ah...! Aaah... Mercè... Mph...? Mmm...!"
  701. My darling Elt's embrace made me swell with love. And with my love came my lust. My womb had just gotten a load of his essence, but it still started throbbing for more. Overcome with emotion, I lost myself in throwing my love and lust into Elt.
  702. I wriggled and tightened my vagina like I was using it to chew on his cock, rubbing every fold of my passage against him and giving both of us even more pleasure.
  703. Elt's lips were wet with drool and flushed a pleasant, healthy red. I hugged his head close to steal a passionate kiss. My suction was so strong that it pulled his saliva up against the force of gravity.
  704. I thrust my tongue into him without relaxing my vagina. His mouth was overflowing with a feast of sweet saliva. Partway through, Elt stuck his own tongue out to rub against mine. He was clumsy, but he was showing that he wanted me. We wanted each other. An indescribable pleasure welled up in my heart. I couldn't believe that anything could ever feel better.
  705. I responded to his outstretched tongue my coiling my long, thin one around it. He did his best to respond in kind while pressing his lips against mine. Elt's active participation didn't make much difference physically, but every rub and brush of his tongue now sent sweet thrills through mine.
  706. I redoubled my efforts to make sure that Elt enjoyed the kiss as much as I was. That made him want me even more. His arms tightened around me. I responded by tightening my snake half around him. It was a little hard to breath, but that only enhanced the pleasure of pressing our bodies together.
  707. He was staring at me. I could see his eyes blaze with lust even as they drooped with ecstasy.
  708. We were seeking each other, lifting each other to new heights of pleasure. My euphoria was bringing me to climax with startling speed. Elt's cock was twitching energetically inside me as well. He'd already cum four times, but he seemed ready to do it again any moment. His actively seeking pleasure might have had something to do with that.
  709. Just as the hot ecstasy stored up in my womb burst, Elt quivered and hugged me even tighter. His cock, still buried in my innermost depths, began to throb powerfully. It was about to treat my womb to a feast of semen.
  710. My whole, cum-hungry sex moved instinctively, even in the midst of orgasm. I supported it with conscious control of my vagina and cervix. I tightened rhythmically, squeezing his cock from base to his tip, adding and subtracting pressure to match its pulsations. I wriggled my fleshy folds, licking every inch of his ejaculating cock to add even more pleasure to his orgasm. I kissed his tip with my cervix, grinding down on it and sucking the semen out of his urethra and into my womb.
  711. A strong flow of cum was being pumped into me in the midst of my mind-blowing orgasm. The deeper into my womb it got, the more vivid the intoxicating taste and searing pleasure coursing through me became.
  712. I was spasming with pleasure, but my coils never loosened their grip on Elt. Climax had made my whole body more sensitive, and I was using every inch of it to take in the warmth and feel of his. Elt was shaking, but he was still hugging me right back. I could feel his tiniest movement, from his chest to the tips of his toes. It felt like I'd become one with him, like the heat of our bodies had melted the border between them. Feeling all of my darling's body with all of mine gave me a sense of fulfillment and mind-numbing bliss.
  713. I cradled Elt's head, coiled my tongue tighter around his, and pressed my lips against his, sucking on them. I wanted to join our mouths as well. I wanted us to dissolve into each other. The pleasure — the feeling of oneness — I got from touching his skin was nothing compared to what I got from his soft, hot lips. The ecstasy of it was blotting out my thoughts.
  714. Orgasming together while I was coiled around Elt, hugging him, greedily devouring his lips, his tongue, and his cock — feeling every fiber of his being — filled me with an unbelievable pleasure. It was like I was climaxing with my entire body. The pleasure filling me turned right into joy.
  715. My blissful orgasm didn't end until I'd sucked out even the semen left in his urethra and stored it securely in my womb. Then came a feeling of comfort. All my sensations seemed fainter.
  716. I slowly disengaged my lips from Elt's, uncoiled our tongues, and pulled back to give him breathing room. The tide of ecstasy was receding, but I could still taste the semen he'd poured into my womb. I could still feel the heat and pleasure of it seeping through me from the inside.
  717. "Elt... I'll make you feel even better, so... fill up my womb... Let me have your baby... Mmm..."
  718. He still hadn't cum enough to fill my womb completely. I might feel full, but I still wanted him to pour more into me. Much more. The more of his essence I had inside me, the more intense the flavor — and the pleasure — would be. Plus, I wanted my darling Elt's baby so much I could hardly stand it. That was another reason I'd need to get him to cum in me in me over and over again until my womb was full — to increase my chances to get with child.
  719. Elt was still catching his breath. He heard what I said, but all he could do in response was pant. Just thinking about getting pregnant with his child made my womb ache so much that I couldn't wait even the short time it would take him to be able to answer. Before he had a chance to say anything, I stole another kiss, sucking on his tongue and thrusting mine back into his mouth.
  720. His cock was still hard and helpfully acting as a stopper to keep any semen from leaking out of my womb. I delighted in the flavor of it as I started wriggling again to make sure he enjoyed it too.
  721. Elt couldn't speak, but he still answered me by twining his tongue around mine and hugging me harder.
  722. I drilled the pleasure my body could give into the marrow of Elt's darling bones. All the while, my heart was dancing in anticipation of the greatest joy a woman could have — bearing the child of the man she loved.
  724. ◊ ♦ ◊ ♦ ◊
  726. "Ah... My womb's full of you, Elt... I'm so happy..."
  727. "Aah..."
  728. Flushed skin. Beads of sweat. Tangled hair. Heavy breathing. We'd kept at it, climaxing too many times to count. He'd poured his semen into my womb over and over again, filling every nook and cranny of it. Any more and it would overflow.
  729. For the moment, I was satisfied. I relaxed my vagina and released his lips. Even so, I didn't pull his cock out of me. I needed it to stop up my womb and keep his cum from spilling. Besides, it felt better having him inside me.
  730. My womb — full of my beloved Elt's semen — radiated scorching bliss. I was inundated with pleasure, but it felt warm and gentle. The delicious flavor of Elt's semen was seeping into the marrow of my bones. Every inch of my body had it memorized.
  731. We'd switched positions partway through our love making. I was on the bottom. Elt was lying on top of me, dazed and exhausted, but still holding me tight. He was so adorable it stirred my maternal instincts.
  732. "Was it good for you, Elt...?" I whispered sweetly in his ear.
  733. "It... was great..." Elt slowly, ecstatically whispered back.
  734. "It was great for me, too... It felt so good that I can't live without you anymore."
  735. "And I... can't live... without you..."
  736. I was turning over the countless orgasms I'd just had in my mind, drunk on the sensation of his semen. Every one of them had been addictively, unforgettably delicious. So was just lying here feeling Elt's presence. I couldn't imagine living without him anymore. I decided to put my feelings into words.
  737. "I'm yours, Elt... and you're mine. I'll never let you go. We'll be together forever. I love you."
  738. "I won't... let you go... either... But please... let me have... a rest..."
  739. Elt sounded exhausted, but his arms tightened around me. The strength of his embrace communicated his love and happiness.
  740. He'd said he'd never let me go. I'd made my darling Elt mine, and now I was his. We would never leave or betray each other. I was sure of it.
  741. "Hehe... I guess I've got no choice. Go to sleep; I'll hold you."
  742. Elt's whole body relaxed in my arms. His head came to rest on my tail, which acted as a pillow. I suddenly remembered the way he'd looked when he was tired out after training. For some reason, even that silly reminiscence gave me joy.
  743. "Good... night..."
  744. "Goodnight, Elt."
  745. I gently hugged Elt's limp body and stroked his head. Before long, his breathing slipped into the slow rhythm of sleep. I could barely contain my happiness — and my love — at the thought of how hard he'd pushed himself for me.
  746. What part of me should I pleasure him with next time? What kind of pleasure should I teach him? Of course, I'd get him to pump my womb full of his semen again. Oh, I couldn't wait for Elt's baby...
  747. "Hehehe... I love you, Elt," I whispered in the sleeping Elt's ear. My eyes were closed and my face was flushed. I couldn't suppress a smile at the thought myself getting pregnant, and of the sex we'd have once he woke up.
  748. His warmth in my arms. The feeling of his head under my hand. His gentle breathing. The weight of his body. His hair, which I buried my face in. The scent of his sweat. The warmth of our deep bond, the cum he'd poured into my womb, was dissolving and spreading through me in waves of Elt-flavored pleasure. I savored Elt's presence as I, too, slowly drifted off to sleep.
  750. ◊ ♦ ◊ ♦ ◊
  752. "Hehehe... I'm going to need lots of love from you again today, Elt."
  753. We were alone in our bedroom, sitting together on our big bed. I was leaning against Elt with my snake half coiled loosely around him.
  754. "Ha ha... You don't have to ask for that, Mercè; I'll love you anyway. For the baby's sake, too."
  755. When I turned my head, Elt met my gaze with a bashful grin. He hugged me tight from behind. Then, he lowered his hands to gently stroke my belly, swollen with our child.
  756. I was happy to be with child, but for some reason it also made me more often uneasy. On top of that, because I would need a lot of essence to nurture the baby, my body wanted Elt even more than usual. I wanted sex so bad I could barely restrain myself. Lately, I'd taken to begging my darling for it like a spoiled child. Elt always gave me what I wanted.
  757. "Mmm... That's right..."
  758. The movement of his hands was gradually transforming into a caress and moving from my belly to my breasts — which had grown even larger and started producing milk — my sensitive sides, and my bottom. In the midst of the slowly escalating pleasure, I smelled my husband's scent, felt his warmth, and heard his gentle voice in my ear. He wiped my worries away and lulled me into a sense of security. At the same time, he excited my flushed, aching body to greater lust.
  759. "Here, I'll help you undress."
  760. Elt laid his hands on my shoulders, leaned back from me a little, and turned me around to face him. Then, he started to remove my clothes, which were decorated with a red eye motif.
  761. "Hehe... You love my tits, don't you?"
  762. Elt's gaze bored into my cleavage the moment he slid off the necktie that had been hiding it. I thought it was cute while my hands were busy undoing his belt buckle.
  763. "I do, but I love all of you, not just your breasts. I do especially love them, though," Elt answered, slightly embarrassed.
  764. He slipped his hands into my top and rested them on my shoulders. From there, he brought them down, caressing my arms as he slowly peeled off my top.
  765. "Mmm... Is that so? Hehehe..."
  766. I enjoyed whispering love to each other while coupled, but the words of love we exchanged at times like this were special. The bashful way he looked was so cute I couldn't keep back a smile.
  767. "I'll help you undress too."
  768. I slipped my hands inside Elt's clothes and started methodically stroking his torso from bottom to top. His breathing got heavier. He must have been enjoying it. As my fingers crept upward, they pulled the hem of his shirt with them, gradually exposing his body — his toned abs, broad back, thick chest, and solid shoulders... He didn't look it when he was dressed, but he was quite muscular. Remembering that his body was the result of the training I'd given him when I'd been a Hero made me love it all the more.
  769. "Now, raise your hands like you're cheering," I urged Elt once my caressing hands reached his shoulders.
  770. "I'm not a kid, you know," he grumbled, but obediently raised his arms and allowed me to pull his shirt up and off.
  771. "Hehe... Aren't you? You're always sucking on my breasts. You're a spoiled child."
  772. "That's not..."
  773. Elt had always loved my breasts. Once I'd gotten pregnant and started producing milk, however, he'd started sucking on them every time we slept together. Pointing that out left him at a loss for words.
  774. "Come on, don't you want a drink?
  775. I hugged Elt's head, pressing his face into my cleavage.
  776. "...I do," he answered, honestly.
  777. "Then drink up."
  778. Elt gently slid aside my chest protector, exposing my nipples. They were already hard, erect, and tingling in anticipation of his mouth. My teats were swollen with a tantalizing heat. I was as anxious for Elt to drink my milk as he was.
  779. It didn't take long for Elt to move his face and suck one of my nipples into his mouth. That was enough to send a thrill of pleasure through my sensitive nipple. Elt looked at me with upturned eyes and cupped my breast with both hands like a spoiled child.
  780. The sight of the man I loved acting like an adorable infant was perverse, but it also triggered my maternal instincts. I couldn't suppress a smile that mixed my gentle concern as a mother with my passionate lust as a wife.
  781. Before he started sucking in earnest, Elt ran his hot tongue over my nipple almost like he was trying to massage it. His hands diligently caressed my teat. Gooey, molten pleasure was spreading from my nipple to my whole breast.
  782. He wasn't sucking my milk out; my milk was flowing, and he was lapping it up. And the flow wasn't stopping.
  783. "Mph... Mmm..."
  784. "Ah... Ahn... Elt..."
  785. He occasionally paused to squeeze my nipple gently between his lips. The tantalizingly succulent heat building up in my breast was making my nipples even more sensitive to sexual pleasure. I let out plaintive moans; I wanted him to suck and massage me harder.
  786. When my nipples had grown almost unbearably sensitive, Elt suddenly began sucking in earnest. At the same time, he was rubbing my teats with both hands, trying to squeeze my milk out. It followed his lead and gushed out into his mouth. He wasn't just sucking, either; he was diligently licking my lactating nipple the whole time.
  787. The molten bliss of release was streaming out of my breasts. That on its own felt almost too good to bear, as sensitive to pleasure as I'd become, but I was getting my nipples sucked and licked and my breasts massaged on top of it.
  788. A scorchingly sweet numbness, distinct from the pleasure of lactation, was surging from my breasts. It was rapidly swelling.
  789. Elt gave my nipple an especially hard suck. It was the finishing blow. Milk gushed out of my harder than before. The swollen pleasure burst, coursing through not just my chest, but my whole body.
  790. I climaxed. It wasn't a strong orgasm, but it still seemed to scorch every inch of me. My whole body quivered as I hugged Elt tight with my snake half and a cry of pleasure burst from my throat.
  791. Elt didn't release my nipple until my orgasm came to an end. He loudly gulped down the remaining milk — my milk — in his mouth. His face was slack. He let out a spellbound sigh, staring at me with upturned, half-closed eyes. I stared back at him, basking in the afterglow.
  792. "Aah... Elt... This one too..."
  793. I'd climaxed, but my other breast was still swollen with milk. He'd hardly touched it. It was aching to be sucked — aching unbearably. I put my hands on Elt's cheeks and turned his face toward it. He obediently started sucking.
  794. "Mmm... Mph... Mmm..."
  795. "Ah... Aah... Yes..."
  796. This time, he brought his hands down to my hips and quickly undid the belt that covered my intimate parts. That done, he ran his hands along my serpent coils and launched into a devoted caress.
  797. I massaged my own breasts like Elt had done for me earlier. I writhed with the pleasure of having my milk squeezed and sucked out. It felt just as good to be caressed in the afterglow of orgasm. My body was heating up.
  798. I started to wriggle my snake half, rubbing it against Elt. I was begging for more attention.
  799. He gave my lactating nipple a series of love bites. I was still sensitive from my orgasm, and the intense stimulation hit me like a surprise attack. An electric shock of pleasure ran from my nipple. I reached another little climax. Elt kept up his love bites and his caresses all throughout it.
  800. "Mph... Aah... Thanks... That was delicious..."
  801. "Aahn... Honestly, you drink so much... You'd better leave some for the baby..."
  802. Once my nipple was out of his mouth, Elt swallowed again with a look of complete satisfaction.
  803. I’d cum twice from my breasts in such a short time. I was drunk on the pleasure. It was a wonderful feeling, like I was floating.
  804. I took Elt’s hand and placed it on my belly, swollen with our child. I leaned forward, rounding my back and pressing my breasts into him. My swollen belly naturally ended up touching Elt’s.
  805. "Ha ha…You’re making more than you were even just a little while ago, Mercè. It’ll be fine," Elt joked, affectionately stroking my belly.
  806. "Mom… I only got this way because you drink so much."
  807. His slightly rough, manly hand imparted a trustworthy, gentle warmth. It made me feel secure. Even this idle conversation was making me forget my fears.
  808. "I guess you’re right… Mph… Mmm…"
  809. "Ah… Mmm… Aah…"
  810. Elt finished caressing my snake half and started rubbing my belly with both hands as he showered my collarbone in kisses. He showed his love by lingering for a moment on each firm kiss. A faint, blissful tingling lingered Even when his lips drew back.
  811. I responded by running my fingers up his sensitive sides to dorsal muscles and rubbing my snake half — inflamed by his caresses — over his upper body. And that wasn’t all; I pulled back from Elt a little and used the tip of my tail to hook his trousers and pull them down.
  812. "Ah… Mercè… Aah..."
  813. "Hehe… I’m going to give you lots of care later. Look forward to it… Aahn…"
  814. I finished getting his trousers off, and there was my darling Elt’s cock — rock hard and so erect that poked my belly. When I leaned back into him, it ended up sandwiched between his stomach and mine.
  815. I coiled my snake half around his legs and used Ran the tip of my tail along his sensitive inner thighs. That made his sandwiched cock twitch needily. The perversion of of feeling the heat of his cock with my pregnant belly was incredibly arousing.
  816. At that point, Elt stopped rubbing my belly and lowered his hands to the belt that covered my intimate parts. He removed it with practiced movements and began stroking the border between my snake half and my torso, deliberately not touching my sex. It looked like he was planning to stick it in after he'd taken his time making my body as sensitive to pleasure as he could.
  817. My vagina ached impatiently; I was already dripping wet and ready to go. What I wanted right now, however, was sweet, sticky lovemaking. Elt was trying to give it to me. His tantalizing caresses were part of that. I knew he wasn't teasing me and responded in kind by running my hands over his chest.
  818. "Mmm... Mph... Aah..."
  819. "Hehe... This is payback for earlier... Ah... Feels good, doesn't it?"
  820. Elt's kisses were gradually inching their way up. Now they were raining down on my neck. I narrowed my eyes against the pleasure while my fingers began to knead the two little protrusions on his chest as payback for making me cum twice with my nipples. His moans — and the way his dick twitched — let me know he liked it. Of course, we were still in the process of developing his sensation there, so it wasn't enough to bring him to orgasm. Even so, the sight of Elt in pleasure was too cute to resist. The realization that I was giving him that pleasure gave me satisfaction.
  821. At the same time, my serpent coils were massaging his entire lower body. I was rubbing him carefully, dirtily, and with lots of love. The more my scales brushed against his skin, the hotter he got and the more of his warmth he shared with me. Hoping to savor more, I pressed our bodies together again.
  822. His bottom was tight and his legs were well-muscled. His body was as fine as ever. It felt reliable. That was part of why it made me feel so at ease. Of course, the main reason was that it was Elt's.
  823. "Mmm... Aah... I love you, Elt... Mph..."
  824. Once Elt was finished showering my neck with kisses, I put a hand on his cheek and stole a kiss of my own. I coaxingly slipped the tip of my tongue into his mouth. Elt answered my thrusting his tongue into mine.
  825. Elt's warm tongue was dripping in sweet saliva. It roamed gently around the inside of my mouth. I felt Elt with my gums and the inside of my cheeks. His tongue was caressing every bit of me it could reach. I took his caresses as a declaration that he loved every nook and cranny of my body. It made me happy.
  826. Of course, his tongue also tangled itself with mine. I responded by coiling my long, thin tongue around his and lovingly constricting it. I savored Elt's captive tongue by wriggling mine in an almost chewing motion. Just like that, Elt's eyes unfocused and his face went slack. Clever use of my tongue guided the saliva spilling from his half-open mouth into mine. A little of his delicious essence passed into me as I gulped it down, warming me from the inside.
  827. When I finished my relentless assault and released Elt’s tongue, an ecstatic moan escaped from the gaps between our close-pressed lips. I re-coiled my tongue around his. This time, I slowly twined our tongues together without holding or constricting his. I fawningly thrust my long tongue, lovingly, painstakingly rubbing it against his from tip to base. Elt’s tongue was sluggish -- probably because I’d pressed my attack so hard his eyes were out of focus. Feasting on Elt’s mouth was all well and good, and I was happy he was aroused, but concentrating on the slow movements of his tongue relaxed me even as it inflamed me. I blissfully savored the pleasure I got from Elt’s tongue and the flavor of his saliva.
  828. Elt laid his hands on top of mine. His fingertips crept upward, tracing the lines of my arms and shoulders. They arrived at the sensitive skin at the nape of my neck and began to massage it. After countless blissful caresses, one hand rose to stroke the back of my head.
  829. The other hand came to rest on my black eye patch. Elt slowly peeled it away and exposed my sightless, unopening right eye -- the symbol of my history of abuse.
  830. Apparently, if I’d really wanted it, I could have fixed that eye when I’d become a monster -- even been able to see with it again. I, however, had wanted to leave that scar as it was. I wanted it as a warning to myself to be the best wife I could to Elt and the best mother I could to our child.
  831. Elt had accepted my past. That scar didn’t make him find me any less attractive. So, I’d kept it. Still, no matter how much confidence I had in my monster body, and no matter how much I trusted Elt… I couldn’t stop worrying if I could really be the woman I wanted to be, or if Elt saw me that way.
  832. Elt’s fingers gently touched my scar. In the midst of our passionate kiss, his fingertips lovingly traced the Symbol of my past. He looked at me with eyes that were drunk with pleasure, but still incredibly kind. They brought home to me the truth that he accepted me, found me attractive, and loved me, my past included.
  833. There wasn’t much physical pleasure, but my heart was filled with ecstatic joy. I could tell that my eyes were losing focus. I was just that happy.
  834. Joy blotted out the anxiety I’d been feeling. At the same time, my womb -- cradling Elt’s child -- was consumed with a sweet, fierce ache. It wanted Elt’s cock now. It wanted a load of his hot, delicious semen. Elt’s love had moved me to an almost maddening excess of love and lust.
  835. Elt’s throbbing -- and occasionally twitching -- cock was pressed against my belly. In order to swallow it with my lower mouth, I untwined out tongues for the moment and pulled my lips back, trailing glistening strands of saliva.
  836. "Mwah… Aah… Elt… I love you..."
  837. "Aah… Mercè, I… love you…too..."
  838. I put my love For Elt into words, and Elt declared his love for me back. Just hearing that made my womb ache even more, adding to the flow of love juices from my drooling pussy.
  839. "Aah… I’m going to give you lots more love today..."
  840. "Nh… Ah..."
  841. I regretted losing the pressure of his dick on my belly, but I still raised my hips. Just rubbing against my belly as I did was enough to make it twitch. I put a gentle hand on it, like I was trying to restrain it. It was throbbing so hard I could feel Elt’s pulse.
  842. Day after day, I’d poured my love into Elt’s cock. It was an order of magnitude bigger and more sensitive than it had been that first time. It was thick, and hard, and dark, with a high corona -- an embodiment of sturdy rigidity. It was lovely, of course, but it was also downright adorable. Glistening precum was dribbling desperately from its tip.
  843. Elt leaned his upper body back so that my belly wouldn’t get in the way. I cushioned him with my tail, steadied my aim on his rigid member, and began to slowly lower my hips.
  844. I could taste his delicious essence the moment his cock touched my vulva. It penetrated me with a little, wet squish. I tightened around him and enjoyed the sensation of his thick cock spreading me open as it forced its way inside.
  845. "Aaahn… Ah… Ah… You taste so good…"
  846. "Aah… Ooh..."
  847. Our hips touched. The tip of his cock hit my cervix. I pressed down harder, squeezing us tightly together and grinding him against the entrance to my womb. Every bit of his rigid pressure coursed through me as ecstasy.
  848. I’d taken Elt into the deepest depths of my vagina. All the times I’d slept with him, pleasuring him and being pleasure by him, had made it a part of me that was for him alone.
  849. When I’d taken his cock as deep inside me as my hips would allow, we fit together perfectly. It was like we really had become one. As soon as we were, the intoxicating sweetness of Elt’s essence started spreading through me from his cock.
  850. I hadn’t even done anything with my pussy yet, but Elt was already panting with pleasure. It was so heavy that I suspected he might cum on his own even if I just left him like this.
  851. "Mmm… Mph… Aah…"
  852. "Aah… Ah… Elt… More…"
  853. We faced each other as we coupled. Our positions leaned toward me being on top to avoid putting too much pressure on my belly. My well-rubbed belly rested firmly against his abs. We both rounded our backs, bringing our faces closer together, and Elt planted a kiss on my scarred eye.
  854. That made me so happy I could barely contain it. My coils and my pussy both squeezed down on Elt and wriggled in delight. I reached out my hands to him. Elt answered by taking my hands, squeezing them tight, and showering my eye with kiss after kiss.
  855. Both our bodies were hot from diligent caresses. Elt’s warmth on my snake half, which was already already full of sweet fever, was incredible. It was so hot it threatened to melt me, and yet it was still gentle. It was like the heat of the fleshy rod embedded in me was melting my body from the inside. Loving kisses buried my thoughts in joy.
  856. "Ehehe… Payback time. Mph… Aah… Mmm…"
  857. "Ooh… Haa… Aah..."
  858. In the midst of my joy, I squeezed Elt’s hands back. This time it was my turn to rain kisses on him. His forehead, around his eyes, his cheeks, even the tip of his nose… I diligently, lovingly pressed my lips to every inch of his face. At the same time, I lightly undulated my hips. His cock left my cervix, then slammed back into it. Elt’s cock poked at the entrance to my womb over and over again. His corona rubbed tenaciously back and forth over my insides.
  859. Twisting my hips made us grind against each other from different angles than just thrusting in and out. More than anything else, I couldn’t get enough of the feeling of his glans rubbing against my cervix instead of thrusting into it. It allowed me to get the pleasure of intercorse with a minimum of movement.
  860. My body was a monster’s body. It was made for sex. So, even now that I was with child, no amount of sex, however intense, would hurt me or the child growing in my belly. In fact, my child would remember the sexual pleasure I experienced while carrying her. The more sex I had, the more lustful she would be. So, I had no reason to hold back.
  861. Even so, I was going slower, gentler, and more carefully than before. I liked hard thrusts too, but with my current anxiety, I wanted to hold Elt all the way inside me and feel our bond. Besides, even though we knew it wouldn’t do any harm, neither Elt nor I wanted to risk giving the baby any unnecessary shocks. Most importantly, if the child in my belly was going to remember pleasure, I wanted it to be as sweet and full of love as possible. That was my earnest desire as a loving mother.
  862. My lost eye, the scar of my past. It was because I never had a chance to receive a mother’s love that I knew how much it meant to a child, and how important it was to show them that love, better than anyone.
  863. "Ahn… Mmm… Here… I’ll make it even better… You like this, don’t you? Aah..."
  864. "Ooh… Aah… There..."
  865. Elt savored my insides, and my kisses, with a slack, happy look on his face. It was because he loved me that the pleasure I gave him brought that look to his face. In other words, giving Elt pleasure was also a way of checking that I was loved.
  866. In an effort to give him even greater pleasure, I tightened up, focusing on his tip and corona, and slowly, stickily undulated my passage, coiling around and licking at his cock. I angled and swayed my hips to rub my folds against his frenulum. My cervix was clamped tight against his sensitive urethra, sucking on it. I was ready to make sure not a drop of semen escaped.
  867. I didn’t even need to thrust; I knew all of Elt’s weak points. It was only a moment before his hips started quivering and his moans changed to let me know he was at his limit. His expression was full of joy pleasure. Seeing it filled me with joy as well.
  868. "Hehehe… Cum lots, and make it thick… Mmm… for the baby… Ahn… and for me…"
  869. "Of… Aah… Of course… Ooooh..."
  870. Elt lay limp as his dick twitched inside me. It was an understandable reaction — I’d raised his sensitivity through daily sex, and now I was going for his weak spots. But, while he was sensitive, I’d also trained up his endurance. He wouldn’t go down instantly. I could tell that he was definitely approaching orgasm, but he was doing it slowly.
  871. Catching Elt’s eye, I coaxed him for more words of love while I made love to his member inside me.
  872. "You love me, don’t you? Mmm… Aah…"
  873. I knew he did. I knew it, but I loved hearing him say it. I loved reconfirming our love.
  874. "I love you… Ooh… I’ll never let you go…" Elt answered, looking me square in the eye. Even as he tossed in the storm of ecstasy I was giving him, his gaze was wholehearted, serious, gentle, and full of love. It told me he was mine.
  875. "Ehehe… I love you too… I’ll never, never let you go…"
  876. He was so adorable, and so lovely, and made me so happy that I couldn’t control myself. I started rubbing my snake half all over him over and over again, caressing him. His whole body was getting more sensitive as he inched toward orgasm. I let go of his hands and circled mine behind him, embracing him as I ran my fingers over his back.
  877. "Ooh… Ah… Aah…"
  878. "Mmm… Aahn… Elt…"
  879. Elt responded by resuming his own gentle caresses. A slow, thick, gentle, relaxing bliss inflamed my body, enhancing the pleasure of my coming climax. We were joined, massaging our warmth and the feel of our skin into each other.
  880. The molten heat in my womb was slowly, but surely, growing. His dick was, likewise, twitching inside me with greater and greater force. We soaked our bodies and souls in sensual pleasure, swelling with mutual love and the anticipation of orgasm.
  882. ◊ ♦ ◊ ♦ ◊
  884. "Aah... Aah..."
  885. "Mmm... Aahn..."
  886. We'd both taken longer than usual to reach the verge of orgasm. Elt's cock had swollen a full size bigger thanks to the careful attentions it had been receiving inside me. The whirling heat in my womb was hotter as well. The familiar body heat Elt rubbed into my skin was melting every inch of me.
  887. "Aah... Aah... Mercè... I'm..." Elt plaintively called out his approaching climax. His cock was twitching inside me like mad.
  888. "Ahn... Aah... I know... Don't hold back..."
  889. I ground my hips into him. My swollen belly was plastered against him. We held each other while I kept up my assault on his cock until the last possible moment before his orgasm began. Then, when the dam burst, I mercilessly squeezed my vagina, guiding Elt to climax — practically milking him.
  890. "Aah... Ooooh...! Mercè...!"
  891. Elt's cock pulsed even harder than usual, and his face as he came was even cuter than usual. His shrill, pleasure-filled voice was just as lovely. It was worth taking our time.
  892. "Aahn... Ah... Mmm...! Elt...!"
  893. Elt's essence poured into me. It was melting my pregnant belly from the inside out. I climaxed at the same time, clamping down on him in the midst of my surging pleasure so as not to miss a single drop of his gushing semen.
  894. "Aah... Aah..."
  895. "Aaah... Keep going... The baby likes it too."
  896. Elt panted as his orgasm came to an end. My more-than-usually ravenous body sucked up the delicious semen he'd released and turned it into mana in the blink of an eye. I could feel fresh mana flowing into the child in my belly as well. I couldn't prove it, but I also had a feeling that something warm, different from essence, was flowing from my belly to me. I was sure it meant the baby was happy.
  897. Just as my greedy body had gotten faster at absorbing semen and turning it into mana, it also took less time to want more. That thirst enhanced my lust and drove me to seek more essence. This wasn't nearly enough to satisfy me. Neither I, nor the baby, would have enough until our bellies were pumped full.
  898. "In that case... I'll have to work harder to please you."
  899. "Aah... Aaahn..."
  900. Elt started to slowly thrust up into me. His tip prodded my cervix over and over again, just like it had done before. This time, though, Elt was seizing the initiative himself.
  901. I'd just cum, and he'd just poured his semen into me. In that state, every thrust brought me to a light climax. It was Elt's turn to pleasure me.
  903. ◊ ♦ ◊ ♦ ◊
  905. "Ah... Hehe. I've had my fill."
  906. "Aah..."
  907. We switched places a bunch of times after that, and whispered our love to each other more times than I could count. Over and over again, he released his essence and I sucked it up as we climaxed. When our lovemaking was done, we stayed coupled as we cooled off and I absorbed all the semen he'd poured into me. That brought us to the present.
  908. I don't know how long we'd been at it, but the stains from our mingled fluids — sweat, love juice, saliva — were spreading across the white sheets. There wasn't a single drop of semen, though. I'd kept it all inside me for nourishment.
  909. My body's ravenous hunger for Elt's essence was completely satisfied. An indescribable sense of fullness enveloped me. Elt's love, which I'd confirmed over and over again during our sweet lovemaking, filled my heart. With my physical and emotional demands satisfied, I was content.
  910. I slowly lifted my hips, pulling his cock free. I felt his corona tugging at my folds on its way out. His stopper came out of my pussy with a little pop, and a flood of love juice spilled out after it. I let Elt lie on my snake half.
  911. "Aah... Mmm... Hey, let me lay my head on your arm." I touched his right arm and prodded him to let me use it for a pillow.
  912. "Ooh... Sure, go ahead."
  913. Elt obligingly stuck out his arm.
  914. I lowered my upper body to snuggle against Elt, with my belly against his side. Then, I laid my head on the comforting arm of the man I loved. It felt hard, and even I couldn't bring myself to call it comfortable to sleep on, but the simple fact that it was Elt's arm made me feel safe. In that respect, it was the best pillow I could ask for.
  915. I stroked my belly with one hand and laid the other Elt's chest, which was covered in the marks of my kisses.
  916. "Mmm... Hehehe... We'll be a mommy and daddy soon, huh?" I whispered in his ear. I'd left kiss marks on his adorable cheeks as well. At the same time, I coiled my snake half around his again to make our contact more secure — being careful of my belly, of course.
  917. "I'm sure you'll be a wonderful mother, Mercè," Elt turned his face to me and answered. He spoke gently, and with feeling that convinced me he genuinely believed what he said. He was wiping away my fears.
  918. Elt's hand joined mine on my belly.
  919. "Mmm... Thanks, Elt. So, what do you think she'll be like?"
  921. The question had become part of my routine lately. I couldn't resist taking every opportunity to wonder what the child in my belly would be like — and how sexy and womanly she'd grow up to be. Even I wondered that I never got sick of it, but it was so lovely to imagine that I couldn't help myself. Especially when I had my beloved husband to share with.
  922. "Haha. I bet..."
  923. As always, Elt went along with my fantasizing without so much as a look of annoyance. An indefinable fatherly quality was creeping into his expression. He seemed to have gotten so much more dependable since back when he'd been my subordinate.
  924. Then, in the middle of Elt's sentence, the egg in my womb suddenly gave a little quiver. It was faint, but the hand on my belly could feel it too. Elt seemed to have noticed it as well, because we both gave a little cry at the same time.
  925. "Did you feel that?" I asked excitedly.
  926. "Yeah, I did," Elt answered with a smile. "She's a lively one, Mercè."
  927. Inside her shell, the baby had made her first movement. We'd both felt it.
  928. "Hehe... Yes, she is... Elt."
  929. My chest swelled with a mother's pride, a woman's joy, and relief in the knowledge that my child was growing healthily. I smiled back at Elt.
  930. My heart soared with delight. At the same time, gentle motherly love swelled inside me. I slowly rubbed my swollen belly once more to feel the presence of my darling baby girl. Just that was enough to make my motherly joy overflow. I was almost unbearably happy. Wrapped in the arms of my beloved husband, I waited for the birth of the new life inside me with a blissful smile on my face.
  932. The end.
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