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  13. File: Screenshot_2015-04-12-23-(...).png (82 KB, 610x908)
  14. 82 KB
  15.  Girlfriend cheated.. help me Op  04/13/15(Mon)00:26:13 No.15612901?>>15612956 >>15613011 >>15614178 >>15614779 >>15615201 >>15615590 >>15617664 >>15617680 >>15619182 >>15620400 >>15620640 >>15620671 >>15621117 >>15621233 >>15621868 >>15622174 >>15622191 >>15622203 >>15622739
  16. Just found out from 3 of my friends who are also her friends (were her friends first) that she cheated on me and she admitted to it today but couldn't call me. I'm so sick right now..
  18. I'm so tired...
  20. What do I do now?...
  21. >>
  22.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)00:30:25 No.15612925?>>15613035
  23. Why are you even talking to her? If I was cheated on, my SO would never hear from me again.
  24. >>
  25.  Op  04/13/15(Mon)00:31:32 No.15612934?>>15615542 >>15616392
  26. I still love her...
  28. This is so fucked up..
  29. >>
  30.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)00:32:16 No.15612940?>>15612948
  31. Dump her. Cut all contact. Do not resume contact ever. You're done with her.
  33. Time to find someone new.
  35. Better luck next time, OP.
  36. >>
  37.  Op  04/13/15(Mon)00:34:41 No.15612948?>>15612961 >>15614145 >>15614355 >>15615389
  38. >>15612940
  40. She's begging me to not tell anyone.
  41. I'm so done. I'm blocking her number and facebook right now.
  43. Fuck my life.
  44. >>
  45.  JJ  04/13/15(Mon)00:36:02 No.15612956?>>15612965
  46. >>15612901 (OP)
  47. You can tell she is only sorry she got caught.
  49. "Please don't tell people"
  51. The only way she didn't do it on purpose is if she was raped, and then it isn't cheating.
  53. She would have consented, thus she did it on purpose.
  55. You should find someone better, she doesn't mean anything she is saying and is only trying to save her own image by staying with you because if you broke up and people asked why you would be in the right to say she cheated and that will affect her reputation.
  56. Be strong and move on dude.
  57. >>
  58.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)00:37:24 No.15612961?
  59. >>15612948
  60. Good, that's step one.
  62. Now take some time to collect your bearings.
  63. Then move on.
  64. >>
  65.  Op  04/13/15(Mon)00:38:13 No.15612965?
  66. >>15612956
  68. Exactly, exactly..
  70. I guess better now than later, but fuck...
  71. Not dating for a long time..
  72. >>
  73.  Op  04/13/15(Mon)00:40:07 No.15612973?>>15612982 >>15612991 >>15612999 >>15613005 >>15613028 >>15613065
  74. What's fucked up is I was recently thinking of marriage.
  76. Thank fucking God this happened now.
  77. >>
  78.  Op  04/13/15(Mon)00:42:14 No.15612980?
  79. Going to get this all sorted. Have a good night all of you.
  81. Fuck..
  82. >>
  83.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)00:43:03 No.15612982?>>15612986
  84. >>15612973
  85. >Be together a year and a half
  86. >Thinking about marriage
  88. KEK. Well, at least you wised up. How old are you anyway?
  89. >>
  90.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)00:44:02 No.15612985?>>15614178 >>15615624 >>15621124
  91. >pleade dont tell people
  92. what a horrible person, she only cares about herself.
  94. go and fucking tell people. post that screenshot to facebook. what a fucking jerk she is.
  95. >>
  96.  Op  04/13/15(Mon)00:44:07 No.15612986?>>15612998 >>15617533
  97. >>15612982
  99. 20.
  100. >>
  101.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)00:44:34 No.15612991?
  102. >>15612973
  103. After a year and a half? No wonder she cheated
  104. >>
  105.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)00:45:44 No.15612998?
  106. >>15612986
  107. Jesus...
  108. >>
  109.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)00:45:57 No.15612999?
  110. >>15612973
  111. Never, I repeat, NEVER get married.
  112. >>
  113.  Op  04/13/15(Mon)00:46:27 No.15613000?
  114. I wasn't going to propose after a year and a half that's fucking retarded.
  116. I meant thinking about it future tense.
  117. >>
  118.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)00:47:16 No.15613005?
  119. >>15612973
  120. >I was recently thinking of marriage.
  121. Now you have learned to never romanticize girls.
  123. good, good. let the hate flow through you
  124. >>
  125.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)00:49:02 No.15613011?>>15613024
  126. >>15612901 (OP)
  127. >she cheated on me and she admitted to it today
  128. i got a call like that two years back and hung up, removed number and turned off phone
  130. one of my friends was cheated on he told us to be stone cold about it
  131. >>
  132.  Op  04/13/15(Mon)00:51:34 No.15613024?>>15614137 >>15615631
  133. >>15613011
  135. I already blocked her.
  136. Her sister keeps calling my phone and I won't answer.
  137. >>
  138.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)00:51:58 No.15613028?>>15613037 >>15613043
  139. >>15612973
  140. >gf brings up not wanting kids
  141. >i tell her i want 3 in the future
  142. >she says she doesn't want to hurt her body by having children
  143. >tell her that's fine but that im having kids in my future
  144. find the real one dude, girls cant be trusted to b exclusive before theyre ~late 20's early 30's
  145. >>
  146.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)00:53:09 No.15613035?>>15613050 >>15613054 >>15613072 >>15614129 >>15614206 >>15614311 >>15614338 >>15614348 >>15620646
  147. >>15612925
  148. That's kind of insecure. Everybody makes mistakes.
  150. If it was a recurring problem, then sure. But straight away? Try dealing with it first.
  151. >>
  152.  Op  04/13/15(Mon)00:53:17 No.15613037?
  153. >>15613028
  155. That's depressing information.
  156. >>
  157.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)00:54:16 No.15613043?>>15613063 >>15615765
  158. >>15613028
  159. sounds like you don't love her
  161. sad
  162. >>
  163.  Canaduhfag.  04/13/15(Mon)00:55:25 No.15613050?
  164. >>15613035
  165. Insecure? He was cucked. There's no going back after cheating. Ever.
  166. >>
  167.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)00:56:03 No.15613054?
  168. >>15613035
  169. >cheater detected
  170. >>
  171.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)00:56:48 No.15613060?
  172. Dump her.
  173. Cut all contact.
  174. Get someone else.
  176. Cheaters deserve nothing OP, nothing!
  177. >>
  178.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)00:57:35 No.15613063?
  179. >>15613043
  180. i love her with all my heart but were 18 now
  181. idk if we'll b together forever or for 1 more month
  182. >>
  183.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)00:58:12 No.15613065?>>15613071
  184. >>15612973
  185. how old are you two?
  186. I'm guessing late teen's early 20's.
  187. >>
  188.  Op  04/13/15(Mon)01:00:13 No.15613071?>>15614112
  189. >>15613065
  191. We're both 20.
  192. >>
  193.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)01:00:17 No.15613072?
  194. >>15613035
  195. >insecure
  196. insecure will be staying with her while she "tries out" others guys until she finally decides to stay with you or not.
  197. OP is just taking control of his own life.
  198. >>
  199.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)08:28:37 No.15614108?>>15615639
  200. Have you ask her why she cheat on you ?
  201. >>
  202.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)08:30:33 No.15614112?
  203. >>15613071
  204. Wtf, Dont even think about marriage until you are late 20
  205. >>
  206.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)08:45:15 No.15614129?>>15615275
  207. >>15613035
  208. >someone who was never cheated on detected.
  209. >>
  210.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)08:53:17 No.15614137?>>15614301
  211. >>15613024
  212. Haha, wonder if she told her sister the truth
  213. >>
  214.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)08:55:41 No.15614141?>>15614146 >>15614150
  215. Be brave OP.
  216. I broke up with my ex 6 months ago because she cheated on me, i cut all contact with her, delete every pics of her etc...
  217. It's really hard because as you, i did love her deeply, she was my first REAL love, i thought she was the love of my life, i guess i was wrong.
  218. Anyway, the next months will be hard, you'll be depressed, you'll have hard time trusting another women but it's just a fad, you'll get over it sooner or later, it depend only if you're mentally strong or weak.
  220. I'm not totally over my ex, and it's been already 6 months, but i can tell it's a lot better than a few months back, i want to love someone again, but i don't know when i'll be able to do it.
  222. She don't deserve you, after a while you'll understand why she cheated, and you'll not be a fool again to put women on a pedestal like i did too, here's my advice OP, in ANY situation, think about YOU first, EVERYTIME !
  223. It sound selfish, but in this world you can only count on yourself, treat the other kindly but think about you first, don't get hurt, protect yourself.
  225. Courage.
  226. >>
  227.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)08:57:15 No.15614145?
  228. >>15612948
  230. Logical reason why she's asking you not to tell anyone:
  232. >you and slag broke up?
  233. >she cheated on me, yeah
  234. >oh what, again?
  236. slags gonna slag op
  237. >>
  238.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)08:57:39 No.15614146?>>15614150 >>15614151
  239. >>15614141
  240. Oh and i may add, about "telling the others" don't do it unless someone ask you "why you and Anonette have broke up ?" , just say the truth, but no need to put it on facebook or contact her friends to told them, that's a dick move and you're better than that.
  241. Just be a great human being, but not foolish again.
  242. >>
  243.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)08:59:27 No.15614150?
  244. >>15614141
  245. >>15614146
  246. Based
  247. >>
  248.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)09:00:30 No.15614151?>>15614159
  249. >>15614146
  250. >Oh and i may add, about "telling the others" don't do it unless someone ask you "why you and Anonette have broke up ?" , just say the truth, but no need to put it on facebook or contact her friends to told them, that's a dick move and you're better than that.
  252. This. Be the better man and not an immature child.
  253. >>
  254.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)09:04:21 No.15614159?
  255. >>15614151
  256. Yeah, because you'll know, OP, that in the end, people who cheat, people who can't have a serious relationship, thoses people end up miserable and alone.
  258. My ex had a difficult past, way different than mine, and i know, how much it hurt right now for me and how much she's happy right now, she'll end up alone, i'll be fucking happy in the future, she will not and so do your now-ex gf will.
  259. >>
  260.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)09:17:47 No.15614178?>>15614312
  261. File: 1392343380566.jpg (1.77 MB, 1196x3800)
  262. 1.77 MB
  263. >>15612985
  264. >>15612901 (OP)
  267. +1 for this.
  269. The immediate reaction is everyone aligned with her may get mad (or even turn on her)
  271. But... the real reward is after your 5 stages and after you're feeling a bit better, you'll have this fucking gem to die laughing about. This kind of shit becomes a story to tell the mates. The last laugh.
  273. Do it OP, for the greater good
  274. >>
  275.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)09:30:58 No.15614193?>>15614198
  276. I fucking hate when a cheater says "I love you please dont leave me i will do anything for you"
  278. In just enrage me, these kind of people are worst than hitler.
  279. >>
  280.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)09:33:51 No.15614198?
  281. >>15614193
  282. Mien neger
  283. >>
  284.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)09:38:07 No.15614206?>>15614264
  285. >>15613035
  286. >everybody makes mistakes
  288. No. cheating is not a mistake. Cheating is willingly sticking your dick in someone else or getting someone else's dick in you and thrusting for a good 10-30 minutes and then feeling horrible at the end.
  290. Calling it a mistake is like saying "I made a mistake, I thought I wanted to fuck this one person because I thought there was something but I was wrong and I want to go back to you."
  292. Get blown the fuck out of here, there is nothing that justifies cheating and if you cheat on someone you are a shit tier person and the relationship will NEVER be the same again.
  294. OP I suggest you thank your ex girlfriend for sticking around as long as she did and dump her. Find someone with more integrity.
  295. >>
  296.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)10:10:53 No.15614264?>>15614349
  297. >>15614206
  298. > women
  299. > integrity
  301. 99% of women OPs age have too many options to stay loyal. Dont count on it until later in life.
  302. >>
  303.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)10:23:30 No.15614301?
  304. >>15614137
  305. Op should just hook up with her sister. Maybe ask the sister to hang out and see if something could work.
  306. >>
  307.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)10:28:14 No.15614311?>>15614357
  308. >>15613035
  309. You're either:
  311. a) A cuck.
  312. b) A cheater.
  314. Which one is it?
  315. >>
  316.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)10:29:15 No.15614312?
  317. >>15614178
  318. /thread
  319. >>
  320.  Bad Advice Guy  04/13/15(Mon)10:36:28 No.15614338?
  321. >>15613035
  322. I perfectly agree with this guy.
  323. >>
  324.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)10:40:37 No.15614348?
  325. >>15613035
  326. this so feels like bait.
  327. >>
  328.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)10:42:09 No.15614349?
  329. >>15614264
  330. People don't realize this soon enough.
  331. >>
  332.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)10:44:25 No.15614355?
  333. >>15612948
  334. block her man block the shit the the fuck out of this universe. it'll feel shitty but honestly you'll feel better knowing you didn't fuck it up
  335. >>
  336.  Feminist  04/13/15(Mon)10:45:30 No.15614357?>>15614386
  337. >>15614311
  338. If he's single who is he cheating on?
  339. >>
  340.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:00:12 No.15614386?
  341. >>15614357
  342. Oh, then he's a cuck.
  343. >>
  344.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:10:34 No.15614405?>>15614409 >>15614419 >>15614421 >>15614434 >>15614822 >>15615236
  345. I only have one thing to say. It's worse when a man cheats compared to when a woman cheats. A man always has to get horny to cheat, he desires the other woman ( and let's be honest, he probably was the one that pursued the other woman). A woman can not even like the experience and just pretend to like. For me, it's all about desiring the other person, so I think it's less painful when your gf cheats compared to when your bf cheats.
  346. >>
  347.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:12:36 No.15614409?>>15614411
  348. >>15614405
  349. you are a cheating girl, right?
  350. >>
  351.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:13:16 No.15614411?>>15614414
  352. >>15614409
  353. No, but that has nothing to do with what I said.
  354. >>
  355.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:14:10 No.15614414?>>15614415
  356. >>15614411
  357. seems like a typical cheating girl rationalization
  358. >>
  359.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:14:50 No.15614415?>>15614422 >>15614444
  360. >>15614414
  361. Tell me why you don't agree with what I said then.
  362. >>
  363.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:15:53 No.15614419?
  364. >>15614405
  365. Bait
  366. >>
  367.  Stranger  04/13/15(Mon)11:16:13 No.15614421?
  368. File: 550316_497522020269248_17(...).png (286 KB, 847x468)
  369. Image
  370. >>15614405
  371. >>
  372.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:16:31 No.15614422?>>15614426 >>15614432
  373. >>15614415
  374. because no matter if girl or boy, you are the only one responsible for sleeping or not sleeping with someone with consent, so therefore infidelity is fucked up regardless of your sex
  375. >>
  376.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:19:35 No.15614426?>>15614440 >>15614454
  377. >>15614422
  378. I genuinely think it's less shameful to be the guy who got cheated on compared to the girl that got cheated on but to each their own. It's just my opinion.
  379. >>
  380.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:21:01 No.15614432?
  381. >>15614422
  382. the guy cheater pursues, the girl cheater plays along - both equally fucked up behaviours
  383. plus, many girls pursue guys to cheat on their boyfriends with
  384. >>
  385.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:21:22 No.15614434?>>15614445
  386. >>15614405
  387. What the fuck is wrong with you?
  389. When a man cheats, it is entirely physical, generally speaking. Unless he's been having an affair or something like that. Typically, a guy is just using a girls vagina to jack off with when he cheats, and couldn't care less about her once he cums. For a girl, it's been proven that cheating is way more emotionally involved than with men. A huge amount of dopamine and oxytocin (the love chemical) is released when women have sex and cum than when men cum.
  391. So no, it's worse when a woman cheats because they feel an emotional and physical connection with someone who isn't their partner, as opposed to just a physical one. Drink all the bleach in your house right now.
  392. >>
  393.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:23:07 No.15614440?>>15614448 >>15614450 >>15614453 >>15614454 >>15614498
  394. File: 1425961153343.jpg (29 KB, 702x394)
  395. 29 KB
  396. >>15614426
  397. I actually kind of agree that depending on who you talk to, when a guy cheats he is considered more Alpha. Girls see this too, unfortunately.
  398. >>
  399.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:24:40 No.15614444?>>15614453
  400. >>15614415
  401. It comes down to a choice; do you break the trust of the person you claim to love or not.
  403. IF ANYTHING, a man getting horny would cloud his mind slightly, impairing his deicision making abilities. But I'm not going to make excuses for cheaters like you.
  404. >>
  405.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:24:46 No.15614445?>>15614471
  406. >>15614434
  407. That's what I'm talking about. I find it more disgusting to cheat because you are sexually attracted to the person compared to having emotions towards them. Being a guy is better in some aspects.
  408. >>
  409.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:26:05 No.15614448?
  410. >>15614440
  411. >kind of agree
  412. you mean kind of disagree.
  414. That anon youre responding too is saying when a guy cheats its worse, not better.
  415. >>
  416.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:26:16 No.15614450?
  417. >>15614440
  418. But im my opinion it should be shameful for the person who cheated, because of obvious lack of morality, integrity and character
  419. Shame none of these virtues are valued anymore
  420. >>
  421.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:26:39 No.15614453?
  422. >>15614444
  423. >>15614440
  424. Men can love their pets, family and friends. However typically he doesn't fuck them. I want him only to fuck me and desire me. We have a different way of thinking, people.
  425. >>
  426.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:26:45 No.15614454?>>15614456 >>15614462 >>15614464
  427. >>15614440
  428. >>15614426
  429. Wait, nevermind, I got what you were saying backwards, which means I disagree. Men who get cheated on by women are held in lower regard (not alpha enough, he wasn't attentive to her needs, etc.) but when a guy cheats he is an Alpha with a lot of options, and the woman would rather cry over an asshole than by loyal to a boring beta male.
  430. >>
  431.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:27:40 No.15614456?
  432. >>15614454
  433. Agree with this.
  434. >>
  435.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:29:08 No.15614462?>>15614472 >>15614498
  436. >>15614454
  437. That's just how you think. I think differently and I don't care about how society views the cheater and the cheated on. I find it 100 times more humiliating to be the cheated woman. People here are too sexist and have this strict line of thought and can't accept that others think differently so I don't know why I even bother.
  438. >>
  439.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:30:24 No.15614464?>>15614474 >>15615716
  440. >>15614454
  441. this is true.
  443. cucked males are the laughing stock of society.
  444. cucked females are so normal it hurts.
  445. >>
  446.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:31:29 No.15614469?
  447. Mann, I'm sorry bro, that is some real bullshit. Not only should you cut her off, you should definitely put her on blast. She betrayed your trust, fuck her reputation. if she did it once she can do it again. Just don't allow this to cause you trust issues in future relationships. The only way to do that is by dealing with your feelings as they come. Btw do not, I repeat, do not, give her the satisfaction of you being emotionally distraught. Cut her off, andove on to bigger better things. Wish you the best OP
  448. >>
  449.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:31:56 No.15614471?>>15614485 >>15614489
  450. >>15614445
  451. Uhhh, no. I can understand having just a physical attraction to someone. That's natural. It's instinctual. There is literally nothing you can do about it. You are programmed to want to fuck because if you weren't we would die off like pandas.
  453. To have an emotional investment is worse than just wanting to fuck, because you would never consider leaving someone you love JUST to fuck someone else. You would however leave someone you love, if you decided you love someone else more.
  455. How the fick does this need to be explained to you? How are you possibly saying it's more honorable to have BOTH physical and emotional investments in someone who IS NOT YOUR PARTNER instead of just a physical one?
  457. That's like saying it's better to burn down your house and your car instead of just your car.
  458. >>
  459.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:32:04 No.15614472?>>15614992
  460. >>15614462
  461. >People here are sexist
  462. >men have it so easy
  463. afraid to tell you but...
  464. >>
  465.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:32:53 No.15614474?
  466. >>15614464
  467. Yeah, because there is more pressure on a man to fulfill the needs of his woman
  468. >>
  469.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:34:44 No.15614485?>>15614506
  470. >>15614471
  471. there is more to it than just that
  472. by cheating you prove you have:
  473. 1) no self control
  474. 2) no respect for your partner
  475. 3) no integrity
  476. list goes on
  477. >>
  478.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:35:57 No.15614489?>>15614499 >>15614500 >>15614520
  479. >>15614471
  480. Feelings of love are felt for many people and animals. Feelings of sex are only for certain people. Consider it unrealistic but I prefer having someone who only get's turned on by me. And then there's the fact that the woman who cheated might not have even been turned on. To put it more bluntly, I'd rather have a whore mother than a man whore father.
  481. >>
  482.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:38:01 No.15614498?>>15614505 >>15614515
  483. >>15614462
  484. Look it doesn't matter if what I say is universally true.
  486. Thanks to the internet the Pandora's Box has been opened. I know far more about the nature of many women than I'd ever hoped to have known, but while it shattered my illusions of how 'perfect' women are (western society loves to act as if women are infaliable), it probably protected me from some serious pain down the road.
  488. People on here are real quick to call us guys sexist, bitter, virgins, and tell us to go back to /r9k/. To that I say, re-read this tweet here >>15614440 and give me one good FUCKING reason why I should have a completely "positive" view of women. You could argue that they are not all-around terrible people, but when it comes to relationships they are just shallow and guided by Hypergamy.
  490. Better to just assume a woman will get bored of you and start to wander if you don't stay on top of your game, then fall into the trap of believing she loves you for "who you really are", only to end up in OP's situation. It's not even that bad when you think about it, it just seems bad because it flies in the face of the social narrative where women are all just perfect little flowers who do no wrong.
  491. >>
  492.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:38:07 No.15614499?>>15614522
  493. >>15614489
  494. >id rather have a whore mother than a man whore father
  495. because the whore mother would whore herself out to provide better for her children.
  496. And the man-whore father would just leave.
  498. Kinda agree with you, considering my whore mother is the reason i can afford college.
  499. >>
  500.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:38:32 No.15614500?
  501. >>15614489
  502. animals fuck because of hormones and instinct
  503. however people are supposed to be the rational species, and be able to aknowledge and control your primal desires
  504. that is why are people not chasing prey naked with spears and living in a cave anymore
  505. >>
  506.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:40:11 No.15614505?
  507. >>15614498
  508. this
  509. I am not into radical red pill but neither into running around with rose colored glasses
  510. >>
  511.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:40:59 No.15614506?>>15614514
  512. >>15614485
  513. That's true regardless of who you are.
  515. This does not address the central argument you made. You said it is worse when a man cheats than when a woman cheats.
  517. Your reply in no way has anything to do with that argument.
  518. >>
  519.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:42:43 No.15614514?
  520. >>15614506
  521. no, you have me confused with someone else, I say it is equally bad
  522. >>
  523.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:44:17 No.15614515?>>15614536
  524. >>15614498
  525. You nitpicked some woman. Most people like you see only what they choose to see.
  526. >>
  527.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:45:32 No.15614520?>>15614521
  528. >>15614489
  529. >And then there's the fact that the woman who cheated might not have even been turned on
  530. >the fact
  532. What are you even talking about? You can't just say fact when it comes to a hypothetical situation. What is wrong with you? Do you have any idea what you are even trying to say, let alone how it is coming out?
  534. People, regardless of sex, cheat because they are turned on. Getting raped isn't cheating. Explain to me any realistic, somewhat common situation where a woman would cheat when she isn't attracted to the person she is willingly having sex with - behind her partners back. Humor me.
  535. >>
  536.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:47:42 No.15614521?>>15614526 >>15614537
  537. >>15614520
  538. 1-Revenge on her current boyfriend for whatever reason.
  539. 2-Wanting to feel desirable.
  540. >>
  541.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:47:56 No.15614522?>>15614758
  542. >>15614499
  543. And who's to say the whore father wouldn't do the same?
  544. >>
  545.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:49:13 No.15614526?>>15614528
  546. >>15614521
  547. into the trash she goes
  548. >>
  549.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:52:16 No.15614528?>>15614535 >>15614544
  550. >>15614526
  551. You wanted examples, I gave them.
  552. >>
  553.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:54:01 No.15614535?>>15614561
  554. >>15614528
  555. so you see, girls even use cheating even when not turned on as a revenge and you still say it is better to be a cucked man?
  556. >>
  557.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:54:09 No.15614536?>>15614561 >>15614997
  558. >>15614515
  559. I don't think you understand how this works.
  561. Have you ever heard the term "drive defensively?" It means when operating an automobile, you always are on the lookout for another driver that might get into an accident with you. It means being aware of the dangers of the road and other drivers, and knowing you could incur serious injuries or possibly lose your life because of somebody else's (or even your own) driving mistake.
  563. With women I don't see it as much different. You know they're out there, the alpha bitch/feminazi types who have the potential to cause you great pain. But on the surface you can't really know who that is, so you're always just aware of it.
  565. That's the whole point: awareness. Be aware of your surroundings. Be aware of potential danger. Don't let your guard down much, if at all.
  567. You don't go up to somebody and tell them "pffffft, those drunk drivers are just cherry picked examples, you know not ALL of them are like that, you're just seeing what you want to see. Just ignore the potentially fatal drivers out there and keep driving as if there is absolutely no danger on the road at all". You just say "be safe, don't text and drive, look out for cops and other bad drivers".
  569. Do you understand, now?
  570. >>
  571.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:54:26 No.15614537?>>15614561
  572. >>15614521
  573. Omg... lol... Wtf... how old are you?
  575. Both those situations are indicative of someone with very clear mental problems. You are saying women cheating for these reasons is somewhat common? Not farfetched at all?
  577. You are saying women can be found, with relatively little trouble, who have such vindictive and narcisistic personalities to the point that they will have sex with men they aren't even attracted to in order to hurt and lie to their significant others? That's what you are trying to tell me right now, yes?
  578. >>
  579.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:57:32 No.15614543?
  580. I was once with a guy who cheated on me, mainly because he thought I was boring and didn't talk much. It hurt me because I was so shy around him and loved him very deeply, i found out through friends and couldn't even look at his sight anymore, worse is that he doesn't even feel bad. I only knew later, when I had a caring guy literally wanting to do anything for me, that he was a low life. My new relationship is healthy, mature and feels right. Meanwhile the guy who cheated on me with some waitress, she cheated on him too (sounds funny right).
  581. Anyways, stick to good people, don't let your anger control you and start focusing on your career now. You'll find a better time the more you improve.
  582. >>
  583.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)11:57:46 No.15614544?>>15614560 >>15614561
  584. >>15614528
  585. No, I'm the one that wanted examples. Other people are just noticing how ridiculous you are.
  587. Quit projecting. Just because you would fuck a guy you aren't attracted to just to feel pretty and hurt your ex boyfriend does not mean most girls, or even a high percentage of girls would. You may be insane but mose females (and humans in general) will need an attraction first in order to fuck something.
  588. >>
  589.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)12:03:55 No.15614560?
  590. >>15614544
  591. I agree with the guy who advices us to be careful with women, like with dangerous drivers
  592. people, especially women are impossible to predict with precision
  593. >>
  594.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)12:04:14 No.15614561?>>15614570 >>15614650
  595. >>15614535
  596. Yes. Because I consider being turned on the worst part of the cheating.
  597. >>15614536
  598. Just become gay or don't date at all.
  599. >>15614537
  600. Apparently you consider it very rare.
  601. >>15614544
  602. That's your opinion.
  603. >>
  604.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)12:07:15 No.15614570?>>15614583
  605. >>15614561
  606. did we really get this low?
  607. >>
  608.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)12:09:15 No.15614583?>>15614611
  609. >>15614570
  610. Explain.
  611. >>
  612.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)12:15:36 No.15614611?>>15614646
  613. >>15614583
  614. I mean, I could at least a bit understand if a woman cheat because of primal desire to fuck, but cheating as a calculated act of revenge? fuck that is cold
  615. >>
  616.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)12:28:14 No.15614646?>>15614669
  617. >>15614611
  618. And apparently that's MORE noble than cheating because you were horny.
  619. >>
  620.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)12:29:53 No.15614650?>>15614708
  621. >>15614561
  622. Seriously, get off of this board. You need to see a psychologist. You don't think and process logic in a sane enough way to be giving advice.
  624. Honestly, please get off of this board.
  625. >>
  626.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)12:38:37 No.15614669?
  627. >>15614646
  628. not noble, I would take it as a failure of judgement, disrespect and self control, hate her and end the relationship. But planned revenge, that is serious shit, that is willingly wanting to hurt your partners emotions, and as such as severe as a physical assault in my opinion. I would have to control myself hard not to kill the bitch
  629. >>
  630.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)12:57:09 No.15614708?>>15614744
  631. >>15614650
  632. You need to learn how to tolerate different opinions.
  633. >>
  634.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)13:05:43 No.15614744?>>15614750
  635. >>15614708
  636. You need to learn how to make up your own comebacks.
  637. >>
  638.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)13:07:08 No.15614750?
  639. >>15614744
  640. our opposition was probably educated by tumblr scholastics
  641. >>
  642.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)13:10:00 No.15614758?
  643. >>15614522
  644. because a whore father passes on his genetic material and leaves.
  646. If he stays hes a cuck, not a whore.
  647. >>
  648.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)13:13:39 No.15614774?
  649. Update OP?
  650. >>
  651.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)13:16:15 No.15614779?
  652. File: 1423875513395.gif (1.99 MB, 400x221)
  653. Image
  654. >>15612901 (OP)
  655. >I didn't mean to
  656. lol
  658. Sorry for your loss OP. Just let it soak for awhile OP. That's some hard shit to take in at once. Don't give into her OP; she's trying to make it out like it's no big deal, but it clearly is.
  659. >>
  660.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)13:30:38 No.15614822?
  661. File: 1428562325473.png (94 KB, 506x604)
  662. 94 KB
  663. >>15614405
  664. >>
  665.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)14:33:56 No.15614992?
  666. >>15614472
  668. Fucking based
  669. >>
  670.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)14:35:58 No.15614997?
  671. >>15614536
  673. This guy fucking gets it.
  674. >>
  675.  Op  04/13/15(Mon)15:58:40 No.15615184?>>15615196 >>15615248
  676. Talked the sister and she even asked me not tell people because it would look childish.
  678. I told her I would never talk to Christina (ex) again and she put her on the phone and I explained why I could never talk to her again.
  680. After I got my words in I just hung up.
  681. >>
  682.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)16:02:44 No.15615196?>>15615208
  683. >>15615184
  684. how did she cheat?
  685. greentext story time?
  686. >>
  687.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)16:05:07 No.15615201?>>15621342
  688. >>15612901 (OP)
  689. "The cock just fell into my pussy, honest anon!"
  691. Dumb this dumb skank. Not worth the trouble. Relationships are built on trust. You can't trust her. Her vagina is a carport for any rental that drives through.
  692. >>
  693.  Op  04/13/15(Mon)16:05:44 No.15615208?>>15615248 >>15615257 >>15615264 >>15615840
  694. >>15615196
  696. She admitted to doing oral and said it lead to something more
  698. Her excuse was she was drunk.
  699. >>
  700.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)16:15:43 No.15615236?
  701. >>15614405
  702. Trust isnt a gender specific thing, dummy. Heartache isnt either. HUMAN BEINGS feel pain when their trust is broken. It doesnt matter what gender, and if you want to trust your man in any relationship you have, youre going to need to accept this. Both genders have a capacity for heartache. Its not better or worse. Cheating is cheating, and any person, man or woman, who does it is a waste of human flesh. A disgusting untrustworth person.
  704. Did you have heartache when you dated someone who cheated on you? This is the only rational reasoning as to why you would think this fucked up logic is at any point correct.
  706. or its bait.
  707. >>
  708.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)16:20:16 No.15615248?
  709. >>15615184
  710. >>15615208
  712. You're giving in too much talking to her, not telling you to expose her side either but fuck them seriously, it seems all they (Christina and her sister) care about is her reputation you're better than that man, bear with it and keep on, don't involve yourself anymore with these people.
  713. >>
  714.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)16:23:18 No.15615257?
  715. >>15615208
  716. i would tell all my friends that she likes to get drunk and suck random dicks at parties. Get the word out. You don't owe her shit and you def don't want her back, even if you think you do... you dont.
  717. >>
  718.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)16:25:16 No.15615264?
  719. >>15615208
  720. so she tells you not to tell anyone, yet three of her friends told you. she's begging the wrong person. what did these people tell you anyway?
  721. >>
  722.  Op  04/13/15(Mon)16:27:52 No.15615274?>>15615286
  723. They were at the house with her and saw her with the guy would be my guess.
  724. >>
  725.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)16:28:41 No.15615275?
  726. >>15614129
  727. More like someone who does the cheating
  728. >>
  729.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)16:30:29 No.15615280?
  730. >I didn't do it on purpose
  731. >please don't tell people
  733. Fucking leave her OP, you can do better than that
  734. >>
  735.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)16:31:43 No.15615286?
  736. >>15615274
  737. then she has a huge problem, the whole town will know she blew the dude and fucked him. If these people were her friends and she was so wasted she sucked the dudes dick and fucked him, don't you think they would have said something to her or drove her home? My guess is she wanted to be with the guy or likely met him there, thought she was invisible but people aren't stupid.
  738. >>
  739.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)16:35:17 No.15615298?>>15615351
  740. OP some time ago my ex cheated on me as well. Rather she cheated on me through out our so called relationship. I helped her take care of her child and helped her pay her bills as well. she cheated on me with some random guy she met at a club and then countless times with her "so-called" abusive ex. When she had been found out like a fool rather than dropping her I forgave her and tried to fix things that were "not" broken. Once again I caught her in the act just after she said that it would never happen again and a week later she told me she needed space and then broke up with me. She tried to mend things with her child's father but was unsuccessful because he had moved on. Now she is trying to get back with me because she "sees" how good I was and how I helped care for her child while the other dude stayed a dead beat. I told her that I could never trust her again. She continues to this day trying to get back with me, but here is the interesting thing...I asked her is she still fooling around with her ex, she told that she wasn't. Well while she wasn't looking i looked into her phone and discovered that she is still fucking her ex and was sending him texts that she loves him. OP just drop her, cheaters are gonna lie and cheat because its in their blood. Drop that bitch.
  741. >>
  742.  Op  04/13/15(Mon)16:47:23 No.15615351?>>15615369 >>15615407
  743. >>15615298
  745. This morning I picked up my phone and was ready to text her then I remembered everything that happened. Lol
  747. I'm working on getting over her.
  748. >>
  749.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)16:51:49 No.15615369?
  750. >>15615351
  751. Good job man. It was so hard for me to get over her and to be honest I'm really not...even when I'm already with someone else. Though the memories that I have is what keeps me from making a dumb decision like going back to her.
  752. >>
  753.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)16:58:31 No.15615389?
  754. >>15612948
  755. Fuck that "don't tell anyone" bullshit, that's her only protecting and looking out for herself again.. Your with men, men need to stick together.. Make it known you separated cause she's a cheater, save your fellow man the pain and time. Stop contact.. Keep, any and, all nudes.. This is your insurance to make she she never lies about you. I've been there b/ro it hurts and you really want her back but you'll never be on the same level again, move on fellow anon we're with you.
  756. >>
  757.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)17:01:44 No.15615407?>>15615431
  758. >>15615351
  759. Dude. After reading this I'm seriously happy for you.(for having the courage on getting her out of your life)
  760. You don't need this girl in your life. She fucked up. She made her bed and now she must lie in it.
  761. Be happy this happened now and not 5 years down the road with marriage and a kid. That would've been a trainwreck.
  762. Cut all communication. Do. Not. Give. In.
  764. She's trying to save herself by not having you tell anyone, yet three of your friends knew? Lol. Those three friends are good people. Hold on to them.
  765. Don't go around making facebook statuses either about this calling her out btw, it's just going to cause unnecessary drama. Only call her out if it's defensive and if she's provoking a drama fest on facebook.
  766. The deed is done, she fucked up. Not you. Cut her out of her life. And move on and find a girl. Let this be a lesson to her that cheating is never tolerated.
  768. >I wish I did that tbh, my ex cheated on me with three people and manipulated my mind into thinking it wasn't cheating. Now she's asking me when we're gonna meet up for dinner soon
  769. >tfw
  770. >>
  771.  Op  04/13/15(Mon)17:06:29 No.15615431?>>15615433 >>15615478
  772. >>15615407
  774. Friend told me she's going to have me jumped. I'm not scared though. Doesn't she think she caused me enough pain? What the fuck.
  775. >>
  776.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)17:08:34 No.15615433?>>15615441
  777. >>15615431
  778. She's going to get you jumped? The fuck?
  779. Did you do anything to provoke her to do that or anything like that?
  780. Get some mace and a good pocket knife. Both less than $10 at your local gun store. And if possible try to always be around people in public. Best with one or two friends.
  782. If she actually threatens to get you jumped, get the police involved.
  783. >>
  784.  Op  04/13/15(Mon)17:10:23 No.15615441?>>15615454 >>15615548
  785. >>15615433
  787. I blocked her after I explained why I'd never talk to her again. Guessing she thinks I'm going to tell people so she's going to have me jumped.
  788. >>
  789.  Op  04/13/15(Mon)17:13:14 No.15615454?>>15615469
  790. >>15615441
  792. If I do get jumped I will tell people. And leak her nudes.
  793. >>
  794.  4chan self-help !lXfFVvhLSc  04/13/15(Mon)17:14:27 No.15615458?>>15615463
  795. dump her, end of story
  797. if you don't you're a sad excuse of a "man"
  798. >>
  799.  Op  04/13/15(Mon)17:15:32 No.15615463?
  800. >>15615458
  802. I already dumped her.
  803. >>
  804.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)17:16:37 No.15615469?>>15615481 >>15615511 >>15615790
  805. >>15615454
  807. Don't leak her nudes, you are playing her game not yours. Be a fucking man and get over it, don't give to much importance and move on. Leaking her nudes is a bitch move, a bitch move like she did when she cheated on you .You want to be like her or you want to be more mature?
  808. >>
  809.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)17:18:39 No.15615478?
  810. >>15615431
  811. >cheats on you
  812. >lies and says she wants you back
  813. >begs you don't tell anyone else
  814. >she threatens to have you jumped
  816. class A bitch right here ladies and gentlemen.
  817. >>
  818.  Op  04/13/15(Mon)17:19:15 No.15615481?>>15615489 >>15615505
  819. >>15615469
  821. If I get jumped I'm getting revenge. Sorry.
  822. >>
  823.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)17:20:48 No.15615489?>>15615517 >>15615520 >>15615793
  824. >>15615481
  825. Then report her to the police.
  826. >>
  827.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)17:24:11 No.15615505?
  828. >>15615481
  829. Na fuck that anon. If she try to threaten or attack you destroy her reputation wtf we aren't Switzerland, this is 'merica... Someone fuck with us we mush then as they beg for mercy. Don't sit idly by as they provoke and stick it to you. Fuck that.
  830. >>
  831.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)17:25:06 No.15615511?
  832. >>15615469
  833. He's talking about leaking her nudes IF she gets someone to physically assault him. He said he wouldn't before she started playing that bullshit.
  835. The moment she hires a pack of gangbangers to attack him playing nice is over.
  836. >>
  837.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)17:26:22 No.15615517?>>15615524 >>15615527 >>15615532
  838. >>15615489
  839. Ummm hello? Yes, my ex had a few goons jump me...hello? Hello??
  840. >>
  841.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)17:27:13 No.15615520?
  842. >>15615489
  843. this. Report her to the police anyways if you're getting threats.
  844. >>
  845.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)17:28:23 No.15615524?
  846. >>15615517
  847. Stop the strawman.
  848. If she is the person who called for the attacks, she can get in serious trouble.
  849. >>
  850.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)17:28:33 No.15615527?
  851. >>15615517
  852. no doofus walk in and ask to put her on a watch list. That way if something does happen to OP anytime soon shes the first suspect, and will she'll get a bigger charge
  853. >>
  854.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)17:29:55 No.15615532?
  855. >>15615517
  856. >leak nudes
  857. >ex reports you for rape
  858. >cry
  859. >you get even more guys jumping you
  860. >>
  861.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)17:33:12 No.15615542?
  862. >>15612934
  863. Christ, have you no self respect?
  864. This is such a textbook case of oneitis it fucking hurts.
  866. She cheated on you. She clearly does not give two shits about you and she certainly does not respect you.
  868. Leave her. Break it off as soon as possible.
  869. >>
  870.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)17:33:51 No.15615548?
  871. >>15615441
  872. You weren't even at the party so there are plenty of other people that can tell that saw her, including the dude she fucked.
  873. >>
  874.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)17:43:04 No.15615590?
  875. >>15612901 (OP)
  876. Sorry to ask OP. But whats the background here? Do you know why she cheated on you? And with who? What happened?
  877. >>
  878.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)17:53:55 No.15615624?
  879. >>15612985
  880. THIS
  881. dude unless its a long distance relationship (and i mean like looooong distance). cheating is never ok. in ldr's theres the whole physical aspect so its more understandable but still not advised
  882. >>
  883.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)17:55:32 No.15615631?
  884. >>15613024
  885. ONYA BUDDDYYY srsly dude if you got one chick to fuck you itll be so much easier next time.
  886. >>
  887.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)17:57:57 No.15615639?
  888. >>15614108
  889. because shes a slut dude obviously.
  890. >>
  891.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)18:25:02 No.15615716?
  892. >>15614464
  893. the most fucked up part is that chicks are always more interested in me when im in a relationship with some other chick, like bitch now really?
  894. >>
  895.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)18:40:41 No.15615765?
  896. >>15613043
  898. OP doesnt love a cheating bitch. there's nothing sad about OP there at all.
  899. >>
  900.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)18:47:10 No.15615790?
  901. >>15615469
  903. perfect sense. she cheats on him and tries to get him jumped, and OP should permit her illegal behaviour (im referring to the jumping being illegal; i know cheating is legal in spite of being wrong).
  904. >>
  905.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)18:49:00 No.15615793?>>15615818
  906. >>15615489
  908. snitches get stitches.
  909. >>
  910.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)18:54:16 No.15615818?>>15615877
  911. >>15615793
  912. lowlives get lower
  913. >>
  914.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)18:54:26 No.15615820?>>15615891
  915. I bet if OP was a girl that got cheated on, no one would give a shit and even say that it is fine for a man to cheat. Fucking double standards by sexist 4chan that gets pussywhipped IRL and then goes vent on here. You all make me sick.
  916. >>
  917.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)19:00:11 No.15615840?>>15615851
  918. >>15615208
  919. dude you gotta let people know, otherwise the next chump wont see it coming.
  920. but yeh wtf lol fuck bitches, my brothers wouldnt defend me if i cheated, some people are fucking weird.
  921. >>
  922.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)19:01:46 No.15615851?>>15615902
  923. >>15615840
  924. She has a decent sister who sticks up for her even if she is in the wrong. You have shitty brothers.
  925. >>
  926.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)19:07:20 No.15615877?
  927. >>15615818
  929. so if OP snitches, he gets beat up even HARDER than he did the first time. and if he doesn't snitch, then he's a lowlife.
  931. i'm not trying to promote a lowlife style of living. i'm just trying to make sure OP doesn't get beat up ANOTHER time.
  933. or he can take the morally correct path and get beat up again. if morals matter that much to him.
  935. OP can weigh and consider on his own.
  936. >>
  937.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)19:10:39 No.15615891?
  938. >>15615820
  939. lol watch out guys we got a badass over here
  940. >>
  941.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)19:13:04 No.15615902?
  942. >>15615851
  943. no i have moraly firm brothers who help me when i havent caused the problem for myself. someone starts a fight with me they will jump in, if i start a fight with someone thats my mess. i wouldnt want it anyother way.
  944. >>
  945.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)19:21:47 No.15615946?
  946. File: FB_IMG_1427673293640.jpg (28 KB, 480x480)
  947. 28 KB
  948. Either forgive and accept the fact that she can and most likely will fuck outside your relationship again or DTB. I was involved with a cheater. The ass was good so I stayed. I did my own thing too. Once better ass with better money rolled along I kicked the main bitch to the curve.
  949. >>
  950.  Anonymous  04/13/15(Mon)21:33:12 No.15616392?
  951. >>15612934
  952. Call her over, make her blow you, then kick her out.
  953. >>
  954.  Op  04/14/15(Tue)02:54:33 No.15617487?>>15617564 >>15617582
  955. Update: She had her guy friends contact me saying they have their "straps" and their ready.
  957. All skinny white guys by the way.
  959. >brb dying
  960. >>
  961.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)03:08:04 No.15617533?
  962. >>15612986
  963. I was in your position once, op.
  964. I went though a year of depression and learned a lot about myself, and now I'm happy being alone. A significant other shouldn't complete you. It should only add on to your already completed self.
  965. >>
  966.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)03:21:52 No.15617564?
  967. >>15617487
  968. call cops. Fuck up their life with an arrest warrant!
  969. >>
  970.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)03:27:51 No.15617582?
  971. File: Assault Spray.png (770 KB, 841x644)
  972. 770 KB
  973. >>15617487
  974. Prepare yourself anon
  975. >>
  976.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)03:46:26 No.15617632?>>15617653
  977. Hey OP, You need to tell people, Fast.
  978. She is having people jump you, why? Because she has already started spreading shit that you was the bad one, they would not jump you if they knew you was in the right.
  980. She never wanted you telling anyone to save herself and not come out looking like the nasty slut she is, now shes most likely telling people you are the one that cheated and all other nasty shit so people side with her. You really should let people know she cheated, not in a way to get back at her, just so they have the story straight before she lies and your words wont mean anything once they hear it from her.
  982. She does not care about you, her first thought when you split up was "WHAT IF EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT I DID". Get word out that she cheated fast, before she bullshits and makes your life a living hell just to hide her own shitty secrets.
  983. >>
  984.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)03:57:55 No.15617653?>>15617678
  985. >>15617632
  986. Fucking this. First time reader, one time poster here. The idiots in this thread that engender passivity may have cost you YOUR reputation. If you don't get your side of the story out quick you're going to be the one that everyone hates as well as having to look over your shoulder at night.
  988. Maturity? That shit went right out the window the second that bitches lips touched cock. She is not mature, and she will not fight maturely. She will cry. She will lie. She will scream and fuck her way to victory. If you try to deal with this maturely you will end up FUCKED, one way or the other.
  990. I was once in a similar situation. I didn't tell anyone my side of the story because no one asked, and I was being mature. I lost all my friends that year. I've never really recovered, and I'm not sure I ever will. Don't be like me.
  991. >>
  992.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)04:00:39 No.15617664?
  993. File: 10628203_1015283133193228(...).jpg (58 KB, 600x867)
  994. Image
  995. >>15612901 (OP)
  996. there was a old ad for beer in my country and it still rings true: hard road to find the perfect woman, boy.
  998. best thing to do is cease all contact.
  1000. was it one person who told you or multiple people? doesnt matter now the damage has been done to both sides.
  1002. by the look of that txt spelling was her other crime, because she was obviously txting too many people at once so she could keep her story straight with you.
  1004. do what you need to. to get you full circle and fighting fit for the next girl. dont tar them all with the same brush. sometimes even we guys have to kiss a few frogs before we find our princess.
  1006. she didnt sound like she was worthy of you anyway.
  1007. >>
  1008.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)04:06:56 No.15617678?
  1009. >>15617653
  1010. I can also say the same for my brother, he split up with his ex 6 months ago, due to her being crazy as shit, he put up with it as much as possible, and i mean she was crazy, she would tell constant lies, about being raped by her ex, cheat on him and lie, then had the guts to sit at his facebook profile day in and out waiting for a message to know if he was cheating or not.
  1012. In the end he dumped her, and did nothing, wen't silent and ignored her, she cost him 2 relationships, turned our mother against him, promised him as long as he lives he will never date another girl, yes she has maintained that promise, and the police have been around for false rape accusations she made against him, Oh the same thing she did with her ex.
  1014. He has proof of how fucking crazy she is with all the screen shots of messages of her ruining his life, relationships, family ties, everything, i suggest he sends it to her parents, he won't he just sits there afraid to do anything, i watch his life get worse and worse as this insane lunatic laughs in his face like its some fucking game, i am sure i will take the photos and show them to her family myself soon enough, it's childish, but they need to keep their daughter in line or this shit will go to the police soon enough.
  1016. Don't be like my brother OP, he is a pussy and thinks not doing anything will make things go away, trust me OP, it won't. She will convince herself you are the evil one, and then everyone you know.
  1018. Sorry about the rant, just thought i'd share the story of how girls are fucking crazy and caution should be used at all times.
  1019. >>
  1020.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)04:07:53 No.15617680?
  1021. >>15612901 (OP)
  1022. OP be strong...
  1023. You spent a year and a half with her, you gave her your trust, she cheated on you.
  1025. Leave her OP. Thank her for the time you have spend together then leave...It will be hard I know...
  1027. Be a man
  1028. >>
  1029.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)12:52:00 No.15618925?
  1030. Bump for updates
  1031. >>
  1032.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)14:10:53 No.15619182?
  1033. File: Iloveyou.jpg (31 KB, 1280x720)
  1034. 31 KB
  1035. >>15612901 (OP)
  1036. Send her this.
  1037. >>
  1038.  Op  04/14/15(Tue)14:24:23 No.15619240?>>15619245 >>15619306 >>15619312
  1039. Apparently the guys who said they have "straps" are sending me an address to go to today.
  1040. >>
  1041.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)14:26:21 No.15619245?
  1042. >>15619240
  1043. what? an invitation to a (alleged) beating? smart guys
  1044. >>
  1045.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)14:42:31 No.15619290?>>15619307 >>15619310
  1046. OP, this doesn't make sense. She cheated on you and now she wants to kick your ass for you leaving her cheating ass? I'm sorry but that's the most stupid thing I have heard all day.
  1047. >>
  1048.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)14:51:41 No.15619306?
  1049. >>15619240
  1050. You have good friends.
  1051. >>
  1052.  Op  04/14/15(Tue)14:51:46 No.15619307?>>15619314
  1053. >>15619290
  1055. She's a crazy bitch. I'm not even going to fight, I already told people she cheated today. I'm leaking her nudes if she keeps trying to have me jumped.
  1056. >>
  1057.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)14:52:51 No.15619310?
  1058. >>15619290
  1059. From what he said, she is worried about him ruining her reputation by telling people what a slut she is, so she manipulated some "thugs" to handle OP so he will reconsider speaking the truth
  1060. >>
  1061.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)14:53:46 No.15619312?>>15619328
  1062. >>15619240
  1063. first, they actually tell you that they're going to jump you
  1064. then, they tell you what they're bringing
  1065. then they tell you the address that they're going to be at?
  1067. top fucking kek, either they're bluffing or mentally retarded, OP. they might as well send you an itinerary of the fight along with a list of their allergies and health problems.
  1069. you need to notify the police, or someone that they're threatening you, especially if they're going to be this stupid about it.
  1070. >>
  1071.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)14:53:55 No.15619314?
  1072. >>15619307
  1073. she is just desperate, I doubt you are in real danger, but be careful OP
  1074. >>
  1075.  Op  04/14/15(Tue)14:57:22 No.15619328?>>15619378 >>15619746
  1076. >>15619312
  1078. I just died laughing. Thank you for that holy shit funniest reply yet.
  1080. And exactly my thoughts, I'm not even replying to them. They sent a picture of themselves saying "i got fam everywhere".
  1081. >>
  1082.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)15:16:14 No.15619378?
  1083. >>15619328
  1084. OP, you should buy the guy your ex fucked a beer because he saved your ass from a lifetime of misery, your ex is nuts.
  1086. Call her sister and tell her about the calls you are getting and that if your ex keeps telling people the whole town will know anyway
  1087. >>
  1088.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)15:22:11 No.15619388?
  1089. Update OP
  1090. >>
  1091.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)15:23:32 No.15619395?
  1092. If theyre doing that, the "thugs", theyre probably pussies just trying to scare you. I would treat it seriously, though. I would call the cops if someone stepped up to you.
  1093. >>
  1094.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)16:28:07 No.15619597?>>15619615
  1095. Listen to me listen to me very carefully dump her don't give her the satisfaction of you forgiving her. that's going to make her think that it's okay to do as she pleases. Find how far more attractive female and fuck her and forget about her cuz bitches like that only trouble. Yeah it hurts, but you'll eventually get over it. she might do it again she might not but she really cared she wouldn't have done it the first time. move on you don't want to make the mistake of keeping a cheating whore. do not forgive her forget her as soon as you can. you will one day pass on the advice I've given you to someone else. it's happened to me before and I wish I had listened to them
  1096. >>
  1097.  Op  04/14/15(Tue)16:33:41 No.15619615?>>15619735 >>15620376 >>15620615
  1098. >>15619597
  1100. She's trying to get me to come over to her house to talk.
  1102. Like bitch do you think I'm retarded?
  1103. >>
  1104.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)17:04:54 No.15619735?
  1105. >>15619615
  1106. Time to say goodbye to her and block her. Hope she doesn't pull the rape card on you. I'd make sure to record convos.
  1107. >>
  1108.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)17:08:04 No.15619746?
  1109. >>15619328
  1110. >They sent a picture of themselves saying "i got fam everywhere".
  1111. Honestly, why were you dating a white trash girl for so long? If this is the crowd she goes with, I can't imagine she hid it very well at the very least.
  1112. >>
  1113.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)19:35:29 No.15620376?>>15621093
  1114. >>15619615
  1115. After a year and a half with her I find hard to believe that you didn't at least get a hint of her being this retarded, son.
  1116. Anyway cover your ass. Tell someone other than your family and get screencaps of every conversation just in case she wants to play victim.
  1117. Oh and please keep us updated, this shit is priceless.
  1118. >>
  1119.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)19:40:56 No.15620400?
  1120. >>15612901 (OP)
  1121. >Calling her babe whilst berating her
  1122. >>
  1123.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)20:39:29 No.15620615?
  1124. >>15619615
  1125. OP. I know that it hurts. But believe me, my gf of 2 years had cheated on me. I'm just now getting over it. But it will be fine a couple months from now. You'll look back and realize that you dodged a bullet. No marriage, no kids, you didn't relocate yourself to be with her, or sign some long-term lease etc.
  1127. She's a cheater. and I have absolutely no room in my life for that. I cut my ex-gf out of my life eventually. We did alot of texting and talking and visiting at the beginning. But then decided to finally end it for 100%
  1129. I wish I had done it from the very beginning. So props to you for understanding and moving on 100% from the get-go. Which means you are way smarter and have much greater mental will than 90% of other guys.
  1131. Sorry it happened OP. But best of luck, and i'm sure you'll be on to a much better gf in the future. Keep on keeping on, because you are doing all the right things. (Dude who has been in 4 long term relationships, and only recently has realized that the right way to end a relationship is to just 100% move on.)
  1132. >>
  1133.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)20:44:20 No.15620640?
  1134. >>15612901 (OP)
  1135. If pic is related, just move on. You shouldn't be dating someone who can't spell simple words.
  1136. >>
  1137.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)20:45:30 No.15620646?
  1138. >>15613035
  1139. Why the fuck are you in every cheating thread? Eat shit, coward. I have high standards for how people treat me and I'm not going to waste my time putting work into shitters that aren't up to par.
  1140. >>
  1141.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)20:49:03 No.15620671?
  1142. >>15612901 (OP)
  1143. "please don't tell people"
  1145. This sounds like she cares more about her image..I was cheating on by my current partner (we got past it it's a long while back)and the way he reacted when telling me was way more appropriate then this. I donno this doesn't sound like she is trust worthy.
  1146. >>
  1147.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)22:06:32 No.15621076?
  1148. For starters, OP, I'm terribly sorry that this happened to you. I went through a break up myself and I say with complete confidence that it is the second worst feeling in life. Right next to losing a loved one.
  1150. My first girlfriend left me for another girl. I was so much in love with her, I thought we would be together forever. I didn't cry initially when it happened, but those first few days were hell. I've never cried harder in my life. I felt so helpless and alone. Constantly thinking about everything we did and how she could throw it away just like that. It was fucking terrible and I wouldn't wish that pain on anybody. Anybody.
  1152. Enough about me though, more about you. You NEED to dump her (as many other people on this thread have said) It's not an option. The next step would simply be to tell people. Do whatever you feel the need to when it comes to this, your anger justifies it.
  1154. As for getting over her, it is going to take time. The first few days, weeks, months will be hell. You will feel.. unfathomably depressed. But you have to take steps for yourself to help ease the process. COMPLETELY, stop talking to her. You will get the urges to do so, and you will give into the temptation but as time goes on, you will become better at it. REMOVE everything that reminds you of her. Photos, videos, anything. Just completely dislocate yourself from her. DO NOT, stay in the house all day. You HAVE to be active. Do things that involve other people. Like, hanging out with your good friends. Look for other girls. Relying on your support system is a big thing, too. Listening to other people's stories of their break ups helps immensely. Say a prayer for your future wife everyday, if you're religious.
  1156. Sorry for dragging this on. But in hindsight, you will become better. It just takes time. Keep in mind that you'll find the one eventually. Best of luck OP.
  1157. >>
  1158.  Op  04/14/15(Tue)22:12:00 No.15621093?
  1159. >>15620376
  1161. She was great before until recently she got into alcohol. Not my problem anymore.
  1162. >>
  1163.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)22:18:11 No.15621117?
  1164. >>15612901 (OP)
  1165. Easy stupid break with her NOW
  1166. >>
  1167.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)22:19:35 No.15621124?
  1168. >>15612985
  1169. She is selfish cheater
  1170. >>
  1171.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)22:47:57 No.15621233?>>15621246
  1172. >>15612901 (OP)
  1173. >i didnt do it on purpose
  1175. lel
  1176. >>
  1177.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)22:50:54 No.15621246?
  1178. >>15621233
  1180. Lel right
  1181. >>
  1182.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)23:02:55 No.15621286?>>15621305
  1183. Op.
  1185. Cut all contact.
  1187. Notify police of her threats. (Seriously, her and the guys will get in trouble for this)
  1189. Start to get packing. If you're 21, get a ccp. I'm not kidding.
  1190. This girl is batshit insane and she will try to hurt you.
  1191. >>
  1192.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)23:10:59 No.15621305?
  1193. >>15621286
  1195. What he said op.
  1196. >>
  1197.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)23:13:21 No.15621325?>>15621347
  1198. OP is a troll and an attention whore. This whole story is bull shit and made up. Abandon thread.
  1199. >>
  1200.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)23:16:41 No.15621342?
  1201. >>15615201
  1203. Brilliant.
  1204. >>
  1205.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)23:17:42 No.15621347?>>15621370
  1206. >>15621325
  1208. I found it entertaining. So fuck off cunt.
  1209. >>
  1210.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)23:22:32 No.15621370?>>15621383
  1211. >>15621347
  1212. I like real stories in this board and not fiction.
  1213. >>
  1214.  Anonymous  04/14/15(Tue)23:25:36 No.15621383?
  1215. >>15621370
  1217. Seemed legit to me.
  1218. >>
  1219.  Anonymous  04/15/15(Wed)01:34:44 No.15621868?
  1220. >>15612901 (OP)
  1221. Blow that bitch out the water on Facebook. Tell everyone. Let them know she is never to be trusted.
  1222. >>
  1223.  Anonymous  04/15/15(Wed)01:36:58 No.15621877?
  1224. Throw that shit in the trash, OP
  1226. People who can't stay faithful don't even deserve to live.
  1227. >>
  1228.  Anonymous  04/15/15(Wed)03:21:58 No.15622174?
  1229. >>15612901 (OP)
  1231. If her friends had the decency to tell you (provided theyre female) go fuck each one of them.
  1233. Do not come back until this is completed.
  1234. >>
  1235.  Anonymous  04/15/15(Wed)03:30:14 No.15622191?
  1236. >>15612901 (OP)
  1237. She doesn't even have enough respect to respond to you with proper spelling or grammar? Fuck her bruh, go full vindictive.
  1239. Remember doe, don't just hate this bitch, it takes two to tango, annihilate the disgusting leech who dared ruin this relationship for you, I suggest a punch to the jaw but you could also send him and her too a letter laced in tobacco extract, fucking lethal stuff and very easy to obtain.
  1241. No one would ever know.
  1242. >>
  1243.  Anonymous  04/15/15(Wed)03:32:27 No.15622196?
  1244. Make her take naked pics. Topless, spread pussy, full body, etc.
  1245. >>
  1246.  Positive !BI0ynyIiog  04/15/15(Wed)03:35:58 No.15622203?
  1247. >>15612901 (OP)
  1248. Stop talking to her you fucking idiot. .. she has betrayed you,stabbed you in the back,made fun of your honesty ,she says she loves you but i bet she said she loved his cock when she was bouncing on it... cry , cry a lot anon and then move on ... never look back ,she's dead now.
  1249. It's hard now but after some time you will see her again when hanging out and she can see 2 things:
  1250. A devastated faggot cuckold that didn't moved on or the greatest man ever ... take the second option ... because she will regret every fucking day the fact she betrayed you ... and she will cry and remeber the love you gave her but you will be hapoy again ... You can do it anon ... show that bitch what are you made off
  1251. >>
  1252.  Anonymous  04/15/15(Wed)03:38:02 No.15622206?
  1253. 2 days thread? Oh well..
  1255. OP once a person loses so much affection for you that they even go out with others, she'll never be able to love you from her heart ever again, it's done OP, forget her for your own good and your mental stability.
  1257. She's selfishly asking you to not ruin her reputation, she doesn't even care what you think, read the message again, that's what it says between the lines.
  1258. >>
  1259.  Anonymous  04/15/15(Wed)09:04:42 No.15622666?>>15622730
  1261. >>
  1262.  Anonymous  04/15/15(Wed)09:29:10 No.15622730?
  1263. >>15622666
  1264. This.
  1265. >>
  1266.  Anonymous  04/15/15(Wed)09:33:44 No.15622739?
  1267. File: kyouko laugh.gif (60 KB, 230x270)
  1268. 60 KB
  1269. >>15612901 (OP)
  1270. >baby
  1271. >babe
  1272. >babe pls i will do anything
  1273. >still calling her babe when you're telling her off
  1275. How's freshman year of high school OP?
  1276. >>
  1277.  Anonymous  04/15/15(Wed)17:42:45 No.15623966?
  1278. OP dead, rip in pepperonis
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