Jan 23rd, 2014
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  1. Vance
  3. Background:
  4. Vance is a traveling martial artist. He's working on his own style, based on the moves and movement of Pokemon. He certainly has the skill and body for it. He feels his training methods aren't taking him anywhere, and has asked you to train him. His family runs a fitness center in Braundalin.
  6. Personality:
  7. Vance puts on a mature facade, but he's every bit a boy underneath. His defense mechanism is to act sagely or withdrawn. When he's more relaxed, he likes to tell terrible jokes. He's a bit more street smart than Robin, but a lot less book smart, which is surprising considering his medicinal knowledge. Vance's go-to solution is to power through problems. He respects your training style and wits.
  9. Physical: A colossal mountain of muscle with dark spiky hair. Vance has bulging muscles on top of his other bulging muscles. Although he's your age, he typically looks older thanks to his size and defined features. He dresses in loose thin clothing suitable for fighting and moving around quickly.
  11. Positive Traits:
  12. - Physically strong
  13. - Physically fast
  14. - Knowledgeable about medicine and food
  15. - Knowledgeable about the human body
  16. - Good cook
  17. - Unshakable positive attitude
  18. - Kind
  19. - Handsome
  20. - Tougher than rocks
  21. - A repertoire of fighting moves
  23. Negative traits:
  24. - Tries too hard to be 'mature'
  25. - Poor understanding of Pokemon battles
  26. - Harsh training methods
  27. - Tries a little too hard to impress. Has something to prove.
  28. - A bit slow on the uptake
  29. - Not great at talking about mature subjects
  30. - Becomes less handsome the more he talks
  31. - Poor trainer skills.
  33. Pokemon:
  35. Machoke. As a Machop, he used to just show up to Vance's family's gym. Nobody knew it was wild for a long time. Machoke likes to fight to for the sake of a good rumble
  37. Ursaring. Vance fought Ursaring himself after it knocked out Machop. Ursaring resents Vance for catching it like that and is openly hostile most of the time. They've bonded over time and now Ursaring is no longer openly hostile.
  39. Stunky. Vance caught Stunky in Chloroville using Machop. Stunky seems to obey fine from what you've seen so far.
  41. Sneasel. You helped Vance catch it when it was 'haunting' a hotel. Sneasel is a troublemaker and a thief.
  43. >Taunt
  44. >Quick Attack
  45. >Feint Attack
  46. >Icy Wind
  47. >Fury Swipes
  48. >Agility
  49. >Metal Claw
  50. >Hone Claws
  51. >Beat Up
  52. >Screech
  53. >Slash
  54. >Snatch
  55. >Punishment
  56. >Ice Shard
  57. >Brick Break
  58. Rampardos. Very affectionate, but also a little aggressive. Headbutts everything.
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