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Jul 17th, 2019
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  1. Game 1
  2. Pre-Game
  3. HolyPiouPiou: Nida,
  4. HolyPiouPiou: ?
  5. HolyPiouPiou: You want me to steal your lane?
  6. HolyPiouPiou: You're such a kid
  7. HolyPiouPiou: enjoy your int
  8. HolyPiouPiou: Anyway you'll just get a x9
  9. HolyPiouPiou: idc
  10. HolyPiouPiou: Im recording this game
  11. HolyPiouPiou: ;)
  12. HolyPiouPiou: Idc im recording
  13. HolyPiouPiou: and im 100% sending this game to riot support
  14. HolyPiouPiou: Idc
  15. HolyPiouPiou: you dont have to troll
  16. HolyPiouPiou: and im sending this to riot
  17. In-Game
  18. HolyPiouPiou: Nida
  19. HolyPiouPiou: Sure flaming
  20. HolyPiouPiou: She stole my lane cuz "i dont want to play adc
  21. HolyPiouPiou: go in their jungle
  22. HolyPiouPiou: no thx
  23. HolyPiouPiou: dont help her
  24. HolyPiouPiou: Dont
  25. HolyPiouPiou: help her
  26. HolyPiouPiou: she is trolling
  27. HolyPiouPiou: dont
  28. HolyPiouPiou: ahahah
  29. HolyPiouPiou: im the jungler
  30. HolyPiouPiou: ty for the pull nida
  31. HolyPiouPiou: Sure your the one trolling
  32. HolyPiouPiou: kill her plz
  33. HolyPiouPiou: so you have to troll?
  34. HolyPiouPiou: nice mentality
  35. HolyPiouPiou: Just x9 Nida
  36. HolyPiouPiou: ty
  37. HolyPiouPiou: NIDA at your blue side
  38. HolyPiouPiou: Eve
  39. HolyPiouPiou: I hope your happy of throwing this game nida
  40. HolyPiouPiou: Nida coming top
  41. HolyPiouPiou: AHAHA
  42. HolyPiouPiou: Sure
  43. HolyPiouPiou: Nope
  44. HolyPiouPiou: you'll stay in this game
  45. HolyPiouPiou: And of course report me for doing my ROLE
  46. HolyPiouPiou: Yep
  47. HolyPiouPiou: wpioe('rg*lez:;h*ztyr
  48. HolyPiouPiou: we arent premade
  49. HolyPiouPiou: You litterally banned the champ of your teammate
  50. HolyPiouPiou: And you just throwed this game
  51. HolyPiouPiou: LOl
  52. HolyPiouPiou: your tower dont deal damage
  53. HolyPiouPiou: azir
  54. HolyPiouPiou: Yep
  55. HolyPiouPiou: you put it
  56. HolyPiouPiou: in a glass
  57. HolyPiouPiou: put the ice cream in the glass
  58. HolyPiouPiou: its 4v5 here too
  59. HolyPiouPiou: It is
  60. HolyPiouPiou: Its litterally 4v5
  61. HolyPiouPiou: Nidalee helping you
  62. HolyPiouPiou: by throwing our team
  63. HolyPiouPiou: sure
  64. HolyPiouPiou: support the troll
  65. HolyPiouPiou: but throwing us
  66. HolyPiouPiou: Azir is in a solo lane cuz of her
  67. HolyPiouPiou: and im late
  68. HolyPiouPiou: cuz she is taking my jg
  69. HolyPiouPiou: so obv i cant gank
  70. HolyPiouPiou: say right click player
  71. HolyPiouPiou: sure
  72. HolyPiouPiou: Rep lucian toxicity
  73. HolyPiouPiou: Thats not because its a normal game that you have to ban your ally champ and steal their lane
  74. HolyPiouPiou: lol i missclicked
  75. HolyPiouPiou: Lucian you were litterally verbal abusing at min 1
  76. HolyPiouPiou: sure
  77. HolyPiouPiou: ahaha
  78. HolyPiouPiou: Gg
  79. Post-Game
  80. HolyPiouPiou: sURE
  81. HolyPiouPiou: Same
  82. HolyPiouPiou: You stole my lane
  83. HolyPiouPiou: You stole my lane and then your blaming me for doing my job,
  84. HolyPiouPiou: ?
  85. HolyPiouPiou: AND?
  86. HolyPiouPiou: SO YOU HAVE TO TROLL?
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