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  1. @everyone
  3. **Attention all 91st MRC Members. a raise of concerns and questions have been brought up to the attention of the Command Staff and we would like to inform you the current rules set in place**
  5. - You may take any gear that you may find on the battlefield that is allowed in your kit and or that you have the current qualification for.
  6. ( *Note: If your squad doesn't have anybody qualified, your Fireteam Lead may pick it up and use it unless the FTL already has AT on him at the current time* )
  8. - You may always loot Medical and or Ammunition supplies as you need to but if you run out of ammunition on your primary weapon , you may pick up another weapon on the battlefield and use the weaponry until you can resupply and rearm with the appropriate kit.
  9. ( *Note: You should not be dropping your weapon intentionally just to pickup a gun* )
  11. **These guidelines are only to keep the playing field fair to both lower rank members and but also reward the higher and more qualified members of the unit with have the ability to do so within guidelines. This rule is very much a 91st rule, please respect GARC units and many others don't allow the picking of enemy weapons and you'll have to respect there rules when on their servers!
  13. Thank you for your turnout and support today at the operation!
  15. Sincerely,
  17. **Lieutenant Jinx**
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