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  1.  Okay, so I went up to snowbird for valorie's birthday with my best friend lauren.
  2.  Lauren was being her usual insecure self
  3.  Threw a fit, so I had to take her away from the party...
  4.  So we went to a bar up there and had some drinks.
  5.  Then we went back to the party once she had calmed down.
  6.  Hot tubbing.
  7.  Lauren was being the attention grabbing person she was.
  8.  We are all hanging out, and valorie hits her head on the hot tub.
  9.  she is mildly concussed, so I take her back up to her room and keep her company for a while.
  10.  the others come back up.
  11.  and then a bit after that lauren gets up there.
  12.  when she finds out that Val hit her head she is PISSED.
  13.  she starts yelling that everybody has to get out, and making a big fuss.
  14.  She is pissed that nobody told her I guess.
  15.  Well Val gets up and starts telling her "No I am fine", then Lauren grabs her, and throws her into a fucking door. she hits her head again, and is OUT like a light.
  16.  i Freaking grab lauren and push her like 5 feet away and grab val and take her over to the bed.
  17.  The cops get called
  18.  I take Valorie down the Canyon to ER.
  19.  and because I was the only one of the 10 people who saw it happen. They let Lauren walk free.
  20.  After the cop takes our statements at the hospital she puts a warrant out for lauren.
  21.  Val is okay now, was just a concussion
  22.  but she has a history of head injury, it only takes a slight bump to hive her a concussion.
  23.  I am no longer Lauren's Friend... for two reasons.
  24.  I cannot condone abuse especially in a close relationship like they had, they were best friends.
  25.  And I really like this valorie girl. When lauren was doing her crazy little attention games in the hot tub, valorie and I were holding each other, and talking. I just meet this girl and things start to look positive then My "best friend" almost turns her into a vegetable.
  27.  She hasn't been taken in yet still.
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